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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57852

Chapter 57852 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shim, J.; Kim, H.Seok.; Shim, Y.Su.; Kang, D-Ho.; Park, H-Youl.; Lee, J.; Jeon, J.; Jung, S.Jun.; Song, Y.Jae.; Jung, W-Shik.; Lee, J.; Park, S.; Kim, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, Y-Hoon.; Park, J-Hong., 2016:
Extremely Large Gate Modulation in Vertical Graphene/WSe2 Heterojunction Barristor Based on a Novel Transport Mechanism

Luo, Z.; Xiong, C.; Zhang, X.; Guo, Z-Gang.; Cai, J.; Zhang, X., 2016:
Extremely Large Magnetoresistance at Low Magnetic Field by Coupling the Nonlinear Transport Effect and the Anomalous Hall Effect

Naganuma, T.; Fujino, Y.; Tahara, S.; Mitomo, S.; Basavarajaiah, S.; Nakamura, S., 2016:
Extremely Late Catch-Up Phenomenon After First-Generation Sirolimus-Eluting Stent in the Left Main Stem: Insights From Optical Coherence Tomography

Mano, Y.; Kanamori, M.; Kumabe, T.; Saito, R.; Watanabe, M.; Sonoda, Y.; Tominaga, T., 2016:
Extremely Late Recurrence 21 Years after Total Removal of Immature Teratoma: A Case Report and Literature Review

Montefiori, L.; Wuerffel, R.; Roqueiro, D.; Lajoie, B.; Guo, C.; Gerasimova, T.; De, S.; Wood, W.; Becker, K.G.; Dekker, J.; Liang, J.; Sen, R.; Kenter, A.L., 2016:
Extremely Long-Range Chromatin Loops Link Topological Domains to Facilitate a Diverse Antibody Repertoire

Gordon, O.; Abu-Leil, S.; Almagor, Y.; Cohen, E.; Margulis, A.; Arbell, D.; Bar-Oz, B.; Eventov-Friedman, S., 2016:
Extremely Low Birth Weight Infant Born with Extensive Abdominal Cutis Aplasia

Arandjelović, R.; Zisserman, A., 2015:
Extremely Low Bit-Rate Nearest Neighbor Search Using a Set Compression Tree

Park, H-Youl.; Jung, W-Shik.; Kang, D-Ho.; Jeon, J.; Yoo, G.; Park, Y.; Lee, J.; Jang, Y.Hee.; Lee, J.; Park, S.; Yu, H-Yong.; Shin, B.; Lee, S.; Park, J-Hong., 2015:
Extremely Low Contact Resistance on Graphene through n-Type Doping and Edge Contact Design

Cho, K.Rae.; Kim, M-Hun.; Ko, M.Jin.; Jung, J.Wook.; Lee, K.Hwa.; Park, Y-Heum.; Kim, Y.Han.; Kim, K.Hoon.; Kim, J.Soo., 2015:
Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field from Convective Air Warming System on Temperature Selection and Distance

Kavand, H.; Haghighipour, N.; Zeynali, B.; Seyedjafari, E.; Abdemami, B., 2016:
Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Gene Regulation: Chondrogenic Markers Evaluation

Benassi, B.; Filomeni, G.; Montagna, C.; Merla, C.; Lopresto, V.; Pinto, R.; Marino, C.; Consales, C., 2018:
Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field (ELF-MF) Exposure Sensitizes SH-SY5Y Cells to the Pro-Parkinson's Disease Toxin MPP(.)

