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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 57996

Chapter 57996 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Liberato, Tísio.; Troncone, L.Ranieri.Paolo.; Yamashiro, E.T.; Serrano, S.M.T.; Zelanis, Aé., 2016:
High-resolution proteomic profiling of spider venom: expanding the toxin diversity of Phoneutria nigriventer venom

Andreas, L.B.; Le Marchand, T.; Jaudzems, K.; Pintacuda, G., 2015:
High-resolution proton-detected NMR of proteins at very fast MAS

Siva, S.; Thomas, R.; Callahan, J.; Hardcastle, N.; Pham, D.; Kron, T.; Hicks, R.J.; MacManus, M.P.; Ball, D.L.; Hofman, M.S., 2015:
High-resolution pulmonary ventilation and perfusion PET/CT allows for functionally adapted intensity modulated radiotherapy in lung cancer

Zhang, Y.; Wang, T-Huei., 2016:
High-resolution quantification by charge-dominant electrophoretic mobility shift of quantum dots

in 't Zandt, D.; Le Marié, C.; Kirchgessner, N.; Visser, E.J.W.; Hund, A., 2016:
High-resolution quantification of root dynamics in split-nutrient rhizoslides reveals rapid and strong proliferation of maize roots in response to local high nitrogen

Trujillo, P.; Smith, A.K.; Summers, P.E.; Mainardi, L.M.; Cerutti, S.; Smith, S.A.; Costa, A., 2016:
High-resolution quantitative imaging of the substantia nigra

Guo, M.; Härtlova, A.; Dill, B.D.; Prescott, A.R.; Gierliński, M.; Trost, M., 2016:
High-resolution quantitative proteome analysis reveals substantial differences between phagosomes of RAW 264.7 and bone marrow derived macrophages

Martin, P.G.; Payton, O.D.; Yamashiki, Y.; Richards, D.A.; Scott, T.B., 2016:
High-resolution radiation mapping to investigate FDNPP derived contaminant migration

Mangeol, P.; Peterman, E.J.G., 2016:
High-resolution real-time dual-view imaging with multiple point of view microscopy

Taki, H.; Sato, T., 2007:
High-resolution real-time three-dimensional acoustic imaging system with a reflector

Xu, L-Min.; Fan, W-Hui.; Liu, J., 2015:
High-resolution reconstruction for terahertz imaging

Fischer, K.; Meral, F.Can.; Zhang, Y.; Vangel, M.G.; Jolesz, F.A.; Ichimura, T.; Bonventre, J.V., 2017:
High-resolution renal perfusion mapping using contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in ischemia-reperfusion injury monitors changes in renal microperfusion

Nasiotis, K.; Clavagnier, S.; Baillet, S.; Pack, C.C., 2016:
High-resolution retinotopic maps estimated with magnetoencephalography

Wang, B.; Chen, Z., 2016:
High-resolution satellite-based analysis of ground-level PM2.5 for the city of Montreal

Niihori, Y.; Uchida, C.; Kurashige, W.; Negishi, Y., 2015:
High-resolution separation of thiolate-protected gold clusters by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

Peng, J.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, X.; Qi, M., 2016:
High-resolution separation performance of poly(caprolactone)diol for challenging isomers of xylenes, phenols and anilines by capillary gas chromatography

Kowalsky, C.A.; Klesmith, J.R.; Stapleton, J.A.; Kelly, V.; Reichkitzer, N.; Whitehead, T.A., 2016:
High-resolution sequence-function mapping of full-length proteins

Rabani, M.; Raychowdhury, R.; Jovanovic, M.; Rooney, M.; Stumpo, D.J.; Pauli, A.; Hacohen, N.; Schier, A.F.; Blackshear, P.J.; Friedman, N.; Amit, I.; Regev, A., 2015:
High-resolution sequencing and modeling identifies distinct dynamic RNA regulatory strategies

Vaskuri, A.; Kärhä, P.; Heikkilä, A.; Ikonen, E., 2015:
High-resolution setup for measuring wavelength sensitivity of photoyellowing of translucent materials

Ristanović, Z.; Kerssens, M.M.; Kubarev, A.V.; Hendriks, F.C.; Dedecker, P.; Hofkens, J.; Roeffaers, M.B.J.; Weckhuysen, B.M., 2015:
High-resolution single-molecule fluorescence imaging of zeolite aggregates within real-life fluid catalytic cracking particles

Bayer, P.E.; Ruperao, P.; Mason, A.S.; Stiller, J.; Chan, C-Kit.Kenneth.; Hayashi, S.; Long, Y.; Meng, J.; Sutton, T.; Visendi, P.; Varshney, R.K.; Batley, J.; Edwards, D., 2015:
High-resolution skim genotyping by sequencing reveals the distribution of crossovers and gene conversions in Cicer arietinum and Brassica napus

