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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57895

Chapter 57895 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yamanaka, M.; Hoshizumi, M.; Nagao, S.; Nakayama, R.; Shibata, N.; Higuchi, Y.; Hirota, S., 2016:
Formation and carbon monoxide-dependent dissociation of Allochromatium vinosum cytochrome c' oligomers using domain-swapped dimers

Hosseinpour, M.; Vatanara, A.; Zarghami, R., 2015:
Formation and Characterization of Beclomethasone Dipropionate Nanoparticles Using Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution

Yeom, H.Chul.; Moon, D.Ju.; Lee, K.Young.; Kim, S.Woo., 2015:
Formation and Characterization of Ni Nanofiber Catalysts on Nickel Metallic Foam by Electrospinning Process

Roh, S-Hee.; Noh, J.Eun.; Woo, H-Gweon.; Cho, M-Shik.; Sohn, H., 2015:
Formation and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticle Composite with Poly(p-Br/F-phenylsilane)

Lind, T.Kjellerup.; Wacklin, H.; Schiller, Jürgen.; Moulin, M.; Haertlein, M.; Pomorski, T.Günther.; Cárdenas, Mé., 2016:
Formation and Characterization of Supported Lipid Bilayers Composed of Hydrogenated and Deuterated Escherichia coli Lipids

Paslawski, W.; Lorenzen, N.; Otzen, D.E., 2016:
Formation and Characterization of α-Synuclein Oligomers

Nixon, B.; Ecroyd, H.; Dacheux, J-Louis.; Dacheux, F.; Labas, V.; Johnston, S.D.; Jones, R.C., 2016:
Formation and Dissociation of Sperm Bundles in Monotremes

Cao, Y.; Qin, Y.; Bruist, M.; Gao, S.; Wang, B.; Wang, H.; Guo, X., 2015:
Formation and Dissociation of the Interstrand i-Motif by the Sequences d(XnC 4Y m) Monitored with Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Greif, D.; Jotzu, G.; Messer, M.; Desbuquois, Rémi.; Esslinger, T., 2016:
Formation and Dynamics of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Tunable Optical Lattices

Pham, T.; Gibb, A.L.; Li, Z.; Gilbert, S.Matt.; Song, C.; Louie, S.G.; Zettl, A., 2016:
Formation and Dynamics of Electron-Irradiation-Induced Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride at Elevated Temperatures

Bunkin, N.F.; Shkirin, A.V.; Suyazov, N.V.; Babenko, V.A.; Sychev, A.A.; Penkov, N.V.; Belosludtsev, K.N.; Gudkov, S.V., 2016:
Formation and Dynamics of Ion-Stabilized Gas Nanobubble Phase in the Bulk of Aqueous NaCl Solutions

Roach, J.P.; Ben-Jacob, E.; Sander, L.M.; Zochowski, M.R., 2016:
Formation and Dynamics of Waves in a Cortical Model of Cholinergic Modulation

Poully, J-Christophe.; Vizcaino, V.; Schwob, L.; Delaunay, R.; Kocisek, J.; Eden, S.; Chesnel, J-Yves.; Méry, A.; Rangama, J.; Adoui, L.; Huber, B., 2016:
Formation and Fragmentation of Protonated Molecules after Ionization of Amino Acid and Lactic Acid Clusters by Collision with Ions in the Gas Phase

Kodera, M.; Ishiga, S.; Tsuji, T.; Sakurai, K.; Hitomi, Y.; Shiota, Y.; Sajith, P.K.; Yoshizawa, K.; Mieda, K.; Ogura, T., 2016:
Formation and High Reactivity of the anti-Dioxo Form of High-Spin μ-Oxodioxodiiron(IV) as the Active Species That Cleaves Strong C-H Bonds

Kumar, A.; Leinisch, F.; Kadiiska, M.B.; Corbett, J.; Mason, R.P., 2017:
Formation and Implications of Alpha-Synuclein Radical in Maneb- and Paraquat-Induced Models of Parkinson's Disease

Fauth, M.; Wörgötter, F.; Tetzlaff, C., 2016:
Formation and Maintenance of Robust Long-Term Information Storage in the Presence of Synaptic Turnover

Captur, G.; Syrris, P.; Obianyo, C.; Limongelli, G.; Moon, J.C., 2016:
Formation and Malformation of Cardiac Trabeculae: Biological Basis, Clinical Significance, and Special Yield of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Assessment

Lin, Y.; Protter, D.S.W.; Rosen, M.K.; Parker, R., 2016:
Formation and Maturation of Phase-Separated Liquid Droplets by RNA-Binding Proteins

Tsuji, Y.; Richard, J.P., 2016:
Formation and Mechanism for Reactions of Ring-Substituted Phenonium Ions in Aqueous Solution

Dong, F.; Zhang, M.; Tang, W-Wa.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Formation and Mechanism of Superhydrophobic/Hydrophobic Surfaces Made from Amphiphiles through Droplet-Mediated Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly

Nie, Y.F.; Di Sante, D.; Chatterjee, S.; King, P.D.C.; Uchida, M.; Ciuchi, S.; Schlom, D.G.; Shen, K.M., 2015:
Formation and Observation of a Quasi-Two-Dimensional dxy Electron Liquid in Epitaxially Stabilized Sr(2-x)La(x)TiO4 Thin Films

Fischer, E.; Martínez, G.M.; Rennó, N.O., 2016:
Formation and Persistence of Brine on Mars: Experimental Simulations throughout the Diurnal Cycle at the Phoenix Landing Site

Marquês, J.T.; Cordeiro, Aé.M.; Viana, A.S.; Herrmann, A.; Marinho, H.Susana.; de Almeida, R.F.M., 2016:
Formation and Properties of Membrane-Ordered Domains by Phytoceramide: Role of Sphingoid Base Hydroxylation

Baba, E.; Yatsunami, T.; Tezuka, Y.; Yamamoto, T., 2016:
Formation and Properties of Vesicles from Cyclic Amphiphilic PS-PEO Block Copolymers

Arrowsmith, M.; Braunschweig, H.; Stennett, T.E., 2016:
Formation and Reactivity of Electron-Precise B-B Single and Multiple Bonds

Rinn, N.; Eußner, J.P.; Kaschuba, W.; Xie, X.; Dehnen, S., 2016:
Formation and Reactivity of Organo-Functionalized Tin Selenide Clusters

Schnitzler, S.; Spaniol, T.P.; Maron, L.; Okuda, J., 2015:
Formation and Reactivity of a Molecular Magnesium Hydride with a Terminal Mg-H Bond

Searles, K.; Smith, K.T.; Kurogi, T.; Chen, C-Hsing.; Carroll, P.J.; Mindiola, D.J., 2016:
Formation and Redox Interconversion of Niobium Methylidene and Methylidyne Complexes

Franco-Luesma, E.; Ferreira, V., 2017:
Formation and Release of H2S, Methanethiol, and Dimethylsulfide during the Anoxic Storage of Wines at Room Temperature

Rodrigues, G.L.S.; Rocha, W.R., 2016:
Formation and Release of NO from Ruthenium Nitrosyl Ammine Complexes [Ru(NH 3 ) 5 (NO)] 2+/3+ in Aqueous Solution: A Theoretical Investigation

Cilli, P.; Minoprio, A.; Bossa, C.; Bignami, M.; Mazzei, F., 2016:
Formation and Repair of Mismatches Containing Ribonucleotides and Oxidized Bases at Repeated DNA Sequences

Wang, J.; Sevier, C.S., 2016:
Formation and Reversibility of BiP Protein Cysteine Oxidation Facilitate Cell Survival during and post Oxidative Stress

Presa-Soto, D.; Carriedo, G.A.; de la Campa, R.; Presa Soto, A., 2016:
Formation and Reversible Morphological Transition of Bicontinuous Nanospheres and Toroidal Micelles by the Self-Assembly of a Crystalline-b-Coil Diblock Copolymer

Ma, Y.; Yung, L-Yue.Lanry., 2016:
Formation and Self-assembly of Gold Nanoplates through an Interfacial Reaction for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Ostapenko, A.; Klöffel, T.; Meyer, B.; Witte, G., 2016:
Formation and Stability of Phenylphosphonic Acid Monolayers on ZnO: Comparison of In Situ and Ex Situ SAM Preparation

Jia, H.; Nulaji, G.; Gao, H.; Wang, F.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, C., 2017:
Formation and Stabilization of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals Induced by the Interaction of Anthracene with Fe(III)-Modified Clays

Kim, J-Won.; Kim, M-Bo.; Lim, S-Bin., 2015:
Formation and Stabilization of Raphasatin and Sulforaphene from Radish Roots by Endogenous Enzymolysis

Chen, H.Juin-Yu.; Yang, D-Long.; Huang, T-Wet.; Yu, I-Song., 2016:
Formation and Temperature Effect of InN Nanodots by PA-MBE via Droplet Epitaxy Technique

Zhang, X.; Xie, C.; Huang, Y.; Hou, B.; Bao, Y.; Gong, J.; Yin, Q.; Rohani, S., 2016:
Formation and Transformation Behavior of Sodium Dehydroacetate Hydrates

Akhuli, B.; Cera, L.; Jana, B.; Saha, S.; Schalley, C.A.; Ghosh, P., 2015:
Formation and Transmetalation Mechanisms of Homo- and Heterometallic (Fe/Zn) Trinuclear Triple-Stranded Side-by-Side Helicates

Lofstrand, V.A.; Matsuura, B.S.; Furst, L.; Narayanam, J.M.R.; Stephenson, C.R.J., 2016:
Formation and Trapping of Azafulvene Intermediates Derived from Manganese-Mediated Oxidative Malonate Coupling

Yang, Z.; Sun, Y-xue.; Shi, N.; Hu, H-ying., 2016:
Formation and Variation of Brominated Disinfection By-products in A Combined Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis Process for Seawater Desalination

Huber, S.M.; van Delft, P.; Mendil, L.; Bachman, M.; Smollett, K.; Werner, F.; Miska, E.A.; Balasubramanian, S., 2016:
Formation and abundance of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in RNA

Wu, J.; Jun, H.; McDermott, J.R., 2015:
Formation and activation of thermogenic fat

Huang, Z.; Hu, J.; Gong, Y., 2016:
Formation and aromatization of strained bicyclic pyrazolidines via tandem reaction of alkyl 2-aroyl-1-chlorocyclopropanecarboxylates with acylhydrazones

Burridge, J.; Inkpen, R., 2015:
Formation and arrangement of pits by a corrosive gas

Henderson, T.M.A.; Ladewig, K.; Haylock, D.N.; McLean, K.M.; O'Connor, A.J., 2016:
Formation and characterisation of a modifiable soft macro-porous hyaluronic acid cryogel platform

