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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57967

Chapter 57967 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1989:
Handbook of Enteral and Parenteral Feedings Y Hui Handbook of Enteral and Parenteral Feedings Wiley 994pp £85.00 0-471-85035-7

Fish, J., 2015:
Handbook of Frontal Lobe Assessment

Anonymous, 2009:
Handbook of Home Health Standards - Fifth edition Marrelli Tina M Handbook of Home Health Standards - Fifth edition 688pp Elsevier 9780323052245 032305224X [Formula: see text

Anthony, M., 2016:
Handbook of Home Healthcare Administration

Kellogg, R.E., 2010:
Handbook of Human Services Management, 2nd editionedited by Rino J. Patti; Thousand Oaks, California, Sage Publications, 2008, 536 pages, $88.95

Durand, P., 2016:
Handbook of Inorganic Substances 2015. By Pierre Villars, Karin Cenzual & Roman Gladyshevskii. De Gruyter, 2015. Hardcover, Pp. XIV+1801. Price EUR 249.00, USD 349.00, GBP 186.99. ISBN 978-3-11-031113-6

Sandler, J., 2016:
Handbook of Orthodontics 2nd Edition

Ruchensky, J.R.; Donnellan, M.Brent.; Edens, J.F., 2018:
Development and initial validation of the HEXACO-Triarchic scales

Anonymous, 2006 :
Handbook of action research Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury Handbook of action research Sage 400 £29.99 1412920302 1412920302 [Formula: see text

Yeo, S.Hee., 2010:
Handbook of individual differences, learning, and instruction

Tomlinson, M., 2010:
Handbook of infant mental health (Third edition)

Anonymous, 1999:
Handbook of infusion therapy Handbook of infusion therapy Butterworth Heinemann 502pp, £25 9 780874 349412 9780874349412

Anonymous, 2005:
Handbook of mental health in the workplace Jay C Thomas and Michel Hersen Handbook of mental health in the workplace Sage 574 £77 0761922555 0761922555 [Formula: see text

D.Backer, A., 2016:
Handbook of neurosurgery, 8th edition

Merighi, J.R., 2016:
Handbook of oncology social work: Psychosocial care for people with cancer

Miyazaki, R.; Ando, H.; Hamasaki, T.; Higuchi, Y.; Oshita, K.; Tashiro, T.; Sakane, N., 2018:
Development and initial validation of the Morningness-Eveningness Exercise Preference Questionnaire (MEEPQ) in Japanese university students

Thermaenius, J.; Schandl, A.; Sluys, K.Prignitz., 2018:
Development and initial validation of the Swedish Family Satisfaction Intensive Care Questionnaire (SFS-ICQ)

Fischer, C., 2002:
Handbook of statistical genetics: : D. J. Balding, M. Bishop, C. Cannings (eds); Wiley, New York; ISBN 0-471-86094-8, Hardcover £175.00, 863 pages

Bierer, S.Beth., 2016:
Handbook on Medical Student Evaluation and Assessment

Gonzalez, I.Gonzalez.; Angel, M.Andrade.Luis.; Baez, M.Valeria.Jimenez.; Ruiz Flores, B.; de Los Angeles Martinez Ferretiz, M.; Woolf, S.Vanestty.; López, I.; Sandoval-Jurado, L.; Pat-Espadas, F.Guadalupe.; Cruz, A.Alejandro.Reyes.; Delgado, A.Torres., 2016:
Handcrafted Vacuum-Assisted Device for Skin Ulcers Treatment Versus Traditional Therapy, Randomized Controlled Trial

Annoni, R.; de Almeida Junior, A.Evanir., 2016:
Handcrafted cuff manometers do not accurately measure endotracheal tube cuff pressure

Hossain, R.; Kim, B.; Pankratz, R.; Ajam, A.; Park, S.; Biswal, S.L.; Choi, Y., 2016:
Handcrafted multilayer PDMS microchannel scaffolds for peripheral nerve regeneration

Middleton, D.Sean., 2016:

Hettinga, F.J.; Hoogwerf, M.; van der Woude, L.H.V., 2017:
Handcycling: training effects of a specific dose of upper body endurance training in females

Beaton, A.A.; Kaack, I.H.; Corr, P.J., 2016:
Handedness and behavioural inhibition system/behavioural activation system (BIS/BAS) scores: A replication and extension of Wright, Hardie, and Wilson (2009)

Altundag, K.; Isik, M.; Sever, A.R., 2016:
Handedness and breast cancer characteristics

