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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58113

Chapter 58113 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hougaard, M.; Hansen, H.Steen.; Thayssen, P.; Antonsen, L.; Junker, A.; Veien, K.; Jensen, L.Okkels., 2016:
Influence of ezetimibe in addition to high-dose atorvastatin therapy on plaque composition in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction assessed by serial: Intravascular ultrasound with iMap: the OCTIVUS trial

Yao, Q.; Pei, Y.; Zhuo, H.; Xie, B., 2016:
Influence of ezrin-shRNA in combination with HSP70 on the apoptosis and proliferation of osteosarcoma cells

Takemura, Y.; Lee, D-Yeong.; Lee, S-Eun.; Chae, K-Suk.; Shim, T-Hun.; Lian, G.; Kim, M.; Park, J-Gun., 2015:
Influence of face-centered-cubic texturing of Co2Fe6B2 pinned layer on tunneling magnetoresistance ratio decrease in Co2Fe6B2/MgO-based p-MTJ spin valves stacked with a [Co/Pd](n)-SyAF layer

Merinville, E.; Grennan, G.Z.; Gillbro, J.M.; Mathieu, J.; Mavon, A., 2016:
Influence of facial skin ageing characteristics on the perceived age in a Russian female population

Vautier, M.; de Boysson, H.; Creveuil, C.; Repesse, Y.; Borel-Derlon, A.; Troussard, X.; Damaj, G.L.; Bienvenu, B.; Gautier, P.; Aouba, A., 2017:
Influence of factor VIII level and its inhibitor titer on the therapeutic response to corticosteroids alone in the management of acquired hemophilia: A retrospective single-center study

Yang, Y.; Liu, J.; Gu, R.; Hu, Y.; Liu, F.; Yun, M.; Xiao, Q.; Wu, M.; Liu, Q.; Su, F., 2018:
Influence of factors on mammographic density in premenopausal Chinese women

Nibali, M.; Wagner, P.; Tombleson, T., 2015:
Influence of familiarisation and competitive level on the reliability of countermovement vertical jump kinetic and kinematic variables

Borgogno, M.; Corazzin, M.; Saccà, E.; Bovolenta, S.; Piasentier, E., 2016:
Influence of familiarity with goat meat on liking and preference for capretto and chevon

McGee, C.E.; Trigwell, J.; Fairclough, S.J.; Murphy, R.C.; Porcellato, L.; Ussher, M.; Foweather, L., 2015:
Influence of family and friend smoking on intentions to smoke and smoking-related attitudes and refusal self-efficacy among 9-10 year old children from deprived neighbourhoods: a cross-sectional study

White, C.N.; Warner, L.A., 2016:
Influence of family and school-level factors on age of sexual initiation

Kusaba, T.; Sato, K.; Fukuma, S.; Yamada, Y.; Matsui, Y.; Matsuda, S.; Ando, T.; Sakushima, K.; Fukuhara, S., 2018:
Influence of family dynamics on burden among family caregivers in aging Japan

Scarabino, D.; Gambina, G.; Broggio, E.; Pelliccia, F.; Corbo, R.Maria., 2016:
Influence of family history of dementia in the development and progression of late-onset Alzheimer's disease

Upadhyay, P.; Liabsuetrakul, T.; Shrestha, A.Babu.; Pradhan, N., 2015:
Influence of family members on utilization of maternal health care services among teen and adult pregnant women in Kathmandu, Nepal: a cross sectional study

Hong, Y.; Shi, Y.; Shang, C.; Xue, Y.; Liu, Y., 2016:
Influence of far upstream element binding protein 1 gene on chemotherapy sensitivity in human U251 glioblastoma cells

Magrinyà, Núria.; Terjung, N.; Loeffler, M.; Gibis, M.; Bou, R.; Weiss, J., 2016:
Influence of fat addition on the antimicrobial activity of sodium lactate, lauric arginate and methylparaben in minced meat

Sopelana, P.; Ibargoitia, Mía.L.; Guillén, Mía.D., 2016:
Influence of fat and phytosterols concentration in margarines on their degradation at high temperature. A study by (1)H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Goni, L.; Cuervo, M.; Milagro, Fín.I.; Martínez, J.Alfredo., 2016:
Influence of fat intake and BMI on the association of rs1799983 NOS3 polymorphism with blood pressure levels in an Iberian population