Miki, K.; Masamune, K., 2016:
High-resolution small field-of-view magnetic resonance image acquisition system using a small planar coil and a pneumatic manipulator in an open MRI scanner

Kim, J.Hoon.; Lee, J.Young.; Baek, J.Hyun.; Eun, H.Won.; Kim, Y.Jae.; Han, J.Koo.; Choi, B.Ihn., 2015:
High-resolution sonography for distinguishing neoplastic gallbladder polyps and staging gallbladder cancer

Allan, M.; Grandesso, F.; Pierre, R.; Magloire, R.; Coldiron, M.; Martinez-Pino, I.; Goffeau, T.; Gitenet, R.; François, G.; Olson, D.; Porten, K.; Luquero, F.J., 2017:
High-resolution spatial analysis of cholera patients reported in Artibonite department, Haiti in 2010-2011

Hope, D.A.; Jefferies, S.M.; Hart, M.; Nagy, J.G., 2016:
High-resolution speckle imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence

Jordan, E.; Cerchiari, G.; Fritzsche, S.; Kellerbauer, A., 2015:
High-resolution spectroscopy on the laser-cooling candidate La^{-}

Luquet, G.; Salomé, M.; Ziegler, A.; Paris, Céline.; Percot, A.; Dauphin, Y., 2016:
High-resolution structural and elemental analyses of calcium storage structures synthesized by the noble crayfish Astacus astacus

Espinoza-Fonseca, L.Michel.; Kelekar, A., 2016:
High-resolution structural characterization of Noxa, an intrinsically disordered protein, by microsecond molecular dynamics simulations

Sousa, B.Lopes.; Silva Filho, Jé.Caetano.; Kumar, P.; Pereira, R.Ilário.; Łyskowski, A.; Rocha, B.Anderson.Matias.; Delatorre, Pínio.; Bezerra, G.Arruda.; Nagano, C.Shiniti.; Gruber, K.; Cavada, B.Sousa., 2015:
High-resolution structure of a new Tn antigen-binding lectin from Vatairea macrocarpa and a comparative analysis of Tn-binding legume lectins

Gorgel, M.; Ulstrup, J.Jensen.; Bøggild, A.; Jones, N.C.; Hoffmann, Søren.V.; Nissen, P.; Boesen, T., 2016:
High-resolution structure of a type IV pilin from the metal-reducing bacterium Shewanella oneidensis

Short, J.M.; Liu, Y.; Chen, S.; Soni, N.; Madhusudhan, M.S.; Shivji, M.K.K.; Venkitaraman, A.R., 2016:
High-resolution structure of the presynaptic RAD51 filament on single-stranded DNA by electron cryo-microscopy

Lukacik, P.; Lobley, C.M.C.; Bumann, M.; Arena de Souza, V.; Owens, R.J.; O'Toole, P.W.; Walsh, M.A., 2016:
High-resolution structures of Lactobacillus salivarius transketolase in the presence and absence of thiamine pyrophosphate

Mortenson, D.E.; Steinkruger, J.D.; Kreitler, D.F.; Perroni, D.V.; Sorenson, G.P.; Huang, L.; Mittal, R.; Yun, H.Gi.; Travis, B.R.; Mahanthappa, M.K.; Forest, K.T.; Gellman, S.H., 2016:
High-resolution structures of a heterochiral coiled coil

Golden, E.; Karton, A.; Vrielink, A., 2015:
High-resolution structures of cholesterol oxidase in the reduced state provide insights into redox stabilization

Zimmermann, S.; Pfennig, S.; Neumann, P.; Yonus, H.; Weininger, U.; Kovermann, M.; Balbach, J.; Stubbs, M.T., 2015:
High-resolution structures of the D-alanyl carrier protein (Dcp) DltC from Bacillus subtilis reveal equivalent conformations of apo- and holo-forms

Thomaston, J.L.; Alfonso-Prieto, M.; Woldeyes, R.A.; Fraser, J.S.; Klein, M.L.; Fiorin, G.; DeGrado, W.F., 2016:
High-resolution structures of the M2 channel from influenza A virus reveal dynamic pathways for proton stabilization and transduction

Toma, M.; Bloodworth, C.H.; Einstein, D.R.; Pierce, E.L.; Cochran, R.P.; Yoganathan, A.P.; Kunzelman, K.S., 2016:
High-resolution subject-specific mitral valve imaging and modeling: experimental and computational methods

