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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58068

Chapter 58068 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Washington, S.; Owuor, K.; Turan, J.M.; Steinfeld, R.L.; Onono, M.; Shade, S.B.; Bukusi, E.A.; Ackers, M.L.; Cohen, C.R., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Effect of Integration of HIV Care and Treatment Into Antenatal Care Clinics on Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission and Maternal Outcomes in Nyanza, Kenya: Results From the SHAIP Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Hernández-Ávila, J.E.; Palacio-Mejía, L.S.; Hernández-Romieu, A.; Bautista-Arredondo, S.; Sepúlveda Amor, J.; Hernández-Ávila, M., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Effect of Universal Access to Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV/AIDS Mortality in Mexico 1990-2011

Barbee, L.A.; Tat, S.; Dhanireddy, S.; Marrazzo, J.M., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Effectiveness and Patient Acceptability of a Sexually Transmitted Infection Self-Testing Program in an HIV Care Setting

Turan, J.M.; Onono, M.; Steinfeld, R.L.; Shade, S.B.; Owuor, K.; Washington, S.; Bukusi, E.A.; Ackers, M.L.; Kioko, J.; Interis, E.C.; Cohen, C.R., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Effects of Antenatal Care and HIV Treatment Integration on Elements of the PMTCT Cascade: Results From the SHAIP Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial in Kenya

Ahn, J.Young.; Boettiger, D.; Law, M.; Kumarasamy, N.; Yunihastuti, E.; Chaiwarith, R.; Lee, M.Po.; Sim, B.L.H.; Oka, S.; Wong, W.; Kamarulzaman, A.; Kantipong, P.; Phanuphak, P.; Ng, O.Tek.; Kiertiburanakul, S.; Zhang, F.; Pujari, S.; Ditangco, R.; Ratanasuwan, W.; Merati, T.Parwati.; Saphonn, V.; Sohn, A.H.; Choi, J.Yong.; Mean, C..V.; Saphonn, V.; Vohith, K.; Zhang, F..J.; Zhao, H..X.; Han, N.; Lee, M..P.; Li, P..C..K.; Lam, W.; Chan, Y..T.; Wong, K..H.; Kumarasamy, N.; Saghayam, S.; Ezhilara, 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Effects of CD4 Monitoring Frequency on Clinical End Points in Clinically Stable HIV-Infected Patients With Viral Suppression

Burchell, A.N.; Gardner, S.; Light, L.; Ellis, B.M.; Antoniou, T.; Bacon, J.; Benoit, A.; Cooper, C.; Kendall, C.; Loutfy, M.; McGee, F.; Raboud, J.; Rachlis, A.; Wobeser, W.; Rourke, S.B., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Engagement in HIV Care Among Persons Enrolled in a Clinical HIV Cohort in Ontario, Canada, 2001-2011

Reed, J.Bailey.; Grund, J.; Liu, Y.; Mwandi, Z.; Howard, A.A.; McNairy, M.L.; Chesang, K.; Cherutich, P.; Bock, N., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Evaluation of Loss-to-Follow-up and Postoperative Adverse Events in a Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program in Nyanza Province, Kenya

Auld, A.F.; Kamiru, H.; Azih, C.; Baughman, A.L.; Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha, H.; Ehrenkranz, P.; Agolory, S.; Sahabo, R.; Ellerbrock, T.V.; Okello, V.; Bicego, G., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Evaluation of Swaziland's Hub-and-Spoke Model for Decentralizing Access to Antiretroviral Therapy Services

Vallabhaneni, S.; Longley, N.; Smith, M.; Smith, R.; Osler, M.; Kelly, N.; Cross, A.; Boulle, A.; Meintjes, G.; Govender, N.P., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Evaluation of a Public-Sector, Provider-Initiated Cryptococcal Antigen Screening and Treatment Program, Western Cape, South Africa

Karita, E.; Nsanzimana, S.; Ndagije, F.; Wall, K.M.; Mukamuyango, J.; Mugwaneza, P.; Remera, E.; Raghunathan, P.L.; Bayingana, R.; Kayitenkore, K.; Bekan-Homawoo, B.; Tichacek, A.; Allen, S., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Evolution of Couples' Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV in Rwanda: From Research to Public Health Practice

Deo, S.; Crea, L.; Quevedo, J.; Lehe, J.; Vojnov, L.; Peter, T.; Jani, I., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Expedited Results Delivery Systems Using GPRS Technology Significantly Reduce Early Infant Diagnosis Test Turnaround Times

Huerga, H.; Mueller, Y.; Ferlazzo, G.; Mpala, Q.; Bevilacqua, P.; Vasquez, Béatrice.; Noël Mekiedje, C.; Ouattara, A.; Mchunu, G.; Weyenga, H.O.; Varaine, F.; Bonnet, M., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Feasibility of Using Tuberculin Skin Test Screening for Initiation of 36-Month Isoniazid Preventive Therapy in HIV-Infected Patients in Resource-Constrained Settings

Ganga Devi, N.Poorana.; Ajay, K.M.V.; Palanivel, C.; Sahu, S.; Selvaraj, M.; Valan, A.S.; Rewari, B.B.; Soumya, S., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: High Loss to Follow-up Among Children on Pre-ART Care Under National AIDS Program in Madurai, South India

Kiragga, A.N.; Nalintya, E.; Morawski, B.M.; Kigozi, J.; Park, B.J.; Kaplan, J.E.; Boulware, D.R.; Meya, D.B.; Manabe, Y.C., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Impact of Nurse-Targeted Care on HIV Outcomes Among Immunocompromised Persons: A Before-After Study in Uganda

Rustagi, A.Silvis.; Gimbel, S.; Nduati, R.; Cuembelo, M.de.Fatima.; Wasserheit, J.N.; Farquhar, C.; Gloyd, S.; Sherr, K., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Impact of a Systems Engineering Intervention on PMTCT Service Delivery in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Gous, N.M.; Scott, L.E.; Potgieter, J.; Ntabeni, L.; Sanne, I.; Stevens, W.S., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Implementation of Multiple Point-of-Care Testing in 2 HIV Antiretroviral Treatment Clinics in South Africa

LaCourse, S.M.; Chester, F.M.; Matoga, M.; Munthali, C.; Nsona, D.; Haac, B.; Hoffman, I.F.; Hosseinipour, M.C., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Implementation of Routine Counselor-Initiated Opt-Out HIV Testing on the Adult Medical Ward at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi

Costenaro, P.; Massavon, W.; Lundin, R.; Nabachwa, S.M.; Fregonese, F.; Morelli, E.; Alowo, A.; Nannyonga Musoke, M.; Namisi, C.P.; Kizito, S.; Bilardi, D.; Mazza, A.; Cotton, M.F.; Giaquinto, C.; Penazzato, M., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Implementation of the WHO 2011 Recommendations for Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) in Children Living With HIV/AIDS: A Ugandan Experience

Thyda, L.; Sineng, S.; Delvaux, Térèse.; Srean, C.; Mary, S.; Vuochnea, P.; Chettana, P.; Nirada, N.; Sarim, C.; Chantha, P.; Thoeun, Y.; Ferradini, L., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Integration of Family Planning Services in a Peer-Managed HIV Care Clinic Serving Most-at-Risk Populations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Herlihy, J.M.; Hamomba, L.; Bonawitz, R.; Goggin, C.E.; Sambambi, K.; Mwale, J.; Musonda, V.; Musokatwane, K.; Hopkins, K.L.; Semrau, K.; Hammond, E.E.; Duncan, J.; Knapp, A.B.; Thea, D.M., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Integration of PMTCT and Antenatal Services Improves Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Uptake for HIV-Positive Pregnant Women in Southern Zambia: A Prototype for Option B+?

Tran, O.C.; Bruce, R.Douglas.; Masao, F.; Ubuguyu, O.; Sabuni, N.; Mbwambo, J.; Lambdin, B.H., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Linkage to Care Among Methadone Clients Living With HIV in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Feinstein, L.; Edmonds, A.; Okitolonda, V.; Cole, S.R.; Van Rie, A.; Chi, B.H.; Ndjibu, P.; Lusiama, J.; Chalachala, J.L.; Behets, F., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Maternal Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Is Associated With Improved Retention of HIV-Exposed Infants in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Ssemmondo, E.; Mwangwa, F.; Kironde, J.L.; Kwarisiima, D.; Clark, T.D.; Marquez, C.; Charlebois, E.D.; Petersen, M.L.; Kamya, M.R.; Havlir, D.V.; Chamie, G., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Population-Based Active Tuberculosis Case Finding During Large-Scale Mobile HIV Testing Campaigns in Rural Uganda

Phillips, T.; McNairy, M.L.; Zerbe, A.; Myer, L.; Abrams, E.J., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Postpartum Transfer of Care Among HIV-Infected Women Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy During Pregnancy

Boillot, Fçois.; Serrano, L.; Muwonga, J.; Kabuayi, J.Pierre.; Kambale, A.; Mutaka, Fèle.; Fujiwara, P.I.; Decosas, J.; Peeters, M.; Delaporte, E., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Programmatic Feasibility of Dried Blood Spots for the Virological Follow-up of Patients on Antiretroviral Treatment in Nord Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hickey, M.D.; Salmen, C.R.; Omollo, D.; Mattah, B.; Fiorella, K.J.; Geng, E.H.; Bacchetti, P.; Blat, C.; Ouma, G.B.; Zoughbie, D.; Tessler, R.A.; Salmen, M.R.; Campbell, H.; Gandhi, M.; Shade, S.; Njoroge, B.; Bukusi, E.A.; Cohen, C.R., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Pulling the Network Together: Quasiexperimental Trial of a Patient-Defined Support Network Intervention for Promoting Engagement in HIV Care and Medication Adherence on Mfangano Island, Kenya

Chi, B.H.; Tih, P.M.; Zanolini, A.; Stinson, K.; Ekouevi, D.K.; Coetzee, D.; Welty, T.K.; Bweupe, M.; Shaffer, N.; Dabis, F.; Stringer, E.M.; Stringer, J.S.A., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Reconstructing the PMTCT Cascade Using Cross-sectional Household Survey Data: The PEARL Study

Koller, M.; Fatti, G.; Chi, B.H.; Keiser, O.; Hoffmann, C.J.; Wood, R.; Prozesky, H.; Stinson, K.; Giddy, J.; Mutevedzi, P.; Fox, M.P.; Law, M.; Boulle, A.; Egger, M., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Risk Charts to Guide Targeted HIV-1 Viral Load Monitoring of ART: Development and Validation in Patients From Resource-Limited Settings

McCormick, N.M.; Li, N.; Sando, D.; Muya, A.; Manji, K.P.; Kisenge, R.; Duggan, C.; Chalamilla, G.; Fawzi, W.W.; Spiegelman, D., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Risk Factors of Loss to Follow-up Among HIV-Positive Pediatric Patients in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sim, S.; Tuon, S.; Welle, E.; Samreth, S.; Sun, S.; Ngauv, B.; Ouk, V.; Fujita, M.; Seng, S.; Mean, C.Vun.; Delvaux, Térèse., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Scaling Up the Provision of the PMTCT Services, Using the Linked Response Approach in Cambodia From 2008 to 2012