Mozes, F.E.; Tunnicliffe, E.M.; Pavlides, M.; Robson, M.D., 2018:
Influence of fat on liver T1 measurements using modified Look-Locker inversion recovery (MOLLI) methods at 3T

Wengert, G.J.; Pinker-Domenig, K.; Helbich, T.H.; Vogl, W-Dieter.; Clauser, P.; Bickel, H.; Marino, M-Adele.; Magometschnigg, H.F.; Baltzer, P.A., 2018:
Influence of fat-water separation and spatial resolution on automated volumetric MRI measurements of fibroglandular breast tissue

Zhang, M.; Murphy, L.A.; Fang, D.; Caban-Martinez, A.J., 2016:
Influence of fatigue on construction workers' physical and cognitive function

Cioccoloni, G.; Bonmassar, L.; Pagani, E.; Caporali, S.; Fuggetta, M.Pia.; Bonmassar, E.; D'Atri, S.; Aquino, A., 2016:
Influence of fatty acid synthase inhibitor orlistat on the DNA repair enzyme O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase in human normal or malignant cells in vitro

Kocic, M.; Stankovic, A.; Lazovic, M.; Dimitrijevic, L.; Stankovic, I.; Spalevic, M.; Stojiljkovic, P.; Milenkovic, M.; Stojanovic, Z.; Nikolic, D., 2017:
Influence of fear of movement on total knee arthroplasty outcome

Jeleń, Łukasz.; Krzyżak, A.; Fevens, T.; Jeleń, Mł., 2016:
Influence of feature set reduction on breast cancer malignancy classification of fine needle aspiration biopsies

Russell, J.R.; Minton, N.O.; Sexten, W.J.; Kerley, M.S.; Hansen, S.L., 2017:
Influence of feed efficiency classification on diet digestibility and growth performance of beef steers

Huang, C-Yu.; Takeda, K-Ichi., 2016:
Influence of feed type and its effect on repressing wool-biting behavior in housed sheep

de Godoy, M.R.C.; Conway, C.E.; Mcleod, K.R.; Harmon, D.L., 2016:
Influence of feeding a fish oil-containing diet to young, lean, adult dogs: effects on lipid metabolites, postprandial glycaemia and body weight

He, L.W.; Meng, Q.X.; Li, D.Y.; Zhang, Y.W.; Ren, L.P., 2015:
Influence of feeding alternative fiber sources on the gastrointestinal fermentation, digestive enzyme activities and mucosa morphology of growing Greylag geese

Šmídová, Kára.; Šerá, J.; Bielská, L.; Hofman, J., 2016:
Influence of feeding and earthworm density on compound bioaccumulation in earthworms Eisenia andrei

Trulli, E.; Torretta, V., 2015:
Influence of feeding mixture composition in batch anaerobic co-digestion of stabilized municipal sludge and waste from dairy farms

Meunier, C.; Henriet, O.; Schoonbroodt, B.; Boeur, J-Marc.; Mahillon, J.; Henry, P., 2016:
Influence of feeding pattern and hydraulic selection pressure to control filamentous bulking in biological treatment of dairy wastewaters

Wang, X-tong.; Ge, L-hong., 2015:
Influence of feeding patterns on the development of teeth, dentition and jaw in children

Read, T.; Combes, S.; Gidenne, T.; Destombes, N.; Bébin, K.; Balmisse, E.; Fortun-Lamothe, L., 2017:
Influence of feeding strategy and diet for reproductive rabbit does on intake, performances, and health of young and females before and after weaning

Arán, D.; Antelo, J.; Fiol, S.; Macías, F., 2017:
Influence of feedstock on the copper removal capacity of waste-derived biochars

Borisow, N.; Kleiter, I.; Gahlen, A.; Fischer, K.; Wernecke, K-Dieter.; Pache, F.; Ruprecht, K.; Havla, J.; Krumbholz, M.; Kümpfel, T.; Aktas, O.; Ringelstein, M.; Geis, C.; Kleinschnitz, C.; Berthele, A.; Hemmer, B.; Angstwurm, K.; Weissert, R.; Stellmann, J-Patrick.; Schuster, S.; Stangel, M.; Lauda, F.; Tumani, H.; Mayer, C.; Zeltner, L.; Ziemann, U.; Linker, R.A.; Schwab, M.; Marziniak, M.; Then Bergh, F.; Hofstadt-van Oy, U.; Neuhaus, O.; Winkelmann, A.; Marouf, W.; Rückriem, L.; Faiss, J, 2016:
Influence of female sex and fertile age on neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders

Jafri, Z.; Bhardwaj, A.; Sawai, M.; Sultan, N., 2015:
Influence of female sex hormones on periodontium: A case series

Corsi, D.J.; Karges, W.; Thavorn, K.; Crawley, A.M.; Cooper, C.L., 2016:
Influence of female sex on hepatitis C virus infection progression and treatment outcomes

Ishii, R.; Shimizu, K.; Igarashi, A.; Kobashi, H.; Kamiya, K., 2015:
Influence of femtosecond lenticule extraction and small incision lenticule extraction on corneal nerve density and ocular surface: a 1-year prospective, confocal, microscopic study

Zhu, Z-Yuan.; Liu, X-Cui.; Dong, F-Ying.; Guo, M-Zhu.; Wang, X-Ting.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, Y-Min., 2016:
Influence of fermentation conditions on polysaccharide production and the activities of enzymes involved in the polysaccharide synthesis of Cordyceps militaris

Caligiani, A.; Marseglia, A.; Prandi, B.; Palla, G.; Sforza, S., 2017:
Influence of fermentation level and geographical origin on cocoa bean oligopeptide pattern

Palani, K.; Harbaum-Piayda, B.; Meske, D.; Keppler, J.Katharina.; Bockelmann, W.; Heller, K.J.; Schwarz, K., 2016:
Influence of fermentation on glucosinolates and glucobrassicin degradation products in sauerkraut

Wong, J.W.C.; Zhou, J.; Kurade, M.B.; Murugesan, K., 2015:
Influence of ferrous ions on extracellular polymeric substances content and sludge dewaterability during bioleaching

Kooijman, M.N.; Gaillard, R.; Reiss, I.; Hofman, A.; Steegers, E.; Jaddoe, V., 2016:
Influence of fetal blood flow redistribution on fetal and childhood growth and fat distribution: the Generation R Study

Sarıözkan, S.; Bucak, M.Numan.; Tuncer, Pürhan.Barbaros.; Büyükleblebici, S.; Eken, Aşe.; Akay, C., 2016:
Influence of fetuin and hyaluronan on the post-thaw quality and fertilizing ability of Holstein bull semen

Lü, H.D.; Tian, M.G.; Zhang, X.P.; Li, H.L., 1997:
Influence of fever on biliary elements of guinea pigs

Lamberti, A.; Vanlanduit, S.; De Pauw, B.; Berghmans, F., 2014:
Influence of fiber Bragg grating spectrum degradation on the performance of sensor interrogation algorithms

Liu, G.; Sheng, Q.; Hou, W.; Han, M., 2016:
Influence of fiber bending on wavelength demodulation of fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors

Chakrapani, S.Kishore.; Barnard, D.J.; Dayal, V., 2015:
Influence of fiber orientation on the inherent acoustic nonlinearity in carbon fiber reinforced composites

Bergoli, Cásar.Dalmolin.; de Carvalho, R.Furtado.; Balducci, I.; Meira, J.Barbosa.Cruz.; de Araújo, M.Amália.Méximo.; Valera, M.Carneiro., 2016:
Influence of fiber post cementation length on coronal microleakage values in vitro and finite element analysis

Yamamoto, T.; Sakata, M., 2014:
Influence of fibers and wavelengths on the mechanism of action of endovenous laser ablation

Meijs, S.; Fjorback, M.; Jensen, C.; Sørensen, Søren.; Rechendorff, K.; Rijkhoff, N.J.M., 2016:
Influence of fibrous encapsulation on electro-chemical properties of TiN electrodes

Rast, G.; Kraushaar, U.; Buckenmaier, S.; Ittrich, C.; Guth, B.D., 2016:
Influence of field potential duration on spontaneous beating rate of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes: Implications for data analysis and test system selection

Eshed, I.; Krabbe, S.; Østergaard, M.; Bøyesen, P.; Møller, J.M.; Therkildsen, F.; Madsen, O.Rintek.; Axelsen, M.; Pedersen, S.Juhl., 2015:
Influence of field strength, coil type and image resolution on assessment of synovitis by unenhanced MRI--a comparison with contrast-enhanced MRI

Zhang, H.; Xu, L.; Lai, Y.; Shi, T., 2016:
Influence of film structure on the dewetting kinetics of thin polymer films in the solvent annealing process