Rueda, I.; Banegas, I.; Prieto, I.; Wangensteen, R.; Segarra, A.B.; Villarejo, A.B.; De Gasparo, M.; Luna, J.D.; Vives, F.; Ruiz-Bailen, M.; Ramirez-Sanchez, M., 2016:
Handedness and gender influence blood pressure in young healthy men and women: A pilot study

Aoki, T.; Rivlis, G.; Schieber, M.H., 2016:
Handedness and index finger movements performed on a small touchscreen

Tsuang, H-Chun.; Chen, W.J.; Kuo, S-Yu.; Hsiao, P-Chang., 2017:
Handedness and schizotypy: The potential effect of changing the writing-hand

Hardie, S.M.; Wright, L.; Clark, L., 2016:
Handedness and social anxiety: Using Bryden's research as a catalyst to explore the influence of familial sinistrality and degree of handedness

Xiaoli Guo; Yuanyuan Lyu; Bekrater-Bodmann, R.; Flor, H.; Shanbao Tong, 2016:
Handedness change after dominant side amputation: Evaluation from a hand laterality judgment task

Sahu, A.; Christman, S.D., 2014:
Handedness differences observed in episodic memory retrieval do not extend to the domain of prospective memory

Meguerditchian, A.; Phillips, K.A.; Chapelain, A.; Mahovetz, L.M.; Milne, S.; Stoinski, T.; Bania, A.; Lonsdorf, E.; Schaeffer, J.; Russell, J.; Hopkins, W.D., 2015:
Handedness for Unimanual Grasping in 564 Great Apes: The Effect on Grip Morphology and a Comparison with Hand Use for a Bimanual Coordinated Task

Ocklenburg, S.; Beste, C.; Arning, L., 2014:
Handedness genetics: considering the phenotype

Knaus, T.A.; Kamps, J.; Foundas, A.L., 2017:
Handedness in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Gershon, P.; Klatzky, R.L.; Lee, R., 2015:
Handedness in a virtual haptic environment: assessments from kinematic behavior and modeling

Chan, Y.Kuen.; Loh, P.San., 2017:
Handedness in man: The energy availability hypothesis

Boeving, E.R.; Lacreuse, Aès.; Hopkins, W.D.; Phillips, K.A.; Novak, M.A.; Nelson, E.L., 2015:
Handedness influences intermanual transfer in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) but not rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

Crisma, M.; De Zotti, M.; Formaggio, F.; Peggion, C.; Moretto, A.; Toniolo, C., 2015:
Handedness preference and switching of peptide helices. Part II: Helices based on noncoded α-amino acids

Papadatou-Pastou, M.; Sáfár, A., 2016:
Handedness prevalence in the deaf: Meta-analyses

Sivagnanasunderam, M.; Gonzalez, D.A.; Bryden, P.J.; Young, G.; Forsyth, A.; Roy, E.A., 2015:
Handedness throughout the lifespan: cross-sectional view on sex differences as asymmetries change

Sartarelli, M., 2016:
Handedness, Earnings, Ability and Personality. Evidence from the Lab

Ellis, L.; Skorska, M.N.; Bogaert, A.F., 2016:
Handedness, sexual orientation, and somatic markers for prenatal androgens: Are southpaws really that gay?

Li, M.; Wang, J.; Liu, F.; Chen, H.; Lu, F.; Wu, G.; Yu, C.; Chen, H., 2016:
Handedness- and brain size-related efficiency differences in small-world brain networks: a resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Vallortigara, G., 2016:
Handedness: what kangaroos tell us about our lopsided brains

Barata, A.T.; Santos, C.; Cravo, Mília.; Vinhas, M.do.Céu.; Morais, C.; Carolino, E.; Mendes, L.; Roldão Vieira, J.; Fonseca, J., 2016:
Handgrip Dynamometry and Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment in Patients with Nonresectable Lung Cancer

Vasconcelos, K.S.de.Souza.; Dias, J.M.Domingues.; Bastone, A.de.Carvalho.; Vieira, R.Alvarenga.; Andrade, A.C.de.Souza.; Perracini, M.Rodrigues.; Guerra, R.Oliveira.; Dias, R.Corrêa., 2017:
Handgrip Strength Cutoff Points to Identify Mobility Limitation in Community-dwelling Older People and Associated Factors

Lu, Z.Lan.; Wang, T.Rong.; Qiao, Y.Qi.; Zheng, Q.; Sun, Y.; Lu, J.Tao.; Han, X.Xiao.; Fan, Z.Ping.; Ran, Z.Hua., 2016:
Handgrip Strength Index Predicts Nutritional Status as a Complement to Body Mass Index in Crohn's Disease

Kawamoto, R.; Ninomiya, D.; Kumagi, T., 2017:
Handgrip Strength Is Positively Associated with Mildly Elevated Serum Bilirubin Levels among Community-Dwelling Adults