McNaghten, A.D.; Schilsky Mneimneh, A.; Farirai, T.; Wamai, N.; Ntiro, M.; Sabatier, J.; Makhunga-Ramfolo, N.; Mwanasalli, S.; Awor, A.; Moore, J.; Phakathi, N.; Goldman, T.; Hersey, S.; Sonkwele, T.; Toledo, C.; Ndabandaba, T.; Chidarikire, T.; Khumalo, B.; Khumalo, I.; Matji, R.; Mkhize, S.; Maths, G.; Katuntu, D.; Ocom, F.; Kawooya, V.; Kiyemba, T.; Makuba, M.; Mubiru, N.; Muganzi, A.; Mwebaze, C.; Nabalonzi, J.; Tumwesigye, B.; Arthur, G.; Benech, I.; Godlove, H.; Scott, C.; Weber, R.; Lemwa, 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: Strengthening HIV Test Access and Treatment Uptake Study (Project STATUS): A Randomized Trial of HIV Testing and Counseling Interventions

Ferrand, R.Abbas.; Meghji, J.; Kidia, K.; Dauya, E.; Bandason, T.; Mujuru, H.; Ncube, G.; Mungofa, S.; Kranzer, K., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: The Effectiveness of Routine Opt-Out HIV Testing for Children in Harare, Zimbabwe

Wohl, A.Rock.; Dierst-Davies, R.; Victoroff, A.; James, S.; Bendetson, J.; Bailey, J.; Daar, E.; Spencer, L.; Kulkarni, S.; Pérez, M.J., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: The Navigation Program: An Intervention to Reengage Lost Patients at 7 HIV Clinics in Los Angeles County, 2012-2014

McCoy, S.I.; Buzdugan, R.; Padian, N.S.; Musarandega, R.; Engelsmann, B.; Martz, T.E.; Mushavi, A.; Mahomva, A.; Cowan, F.M., 2015:
Implementation and Operational Research: Uptake of Services and Behaviors in the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Cascade in Zimbabwe

Roy, M.; Muyindike, W.; Vijayan, T.; Kanyesigye, M.; Bwana, M.; Wenger, M.; Martin, J.; Geng, E., 2017:
Implementation and Operational Research: Use of Symptom Screening and Sputum Microscopy Testing for Active Tuberculosis Case Detection Among HIV-Infected Patients in Real-World Clinical Practice in Uganda

McCarthy, K.M.; Grant, A.D.; Chihota, V.; Ginindza, S.; Mvusi, L.; Churchyard, G.J.; Fielding, K.L., 2016:
Implementation and Operational Research: What Happens After a Negative Test for Tuberculosis? Evaluating Adherence to TB Diagnostic Algorithms in South African Primary Health Clinics

Peverati, R.; Baldridge, K.K., 2009:
Implementation and Optimization of DFT-D/COSab with Respect to Basis Set and Functional: Application to Polar Processes of Furfural Derivatives in Solution

Kriegel, L.S.; Henwood, B.F.; Gilmer, T.P., 2016:
Implementation and Outcomes of Forensic Housing First Programs

Tedim Cruz, Vítor.; Pais, J.; Ruano, L.; Mateus, Cátia.; Colunas, Márcio.; Alves, Iânia.; Barreto, R.; Conde, E.; Sousa, A.; Araújo, I.; Bento, Vílio.; Coutinho, P.; Rocha, N., 2014:
Implementation and Outcomes of a Collaborative Multi-Center Network Aimed at Web-Based Cognitive Training - COGWEB Network

Flood, D.; Mux, S.; Martinez, B.; García, P.; Douglas, K.; Goldberg, V.; Lopez, W.; Rohloff, P., 2017:
Implementation and Outcomes of a Comprehensive Type 2 Diabetes Program in Rural Guatemala

Kulage, K.M.; Larson, E.L., 2016:
Implementation and Outcomes of a Faculty-Based, Peer Review Manuscript Writing Workshop

Kumamaru, K.K.; George, E.; Aghayev, A.; Saboo, S.S.; Khandelwal, A.; Rodríguez-López, S.; Cai, T.; Jiménez-Carretero, D.; Estépar, Rúl.San.José.; Ledesma-Carbayo, M.J.; González, Gán.; Rybicki, F.J., 2017:
Implementation and Performance of Automated Software for Computing Right-to-Left Ventricular Diameter Ratio From Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography Images

Peverati, R.; Baldridge, K.K., 2010:
Implementation and Performance of DFT-D with Respect to Basis Set and Functional for Study of Dispersion Interactions in Nanoscale Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Li, C.H.; Traube, L.E.; Lu, D.S.; Raman, S.S.; Danovitch, G.M.; Gritsch, H.A.; McWilliams, J.P., 2017:
Implementation and Results of a Percutaneous Renal Allograft Biopsy Protocol to Reduce Complication Rate

Czerwiński, J.; Jakubowska-Winecka, A.; Woderska, A.; Wilk, J.; Łebkowski, W.; Bohatyrewicz, R.; Krawulska-Biegańska, A.; Iwańczuk, W.; Czapiewski, W.; Kubik, T.; Becler, R.; Patrzałek, D.; Zielińska, D.; Danielewicz, R., 2016:
Implementation and Sustainability of European Training Program on Organ Donation in Poland: Results and the Impact on Donation Indicators

Bugiel, M.; Jannasch, A.; Schäffer, E., 2018:
Implementation and Tuning of an Optical Tweezers Force-Clamp Feedback System

Langer, G., 2016:
Implementation and Use of State-of-the-Art, Cell-Based In Vitro Assays

Gortney, J.Schuller.; Bray, B.S.; Salinitri, F.D., 2016:
Implementation and Use of the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment at US Schools of Pharmacy

Scherpelz, P.; Govoni, M.; Hamada, I.; Galli, G., 2016:
Implementation and Validation of Fully Relativistic GW Calculations: Spin-Orbit Coupling in Molecules, Nanocrystals, and Solids

Olthof, A.W.; van Ooijen, P.M.A., 2016:
Implementation and Validation of PACS Integrated Peer Review for Discrepancy Recording of Radiology Reporting

Msovela, J.; Tengia-Kessy, A., 2017:
Implementation and acceptability of strategies instituted for engaging men in family planning services in Kibaha district, Tanzania

Mejía-Trujillo, J.; Pérez-Gómez, A.; Reyes-Rodríguez, Mía.Fernanda., 2017:
Implementation and adaptation in Colombia of the Communities That Care

Singh, P.; Garber, J.J., 2016:
Implementation and adherence to osteoporosis screening guidelines among coeliac disease patients

Duron, V.; DeUgarte, D.; Bliss, D.; Salazar, E.; Casapia, M.; Ford, H.; Upperman, J., 2016:
Implementation and analysis of initial trauma registry in Iquitos, Peru

Androga, D.Deo.; Uyar, B.; Koku, H.; Eroglu, I., 2016:
Implementation and analysis of temperature control strategies for outdoor photobiological hydrogen production

Kerkhof, K.; Canier, L.; Kim, S.; Heng, S.; Sochantha, T.; Sovannaroth, S.; Vigan-Womas, Iès.; Coosemans, M.; Sluydts, V.; Ménard, D.; Durnez, L., 2016:
Implementation and application of a multiplex assay to detect malaria-specific antibodies: a promising tool for assessing malaria transmission in Southeast Asian pre-elimination areas

Chen, L.; Maybeck, V.; Offenhäusser, A.; Krause, H-Joachim., 2018:
Implementation and application of a novel 2D magnetic twisting cytometry based on multi-pole electromagnet

Freedman, L.P., 2016:
Implementation and aspiration gaps: whose view counts?

Turner, E.E.; Fox, J.Christian.; Rosen, M.; Allen, A.; Rosen, S.; Anderson, C., 2016:
Implementation and assessment of a curriculum for bedside ultrasound training

Landis, S.E.; Galvin, S.L., 2015:
Implementation and assessment of a fall screening program in primary care practices

Visram, K.; Carr, L.S.; Petrongolo, J.Doyle., 2017:
Implementation and assessment of a required transitions-of-care residency rotation

Bowling, B.V.; Schultheis, P.J.; Strome, E.D., 2016:
Implementation and assessment of a yeast orphan gene research project: involving undergraduates in authentic research experiences and progressing our understanding of uncharacterized open reading frames

Lutsker, V.; Aradi, B.; Niehaus, T.A., 2015:
Implementation and benchmark of a long-range corrected functional in the density functional based tight-binding method

Chen, H-Ying.; Hilty, C., 2016:
Implementation and characterization of flow injection in dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization NMR spectroscopy

Sardinha, A.Gabriella.de.Oliveira.; Oyama, C.Nunes.de.Resende.; de Mendonça Maroja, A.; Costa, I.F., 2016:
Implementation and clinical application of a deformation method for fast simulation of biological tissue formed by fibers and fluid

Roche-Lima, A., 2016:
Implementation and comparison of kernel-based learning methods to predict metabolic networks

Pavlidis, A.N.; Perera, D.; Karamasis, G.V.; Bapat, V.; Young, C.; Clapp, B.R.; Blauth, C.; Roxburgh, J.; Thomas, M.R.; Redwood, S.R., 2016:
Implementation and consistency of Heart Team decision-making in complex coronary revascularisation

Burby, P.E.; Nye, T.M.; Schroeder, J.W.; Simmons, L.A., 2016:
Implementation and Data Analysis of Tn-seq, Whole-Genome Resequencing, and Single-Molecule Real-Time Sequencing for Bacterial Genetics

van Bodegom-Vos, L.; Davidoff, F.; Marang-van de Mheen, P.J., 2016:
Implementation and de-implementation: two sides of the same coin?