Fang, L.; Wischke, C.; Kratz, K.; Lendlein, A., 2016:
Influence of film thickness on the crystalline morphology of a copolyesterurethane comprising crystallizable poly(ɛ-caprolactone) soft segments

Brkić Bubola, K.; Koprivnjak, O.; Sladonja, B., 2016:
Influence of filtration on volatile compounds and sensory profile of virgin olive oils

Ma, T-Fei.; Chen, Y-Peng.; Kang, J.; Gao, X.; Guo, J-Song.; Fang, F.; Zhang, X-Tian., 2016:
Influence of filtration velocity on DON variation in BAF for micropolluted surface water treatment

Aguilar, Núria.; Albanell, E.; Miñarro, Bña.; Gallardo, J.; Capellas, M., 2015:
Influence of final baking technologies in partially baked frozen gluten-free bread quality

Huang, X.; Bec, S.; Colombani, J., 2014:
Influence of fine particles on the stability of a humid granular pile

Kuret, Z.; Burger, H.; Vidmar, G., 2016:
Influence of finger amputation on grip strength and objectively measured hand function: a descriptive cross-sectional study

Steerforth, D-Dean.; Van Winden, S., 2018:
Development of clinical sign-based scoring system for assessment of omphalitis in neonatal calves

Rudnicka, J.; Czerwiec, Mł.; Grywalska, E.; Siwicka-Gieroba, D.; Walankiewicz, M.; Grafka, A.; Zgurski, Mł.; Surdacka, A.; Bartosik-Psujek, H.; Roliński, J., 2015:
Influence of fingolimod on basic lymphocyte subsets frequencies in the peripheral blood of multiple sclerosis patients - preliminary study

Angerame, D.; De Biasi, M.; Del Lupo, V.; Bevilacqua, L.; Zarone, F.; Sorrentino, R., 2017:
Influence of finish line on the marginal seal of nanohybrid composite crowns after periodontal scaling: a microleakage study

Valencia, C.I.; Skigin, D.C., 2016:
Influence of finite conductivity on the excitation of phase resonances in metallic surfaces with cavities of circular cross sections

Ren, M.; Zhou, D-Peng.; Chen, L.; Bao, X., 2016:
Influence of finite extinction ratio on performance of phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry

Yang, D.; He, H-shi.; Wu, Z-wei.; Liang, Y.; Huang, C.; Luo, X.; Xiao, J-tao.; Zhang, Q-long., 2016:
Influence of fire disturbance on aboveground deadwood debris carbon storage in Huzhong forest region of Great Xing'an Mountains, Northeast China

Zhang, J.; Yang, L.; Chen, J.; Mellouki, A.; Jiang, P.; Gao, Y.; Li, Y.; Yang, Y.; Wang, W., 2016:
Influence of fireworks displays on the chemical characteristics of PM 2.5 in rural and suburban areas in Central and East China

Pascal, K.E.; Dudgeon, D.; Trefry, J.C.; Anantpadma, M.; Sakurai, Y.; Murin, C.D.; Turner, H.L.; Fairhurst, J.; Torres, M.; Rafique, A.; Yan, Y.; Badithe, A.; Yu, K.; Potocky, T.; Bixler, S.L.; Chance, T.B.; Pratt, W.D.; Rossi, F.D.; Shamblin, J.D.; Wollen, S.E.; Zelko, J.M.; Carrion, R.; Worwa, G.; Staples, H.M.; Burakov, D.; Babb, R.; Chen, G.; Martin, J.; Huang, T.T.; Erlandson, K.; Willis, M.S.; Armstrong, K.; Dreier, T.M.; Ward, A.B.; Davey, R.A.; Pitt, M.L.M.; Lipsich, L.; Mason, P.; Olson, 2018:
Development of Clinical-Stage Human Monoclonal Antibodies That Treat Advanced Ebola Virus Disease in Nonhuman Primates

Morales-Orcajo, E.; Bayod, J.; Becerro-de-Bengoa-Vallejo, R.; Losa-Iglesias, M.; Doblare, M., 2015:
Influence of first proximal phalanx geometry on hallux valgus deformity: a finite element analysis