Demestre, M.; Orth, M.; Föhr, K.J.; Achberger, K.; Ludolph, A.C.; Liebau, S.; Boeckers, T.M., 2016:
Formation and characterisation of neuromuscular junctions between hiPSC derived motoneurons and myotubes

Tian, Y.; Yan, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, X.; Guo, Y.; Wang, J.; Li, J., 2016:
Formation and characteristics of AlGaN-based three-dimensional hexagonal nanopyramid semi-polar multiple quantum wells

Khunkar, S.J.; Utaka, S.; Hariri, I.; Sadr, A.; Ikeda, M.; Nakashima, S.; Nikaido, T.; Tagami, J., 2015:
Formation and characterization of hypermineralized zone beneath dentine lesion body induced by topical fluoride in-vitro

Li, L.; Chen, X.; Xia, Q.; Wei, X.; Liu, J.; Fan, Z.; Guo, M., 2016:
Formation and characterization of pseudo-polyrotaxanes based on poly(p-dioxanone) and cyclodextrins

Zhang, Q.; Li, W-Lu.; Xu, C-Qiao.; Chen, M.; Zhou, M.; Li, J.; Andrada, D.M.; Frenking, G., 2015:
Formation and characterization of the boron dicarbonyl complex [B(CO)2](-)

Prabha, G.; Raj, V., 2017:
Formation and characterization of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) - polyethyleneglycol (PEG) - polyethyleneimine (PEI) coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for loading and releasing 5-Fluorouracil drug

Altarawneh, M.; Dlugogorski, B.Z., 2015:
Formation and chlorination of carbazole, phenoxazine, and phenazine

Lee, D.; Lee, J.; Song, K-Hee.; Rhee, H.; Jang, D-Jeon., 2015:
Formation and decay of charge carriers in aggregate nanofibers consisting of poly(3-hexylthiophene)-coated gold nanoparticles

Beyrière, F.; Sommer, M.E.; Szczepek, M.; Bartl, F.J.; Hofmann, K.Peter.; Heck, M.; Ritter, E., 2015:
Formation and decay of the arrestin·rhodopsin complex in native disc membranes

Ševčík, R.; Vaněk, J.; Michalicová, R.; Lubal, P.; Hermann, P.; Santos, I.C.; Santos, I.; Campello, M.P.C., 2016:
Formation and decomplexation kinetics of copper(ii) complexes with cyclen derivatives having mixed carboxylate and phosphonate pendant arms

Baroutian, S.; Gapes, D.J.; Sarmah, A.K.; Farid, M.M.; Young, B.R., 2017:
Formation and degradation of valuable intermediate products during wet oxidation of municipal sludge

Suh, S-H.; Popa, M.; Torres, V.E.; Crespo, D.; Shin, H-K.; Calderon-Moreno, J.M., 2015:
Formation and deposition of stable silver nanoparticles encapsulated in solid spheres

Phippen, C.William.; Mikolajek, H.; Schlaefli, H.George.; Keevil, C.William.; Webb, J.Stephen.; Tews, I., 2015:
Formation and dimerization of the phosphodiesterase active site of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa MorA, a bi-functional c-di-GMP regulator

Griggs, R.B.; Yermakov, L.M.; Susuki, K., 2016:
Formation and disruption of functional domains in myelinated CNS axons

Tomková, Méta.; Tomek, J.; Novák, Ořej.; Zelenka, Ořej.; Syka, J.; Brom, C., 2016:
Formation and disruption of tonotopy in a large-scale model of the auditory cortex

Shimada, S.; Komatsu, T.; Yamagami, A.; Nakazawa, M.; Matsui, M.; Kawaide, H.; Natsume, M.; Osada, H.; Asami, T.; Nakano, T., 2015:
Formation and dissociation of the BSS1 protein complex regulates plant development via brassinosteroid signaling

Weber, C.A.; Lin, Y.Ting.; Biais, N.; Zaburdaev, V., 2016:
Formation and dissolution of bacterial colonies

Tan, E.; Karakus, S.; Soylu, Gülin.Selda.Pozan.; Birer, Özgür.; Zengin, Yşar.; Kilislioglu, A., 2016:
Formation and distribution of ZnO nanoparticles and its effect on E. coli in the presence of sepiolite and silica within the chitosan matrix via sonochemistry

Liang, Z.; Li, L.; Fu, Q.; Zhang, X.; Xu, Z.; Li, B., 2017:
Formation and elimination of pyrraline in the Maillard reaction in a saccharide-lysine model system

Shintani, H., 2016:
Formation and elution of toxic compounds from γ-ray-sterilized medical products and the Ames test of eluted components

Lahna, K.; Idroes, R.; Idris, N.; Abdulmadjid, S.Nur.; Kurniawan, K.Hendrik.; Tjia, M.On.; Pardede, M.; Kagawa, K., 2017:
Formation and emission characteristics of CN molecules in laser induced low pressure He plasma and its applications to N analysis in coal and fossilization study

Wang, M.; Liu, G.; Jiang, X.; Li, S.; Liu, W.; Zheng, M., 2016:
Formation and emission of brominated dioxins and furans during secondary aluminum smelting processes

Johansson, K.Olof.; Dillstrom, T.; Monti, M.; El Gabaly, F.; Campbell, M.F.; Schrader, P.E.; Popolan-Vaida, D.M.; Richards-Henderson, N.K.; Wilson, K.R.; Violi, A.; Michelsen, H.A., 2018:
Formation and emission of large furans and oxygenated hydrocarbons from flames

Zhang, X.; McVay, R.C.; Huang, D.D.; Dalleska, N.F.; Aumont, B.; Flagan, R.C.; Seinfeld, J.H., 2015:
Formation and evolution of molecular products in α-pinene secondary organic aerosol

Xu, H.; Wu, Y.; Cui, J.; Ni, C.; Xu, F.; Cai, J.; Hong, F.; Fang, Z.; Wang, W.; Zhu, J.; Wang, L.; Xu, R.; Xu, F., 2016:
Formation and evolution of the unexpected PbI2 phase at the interface during the growth of evaporated perovskite films

Parra-Vega, Vónica.; Corral-Martínez, P.; Rivas-Sendra, A.; Seguí-Simarro, J.M., 2015:
Formation and excretion of autophagic plastids (plastolysomes) in Brassica napus embryogenic microspores

Sohrabi, R.; Ali, T.; Harinantenaina Rakotondraibe, L.; Tholl, D., 2016:
Formation and exudation of non-volatile products of the arabidiol triterpenoid degradation pathway in Arabidopsis roots

Chen, W-Hsiang.; Wang, C-Ya.; Huang, T-Hsien., 2017:
Formation and fates of nitrosamines and their formation potentials from a surface water source to drinking water treatment plants in Southern Taiwan

Cardiel, J.J.; Takagi, D.; Tsai, H-Fu.; Shen, A.Q., 2018:
Formation and flow behavior of micellar membranes in a T-shaped microchannel

Boehm, S.J.; Lin, L.; Guzmán Betancourt, K.; Emery, R.; Mayer, J.S.; Mayer, T.S.; Keating, C.D., 2015:
Formation and frequency response of two-dimensional nanowire lattices in an applied electric field

Lehti, M.S.; Sironen, A., 2016:
Formation and function of the manchette and flagellum during spermatogenesis

Jain, A.; Thakur, D.; Ghoshal, G.; Katare, O.P.; Singh, B.; Shivhare, U.S., 2016:
Formation and functional attributes of electrostatic complexes involving casein and anionic polysaccharides: An approach to enhance oral absorption of lycopene in rats in vivo

Le, X.T.; Rioux, L-Eve.; Turgeon, S.L., 2016:
Formation and functional properties of protein-polysaccharide electrostatic hydrogels in comparison to protein or polysaccharide hydrogels

Nicolai, T., 2016:
Formation and functionality of self-assembled whey protein microgels

Shigan, E.E.; Lysukhin, V.N., 2016:
Formation and implementation of youth science policy in occupational medicine in Russia

Dempsey Hyatt, I.F.; Nasrallah, D.J.; Maxwell, M.A.; Hairston, A.Christina.F.; Abdalhameed, M.M.; Croatt, M.P., 2015:
Formation and in situ reactions of hypervalent iodonium alkynyl triflates to form cyanocarbenes

Stachel, N.; Skopp, G., 2018:
Formation and inhibition of ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate

Castillo, S.I.R.; Thies-Weesie, D.M.E.; Philipse, A.P., 2015:
Formation and liquid permeability of dense colloidal cube packings

Maestre, D.; Cremades, A.; Piqueras, J., 2006:
Formation and luminescence of nanoterraces and elongated structures in sintered TiO2

Muñoz-García, J.; Ares, Súl., 2016:
Formation and maintenance of nitrogen-fixing cell patterns in filamentous cyanobacteria

Blanchette, M.; Daneman, R., 2016 :
Formation and maintenance of the BBB

Gamer, L.W.; Xiang, L.; Rosen, V., 2016:
Formation and maturation of the murine meniscus

Herrmann, S.S.; Granby, K.; Duedahl-Olesen, L., 2015:
Formation and mitigation of N-nitrosamines in nitrite preserved cooked sausages

Deshpande, S.; Frost, T.; Yan, L.; Jahangir, S.; Hazari, A.; Liu, X.; Mirecki-Millunchick, J.; Mi, Z.; Bhattacharya, P., 2015:
Formation and nature of InGaN quantum dots in GaN nanowires

Muratsugu, S.; Kityakarn, S.; Wang, F.; Ishiguro, N.; Kamachi, T.; Yoshizawa, K.; Sekizawa, O.; Uruga, T.; Tada, M., 2016:
Formation and nitrile hydrogenation performance of Ru nanoparticles on a K-doped Al2O3 surface

Katahira, J., 2015:
Formation and nuclear export of messenger ribonucleoprotein complexes

Pan, Y.; Li, W.; An, H.; Cui, H.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Formation and occurrence of new polar iodinated disinfection byproducts in drinking water

Sumi, T.; Motono, S.; Ishida, Y.; Shirahata, N.; Yonezawa, T., 2015:
Formation and optical properties of fluorescent gold nanoparticles obtained by matrix sputtering method with volatile mercaptan molecules in the vacuum chamber and consideration of their structures

Wang, M.; Liu, G.; Jiang, X.; Xiao, K.; Zheng, M., 2015:
Formation and potential mechanisms of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans on fly ash from a secondary copper smelting process

Kappert, E.J.; Pavlenko, D.; Malzbender, Jürgen.; Nijmeijer, A.; Benes, N.E.; Tsai, P.Amy., 2014:
Formation and prevention of fractures in sol-gel-derived thin films