Cocchi, A.; Cavicchini, A.; Collavo, M.; Ghio, L.; Macchi, S.; Meneghelli, A.; Preti, A., 2015:
Implementation and development of early intervention in psychosis services in Italy: a national survey promoted by the Associazione Italiana Interventi Precoci nelle Psicosi

Wolff, N.; Huening, J.; Shi, J.; Frueh, B.Christopher.; Hoover, D.R.; McHugo, G., 2015:
Implementation and effectiveness of integrated trauma and addiction treatment for incarcerated men

Kratz, T.; Simon, C.; Fendrich, V.; Schneider, R.; Wulf, H.; Kratz, C.; Efe, T.; Schüttler, K.F.; Zoremba, M., 2016:
Implementation and effects of pulse-contour- automated SVV/CI guided goal directed fluid therapy algorithm for the routine management of pancreatic surgery patients

Pathipati, A.S.; Ko, J.M., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of Stanford Health Care direct-care teledermatology program

Lee, J.Andrew.; Lee, C.R.; Reed, B.N.; Plitt, D.C.; Polasek, M.J.; Howell, L.A.; Cicci, J.D.; Tasca, K.E.; Weck, K.E.; Rossi, J.S.; Stouffer, G.A., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a CYP2C19 genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy algorithm in high-risk coronary artery disease patients

Pitcher, M.; Lin, J.T.W.; Thompson, G.; Tayaran, A.; Chan, S., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of a checklist to improve patient care on surgical ward rounds

Sweeney, J.; McHugh, S.; Perry, I.J., 2015:
Implementation and evaluation of a clinical data management programme in a primary care centre

Khalil, V.; deClifford, J.M.; Lam, S.; Subramaniam, A., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a collaborative clinical pharmacist's medications reconciliation and charting service for admitted medical inpatients in a metropolitan hospital

Luebbers, E.L.; Dolansky, M.A.; Vehovec, A.; Petty, G., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a community-based interprofessional learning activity

Klinger, A.; Asgary, R., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of a curriculum to teach reproductive health to adolescents in northern Madagascar

York, S.L.; McGaghie, W.C.; Kiley, J.; Hammond, C., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of a dilation and evacuation simulation training curriculum

Reece, K.M.; Lozano, M.A.; Roux, R.; Spivey, S.M., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a gravimetric i.v. workflow software system in an oncology ambulatory care pharmacy

Bajorek, B.; Lemay, K.S.; Magin, P.; Roberts, C.; Krass, I.; Armour, C.L., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a pharmacist-led hypertension management service in primary care: outcomes and methodological challenges

Grimes, J.; Leng, S.; Zhang, Y.; Vrieze, T.; McCollough, C., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of a protocol management system for automated review of CT protocols

Bedard, T.E.; Nadin, S.; Zufelt, C.; Cheng, C., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement project: carepaths for Early Psychosis Intervention Programmes in Northeastern Ontario

Casson, C.; Johnson, J., 2015:
Implementation and evaluation of a rapid access palliative clinic in a New Zealand cancer centre

Campbell, J.Peter.; Swan, R.; Jonas, K.; Ostmo, S.; Ventura, C.V.; Martinez-Castellanos, M.A.; Anzures, R.Go.Ang.Sam.; Chiang, M.F.; Chan, R.V.Paul., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of a tele-education system for the diagnosis of ophthalmic disease by international trainees

Johnson, A.; Akhundova, G.; Aliyeva, S.; Strelow, L., 2015:
Implementation and evaluation of a training program as part of the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program in Azerbaijan

Ricketts, K.; Navarro, C.; Lane, K.; Moran, M.; Blowfield, C.; Kaur, U.; Cotten, G.; Tomala, D.; Lord, C.; Jones, J.; Adeyemi, A., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of a transit dosimetry system for treatment verification

Patel, H.; Fang, M.C.; Harrison, J.D.; Auerbach, A.; Kangelaris, K.Neudoerffer., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of a "works-in-progress" session to promote scholarship in an academic hospitalist group

Mollee, P.; Boros, S.; Loo, D.; Ruelcke, J.E.; Lakis, V.A.; Cao, K-Anh.Lê.; Renaut, P.; Hill, M.M., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of amyloidosis subtyping by laser-capture microdissection and tandem mass spectrometry

Bopp, M.; Bopp, C.M.; Duffey, M.L.; Ganim, R.; Proctor, D.N., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of an Exercise is Medicine™ on campus week

Puscasu, S.; Aubin, S.; Spence, M.; Gagné, Sébastien., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of an analytical method for a novel derivatizing agent to measure 4,4'-methylene diphenyl diisocyanate atmospheres

Wang, R.; Shi, N.; Bai, J.; Zheng, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of an interprofessional simulation-based education program for undergraduate nursing students in operating room nursing education: a randomized controlled trial

Trinh, T.T.; Han, D.T.; Bloss, E.; Le, T.H.; Vu, T.T.; Mai, A.H.; Nguyen, N.V.; Nguyen, L.T.; Dinh, S.N.; Whitehead, S., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of an isoniazid preventive therapy pilot program among HIV-infected patients in Vietnam, 2008-2010

Slavov, C.; Hartmann, H.; Wachtveitl, J., 2015:
Implementation and evaluation of data analysis strategies for time-resolved optical spectroscopy

Rothmund, M.; Kohlmann, T.; Heidecke, C-Dieter.; Siebert, H.; Ansorg, Jörg., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of error prevention measures in surgical clinics: Results of a current online survey

Chamberlain, P.; Feldman, S.Wolf.; Wulczyn, F.; Saldana, L.; Forgatch, M., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of linked parenting models in a large urban child welfare system

Hermsen, J.L.; Yang, R.; Burke, T.M.; Dardas, T.; Jacobs, L.Myria.; Verrier, E.D.; Mokadam, N.A., 2018:
Development of a 3-D printing-based cardiac surgical simulation curriculum to teach septal myectomy

Damschroder, L.J.; Moin, T.; Datta, S.K.; Reardon, C.M.; Steinle, N.; Weinreb, J.; Billington, C.J.; Maciejewski, M.L.; Yancy, W.S.; Hughes, M.; Makki, F.; Richardson, C.R., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of the VA DPP clinical demonstration: protocol for a multi-site non-randomized hybrid effectiveness-implementation type III trial

Pérez-García, Mía.del.Carmen.; Soria-Aledo, V.; Collantes, F., 2017:
Implementation and evaluation of the medication management in nursing units of a university hospital by means of a quality improvement cycle

Kazdin, A.E., 2016:
Implementation and evaluation of treatments for children and adolescents with conduct problems: Findings, challenges, and future directions

Liddy, C.; Johnston, S.; Nash, K.; Irving, H.; Davidson, R., 2017:
Implementation and evolution of a regional chronic disease self-management program

Price, J.T.; Asgary, R., 2017:
Implementation and feasibility of an adapted two-stage visual inspection with acetic acid/cryotherapy-based cervical cancer screening programme for HIV-infected women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Gupta, A.K.; Gupta, A.C.; Gupta, A.; Ranga, S.S.; Rewari, B.B.; Bansal, A.P. , 2016:
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Implementation of Google Glass technology in patient care: evaluating its potential benefits and pitfalls

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Implementation of Health Care Transition in Clinical Practice

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Implementation of Health Information Technology in Routine Care for Fibromyalgia: Pilot Study

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Implementation of High-Order Multireference Coupled-Cluster Methods on Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture

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Implementation of ICRP 116 Dose Conversion Coefficients for Reconstructing Organ Dose in a Radiation Compensation Program

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Implementation of Intranasal Midazolam for Prolonged Seizures in a Child Neurology Practice

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Development of a 3-D visible limiter imaging system for the HSX stellarator

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Implementation of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring during Endovascular Procedures in the Central Nervous System

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Implementation of Italian guidelines on public health genomics in Italy: a challenging policy of the NHS

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Implementation of LEAN Healthcare in an emergency department

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Implementation of Later Morning Specimen Draws to Improve Patient Health and Satisfaction

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Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening Programs with Low-Dose Computed Tomography in Clinical Practice

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Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening in the United States: Changing Trends Based on a Survey of Society of Thoracic Radiology Members

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Implementation of MALDI-TOF MS technology for the identification of clinical isolates of Mycobacterium spp. in mycobacterial diagnosis

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Implementation of Mass Transfusion Protocol in the Outpatient Operating Room Setting: A Case Study

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Implementation of Measures to Improve SCIP Perioperative Beta-Blocker Compliance: Quality and Financial Implications

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Implementation of Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

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Implementation of Mental Health Huddles on Dementia Care Units

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Implementation of Milestones-Based Assessment for a Safe and Effective Discharge

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Implementation of Mindfulness Training for Mental Health Staff: Organizational Context and Stakeholder Perspectives

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Implementation of Mock Competency Skill Assessments to Improve Student Outcomes

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Implementation of Models of Care for secondary osteoporotic fracture prevention and orthogeriatric Models of Care for osteoporotic hip fracture

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Implementation of Molecular Gradients for Local Hybrid Density Functionals Using Seminumerical Integration Techniques

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Implementation of Molecular Surveillance After a Cluster of Fatal Toxoplasmosis at 2 Neighboring Transplant Centers

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Implementation of Motivational Interviewing in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Research Network Participation and Organizational Compatibility

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Implementation of Motor Imagery during Specific Aerobic Training Session in Young Tennis Players

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Implementation of Multi-parametric Prostate MRI in Clinical Practice

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Implementation of Multiprofessional Teaching Units of Family and Community Care in Catalonia

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Implementation of NAT Screening for West Nile Virus and Experience with Seasonal Testing in Germany

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Implementation of NCCN Palliative Care Guidelines by member institutions

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Implementation of NHS Health Checks in general practice: variation in delivery between practices and practitioners

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Implementation of NICE guidance on urinary tract infections in children in primary and secondary care

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Implementation of NICE recommendations on abdomino-pelvic CT, following unprovoked venous thromboembolism, in a UK teaching hospital: no additional detection of occult malignancy and high numbers of incidental findings

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Implementation of Nationwide Real-time Whole-genome Sequencing to Enhance Listeriosis Outbreak Detection and Investigation

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Implementation of Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) Processes in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centers

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Implementation of New Test Methods into Practical Testing

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Implementation of Next-Generation Sequencing for Hepatitis B Virus Resistance Testing and Genotyping in a Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

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Implementation of Novel Design Features for qPCR-Based eDNA Assessment

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Implementation of Online Veterinary Hospital on Cloud Platform

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Implementation of Oral Health Education to Orphan Children

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Implementation of Oral and Rectal Gonococcal and Chlamydial Nucleic Acid Amplification-Based Testing as a Component of Local Health Department Activities

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Implementation of Organ Culture storage of donor corneas: a 3 year study of its impact on the corneal transplant wait list at the Lions New South Wales Eye Bank

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Implementation of Out-of-Office Blood Pressure Monitoring in the Netherlands: From Clinical Guidelines to Patients' Adoption of Innovation

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Implementation of PC and PNDT Act in Gulbarga region

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Implementation of POCT in the diabetic clinic in a large hospital

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Implementation of Parent Child Interaction Therapy Within Foster Care: An Attempt to Translate an Evidence-Based Program Within a Local Child Welfare Agency

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Implementation of Patient-Centered Medical Homes in Adult Primary Care Practices

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Implementation of Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Total Knee Arthroplasty

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Implementation of Pecs I and Pecs II Blocks as Part of Opioid-Sparing Approach to Breast Surgery

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Implementation of Performance-Based Budgeting in the Health System: Luxury or Necessity?