Sinopoli, M.; Cattano, C.; Andaloro, F.; Sarà, G.; Butler, C.M.; Gristina, M., 2016:
Influence of fish aggregating devices (FADs) on anti-predator behaviour within experimental mesocosms

de Lourdes Nahhas Rodacki, C.; Rodacki, Aé.Luiz.Felix.; Coelho, I.; Pequito, D.; Krause, M.; Bonatto, S.; Naliwaiko, K.; Fernandes, L.Cláudio., 2015:
Influence of fish oil supplementation and strength training on some functional aspects of immune cells in healthy elderly women

Goetzmann, T.; Molé, D.; Jullion, S.; Roche, O.; Sirveaux, F.; Jacquot, A., 2017:
Influence of fixation with two vs. three screws on union of arthroscopic tibio-talar arthrodesis: Comparative radiographic study of 111 cases

Duan, P.; Qu, W.; Zou, S.; Chen, Y.; Lan, H.; Farella, M.; Mei, L., 2018:
Influence of fixed orthodontic treatment on the menstrual cycle of adult females: A prospective longitudinal study

Coelho, J.Jordão.; Graciosa, M.Daiani.; de Medeiros, D.Lazzeri.; Pacheco, S.Cristina.da.Silva.; da Costa, L.Miranda.Resende.; Ries, L.Gerdi.Kittel., 2016:
Influence of flexibility and gender on the posture of school children

Oliveira, M.Antonieta.Veloso.Carvalho.de.; Alves, Lícia.Duarte.; Pereira, A.Giovani.; Raposo, Lís.Henrique.Araújo.; Biffi, Jão.Carlos.Gabrielli., 2015:
Influence of flexion angle of files on the decentralization of oval canals during instrumentation

Wang, D.; Liu, X.; Ji, Z.; Dong, Z.; Hu, H., 2016:
Influence of flocculation on sediment deposition process at the Three Gorges Reservoir

Trueba, A.; García, S.; Otero, Félix.M.; Vega, L.M.; Madariaga, E., 2016:
Influence of flow velocity on biofilm growth in a tubular heat exchanger-condenser cooled by seawater

Pan, Y.; Zhang, L.; Lin, C.; Sun, J.; Kan, R.; Yang, H., 2015:
Influence of flow velocity on motor behavior of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus

Wojtusik, M.; Zurita, M.; Villar, J.C.; Ladero, M.; Garcia-Ochoa, F., 2017:
Influence of fluid dynamic conditions on enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass: Effect of mass transfer rate

Wang, F.; Zhang, C.; Huo, S., 2016:
Influence of fluid dynamics on anaerobic digestion of food waste for biogas production

Xiang, Y.; Xue, Y.; Lv, P.; Li, D.; Duan, H., 2016:
Influence of fluid flow on the stability and wetting transition of submerged superhydrophobic surfaces

Zhi, L.; Feng, W.; Guo, Y.; Chen, L.; Li, J.; Liu, L.; Xu, X.; Ren, Z., 2016:
Influence of fluid loading in patients at different stages of septic shock: a prospective study

Norris, S.R.; Núñez, M.F.; Verhey, K.J., 2016:
Influence of fluorescent tag on the motility properties of kinesin-1 in single-molecule assays

Nascimento, W.Costa.; Gomes, Y.do.Socorro.Batista.de.Lima.; Alexandrino, L.Dias.; Costi, H.Tulio.; Silva, Já.Otévio.Carrera.; Silva, C.Martins., 2016:
Influence of fluoride concentration and pH Value of 35% hydrogen peroxide on the hardness, roughness and morphology of bovine enamel

Golvano, I.; Garcia, I.; Conde, A.; Tato, W.; Aginagalde, A., 2016:
Influence of fluoride content and pH on corrosion and tribocorrosion behaviour of Ti13Nb13Zr alloy in oral environment

Jung, J-Eun.; Cai, J-Na.; Cho, S-Dae.; Song, K-Yeob.; Jeon, J-Gyu., 2017:
Influence of fluoride on the bacterial composition of a dual-species biofilm composed of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus oralis

More, H.T.; Zhang, K.S.; Srivastava, N.; Frezzo, J.A.; Montclare, J.K., 2016:
Influence of fluorination on protein-engineered coiled-coil fibers

Sánchez-Sanz, G.; Trujillo, C.; Rozas, I.; Alkorta, I., 2015:
Influence of fluoro and cyano substituents in the aromatic and antiaromatic characteristics of cyclooctatetraene

Bärwinkel, M.; Lorenz, S.; Stäglich, R.; Brüggemann, D., 2016:
Influence of focal point properties on energy transfer and plasma evolution during laser ignition process with a passively q-switched laser

