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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58099

Chapter 58099 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hensel, R.L.; Kempker, R.R.; Tapia, J.; Oladele, A.; Blumberg, H.M.; Magee, M.J., 2016:
Increased risk of latent tuberculous infection among persons with pre-diabetes and diabetes mellitus

Peng, Y-Chun.; Lin, C-Li.; Kao, C-Hung., 2016:
Increased risk of liver cirrhosis for tuberculosis infection: response to Shen

Chung, W-S.; Lin, C-L.; Hsu, W-H.; Kao, C-H., 2016:
Increased risk of lung cancer among patients with bronchiectasis: a nationwide cohort study

Juan, C-Kuei.; Shen, J-Lung.; Lin, C-Li.; Kim, K.Wang.; Chen, W-Chi., 2018:
Increased risk of lung cancer in patients with eczema: a nationwide cohort study in Taiwan

van Rein, N.; le Cessie, S.; van Vliet, I.P.; Reitsma, P.H.; van der Meer, F.J.M.; Lijfering, W.M.; Cannegieter, S.C., 2018:
Increased risk of major bleeding after a minor bleed during treatment with vitamin K antagonists is determined by fixed common risk factors

Roed Nielsen, H.; Petersen, J.; Therkildsen, C.; Skytte, A-Bine.; Nilbert, M., 2015:
Increased risk of male cancer and identification of a potential prostate cancer cluster region in BRCA2

Granados, R.; Butrón, M.; Santonja, C.; Rodríguez, Jé-María.; Martín, A.; Duarte, J.; Camarmo, Eón.; Corrales, T.; Aramburu, Jé-Antonio., 2016:
Increased risk of malignancy for non-atypical urothelial cell groups compared to negative cytology in voided urine. Morphological changes with LBC

Green, Aèle.C.; Olsen, C.M., 2016:
Increased risk of melanoma in organ transplant recipients: systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies

Olsen, C.M.; Lane, S.W.; Green, Aèle.C., 2015:
Increased risk of melanoma in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies

Merler, E.; Girardi, P.; Panato, C.; Bressan, V., 2016:
Increased risk of mesothelioma and lung cancer among workers exposed to asbestos who could require an anticipated retirement

Egeberg, A.; Mallbris, L.; Hilmar Gislason, G.; Skov, L.; Riis Hansen, P., 2016:
Increased risk of migraine in patients with psoriasis: A Danish nationwide cohort study

Flores, E.; Lewinger, J.Pablo.; Rowe, V.L.; Woo, K.; Weaver, F.A.; Shavelle, D.; Clavijo, L.; Garg, P.K., 2016:
Increased risk of mortality after lower extremity bypass in individuals with acute kidney injury in the Vascular Quality Initiative

Scott, E.E.F.; Hamilton, D.F.; Wallace, R.J.; Muir, A.Y.; Simpson, A.H.R.W., 2016:
Increased risk of muscle tears below physiological temperature ranges

Brode, S.K.; Jamieson, F.B.; Ng, R.; Campitelli, M.A.; Kwong, J.C.; Paterson, J.Michael.; Li, P.; Marchand-Austin, A.; Bombardier, C.; Marras, T.K., 2015:
Increased risk of mycobacterial infections associated with anti-rheumatic medications

Ozkaya-Parlakay, Aınur.; Kara, A.; Cengiz, A.Bulent., 2016:
Increased risk of nephrotoxicity: Side effect of colistin use in paediatric patients

Wee, H-Yue.; Ho, C-Han.; Liang, F-Wen.; Hsieh, K-Yang.; Wang, C-Chuan.; Wang, J-Joung.; Chio, C-Ching.; Chang, C-Hung.; Kuo, J-Rung., 2017:
Increased risk of new-onset depression in patients with traumatic brain injury and hyperlipidemia: the important role of statin medications

Pacheco, Y.M.; Jarrin, I.; Rosado, I.; Campins, A.A.; Berenguer, J.; Iribarren, J.A.; Rivero, M.; Muñoz-Medina, L.; Bernal-Morell, E.; Gutiérrez, F.; Leal, M., 2016:
Increased risk of non-AIDS-related events in HIV subjects with persistent low CD4 counts despite cART in the CoRIS cohort

Reilly, N.R.; Lebwohl, B.; Hultcrantz, R.; Green, P.H.R.; Ludvigsson, J.F., 2016:
Increased risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease after diagnosis of celiac disease

Li, C.; Xing, J-Jing.; Shan, A-Qi.; Leng, L.; Liu, J-Chuan.; Yue, S.; Yu, H.; Chen, X.; Tian, F-Shi.; Tang, N-Jun., 2016:
Increased risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with occupational stress in Chinese policemen: A 4-year cohort study