Fleming, A.M.; Burrows, C.J., 2016:
Formation and processing of DNA damage substrates for the hNEIL enzymes

Khachatryan, G.; Khachatryan, K.; Grzyb, J.; Fiedorowicz, M., 2018:
Formation and properties of hyaluronan/nano Ag and hyaluronan-lecithin/nano Ag films

Škapin, Sčo.D.; Čadež, V.; Suvorov, D.; Sondi, I., 2015:
Formation and properties of nanostructured colloidal manganese oxide particles obtained through the thermally controlled transformation of manganese carbonate precursor phase

Das, A.; Detels, R.; Afifi, A.A.; Javanbakht, M.; Sorvillo, F.; Panda, S., 2016:
Formation and psychometric evaluation of a health-related quality of life instrument for children living with HIV in India

Li, C.; Li, L.; Jia, H.; Wang, Y.; Shen, M.; Nie, S.; Xie, M., 2016:
Formation and reduction of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol esters in peanut oil during physical refining

Kavousi, P.; Mirhosseini, H.; Ghazali, H.; Ariffin, A.Azis., 2015:
Formation and reduction of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural at frying temperature in model system as a function of amino acid and sugar composition

Kim, J-Sil.; Her, J-Young.; Lee, K-Geun., 2016:
Formation and reduction of carcinogenic furan in various model systems containing food additives

Kim, M.Yeop.; Her, J-Young.; Kim, M.K.; Lee, K-Geun., 2016:
Formation and reduction of furan in a soy sauce model system

Chikazawa, M.; Uchida, K., 2016:
Formation and regulation of electronegative molecules as an endogenous antigen

Iselau, F.; Phan Xuan, T.; Trefalt, G.; Matic, A.; Holmberg, K.; Bordes, R., 2016:
Formation and relaxation kinetics of starch-particle complexes

Han, X.; Wang, Z.; Ma, J.; Zheng, J.; Wang, P.; Wu, Z., 2016:
Formation and removal of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in membrane bioreactor and conventional activated sludge processes

Kupka, S.; Reichert, M.; Draber, P.; Walczak, H., 2017:
Formation and removal of poly-ubiquitin chains in the regulation of tumor necrosis factor-induced gene activation and cell death

Gustafsson, A-Sofie.; Hartman, Törn.; Stenerlöw, B., 2016:
Formation and repair of clustered damaged DNA sites in high LET irradiated cells

Oohashi, T.; Edamatsu, M.; Bekku, Y., 2015:
Formation and roles of perineuronal extracellular matrices in the adult brain

Zhang, H.; Dong, H.; Adams, C.; Qiang, Z.; Luan, G.; Wang, L., 2015:
Formation and speciation of disinfection byproducts during chlor(am)ination of aquarium seawater

Huang, H.; Chen, B-Yi.; Zhu, Z-Ru., 2016:
Formation and speciation of haloacetamides and haloacetonitriles for chlorination, chloramination, and chlorination followed by chloramination

Zahi, M.Reda.; Wan, P.; Liang, H.; Yuan, Q., 2015:
Formation and stability of D-limonene organogel-based nanoemulsion prepared by a high-pressure homogenizer

Prendergast, M.B.; Kirk, B.B.; Savee, J.D.; Osborn, D.L.; Taatjes, C.A.; Masters, K-Simeon.; Blanksby, S.J.; da Silva, G.; Trevitt, A.J., 2015:
Formation and stability of gas-phase o-benzoquinone from oxidation of ortho-hydroxyphenyl: a combined neutral and distonic radical study

Ozturk, B.; Argin, S.; Ozilgen, M.; McClements, D.Julian., 2016:
Formation and stabilization of nanoemulsion-based vitamin E delivery systems using natural biopolymers: Whey protein isolate and gum arabic

Bai, L.; McClements, D.Julian., 2017:
Formation and stabilization of nanoemulsions using biosurfactants: Rhamnolipids

Dellinger, B.; Lomnicki, S.; Khachatryan, L.; Maskos, Z.; Hall, R.W.; Adounkpe, J.; McFerrin, C.; Truong, H., 2007:
Formation and stabilization of persistent free radicals

Sroor, F.M.; Liebing, P.; Hrib, C.G.; Gräsing, D.; Hilfert, L.; Edelmann, F.T., 2016:
Formation and structure of the first metal complexes comprising amidino-guanidinate ligands

Shugurov, S.M.; Panin, A.I.; Lopatin, S.I.; Emelyanova, K.A., 2016:
Formation and thermodynamics of gaseous germanium and tin vanadates: a mass spectrometric and quantum chemical study

Gong, T.; Zhang, X.; Li, Y.; Xian, Q., 2016:
Formation and toxicity of halogenated disinfection byproducts resulting from linear alkylbenzene sulfonates

Eswaran, H.T.; Kavita, M.B.; Tripaty, T.B.; Shivakumar, 2015:
Formation and validation of questionnaire to assess Jāṭharāgni

Königsberger, L-Chi.; Königsberger, E.; Hefter, G.; May, P.M., 2016:
Formation constants of copper(I) complexes with cysteine, penicillamine and glutathione: implications for copper speciation in the human eye

Xia, Y.; Na, X.; Sun, Z.; Chen, J., 2016:
Formation control and collision avoidance for multi-agent systems based on position estimation

Kim, Y., 2015:
Formation control for a network of small-scale robots

Muhammad Alay-E-Abbas, S.; Nazir, S.; Shaukat, A., 2016:
Formation energies and electronic structure of intrinsic vacancy defects and oxygen vacancy clustering in BaZrO3

Inasawa, S.; Oshimi, Y.; Kamiya, H., 2016:
Formation kinetics of particulate films in directional drying of a colloidal suspension

Zhu, C.; Liu, L.; Deng, J.; Ma, X.; Hui, J.; Fan, D., 2016:
Formation mechanism and biological activity of novel thiolated human-like collagen iron complex

Liu, M.; Feng, J-Shen.; Bao, S-Song.; Zheng, L-Min., 2016:
Formation Mechanism and Reversible Expansion and Shrinkage of Magnesium-Based Homochiral Metal-Organic Nanotubes

Obayashi, I.; Aoi, S.; Tsuchiya, K.; Kokubu, H., 2016:
Formation mechanism of a basin of attraction for passive dynamic walking induced by intrinsic hyperbolicity

Huang, Q.; Zheng, S.; Yang, J.; Yuan, Y., 2015:
Formation mechanism of circulating tumor cells and progress of its application in I-III stage colorectal carcinoma

Du, J.; Zhou, L-hua., 2015:
Formation mechanism of high-energy metabolism along meridians

Schmuecker, S.M.; Leonard, B.M., 2015:
Formation mechanism of nanostructured metal carbides via salt-flux synthesis

Meng, X.; Shin, D-Wook.; Yu, S.Man.; Park, M-Ho.; Yang, C.; Lee, J.Heon.; Yoo, J-Beom., 2015:
Formation mechanism of rutile TiO2 rods on fluorine doped tin oxide glass

Xue, K.; Sun, L.; Bai, C., 2016:
Formation mechanism of shock-induced particle jetting

Fayon, P.; Trewin, A., 2016:
Formation mechanism of ultra porous framework materials

Maxut, A.; Nozière, B.; Fenet, B.; Mechakra, H., 2016:
Formation mechanisms and yields of small imidazoles from reactions of glyoxal with NH4(+) in water at neutral pH

Gačević, Žarko.; Gómez Sánchez, D.; Calleja, E., 2015:
Formation mechanisms of GaN nanowires grown by selective area growth homoepitaxy

Li, H.; Ma, N.; Meng, W.; Gallucci, J.; Qiu, Y.; Li, S.; Zhao, Q.; Zhang, J.; Zhao, J-Cheng.; Chen, X., 2015:
Formation mechanisms, structure, solution behavior, and reactivity of aminodiborane

Bellér, Gábor.; Szabó, Mária.; Lente, Gábor.; Fábián, Ián., 2016:
Formation of 1,10-Phenanthroline-N,N'-dioxide under Mild Conditions: The Kinetics and Mechanism of the Oxidation of 1,10-Phenanthroline by Peroxomonosulfate Ion (Oxone)

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Formation of 3-MCPD Fatty Acid Esters from Monostearoyl Glycerol and the Thermal Stability of 3-MCPD Monoesters

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Formation of 5- and 6-methyl-1H-indene (C10H10) via the reactions of the para-tolyl radical (C6H4CH3) with allene (H2CCCH2) and methylacetylene (HCCCH3) under single collision conditions

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Formation of 8,15-dihydroxy eicosatetraenoic acidvia 15- and 12-lipoxygenases in fish gill

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Formation of Aldehydic Phosphatidylcholines during the Anaerobic Decomposition of a Phosphatidylcholine Bearing the 9-Hydroperoxide of Linoleic Acid

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Formation of Amino Acids on the Sonolysis of Aqueous Solutions Containing Acetic Acid, Methane, or Carbon Dioxide, in the Presence of Nitrogen Gas

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Formation of Anodic Aluminum Oxide with Branched and Meshed Pores

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Formation of Asymmetric Bowl-Like Mesoporous Particles via Emulsion-Induced Interface Anisotropic Assembly

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Formation of Benzimidazoisoquinolinium and Benzimidazoisoindolinum Cyclic Systems by the Reaction of 2-(2-Alkynylphenyl)benzimidazoles with Iodine and Iodine-Iodine Interaction Including Halogen Bonding in Their Crystal Structures

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Formation of Bromate and Halogenated Disinfection Byproducts during Chlorination of Bromide-Containing Waters in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter and CuO

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Formation of CaB6 in the thermal decomposition of the hydrogen storage material Ca(BH4)2

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Formation of Carbamate Anions by the Gas-phase Reaction of Anilide Ions with CO2

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Formation of Carbocycles via a 1,4-Rh Shift Triggered by a Rhodium-Catalyzed Addition of Terminal Alkynes to 3,3-Diarylcyclopropenes

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Formation of Carbon-Carbon Triply Bonded Molecules from Two Free Carbyne Radicals via a Conical Intersection

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Formation of Cholangiogenic Cysts Following Intrahepatic Islet Transplantation in Streptozotocin Diabetic Rats

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Formation of Co3O4 microframes from MOFs with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium storage and water oxidation

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Formation of CoS 2 Nanobubble Hollow Prisms for Highly Reversible Lithium Storage

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Formation of Coronene Clusters in Concentration and Temperature Controlled Two-Dimensional Porous Network

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Formation of DNA:RNA hybrid G-quadruplex in bacterial cells and its dominance over the intramolecular DNA G-quadruplex in mediating transcription termination