Huss, A.; Koeman, T.; Kromhout, H.; Vermeulen, R., 2016:
Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Exposure and Parkinson's Disease--A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Data

Zhu, K.; Lv, Y.; Cheng, Q.; Hua, J.; Zeng, Q., 2017:
Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Do Not Induce DNA Damage in Human Lens Epithelial Cells In Vitro

Hong, G.Ri.; Lee, S.Sook.; Jo, Y.; Choi, M.Jun.; Kang, Y.Chan.; Ryu, B-Hwan.; Chung, K-Bum.; Choi, Y.; Jeong, S., 2016:
Extremely Low-Cost, Scalable Oxide Semiconductors Employing Poly(acrylic acid)-Decorated Carbon Nanotubes for Thin-Film Transistor Applications

Liu, Y.; Liu, W-Bin.; Liu, K-Jun.; Ao, L.; Cao, J.; Zhong, J.Li.; Liu, J-Yi., 2016:
Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Affect the miRNA-Mediated Regulation of Signaling Pathways in the GC-2 Cell Line

Ma, Q.; Chen, C.; Deng, P.; Zhu, G.; Lin, M.; Zhang, L.; Xu, S.; He, M.; Lu, Y.; Duan, W.; Pi, H.; Cao, Z.; Pei, L.; Li, M.; Liu, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zhong, M.; Zhou, Z.; Yu, Z., 2016:
Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Promote In Vitro Neuronal Differentiation and Neurite Outgrowth of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells via Up-Regulating TRPC1

Lange, C.; Maag, T.; Hohenleutner, M.; Baierl, S.; Schubert, O.; Edwards, E.R.J.; Bougeard, D.; Woltersdorf, G.; Huber, R., 2014:
Extremely Nonperturbative Nonlinearities in GaAs Driven by Atomically Strong Terahertz Fields in Gold Metamaterials

Verhaeghe, L.; Dereu, M.; Warreyn, P.; De Groote, I.; Vanhaesebrouck, P.; Roeyers, H., 2017:
Extremely Preterm Born Children at Very High Risk for Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder

Johnson, D.E., 2016:
Extremely Preterm Infant Skin Care: A Transformation of Practice Aimed to Prevent Harm

Frie, J.; Padilla, N.; Ådén, U.; Lagercrantz, H.; Bartocci, M., 2017:
Extremely Preterm-Born Infants Demonstrate Different Facial Recognition Processes at 6-10 Months of Corrected Age

Czarnecki, W.M.; Podlewska, S.; Bojarski, A.J., 2016:
Extremely Randomized Machine Learning Methods for Compound Activity Prediction

Zerener, T.; Bayar, G.Rasit.; Altug, H.Ayberk.; Kiran, S., 2016:
Extremely Rare Form of Impaction Bilateral Kissing Molars: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

Ahn, J.; Seo, J-Won.; Lee, T-Ik.; Kwon, D.; Park, I.; Kim, T-Soo.; Lee, J-Yong., 2016:
Extremely Robust and Patternable Electrodes for Copy-Paper-Based Electronics

Avinash, M.B.; Govindaraju, T., 2013:
Extremely Slow Dynamics of an Abiotic Helical Assembly: Unusual Relevance to the Secondary Structure of Proteins

Gottesman, R.; Haltzi, E.; Gouda, L.; Tirosh, S.; Bouhadana, Y.; Zaban, A.; Mosconi, E.; De Angelis, F., 2015:
Extremely Slow Photoconductivity Response of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskites Suggesting Structural Changes under Working Conditions

Chen, S.; Shang, M.; Gao, F.; Wang, L.; Ying, P.; Yang, W.; Fang, X., 2016:
Extremely Stable Current Emission of P-Doped SiC Flexible Field Emitters

Del Carmen Gimenez-Lopez, M.; Kurtoglu, A.; Walsh, D.A.; Khlobystov, A.N., 2016:
Extremely Stable Platinum-Amorphous Carbon Electrocatalyst within Hollow Graphitized Carbon Nanofibers for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Huang, Y.; Zhu, M.; Pei, Z.; Huang, Y.; Geng, H.; Zhi, C., 2016:
Extremely Stable Polypyrrole Achieved via Molecular Ordering for Highly Flexible Supercapacitors

Wan, Y.; Wang, Z.; Sun, J.; Li, Z., 2018:
Extremely Stable Supramolecular Hydrogels Assembled from Nonionic Peptide Amphiphiles

