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Expression of genes coding for selected amino acid transporters in small intestine, liver, and skeletal muscle of pigs fed excess branched-chain amino acids

Cervantes, M.; Arce, N.; García, H.; Cota, M.; Htoo, J.K.; Morales, A.

Genetics and Molecular Research Gmr 14(3): 9779-9792


ISSN/ISBN: 1676-5680
PMID: 26345911
DOI: 10.4238/2015.august.19.11
Accession: 057844448

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Excess Leu reduces the availability of Ile and Val in pigs likely by reducing absorption of the latter amino acids (AA). Twenty-four crossbred pigs were used to evaluate the effect of excess Leu alone or with surplus Ile and Val on the expression of cationic (b(0),(+)AT and CAT1) and neutral (B(0)AT1) AA transporters in the small intestine, liver, and skeletal muscle. Dietary treatments included: 1) basal diet; 2) basal plus 0.43% L-Leu (excess Leu); 3) basal plus 0.43% Leu, 0.20% L-Ile, and 0.25% L-Val (excess Leu, Ile, and Val). The basal diet contained 0.90% standardized ileal digestible Lys, as well as crystalline L-Lys, L-Thr, DL-Met, L-Trp, L-Leu, L-Ile, L-His, and L-Val. Diets 2 and 3 contained 52% more Leu and diet 3 contained 42% more Ile and Val compared with the basal diet. Excess Leu or excess Leu, Ile, and Val reduced b(0),(+)AT expression in the jejunum (P < 0.05) but had no effect in the ileum and liver. Excess Leu increased CAT1 expression in the ileum but reduced expression in the liver (P < 0.05). Excess Leu, Ile, and Val increased (P < 0.05) B(0)AT1 expression in the jejunum and tended to increase (P = 0.10) expression in the ileum. In general, b(0),(+)AT expression was higher but CAT1 expression was lower in the jejunum than in the ileum; B0AT1 was similarly expressed in the jejunum and ileum. Excess Leu or any branched-chain AA affects AA transporter expression, which may affect the absorption and availability of AA for animal growth.

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