Chiti, M.C.; Dolmans, M.M.; Orellana, O.; Soares, M.; Paulini, F.; Donnez, J.; Amorim, C.A., 2016:
Influence of follicle stage on artificial ovary outcome using fibrin as a matrix

Niewiadomski, O.; Studd, C.; Wilson, J.; Williams, J.; Hair, C.; Knight, R.; Prewett, E.; Dabkowski, P.; Alexander, S.; Allen, B.; Dowling, D.; Connell, W.; Desmond, P.; Bell, S., 2017:
Influence of food and lifestyle on the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease

Kraak, V.I.; Story, M., 2015:
Influence of food companies' brand mascots and entertainment companies' cartoon media characters on children's diet and health: a systematic review and research needs

Khan, M.Rizwan., 2016:
Influence of food condiments on the formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines in cooked chicken and determination by LC-MS/MS

Zeng, Q.; Li, F.; Xiang, T.; Wang, W.; Ma, C.; Yang, C.; Chen, H.; Xiang, H., 2016:
Influence of food groups on plasma total homocysteine for specific MTHFR C677T genotypes in Chinese population

Sciot, B.; Vandenberk, B.; Huijghebaert, S.; Goovaerts, G.; Van Huffel, S.; Ector, J.; Willems, R., 2017:
Influence of food intake on the QT and QT/RR relation

Baka, M.; Noriega, Eía.; Van Langendonck, K.; Van Impe, J.F., 2017:
Influence of food intrinsic complexity on Listeria monocytogenes growth in/on vacuum-packed model systems at suboptimal temperatures

Warda, A.K.; den Besten, H.M.W.; Sha, N.; Abee, T.; Nierop Groot, M.N., 2015:
Influence of food matrix on outgrowth heterogeneity of heat damaged Bacillus cereus spores

Goto, T.; Nakamich, A.; Watanabe, M.; Nagao, K.; Matsuyama, M.; Ichikawa, T., 2015:
Influence of food volume per mouthful on chewing and bolus properties

Buckeridge, E.M.; Weinert-Aplin, R.A.; Bull, A.M.J.; McGregor, A.H., 2017:
Influence of foot-stretcher height on rowing technique and performance

de Hoyo, Més.; Cohen, D.Dylan.; Sañudo, B.; Carrasco, L.; Álvarez-Mesa, A.; Del Ojo, J.José.; Domínguez-Cobo, S.; Mañas, Víctor.; Otero-Esquina, C., 2017:
Influence of football match time-motion parameters on recovery time course of muscle damage and jump ability

Schulze, C.; Lindner, T.; Woitge, S.; Schulz, K.; Finze, S.; Mittelmeier, W.; Bader, R., 2015:
Influence of footwear and equipment on stride length and range of motion of ankle, knee and hip joint

Sinclair, J.; Mcgrath, R.; Brook, O.; Taylor, P.J.; Dillon, S., 2016:
Influence of footwear designed to boost energy return on running economy in comparison to a conventional running shoe

Amano, T.; Ichinose, M.; Inoue, Y.; Nishiyasu, T.; Koga, S.; Kenny, G.P.; Kondo, N. , 2017:
Influence of forearm muscle metaboreceptor activation on sweating and cutaneous vascular responses during dynamic exercise

Strauch, A.M.; Rurai, M.T.; Almedom, A.M., 2017:
Influence of forest management systems on natural resource use and provision of ecosystem services in Tanzania

Zetzsche, A.; Pieper, R.; Zentek, Jürgen., 2016:
Influence of formula versus sow milk feeding on trace element status and expression of zinc-related genes in the jejunum, liver and pancreas of neonatal piglets

Meeus, J.; Scurr, D.J.; Appeltans, B.; Amssoms, K.; Annaert, P.; Davies, M.C.; Roberts, C.J.; Van den Mooter, G., 2015:
Influence of formulation composition and process on the characteristics and in vitro release from PLGA-based sustained release injectables

Bergh, V.J.Valerón.; Bruzell, E.; Hegge, A.B.; Tønnesen, H.H., 2015:
Influence of formulation on photoinactivation of bacteria by lumichrome

Dridi, W.; Essafi, W.; Gargouri, M.; Leal-Calderon, F.; Cansell, M., 2016:
Influence of formulation on the oxidative stability of water-in-oil emulsions