Cottereau, G.; Dres, M.; Avenel, A.; Fichet, Jérome.; Jacobs, Fédéric.M.; Prat, D.; Hamzaoui, O.; Richard, C.; Antonello, M.; Sztrymf, B., 2016:
Handgrip Strength Predicts Difficult Weaning But Not Extubation Failure in Mechanically Ventilated Subjects

Jones, G.R.; Roland, K.P.; Neubauer, N.A.; Jakobi, J.M., 2016:
Handgrip Strength Related to Long-Term Electromyography: Application for Assessing Functional Decline in Parkinson Disease

Lino, Véria.Teresa.Saraiva.; Rodrigues, Nádia.Cristina.Pinheiro.; O'Dwyer, G.; Andrade, Mônica.Kramer.de.Noronha.; Mattos, Iês.Echenique.; Portela, M.Crisóstomo., 2017:
Handgrip Strength and Factors Associated in Poor Elderly Assisted at a Primary Care Unit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ramírez-Vélez, R.; Tordecilla-Sanders, A.; Correa-Bautista, J.Enrique.; Peterson, M.D.; Garcia-Hermoso, A., 2016:
Handgrip Strength and Ideal Cardiovascular Health among Colombian Children and Adolescents

Byeon, J.Yong.; Lee, M.Kyung.; Song, Y.Kyung.; Jeon, J.Y., 2016 :
Handgrip Strength as Potential Predictor for Metabolic Syndrome: 3868 Board #307 June 4, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Gaikwad, N.Rangrao.; Gupta, S.Jagdishprasad.; Samarth, A.Rajendra.; Sankalecha, T.Hiralal., 2016:
Handgrip dynamometry: a surrogate marker of malnutrition to predict the prognosis in alcoholic liver disease

Borges, L.Santos.; Fernandes, M.Henrique.; Schettino, L.; DA Silva Coqueiro, R.; Pereira, R., 2016:
Handgrip explosive force is correlated with mobility in the elderly women

Hathaway, B.; Baumann, B.; Byers, S.; Wasserman-Wincko, T.; Badhwar, V.; Johnson, J., 2015:
Handgrip strength and dysphagia assessment following cardiac surgery

Lenardt, M.Helena.; Binotto, M.Angélica.; Carneiro, N.Hammerschmidt.Kolb.; Cechinel, C.; Betiolli, S.Elero.; Lourenço, Tânia.Maria., 2016:
Handgrip strength and physical activity in frail elderly

Santos, Lívia.Alves.Amaral.; Lima, T.Bazeia.; Augusti, Lís.; Franzoni, Lícia.de.Campos.; Yamashiro, F.da.Silva.; Bolfi, F.; Nunes, Vânia.dos.Santos.; Dorna, M.de.Souza.; de Oliveira, Cássio.Vieira.; Caramori, C.Antonio.; Silva, G.Faria.; Romeiro, F.Gomes., 2016:
Handgrip strength as a predictor of bone mineral density in outpatients with cirrhosis

Basílio, M.Lopes.; de Faria-Fortini, I.; Polese, J.Cunha.; Scianni, A.A.; Faria, C.Dcm.; Teixeira-Salmela, L.Fuscaldi., 2016:
Handgrip strength deficits best explain limitations in performing bimanual activities after stroke

Abe, T.; Loenneke, J.P., 2015:
Handgrip strength dominance is associated with difference in forearm muscle size

Vogt, B.Perez.; Borges, M.Clementoni.Costa.; Goés, C.Regina.de.; Caramori, J.Costa.Teixeira., 2016:
Handgrip strength is an independent predictor of all-cause mortality in maintenance dialysis patients

Di Monaco, M.; Castiglioni, C.; De Toma, E.; Gardin, L.; Giordano, S.; Tappero, R., 2015:
Handgrip strength is an independent predictor of functional outcome in hip-fracture women: a prospective study with 6-month follow-up

Kawamoto, R.; Ninomiya, D.; Kasai, Y.; Kusunoki, T.; Ohtsuka, N.; Kumagi, T.; Abe, M., 2016:
Handgrip strength is associated with metabolic syndrome among middle-aged and elderly community-dwelling persons

Volaklis, K.A.; Halle, M.; Thorand, B.; Peters, A.; Ladwig, K.H.; Schulz, H.; Koenig, W.; Meisinger, C., 2017:
Handgrip strength is inversely and independently associated with multimorbidity among older women: Results from the KORA-Age study

Shi, B.; Chen, J., 2016:
Handgrip strength may not accurately reflect the overall nutritional status of patients

