Section 59
Chapter 58,117

Information Presentation in Decision and Risk Analysis: Answered, Partly Answered, and Unanswered Questions

Keller, L.Robin.; Wang, Y.

Risk Analysis: An Official Publication of the Society for Risk Analysis 37(6): 1132-1145


ISSN/ISBN: 0272-4332
PMID: 27653944
DOI: 10.1111/risa.12697
Accession: 058116178

For the last 30 years, researchers in risk analysis, decision analysis, and economics have consistently proven that decisionmakers employ different processes for evaluating and combining anticipated and actual losses, gains, delays, and surprises. Although rational models generally prescribe a consistent response, people's heuristic processes will sometimes lead them to be inconsistent in the way they respond to information presented in theoretically equivalent ways. We point out several promising future research directions by listing and detailing a series of answered, partly answered, and unanswered questions.

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