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Formation of DPM ethers using O-diphenylmethyl trichloroacetimidate under thermal conditions

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Formation of Defence Primary Healthcare: a new way of delivering firm base primary healthcare

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Formation of Diastereoisomeric Piperazine-2,5-dione from DL-Alanine in the Presence of Olivine and Water

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Formation of Discrete Ladders and a Macroporous Xerogel Film by the Zipperlike Dimerization of Meso-Meso-Linked Zinc(II) Porphyrin Arrays with Di(pyrid-3-yl)acetylene

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Formation of Disinfection By-Products During Chlor(am)ination of Danjiangkou Reservoir Water and Comparison of Disinfection Processes

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Formation of Ent-isophleichrome by Cladosporium herbarum Isolated from Sugar Beet

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Formation of Enterobacter cloacae resistance to disinfectants under the effect of bactericidal concentrations of quaternry ammonium compounds in the experiment

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Formation of Extrachromosomal Circular DNA from Long Terminal Repeats of Retrotransposons in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Formation of Fe3O4@SiO2@C/Ni hybrids with enhanced catalytic activity and histidine-rich protein separation

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Formation of Foam-like Microstructural Carbon Material by Carbonization of Porous Coordination Polymers through a Ligand-Assisted Foaming Process

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Formation of Frustrated Lewis Pairs in Ptx -Loaded Zeolite NaY

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Formation of Functional Conduction Block During the Onset of Reentrant Ventricular Tachycardia

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Formation of Functional Heterodimers by TREK-1 and TREK-2 Two-pore Domain Potassium Channel Subunits

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Formation of Fused Aromatic Architectures via an Oxidative Dearomatization - Radical Cyclization Rearomatization Approach

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Formation of GSH-trapped reactive metabolites in human liver microsomes, S9 fraction, HepaRG-cells, and human hepatocytes

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Formation of GaP nanocones and micro-mesas by metal-assisted chemical etching

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Formation of GaP/Si(100) Heterointerfaces in the Presence of Inherent Reactor Residuals

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Formation of Giant Unilamellar Proteo-Liposomes by Osmotic Shock

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Formation of Glycidyl Fatty Acid Esters Both in Real Edible Oils during Laboratory-Scale Refining and in Chemical Model during High Temperature Exposure

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Formation of Guaiacol by Spoilage Bacteria from Vanillic Acid, a Product of Rice Koji Cultivation, in Japanese Sake Brewing

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Formation of HNCO from carbon monoxide and atomic nitrogen in their fundamental states. Investigation of the reaction pathway in conditions relevant to the interstellar medium

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Formation of Halogenated By-products in Co²⁺ Activated Peroxymonosulfate Oxidation Process

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Formation of Halogenated Polyaromatic Compounds by Laccase Catalyzed Transformation of Halophenols

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Formation of He-Rich Layers Observed by Neutron Reflectometry in the He-Ion-Irradiated Cr/W Multilayers: Effects of Cr/W Interfaces on the He-Trapping Behavior

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Formation of Helically Structured Chitin/CaCO3 Hybrids through an Approach Inspired by the Biomineralization Processes of Crustacean Cuticles

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Formation of Helices in Graphene Nanoribbons under Torsion

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Formation of Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines and Migration Level of Bisphenol-A in Sous-Vide-Cooked Trout Fillets at Different Cooking Temperatures and Cooking Levels

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Formation of Hexacoordinate Mn(III) in Bacillus subtilis Oxalate Decarboxylase Requires Catalytic Turnover

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Formation of Hexagonally Packed Hollow Hoops and Morphology Transition in RAFT Ethanol Dispersion Polymerization

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Formation of Hexamethylenetetramine (HMT) from HCHO and NH3--Relevance to Prebiotic Chemistry and B3LYP Consideration

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Formation of Hexamethylenetetramine - Comment

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Formation of Hg(II) Tetrathiolate Complexes with Cysteine at Neutral pH

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Formation of Hierarchical Lamellae-in-Lamella Nanostructures from Polymer Blends Via Controlled Nonequilibrium Freezing

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Formation of Hierarchical Structure Composed of (Co/Ni)Mn-LDH Nanosheets on MWCNT Backbones for Efficient Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation

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Formation of High-Aspect-Ratio Helical Nanorods via Chiral Self-Assembly of Fullerodendrimers

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Formation of High-Purity Indium Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Application to Sensitive Detection of Ammonia

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Formation of High-Spin States (S = 3/2 and 2) in Linear Oligo- and Polyarylamines

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Formation of Higher Silanes in Low-Temperature Silane (SiH4) Ices

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Formation of Highly Aligned Collagen Nanofibers by Continuous Cyclic Stretch of a Collagen Hydrogel Sheet

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Formation of Highly Ordered Spherical Aggregates from Drying Microdroplets of Colloidal Suspension

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Formation of Highly Strained N-Heterocycles via Decomposition of Iron N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes: The Value of Labile Fe-C Bonds

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Formation of Highly Thermostable Copper-Containing Energetic Coordination Polymers Based on Oxidized Triaminoguanidine

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Formation of Hyaline Cartilage Tissue by Passaged Human Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes

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Formation of Hyaline Membranes in the Lungs of Albino Rat as a Result of Exposure to Bleomycin During the Neonatal Period

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Formation of Hybrid Perovskite Tin Iodide Single Crystals by Top-Seeded Solution Growth

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Formation of Hydrogen Sulfide in Wine: Interactions between Copper and Sulfur Dioxide

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Formation of Hydroxyapatite Skeletal Materials from Hydrogel Matrices via Artificial Biomineralization

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Formation of Ideal Rashba States on Layered Semiconductor Surfaces Steered by Strain Engineering

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Formation of In Vitro Mixed-Species Biofilms by Lactobacillus pentosus and Yeasts Isolated from Spanish-Style Green Table Olive Fermentations

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Formation of Inclusion Complexes of Cycldextrin with Ethanol under Anhydrous Conditions

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Formation of Interconnected Aggregates in Aqueous Dicationic Ionic Liquid Solutions

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Formation of Interfacial Janus Nanomicelles by Reactive Blending and Their Compatibilization Effects on Immiscible Polymer Blends

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Formation of Klein Edge Doublets from Graphene Monolayers

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Formation of Kokumi-Enhancing γ-Glutamyl Dipeptides in Parmesan Cheese by Means of γ-Glutamyltransferase Activity and Stable Isotope Double-Labeling Studies

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Formation of L-Threonolactone and Oxalic Acid in the Autoxidation Reaction of L-Ascorbic Acid

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Formation of Langmuir Monolayers of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles at Air/Aqueous Interfaces by the Addition of Ions to the Subphase: Effect of Ion Concentration and Type

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Formation of Large Ag Clusters with Shells of Methane, Ethylene, and Acetylene in He Droplets

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Formation of Li3O4 nano particles in the discharge products of non-aqueous lithium-oxygen batteries leads to lower charge overvoltage

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Formation of Light Absorbing Soluble Secondary Organics and Insoluble Polymeric Particles from the Dark Reaction of Catechol and Guaiacol with Fe(III)

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Formation of M-Like Intermediates in Proteorhodopsin in Alkali Solutions (pH ≥ ∼8.5) Where the Proton Release Occurs First in Contrast to the Sequence at Lower pH

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Formation of Macular Inner Nuclear Layer Cysts in Optic Atrophy

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Formation of Malondialdehyde, 4-Hydroxynonenal, and 4-Hydroxyhexenal during in Vitro Digestion of Cooked Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Salmon

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Formation of Manganese Oxide Coatings onto Sand for Adsorption of Trace Metals from Groundwater

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Formation of Mercury Sulfide from Hg(II)-Thiolate Complexes in Natural Organic Matter

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Formation of Mercury(II)-Glutathione Conjugates Examined Using High Mass Accuracy Mass Spectrometry

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Formation of Metal Selenide and Metal-Selenium Nanoparticles using Distinct Reactivity between Selenium and Noble Metals

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Formation of Metal-Adducted Analyte Ions by Flame-Induced Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry

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Formation of Mgx Nby Ox+y through the Mechanochemical Reaction of MgH2 and Nb2O5, and Its Effect on the Hydrogen-Storage Behavior of MgH2

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Formation of Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Derived Protrusions and Vesicles in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Formation of Mn-Co-Ni-O Nanoceramic Microspheres Using In Situ Ink-Jet Printing: Sintering Process Effect on the Microstructure and Electrical Properties

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Formation of Molecular-Orbital Bands in a Twisted Hubbard Tube: Implications for Unconventional Superconductivity in K_{2}Cr_{3}As_{3}

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Formation of Monocrystalline 1D and 2D Architectures via Epitaxial Attachment: Bottom-Up Routes through Surfactant-Mediated Arrays of Oriented Nanocrystals

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Formation of Monodispersed Films from Size-Selected Copper Nanoclusters

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Formation of Multicomponent Star Structures at the Liquid/Solid Interface

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Formation of N, S-codoped fluorescent carbon dots from biomass and their application for the selective detection of mercury and iron ion

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Formation of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes by Tautomerization of Mesomeric Betaines: Cyclic Boron Adducts and Palladium Complexes From 2-(Imidazolium-1-yl)phenolates

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Formation of Nanocomposites by Oxidizing Annealing of SiO x and SiO x <Er,F> Films: Ellipsometry and FTIR Analysis

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Formation of Nanocrystalline Surface of Cu-Sn Alloy Foam Electrochemically Produced for Li-Ion Battery Electrode

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Formation of Nanopits in Si Capping Layers on SiGe Quantum Dots

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Formation of Nanoporous Anodic Alumina by Anodization of Aluminum Films on Glass Substrates

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Formation of Nanoscale Composites of Compound Semiconductors Driven by Charge Transfer

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Formation of Nanostructures by Peptides

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Formation of Nanotube-Like Protrusions, Regulation of Septin Organization and Re-guidance of Vesicle Traffic by Depolymerization of the Actin Cytoskeleton Induced by Binary Bacterial Protein Toxins

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Formation of Negative Ions upon Dissociative Electron Attachment to the Astrochemically Relevant Molecule Aminoacetonitrile

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Formation of Neural Networks in 3D Scaffolds Fabricated by Means of Laser Microstereolithography

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Formation of Neuronal Circuits by Interactions between Neuronal Populations Derived from Different Origins in the Drosophila Visual Center

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Formation of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps under Low Oxygen Level

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Formation of New Polysomes on Free mRNAs in a Cell-Free Translation Systems Is Accompanied by Partial Disassembly of Previously Formed Polysomes

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Formation of Ni-Co-MoS 2 Nanoboxes with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution

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Formation of Nitric Oxide by Aldehyde Dehydrogenase-2 Is Necessary and Sufficient for Vascular Bioactivation of Nitroglycerin