Espinoza, F.; L.B.ay, P.; Coulon, D.; Lieu, S.; Munro, J.; Jorgensen, C.; Pers, Y-Marie., 2016:
Handgrip strength measured by a dynamometer connected to a smartphone: a new applied health technology solution for the self-assessment of rheumatoid arthritis disease activity

Kozicka, I.; Kostka, T., 2017:
Handgrip strength, quadriceps muscle power, and optimal shortening velocity roles in maintaining functional abilities in older adults living in a long-term care home: a 1-year follow-up study

Burtin, C.; Ter Riet, G.; Puhan, M.A.; Waschki, B.; Garcia-Aymerich, J.; Pinto-Plata, V.; Celli, B.; Watz, H.; Spruit, M.A., 2016:
Handgrip weakness and mortality risk in COPD: a multicentre analysis

Vaughn, M.G.; Nelson, E.J.; Salas-Wright, C.P.; DeLisi, M.; Qian, Z., 2017:
Handgun carrying among White youth increasing in the United States: New evidence from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2002-2013

Campbell, J.E.; Morgan, M.; Barnett, V.; Spreat, S., 2015 :
Handheld Devices and Video Modeling to Enhance the Learning of Self-Help Skills in Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kern, J.; Bhansali, P., 2016:
Handheld Electronic Device Use by Pediatric Hospitalists on Family Centered Rounds

Carter, M.C.; Burley, V.J.; Cade, J.E., 2014:
Handheld Electronic Technology for Weight Loss in Overweight/Obese Adults

Saxena, M.; Jayakumar, N.; Gorthi, S.Siva., 2015:
Handheld Fluorescence Microscopy based Flow Analyzer

Modroño, S.; Soldado, A.; Martínez-Fernández, A.; de la Roza-Delgado, Bña., 2018:
Handheld NIRS sensors for routine compound feed quality control: Real time analysis and field monitoring

Steinhaus, M.E.; McLawhorn, A.S.; Richardson, S.S.; Maher, P.; Mayman, D.J., 2016:
Handheld Navigation Device and Patient-Specific Cutting Guides Result in Similar Coronal Alignment for Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty: a Retrospective Matched Cohort Study

Moore, A.T., 2015:
Handheld OCT Comes of Age

Cohen, V.A.; Anania, T.; Bello, J.; Calo, M.; Stack, S.; Wells, M.; Belyea, B.; King, D.; McKeon, J., 2016:
Handheld Tablets Are a Valid Measure for Analyzing Vertical Drop Jump Landing Tasks: 2649 Board #172 June 3, 11: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM

Ji, Z.; Ding, W.; Ye, F.; Lou, C., 2018:
Handheld Thermoacoustic Scanning System Based on a Linear-array Transducer

Chino, K.; Takahashi, H., 2018:
Handheld Tissue Hardness Meters for Assessing the Mechanical Properties of Skeletal Muscle: A Feasibility Study

Silverman, B., 2015:
Handheld Ultrasound is a Valuble Bedside Tool Which Can Supplement the Bedside Cardiac Exam but not Replace It

Rouillon, M.; Kristensen, L.J.; Gore, D.B., 2016:
Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers: Radiation Exposure Risks of Matrix-Specific Measurement Scenarios

Hong, C-Chong.; Lin, C-Chung.; Hong, C-Lang.; Lin, Z-Xiang.; Chung, M-Hua.; Hsieh, P-Wen., 2017:
Handheld analyzer with on-chip molecularly-imprinted biosensors for electrical detection of propofol in plasma samples

Robinson, L.R., 2015:
Handheld dynamometry for plantar flexors?

Ploutz, M.; Lu, J.C.; Scheel, J.; Webb, C.; Ensing, G.J.; Aliku, T.; Lwabi, P.; Sable, C.; Beaton, A., 2016:
Handheld echocardiographic screening for rheumatic heart disease by non-experts

Godown, J.; Lu, J.C.; Beaton, A.; Sable, C.; Mirembe, G.; Sanya, R.; Aliku, T.; Yu, S.; Lwabi, P.; Webb, C.L.; Ensing, G.J., 2015:
Handheld echocardiography versus auscultation for detection of rheumatic heart disease

Godown, J.; Beaton, A., 2016:
Handheld echocardiography: a new tool for rheumatic heart disease screening in the developing world?