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Implementation of Pharmaceutical Practice Guidelines by a Project Model Based: Clinical and Economic Impact

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Implementation of Pharmacoeconomics to Support Pharmaceutical R&D Decisions Workshop

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Implementation of Pharmacogenetic Testing Within the Veterans Health Administration From 2011 to 2013

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Implementation of Physician and Nurse Patient Rounding on a 42-Bed Medical Unit

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Implementation of Pit Crew Approach and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Metrics for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Improves Patient Survival and Neurological Outcome

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Implementation of Point-of-Care Diagnostics Leads to Variable Uptake of Syphilis, Anemia and CD4+ T-Cell Count Testing in Rural Maternal and Child Health Clinics

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Implementation of Policies and Strategies for Control of Noncommunicable Diseases in Malawi: Challenges and Opportunities

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Implementation of Polymerase Chain Reaction to Rule Out Clostridium difficile Infection Is Associated With Reduced Empiric Antibiotic Duration of Therapy

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Implementation of Population Dynamics In Modelling Health And Budget Impact of An Intervention for A Chronic Disease With Multiple Disease Subtypes

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Implementation of Postoperative Respiratory Care for Pediatric Orthopedic Patients

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Implementation of Preconception Care for Women With Diabetes

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Implementation of Preexposure Prophylaxis for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention Among Men Who Have Sex With Men at a New England Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic

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Implementation of Problem-Based Learning by Faculty Members at 12 U.S. Medical and Dental Schools

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Implementation of Programmed Intermittent Epidural Bolus for the Maintenance of Labor Analgesia

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Implementation of Protocols To Enable Doctoral Training in Physical and Computational Chemistry of a Blind Graduate Student

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Implementation of Quaternary Prevention in the Korean Healthcare System: Lessons From the 2015 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Outbreak in the Republic of Korea

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Implementation of Quiet Time for Noise Reduction on a Medical-Surgical Unit

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Implementation of RTS,S/AS01 Malaria Vaccine--The Need for Further Evidence

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Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification for Medication Tray Management

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Implementation of Recovery Programming on an Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Unit and Its Impact on Readmission

Egberts, J-H.; Beham, A.; Ghadimi, M., 2017:
Implementation of Robot-Assisted Surgery

Oren, A.; Parte, A.; Garrity, G.M., 2016:
Implementation of Rule 8 of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes for the renaming of classes. Request for an Opinion

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Implementation of Safe Patient Handling in the U.S. Veterans Health System: A Qualitative Study of Internal Facilitators' Perceptions

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Implementation of Salmonella serotype determination using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis in a state public health laboratory

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Implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Adolescents in Pediatric Primary Care: A Cluster Randomized Trial

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Implementation of Self-Determination Theory in College Physical Activity Classes: 2729 Board #252 June 3, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

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Implementation of Sexually Transmitted Infection Interventions

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Implementation of Sleep and Circadian Science: Recommendations from the Sleep Research Society and National Institutes of Health Workshop

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Implementation of Standardized Reports Within a Pediatric Health Care System With Geographically Dispersed Sites

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Implementation of Store-and-Forward Teledermatology and Its Associated Effect on Patient Access in a Veterans Affairs Dermatology Clinic

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Implementation of Strategies to Recognize and Control Hypertension in a Multispecialty Clinic, Montana, 2012-2013

Tran, L.; Wadhwa, A.; Mann, E., 2016:
Implementation of Structured Radiology Reports

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Implementation of Symptom Questionnaires Into Oncology Workflow

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Implementation of Teacher Consultation and Coaching in Urban Schools: A Mixed Method Study

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Implementation of Technologies Based on the Evidence-Based Medicine and Hta in the Management of Hepatitis C

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Implementation of Technology-based Patient Engagement Strategies within Practice-based Research Networks

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Implementation of Telemedicine Consultation to Assess Unplanned Transfers in Rural Long-Term Care Facilities, 2012-2015: A Pilot Study

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Implementation of Tobacco Dependence Treatment Programs in Oncology Settings

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Implementation of Transition in Care and Relationship Based Care to Reduce Preventable Rehospitalizations

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Implementation of Tuberculosis Intensive Case Finding, Isoniazid Preventive Therapy, and Infection Control ("Three I's") and HIV-Tuberculosis Service Integration in Lower Income Countries

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Implementation of Two-Component Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory in TURBOMOLE

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Implementation of Two-Dimensional Polycrystalline Grains in Object Oriented Micromagnetic Framework

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Implementation of USP antibody standard for system suitability in capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS) for release and stability methods

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Implementation of Ultraviolet Photodissociation on a Benchtop Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer and Its Application to Phosphoproteomics

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Implementation of Ultraviolet Radiation Safety Measures for Outdoor Workers

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Implementation of Various Modalities of the Optical-Optical Double Resonance Techniques To Simplify the Interpretation of the Spectra of Highly Excited States of Nitric Oxide

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Implementation of WHO Near-Miss Approach for Maternal Health at a Tertiary Care Hospital: An Audit

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Implementation of Web-Based Autism Screening in an Urban Clinic

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Implementation of Web-Based Respondent Driven Sampling among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Sweden

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Implementation of Web-based Education for Patients with Chronic Skin Disease

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Implementation of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for Identification and Characterization of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in the United States

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Implementation of World Health Organization Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) Guidelines for the Assessment of Pneumonia in the Under 5s in Rural Malawi

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Implementation of World Health Organization Package of Essential Noncommunicable Disease Interventions (WHO PEN) for Primary Health Care in Low-Resource Settings: A Policy Statement From the World Hypertension League

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Implementation of Xpert MTB/RIF in Uganda: Missed Opportunities to Improve Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

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Implementation of a 'care bundle' improves the management of patients admitted to hospital with decompensated cirrhosis

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Implementation of a 2-Day Simulation-Based Course to Prepare Medical Graduates on Their First Year of Residency

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Implementation of a 24-hour pharmacy service with prospective medication review in the emergency department

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Implementation of a 3D porcine lumbar finite element model for the simulation of monolithic spinal rods with variable flexural stiffness

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Implementation of a 4-Year Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum in a Liaison Committee on Medical Education-Accredited US Medical School

Anonymous, 2015:
Implementation of a Bowel Management Program in Critical Care

Golshan, M.; Losk, K.; Mallory, M.A.; Camuso, K.; Cutone, L.; Caterson, S.; Bunnell, C.A., 2016:
Implementation of a Breast/Reconstruction Surgery Coordinator to Reduce Preoperative Delays for Patients Undergoing Mastectomy With Immediate Reconstruction

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Implementation of a Brief Treatment Counseling Toolkit in Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers: Patient and Clinician Utilization and Satisfaction

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Implementation of a CIWA-Ar alcohol withdrawal protocol in a veterans hospital

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Implementation of a COPD Screening Questionnaire in an Outpatient HIV Clinic

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Implementation of a Care Pathway for Primary Palliative Care in 5 research clusters in Belgium: quasi-experimental study protocol and innovations in data collection (pro-SPINOZA)

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Implementation of a Clinical Decision Support Alert for the Management of Clostridium difficile Infection

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Implementation of a Clinical Decision Support System for Interpretation of Laboratory Tests for Patients

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Implementation of a Clinical Documentation Improvement Curriculum Improves Quality Metrics and Hospital Charges in an Academic Surgery Department

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Implementation of a Clinical Pathway for Chest Pain in a Pediatric Emergency Department

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Implementation of a Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Adults With Schizophrenia in Colombia

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Implementation of a Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Record to Reduce Gaps in the HIV Treatment Continuum in Rural Kenya

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Implementation of a Cloud-based Blood Pressure Data Management System

Mytskaniuk, V.; Bardin, F.; Boukhaddaoui, H.; Rigneault, H.; Tricaud, N., 2017:
Implementation of a Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) System on a Ti:Sapphire and OPO Laser Based Standard Laser Scanning Microscope

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Implementation of a Collaborative Series of Classroom-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences Spanning Chemical Biology, Biochemistry, and Neurobiology

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Implementation of a Community-Based Triage for Patients with Suspected Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Stroke Study: A Prospective Multicenter Observational Study

Tokish, J.M.; Alexander, T.C., 2016 :
Implementation of a Comprehensive Orthopaedic Registry System

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Implementation of a Comprehensive Post-Discharge Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Program for Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery Patients

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Implementation of a Computerized Order Entry Tool to Reduce the Inappropriate and Unnecessary Use of Cardiac Stress Tests With Imaging in Hospitalized Patients

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Implementation of a Computerized Screening Inventory: Improved Usability Through Iterative Testing and Modification

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Implementation of a Consensus Set of Hypervariable Mycobacterial Interspersed Repetitive-Unit-Variable-Number Tandem-Repeat Loci in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Molecular Epidemiology

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Implementation of a Cross-specialty Training Program in Basic Laparoscopy

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Implementation of a Daily Transperineal Ultrasound System as Image-guided Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Semenov, I.; Kopanitsa, G., 2017:
Implementation of a Decision Support System for Interpretation of Laboratory Tests for Patients

Deeb, A.; Yousef, H.; Abdelrahman, L.; Tomy, M.; Suliman, S.; Attia, S.; Al Suwaidi, H., 2017:
Implementation of a Diabetes Educator Care Model to Reduce Paediatric Admission for Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Williams, E.; Curtis, A., 2016:
Implementation of a Diabetes Management Flow Sheet in a Long-Term Care Setting

Little, J.M.; Odiaga, J.A.; Minutti, C.Z., 2016:
Implementation of a Diabetes Transition of Care Program

Parker, M.G.K.; Burnham, L.; Mao, W.; Philipp, B.L.; Merewood, A., 2017:
Implementation of a Donor Milk Program Is Associated with Greater Consumption of Mothers' Own Milk among VLBW Infants in a US, Level 3 NICU

Baghdadli, A.; Loubersac, J.; Soussana, M.; Rattaz, C.; Michelon, C., 2016:
Implementation of a French cohort of children or adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: ELENA cohort

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Implementation of a Front-End Split-Flow Model to Promote Performance in an Urban Academic Emergency Department

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Implementation of a Functional Observation Battery for the Assessment of Postoperative Well-being in Rats Subjected to Fimbria-Fornix Transection

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Implementation of a Hemostatic and Antithrombotic Stewardship program

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Implementation of a High-Resolution Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Array in Analyzing the Products of Conception

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Implementation of a Hospital Electronic Surgical Registry in a Lower-Middle-Income Country

Masella, C.; Garavaglia, G.; Borghi, G.; Castelli, A.; Radaelli, G.; Peruselli, C., 2015:
Implementation of a Hospital-Based Home Palliative Care at regional level: a quantitative study of the Ospedalizzazione Domiciliare Cure Palliative Oncologiche program in Lombardy

Rojas, E.; Schultz, R.; Linsalata, H.Heil.; Sumberg, D.; Christensen, M.; Robinson, C.; Rosenberg, M., 2017:
Implementation of a Life-Sustaining Management and Alternative Protocol for Actively Dying Patients in the Emergency Department

Darras, K.E.; Worthington, A.; Russell, D.; Hou, D.J.; Forster, B.B.; Hague, C.J.; Mar, C.; Chang, S.D., 2016:
Implementation of a Longitudinal Introduction to Radiology Course During Internship Year Improves Diagnostic Radiology Residents' Academic and Clinical Skills: A Canadian Experience

Zibrik, K.; Laskin, J.; Ho, C., 2016:
Implementation of a Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator Enhances Patient Care and Delivery of Systemic Therapy at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver

Li, H.; Ning, X.; Li, W., 2016:
Implementation of a MFAC based position sensorless drive for high speed BLDC motors with nonideal back EMF

Viale, P.; Scudeller, L.; Pea, F.; Tedeschi, S.; Lewis, R.; Bartoletti, M.; Sbrojavacca, R.; Cristini, F.; Tumietto, F.; Di Lauria, N.; Fasulo, G.; Giannella, M., 2015:
Implementation of a Meningitis Care Bundle in the Emergency Room Reduces Mortality Associated With Acute Bacterial Meningitis

Kim, S.; Willett, L.R.; Noveck, H.; Patel, M.S.; Walker, J.A.; Terregino, C.A., 2016:
Implementation of a Mini-CEX Requirement Across All Third-Year Clerkships