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Formation of Nonclassical Ordered Phases of AB-Type Multiarm Block Copolymers

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Formation of Novel Aqueous Two-Phase Systems with Piperazinium-Based Ionic Liquids and Anionic Surfactants: Phase Behavior and Microstructure

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Formation of Nup98-containing nuclear bodies in HeLa sublines is linked to genomic rearrangements affecting chromosome 11

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Formation of OX-1R/CB1R heteromeric complexes in embryonic mouse hypothalamic cells: Effect on intracellular calcium, 2-arachidonoyl-glycerol biosynthesis and ERK phosphorylation

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Formation of Obstructive Fibrinous Pseudomembrane Following Self-Expanding Metallic Airway Stent Placement

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Formation of Onion-Like NiCo 2 S 4 Particles via Sequential Ion-Exchange for Hybrid Supercapacitors

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Formation of Ordered 4-Fluorobenzenethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111) from Vapor Phase Deposition

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Formation of Ordered Coronene Clusters in Template Utilizing the Structural Transformation of Hexaphenylbenzene Derivative Networks on Graphite Surface

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Formation of Ordered Phospholipid Monolayer on a Hydrophilically Modified Au(111) Substrate

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Formation of Organic Molecular Nanocrystals under Soft Confinement

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Formation of Organized Protein Thin Films with External Electric Field

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Formation of Oxazoles from Elusive Gold(I) α-Oxocarbenes: A Mechanistic Study

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Formation of PCDD/Fs in Oxidation of 2-Chlorophenol on Neat Silica Surface

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Formation of Peptide Bound Pyrraline in the Maillard Model Systems with Different Lys-Containing Dipeptides and Tripeptides

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Formation of Periodically Arranged Nanobubbles in Mesopores: Capillary Bridge Formation and Cavitation during Sorption and Solidification in an Hierarchical Porous SBA-15 Matrix

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Formation of Perovskite Heterostructures by Ion Exchange

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Formation of Plant Sterol Oxidation Products in Foods during Baking and Cooking Using Margarine without and with Added Plant Sterol Esters

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Formation of Polyion Complex (PIC) Micelles and Vesicles with Anionic pH-Responsive Unimer Micelles and Cationic Diblock Copolymers in Water

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Formation of Polyynes C4H2, C6H2, C8H2, and C10H2 from Reactions of C2H, C4H, C6H, and C8H Radicals with C2H2

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Formation of Positively Charged Liquid Helium Clusters in Supercritical Helium and their Solidification upon Compression

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Formation of Potato Virus A-Induced RNA Granules and Viral Translation Are Interrelated Processes Required for Optimal Virus Accumulation

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Formation of Prussian-Blue-Analog Nanocages via a Direct Etching Method and their Conversion into Ni-Co-Mixed Oxide for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution

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Formation of Pt decorated Ni-Pt nanocubes through low temperature atomic diffusion--time-resolved elemental analysis of nanoparticle formation

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Formation of Pt-Zn Alloy Nanoparticles by Electron-Beam Irradiation of Wurtzite ZnO in the TEM

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Formation of RNA Beads from Various DNA Nanoring Structures

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Formation of Reactant Complex Structure for Initiation Reaction of Lactone Ring-Opening Polymerization by Cooperation of Multiple Cyclodextrin

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Formation of Reducing Substances in the Maillard Reaction between D-Glucose and γ-Aminobutyric Acid

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Formation of Renal Cysts and Tumors in Vhl/Trp53-Deficient Mice Requires HIF1α and HIF2α

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Formation of Reversible Clusters with Controlled Degree of Aggregation

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Formation of Ruthenium Carbenes by gem -Hydrogen Transfer to Internal Alkynes: Implications for Alkyne trans -Hydrogenation

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Formation of Second-Generation Nanoclusters on Metal Nanoparticles Driven by Reactant Gases

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Formation of Segmental Rounded Nodules During Infiltration of Adult T-Cell Leukemia Cells Into the Ocular Mucous Membrane

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Formation of Self-Templated 2,6-Bis(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine [2]Catenanes by Triazolyl Hydrogen Bonding: Selective Anion Hosts for Phosphate

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Formation of Semimetallic Cobalt Telluride Nanotube Film via Anion Exchange Tellurization Strategy in Aqueous Solution for Electrocatalytic Applications

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Formation of Shear Bands in Drying Colloidal Dispersions

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Formation of Si nanowires by the electrochemical reduction of SiO2 with Ni or NiO additives

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Formation of Silica/Graphene Oxide Hybrid Nano Films by Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly and Biomimetic Silicification

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Formation of Silver Nanoclusters from a DNA Template Containing Ag(I)-Mediated Base Pairs

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Formation of Silver Nanostructures by Rolling Circle Amplification Using Boranephosphonate-Modified Nucleotides

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Formation of Small Gold Nanoparticle Chains with High NIR Extinction through Bridging with Calcium Ions

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Formation of SnO2 Nanowires Using Thermal Evaporation of SnO

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Formation of Soluble Mercury Oxide Coatings: Transformation of Elemental Mercury in Soils

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Formation of Solution-derived Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Titanium Alloy in the Presence of Magnetron-sputtered Alumina Bond Coats

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Formation of Sr adatom chains on SrTiO3 (1 1 0) surface determined by strain

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Formation of Stable Nanobubbles on Reconstituting Lyophilized Formulations Containing Trehalose

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Formation of Superlattices of Gold Nanoparticles Using Ostwald Ripening in Emulsions: Transition from fcc to bcc Structure

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Formation of Surface Corrosion-Resistant Nanocrystalline Structures on Steel

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Formation of Tankyrase Inhibitor-Induced Degradasomes Requires Proteasome Activity

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Formation of Tertiary Interactions during rRNA GTPase Center Folding

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Formation of Tethers from Spreading Cellular Aggregates

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Formation of Thermally Robust Frustrated Lewis Pairs by Electrocyclic Ring Closure Reactions

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Formation of Thick Dense Yttrium Iron Garnet Films Using Aerosol Deposition

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Formation of Titania-Silica Mixed Oxides in Solvent Mixtures and Their Influences for the Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion to Hydrocarbon

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Formation of Titanium Carbide (TiC) and TiC@C core-shell nanostructures by ultra-short laser ablation of titanium carbide and metallic titanium in liquid

Wang, Y.; Yu, L.; Lou, X.Wen.David., 2016:
Formation of Triple-Shelled Molybdenum-Polydopamine Hollow Spheres and Their Conversion into MoO 2 /Carbon Composite Hollow Spheres for Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Formation of Tubulovesicular Carriers from Endosomes and Their Fusion to the trans-Golgi Network

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Formation of Tumorspheres with Increased Stemness without External Mitogens in a Lung Cancer Model

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Formation of Two-Dimensional Copper Selenide on Cu(111) at Very Low Selenium Coverage

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Formation of Ultrarelativistic Electron Rings from a Laser-Wakefield Accelerator

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Formation of Ultrathin Liesegang Patterns

Hou, J.; Sutrisna, P.D.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, V., 2016:
Formation of Ultrathin, Continuous Metal-Organic Framework Membranes on Flexible Polymer Substrates

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Formation of Uniform Fe3 O4 Hollow Spheres Organized by Ultrathin Nanosheets and Their Excellent Lithium Storage Properties

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Formation of Volatile Tea Constituent Indole During the Oolong Tea Manufacturing Process

Sun, T.; Xu, C.; Chen, J., 2015:
Formation of W/O microemulsions in the extraction of Nd(iii) by bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)dithiophosphinic acid and its effects on Nd(iii) coordination

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Formation of Water Chains on CaO(001): What Drives the 1D Growth?

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Formation of Well-Defined, Functional Nanotubes via Osmotically Induced Shape Transformation of Biodegradable Polymersomes

Chatterjee, D.; Sarkar, P.; Oszajca, M.; van Eldik, R., 2016:
Formation of [Ru(III)(edta)(SNO)](2-) in Ru(III)(edta)-Mediated S-Nitrosylation of Bisulfide Ion

Behrle, A.C.; Castro, L.; Maron, L.; Walensky, J.R., 2015:
Formation of a Bridging Phosphinidene Thorium Complex

Milán-Garcés, E.A.; Thaore, P.; Udgaonkar, J.B.; Puranik, M., 2016:
Formation of a CH-π contact in the core of native barstar during folding

McTavish, J., 2015:
Formation of a Catholic physician

Leich, V.; Spaniol, T.P.; Okuda, J., 2015:
Formation of a Cationic Calcium Hydride Cluster with a "Naked" Triphenylsilyl Anion by Hydrogenolysis of Bis(triphenylsilyl)calcium

Rahman, M.Mamdudur.; Smith, M.D.; Peryshkov, D.V., 2016:
Formation of a Cationic Vinylimido Group upon C-H Activation of Nitriles by Trialkylamines in the Presence of TaCl5

Damon, P.L.; Wu, G.; Kaltsoyannis, N.; Hayton, T.W., 2016:
Formation of a Ce(IV) Oxo Complex via Inner Sphere Nitrate Reduction

Carlson, M.L.; Bao, H.; Duong, F., 2016:
Formation of a Chloride-conducting State in the Maltose ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter

Park, S.; Yoon, D.; Bang, S.; Kim, J.; Baik, H.; Yang, H.; Lee, K., 2015:
Formation of a Cu@RhRu core-shell concave nanooctahedron via Ru-assisted extraction of Rh from the Cu matrix and its excellent electrocatalytic activity toward the oxygen evolution reaction

Ju, H.; Clegg, J.K.; Park, K-Min.; Lindoy, L.F.; Lee, S.Sung., 2015:
Formation of a Dicopper Platform Based Polyrotaxane Whose "String" and "Bead" Are Constructed from the Same Components

Zeng, X.; Prehm, M.; Ungar, G.; Tschierske, C.; Liu, F., 2016:
Formation of a Double Diamond Cubic Phase by Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Self-Assembly of Bundled Bolaamphiphiles

Kuo, C.S.; Krasnow, M.A., 2016:
Formation of a Neurosensory Organ by Epithelial Cell Slithering

Shenson, J.Andrew.; Adams, R.Christopher.; Ahmed, S.Toufeeq.; Spickard, A., 2016:
Formation of a New Entity to Support Effective Use of Technology in Medical Education: The Student Technology Committee

Sola-Llano, R.; Martínez-Martínez, V.; Fujita, Y.; Gómez-Hortigüela, L.; Alfayate, A.; Uji-I, H.; Fron, E.; Pérez-Pariente, Jín.; López-Arbeloa, Iñigo., 2016:
Formation of a Nonlinear Optical Host-Guest Hybrid Material by Tight Confinement of LDS 722 into Aluminophosphate 1D Nanochannels