Shang, H.; Skloss, T.; von Morze, C.; Carvajal, L.; Van Criekinge, M.; Milshteyn, E.; Larson, P.E.Z.; Hurd, R.E.; Vigneron, D.B., 2016:
Handheld electromagnet carrier for transfer of hyperpolarized carbon-13 samples

Wu, Y.C.; Smith, M.; Chu, A.; Lindvere-Teene, L.; Starr, D.; Tapang, K.; Shekhman, R.; Wong, O.; Linden, R.; DaCosta, R.S., 2018:
Handheld fluorescence imaging device detects subclinical wound infection in an asymptomatic patient with chronic diabetic foot ulcer: a case report

Jahns, S.; Bräu, M.; Meyer, Börn-Ole.; Karrock, T.; Gutekunst, Sören.B.; Blohm, L.; Selhuber-Unkel, C.; Buhmann, R.; Nazirizadeh, Y.; Gerken, M., 2015:
Handheld imaging photonic crystal biosensor for multiplexed, label-free protein detection

Rice, K.B.; Fleischer, S.J.; De Moraes, C.M.; Mescher, M.C.; Tooker, J.F.; Gish, M., 2016:
Handheld lasers allow efficient detection of fluorescent marked organisms in the field

Krolopp, Ádám.; Csákányi, A.; Haluszka, Dóra.; Csáti, Dániel.; Vass, L.; Kolonics, A.; Wikonkál, N.; Szipőcs, Róbert., 2016:
Handheld nonlinear microscope system comprising a 2 MHz repetition rate, mode-locked Yb-fiber laser for in vivo biomedical imaging

Lin, L.; Zhang, P.; Xu, S.; Shi, J.; Li, L.; Yao, J.; Wang, L.; Zou, J.; Wang, L.V., 2016:
Handheld optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Zhou, Y.; Li, G.; Zhu, L.; Li, C.; Cornelius, L.A.; Wang, L.V., 2016:
Handheld photoacoustic probe to detect both melanoma depth and volume at high speed in vivo

Ahrberg, C.D.; Ilic, B.Robert.; Manz, A.; Neužil, P., 2016:
Handheld real-time PCR device

Cinotti, E.; Perrot, J-Luc.; Labeille, B.; Campolmi, N.; Espinasse, M.; Grivet, D.; Thuret, G.; Gain, P.; Douchet, C.; Andrea, C.; Haouas, M.; Cambazard, Fédéric., 2015:
Handheld reflectance confocal microscopy for the diagnosis of conjunctival tumors

Lacarrubba, F.; Verzì, A.Elisa.; Ardigò, M.; Micali, G., 2016:
Handheld reflectance confocal microscopy for the diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum: Histopathology and dermoscopy correlation

Cheng, H.Mei.; Thng, S.Tien.Guan.; Tan, W.Ping.; Chuah, S.Yee., 2017:
Handheld reflectance confocal microscopy: A useful tool to aid diagnosis of acral pigmented lesions

Müller, J.; Putora, P.Martin.; Schneider, T.; Zeisel, C.; Brutsche, M.; Baty, F.; Markus, A.; Kick, J., 2017:
Handheld single photon emission computed tomography (handheld SPECT) navigated video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery of computer tomography-guided radioactively marked pulmonary lesions

Dynes, M.; Rosenthal, M.; Hulland, E.; Hardy, C.; Torre, L.; Tomczyk, B., 2016:
Handheld solar light use, durability, and retention among women and girls in internally displaced persons camps in Haiti - 2013-2014

Diner, O.; Aksoy, Y.; Kaya, A.; Sevinc, M.Koray., 2016:
Handheld spectral domain optical coherence tomography seems to be a must-have device for future treatment methods of hereditary maculopathies

Strain, G.M.; Fernandes, A.J., 2016:
Handheld tympanometer measurements in conscious dogs for the evaluation of the middle ear and auditory tube

Farraro, R.; Fathi, O.; Choi, B., 2018:
Handheld, point-of-care laser speckle imaging

Nankivil, D.; Waterman, G.; LaRocca, F.; Keller, B.; Kuo, A.N.; Izatt, J.A., 2015:
Handheld, rapidly switchable, anterior/posterior segment swept source optical coherence tomography probe

Kim, S.; Manuel, C.T.; Wong, B.J.F.; Chung, P-Sang.; Mo, J-Hun., 2016:
Handheld-Level Electromechanical Cartilage Reshaping Device

Yang, S.; Lobes, L.A.; Martel, J.N.; Riviere, C.N., 2016:
Handheld-automated microsurgical instrumentation for intraocular laser surgery

De Beaudrap, P.; Pasquier, E.; Tchoumkeu, A.; Touko, A.; Essomba, F.; Brus, A.; Desgrées du Loû, A.; Aderemi, T.Janet.; Hanass-Hancock, J.; Eide, A.Henning.; Mont, D.; Mac-Seing, M.; Beninguisse, G., 2016:
HandiVIH--A population-based survey to understand the vulnerability of people with disabilities to HIV and other sexual and reproductive health problems in Cameroon: protocol and methodological considerations