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Implementation of a Molecular Tumor Board: The Impact on Treatment Decisions for 35 Patients Evaluated at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

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Implementation of a Multicenter Biobanking Collaboration for Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Biomarker Discovery Based on Fresh Frozen Pretreatment Tumor Tissue Biopsies

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Implementation of a Multicomponent intervention to Prevent Physical Restraints In Nursing home residenTs (IMPRINT): study protocol for a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Timpa, J.G.; O'Meara, L.Carlisle.; Goldberg, K.G.; Phillips, J.P.; Crawford, J.H.; Jackson, K.W.; Alten, J.A., 2016:
Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Bleeding and Transfusion Protocol Significantly Decreases Perioperative Blood Product Utilization and Improves Some Bleeding Outcomes

Suman, A.; Schaafsma, F.G.; Buchbinder, R.; van Tulder, M.W.; Anema, J.R., 2016:
Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Guideline for Low Back Pain: Process-Evaluation Among Health Care Professionals

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Implementation of a Multimodal Mobile System for Point-of-Sale Surveillance: Lessons Learned From Case Studies in Washington, DC, and New York City

Valentin, M.O.; Ruiz, J.C.; Vega, R.; Martín, C.; Matesanz, R.; Gimeno Lozano, J.Jose.; Gutiérrez Dalmau, A.; Moreno Parado, C.; Martín Moreno, P.Leticia.; Maside, Aés.Franco.; Perez Tamajón, M.Lourdes.; Bosch Martínez, A.; Tagarro, E.Fernández.; Hoyos, M.Lopez.; San Segundo, D.; Ruiz San Millán, J.Carlos.; Colón, M.Nocito.; Mendiluce Herrero, A.; Marín Rubio, L.Alberto.; Tabernero Fernández, G.; Ontañón Rodríguez, Jús.; Gonzalez, I.Lorenzo.; Canal, C.; Pons, J.Martorell.; Diekman, 2017:
Implementation of a National Priority Allocation System for Hypersensitized Patients in Spain, Based on Virtual Crossmatch: Initial Results

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Implementation of a National Semen Testing and Counseling Program for Male Ebola Survivors - Liberia, 2015-2016

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Implementation of a Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Weaning Protocol: A Multicenter Cohort Study

Bashir, R.Ameena.; Espinoza, L.; Vayalthrikkovil, S.; Buchhalter, J.; Irvine, L.; Bello-Espinosa, L.; Mohammad, K., 2016:
Implementation of a Neurocritical Care Program: Improved Seizure Detection and Decreased Antiseizure Medication at Discharge in Neonates With Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Chung, C-Fang.; Munson, S.A.; Thompson, M.J.; Baldwin, L-Mae.; Kaplan, J.; Cline, R.; Green, B.B., 2017:
Implementation of a New Kiosk Technology for Blood Pressure Management in a Family Medicine Clinic: from the WWAMI Region Practice and Research Network

Zive, D.M.; Cook, J.; Yang, C.; Sibell, D.; Tolle, S.W.; Lieberman, M., 2017:
Implementation of a Novel Electronic Health Record-Embedded Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment System

Aiken, A.H.; Farley, A.; Baugnon, K.L.; Corey, A.; El-Deiry, M.; Duszak, R.; Beitler, J.; Hudgins, P.A., 2017:
Implementation of a Novel Surveillance Template for Head and Neck Cancer: Neck Imaging Reporting and Data System (NI-RADS)

Golbus, J.R.; Manly, D.A.; Wonneberger, K.A.; Hanff, T.C.; Murphy, K.M.; Wang, D.S.; McKee, S.G.; Bellini, L., 2016:
Implementation of a Novel, Resident-Led, Nocturnal Curriculum

Gaillard-Le Roux, Bénédicte.; Liet, J-Michel.; Bourgoin, P.; Legrand, A.; Roze, J-Christophe.; Joram, N., 2016:
Implementation of a Nurse-Driven Sedation Protocol in a PICU Decreases Daily Doses of Midazolam

Wu, H.; Ren, D.; Zinsmeister, G.R.; Zewe, G.E.; Tuite, P.K., 2018:
Implementation of a Nurse-Led Family Meeting in a Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit

Garner, J.K., 2016:
Implementation of a Nursing Peer-Review Program in the Hospital Setting

Qiu, Z.; Qiu, Y.; Demore, C.E.M.; Cochran, S., 2017:
Implementation of a PMN-PT piezocrystal-based focused array with geodesic faceted structure

Shelburne, S.A.; Ajami, N.J.; Chibucos, M.C.; Beird, H.C.; Tarrand, J.; Galloway-Peña, J.; Albert, N.; Chemaly, R.F.; Ghantoji, S.S.; Marsh, L.; Pemmaraju, N.; Andreeff, M.; Shpall, E.J.; Wargo, J.A.; Rezvani, K.; Alousi, A.; Bruno, V.M.; Futreal, P.A.; Petrosino, J.F.; Kontoyiannis, D.P., 2016:
Implementation of a Pan-Genomic Approach to Investigate Holobiont-Infecting Microbe Interaction: A Case Report of a Leukemic Patient with Invasive Mucormycosis

Nahm, E-Shim.; Warren, J.; Friedmann, E.; Brown, J.; Rouse, D.; Kyung Park, B.; Quigley, K.W., 2016:
Implementation of a Participant-Centered Weight Management Program for Older Nurses: A Feasibility Study

Douglas, K.; Collado, J.Christopher.; Keller, S., 2017:
Implementation of a Pediatric Early Warning Scoring System at an Academic Medical Center

Lin, G-Xi.; Yang, Y-Ling.; Kudirka, D.; Church, C.; Yong, C.K.K.; Reilly, F.; Zeng, Q-Yi., 2017:
Implementation of a Pediatric Emergency Triage System in Xiamen, China

Luk, L.J.; Mosen, D.; MacArthur, C.J.; Grosz, A.H., 2016:
Implementation of a Pediatric Posttonsillectomy Pain Protocol in a Large Group Practice

Lifson, A.R.; Workneh, S.; Hailemichael, A.; Demisse, W.; Slater, L.; Shenie, T., 2015:
Implementation of a Peer HIV Community Support Worker Program in Rural Ethiopia to Promote Retention in Care

Flaherty, R.A.; Lee, S.W., 2017:
Implementation of a Permeable Membrane Insert-based Infection System to Study the Effects of Secreted Bacterial Toxins on Mammalian Host Cells

Heyerly, A.; Jones, R.; Bokhart, G.; Shoaff, M.; Fisher, D., 2016:
Implementation of a Pharmacist-Directed Antimicrobial Stewardship Protocol Utilizing Rapid Diagnostic Testing

Houle, K.E.; Belew, J.; Miller, B., 2017:
Implementation of a Phase I Caregiver Visitation Program for a Specialized Pediatric Population

Paredes Esteban, R.M.; Garrido Pérez, J.I.; Ruiz Palomino, A.; Guerrero Peña, G.; Vázquez Rueda, F.; Berenguer García, M.J.; Miñarro Del Moral, R.; Tejedor Fernández, M., 2016:
Implementation of a Plan of Patient Safety in Service of Pediatric Surgery. First results

Breuer, O.; Shoseyov, D.; Kerem, E.; Brooks, R., 2015:
Implementation of a Policy Change: Replacement of Nebulizers by Spacers for the Treatment of Asthma in Children

Hayes, R.Bruce., 2017:
Implementation of a Portable HPGe for Field Contamination Assay

Copeland, D.; Liska, H., 2017:
Implementation of a Post-Code Pause: Extending Post-Event Debriefing to Include Silence

Gross, T.T.; Rahman, M.; M Wright, A.; M Hirth, J.; Sarpong, K.O.; Rupp, R.E.; D Barrett, A.; Berenson, A.B., 2016:
Implementation of a Postpartum HPV Vaccination Program in a Southeast Texas Hospital: A Qualitative Study Evaluating Health Care Provider Acceptance

Condrey, T., 2015:
Implementation of a Preceptor Training Program

Samaan, Z.Marcho.; Brown, C.M.; Morehous, J.; Perkins, A.A.; Kahn, R.S.; Mansour, M.E., 2016:
Implementation of a Preventive Services Bundle in Academic Pediatric Primary Care Centers

Lim, B.Cl.; Chong, C.Ted.; Lim, S., 2016:
Implementation of a Proactive Nutrition Protocol Improves Enteral Nutrition in Mechanically Ventilated Patients Admitted to the Neuro-Intensive Care Unit

Crosby, L.E.; Joffe, N.E.; Davis, B.; Quinn, C.T.; Shook, L.; Morgan, D.; Simmons, K.; Kalinyak, K.A., 2018:
Implementation of a Process for Initial Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography in Children With Sickle Cell Anemia

Messer, A.; Comer, L.; Forst, S., 2017:
Implementation of a Progressive Mobilization Program in a Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit

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Implementation of a Prolonged Infusion Guideline for Time-Dependent Antimicrobial Agents at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center

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Implementation of a Psychiatric Nurse-led Outreach Service for Adults Residing at Subvented Old Age Homes: A Hong Kong Experience

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Implementation of a Psychoeducational Program for Cancer Survivors and Family Caregivers at a Cancer Support Community Affiliate: A Pilot Effectiveness Study

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Implementation of a Quality Improvement Bundle Improves Echocardiographic Imaging after Congenital Heart Surgery in Children

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Implementation of a Quality Improvement Process Aimed to Deliver Higher-Value Physical Therapy for Patients With Low Back Pain: Case Report

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Implementation of a Recovery-Oriented Training Program for Psychiatric Nurses in the Inpatient Setting: A Mixed-Methods Hospital Quality Improvement Study

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Implementation of a Regional Telephone Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Program and Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Alame, M.; Lacourt, D.; Zenagui, R.; Mechin, Déborah.; Danton, F.; Koenig, M.; Claustres, M.; Cossée, M., 2017:
Implementation of a Reliable Next-Generation Sequencing Strategy for Molecular Diagnosis of Dystrophinopathies

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Implementation of a Research Participant Satisfaction Survey at an Academic Medical Center

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Implementation of a Resident-Led Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Clinic in an Allopathic Residency

Baugh, C.W.; Greenberg, J.O.; Mahler, S.A.; Kosowsky, J.M.; Schuur, J.D.; Parmar, S.; Ciociolo, G.R.; Carr, C.W.; Ghazinouri, R.; Scirica, B.M., 2017:
Implementation of a Risk Stratification and Management Pathway for Acute Chest Pain in the Emergency Department

Adamonis, J.; Aleknavičius, A.; Michailovas, K.; Balickas, S.; Petrauskienė, V.; Gertus, T.; Michailovas, A., 2016:
Implementation of a SVWP-based laser beam shaping technique for generation of 100-mJ-level picosecond pulses

Roberts, C.R.; Wofford, J.E.; Hoy, H.M.; Faddis, M.N., 2016:
Implementation of a Screening Program for Patients at Risk for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Bateman, M.; Davies-Jones, G.; Tambe, A.; Clark, D.I., 2016:
Implementation of a Shoulder Soft Tissue Injury Triage Service in a UK NHS Teaching Hospital Improves Time to Surgery for Acute Rotator Cuff Tears