Grant, W.B., 2016:
Increased risk of noncutaneous malignancy after diagnosis of nonmelanoma skin cancer may be due to sun avoidance

Chao, C-H.; Chen, H-J.; Wang, H-Y.; Li, T-C.; Kao, C-H., 2016:
Increased risk of organic erectile dysfunction in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: a nationwide population-based cohort study

Lee, C.Wei-Sheng.; Liao, C-Hui.; Lin, C-Li.; Liang, J-An.; Sung, F-Chang.; Kao, C-Hung., 2015:
Increased risk of osteoporosis in patients with depression: a population-based retrospective cohort study

Wu, C-Hsin.; Lu, Y-Yi.; Chai, C-Yin.; Su, Y-Feng.; Tsai, T-Hsin.; Tsai, F-Ji.; Lin, C-Lung., 2016:
Increased risk of osteoporosis in patients with erectile dysfunction: A nationwide population-based cohort study

Neglia, C.; Agnello, N.; Argentiero, A.; Chitano, G.; Quarta, G.; Bortone, I.; Della Rosa, G.; Caretto, A.; Distante, A.; Colao, A.; D.S.mma, C.; Migliore, A.; Auriemma, R.S.; Piscitelli, P., 2015:
Increased risk of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a three-year longitudinal study with phalangeal QUS measurements

Antonelli, A.; Ferri, C.; Ferrari, S.Martina.; D.D.menicantonio, A.; Giuggioli, D.; Galleri, D.; Miccoli, P.; Fallahi, P., 2016:
Increased risk of papillary thyroid cancer in systemic sclerosis associated with autoimmune thyroiditis

Wang, P.; Lv, L.; Qi, F.; Qiu, F., 2015:
Increased risk of papillary thyroid cancer related to hormonal factors in women

Chou, T-Yi.; Su, T-Wei.; Jou, H-Jeng.; Yang, P-Yu.; Chen, H-Ju.; Muo, C-Hsin.; Kao, C-Hung., 2015:
Increased risk of peripheral arterial disease after hip replacement: an 11-year retrospective population-based cohort study

Watts, C.D.; Abdel, M.P.; Lewallen, D.G.; Berry, D.J.; Hanssen, A.D., 2015:
Increased risk of periprosthetic femur fractures associated with a unique cementless stem design

Zhang, X.; Liu, F., 2015:
Increased risk of pneumonia associated with angiotensin-converting enzyme (CD143) rs4340 polymorphism

Stine, J.G.; Shah, N.L.; Argo, C.K.; Pelletier, S.J.; Caldwell, S.H.; Northup, P.G., 2016:
Increased risk of portal vein thrombosis in patients with cirrhosis due to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

El-Hussuna, A.; Theede, K.; Olaison, G., 2015:
Increased risk of post-operative complications in patients with Crohn's disease treated with anti-tumour necrosis factor α agents - a systematic review

Chung, M-Chi.; Wu, M-Ju.; Chang, C-Hsiang.; Muo, C-Hsin.; Yu, T-Min.; Ho, H-Chung.; Shu, K-Hsiung.; Chung, C-Jung., 2015:
Increased risk of post-transplant malignancy and mortality in transplant tourists: a nationwide population-based cohort study in Taiwan

Chen, C-Chi.; Chung, C-Ying.; Lee, T-Hai.; Chang, W-Han.; Tang, S.Ft.; Pei, Y-Cheng., 2015:
Increased risk of posterior circulation infarcts among ischemic stroke patients with cervical spondylosis

Sunkara, S.Kamal.; L.M.rca, A.; Seed, P.T.; Khalaf, Y., 2016:
Increased risk of preterm birth and low birthweight with very high number of oocytes following IVF: an analysis of 65 868 singleton live birth outcomes

Stokkeland, K.; Ludvigsson, J.F.; Hultcrantz, R.; Ekbom, A.; Höijer, J.; Bottai, M.; Stephansson, O., 2016:
Increased risk of preterm birth in women with autoimmune hepatitis - a nationwide cohort study

Chiang, H-Hung.; Guo, H-Ran.; Livneh, H.; Lu, M-Chi.; Yen, M-Ling.; Tsai, T-Yi., 2016:
Increased risk of progression to dialysis or death in CKD patients with depressive symptoms: A prospective 3-year follow-up cohort study

Gruber, R., 2016:
Increased risk of psoriasis in individuals with childhood asthma: therapeutic implications?