Rutkauskas, M.; Farrell, C.; Dorrer, C.; Marshall, K.L.; Lundquist, T.R.; Vedagarbha, P.; Reid, D.T., 2015:
High-resolution subsurface microscopy of CMOS integrated circuits using radially polarized light

Johler, S.; Stephan, R.; Althaus, D.; Ehling-Schulz, M.; Grunert, T., 2017:
High-resolution subtyping of Staphylococcus aureus strains by means of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

Gorodzha, S.; Douglas, T.E.L.; Samal, S.K.; Detsch, R.; Cholewa-Kowalska, K.; Braeckmans, K.; Boccaccini, A.R.; Skirtach, A.G.; Weinhardt, V.; Baumbach, T.; Surmeneva, M.A.; Surmenev, R.A., 2016:
High-resolution synchrotron X-ray analysis of bioglass-enriched hydrogels

Delgado-Aparicio, L.; Bell, R.E.; Faust, I.; Tritz, K.; Diallo, A.; Gerhardt, S.P.; Kozub, T.A.; LeBlanc, B.P.; Stratton, B.C., 2014:
High-resolution tangential absolute extreme ultraviolet arrays for radiated power density measurements on NSTX-U

Szafranski, S.P.; Wos-Oxley, M.L.; Vilchez-Vargas, R.; Jáuregui, R.; Plumeier, I.; Klawonn, F.; Tomasch, Jürgen.; Meisinger, C.; Kühnisch, J.; Sztajer, H.; Pieper, D.H.; Wagner-Döbler, I., 2015:
High-resolution taxonomic profiling of the subgingival microbiome for biomarker discovery and periodontitis diagnosis

Shekhani, M.Talha.; Barber, J.R.; Bezerra, S.M.; Heaphy, C.M.; Gonzalez Roibon, N.Diana.; Taheri, D.; Reis, L.O.; Guner, G.; Joshu, C.E.; Netto, G.J.; Meeker, A.K., 2017:
High-resolution telomere fluorescence in situ hybridization reveals intriguing anomalies in germ cell tumors

Skryl, A.S.; Pavelyev, D.G.; Tretyakov, M.Y.; Bakunov, M.I., 2015:
High-resolution terahertz spectroscopy with a single tunable frequency comb

Yamashita, K.; Hiwatashi, A.; Togao, O.; Kikuchi, K.; Matsumoto, N.; Obara, M.; Yoshiura, T.; Honda, H., 2016:
High-resolution three-dimensional diffusion-weighted MRI/CT image data fusion for cholesteatoma surgical planning: a feasibility study

Uesugi, N.; Shimazu, Y.; Aoba, T.; Kikuchi, K.; Nagata, M., 2016:
High-resolution three-dimensional digital imaging of the human renal microcirculation: An aid to evaluating microvascular alterations in chronic kidney disease in humans

Burton, J.C.; Wang, S.; Stewart, C.Allison.; Behringer, R.R.; Larina, I.V., 2015:
High-resolution three-dimensional in vivo imaging of mouse oviduct using optical coherence tomography

Naumova, A.V.; Akulov, A.E.; Khodanovich, M.Yu.; Yarnykh, V.L., 2016:
High-resolution three-dimensional macromolecular proton fraction mapping for quantitative neuroanatomical imaging of the rodent brain in ultra-high magnetic fields

Yaji, K.; Harasawa, A.; Kuroda, K.; Toyohisa, S.; Nakayama, M.; Ishida, Y.; Fukushima, A.; Watanabe, S.; Chen, C.; Komori, F.; Shin, S., 2016:
High-resolution three-dimensional spin- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectrometer using vacuum ultraviolet laser light

Field, C.R.; Bayard, T.S.; Gjerdrum, C.; Hill, J.M.; Meiman, S.; Elphick, C.S., 2016:
High-resolution tide projections reveal extinction threshold in response to sea-level rise

Hertz-Schünemann, R.; Ehlert, S.; Streibel, T.; Liu, C.; McAdam, K.; Baker, R.R.; Zimmermann, R., 2015:
High-resolution time and spatial imaging of tobacco and its pyrolysis products during a cigarette puff by microprobe sampling photoionisation mass spectrometry

Huang, C-Chung.; Su, T-Han.; Shih, C-Chiang., 2015:
High-resolution tissue Doppler imaging of the zebrafish heart during its regeneration

Jeong, H.; Na, Y-Ji.; Lee, K.; Kim, Y.Ho.; Lee, Y.; Kang, M.; Jiang, B-Chun.; Yeom, Y.Il.; Wu, L-Jun.; Gao, Y-Jing.; Kim, J.; Oh, S.Bae., 2017:
High-resolution transcriptome analysis reveals neuropathic pain gene-expression signatures in spinal microglia after nerve injury