Clifton, S.M.; Braun, R.I.; Abrams, D.M., 2017:
Handicap principle implies emergence of dimorphic ornaments

Shafee, T.; Gatti-Lafranconi, P.; Minter, R.; Hollfelder, F., 2015:
Handicap-Recover Evolution Leads to a Chemically Versatile, Nucleophile-Permissive Protease

Groves, P.S.; Manges, K.A.; Scott-Cawiezell, J., 2017:
Handing Off Safety at the Bedside

Eisner, D., 2016:
Handing Over

Rossi, Jérémy.; Goislard De Monsabert, B.; Berton, E.; Vigouroux, L., 2016:
Handle Shape Affects the Grip Force Distribution and the Muscle Loadings During Power Grip Tasks

Sprecher, A., 2015:
Handle Survivors with Care

Samaha, D.; Barnard, S.; Valdez, A.Maria., 2016:
Handle With Care: Preventing Abusive Head Trauma

Mercer, J.G., 2016:
Handle out-of-area patient calls with care

Jolly, A.A., 2015:
Handle with Care: Top Ten Tips a Nurse Should Know Before Caring For a Hospitalized Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anonymous, 1996:
Handle with care

Clokie, C., 2002:
Handle with care

Gorman, K.Mary.; Aworanti, O.Michael.; Gillick, J.; Capra, L., 2015:
Handle with care--"bucket handle" imperforate anus

Angel Buitrago, L.; Lugo-Vicente, H., 2015:
Handlebar hernia: case report and literature review

Pederiva, F.; Guida, E.; Maschio, M.; Rigamonti, W.; Gregori, M.; Codrich, D., 2016:
Handlebar injury in children: The hidden danger

Ross, J.H.; Hewitt, A.; Armitage, J.; Solomon, K.; Watkins, D.K.; Ginevan, M.E., 2015:
Handler, bystander and reentry exposure to TCDD from application of Agent Orange by C-123 aircraft during the Vietnam War

Lee, J.H.; Yao, Y.; Shrestha, U.; Gullberg, G.T.; Seo, Y., 2014:
Handling Big Data in Medical Imaging: Iterative Reconstruction with Large-Scale Automated Parallel Computation

Aziz, H.A., 2018:
Handling Big Data in Modern Healthcare

Wilhsson, M.; Svedberg, P.; Carlsson, I-Marie.; Högdin, S.; Nygren, J.M., 2016:
Handling Demands of Success Among Girls and Boys in Primary School: A Conceptual Model

Mosquera, M.; Melendez, V.; Latasa, P., 2016:
Handling Europe's first Ebola case: internal hospital communication experience

Kim, S.Kyoung.; Kirchner, E.Andrea., 2016:
Handling Few Training Data: Classifier Transfer Between Different Types of Error-Related Potentials

Reta Mañeru, D.; Costa, R.; Guix Márquez, M.; Moreira, Iério.de.P.R.; Illas, F., 2015:
Handling Magnetic Coupling in Trinuclear Cu(II) Complexes

Zehl, L.; Jaillet, F.; Stoewer, A.; Grewe, J.; Sobolev, A.; Wachtler, T.; Brochier, T.G.; Riehle, A.; Denker, M.; Grün, S., 2016:
Handling Metadata in a Neurophysiology Laboratory

Fridrich, S.; Karmilin, K.; Stöcker, W., 2016:
Handling Metalloproteinases

Sterba, S.K., 2014:
Handling Missing Covariates in Conditional Mixture Models Under Missing at Random Assumptions

Schminkey, D.L.; von Oertzen, T.; Bullock, L., 2017:
Handling Missing Data With Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling and Full Information Maximum Likelihood Techniques

Young, R.; Johnson, D.R., 2015:
Handling Missing Values in Longitudinal Panel Data With Multiple Imputation

Own, C-Ming.; Meng, Z.; Liu, K., 2016:
Handling Neighbor Discovery and Rendezvous Consistency with Weighted Quorum-Based Approach

Kim, S-Young.; Russell, L.B.; Sinha, A., 2015:
Handling Parameter Uncertainty in Cost-effectiveness Models Simply and Responsibly

Dolle, D.; Mateo, J.L.; Eichenlaub, M.P.; Sinn, R.; Reinhardt, R.; Höckendorf, B.; Inoue, D.; Centanin, L.; Ettwiller, L.; Wittbrodt, J., 2016:
Handling Permutation in Sequence Comparison: Genome-Wide Enhancer Prediction in Vertebrates by a Novel Non-Linear Alignment Scoring Principle