Linszen, M.M.J.; Brouwer, R.M.; Heringa, S.M.; Sommer, I.E., 2016:
Increased risk of psychosis in patients with hearing impairment: Review and meta-analyses

Lu, M-C.; Lai, C-L.; Tsai, C-C.; Koo, M.; Lai, N-S., 2016:
Increased risk of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with rheumatic diseases

Fan, W-C.; Ou, S-M.; Feng, J-Y.; Hu, Y-W.; Yeh, C-M.; Su, V.Y-F.; Hu, L-Y.; Chien, S-H.; Su, W-J.; Chen, T-J.; Liu, C-J., 2016:
Increased risk of pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease

Peters, Börn.; Stegmayr, B.; Andersson, Y.; Hadimeri, H.; Mölne, J., 2016:
Increased risk of renal biopsy complications in patients with IgA-nephritis

Morrow, K.L.; Kim, A.H.; Plato, S.A.; Shevitz, A.J.; Goldstone, J.; Baele, H.; Kashyap, V.S., 2016 :
Increased risk of renal dysfunction with percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy compared with catheter-directed thrombolysis

Schrama, J.Cornelis.; Fenstad, A.M.; Dale, Håvard.; Havelin, L.; Hallan, G.; Overgaard, Søren.; Pedersen, A.B.; Kärrholm, J.; Garellick, Göran.; Pulkkinen, P.; Eskelinen, A.; Mäkelä, K.; Engesæter, L.B.; Fevang, Børg-Tilde., 2015:
Increased risk of revision for infection in rheumatoid arthritis patients with total hip replacements

Varnum, C.; Pedersen, A.B.; Mäkelä, K.; Eskelinen, A.; Havelin, L.Ivar.; Furnes, O.; Kärrholm, J.; Garellick, Göran.; Overgaard, Søren., 2015:
Increased risk of revision of cementless stemmed total hip arthroplasty with metal-on-metal bearings

Wang, Y-Chia.; Huang, Y-Ping.; Wang, M-Ting.; Wang, H-I.; Pan, S-Liang., 2016:
Increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis in patients with migraine: a population-based, propensity score-matched cohort study

Falchook, A.D.; Zevallos, J.P.; Chera, B.S., 2018:
Increased risk of salivary gland cancer among women with a previous cancer diagnosis

Baiocchi, G.Luca.; Molfino, S.; Frittoli, B.; Pigozzi, G.; Gheza, F.; Gaverini, G.; Tarasconi, A.; Ricci, C.; Bertagna, F.; Grazioli, L.; Tiberio, G.A.M.; Portolani, N., 2016:
Increased risk of second malignancy in pancreatic intraductal papillary mucinous tumors: Review of the literature

Lee, J.S.; DuBois, S.G.; Coccia, P.F.; Bleyer, A.; Olin, R.L.; Goldsby, R.E., 2016:
Increased risk of second malignant neoplasms in adolescents and young adults with cancer

Lee, K-Der.; Chen, C-Yu.; Huang, H-Jean.; Wang, T-Yao.; Teng, D.; Huang, S-Hao.; Lai, C-Huey.; Chen, M-Chi., 2016:
Increased risk of second primary malignancies following uterine cancer: a population-based study in Taiwan over a 30-year period

Marti, J.L.; Jain, K.S.; Morris, L.G.T., 2016:
Increased risk of second primary malignancy in pediatric and young adult patients treated with radioactive iodine for differentiated thyroid cancer

Chen, Y.; Xu, L.; Liu, D.; Liu, K.; Chen, H.; Zhang, X.; Wang, F.; Wang, J.; Wang, Y.; Han, W.; Chen, Y.; Yan, C.; Zhao, T.; Huang, X., 2015:
Increased risk of severe acute graft-versus-host disease in low body mass index patients undergoing haploidentical allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Meulendijks, D.; Jacobs, B.A.W.; Aliev, A.; Pluim, D.; van Werkhoven, E.; Deenen, M.J.; Beijnen, J.H.; Cats, A.; Schellens, J.H.M., 2016:
Increased risk of severe fluoropyrimidine-associated toxicity in patients carrying a G to C substitution in the first 28-bp tandem repeat of the thymidylate synthase 2R allele

Ma, Q.; Gu, L-Yan.; Ren, Y-Yao.; Zeng, L-Li.; Gong, T.; Zhong, D-Sheng., 2015:
Increased risk of severe infections in cancer patients treated with vascular endothelial growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors: a meta-analysis

Tong, S.; Fan, K.; Jiang, K.; Zhai, W.; Fang, B.; Wang, S-Hua.; Wang, J-Jun., 2016:
Increased risk of severe infections in non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with pemetrexed: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Vance, L.D.; Rodeghier, M.; Cohen, R.T.; Rosen, C.L.; Kirkham, F.J.; Strunk, R.C.; DeBaun, M.R., 2015:
Increased risk of severe vaso-occlusive episodes after initial acute chest syndrome in children with sickle cell anemia less than 4 years old: Sleep and asthma cohort