Szafranska, A.K.; Oxley, A.P.A.; Chaves-Moreno, D.; Horst, S.A.; Roßlenbroich, S.; Peters, G.; Goldmann, O.; Rohde, M.; Sinha, B.; Pieper, D.H.; Löffler, B.; Jauregui, R.; Wos-Oxley, M.L.; Medina, E., 2015:
High-resolution transcriptomic analysis of the adaptive response of Staphylococcus aureus during acute and chronic phases of osteomyelitis

Zhao, Y.L.; Hu, W.W.; Yang, Z.Q., 2015:
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study on reversion of Al2CuMg precipitates in Al-Cu-Mg alloys under irradiation

Leeming, M.G.; Isaac, A.P.; Pope, B.J.; Cranswick, N.; Wright, C.E.; Ziogas, J.; O'Hair, R.A.J.; Donald, W.A., 2015:
High-resolution twin-ion metabolite extraction (HiTIME) mass spectrometry: nontargeted detection of unknown drug metabolites by isotope labeling, liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, and automated high-performance computing

Cousin, S.F.; Charlier, C.; Kadeřávek, P.; Marquardsen, T.; Tyburn, J-Max.; Bovier, P-Alain.; Ulzega, S.; Speck, T.; Wilhelm, D.; Engelke, F.; Maas, W.; Sakellariou, D.; Bodenhausen, G.; Pelupessy, P.; Ferrage, F., 2016:
High-resolution two-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

de Vries, H.J.C.; Schim van der Loeff, M.F.; Bruisten, S.M., 2015:
High-resolution typing of Chlamydia trachomatis: epidemiological and clinical uses

Khrustaleva, L.; Jiang, J.; Havey, M.J., 2016:
High-resolution tyramide-FISH mapping of markers tightly linked to the male-fertility restoration (Ms) locus of onion

Bens, G.; Binois, R.; Roussel, A.; Kerdraon, R.; Estève, É., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasonography for differential diagnosis between nodular basal carcinoma and sebaceous hyperplasia of the face: A pilot study

Zur, D.; Neudorfer, M.; Shulman, S.; Rosenblatt, A.; Habot-Wilner, Z., 2017:
High-resolution ultrasound biomicroscopy as an adjunctive diagnostic tool for anterior scleral inflammatory disease

Smith, J.K.; Miller, M.E.; Carroll, C.G.; Faillace, W.J.; Nesti, L.J.; Cawley, C.M.; Landau, M.E., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasound in combat-related peripheral nerve injuries

Mifune, Y.; Inui, A.; Sakata, R.; Harada, Y.; Takase, F.; Kurosaka, M.; Kokubu, T., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasound in the diagnosis of trigger finger and evaluation of response to steroid injection

Ellegaard, H.R.; Fuglsang-Frederiksen, A.; Hess, A.; Johnsen, B.; Qerama, E., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasound in ulnar neuropathy at the elbow: A prospective study

Coraci, D.; Paolasso, I.; Doneddu, P.Emiliano.; Santilli, V.; Padua, L., 2017:
High-resolution ultrasound may depict pseudomeningocele

Bignotti, B.; Ghio, M.; Panico, N.; Tagliafico, G.; Martinoli, C.; Tagliafico, A., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasound of peripheral nerves in systemic sclerosis: a pilot study of computer-aided quantitative assessment of nerve density

Meng, S.; Lieba-Samal, D.; Reissig, L.F.; Gruber, G.M.; Brugger, P.C.; Platzgummer, H.; Bodner, G., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasound of the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve: visualization and initial experience with patients

Riegler, G.; Pivec, C.; Platzgummer, H.; Lieba-Samal, D.; Brugger, P.; Jengojan, S.; Vierhapper, M.; Bodner, G., 2016:
High-resolution ultrasound visualization of the recurrent motor branch of the median nerve: normal and first pathological findings

Segev-Bar, M.; Konvalina, G.; Haick, H., 2015:
High-resolution unpixelated smart patches with antiparallel thickness gradients of nanoparticles

Jacovella, U.; Holland, D.M.P.; Boyé-Péronne, S.; Gans, B.; de Oliveira, N.; Joyeux, D.; Archer, L.E.; Lucchese, R.R.; Xu, H.; Pratt, S.T., 2015:
High-resolution vacuum-ultraviolet photoabsorption spectra of 1-butyne and 2-butyne

Addy, N.Okai.; Ingle, R.Reeve.; Wu, H.H.; Hu, B.S.; Nishimura, D.G., 2016:
High-resolution variable-density 3D cones coronary MRA