Pullenayegum, E.M.; Sunderland, K.M.; Johnson, J.A.; Xie, F., 2016:
Handling Regional Variation in Health State Preferences within a Country

Zhao, J.; Henriksson, A.; Kvist, M.; Asker, L.; Boström, H., 2015:
Handling Temporality of Clinical Events for Drug Safety Surveillance

Kovach, C.R.; Ke, W., 2018:
Handling Those Pesky Statistical Outliers

Munoz-Price, L.Silvia.; Frencken, J.F.; Tarima, S.; Bonten, M., 2017:
Handling Time-dependent Variables: Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Nygårdh, A.; Ahlström, G.; Wann-Hansson, C., 2017:
Handling a challenging context: experiences of facilitating evidence-based elderly care

Trannoy, S.; Chowdhury, B.; Kravitz, E.A., 2015:
Handling alters aggression and "loser" effect formation in Drosophila melanogaster

Mathwig, K.; Chi, Q.; Lemay, S.G.; Rassaei, L., 2016:
Handling and Sensing of Single Enzyme Molecules: From Fluorescence Detection towards Nanoscale Electrical Measurements

Rudy, M.D.; Kainz, M.J.; Graeve, M.; Colombo, S.M.; Arts, M.T., 2017:
Handling and Storage Procedures Have Variable Effects on Fatty Acid Content in Fishes with Different Lipid Quantities

Harrison, J.F., 2016:
Handling and Use of Oxygen by Pancrustaceans: Conserved Patterns and the Evolution of Respiratory Structures

Lütteke, T., 2015:
Handling and conversion of carbohydrate sequence formats and monosaccharide notation

Berney, D.M.; Algaba, F.; Amin, M.; Delahunt, B.; Compérat, E.; Epstein, J.I.; Humphrey, P.; Idrees, M.; Lopez-Beltran, A.; Magi-Galluzzi, C.; Mikuz, G.; Montironi, R.; Oliva, E.; Srigley, J.; Reuter, V.E.; Trpkov, K.; Ulbright, T.M.; Varma, M.; Verrill, C.; Young, R.H.; Zhou, M.; Egevad, L., 2016:
Handling and reporting of orchidectomy specimens with testicular cancer: areas of consensus and variation among 25 experts and 225 European pathologists

Yuana, Y.; Böing, A.N.; Grootemaat, A.E.; van der Pol, E.; Hau, C.M.; Cizmar, P.; Buhr, E.; Sturk, A.; Nieuwland, R., 2015:
Handling and storage of human body fluids for analysis of extracellular vesicles

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Handling bullying

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Handling of Copper and Copper Oxide Nanoparticles by Astrocytes

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Handling of misconduct in Swedish research must be improved. More strict investigative procedures, tougher punishments and withdrawals are required

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Handling of paraffin-embedded tissue

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Handling of recent plagiarism in JER

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Handling of the cotton rat in studies for the pre-clinical evaluation of oncolytic viruses

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Handling qualitative data Lyn Richards Handling qualitative data Sage 224 £21.99 0761942599 0761942599 [Formula: see text

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Handling regulations do not help in every case

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Handling techniquesfor nurses

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Handling the Dilemma of Self-Determination and Dementia: A Study of Case Managers' Discursive Strategies in Assessment Meetings

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Handling the Hospital Critic: Patient/Personnel Public Relations

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Handling the Media: Communication and Presentation Skills for Healthcare Professionals

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Handling the Periodontal Disease in Community

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Handling the demands of a population boom. Using RTLS to improve patient care and workflows

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Handling the fragile vase of scientific practices

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Handling the hot potatoes – issues and advocacy update

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Handling training

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Handovers by the board

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Handprint Dermatitis

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Hands Make Us Human

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Hands Tied with Bag Full of Books in Suicidal Hanging

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Hands don't work like they used to? Help is on the way. Hand pain and stiffness, often tolerated without medical attention, can be successfully treated

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Hands down. A snowblower accident mangles fingers--but what else is going on?

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Hands in medicine: understanding the impact of competency-based education on the formation of medical students' identities in the United States

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Hands off experience

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Hands off our unsocial hours pay, college congress tells government

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Hands on care

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Hands on stamps: hands from Michelangelo's Creation of Adam

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Hands on, Hands off: Midwifing the Inner Life of Women

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Hands up

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Hands up - or I shoot!