Keller, J.Jordan.; Wang, J.; Hwang, Y-Li.; Chou, C-Chi.; Wang, L-Hsuan.; Hsu, J-Lung.; Bai, C-Huey.; Chiou, H-Yi., 2016:
Increased risk of stroke among patients with Crohn's disease: a population-based matched cohort study

Massera, D.; Wang, D.; Vorchheimer, D.A.; Negassa, A.; Garcia, M.J., 2016:
Increased risk of stroke and mortality following new-onset atrial fibrillation during hospitalization

Bello, N.A.; Lewis, E.F.; Desai, A.S.; Anand, I.S.; Krum, H.; McMurray, J.J.V.; Olson, K.; Solomon, S.D.; Swedberg, K.; van Veldhuisen, D.J.; Young, J.B.; Pfeffer, M.A., 2016:
Increased risk of stroke with darbepoetin alfa in anaemic heart failure patients with diabetes and chronic kidney disease

Lee, H.Y.; Shen, M.X.; Lim, Y.L.; Tay, Y.K.; Chan, M.M.F.; Pang, S.M.; Xiao, Z.W.; Ang, S.B.; Ren, E.C., 2018:
Increased risk of strontium ranelate-related SJS/TEN is associated with HLA

Park, H-Jeong.; Kim, J.; Park, S.Eun.; Park, C-Young.; Lee, W-Young.; Oh, K-Won.; Park, S-Woo.; Rhee, E-Jung., 2016:
Increased risk of subclinical atherosclerosis associated with high visceral adiposity index in apparently healthy Korean adults: the Kangbuk Samsung Health Study

Lin, C-S.; Lin, Y-S.; Liu, C-F.; Weng, S-F.; Lin, C.; Lin, B-S., 2016:
Increased risk of sudden sensorineural hearing loss in patients with depressive disorders: population-based cohort study

Ducasse, D.; Jaussent, I.; Guillaume, S.; Azorin, J.M.; Bellivier, F.; Belzeaux, R.; Bougerol, T.; Etain, B.; Gard, S.; Henry, C.; Kahn, J.P.; Leboyer, M.; Loftus, J.; Passerieux, C.; Courtet, P.H.; Olié, E.; Henry, C.; Leboyer, M.; Etain, B.; Laouamri, H.; Ngo-Nguyen, N.; Boudebesse, C.; Raust, A.; Leroux, M.; Sportiche, S.; Antoniol, B.; Desage, A.; Olie, E.; Ducasse, D.; Moliere, F.; Viglianaise, N.; Lescalier, L.; Cohen, R.; Wajsbrot-Elgrabli, O.; Polosan, M.; Garcon, S.; Hardy-Bayle, M.C.;, 2016:
Increased risk of suicide attempt in bipolar patients with severe tobacco dependence

Lin, L-Te.; Wang, P-Hui.; Tsui, K-Hao.; Cheng, J-Tsuey.; Cheng, J-Shiung.; Huang, W-Chun.; Tang, P-Ling.; Hu, L-Yu., 2016:
Increased risk of systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy-induced hypertension: A nationwide population-based retrospective cohort study

Anonymous, 2011:
Increased risk of thromboembolism in bowel disease

Rollin, Jérôme.; Pouplard, C.; Sung, H.Cheng.; Leroux, Dée.; Saada, A.; Gouilleux-Gruart, Vérie.; Thibault, G.; Gruel, Y., 2015:
Increased risk of thrombosis in FcγRIIA 131RR patients with HIT due to defective control of platelet activation by plasma IgG2

Niesvizky, R.; Spencer, A.; Wang, M.; Weber, D.; Chen, C.; Dimopoulos, M.A.; Yu, Z.; Yu, Z.; Delap, R.; Zeldis, J.; Knight, R.D., 2016:
Increased risk of thrombosis with lenalidomide in combination with dexamethasone and erythropoietin

Feldt-Rasmussen, U., 2016:
Increased risk of thyroid autoimmunity in rheumatoid arthritis

Pan, X-Feng.; Gu, J-Qiu.; Shan, Z-Yan., 2016:
Increased risk of thyroid autoimmunity in rheumatoid arthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lee, C-Feng.; Lin, M-Chia.; Lin, H-Tzu.; Lin, C-Li.; Wang, T-Chuan.; Kao, C-Hung., 2016:
Increased risk of tinnitus in patients with temporomandibular disorder: a retrospective population-based cohort study

Lin, K-Hsiang.; Chen, Y-Tai.; Fuh, J-Ling.; Wang, S-Jiun., 2015:
Increased risk of trigeminal neuralgia in patients with migraine: A nationwide population-based study