Amitonova, L.V.; Descloux, A.; Petschulat, J.; Frosz, M.H.; Ahmed, G.; Babic, F.; Jiang, X.; Mosk, A.P.; Russell, P.St.J.; Pinkse, P.W.H., 2016:
High-resolution wavefront shaping with a photonic crystal fiber for multimode fiber imaging

Guo, Y.; Lebel, R.Marc.; Zhu, Y.; Lingala, S.Goud.; Shiroishi, M.S.; Law, M.; Nayak, K., 2017:
High-resolution whole-brain DCE-MRI using constrained reconstruction: Prospective clinical evaluation in brain tumor patients

Kunisaki, K.M.; Bohn, O.A.; Wetherbee, E.E.; Rector, T.S., 2017:
High-resolution wrist-worn overnight oximetry has high positive predictive value for obstructive sleep apnea in a sleep study referral population

Hormozan, Y.; Sychugov, I.; Linnros, J., 2016 :
High-resolution x-ray imaging using a structured scintillator

Chittiboina, P.; Montgomery, B.K.; Millo, C.; Herscovitch, P.; Lonser, R.R., 2015:
High-resolution(18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for pituitary adenoma detection in Cushing disease

Durko, H.L.; Peterson, T.E.; Barrett, H.H.; Furenlid, L.R., 2011:
High-resolution, anamorphic, adaptive small-animal SPECT imaging with silicon double-sided strip detectors

Kim, H-Jin.; Kim, P.Un.; Hyeon, M.Gyu.; Choi, Y.; Kim, J.; Kim, B-Min., 2018:
High-resolution, dual-depth spectral-domain optical coherence tomography with interlaced detection for whole-eye imaging

Mahajan, A.; Hyun, W.Jin.; Walker, S.Brett.; Lewis, J.A.; Francis, L.F.; Frisbie, C.Daniel., 2015:
High-resolution, high-aspect ratio conductive wires embedded in plastic substrates

Eberle, A.L.; Mikula, S.; Schalek, R.; Lichtman, J.; Knothe Tate, M.L.; Zeidler, D., 2016:
High-resolution, high-throughput imaging with a multibeam scanning electron microscope

Chemla, Y.R., 2017:
High-resolution, hybrid optical trapping methods, and their application to nucleic acid processing proteins

Nawa, Y.; Inami, W.; Lin, S.; Kawata, Y.; Terakawa, S., 2016:
High-resolution, label-free imaging of living cells with direct electron-beam-excitation-assisted optical microscopy

Liu, G.; Sheng, Q.; Hou, W.; Han, M., 2016:
High-resolution, large dynamic range fiber-optic thermometer with cascaded Fabry-Perot cavities

Madadkar, P.; Nino, S.Luna.; Ghosh, R., 2016:
High-resolution, preparative purification of PEGylated protein using a laterally-fed membrane chromatography device

Scheins, J.; Weirich, C.; Caldeira, L.; Lohmann, P.; Kops, E.Rota.; Tellmann, L.; Gaens, M.; Herzog, H.; Pietrzyk, U.; Shah, N.Jon., 2014:
High-resolution, quantitative 3D PET image reconstruction for the Siemens hybrid 3T MR/BrainPET scanner using the PET reconstruction software toolkit (PRESTO)

An, Y.; Zhang, S., 2016:
High-resolution, real-time simultaneous 3D surface geometry and temperature measurement

Maffezzoni, F.; Maddalo, M.; Frara, S.; Mezzone, M.; Zorza, I.; Baruffaldi, F.; Doglietto, F.; Mazziotti, G.; Maroldi, R.; Giustina, A., 2016:
High-resolution-cone beam tomography analysis of bone microarchitecture in patients with acromegaly and radiological vertebral fractures

Wang, J.; Cheng, Z.; Chen, Z.; Wan, X.; Zhu, B.; Tsang, H.Ki.; Shu, C.; Xu, J., 2016:
High-responsivity graphene-on-silicon slot waveguide photodetectors

Alavirad, M.; Olivieri, A.; Roy, L.; Berini, P., 2016:
High-responsivity sub-bandgap hot-hole plasmonic Schottky detectors

Kobayashi, D.; Kitamura, T.; Kiyohara, K.; Nishiyama, C.; Hayashida, S.; Fujii, T.; Izawa, J.; Shimamoto, T.; Matsuyama, T.; Hatakeyama, T.; Katayama, Y.; Kiguchi, T.; Kawamura, T.; Iwami, T., 2016:
High-rise buildings and neurologically favorable outcome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Mao, D.Ren.Hao.; Ong, M.Eng.Hock., 2016:
High-rise residential resuscitation: scaling the challenge