Wang, J.; Yan, C.; Cai, G.; Cui, M.; Lee-Sie Eh, A.; See Lee, P., 2015:
Extremely Stretchable Electroluminescent Devices with Ionic Conductors

Jeon, I.; Cui, J.; Illeperuma, W.R.K.; Aizenberg, J.; Vlassak, J.J., 2016:
Extremely Stretchable and Fast Self-Healing Hydrogels

Zhang, Q.; Tan, S.; Mendes, R.G.; Sun, Z.; Chen, Y.; Kong, X.; Xue, Y.; Rümmeli, M.H.; Wu, X.; Chen, S.; Fu, L., 2016:
Extremely Weak van der Waals Coupling in Vertical ReS2 Nanowalls for High-Current-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries

Jukić, Z.; Bacalja, J.; Kristek, J.; Bekavac-Bešlin, M.; Krušlin, Bžo., 2016:
Extremely Well-Differentiated Gastric Adenocarcinoma Arising in Pylorus with Minor Diffuse Adenocarcinoma Component

Pyo, J.Yeon.; Kim, J.; Choi, S.Eun.; Shin, E.; Yang, S.Woo.; Park, C.Soo.; Kim, S.Mo.; Hong, S., 2017:
Extremely Well-Differentiated Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Resembling Adenomatous Hyperplasia Can Metastasize to the Skull: A Case Report

Kays, D.L., 2015:
Extremely bulky amide ligands in main group chemistry

Böttcher, T.; Jones, C., 2015:
Extremely bulky secondary phosphinoamines as substituents for sterically hindered aminosilanes

Bondarenko, O.; Fang, C-Yi.; Vallini, F.; Smalley, J.S.T.; Fainman, Y., 2015:
Extremely compact hybrid III-V/SOI lasers: design and fabrication approaches

Kobayashi, Y.; Sekijima, Y.; Ogawa, Y.; Kondo, Y.; Miyazaki, D.; Ikeda, S-Ichi., 2016:
Extremely early onset hereditary ATTR amyloidosis with G47R (p.G67R) mutation

Kuroda, Y.; So, K.; Goto, K.; Matsuda, S., 2016:
Extremely early stage osteonecrosis of the femoral head in a patient with hip pain secondary systemic steroid pulse therapy for Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome: A case report

Bagherzadeh, S.; Mankad, N.P., 2016:
Extremely efficient hydroboration of ketones and aldehydes by copper carbene catalysis

Omar, H.R.; Guglin, M., 2017:
Extremely elevated BNP in acute heart failure: Patient characteristics and outcomes

Pasternak, Y.; Livni, G.; Ashkenazi, S.; Lowenthal, A.; Yarden-Bilavsky, H., 2016:
Extremely elevated C-reactive protein levels are associated with unfavourable outcomes, including death, in paediatric patients

Laurinavicius, A.G.; Santos, I.S.; Santos, R.D.; Bensenor, I.M.; Conceição, R.D.; Lotufo, P.A., 2017:
Extremely elevated HDL-cholesterol levels are not associated with increased carotid intima-media thickness: data from ELSA Brasil

Yoon, Y-Min.; Kang, D-Yeong.; Kim, D-Young.; Seo, J-Won.; Lim, H-Jong.; Lee, H-Jeong.; Park, S-Gon., 2017:
Extremely elevated alpha-fetoprotein due to acute exacerbation of chronic hepatitis B without malignancy: a case report

Yao, Y.; Jiang, B.; Mao, Y.; Chen, J.; Huang, Z.; Huang, S.; Zhang, L., 2015:
Extremely enhanced contaminant decomposition catalyzed by hemin via the coupling of persistent free radicals and ascorbic acid