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Hands up who thinks nurses are well paid in Northern Ireland

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Hands-Free Scleral Depression Devices

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Hands-Free System for Bronchoscopy Planning and Guidance

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Hands-On Care

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Hands-On Sports Medicine Training for Residents

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Hands-on Training in the Operating Room as a Method of Continuing Education for Surgeons in Practice

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Hands-on approach

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Hands-on defibrillation during active chest compressions: eliminating another interruption

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Hands-on defibrillation: "Gloves as sweet as damask roses" (William Shakespeare: The winter's tale)

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Hands-on experience is good training for hospital managers

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Hands-on experience of neutering

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Hands-on student training in private hospitals has arrived

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Handschinurida nom. nov. (Collembola, Neanuridae), a substitute name for the homonym Handschinia Stach, 1949

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Handsets at the ready

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Handshake Stewardship: A Highly Effective Rounding-based Antimicrobial Optimization Service

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Handshake electron transfer from hydrogen Rydberg atoms incident at a series of metallic thin films

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Handwashing Products Used by the Home Care Patient and Their Caregiver

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Handwashing and community management of infections

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Handwashing and nail clipping reduce risk of intestinal parasite infection in school-age children

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Handwashing brings significant reduction in infection figures

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Handwashing protects against contagion

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Handwashing: what do I use and why?

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Handwrestling or stethoscope?

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Handwriting and a nurse's duty of care

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Handwriting performance versus arm forward reach and grasp abilities among post-stroke patients, a case-control study

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Handwritten mathematical symbols dataset

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Handwritten, Soft Circuit Boards and Antennas Using Liquid Metal Nanoparticles

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Handy method to calibrate division-of-amplitude polarimeters for the first three Stokes parameters

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Handy new 'tottles' fight infection

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Handy skills

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Hang Them High: A Hands-Free Technique for Upper Extremity Limb Holding During Surgical Preparation

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Hang cleans and hang snatches produce similar improvements in female collegiate athletes

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Hang on to your vision

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Hanging Between Life and Death!

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Hanging Bladder calculi Secondary to Misplaced Surgical Suture

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Hanging from the balconies

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Hanging on by a thread: a rare case of secondary pseudoainhum

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Hanging on for the ride: adhesion to the extracellular matrix mediates cellular responses in skeletal muscle morphogenesis and disease

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Hanging on the hospital telephone

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Hanging on to some autonomy in decision-making: How do spouse carers support this?

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Hangover free! The social and material trajectories of PartySmart

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Development and initial validation of the urban adolescent hope scale

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Hanicella moenia, gen. et sp. nov., a ribbon-forming diatom (Bacillariophyta) with complex girdle bands, compared to Microtabella interrupta and Rhabdonema cf. adriaticum: implications for Striatellales, Rhabdonematales, and Grammatophoraceae, fam. nov

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Happiness is..

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Happiness may not extend life

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Happy (belated) anniversary, Helsinki

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Happy 30th Anniversary--Holistic Nursing Practice!

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Happy 50th birthday ARDS!

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Happy 53rd Birthday GIK: Insulin, Cake, and Presents

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Happy 60th anniversary, NHS

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Happy 90th birthday AVJ

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Happy Birthday ACS Central Science!

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Happy Birthday Albert Eschenmoser

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Happy Birthday EASD--50 years of dedication to diabetes research

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Happy Birthday Science Advances!

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Happy Birthday to Us

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Happy Birthday, Code of Ethics

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Happy Birthday A decade of innovation, development and campaigning for nursing. We look atNursing Standard's first ten years

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Happy Holidays

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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year From the Green Journal

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!!!!

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Development and innovation of system resources to optimize patient care

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Happy bedfellows

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Happy birth day

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Happy birthday

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Happy birthday two ewes

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Happy birthday, Mr. President…

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Happy birthday, Rivista di psichiatria!

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Happy birthday, Rolf Mülhaupt!

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Happy birthday: 25 years of DEAD-box proteins

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Happy campers

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Happy days

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Happy days

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Happy days in the private sector

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Happy in a challenging job

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Happy meals for everyone?

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Happy midwives, happy mothers

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Happy new year from Cancer Cytopathology!

Anonymous, 2016:
Happy new year from Metallomics

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Happy new year!

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Happy staff vital to quality care, Hewitt warns NHS managers

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Happy tears

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Happy to be a crank on two wheels

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Development and Interlaboratories Validation of Event-Specific Quantitative Real-Time PCR Method for Genetically Modified Rice G6H1 Event

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Happy to go the extra mile

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Happy to help/happy to be here: Identifying components of successful clinical placements for undergraduate nursing students

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Happy together

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Happy trails to you - a review of subjective well-being in successful aging

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Happy--and healthy--trails to you. Some tips for keeping your vacation medically uneventful

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Happy@feet application for the management of diabetic foot osteomyelitis

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Anonymous, 2000:

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Hapten-Binding Bispecific Antibodies for the Targeted Delivery of SiRNA and SiRNA-Containing Nanoparticles

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