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Implementation of a Simplified Regional Citrate Anticoagulation Protocol for Post-Dilution Continuous Hemofiltration Using a Bicarbonate Buffered, Calcium Containing Replacement Solution

Rollins, A.R.; Smith, K.E.; Zemrak, W.R., 2016:
Implementation of a Simplistic Bivalirudin-Warfarin Transition Protocol Is Associated With Improved Achievement of INR Values Within the Therapeutic Range

Yodpijit, N.; Songwongamarit, C.; Tavichaiyuth, N., 2015:
Implementation of a Smart Phone for Motion Analysis

Simberloff, T.; Parambi, R.; Bartnikas, L.M.; Broyles, A.Dioun.; Hamel, V.; Timmons, K.G.; Miller, D.Marlowe.; Graham, D.A.; Schneider, L.C.; MacGinnitie, A.J., 2016:
Implementation of a Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan (SCAMP) for Food Challenges

Crowder, S.J.; Ironside, P.M.; Cangany, M.; Roddy, W.Spann., 2016:
Implementation of a State Legislative Fellowship for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students

Anonymous, 2016:
Implementation of a Stroke Competency Program to Improve Nurses' Knowledge of and Adherence to Stroke Guidelines

Melody, K.T.; Shah, C.J.; Patel, J.; Willey, V.J., 2015:
Implementation of a Student Pharmacist-Run Targeted Medication Intervention Program

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Implementation of a Substance Use Recovery Support Mobile Phone App in Community Settings: Qualitative Study of Clinician and Staff Perspectives of Facilitators and Barriers

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Implementation of a Sustainable Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Prevention Protocol in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Managua, Nicaragua

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Implementation of a Systematic Accountability Framework in 2014 to Improve the Performance of the Nigerian Polio Program

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Implementation of a Tele-urology Program for Outpatient Hematuria Referrals: Initial Results and Patient Satisfaction

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Implementation of a Teleconsultation Service in the Primary Health Care in Brazil

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Implementation of a Telephone Postoperative Clinic in an Integrated Health System

Wanzek, J.; Vaughn, S., 2017:
Implementation of a Text-Based Content Intervention in Secondary Social Studies Classes

Caceres, D.H.; Zuluaga, A.; Arango-Bustamante, K.; de Bedout, C.; Tobón, Ángela.Maria.; Restrepo, Ángela.; Gómez, B.L.; Cano, L.Elena.; González, Ángel., 2016:
Implementation of a Training Course Increased the Diagnosis of Histoplasmosis in Colombia

Martin, D.T.; Gries, H.; Esmonde, N.; Diggs, B.; Koh, J.; Selden, N.R.; Schreiber, M.; Kuang, A.A., 2018:
Implementation of a Tranexamic Acid Protocol to Reduce Blood Loss During Cranial Vault Remodeling for Craniosynostosis

Ciccarelli, M.R.; Gladstone, E.B.; Armstrong Richardson, E.A.J., 2017:
Implementation of a Transdisciplinary Team for the Transition Support of Medically and Socially Complex Youth

van Seben, R.; Geerlings, S.E.; Verhaegh, K.J.M.; Hilders, C.G.J.M.; Buurman, B.M., 2017:
Implementation of a Transfer Intervention Procedure (TIP) to improve handovers from hospital to home: interrupted time series analysis

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Implementation of a Transition of Care Coordinator at a Military Treatment Facility

Kalina, M., 2017:
Implementation of a Trauma Service Activation and Admission Policy for Very Elderly Trauma Patients: Impact on Hospital Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

Karademirci, O.; Terzioğlu, A.S.; Yılmaz, S.; Tombuş, Ö., 2016:
Implementation of a User-Friendly, Flexible Expert System for Selecting Optimal Set of Kidney Exchange Combinations of Patients in a Transplantation Center

Lee, V.S.; Kawamoto, K.; Hess, R.; Park, C.; Young, J.; Hunter, C.; Johnson, S.; Gulbransen, S.; Pelt, C.E.; Horton, D.J.; Graves, K.K.; Greene, T.H.; Anzai, Y.; Pendleton, R.C., 2017:
Implementation of a Value-Driven Outcomes Program to Identify High Variability in Clinical Costs and Outcomes and Association With Reduced Cost and Improved Quality

De Cristofano, Aía.; Peuchot, Vónica.; Canepari, A.; Franco, V.; Perez, A.; Eulmesekian, P., 2017:
Implementation of a Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Prevention Bundle in a Single PICU

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Implementation of a Very Low Calorie Diet in Patients Undergoing Urologic Surgery: Room for Improvement?

Mokdad, A.; Browning, T.; Mansour, J.C.; Zhu, H.; Singal, A.G.; Yopp, A.C., 2016:
Implementation of a Voice Messaging System is Associated With Improved Time-to-Treatment and Overall Survival in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Kopanitsa, G.; Karpov, A.; Lakovenko, G.; Laskovenko, A., 2018:
Implementation of a Web Portal for Diabetes Patients Using Open Source Data Visualization Libraries

Weiner, C.Kruger.; Skålén, M.; Harju-Jeanty, D.; Heymann, R.; Rosén, A.; Fors, U.; Lund, B., 2016:
Implementation of a Web-Based Patient Simulation Program to Teach Dental Students in Oral Surgery

Borges, A.C.; Pereira, N.; Franco, M.; Vale, L.; Pereira, M.; Cunha, Mónica.V.; Amaro, A.; Albuquerque, T.; Rebelo, M., 2017:
Implementation of a Zebrafish Health Program in a Research Facility: A 4-Year Retrospective Study

Braden, B.A.; Gaspar, P.M., 2016:
Implementation of a baby doll therapy protocol for people with dementia: Innovative practice

Becker, D., 2016:
Implementation of a bag medication reconciliation initiative to decrease posthospitalization medication discrepancies

Saiz-Vinuesa, M.D.; Muñoz-Mansilla, E.; Muñoz-Serrano, T.; Córcoles-Jiménez, M.P.; Ruiz-García, M.V.; Fernández-Pallarés, P.; Herreros-Sáez, L.; Calero-Yáñez, F., 2016:
Implementation of a best practice guideline for the prevention of falls: Perception among hospitalized patients and its caregivers

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Implementation of a brief anxiety assessment and evaluation in a Department of Veterans Affairs geriatric primary care clinic

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Implementation of a care bundle and evaluation of risk factors for surgical site infection in cranial neurosurgery

Favazza, C.P.; Fetterly, K.A.; Hangiandreou, N.J.; Leng, S.; Schueler, B.A., 2015:
Implementation of a channelized Hotelling observer model to assess image quality of x-ray angiography systems

Butler, C.E.; Noel, S.; Hibbs, S.P.; Miles, D.; Staves, J.; Mohaghegh, P.; Altmann, P.; Curnow, E.; Murphy, M.F., 2015:
Implementation of a clinical decision support system improves compliance with restrictive transfusion policies in hematology patients

Nielsen, A.Søgaard.; Nielsen, B., 2015:
Implementation of a clinical pathway may improve alcohol treatment outcome

Fischler, I.; Riahi, S.; Stuckey, M.I.; Klassen, P.E., 2018:
Implementation of a clinical practice guideline for schizophrenia in a specialist mental health center: an observational study

Haskew, J.; Rø, G.; Saito, K.; Turner, K.; Odhiambo, G.; Wamae, A.; Sharif, S.; Sugishita, T., 2015:
Implementation of a cloud-based electronic medical record for maternal and child health in rural Kenya

Stockdale, C.; Trivedi, B.; Jerome, E.; Salih, S.; Huntley, C.; Cooke, E.; Massey, Y.; Mella, S., 2014:
Implementation of a combined Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Treatment Escalation Plan document in a District General Hospital

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Implementation of a companion diagnostic in the clinical laboratory: the BRAF example in melanoma

Sammet, S.; Sammet, C.L., 2016:
Implementation of a comprehensive MR safety course for medical students

Sobel, R.H.; Blanco, R.; Ha, P.K.; Califano, J.A.; Kumar, R.; Richmon, J.D., 2018:
Implementation of a comprehensive competency-based transoral robotic surgery training curriculum with ex vivo dissection models

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Implementation of a comprehensive medication prior-authorization service

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Implementation of a confidential helpline for men having sex with men in India

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Implementation of a cost-accounting model in a biobank: practical implications

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Implementation of a cross-border health service: physician and pharmacists' opinions from the epSOS project

Hagen, W.J.H.; Wan, W.; Briggs, J.A.G., 2016:
Implementation of a cryo-electron tomography tilt-scheme optimized for high resolution subtomogram averaging

Idemoto, L.M.; Williams, B.L.; Ching, J.M.; Blackmore, C.Craig., 2016:
Implementation of a custom alert to prevent medication-timing errors associated with computerized prescriber order entry

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Implementation of a cystic fibrosis lung transplant referral patient decision aid in routine clinical practice: an observational study

Ory, M.; Bolin, J.; López-Arenas, A., 2015:
Implementation of a diabetes education kiosk in a low-income clinical setting: a community implementation process

Hall, B.T.; Englehart, M.S.; Blaseg, K.; Wessel, K.; Stawicki, S.P..A.; Evans, D.C., 2015:
Implementation of a dietitian-led enteral nutrition support clinic results in quality improvement, reduced readmissions, and cost savings

Richard-Kowalski, D.; Termeulen, D.; Reed, M.; Reyes, R.; Kuliga, M.; Sanjurjo, D.; Hirsch, A.E., 2016:
Implementation of a direct patient callback system improves compliance for additional breast imaging and early breast cancer detection

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Implementation of a dispatch-instruction protocol for cardiopulmonary resuscitation according to various abnormal breathing patterns: a population-based study

Thomas, C.A.; Morris, J.L.; Sinclair, E.A.; Speicher, R.H.; Ahmed, S.S.; Rotta, A.T., 2016:
Implementation of a diuretic stewardship program in a pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit to reduce medication expenditures

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Implementation of a double Gaussian source model for the BEAMnrc Monte Carlo code and its influence on small fields dose distributions

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Implementation of a driver licensing support program in three Aboriginal communities: a brief report from a pilot program

Lagari, V.S.; Levis, S., 2017:
Implementation of a feasible monthly vitamin D intervention in homebound older adults using a Meals-on-Wheels programme

Park, S.E.; Howell, T.Howard., 2015:
Implementation of a flipped classroom educational model in a predoctoral dental course

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Implementation of a general practitioner cooperative adjacent to the emergency department of a hospital increases the caseload for the GPC but not for the emergency department

Lin, C-Liang.; Kuo, T-Yu.; Chen, Y-Yi., 2015:
Implementation of a genetic logic circuit: bio-register

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Implementation of a guideline for the treatment of pain, sedation, agitation and neuromuscular blockade in the mechanically ventilated adult patient in the emergency department

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Implementation of a guideline-based clinical pathway of care to improve health outcomes following whiplash injury (Whiplash ImPaCT): protocol of a randomised, controlled trial

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Implementation of a health management mentoring program: year-1 evaluation of its impact on health system strengthening in Zambézia Province, Mozambique