Vinod, S.K.; Lim, K.; Bell, L.; Veera, J.; Ohanessian, L.; Juresic, E.; Borok, N.; Chan, P.; Chee, R.; Do, V.; Govindarajulu, G.; Sridharan, S.; Johnson, C.; Moses, D.; Van Dyk, S.; Holloway, L., 2016:
High-risk CTV delineation for cervix brachytherapy: Application of GEC-ESTRO guidelines in Australia and New Zealand

Morishima, S.; Kashiwase, K.; Matsuo, K.; Azuma, F.; Yabe, T.; Sato-Otsubo, A.; Ogawa, S.; Shiina, T.; Satake, M.; Saji, H.; Kato, S.; Kodera, Y.; Sasazuki, T.; Morishima, Y., 2017:
High-risk HLA alleles for severe acute graft-versus-host disease and mortality in unrelated donor bone marrow transplantation

Pyne, M.T.; Hamula, C.L.; Tardif, K.; Law, C.; Schlaberg, R., 2016:
High-risk HPV detection and genotyping by APTIMA HPV using cervical samples

Tan, L.Soo.Yee.; Fredrik, P.; Ker, L.; Yu, F.Gang.; Wang, D.Yun.; Goh, B.Cher.; Loh, K.Seng.; Lim, C.Ming., 2016:
High-risk HPV genotypes and P16INK4a expression in a cohort of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients in Singapore

Ma, L.; Cong, X.; Bian, M.; Shi, M.; Wang, X.; Liu, J.; Liu, H., 2015:
High-risk HPV genotyping PCR testing as a means of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions early screening

Ingerslev, K.; Hogdall, E.; Skovrider-Ruminski, W.; Schnack, T.Henrichsen.; Karlsen, M.Aarenstrup.; Nedergaard, L.; Hogdall, C.; Blaakær, J., 2016:
High-risk HPV is not associated with epithelial ovarian cancer in a Caucasian population

Verdoodt, F.; Jiang, X.; Williams, M.; Schnatz, P.F.; Arbyn, M., 2016:
High-risk HPV testing in the management of atypical glandular cells: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Balci, M.; Tuncel, A.; Baran, I.; Guzel, O.; Keten, T.; Aksu, N.; Atan, A., 2015:
High-risk Oncogenic Human Papilloma Virus Infection of the Foreskin and Microbiology of Smegma in Prepubertal Boys

Son, C.H.; Hamstra, D.A.; Feng, F.Y.; Liauw, S.L., 2014:
High-risk Prostate Cancer Treated With Dose-escalated RT: An Analysis of Hormonal Therapy Use and Duration, and Prognostic Implications of PSA Nadir ≤0.2 to Select Men for Short-term Hormonal Therapy

Hayes, D.; McCoy, K.S.; Whitson, B.A.; Mansour, H.M.; Tobias, J.D., 2015:
High-risk age window for mortality in children with cystic fibrosis after lung transplantation

Knychala, M.Aparecida.; Jorge, M.Luiza.Mendonça.Pereira.; Muniz, C.Knychala.; Faria, P.Neves.; Jorge, P.Tannús., 2015:
High-risk alcohol use and anxiety and depression symptoms in adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional study

Veld, D.Huis.In.'t.; Pengpid, S.; Colebunders, R.; Skaal, L.; Peltzer, K., 2016:
High-risk alcohol use and associated socio-demographic, health and psychosocial factors in patients with HIV infection in three primary health care clinics in South Africa

Polom, K.; Marrelli, D.; Pascale, V.; Roviello, G.; Voglino, C.; Rho, H.; Vindigni, C.; Marini, M.; Macchiarelli, R.; Roviello, F., 2017:
High-risk and low-risk gastric cancer areas in Italy and its association with microsatellite instability

Cepeda, J.A.; Niccolai, L.M.; Lyubimova, A.; Kershaw, T.; Levina, O.; Heimer, R., 2015:
High-risk behaviors after release from incarceration among people who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ulinski, S.L.; Moysés, S.T.; Werneck, R.I.; Moysés, S.J., 2016:
High-risk behaviors and experiences with traffic law among night drivers in Curitiba, Brazil

Ansari-Moghaddam, A.; Bakhshani, N-Mohammad.; Hoseinbore, M.; Shahhraki Sanavi, F., 2015:
High-risk behaviors related to intentional and unintentional harm in adolescents of zahedan, iran

Khadem-Rezaiyan, M.; Moallem, S.Reza.; Vakili, V., 2016:
High-risk behaviors while driving: A population-based study from Iran

Ramli, M.; Nora, M.; Zafri, A.; Junid, M.; Umeed, A.; Hajee, M., 2009:
High-risk behaviours and concomitant medical illnesses among patients at methadone maintenance therapy clinic, hospital tengku ampuan afzan, malaysia