Kasina, M.; Kleyböcker, A.; Michalik, M.; Würdemann, H., 2016:
Extremely fast increase in the organic loading rate during the co-digestion of rapeseed oil and sewage sludge in a CSTR--characterization of granules formed due to CaO addition to maintain process stability

Moriel, M.; Bogot, N.R.; Wolak, A.; Hadas, I.; Weisz, G., 2015:
Extremely high Agatston calcium score without significant coronary artery stenoses

Flanagan, S.; De Saram, S.; Dhairyawan, R., 2016:
Extremely high HIV-1 viral load in a patient with undiagnosed clinical indicator disease for HIV infection

Paulino-Lima, I.Glaucio.; Fujishima, K.; Navarrete, J.Urbina.; Galante, D.; Rodrigues, F.; Azua-Bustos, A.; Rothschild, L.Justine., 2017:
Extremely high UV-C radiation resistant microorganisms from desert environments with different manganese concentrations

Hamurcu, M.; Hakki, E.E.; Demiral Sert, T.; Özdemir, C.; Minareci, E.; Avsaroglu, Z.Z.; Gezgin, S.; Ali Kayis, S.; Bell, R.W., 2017:
Extremely high boron tolerance in Puccinellia distans (Jacq.) Parl. related to root boron exclusion and a well-regulated antioxidant system

Su, C-Yi.; Yang, T-Han.; Gurylev, V.; Huang, S-Hsin.; Wu, J-Ming.; Perng, T-Pyng., 2015:
Extremely high efficient nanoreactor with Au@ZnO catalyst for photocatalysis

Ling, S.; Hu, Z.; Yang, Z.; Yang, F.; Li, Y.; Lin, P.; Chen, K.; Dong, L.; Cao, L.; Tao, Y.; Hao, L.; Chen, Q.; Gong, Q.; Wu, D.; Li, W.; Zhao, W.; Tian, X.; Hao, C.; Hungate, E.A.; Catenacci, D.V.T.; Hudson, R.R.; Li, W-Hsiung.; Lu, X.; Wu, C-I., 2016:
Extremely high genetic diversity in a single tumor points to prevalence of non-Darwinian cell evolution

Aytekin, A.; Sahin, S.; Bekir Hacioglu, M.; Karatas, F.; Ince, M., 2015:
Extremely high level of CA 19-9 in a patient with metastatic pancreatic cancer and chronic renal failure- Second highest level of CA 19-9 in the literature

Babaei, M.; Sulong, A.; Hamat, R.; Nordin, S.; Neela, V., 2015:
Extremely high prevalence of antiseptic resistant Quaternary Ammonium Compound E gene among clinical isolates of multiple drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Malaysia

Deng, J-Yin.; Fu, R-Hua.; Compton, S.G.; Hu, D-Mei.; Zhang, L-Shui.; Yang, F.; Chen, Y.; Kjellberg, F., 2016:
Extremely high proportions of male flowers and geographic variation in floral ratios within male figs of Ficus tikoua despite pollinators displaying active pollen collection

Fijałkowska-Lichwa, L., 2016:
Extremely high radon activity concentration in two adits of the abandoned uranium mine 'Podgórze' in Kowary (Sudety Mts., Poland)

Mauri, T.; Langer, T.; Zanella, A.; Grasselli, G.; Pesenti, A., 2016:
Extremely high transpulmonary pressure in a spontaneously breathing patient with early severe ARDS on ECMO

Kudryashov, A.; Alexandrov, A.; Rukosuev, A.; Samarkin, V.; Galarneau, P.; Turbide, S.; Châteauneuf, Fçois., 2015:
Extremely high-power CO2 laser beam correction

Pavan, M.; Ventura, G.; Maschio, M.; Ventura, A., 2015:
Extremely large air distension of the bowel

Zhang, K.; Chen, K.; Zhou, M.; Chen, H.; Lu, J.; Yang, H., 2015:
Extremely large giant-cell tumor of sacrum with successful resection via posterior approach