Uneke, C.Jesse.; Ndukwe, C.Daniel.; Ezeoha, A.Abeh.; Uro-Chukwu, H.Chukwuemeka.; Ezeonu, C.Thecla., 2015:
Implementation of a health policy advisory committee as a knowledge translation platform: the Nigeria experience

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Implementation of a heart failure quality initiative in a skilled nursing facility: lessons learned

Stefos, K.A.; Nable, J.V., 2017:
Implementation of a high-performance cardiopulmonary resuscitation protocol at a collegiate emergency medical services program

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Implementation of a high-throughput ion chromatographic assay to assess glass degradation in drug product formulations

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Implementation of a home-based interactive training system for fall prevention: requirements and challenges

Chmiel, C.; Wang, M.; Sidler, P.; Eichler, K.; Rosemann, T.; Senn, O., 2016:
Implementation of a hospital-integrated general practice--a successful way to reduce the burden of inappropriate emergency-department use

DiComo, G.; Helle, M.; Peñano, J.; Ting, A.; Schmitt-Sody, A.; Elle, J., 2016:
Implementation of a long range, distributed-volume, continuously variable turbulence generator

Martínez-Calle, N.; Hidalgo, F.; Alfonso, A.; Muñoz, M.; Hernández, M.; Lecumberri, R.; Páramo, J.A., 2016:
Implementation of a management protocol for massive bleeding reduces mortality in non-trauma patients: Results from a single centre audit

Khoury, L.; Dangodara, A.A.; Lee, J-Ah.; Lovejoy, M.; Amin, A.N., 2015:
Implementation of a mandated venous thromboembolism clinical order set improves venous thromboembolism core measures

Ott, B.; Dahlke, C.; Meller, K.; Napirei, M.; Schmitt-John, T.; Brand-Saberi, B.; Theiss, C.; Saberi, D., 2016:
Implementation of a manual for working with wobbler mice and criteria for discontinuation of the experiment

Zune, Q.; Delepierre, A.; Toye, D.; Punt, P.J.; Delvigne, F., 2015:
Implementation of a metal structured packing in a fungal biofilm reactor for the production of a recombinant protein by Aspergillus oryzae

Johner, N.; Harries, D.; Khelashvili, G., 2016:
Implementation of a methodology for determining elastic properties of lipid assemblies from molecular dynamics simulations

Gengchen Liu; Smith, K.; Kaya, T., 2016:
Implementation of a microfluidic conductivity sensor -- a potential sweat electrolyte sensing system for dehydration detection

Lorenz, K.J.; Böckers, A.; Fassnacht, U.; Wilde, F.; Wegener, M., 2016:
Implementation of a miniaturised navigation system in head and neck surgery for the detection and removal of foreign bodies

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Implementation of a mobile inpatient quality of life (QoL) assessment for oncology nursing

Fontecave-Jallon, J.; Thomas, S.Randall., 2016:
Implementation of a model of bodily fluids regulation

Anitua, E.; Prado, R.; Troya, Mía.; Zalduendo, M.; de la Fuente, Mía.; Pino, A.; Muruzabal, F.; Orive, G., 2017:
Implementation of a more physiological plasma rich in growth factor (PRGF) protocol: Anticoagulant removal and reduction in activator concentration

Al-Khatib, I.A.; Abu Fkhidah, I.; Khatib, J.I.; Kontogianni, S., 2016:
Implementation of a multi-variable regression analysis in the assessment of the generation rate and composition of hospital solid waste for the design of a sustainable management system in developing countries

Schorr, C.; Odden, A.; Evans, L.; Escobar, G.J.; Gandhi, S.; Townsend, S.; Levy, M., 2016:
Implementation of a multicenter performance improvement program for early detection and treatment of severe sepsis in general medical-surgical wards

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Implementation of a multicomponent intervention to optimise patient safety through improved oxygen prescription in a rural hospital

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Implementation of a multidisciplinary clinical pathway for the management of postpartum hemorrhage: a retrospective study

Dunnenberger, H.M.; Biszewski, M.; Bell, G.C.; Sereika, A.; May, H.; Johnson, S.G.; Hulick, P.J.; Khandekar, J., 2018:
Implementation of a multidisciplinary pharmacogenomics clinic in a community health system

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Implementation of a multidisciplinary robotic centre in a high-volume university hospital

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Implementation of a national school-based Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine campaign in Fiji: knowledge, vaccine acceptability and information needs of parents

Miller Quidley, A.; LeClaire, A.; Glick Frasiolas, J.; Berger, K.; Gonzales, J.P.; Oyen, L., 2016:
Implementation of a national, Web-based critical care pharmacy journal club

Morgan, M.C.; Kumar, G.S.; Kaiser, S.V.; Seetharam, S.; Ruel, T.D., 2016:
Implementation of a neonatal transcutaneous bilirubin screening programme in rural India

Chane, C.Simon.; Thoury, M.; Tournié, Aélie.; Echard, J-Philippe., 2015:
Implementation of a neural network for multispectral luminescence imaging of lake pigment paints

Coetzee, L.M.; Cassim, N.; Glencross, D.K., 2016:
Implementation of a new 'community' laboratory CD4 service in a rural health district in South Africa extends laboratory services and substantially improves local reporting turnaround time

Kotz, D., 2016:
Implementation of a new 'opt-out' default for tobacco treatment is urgently needed, but requires free access to evidence-based treatments

Hutanu, V.; Luberstetter, W.; Bourgeat-Lami, E.; Meven, M.; Sazonov, A.; Steffen, A.; Heger, G.; Roth, G.; Lelièvre-Berna, E., 2016:
Implementation of a new Cryopad on the diffractometer POLI at MLZ

Zavilla, C.M.; Skledar, S.; Lang, M.Beth.; Gross, C., 2016:
Implementation of a new dantrolene formulation across a multifacility health system

Ross, D.; Hinz, J.; Mansur, A.; Mielck, F.; Roessler, M.; Quintel, M.; Bauer, M., 2015:
Implementation of a new emergency room protocol at a University Medical Center in Germany: basis for improved flow of information, adequate quality management and scientific assessment

Jakobsson, S.; Huber, D.; Björklund, F.; Mooe, T., 2016:
Implementation of a new guideline in cardiovascular secondary preventive care: subanalysis of a randomized controlled trial

Huang, Y.; Huang, L.F., 2016:
Implementation of a new guideline to minimize mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of severe community acquired pneumonia

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Implementation of a new integrated d-lactic acid biosensor in a semiautomatic FIA system for the simultaneous determination of lactic acid enantiomers. Application to the analysis of beer samples

Zamanian, H.; Koohi, A., 2016:
Implementation of a new iterative learning control algorithm on real data

Furness, L.; Pighills, A.C.; Ducat, W.; Tynan, A., 2016:
Implementation of a new model of clinical education for regional occupational therapy student clinical placements

Rolls, E.T.; Joliot, M.; Tzourio-Mazoyer, N., 2016:
Implementation of a new parcellation of the orbitofrontal cortex in the automated anatomical labeling atlas

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Implementation of a new prenatal care model to reduce office visits and increase connectivity and continuity of care: protocol for a mixed-methods study

Nouizi, F.; Kwong, T.C.; Cho, J.; Lin, Y.; Sampathkumaran, U.; Gulsen, G., 2016:
Implementation of a new scanning method for high-resolution fluorescence tomography using thermo-sensitive fluorescent agents

Blower, E.L.; MacCarrick, T.; Forster, H.; Sutton, P.A.; Vimalachandran, D., 2015:
Implementation of a new tool to improve the efficacy and safety of surgical handovers

Kim, J.; Glide-Hurst, C.; Doemer, A.; Wen, N.; Movsas, B.; Chetty, I.J., 2015:
Implementation of a novel algorithm for generating synthetic CT images from magnetic resonance imaging data sets for prostate cancer radiation therapy

Bokhari, S.; Kulendran, M.; Liasis, L.; Qurashi, K.; Sen, M.; Gould, S., 2015:
Implementation of a novel emergency surgical unit significantly improves the management of gallstone pancreatitis

Guo, Z.; Li, S.; Yin, W.; He, J., 2016:
Implementation of a novel enhanced recovery after surgery program in thoracoscopic bilateral bullectomy

Gill, B.C.; Arora, H.C.; Kerr, H.R.; Flechner, S.M.; Ellis, C.D.; Goldfarb, D.A., 2015:
Implementation of a novel living-donor kidney transplant preoperative checklist within the electronic medical record: a pilot study

Eaton, J.L.; Mohr, D.C.; Mohammad, A.; Kirkhorn, S.; Gerstel-Santucci, C.; McPhaul, K.; Hodgson, M.J., 2015:
Implementation of a novel occupational and environmental medicine specialty teleconsultation service: the VHA experience

Blankush, J.M.; Freeman, R.; McIlvaine, J.; Tran, T.; Nassani, S.; Leitman, I.Michael., 2016:
Implementation of a novel postoperative monitoring system using automated Modified Early Warning Scores (MEWS) incorporating end-tidal capnography

Gomez, A.Titus.; Quinn, J.George.; Doiron, D.Joseph.; Watson, S.; Crocker, B.David.; Cheng, C.Ka-Wing., 2015:
Implementation of a novel real-time platelet inventory management system at a multi-site transfusion service

Paradise Black, N.M.; Black, E.W.; Rivkees, S.A., 2015:
Implementation of a novel track-based pediatric residency training program

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Implementation of a nurse practitioner policy for the requisition and administration of drugs in a haemophilia comprehensive care centre

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Implementation of a pain management algorithm in intensive care units and evaluation of nurses' level of adherence with the algorithm

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Implementation of a quality improvement project on smoking cessation reduces smoking in a high risk trauma patient population

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Implementation of a repeated fed-batch process for the production of chitin-glucan complex by Komagataella pastoris

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Implementation of a robot for the preparation of antineoplastic drugs in the Pharmacy Service

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Implementation of a robotic video-assisted thoracic surgical program

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Implementation of a sampling strategy to detect West Nile virus in oral and cloacal samples in live song birds

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Implementation of a school-based social and emotional learning intervention: understanding diffusion processes within complex systems

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Implementation of a self-monitoring application to improve on-task behavior: A high school pilot study

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Implementation of a shared-savings program for surgical supplies decreases inventory cost

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Implementation of a simple electronic transfusion alert system decreases inappropriate ordering of packed red blood cells and plasma in a multi-hospital health care system

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Implementation of a simple method to measure total umbilical cord length

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Implementation of a simplified flow cytometric assays for minimal residual disease monitoring in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Implementation of a single quad MS detector in high-throughput transdermal research of plant extracts

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Implementation of a smartphone as a wireless gyroscope application for the quantification of reflex response

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Implementation of a smartphone for evaluating gait characteristics of a trans-tibial prosthesis

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Implementation of a smartphone wireless accelerometer platform for establishing deep brain stimulation treatment efficacy of essential tremor with machine learning

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Implementation of a spark plasma sintering facility in a hermetic glovebox for compaction of toxic, radiotoxic, and air sensitive materials

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Implementation of a spike-based perceptron learning rule using TiO2-x memristors

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Implementation of a split-bolus single-pass CT protocol at a UK major trauma centre to reduce excess radiation dose in trauma pan-CT