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Formation of a Polycomb-Domain in the Absence of Strong Polycomb Response Elements

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Formation of a Trimeric Xpo1-Ran[GTP]-Ded1 Exportin Complex Modulates ATPase and Helicase Activities of Ded1

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Formation of a carbapenemase resistance detection algorithm for use in the routine laboratory

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Formation of a cytoplasmic salt bridge network in the matrix state is a fundamental step in the transport mechanism of the mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier

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Formation of a long-term memory for visuomotor adaptation following only a few trials of practice

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Formation of a new limb bud at the boundary between a transplanted limb bud and the tail surface of Xenopus tadpoles

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Formation of a pathogen vacuole according to Legionella pneumophila: how to kill one bird with many stones

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Formation of a pseudoaneurysm in the chronic phase at the site of a ruptured dissecting anterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm

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Formation of a pseudotumor in total hip arthroplasty using a tribological metal-polyethylene pair

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Formation of a quantum spin Hall state on a Ge(111) surface

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Formation of a single bone in the forearm in infected pseudoarthrosis of the proximal ulna

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Formation of a single polar flagellum by two distinct flagellar gene sets in Sphingomonas sp. strain A1

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Formation of a unique 'unsupported' hydridic stannate(II)

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Formation of a unique structure during microsporogenesis in Tinantia anomala (Commelinaceae) anthers

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Formation of a "Hollow" Interior in the Fourth-Generation Dendrimer with Attached Oligomeric Terminal Segments

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Formation of a "Pre-mouth Array" from the Extreme Anterior Domain Is Directed by Neural Crest and Wnt/PCP Signaling

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Formation of a(1) ions directly from oxazolone b(2) ions: an energy-resolved and computational study

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Formation of active inclusion bodies induced by hydrophobic self-assembling peptide GFIL8

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Formation of adhesion domains in stressed and confined membranes

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Formation of aerobic granules for the treatment of real and low-strength municipal wastewater using a sequencing batch reactor operated at constant volume

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Formation of aldehydes and carboxylic acids in ozonated surface water and wastewater: a clear relationship with fluorescence changes

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Formation of amides, their intramolecular reactions for the synthesis of N-heterocycles, and preparation of a marketed drug, sildenafil: a comprehensive coverage

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Formation of amino acids from NH3 /NO2, CO2 and H2O: implications for the prebiotic origin of biomolecules

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Formation of an Antral Follicle-Like Structure by Bovine Cumulus-Oocyte Complexes Embedded with Fragmin/Protamine Microparticles

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Formation of an Exercise in CKD Working Group

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Formation of an Intramolecular Periplasmic Disulfide Bond in TcpP Protects TcpP and TcpH from Degradation in Vibrio cholerae

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Formation of an Intraretinal Fluid Barrier in Cavitary Optic Disc Maculopathy

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Formation of an Organic/Metal Interface State from a Shockley Resonance

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Formation of an imino-stabilized cyclic tin(II) cation from an amino(imino)stannylene

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Formation of bacterial aerobic granules: Role of propionate

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Formation of bcc and fcc during the coalescence of free and supported Fe and Ni clusters

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Formation of benzo[f]-1-indanone frameworks by regulable intramolecular annulations of gem-dialkylthio trienynes

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Formation of bilayer membrane and niosomes by double-tailed polyglyceryl-type nonionic surfactant

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Formation of biogenic amines in wine production

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Formation of biomineral iron oxides compounds in a Fe hyperaccumulator plant: Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv

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Formation of black hole and emission of gravitational waves

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Formation of body appendages during caudal regeneration in Platynereis dumerilii: adaptation of conserved molecular toolsets

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Formation of bowl-shaped nanoparticles by self-assembly of cinnamic acid-modified dextran

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Formation of bromate during ferrate(VI) oxidation of bromide in water

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Formation of brominated disinfection by-products and bromate in cobalt catalyzed peroxymonosulfate oxidation of phenol

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Formation of brominated phenolic contaminants from natural manganese oxides-catalyzed oxidation of phenol in the presence of Br(.)

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Formation of bubbly horizon in liquid-saturated porous medium by surface temperature oscillation

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Formation of carrageenan-CaCO3 bioactive membranes

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Formation of chitosan-fucoidan nanoparticles and their electrostatic interactions: Quantitative analysis

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Formation of chlorinated breakdown products during degradation of sunscreen agent, 2-ethylhexyl-4-methoxycinnamate in the presence of sodium hypochlorite

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Formation of chloroplast protrusions and catalase activity in alpine Ranunculus glacialis under elevated temperature and different CO2/O2 ratios

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Formation of chukanovite in simulated groundwater containing [Formula: see text

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Formation of colloidal nanocrystal clusters of iron oxide by controlled ligand stripping

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Formation of combustible hydrocarbons and H2 during photocatalytic decomposition of various organic compounds under aerated and deaerated conditions

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Formation of compact aggregates of B-lymphocytes in lung tissue during mycobacterial infection in mice depends on TNF production by these cells and is not an element of the host's immunological protection

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Formation of complex self-assembled aggregates in non-ionic chromonics: dimer and trimer columns, layer structures and spontaneous chirality

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Formation of complexes between hematite nanoparticles and a non-conventional galactomannan gum. Toward a better understanding on interaction processes

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Formation of contiguous quaternary and tertiary stereocenters by sequential asymmetric conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to 2-substituted enones and Mg-enolate trapping

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Formation of contractile networks and fibers in the medial cell cortex through myosin-II turnover, contraction, and stress-stabilization

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Formation of controllable hydrophilic/hydrophobic drug delivery systems by electrospinning of vesicles

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Formation of copper(I) from trace levels of copper(II) as an artifactual impurity in the HPLC analysis of olanzapine

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Formation of core-shell-structured Zn2SnO4-carbon microspheres with superior electrochemical properties by one-pot spray pyrolysis

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Formation of crystalline InGaO₃(ZnO)n nanowires via the solid-phase diffusion process using a solution-based precursor

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Formation of current singularity in a topologically constrained plasma

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Formation of cyanogen iodide by lactoperoxidase

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Formation of defect-fluorite structured NdNiOxHy epitaxial thin films via a soft chemical route from NdNiO3 precursors

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Formation of dibenzofuran, dibenzo-p-dioxin and their hydroxylated derivatives from catechol

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Formation of different gold nanostructures by silk nanofibrils

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Formation of dimers of light noble atoms under encapsulation within fullerene's voids

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Formation of dioxins on NiO and NiCl2 at different oxygen concentrations

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Formation of diploid and triploid hybrid groupers (hybridization of Epinephelus coioides ♀ × Epinephelus lanceolatus ♂) and their 5S gene analysis

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Formation of disinfection by-products in the ultraviolet/chlorine advanced oxidation process

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Formation of disinfection byproducts in a recirculating mariculture system: emerging concerns

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Formation of disulfide bridges drives oligomerization, membrane pore formation, and translocation of fibroblast growth factor 2 to cell surfaces

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Formation of electrochemically reduced graphene oxide on melamine electrografted layers and its application toward the determination of methylxanthines

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Formation of environmentally persistent free radicals from the heterogeneous reaction of ozone and polycyclic aromatic compounds

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Formation of ether-functionalized ionic-liquid-based aqueous two-phase systems and their application in separation of protein and saccharides

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Formation of ethyl ferulate from feruloylated oligosaccharide by transesterification of rice koji enzyme under sake mash conditions

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Formation of fenestrae in murine liver sinusoids depends on plasmalemma vesicle-associated protein and is required for lipoprotein passage

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Formation of fibroblastic reticular network in the brain after infection with neurovirulent murine coronavirus

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Formation of fluorescent polydopamine dots from hydroxyl radical-induced degradation of polydopamine nanoparticles

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Formation of fluorescent supramolecular polymeric assemblies via orthogonal pillar[5]arene-based molecular recognition and metal ion coordination

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Formation of fluorophores from the kynurenine pathway metabolite N-formylkynurenine and cyclic amines involves transamidation and carbon-carbon bond formation at the 2-position of the amine

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Formation of free and protein-bound carboxymethyllysine and carboxyethyllysine in meats during commercial sterilization

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Formation of functional areas in the cerebral cortex is disrupted in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder

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Formation of functional associations across time scales in the fetal autonomic control system--a multifractal analysis

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Formation of functionalized nanoclusters by solvent evaporation and their effect on the physicochemical properties of dental composite resins

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Formation of furan along with HO₂ during the OH-initiated oxidation of 2,5-DHF and 2,3-DHF: an experimental and computational study

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Formation of genetic diversity in populations of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus Tilesius) (Gadidae)

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Formation of geochemistry in underground river under rainfall conditions: an examule for underground river at Xueyu Cave, Chongqing

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Formation of ghost images due to metal objects on the surface of the patient's face: A pictorial essay

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Formation of glutathionyl dinitrosyl iron complexes protects against iron genotoxicity

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Formation of gold decorated porphyrin nanoparticles and evaluation of their photothermal and photodynamic activity

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Formation of holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystal memory by angle-multiplexing recording for optically reconfigurable gate arrays

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Formation of hydrogen sulfide from cysteine in Saccharomyces cerevisiae BY4742: genome wide screen reveals a central role of the vacuole

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Formation of hydrophilic nanofibers from nanoemulsions through electrospinning

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Formation of large esophageal diverticulum after peroral endoscopic myotomy

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Formation of large nanodomains in liquid solutions near the phase boundary

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Formation of long-term locomotor memories is associated with functional connectivity changes in the cerebellar-thalamic-cortical network

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Formation of lysinoalanine in egg white under alkali treatment

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Formation of manganese phosphate and manganese carbonate during long-term sorption of Mn(2+) by viable Shewanella putrefaciens: effects of contact time and temperature

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Formation of membrane pores by gasdermin-N causes pyroptosis

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Formation of microscopic particles during the degradation of different polymers

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Formation of mitochondrial-derived vesicles is an active and physiologically relevant mitochondrial quality control process in the cardiac system

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Formation of mixed halogenated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PXDD/Fs)

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Formation of mos RNA granules in the zebrafish oocyte that differ from cyclin B1 RNA granules in distribution, density and regulation

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Formation of Nanofibrous Matrices, Three-Dimensional Scaffolds, and Microspheres: From Theory to Practice

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Formation of nickel sulfide nanoframes from metal-organic frameworks with enhanced pseudocapacitive and electrocatalytic properties

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Formation of nickel-doped magnetite hollow nanospheres with high specific surface area and superior removal capability for organic molecules

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Formation of palladium concave nanocrystals via auto-catalytic tip overgrowth by interplay of reduction kinetics, concentration gradient and surface diffusion