Laviv, Y.; Rappaport, Z.Harry., 2015:
Extremely late wound dehiscence following bevazicumab treatment in a long term survival glioblastoma patient

Uchino, A.; Suzuki, C.; Tanaka, M., 2016:
Extremely long posterior communicating artery diagnosed by MR angiography: report of two cases

Lahat, A.; van Lieshout, R.J.; Mathewson, K.J.; Mackillop, J.; Saigal, S.; Morrison, K.M.; Boyle, M.H.; Schmidt, L.A., 2016:
Extremely low birth weight babies grown up: Gene-environment interaction predicts internalizing problems in the third and fourth decades of life

Gresits, Ián.; Necz, Péter.Pál.; Jánossy, Gábor.; Thuróczy, Görgy., 2016:
Extremely low frequency (ELF) stray magnetic fields of laboratory equipment: a possible co-exposure conducting experiments on cell cultures

Fang, J.; Yang, Y.; Xiao, W.; Zheng, B.; Lv, Y-Bo.; Liu, X-Li.; Ding, J., 2016:
Extremely low frequency alternating magnetic field-triggered and MRI-traced drug delivery by optimized magnetic zeolitic imidazolate framework-90 nanoparticles

Yang, M-li.; Ye, Z-ming., 2015:
Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field induces apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells via oxidative stress

Baharara, J.; Hosseini, N.; Farzin, T.Ramezani., 2015:
Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field sensitizes cisplatin-resistant human ovarian adenocarcinoma cells via P53 activation

Destefanis, M.; Viano, M.; Leo, C.; Gervino, G.; Ponzetto, A.; Silvagno, F., 2016:
Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields affect proliferation and mitochondrial activity of human cancer cell lines

Chung, Y.Hee.; Lee, Y.Joo.; Lee, H.Sung.; Chung, S.Jin.; Lim, C.Hee.; Oh, K.Woong.; Sohn, U.Dong.; Park, E.Sub.; Jeong, J.Hoon., 2015:
Extremely low frequency magnetic field modulates the level of neurotransmitters

Tang, R.; Xu, Y.; Ma, F.; Ren, J.; Shen, S.; Du, Y.; Hou, Y.; Wang, T., 2016:
Extremely low frequency magnetic fields regulate differentiation of regulatory T cells: Potential role for ROS-mediated inhibition on AKT

Meng, S.; Pan, T.; Sun, Z.; Bei, Y.; Meng, T.; Li, G.; Wu, D.; Zhang, B., 2015:
Extremely low genetic diversity of mtDNA control region and remarkable population differentiation of Ichthyophis bannanicus (Amphibia: Gymnophiona)

Soliman, T.; Takama, O.; Fernandez-Silva, I.; Reimer, J.D., 2016:
Extremely low genetic variability within and among locations of the greenfish holothurian Stichopus chloronotus Brandt, 1835 in Okinawa, Japan

Joseph, R.M.; Korzeniewski, S.J.; Allred, E.N.; O'Shea, T.Michael.; Heeren, T.; Frazier, J.A.; Ware, J.; Hirtz, D.; Leviton, A.; Kuban, K.; Ware, J.; Coster, T.; Henson, B.; Wilson, R.; McGhee, K.; Lee, P.; Asgarian, A.; Sadhwani, A.; Perrin, E.; Neger, E.; Mattern, K.; Walkowiak, J.; Barron, S.; Frazier, J.; Venuti, L.; Powers, B.; Foley, A.; Dessureau, B.; Wood, M.; Damon-Minow, J.; Ehrenkranz, R.; Benjamin, J.; Romano, E.; Tsatsanis, K.; Chawarska, K.; Kim, S.; Dieterich, S.; Bearrs, K.;, 2016:
Extremely low gestational age and very low birthweight for gestational age are risk factors for autism spectrum disorder in a large cohort study of 10-year-old children born at 23-27 weeks' gestation

Iso, T.; Kurabayashi, M., 2016:
Extremely low levels of serum uric acid are associated with endothelial dysfunction in humans