Demlow, S.Ellen.; Oh, P.; Barry, P.M., 2015:
Increased risk of tuberculosis among foreign-born persons with diabetes in California, 2010-2012

Bianchi, M.Laura.Ester.; Leoncini, E.; Masciullo, M.; Modoni, A.; Gadalla, S.M.; Massa, R.; Rastelli, E.; Terracciano, C.; Antonini, G.; Bucci, E.; Petrucci, A.; Costanzi, S.; Santoro, M.; Boccia, S.; Silvestri, G., 2016:
Increased risk of tumor in DM1 is not related to exposure to common lifestyle risk factors

Kahan, B.C.; Forbes, G.; Ali, Y.; Jairath, V.; Bremner, S.; Harhay, M.O.; Hooper, R.; Wright, N.; Eldridge, S.M.; Leyrat, Cémence., 2018:
Increased risk of type I errors in cluster randomised trials with small or medium numbers of clusters: a review, reanalysis, and simulation study

Hopmans, T-Eileen.J.P.; van Houten, C.B.; Kasius, A.; Kouznetsova, O.I.; Nguyen, L.A.; Rooijmans, S.V.; Voormolen, D.N.; van Vliet, E.O.G.; Franx, A.; Koster, M.P.H.Wendy., 2015 :
Increased risk of type II diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease after gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review

Shi, X.; Wheeler, K.K.; Shi, J.; Stallones, L.; Ameratunga, S.; Shakespeare, T.; Xiang, H., 2015:
Increased risk of unintentional injuries in adults with disabilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Jordan, N.P.; Bezanahary, H.; D'Cruz, D.P., 2015:
Increased risk of vascular complications in Takayasu's arteritis patients with positive lupus anticoagulant

Cha, D.J.; Alfrey, E.J.; Desai, D.M.; MacConmara, M.; Hwang, C.S., 2016:
Increased risk of vascular thrombosis in pediatric liver transplant recipients with thrombophilia

Qian, C.; Yan, H.; Hu, X.; Zhang, W.; Liu, H., 2016:
Increased risk of venous thromboembolism in patients with brain tumors: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Cugno, M.; Marzano, A.V.; Bucciarelli, P.; Balice, Y.; Cianchini, G.; Quaglino, P.; Calzavara Pinton, P.; Caproni, M.; Alaibac, M.; D.S.mone, C.; Patrizi, A.; Cozzani, E.; Papini, M.; Tedeschi, A.; Berti, E.; Rosendaal, F.R.; Fabbri, P.; Parodi, A.; Crosti, C.; Zambruno, G.; D.P.tá, O.; Antiga, E.; Bardazzi, F.; L.P.aca, M.; Marra, E.; Brumana, M.B.; Pasolini, G.; Vascellaro, A.; Zacconi, I., 2016:
Increased risk of venous thromboembolism in patients with bullous pemphigoid. The INVENTEP (INcidence of VENous ThromboEmbolism in bullous Pemphigoid) study

Nguyen, T.; Sieira, J.; Casado-Arroyo, R., 2016:
Increased risk of ventricular fibrillation associated with RYTHMIQ™: lessons learned

Te, A.Louise.D.; Lin, Y-Jiang.; Chen, Y-Yu.; Chung, F-Po.; Chang, S-Lin.; Lo, L-Wei.; Hu, Y-Feng.; Tuan, T-Chuan.; Chao, T-Fan.; Liao, J-Nan.; Lin, C-Yu.; Chang, Y-Ting.; Chien, K-Liong.; Chen, S-Ann., 2016:
Increased risk of ventricular tachycardia in patients with sarcoidosis during the very long term follow-up

Wang, J.; You, W.; Jing, Z.; Wang, R.; Fu, Z.; Wang, Y., 2017:
Increased risk of vertebral fracture in patients with diabetes: a meta-analysis of cohort studies

Chen, B.; Cheng, G.; Wang, H.; Feng, Y., 2016:
Increased risk of vertebral fracture in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A meta-analysis

Saracino, A.; Lorenzini, P.; L.C.puto, S.; Girardi, E.; Castelli, F.; Bonfanti, P.; Rusconi, S.; Caramello, P.; Abrescia, N.; Mussini, C.; Monno, L.; d'Arminio Monforte, A.; Moroni, M.; Andreoni, M.; Angarano, G.; Antinori, A.; d'Arminio Monforte, A.; Castelli, F.; Cauda, R.; D.P.rri, G.; Galli, M.; Iardino, R.; Ippolito, G.; Lazzarin, A.; Perno, C.F.; von Schloesser, F.; Viale, P.; Castagna, A.; Ceccherini-Silberstein, F.; Cozzi-Lepri, A.; Girardi, E.; L.C.puto, S.; Mussini, C.; Puoti, 2016:
Increased risk of virologic failure to the first antiretroviral regimen in HIV-infected migrants compared to natives: data from the ICONA cohort