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Formation of paroxysmal brain activity in the liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

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Formation of persistent organic pollutants from 2,4,5-trichlorothiophenol combustion: a density functional theory investigation

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Formation of platinum-coated templates of insulin nanowires used in reducing 4-nitrophenol

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Formation of polyhedral vesicles and polygonal membrane tubes induced by banana-shaped proteins

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Formation of propionate and butyrate by the human colonic microbiota

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Formation of raiding parties for intergroup violence is mediated by social network structure

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Formation of reactive aldehydes (MDA, HHE, HNE) during the digestion of cod liver oil: comparison of human and porcine in vitro digestion models

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Formation of reactive oxygen species during one-electron reduction of noradrenochrome catalyzed by NADPH-cytochrome P-450 reductase

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Formation of redox-active self-assembled polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes integrating glucose oxidase on electrodes: Influence of the self-assembly solvent on the signal generation

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Formation of reentrant circuits in the mid-myocardial infarct border zone

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Formation of ridges in a stable lithosphere in mantle convection models with a viscoplastic rheology

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Formation of ripples in atomically thin MoS₂ and local strain engineering of electrostatic properties

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Formation of ruthenium carbenes by gem-hydrogen transfer to internal alkynes: implications for alkyne trans-hydrogenation

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Formation of second-degree atrioventricular blocks in the cardiac heterogeneous oscillator model

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Formation of self-extinguishing flame retardant biobased coating on cotton fabrics via Layer-by-Layer assembly of chitin derivatives

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Formation of self-organized periodic patterns around yeasts secreting a precursor of a red pigment

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Formation of semi-dilute adhesion domains driven by weak elasticity-mediated interactions

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Formation of short chain fatty acids by the gut microbiota and their impact on human metabolism

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Formation of simple nitrogen hydrides NH and NH2 at cryogenic temperatures through N + NH3→ NH + NH2 reaction: dark cloud chemistry of nitrogen

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Formation of simple single-tailed vesicles mediated by lipophilic solid surfaces

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Formation of single-mode laser in transverse plane of perovskite microwire via micromanipulation

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Formation of size-controllable spheroids using gingiva-derived stem cells and concave microwells: Morphology and viability tests

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Formation of size-controlled, denaturation-resistant lipid nanodiscs by an amphiphilic self-polymerizing peptide

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Formation of small transmembrane pores: An intermediate stage on the way to Bacillus cereus non-hemolytic enterotoxin (Nhe) full pores in the absence of NheA

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Formation of social and household skills in children with hand defects

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Formation of spatial thinking skills through different training methods

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Formation of spherical and core-shell polymeric microparticles from glycopolymers

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Formation of spherical cancer stem-like cell colonies with resistance to chemotherapy drugs in the human malignant fibrous histiocytoma NMFH-1 cell line

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Formation of spiral waves with substructure in a bursting media

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Formation of stable Si-O-C submonolayers on hydrogen-terminated silicon(111) under low-temperature conditions

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Formation of stable nanodiscs by bihelical apolipoprotein A-I mimetic peptide

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Formation of stable radicals in catechin/nitrous acid systems: participation of dinitrosocatechin

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Formation of stable small cell number three-dimensional ovarian cancer spheroids using hanging drop arrays for preclinical drug sensitivity assays

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Formation of stacked luminescent complex of 8-hydroxyquinoline molecules on hydroxyapatite coating by using cold isostatic pressing

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Formation of starch in plant cells

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Formation of substrate-based gold nanocage chains through dealloying with nitric acid

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Formation of subsurface dentin lesions using a polymicrobial biofilm model

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Formation of sulfur adducts of N-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine, an electrophilic metabolite of acetaminophen in vivo: participation of reactive persulfides

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Formation of supramolecular assemblies and liquid crystals by purine nucleobases and cyanuric acid in water: implications for the possible origins of RNA

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Formation of surface nanobubbles on nanostructured substrates

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Formation of surface nanodroplets under controlled flow conditions

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Formation of swift heavy ion tracks on a rutile TiO 2 (001) surface

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Formation of target-specific binding sites in enzymes: solid-phase molecular imprinting of HRP

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Formation of the 2,3-Dimethyl-1-silacycloprop-2-enylidene Molecule via the Crossed Beam Reaction of the Silylidyne Radical (SiH; X(2)Π) with Dimethylacetylene (CH3CCCH3; X(1)A1g)

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Formation of the Si-B bond: insertion reactions of silylenes into B-X(X = F, Cl, Br, O, and N) bonds

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Formation of the germ-disc in spider embryos by a condensation-like mechanism

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Formation of the inflammasome during cardiac allograft rejection

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Formation of the inner ear during embryonic and larval development of the cichlid fish (Oreochromis mossambicus)

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Formation of the prebiotic molecule NH 2 CHO on astronomical amorphous solid water surfaces: accurate tunneling rate calculations

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Formation of the syn isomer of [Fe(IV)(Oanti)(TMC)(NCMe)](2+) in the reaction of Lewis acids with the side-on bound peroxo ligand in [Fe(III)(η(2)-O2)(TMC)](.)

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Formation of the vertebrate embryo: Moving beyond the Spemann organizer

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Formation of the Δ(18,19) Double Bond and Bis(spiroacetal) in Salinomycin Is Atypically Catalyzed by SlnM, a Methyltransferase-like Enzyme

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Formation of three-dimensional hepatic tissue by the bottom-up method using spheroids

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Formation of tooeleite and the role of direct removal of As(III) from high-arsenic acid wastewater

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Formation of trans-1,3-pentadiene in off-flavor food

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Formation of tri- and tetranuclear titanacycles through decamethyltitanocene-mediated intermolecular C-C coupling of dinitriles

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Formation of trihalomethanes of dissolved organic matter fractions in reservoir and canal waters

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Formation of triploid plants via possible polyspermy

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Formation of tunable graphene oxide coating with high adhesion

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Formation of ultracold (7)Li(85)Rb molecules in the lowest triplet electronic state by photoassociation and their detection by ionization spectroscopy

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Formation of urban fine particulate matter

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Formation of wave packets in the Ostrovsky equation for both normal and anomalous dispersion

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Formation of whey protein-polyphenol meso-structures as a natural means of creating functional particles

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Formation of wrinkled silica mesostructures based on the phase behavior of pseudoternary systems

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Formation of {Co(dppe)}2{μ2-η(2):η(2)-η(2):η(2)-[(C60)2]} Dimers Bonded by Single C-C Bonds and Bridging η(2)-Coordinated Cobalt Atoms

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Formation of Δ(1) and Δ(6) testosterone metabolites by human hepatocytes

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Formation of α-SF5-Enolate Enables Preparation of 3-SF5-Quinolin-2-ones, 3-SF5-Quinolines, and 3-SF5-Pyridin-2-ones: Evaluation of their Physicochemical Properties

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Formation of β-glucogallin, the precursor of ellagic acid in strawberry and raspberry

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Formation of δ-Lactones by Cerium-Catalyzed, Baeyer-Villiger-Type Coupling of β-Oxoesters, Enol Acetates, and Dioxygen

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Formation pathways of brominated products from benzophenone-4 chlorination in the presence of bromide ions

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Formation scheme and antioxidant activity of a novel Maillard pigment, pyrrolothiazolate, formed from cysteine and glucose

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Formation, Accumulation, and Hydrolysis of Endogenous and Exogenous Formaldehyde-Induced DNA Damage

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Formation, Characterization, and Reactivity of a Nonheme Oxoiron(IV) Complex Derived from the Chiral Pentadentate Ligand asN4Py

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Formation, Evolution, and Extinction of Standing Waves in Evaporation from Pores

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Formation, Fragmentation, and Structures of YxOy(+) (x = 1, 2, y = 1 - 13) Clusters: Collision-Induced Dissociation Experiments and Density Functional Theory Calculations

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Formation, Migration, and Reactivity of Au-CO Complexes on Gold Surfaces

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Formation, Physicochemical Characterization, and Thermodynamic Stability of the Amorphous State of Drugs and Excipients

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Formation, Removal, and Reformation of Surface Coatings on Various Metal Oxide Surfaces Inspired by Mussel Adhesives

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Formation, antioxidant property and oxidative stability of cold pressed rice bran oil emulsion

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Formation, characterization and stability of oil nanodroplets on immersed substrates

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Formation, compression and surface melting of colloidal clusters by active particles

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Formation, dissolution and properties of surface nanobubbles

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Formation, features and controlling strategies of severe haze-fog pollutions in China

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Formation, reactivity and redox properties of carbon- and sulfur-bridged diiron complexes derived from dibenzothienyl Schiff bases: effect of N,N- and N,P-chelating moieties

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Formation, release, and internalization of stable tau oligomers in cells

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Formation, spin-up, and stability of field-reversed configurations

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Formative Assessment as an Effective Leadership Learning Tool

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Formative Clinical Geriatrics Experiences for First- and Second-Year Medical Students: An Elusive Goal

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Formative Evaluation of a Text Messaging Intervention to Promote Varenicline Adherence Among Tobacco-Dependent Persons with HIV

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Formative Evaluation of a Web-Based Professional Development Program to Increase Physical Activity in Classrooms: 2740 Board #263 June 3, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

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Formative Evaluation of the "MBO® Kompakt-Neurowoche" - An Intensified Work-Related Rehabilitation Program for Neurological Patients

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Formative Evaluation to Assess Communication Technology Access and Health Communication Preferences of Alaska Native People

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Formative Evaluation to Increase Availability of Healthy Snacks and Beverages in Stores Near Schools in Two Rural Oregon Counties, 2013

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Formative Evaluation: A Case Study of the Illinois Birth-to-Three IV-E Waiver

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Formative Research With College Men to Inform Content and Messages for a Web-Based Sexual Violence Prevention Program

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Formative Research to Inform Nutrition Interventions in Chuuk and the US Pacific

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Formative Research: Using a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Develop an Oral Health Intervention for Migrant Mexican Families

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Formative Work and Community Engagement Approaches for Implementing an HIV Intervention in Botswana Schools

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Formative Work to Develop a Tailored HIV Testing Smartphone App for Diverse, At-Risk, HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Focus Group Study

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Formative and Summative Assessment in Veterinary Pathology and Other Courses at a Mexican Veterinary College

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Formative assessment and design of a complex clinical decision support tool for pulmonary embolism

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Formative assessment in postgraduate medical education - Perceptions of students and teachers

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Formative evaluation of a Master of Public Health curriculum

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Formative evaluation of a multimedia self-administered computerized hearing loss prevention program

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Formative evaluation of a participatory women's group intervention to improve reproductive and women's health outcomes in rural Bangladesh: a controlled before and after study