Hughes, J.M.; Schmidt, D.J.; Huey, J.A.; Real, K.M.; Espinoza, T.; McDougall, A.; Kind, P.K.; Brooks, S.; Roberts, D.T., 2016:
Extremely low microsatellite diversity but distinct population structure in a long-lived threatened species, the Australian lungfish Neoceratodus forsteri (Dipnoi)

VanBuren, R.; Wai, C.Man.; Zhang, J.; Han, J.; Arro, J.; Lin, Z.; Liao, Z.; Yu, Q.; Wang, M-Li.; Zee, F.; Moore, R.C.; Charlesworth, D.; Ming, R., 2017:
Extremely low nucleotide diversity in the X-linked region of papaya caused by a strong selective sweep

Cheng, Y.; Dai, Y.; Zhu, X.; Xu, H.; Cai, P.; Xia, R.; Mao, L.; Zhao, B-Qiao.; Fan, W., 2016:
Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields enhance the proliferation and differentiation of neural progenitor cells cultured from ischemic brains

Kumar, S.; Dey, S.; Jain, S., 2016:
Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields: A possible non-invasive therapeutic tool for spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Schüz, J.; Dasenbrock, C.; Ravazzani, P.; Röösli, M.; Schär, P.; Bounds, P.L.; Erdmann, F.; Borkhardt, A.; Cobaleda, César.; Fedrowitz, M.; Hamnerius, Y.; Sanchez-Garcia, I.; Seger, R.; Schmiegelow, K.; Ziegelberger, G.; Capstick, M.; Manser, M.; Müller, M.; Schmid, C.D.; Schürmann, D.; Struchen, B.; Kuster, N., 2016:
Extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and risk of childhood leukemia: A risk assessment by the ARIMMORA consortium

Tsuruda, K.; Fujita, M.; Nagatsuma, T., 2015:
Extremely low-loss terahertz waveguide based on silicon photonic-crystal slab

Ull, C.; Buchwald, D.; Strauch, J.; Schildhauer, T.Armin.; Swol, J., 2016:
Extremely obese patients treated with venovenous ECMO--an intensivist's challenge

Månsson, J.; Fellman, V.; Stjernqvist, K., 2016:
Extremely preterm birth affects boys more and socio-economic and neonatal variables pose sex-specific risks

De Rooy, L.; Hamdallah, H.; Dyall, S.C., 2016:
Extremely preterm infants receiving standard care receive very low levels of arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids

Kato, T.; Mandai, T.; Iwatani, S.; Koda, T.; Nagasaka, M.; Fujita, K.; Kurokawa, D.; Yamana, K.; Nishida, K.; Taniguchi-Ikeda, M.; Tanimura, K.; Deguchi, M.; Yamada, H.; Iijima, K.; Morioka, I., 2016:
Extremely preterm infants small for gestational age are at risk for motor impairment at 3 years corrected age

Boubred, F.; Herlenius, E.; Bartocci, M.; Jonsson, B.; Vanpée, M., 2016:
Extremely preterm infants who are small for gestational age have a high risk of early hypophosphatemia and hypokalemia

Bonen, A.; Jain, S.S.; Snook, L.A.; Han, X-Xia.; Yoshida, Y.; Buddo, K.H.; Lally, J.S.; Pask, E.D.; Paglialunga, S.; Beaudoin, M-Soleil.; Glatz, J.F.C.; Luiken, J.J.F.P.; Harasim, E.; Wright, D.C.; Chabowski, A.; Holloway, G.P., 2016:
Extremely rapid increase in fatty acid transport and intramyocellular lipid accumulation but markedly delayed insulin resistance after high fat feeding in rats

Kim, J.Gyu.; Kim, S.Young.; Jung, H.Yoen.; Lee, D.Young.; Lee, J.Eun., 2016:
Extremely rare borderline phyllodes tumor in the male breast: a case report