Refaai, M.A.; Goldstein, J.N.; Lee, M.L.; Durn, B.L.; Milling, T.J.; Sarode, R., 2016:
Increased risk of volume overload with plasma compared with four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate for urgent vitamin K antagonist reversal

Tuan Abdul Aziz, T.Azlin.; Teh, L.Kek.; M.I.ris, M.Hanis.; Bannur, Z.; Ashari, L.Shima.; Ismail, A.Idzwan.; Ahmad, A.; Isa, K.Md.; Nor, F.Mohd.; Rahman, T.Hasrah.Abdul.; Shaari, S.Azlin.Binti.; Jan Mohamed, H.Jan.; Mohamad, N.; Salleh, M.Zaki., 2016:
Increased risks of cardiovascular diseases and insulin resistance among the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia

Chuang, Y-Chi.; Weng, S-Feng.; Hsu, Y-Wen.; Huang, C.Lung-Cheng.; Wu, M-Ping., 2015:
Increased risks of healthcare-seeking behaviors of anxiety, depression and insomnia among patients with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis: a nationwide population-based study

Kuo, C-Huang.; Hsieh, T-Cheng.; Wang, C-Hsien.; Chou, C-Lin.; Lai, Y-Hsien.; Chen, Y-Ya.; Lin, Y-Li.; Wu, S-Teng.; Fang, T-Chao., 2016:
Increased risks of mortality and atherosclerotic complications in incident hemodialysis patients subsequently with bone fractures: a nationwide case-matched cohort study

Weng, W-Chin.; Huang, H-Ling.; Wong, L.Chin.; Jong, Y-Jyh.; Yin, Y-Ju.; Chen, H-An.; Lee, W-Tso.; Ho, S-Ying., 2015:
Increased risks of tic disorders in children with epilepsy: A nation-wide population-based case-control study in Taiwan

Anonymous, 2016:
Increased rituximab (R) doses eliminate increased risk and improve outcome of elderly male patients with aggressive CD20+ B-cell lymphomas: the SEXIE-R-CHOP-14 trial of the DSHNHL

Ahmed, Z.; Levesque, I.R., 2016:
Increased robustness in reference region model analysis of DCE MRI using two-step constrained approaches

Sharifi-Zarchi, A.; Totonchi, M.; Khaloughi, K.; Karamzadeh, R.; Araúzo-Bravo, M.J.; Baharvand, H.; Tusserkani, R.; Pezeshk, H.; Chitsaz, H.; Sadeghi, M., 2016:
Increased robustness of early embryogenesis through collective decision-making by key transcription factors

Huang, A.C.; Elliott, J.E.; Hindmarch, S.; Lee, S.L.; Maisonneuve, F.; Bowes, V.; Cheng, K.M.; Martin, K., 2016:
Increased rodenticide exposure rate and risk of toxicosis in barn owls (Tyto alba) from southwestern Canada and linkage with demographic but not genetic factors

Xu, Y.; Cheng, Q.; Yang, B.; Yu, S.; Xu, F.; Lu, L.; Liang, X., 2016:
Increased sCD200 Levels in Vitreous of Patients With Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy and Its Correlation With VEGF and Proinflammatory Cytokines

Klöß, S.; Chambron, N.; Gardlowski, T.; Arseniev, L.; Koch, J.; Esser, R.; Glienke, W.; Seitz, O.; Köhl, U., 2015:
Increased sMICA and TGFβ 1 levels in HNSCC patients impair NKG2D-dependent functionality of activated NK cells

Kim, Y-C.; Bok, D.H.; Chang, H-G.; Kim, S.W.; Park, M.S.; Oh, J.K.; Kim, J.; Kim, T-H., 2016:
Increased sagittal vertical axis is associated with less effective control of acute pain following vertebroplasty

Ma, Y-Chun.; Augé, R.M.; Dong, C.; Cheng, Z-Ming.Max., 2016:
Increased salt tolerance with overexpression of cation/proton antiporter 1 genes: a meta-analysis

Taghipour, M.; Eftekhari, G.; Haddadian, Z.; Mazloom, R.; Mani, M.; Mani, A.R., 2016:
Increased sample asymmetry and memory of cardiac time-series following endotoxin administration in cirrhotic rats