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Formative evaluation of a patient-specific clinical knowledge summarization tool

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Formative evaluation of a proposed mHealth program for childhood illness management in a resource-limited setting in Peru

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Formative evaluation of clinician experience with integrating family history-based clinical decision support into clinical practice

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Formative evaluation of practice changes for managing depression within a Shared Care model in primary care

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Formative evaluation of the STAR intervention: improving teachers' ability to provide psychosocial support for vulnerable individuals in the school community

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Formative evaluation on a physical activity health promotion program for the group home setting

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Formative evaluation: Developing measures for online family mental health recovery education

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Formative research and development of innovative tools for "Better Outcomes in Labour Difficulty" (BOLD): study protocol

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Formative research for mhealth HIV adherence: the iHAART app

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Formative research in the development of a care transition intervention in breast cancer survivors

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Formative research on community-based vital events registration in Mali

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Formative research to develop a lifestyle application (app) for African American breast cancer survivors

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Formative research to develop theory-based messages for a Western Australian child drowning prevention television campaign: study protocol

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Formative research to identify perceptions of e-cigarettes in college students: Implications for future health communication campaigns

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Formative research to reduce mine worker respirable silica dust exposure: a feasibility study to integrate technology into behavioral interventions

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Formative second opinion: qualifying health professionals for the unified health system through the Brazilian Telehealth Program

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Formazanate boron difluoride dyes: discrepancies between TD-DFT and wavefunction descriptions

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Formazanate ligands as structurally versatile, redox-active analogues of β-diketiminates in zinc chemistry

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Formazanido complexes of heavier group 13 elements aluminium, gallium, and indium

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Forme Fruste of HLH (haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis): diagnostic and therapeutic challenges

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Forme fruste or 'Incomplete' bicuspid aortic valves with very small raphes: The prevalence of bicuspid valve and its significance may be underestimated

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Former Abusers of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Exhibit Decreased Testosterone Levels and Hypogonadal Symptoms Years after Cessation: A Case-Control Study

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Former Armed Forces personnel in the Criminal Justice System

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Developing new age-specific prostate-specific antigen thresholds for testing for prostate cancer

Hawkes, N., 2016:
Former Chelsea team doctor alleges victimisation against Mourinho

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Former Duke University oncologist is guilty of research misconduct, US officials find

Dyer, O., 2015:
Former FDA head has become "hired gun" for plaintiffs in lawsuits, drug company alleges

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Former Heroin-Dependent Alcohol Use Disorder Patients. Prevalence, Addiction History and Clinical Features

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Former India medical council president is cleared of six of seven corruption charges

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Former Johnson and Johnson executives are convicted over off label marketing

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Former Military Nurse Officers: One Answer to the Faculty Shortage?

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Former OR Manager of the Year directs team at Nebraska biocontainment unit

McPherson, B.D., 1978:
Former Professional Athletes' Adjustment to Retirement

Anonymous, 2016:
Former RCN Nurse of the Year to be honoured for her victim abuse training

Anonymous, 2006:
Former RCN chief stars in gallery exhibition

Anonymous, 2000:
Former RCN officer dies

Cross, A., 2016:

Kmietowicz, Z., 2016:
Former Scottish chief medical officer resigns from BMA over junior doctors' action

Wise, J., 2015:
Former Tory health minister attacks new junior doctor contract

Rimmer, A., 2016:
Former Tory health minister posts message of support for junior doctors

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Former US army physician sentenced to prison for medical device kickback scheme

Dyer, O., 2016:
Former banker who hiked price of drug refuses to speak at congressional hearing

Williams, K., 1997:
Former colleagues defend Saudi murder suspects

Lenzy, T., 2016:
Former director of RCN Wales Liz Hewett began at Ty Maeth in 1998

Dyer, O., 2016:
Former drug firm president is charged with masterminding kickback scheme for physicians

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Developing New Oligo Probes to Distinguish Specific Chromosomal Segments and the A, B, D Genomes of Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) Using ND-FISH

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Developing new therapeutic approaches for rheumatoid arthritis: the continuing challenges of clinical assessments

Anonymous, 2006:
Former elite tennis players at risk of osteoarthritis

Anonymous, 2012:
Former emergency nurse looks forward to 'enormous privilege' of top government job

McCarthy, M.; Chao, H.; Charney, D.S., 2017:
Former faculty member is charged with attempted murder of medical school dean

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Former first-line antibiotics for treatment of enteric fever

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Former foster youth's perspectives on independent living preparation six months after discharge

Iacobucci, G., 2016:
Former health secretary takes on another advisory role in private health sector

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Developing Noise-Resistant Three-Dimensional Single Particle Tracking Using Deep Neural Networks

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Former male elite athletes have better metabolic health in late life than their controls

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Former medical director faces claims that he failed to act over concerns about doctor

Iacobucci, G., 2016 :
Former ministers call for commission to review NHS and social care funding

Anonymous, 1999:
Former nurse elected to Welsh assembly

Anonymous, 2016:
Former nurse heads DHB

Anonymous, 2016:
Former nurse of the year wins praise for Safer Steps

Anonymous, 2016:
Former nurses are urged to return

Dyer, C., 2015:
Former paediatrician thought he was "bomb proof" against sex charges, court hears

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Former pilot applies aviation skills to perioperative nursing

Anonymous, 2015:
Former president wins appeal

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Former smokers with non-small-cell lung cancers: a comprehensive investigation of clinicopathologic characteristics, oncogenic drivers, and prognosis

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Former smoking and early and long-term graft outcome in renal transplant recipients: a retrospective cohort study

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Former star surgeon's disgrace rocks Swedish science

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Formerly Homeless People Had Lower Overall Health Care Expenditures After Moving Into Supportive Housing

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Formic acid as a hydrogen storage material - development of homogeneous catalysts for selective hydrogen release

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Formin 2 regulates the stabilization of filopodial tip adhesions in growth cones and affects neuronal outgrowth and pathfinding in vivo

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Formin mDia1, a downstream molecule of FMNL1, regulates Profilin1 for actin assembly and spindle organization during mouse oocyte meiosis

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Formin' a Nuclear Protection

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Formin-mediated actin polymerization at cell-cell junctions stabilizes E-cadherin and maintains monolayer integrity during wound repair

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Formin-mediated actin polymerization at endothelial junctions is required for vessel lumen formation and stabilization

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Formin-mediated epigenetic maintenance of centromere identity

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Forming B-B Bonds by the Controlled Reduction of a Tetraaryl-diborane(6)

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Forming Beliefs: Why Valence Matters

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Forming End-to-End Oligomers of Gold Nanorods Using Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines

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Forming Giant-sized Polymersomes Using Gel-assisted Rehydration

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Forming NCO(-) in Dense Molecular Clouds: Possible Gas-Phase Chemical Paths From Quantum Calculations

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Forming Nanoparticle Monolayers at Liquid-Air Interfaces by Using Miscible Liquids

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Forming Stereogenic Centers in Acyclic Systems from Alkynes

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Forming a Consensus: Data and Guidance for Physicians Treating Diabetic Macular Edema

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Forming a Stress Management and Health Promotion Program for Women Undergoing Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

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Forming a belief: The contribution of comprehension to the evaluation and persuasive impact of argumentative text

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Forming a cube from a sphere with tetratic order

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Forming a joint dialogue among faith healers, traditional healers and formal health workers in mental health in a Kenyan setting: towards common grounds

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Forming a lutein nanodispersion via solvent displacement method: the effects of processing parameters and emulsifiers with different stabilizing mechanisms

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Forming a stone in pelviureteric junction obstruction: Cause or effect?

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Forming agreements with patients and whānau

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Forming competing fear learning and extinction memories in adolescence makes fear difficult to inhibit

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Forming supermassive black hole seeds under the influence of a nearby anisotropic multifrequency source

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Forming the Self: Nudging and the Ethics of Shaping Autonomy

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Forming the nanosized molecular assemblies (nanoassociates) is a key to understand the properties of highly diluted aqueous solutions

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Forming trust with vaccine fence-sitters

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Forming, transfer and globalization of medical-pharmaceutical knowledge in South East Asian missions (17th to 18th c.) - historical dimensions and modern perspectives

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Forming-free and self-rectifying resistive switching of the simple Pt/TaOx/n-Si structure for access device-free high-density memory application

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Formins at the Junction

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Formins: linking cytoskeleton and endomembranes in plant cells

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Formlessness and countertransference: Discussion of J. Press, 'metapsychological and clinical issues in psychosomatics research'

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Formononetin induces apoptosis of human osteosarcoma cell line U2OS by regulating the expression of Bcl-2, Bax and MiR-375 in vitro and in vivo

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Formononetin inhibits enterovirus 71 replication by regulating COX- 2/PGE₂ expression

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Formononetin suppresses the proliferation of human non-small cell lung cancer through induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

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Formosa haliotis sp. nov., a brown-alga-degrading bacterium isolated from the gut of the abalone Haliotis gigantea

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Formoterol or salmeterol for asthma--should they be used as monotherapy?

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Forms and Amounts of Vitamin B12 in Infant Formula: A Pilot Study

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Forms of Protection for Historic Hospitals

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Forms of Self-Criticising/Attacking & Self-Reassuring Scale: Psychometric properties and normative study

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Forms of age-related macular degeneration

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Forms of emergency service

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Forms of interdisciplinarity in four sport science research centres in Europe

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Forms of intra-erythrocytes asexual multiplication of P. falciparium. Production of monoclonal antibodies

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Forms of medical pluralism among the Polish Community in Misiones, Argentina

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Forms of presentism in the history of science. Rethinking the project of historical epistemology

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Forms of vitality play and symbolic play during the third year of life

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Formula Compatibility Identification of Dachengqi Decoction Based on the Effects of Absorbed Components in Cerulein-Injured Pancreatic AR42J Cells

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Formula Feeding Is Independently Associated With Acute Kidney Injury in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

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Formula G1: Cell cycle in the driver's seat of stem cell fate determination

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Formula food-reducing diets:A new evidence-based addition to the weight management tool box

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Formula for Unsilencing Plasticity: Spike with GABA

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Formula frustrations

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Formula to evaluate efficacy of vaccines and systemic substances against three-host ticks

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Formula with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces incidence of allergy in early childhood

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Formula-derived advanced glycation end products are involved in the development of long-term inflammation and oxidative stress in kidney of IUGR piglets

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Formula-feeding and hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: is there an association? A case-control study

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Formula: see text] Effects of screening for postconcussive syndrome (PCS) on PCS symptom self-report and neuropsychological test performance

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L 1 and L 2 Spoken Word Processing: Evidence from Divided Attention Paradigm

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