Rego, J.Lima.; Cintra, G.Fontes.; Netto, A.Karina.Junqueira.; Abrahão-Machado, L.Faria.; Tsunoda, A., 2015:
Extremely rare case of vulvar myxoid epithelioid sarcoma

Lin, Y-Hung.; Tsai, K-Bow.; Chen, S-Cherng.; Chuang, W-Long., 2016:
Extremely rare cause of obstructive jaundice: Non-neoplastic, noninfectious lymphadenitis

Ryu, B.; Anami, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Inoue, T.; Sugiura, M.; Kawamata, T., 2017:
Extremely rare persistent primitive artery passing through the jugular foramen with symptomatic ipsilateral carotid artery stenosis

Purkayastha, A.; Sharma, N., 2017:
Extremely rare presentation of soft tissue metastasis from carcinoma breast as a massive swelling of upper extremity

Jankovichova, T.; Jankovich, M.; Ondrus, D.; Kajo, K.; Dubravicky, J.; Breza, J., 2015:
Extremely rare tumour--malignant mesothelioma of tunica vaginalis testis

Streb, J.; Kammer, T.; Spitzer, M.; Hille, K., 2016:
Extremely reduced motion in front of screens: investigating real-world physical activity of adolescents by accelerometry and electronic diary

Troian-Gautier, L.; Valkenier, H.; Mattiuzzi, A.; Jabin, I.; den Brande, N.Van.; Mele, B.Van.; Hubert, J.; Reniers, Fçois.; Bruylants, G.; Lagrost, C.; Leroux, Y., 2016:
Extremely robust and post-functionalizable gold nanoparticles coated with calix[4]arenes via metal-carbon bonds

Barnoy, E.A.; Fixler, D.; Popovtzer, R.; Nayhoz, T.; Ray, K., 2016:
Extremely sensitive dual imaging system in solid phantoms

Hashida, T.; Nakada, T.; Takahashi, W.; Abe, R.; Oda, S., 2016:
Extremely severe anaemia in a critically ill patient who declined a blood transfusion

Tang, L.; Jiang, L.; Pan, X-Dong.; Chen, P-Pan.; Wang, W.; Jiao, J.; Yang, Y.; Chen, J.; Wang, L-Ya., 2017:
Extremely severe aortic stenosis developed in a young female patient with underdiagnosis of homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia: An 8-year follow-up

Roeth, A.; de Beer, D.; Duerig, J.; Duehrsen, U.; Elias, L.; Tressler, R.; Baerlocher, G.M., 2016:
Extremely short telomeres and high telomerase activity in T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL): An optimal target for telomerase inhibition with GRN163L?

Iizuka, H.; Engheta, N.; Sugiura, S., 2016:
Extremely small wavevector regime in a one-dimensional photonic crystal heterostructure for angular transmission filtering

Gao, X.J.; Clandinin, T.R.; Luo, L., 2015:
Extremely sparse olfactory inputs are sufficient to mediate innate aversion in Drosophila

Burkova, E.E.; Dmitrenok, P.S.; Sedykh, S.E.; Buneva, V.N.; Soboleva, S.E.; Nevinsky, G.A., 2015:
Extremely stable soluble high molecular mass multi-protein complex with DNase activity in human placental tissue

Hang, S.; Tiwari, A.F.Y.; Ngan, H.Y.S.; Yip, Y-Ling.; Cheung, A.L.M.; Tsao, S.Wah.; Deng, W., 2016:
Extremely stringent activation of p16INK4a prevents immortalization of uterine cervical epithelial cells without human papillomavirus oncogene expression

Lu, W.; Chen, H.; Liu, S.; Zi, J.; Lin, Z., 2016:
Extremely strong bipolar optical interactions in paired graphene nanoribbons

Fujisawa, J-ichi.; Hanaya, M., 2015:
Extremely strong organic-metal oxide electronic coupling caused by nucleophilic addition reaction