Mosleh, W.; Adib, K.; Natdanai, P.; Carmona-Rubio, A.; Karki, R.; Paily, J.; Ahmed, M.Abdel-Aal.; Vakkalanka, S.; Madam, N.; Gudleski, G.D.; Chung, C.; Sharma, U.C., 2016:
High-risk carotid plaques identified by CT-angiogram can predict acute myocardial infarction

Marmor, S.; Begun, J.W.; Abraham, J.; Virnig, B.A., 2017:
High-risk centers and the benefits for lower-risk transplants

Park, J.Soo.; Chon, H.Jae.; Jeung, H-Cheul.; Shin, S.Joon.; Rha, S.Young.; Ahn, J.Bae.; Lee, K.Young.; Kim, N.Kyu.; Chung, H.Cheol., 2017:
High-risk clinicopathological features and their predictive significance in Korean patients with stage II colon cancer

Yu, T.; Rajendran, V.; Griffith, M.; Forrester, J.V.; Kuffová, L., 2016:
High-risk corneal allografts: A therapeutic challenge

Yokota, S.; Mouden, M.; Ottervanger, J.Paul., 2018:
High-risk coronary artery disease, but normal myocardial perfusion: A matter of concern?

Nadel, J.; O'Dwyer, E.; Emmanuel, S.; Huang, J.; Cheruvu, S.; Sammel, N.; Brew, B.; Otton, J.; Holloway, C.J., 2017:
High-risk coronary plaque, invasive coronary procedures, and cardiac events among HIV-positive individuals and matched controls

Navarrete-Dechent, Cán.; Veness, M.J.; Droppelmann, Nás.; Uribe, P., 2015:
High-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and the emerging role of sentinel lymph node biopsy: A literature review

Bentley, E.; Millman, Z.B.; Thompson, E.; Demro, C.; Kline, E.; Pitts, S.C.; DeVylder, J.E.; Smith, M.Edmondson.; Reeves, G.; Schiffman, J., 2018:
High-risk diagnosis, social stress, and parent-child relationships: A moderation model

Hong, S-Won.; Linton, J.A.; Shim, J-Yong.; Kang, H-Taik., 2016:
High-risk drinking is associated with a higher risk of diabetes mellitus in Korean men, based on the 2010-2012 KNHANES

Kwon, Y-Jin.; Kim, S-Eun.; Park, B-Jin.; Bae, J-Whan.; Kang, H-Taik., 2016:
High-risk drinking is associated with dyslipidemia in a different way, based on the 2010-2012 KNHANES

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High-throughput assay for profiling the substrate specificity of Rab GTPase-activating proteins

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High-throughput characterization of protein-RNA interactions

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High-throughput fluorescence screening assay for the identification and comparison of antimicrobial peptides' activity on various yeast species

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High-throughput screening in the C. elegans nervous system

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High-throughput screening with nanoimprinting 3D culture for efficient drug development by mimicking the tumor environment

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High-throughput sequencing and de novo transcriptome assembly of Swertia japonica to identify genes involved in the biosynthesis of therapeutic metabolites

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High-throughput sequencing and vaccine design

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High-throughput sequencing of forensic genetic samples using punches of FTA cards with buccal swabs

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High-throughput sequencing of human plasma RNA by using thermostable group II intron reverse transcriptases

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High-throughput sequencing of immune repertoires in multiple sclerosis

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High-throughput sequencing of microRNA transcriptome and expression assay in the sturgeon, Acipenser schrenckii

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High-throughput sequencing of microbial diversity in implant-associated infection

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High-throughput sequencing of nematode communities from total soil DNA extractions

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High-throughput sequencing of two populations of extracellular vesicles provides an mRNA signature that can be detected in the circulation of breast cancer patients

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High-throughput sequencing offers new insights into 5-hydroxymethylcytosine

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High-throughput sequencing reveals adaptation-induced mutations in pentose-fermenting strains of Zymomonas mobilis

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High-throughput sequencing reveals an altered T cell repertoire in X-linked agammaglobulinemia

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High-throughput sequencing reveals differential expression of miRNAs in prehierarchal follicles of laying and brooding geese

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High-throughput sequencing reveals differential expression of miRNAs in tomato inoculated with Phytophthora infestans

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High-throughput sequencing reveals differing immune responses in the intestinal mucosa of two inbred lines afflicted with necrotic enteritis

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High-throughput sequencing reveals key genes and immune homeostatic pathways activated in myeloid dendritic cells by Porphyromonas gingivalis 381 and its fimbrial mutants

