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ITPA polymorphism effects on decrease of hemoglobin during sofosbuvir and ribavirin combination treatment for chronic hepatitis C

Morio, K.; Imamura, M.; Kawakami, Y.; Nakahara, T.; Nagaoki, Y.; Kawaoka, T.; Tsuge, M.; Hiramatsu, A.; Aikata, H.; Hayes, C.N.; Makokha, G.N.; Ochi, H.; Amano, H.; Arataki, K.; Moriya, T.; Ito, H.; Tsuji, K.; Kohno, H.; Waki, K.; Tamura, T.; Nakamura, T.; Chayama, K.

Journal of Gastroenterology 52(6): 746-753


ISSN/ISBN: 1435-5922
PMID: 27822709
DOI: 10.1007/s00535-016-1279-9
Accession: 058032575

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Polymorphisms in the inosine triphosphatase (ITPA) gene is associated with anemia induced by peg-interferon (PEG-IFN) plus ribavirin (RBV) treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. However, the effect of ITPA polymorphism on sofosbuvir plus RBV treatment is unknown. Two hundred and forty-four patients with chronic HCV genotype 2 infection without decompensated liver cirrhosis were treated with sofosbuvir plus RBV for 12 weeks. The effects of ITPA polymorphism on hemoglobin levels and RBV dose reduction and treatment response were analyzed. ITPA (rs1127354) was genotyped using the Invader assay. Multivariate regression analysis was performed to identify factors associated with sustained virological response (SVR). Overall, SVR12 was achieved in 231 (94.7%) patients, based on intention to treat analysis. During the therapy, reduction of hemoglobin levels was significantly greater in ITPA genotype CC patients than CA/AA patients. Therefore, the cumulative proportion of patients with RBV dose reduction was significantly higher and total dose of RBV was significantly lower in patients with CC genotype compared to CA/AA genotypes. SVR12 rates were similar between ITPA genotypes CC and CA/AA (94.7 and 94.4%, respectively, P = 0.933). Multivariate logistic regression analysis identified FIB4 index <3.25 (odds ratio [OR], 9.388 for ≥3.25; P = 0.005) and low body weight (OR, 1.059, for high body weight; P = 0.017) as independent predictors for SVR12. ITPA polymorphism influences hemoglobin levels and incidence of RBV dose reduction during sofosbuvir plus RBV therapy. However, ITPA genotype CC patients can expect a curative effect equivalent to CA/AA patients for chronic HCV genotype 2 infection.

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