Zenaidee, M.A.; Donald, W.A., 2015:
Extremely supercharged proteins in mass spectrometry: profiling the pH of electrospray generated droplets, narrowing charge state distributions, and increasing ion fragmentation

Zeldes, B.M.; Keller, M.W.; Loder, A.J.; Straub, C.T.; Adams, M.W.W.; Kelly, R.M., 2015:
Extremely thermophilic microorganisms as metabolic engineering platforms for production of fuels and industrial chemicals

Jatal, S.N.; Jamadar, N.P.; Jadhav, B.; Siddiqui, S.; Ingle, S.B., 2015:
Extremely unusual case of gastrointestinal trichobezoar

Clark, L.H.; Jackson, A.L.; Soo, A.E.; Orrey, D.C.; Gehrig, P.A.; Kim, K.H., 2017:
Extremes in body mass index affect overall survival in women with cervical cancer

Nick, J.A.; Caceres, S.M.; Kret, J.E.; Poch, K.R.; Strand, M.; Faino, A.V.; Nichols, D.P.; Saavedra, M.T.; Taylor-Cousar, J.L.; Geraci, M.W.; Burnham, E.L.; Fessler, M.B.; Suratt, B.T.; Abraham, E.; Moss, M.; Malcolm, K.C., 2017:
Extremes of Interferon-Stimulated Gene Expression Associate with Worse Outcomes in the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Frank, G.K.W.; Shott, M.E.; Keffler, C.; Cornier, M-Andre., 2017:
Extremes of eating are associated with reduced neural taste discrimination

Ribeiro, F.Dinis.; Ferrari, Rângela.Aparecida.Pimenta.; Sant'Anna, Fávia.Lopes.; Dalmas, Jé.Carlos.; Girotto, E., 2016:
Extremes of maternal age and child mortality: analysis between 2000 and 2009

Odom, S.R.; Howell, M.D.; Gupta, A.; Silva, G.; Cook, C.H.; Talmor, D., 2016:
Extremes of shock index predicts death in trauma patients

Falck, R.S.; Shook, R.P.; Hand, G.A.; Lavie, C.J.; Blair, S.N., 2015:
Extremes of weight gain and weight loss with detailed assessments of energy balance: Illustrative case studies and clinical recommendations

Sleegers, W.W.A.; Proulx, T.; van Beest, I., 2015:
Extremism reduces conflict arousal and increases values affirmation in response to meaning violations

Coid, J.W.; Bhui, K.; MacManus, D.; Kallis, C.; Bebbington, P.; Ullrich, S., 2016:
Extremism, religion and psychiatric morbidity in a population-based sample of young men

Kawwass, J.F.; Kulkarni, A.D.; Hipp, H.S.; Crawford, S.; Kissin, D.M.; Jamieson, D.J., 2016:
Extremities of body mass index and their association with pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing in vitro fertilization in the United States

Wang, X.; Chen, T.; Zhao, J.; Peng, Y.; Chen, X.; Tu, P.; Zhu, X.; Liu, Z.; Wang, M., 2016:
Extremities of the N-terminus of envoplakin and C-terminus of its linker subdomain are major epitopes of paraneoplastic pemphigus

Colip, C.G.; Gorantla, V.; LeBedis, C.A.; Soto, J.A.; Anderson, S.W., 2016 :
Extremity CTA for penetrating trauma: 10-year experience using a 64-detector row CT scanner

Smith, D.C., 2016:
Extremity Injury and War: A Historical Reflection

Wakabayashi, H.; Taki, J.; Inaki, A.; Toratani, A.; Kayano, D.; Kinuya, S., 2015:
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F. A. Sweetland's "Liquid Nitrous Oxide" Trade Card

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F. Magnussen replies

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F1000Research: Tics welcomes you to 21st century biomedical publishing

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FAK goes nuclear to control antitumor immunity-a new target in cancer immuno-therapy

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