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Implementation of a standardized postanesthesia care handoff increases information transfer without increasing handoff duration

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Implementation of a structured programme of preceptorship for newly qualified midwives in a maternity unit

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Implementation of a Surgeon-Level Comparative Quality Performance Review to Improve Positive Surgical Margin Rates during Radical Prostatectomy

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Implementation of a surgical handover tool in a busy tertiary referral centre: a complete audit cycle

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Implementation of a targeted screening program to detect airflow obstruction suggestive of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease within a presurgical screening clinic

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Implementation of a teaching programme to improve doctors' awareness of DVLA guidelines: a multicentre study

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Implementation of a team model for RACF care by a general practice

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Implementation of a team-based learning course: Work required and perceptions of the teaching team

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Implementation of a technology-assisted programme to intensify upper limb rehabilitation in neurologically impaired participants: A prospective study

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Implementation of a telephone-based secondary preventive intervention after acute coronary syndrome (ACS): participation rate, reasons for non-participation and 1-year survival

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Implementation of a text-messaging intervention for adolescents who self-harm (TeenTEXT): a feasibility study using normalisation process theory

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Implementation of a transfusion bundle reduces inappropriate red blood cell transfusions in intensive care - a before and after study

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Implementation of a triage system in Pakistan: the need of the hour

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Implementation of a two-group likelihood time-to-event continual reassessment method using SAS

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Implementation of a virtual laboratory for training on sound insulation testing and uncertainty calculations in acoustic tests

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Implementation of a virtual learning from discrepancy meeting: a method to improve attendance and facilitate shared learning from radiological error

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Implementation of a vision-screening program in rural northeastern United States

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Implementation of a volumetric modulated arc therapy treatment planning solution for kidney and adrenal stereotactic body radiation therapy

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Implementation of a volunteer university student research assistant program in an emergency department: the nuts and bolts for success

Boland, X., 2016:
Implementation of a ward round pro-forma to improve adherence to best practice guidelines

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Implementation of a web based universal exchange and inference language for medicine: Sparse data, probabilities and inference in data mining of clinical data repositories

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Implementation of a widely tunable microwave signal generator based on dual-polarization fiber grating laser

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Implementation of a wireless ECG acquisition SoC for IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) applications

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Implementation of a wireless sensor network for heart rate monitoring in a senior center

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Implementation of a worksite wellness program targeting small businesses: the Pinnacol Assurance health risk management study

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Implementation of a "second victim" program in a pediatric hospital

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Implementation of active surveillance in electronic health records at pediatric institutions

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Implementation of active-type Lamina 3D display system

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Implementation of adaptive methods in early-phase clinical trials

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Implementation of adjuvant trastuzumab in Northern Ireland: Patient selection and treatment tolerability

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Implementation of an Ability-Based Training Program in Police Force Recruits

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Implementation of an Academic Medical Center CT Dose Reduction Program at a Newly Acquired Community Hospital

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Development of a 4-aminopyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine-based dual IGF1R/Src inhibitor as a novel anticancer agent with minimal toxicity

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Implementation of an Acute Care Surgery Service in a Community Hospital: Impact on Hospital Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

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Implementation of an Adjunct Strategy to Reduce Blood Pressure in Blacks with Uncontrolled Hypertension: a Pilot Project

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Implementation of an Advanced Access Scheduling System in Primary Healthcare: One Clinic's Experience

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Implementation of an Advanced Practice Provider Service on an Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Unit: Impact on Patient Outcomes

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Implementation of an Algorithm for Prosthetic Joint Infection: Deviations and Problems

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Implementation of an Anesthesia Information Management System in an Ambulatory Surgery Center

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Implementation of an Automated High-Throughput Plasmid DNA Production Pipeline

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Implementation of an Automatic Laboratory Data Checking System To Reduce Deduction of Statins Reimbursement in A Teaching Hospital in Taiwan

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Implementation of an ERAS program in liver surgery

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Implementation of an Early Palliative Care Referral Program: A Pilot Study in Quality Improvement

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Implementation of an Early Warning Scoring System to Identify Patients With Cancer at Risk for Deterioration

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Implementation of an Ebola virus disease vaccine clinical trial during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia: Design, procedures, and challenges

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Implementation of an Education Value Unit (EVU) System to Recognize Faculty Contributions

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Implementation of an Educational Cartoon ("the Patchbook") and Other Compliance-Enhancing Measures by Orthoptists in Occlusion Treatment of Amblyopia

Dedy, N.J.; Fecso, A.B.; Szasz, P.; Bonrath, E.M.; Grantcharov, T.P., 2016:
Implementation of an Effective Strategy for Teaching Nontechnical Skills in the Operating Room: A Single-blinded Nonrandomized Trial

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Implementation of an Electronic Data Collection Tool to Monitor Nursing-Sensitive Indicators in a Large Academic Health Sciences Centre

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Implementation of an Embedded Web Server Application for Wireless Control of Brain Computer Interface Based Home Environments

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Implementation of an Emergency Department Sepsis Bundle and System Redesign: A Process Improvement Initiative

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Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery Pathway After Pancreaticoduodenectomy in Patients with Low Drain Fluid Amylase

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Implementation of an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Quantification of Allergenic Egg Residues in Red Wines Using Commercially Available Antibodies

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Implementation of clinical decision support rules

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Implementation of coordinated global serotype 2 oral poliovirus vaccine cessation: risks of potential non-synchronous cessation

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Implementation of density functional embedding theory within the projector-augmented-wave method and applications to semiconductor defect states

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Implementation of design of experiments approach for the micronization of a drug with a high brittle-ductile transition particle diameter

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Implementation of development promoting care in neonatology from the viewpoint of organizational consulting. 1

Regnat, P., 2015:
Implementation of development promoting care in neonatology from the viewpoint of the organizational consulting. 2

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Implementation of dextrose gel in the management of neonatal hypoglycaemia

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Implementation of electronic scripts in South Africa

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Implementation of equity in resource allocation for regional earthquake risk mitigation using two-stage stochastic programming

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Implementation of fracture liaison service in a New Zealand public hospital: Waitemata district health board experience

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Implementation of full/half bowtie filter models in a commercial treatment planning system for kilovoltage cone-beam CT dose estimations

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Implementation of human thermal comfort information in Köppen-Geiger climate classification-the example of China

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Implementation of integral feedback control in biological systems

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Implementation of laparoscopic surgery for endometrial cancer: work in progress

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Implementation of laser acupuncture with lifting-thrusting through the use of mechanically immobile components

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Implementation of laser technology and treatment at county level in the Swedish Public Dental Service

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Implementation of latent tuberculosis screening in HIV care centres: evaluation in a low tuberculosis incidence setting

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Implementation of lung cancer screening: promises and hurdles

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Implementation of lung ultrasound in polyvalent intensive care unit: Impact on irradiation and medical cost

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Implementation of mechanism of action biology-driven early drug development for children with cancer

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Implementation of medication review with follow-up in a Spanish community pharmacy and its achieved outcomes

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Implementation of meningococcal B vaccination (Bexsero®) in France: Physicians' perceptions and experiences of a few months after marketing approval

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Implementation of miRNAs to Reduce In-Stent Restenosis in the Future

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Implementation of microchip electrophoresis instrumentation for future spaceflight missions

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Implementation of minimal invasive gynaecological surgery certification will challenge gynaecologists with new legal and ethical issues

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Implementation of modern rescue medicine

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Implementation of modern therapy approaches and research for non-small cell lung cancer in Japan

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Implementation of multidimensional knowledge translation strategies to improve procedural pain in hospitalized children

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Implementation of multidirectional moiré computerized tomography: multidirectional affine calibration

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Implementation of multidisciplinary team in the diagnosis and treatment of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasm

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Implementation of multivariate techniques for the selection of volatile compounds as indicators of sensory quality of raw beef

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Implementation of musculoskeletal ultrasonography in detection of early juvenile idiopathic arthritis

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Implementation of national guidelines for the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents: a phenomenographic analysis of public health nurses' perceptions

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Implementation of national practice guidelines to reduce waste and optimize patient value

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Implementation of nephrology subspecialty curricular milestones

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Implementation of new approaches for generating conventional reassortants for live attenuated influenza vaccine based on Russian master donor viruses

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Implementation of new dry electrodes and comparison with conventional Ag/AgCl electrodes for whole body electrical bioimpedance application

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Implementation of new technologies in U.S. dental school curricula

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Implementation of objective activity monitoring to supplement the interpretation of ambulatory esophageal PH investigations

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Implementation of online opioid overdose prevention, recognition and response trainings for professional first responders: Year 1 survey results

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Implementation of optical diagnosis for colorectal polyps: standardization of studies is needed

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Implementation of output prediction models for a passively double-scattered proton therapy system

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Implementation of palliative care as a mandatory cross-disciplinary subject (QB13) at the Medical Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany

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Implementation of parental feeding practices: does parenting style matter?

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Implementation of patient blood management remains extremely variable in Europe and Canada: the NATA benchmark project: An observational study

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Implementation of patient-centered bedside rounds in the pediatric intensive care unit

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Implementation of patient-reported outcome measures in U.S. Total joint replacement registries: rationale, status, and plans

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Implementation of pattern-mixture models in randomized clinical trials

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Implementation of pediatric cervical spine clearance guidelines at a combined trauma center: Twelve-month impact

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Implementation of performance indicators in the Czech Breast Cancer Screening Programme -  results of the regular monitoring

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Implementation of performance metrics in clinical trial data management

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Implementation of personalized medicine for fracture risk assessment in osteoporosis

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Implementation of pertussis immunization in health-care personnel

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Implementation of photobiological H2 production: the O 2 sensitivity of hydrogenases

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Implementation of physical activity programs after COPD hospitalizations: Lessons from a randomized study

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Implementation of point-of-care tools for assessment of teaching

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Implementation of post treatment critical evaluation improved the quality of orthodontic care in postgraduate orthodontic clinic: A 10 years comparative study

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Implementation of post-resuscitation care in adult cardiac arrest patients - Experts' opinion

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Implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis for human immunodeficiency virus infection: progress and emerging issues in research and policy

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Implementation of precision control to achieve the goal of schistosomiasis elimination in China

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Implementation of pregnancy weight management and obesity guidelines: A meta-synthesis of healthcare professionals' barriers and facilitators using the Theoretical Domains Framework

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Implementation of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programme through private hospitals of Delhi--policy implications

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Implementation of protected mealtimes in the subacute setting: stepped wedge cluster trial protocol

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Implementation of protocolized tight control and biological dose optimization in daily clinical practice: results of a pilot study

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Implementation of psychiatric-focused lifestyle medicine programs in Asia

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Implementation of public policy on alcohol and other drugs in Brazilian municipalities: comparative studies

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Implementation of quality by design principles in the development of microsponges as drug delivery carriers: Identification and optimization of critical factors using multivariate statistical analyses and design of experiments studies

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Implementation of quality medical physics training in a low-middle income country - sharing experience from a tertiary care JCIA-accredited university hospital

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Implementation of quality of life monitoring in Dutch routine care of adolescents with type 1 diabetes: appreciated but difficult

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Implementation of quality systems by Mexican exporters of processed meat

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