Strollo, R.; Soare, A.; Manon Khazrai, Y.; Di Mauro, A.; Palermo, A.; Del Toro, R.; Fallucca, S.; Giovanna Belluomo, M.; Dugo, L.; Pianesi, M.; Pozzilli, P.; Napoli, N., 2016:
Increased sclerostin and bone turnover after diet-induced weight loss in type 2 diabetes: a post hoc analysis of the MADIAB trial

Jürimäe, J.; Tillmann, V.; Cicchella, A.; Stefanelli, C.; Võsoberg, K.; Tamm, A.L.; Jürimäe, T., 2015:
Increased sclerostin and preadipocyte factor-1 levels in prepubertal rhythmic gymnasts: associations with bone mineral density, body composition, and adipocytokine values

Kim, W.; Chung, Y.; Kim, S.Hwa.; Park, S.; Bae, J.Hyun.; Kim, G.; Lee, S.Jin.; Kim, J.Eun.; Park, B.Woo.; Lim, S.Kil.; Rhee, Y., 2015:
Increased sclerostin levels after further ablation of remnant estrogen by aromatase inhibitors

Tout, J.; Siboni, N.; Messer, L.F.; Garren, M.; Stocker, R.; Webster, N.S.; Ralph, P.J.; Seymour, J.R., 2015:
Increased seawater temperature increases the abundance and alters the structure of natural Vibrio populations associated with the coral Pocillopora damicornis

Rodríguez-Sureda, Víctor.; Crovetto, F.; Triunfo, S.; Sánchez, O.; Crispi, Fátima.; Llurba, E.; Gratacós, E.; Figueras, F.; Domínguez, C., 2016:
Increased secretory sphingomyelinase activity in the first trimester of pregnancy in women later developing preeclampsia: a nested case-control study

Urli, M.; Brown, C.D.; Narváez Perez, R.; Chagnon, P-Luc.; Vellend, M., 2016:
Increased seedling establishment via enemy release at the upper elevational range limit of sugar maple

Pedersen, M.; Omidvarnia, A.H.; Walz, J.M.; Jackson, G.D., 2016:
Increased segregation of brain networks in focal epilepsy: An fMRI graph theory finding

Hunter, J.A.; Kafka, S.; Hayhurst, J.; Clark, H.; Dickerson, D.; Harold, G.; Boyes, M.; O'Brien, K.; Stringer, M., 2010:
Increased self-efficacy following a ten-day developmental voyage

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Increased signal intensity in FLAIR sequences in the resection cavity can predict progression and progression-free survival in gliomas

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Increased sink strength offsets the inhibitory effect of sucrose on sugarcane photosynthesis

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Increased size and cellularity of advanced atherosclerotic lesions in mice with endothelial overexpression of the human TRPC3 channel

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Increased tissue permeability and sympathetic nervous system hypofunction may be the common link between dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain, Mittelschmerz, and Crohn's disease

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Increased treatment durations lead to greater improvements in non-weight bearing dorsiflexion range of motion for asymptomatic individuals immediately following an anteroposterior grade IV mobilisation of the talus

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Increased treatment-related toxicity subsequent to an anti-PD-1 agent

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Increased trend in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation use by adults in the United States since 2007

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Increased trends in the use of treatment-limiting decisions in a regional neurosurgical unit

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Increased tubular creatinine secretion by remnant nephrons-unexplained but informative?

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Increased tumour ADC value during chemotherapy predicts improved survival in unresectable pancreatic cancer

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Increased uNK Progenitor Cells in Women With Endometriosis and Infertility are Associated With Low Levels of Endometrial Stem Cell Factor

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Increased understanding leads to increased complexity: Molecular mechanisms of pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Increased unilateral tendon stiffness and its effect on gait 2-6 years after Achilles tendon rupture

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Increased uptake and improved outcomes of bowel cancer screening with a faecal immunochemical test: results from a pilot study within the national screening programme in England

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Increased uptake of Tc-99m-methylene diphosphonate in the jaw

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Increased uptake of cervical screening by women with HIV infection in Auckland regardless of ethnicity, requirement for an interpreter or level of education

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Increased uric acid levels in bipolar disorder subjects during different phases of illness

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Increased urine output by ipragliflozin in a non-diabetic patient with a diuretic-resistant heart failure

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Increased use in propofol and reported patterns of adverse events among anesthetics in Korea

Anonymous, 1988:
Increased use of agency nurses confirmed

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Increased use of alternative therapies in cancer patients

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Increased use of antimicrobial medication in bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder prior to the eating disorder treatment

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Increased use of brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistulas improves functional primary patency

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Increased use of high-flow nasal oxygen during bronchoscopy

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Increased utilization of postmastectomy radiotherapy in the United States from 2003 to 2011 in patients with one to three tumor positive nodes