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High-throughput sequencing reveals miRNA effects on the primary and secondary production properties in long-term subcultured Taxus cells

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High-throughput sequencing reveals neustonic and planktonic microbial eukaryote diversity in coastal waters

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High-throughput sequencing reveals restricted TCR Vβ usage and public TCRβ clonotypes among pancreatic lymph node memory CD4(+) T cells and their involvement in autoimmune diabetes

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High-throughput sequencing reveals the core gut microbiome of Bar-headed goose (Anser indicus) in different wintering areas in Tibet

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High-throughput sequencing reveals unprecedented diversities of Aspergillus species in outdoor air

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High-throughput sequencing technologies

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High-throughput sequencing technology to reveal the composition and function of cecal microbiota in Dagu chicken

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High-throughput sequencing to identify microRNA signatures during hepatic differentiation of human umbilical cord Wharton's jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells

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High-throughput strategies for the discovery and engineering of enzymes for biocatalysis

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High-throughput whole-genome sequencing of E14 mouse embryonic stem cells

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High-throughput, big data and complexity in clinical proteomics: an interview with Jasminka Godovac-Zimmermann

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High-throughput, deterministic single cell trapping and long-term clonal cell culture in microfluidic devices

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High-throughput, motility-based sorter for microswimmers such as C. elegans

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High-throughput-sequencing-based identification of a grapevine fanleaf virus satellite RNA in Vitis vinifera

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High-titer biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid by recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum

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High-titer lactic acid production from NaOH-pretreated corn stover by Bacillus coagulans LA204 using fed-batch simultaneous saccharification and fermentation under non-sterile condition

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High-urgency kidney transplantation in the Eurotransplant Kidney Allocation System: success or waste of organs? The Eurotransplant 15-year all-centre survey

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High-value care STRATEGIES. Guiding patient conversations to optimize care, reduce costs

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High-value care programmes from the bottom-up… and the top-down

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High-value products from plants: the challenges of process optimization

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High-value utilization of egg shell to synthesize Silver and Gold-Silver core shell nanoparticles and their application for the degradation of hazardous dyes from aqueous phase-A green approach

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High-value, cost-conscious medical education

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High-virulence CMY-2- and CTX-M-2-producing avian pathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from commercial turkeys

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High-viscosity glass-ionomer cements for direct posterior tooth restorations in permanent teeth: The evidence in brief

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High-voltage electrocution causing bulbar dysfunction

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High-voltage electron microscopy tomography and structome analysis of unique spiral bacteria from the deep sea

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High-voltage integrated active quenching circuit for single photon count rate up to 80 Mcounts/s

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High-wire act: the poised genome and cellular memory

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High-yield biopsy technique for subepidermal blisters

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High-yield nanosized (Si)AlPO-41 using ethanol polarity equalization and co-templating synthesis approach

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High-yield production of canine parvovirus virus-like particles in a baculovirus expression system

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High-yield production of highly conductive graphene via reversible covalent chemistry

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High-yield production of lipoglycopeptide antibiotic A40926 using a mutant strain Nonomuraea sp. DP-13 in optimized medium

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High-yield recombinant expression of the chicken antimicrobial peptide fowlicidin-2 in Escherichia coli

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High-yield secretion of recombinant proteins expressed in tobacco cell culture with a designer glycopeptide tag: Process development

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High-yield soluble expression, purification and characterization of human steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) fused to a cleavable Maltose-Binding Protein (MBP)

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High-yield, fluoride-free and large-scale synthesis of MIL-101(Cr)

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High-yielding, automated production of 3'-deoxy-3'-[(18)F]fluorothymidine using a modified Bioscan Coincidence FDG reaction module

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High/positive expression of 5-fluorouracil metabolic enzymes predicts better response to S-1 in patients with gastric cancer: a meta-analysis

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HighLife transcatheter mitral valve replacement

Platen, P., 2017:
Higher - Further - Faster

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Higher 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels Are Associated With Lower Proteinuria in Kidney Transplant Recipients

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Higher 30-day and 60-day readmissions among patients who refuse post acute care services

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Higher Accuracy Of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems In Type 2 Insulin Treated Diabetic Patients In Spain: Clinical And Economic Impact

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Higher Brain Dysfunction

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Higher Brain Dysfunction in Mitochondrial Myopathy, Encephalopathy, Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-Like Episodes (MELAS)

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Higher D-dimer level in the early third trimester predicts the occurrence of postpartum hemorrhage

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Higher Frequency of Unprotected Insertive Anal Sex Among Young Black MSM Who are Circumcised

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Higher Hepatic miR-29 Expression in Undernourished Male Rats During the Postnatal Period Targets the Long-Term Repression of IGF-1

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