Cash-Torunarigha, O.Edoise.; Eichie, F.Egbomonjiade.; Arhewoh, M.Ikhuoria., 2015:
Influence of formulation technique on acrylate methacrylate copolymer modified paracetamol matrix tablets

Kim, B-Uk.; Kim, O.; Kim, H.Cheol.; Kim, S., 2017:
Influence of fossil-fuel power plant emissions on the surface fine particulate matter in the Seoul Capital Area, South Korea

Chen, Q.; Liang, B.; Wang, Z.; Cheng, X.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Huang, Z., 2017:
Influence of four polymorphisms in ABCA1 and PTGS2 genes on risk of Alzheimer's disease: a meta-analysis

Markowski, K.; Chorchos, Łukasz.; Turkiewicz, Jław.Piotr., 2016:
Influence of four-wave mixing in short- and medium-range 1310  nm dense wavelength division multiplexing systems

Baur, A.Dj.; Daqqaq, T.; Collettini, F.; Denecke, T.; Hamm, B.; Durmus, T.; Scheel, M., 2016:
Influence of fractional anisotropy thresholds on diffusion tensor imaging tractography of the periprostatic neurovascular bundle and selected pelvic tissues: do visualized tracts really represent nerves?

Miramini, S.; Zhang, L.; Richardson, M.; Mendis, P.; Ebeling, P.R., 2017:
Influence of fracture geometry on bone healing under locking plate fixations: A comparison between oblique and transverse tibial fractures

Drijfhout van Hooff, C.Christiaan.; Verhage, S.Marinus.; Hoogendoorn, J.Maarten., 2016:
Influence of fragment size and postoperative joint congruency on long-term outcome of posterior malleolar fractures

Lee, S.Jeong.; Son, H.; Shin, S.Kyun., 2015:
Influence of frailty on health-related quality of life in pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease in Korea: a cross-sectional study

Gong, J.; Zhang, Y.; Feng, J.; Huang, Y.; Wei, Y.; Zhang, W., 2013:
Influence of framing on medical decision making

Ramos Yacasi, G.Rosario.; García López, Mía.Luisa.; Espina García, M.; Parra Coca, A.; Calpena Campmany, A.Cristina., 2017:
Influence of freeze-drying and γ-irradiation in preclinical studies of flurbiprofen polymeric nanoparticles for ocular delivery using d-(+)-trehalose and polyethylene glycol

Takamizawa, T.; Scheidel, D.D.; Barkmeier, W.W.; Erickson, R.L.; Tsujimoto, A.; Latta, M.A.; Miyazaki, M., 2017:
Influence of frequency on shear fatigue strength of resin composite to enamel bonds using self-etch adhesives

Garcia, J.C.; Ketover, R.D.J.; Loh, A.Ning.; Parsons, M.L.; Urakawa, H., 2015:
Influence of freshwater discharge on the microbial degradation processes of dissolved organic nitrogen in a subtropical estuary

Ristic, R.; Boss, P.K.; Wilkinson, K.L., 2016:
Influence of fruit maturity at harvest on the intensity of smoke taint in wine

Li, Z-wen.; He, L-hong.; Ma, L.; Xia, J.; Zeng, A-ping., 2015:
Influence of fruit size of Camellia meiocarpa on growth of oil tea weevil, Curculio chinensis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Anisimova, N.Yu.; Ustyuzhanina, N.E.; Donenko, F.V.; Bilan, M.I.; Ushakova, N.A.; Usov, A.I.; Nifantiev, N.E.; Kiselevskiy, M.V., 2016:
Influence of fucoidans and their derivatives on antitumor and phagocytic activity of human blood leucocytes

Dong, H.; Ahmad, K.; Zeng, G.; Li, Z.; Chen, G.; He, Q.; Xie, Y.; Wu, Y.; Zhao, F.; Zeng, Y., 2016:
Influence of fulvic acid on the colloidal stability and reactivity of nanoscale zero-valent iron

Cao, M.B.; Zhang, B.Y.; Liu, L.; Bai, Y.Q.; Li, X.L.; Yang, Y.X., 2016:
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Influence of myelinated retinal nerve fibers on retinal vessel density measurement with AngioVue OCT angiography

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Influence of nail biting and finger sucking habits on the oral carriage of Enterobacteriaceae

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Influence of nalmefene on psychosocial intervention in alcohol-dependent patients

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