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Increased values of the circulating PDGFβ sustains the "withdrawal syndrome" after tyrosine kinase inhibitor discontinuation in patients affected by chronic myeloid leukemia

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Increased valvulo-arterial impedance differently impacts left ventricular longitudinal, circumferential, and radial function in patients with aortic stenosis: A speckle tracking echocardiography study

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Increased variability of the coupling interval of premature ventricular contractions as a predictor of cardiac mortality in patients with left ventricular dysfunction

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Increased variance in temperature and lag effects alter phenological responses to rapid warming in a subarctic plant community

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Increased vascular eNOS and cystathionine-γ-lyase protein after 6 weeks oral administration of 3, 5, 7, 3', 4'-pentamethoxyflavone to middle-aged male rats

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Increased vascular endothelial growth factor expression predicts a worse prognosis for laryngeal cancer patients: a meta-analysis

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Increased vascular endothelial growth factor level in the subretinal fluid of eye with vasoproliferative retinal tumors

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Increased ventral-striatal activity during monetary decision making is a marker of problem poker gambling severity

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Increased versus stable doses of inhaled corticosteroids for exacerbations of chronic asthma in adults and children

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Increased viability but decreased culturability of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in macrophages from inflammatory bowel disease patients under Infliximab treatment

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Increased vigilance needed for the detection of thrombotic complications of central venous access in adolescent cystic fibrosis patients

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Increased visceral adiposity with normal weight is associated with the prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes

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Increased visual information gain improves bimanual force coordination

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Increased visual sensitivity following periods of dim illumination

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Increases in the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and decreases the rostral prefrontal cortex activation after-8 weeks of focused attention based mindfulness meditation

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Increasing Access

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Increasing Pacific nursing numbers

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Increasing Staff Pride and Patient Connection

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Increasing Transparency and the Patient Voice in HTA of New Medicines

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Increasing Trend of Fatal Falls in Older Adults in the United States, 1992 to 2005: Coding Practice or Reporting Quality?

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Increasing Ubiquitin Ion Resistance to Unfolding in the Gas Phase Using Chloride Adduction: Preserving More "Native-Like" Conformations Despite Collisional Activation

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Increasing Unemployment among Indian Dental Graduates - High Time to Control Dental Manpower

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Increasing Vaccination Rates in a Pediatric Chronic Hemodialysis Unit

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Increasing Water Temperature Triggers Dominance of Small Freshwater Plankton

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Increasing Working Memory Load Reduces Processing of Cross-Modal Task-Irrelevant Stimuli Even after Controlling for Task Difficulty and Executive Capacity

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Increasing a Stable Transformation Efficiency of Arabidopsis by Manipulating the Endogenous Gene Expression Using Virus-Induced Gene Silencing

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Increasing access to eye care … there's an app for that. Peek: smartphone technology for eye health

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Increasing aclarubicin dosage of the conventional CAG (low-dose cytarabine and aclarubicin in combination with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) regimen is more efficacious as a salvage therapy than CAG for relapsed/refractory acute myeloid leukemia

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Increasing amount of amyloid are associated with the severity of clinical features in hereditary gelsolin (AGel) amyloidosis

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Anonymous, 1997:
Increasing antenatal HIV testing

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Increasing anti-Aβ-induced neurotoxicity ability of Antrodia camphorata-fermented product with deep ocean water supplementary

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Increasing awareness of Myology: it's time for its recognition as an independent discipline within the Medical Sciences

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Increasing awareness of corticosteroid hypersensitivity reactions is important

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Increasing awareness of sex differences in airway diseases

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Increasing beef production won't reduce emissions

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Increasing board diversity: an imperative for success in the next era

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Increasing body mass index and the incidence of intraoperative hypoxemia

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Increasing body weight

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Anonymous, 2016:
Increasing breast cancer awareness

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Increasing cAMP levels of preadipocytes by cyanidin-3-glucoside treatment induces the formation of beige phenotypes in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

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Increasing children's time spent outdoors reduces the incidence of myopia

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Increasing collaboration between GPs and dental practitioners

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Increasing collaboration between health professionals: Clues and challenges

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Increasing color saturation by optimizing light spectra constrained on color rendering properties

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Increasing comorbidity is associated with worsening physical function and pain after primary total knee arthroplasty

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Increasing complexity and versatility: how the calcium signaling toolkit was shaped during plant land colonization

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Increasing complexity while maintaining a high degree of symmetry in nanocrystal growth

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Anonymous, 1995:
Increasing compliance with self medication

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Increasing compliance with the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist-a regional health system's experience

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Increasing concern is expressed over stress in the workplace. How far should stress management be a responsibility of individuals or organizations?

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Increasing concern over tribunal ruling

Anonymous, 2003:
Increasing concerns for vulnerable older people

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