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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58132

Chapter 58132 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Integrating microbial and host transcriptomics to characterize asthma-associated microbial communities
, Bmc Medical Genomics 8: 50 (2015)

Integrating mindfulness in supportive cancer care: a cohort study on a mindfulness-based day care clinic for cancer survivors
, Supportive Care in Cancer 23(10): 2945-2955 (2015)

Integrating mitochondrial translation into the cellular context
, Nature Reviews. Molecular Cell Biology 16(10): 586-592 (2015)

Integrating mitochondriomics in children's environmental health
, Journal of Applied Toxicology 35(9): 976-991 (2015)

Integrating mixed-effect models into an architectural plant model to simulate inter- and intra-progeny variability: a case study on oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)
, Journal of Experimental Botany 67(15): 4507-4521 (2016)

Integrating mobile technology with routine dietetic practice: the case of myPace for weight management
, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 74(2): 125-129 (2015)

Integrating model of the social adaptation of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
, Revista de Neurologia 62(Suppl. 1): S85 (2016)

Integrating modeling, monitoring, and management to reduce critical uncertainties in water resource decision making
, Journal of Environmental Management 183(Pt 2): 361-370 (2016)

Integrating modelling and smart sensors for environmental and human health
, Environmental Modelling and Software 74: 238-246 (2015)

Integrating models to investigate critical phenological overlaps in complex ecological interactions: the mountain pine beetle-fungus symbiosis
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 368: 55-66 (2015)

Integrating molecular dynamics simulations with chemical probing experiments using SHAPE-FIT
, Methods in Enzymology 553: 215-234 (2015)

Integrating molecular epidemiology and social network analysis to study infectious diseases: Towards a socio-molecular era for public health
, Infection Genetics and Evolution 46: 248-255 (2016)

Integrating molecular markers into the World Health Organization classification of CNS tumors: a survey of the neuro-oncology community
, Neuro-Oncology 19(3): 336-344 (2017)

Integrating molecular mechanisms into quantitative genetics to understand consistent individual differences in behavior
, Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 6: 111-114 (2015)

Integrating molecular, phenotypic and environmental data to elucidate patterns of crocodile hybridization in Belize
, Royal Society Open Science 2(9): 150409 (2015)

Integrating motif, DNA accessibility and gene expression data to build regulatory maps in an organism
, Nucleic Acids Research 43(8): 3998-4012 (2015)

Integrating motivational interviewing and narrative therapy to teach behavior change to family medicine resident physicians
, International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine 51(4): 367-378 (2018)

Integrating motivational interviewing with cognitive-behavioral therapy for severe generalized anxiety disorder: An allegiance-controlled randomized clinical trial
, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 84(9): 768-782 (2016)

Integrating movement ecology with biodiversity research - exploring new avenues to address spatiotemporal biodiversity dynamics
, Movement Ecology 1(1): 6 (2013)

Integrating movement in academic classrooms: understanding, applying and advancing the knowledge base
, Obesity Reviews 16(8): 691-701 (2015)

Integrating multi-omic features exploiting Chromosome Conformation Capture data
, Frontiers in Genetics 6: 40 (2015)

Integrating multi-scale data on homologous recombination into a new recognition mechanism based on simulations of the RecA-ssDNA/dsDNA structure
, Nucleic Acids Research 43(21): 10251-10263 (2015)

Integrating multidimensional omics data for cancer outcome
, Biostatistics 17(4): 605-618 (2016)

Integrating multiple data sources (MUDS) for meta-analysis to improve patient-centered outcomes research: a protocol
, Systematic Reviews 4: 143 (2015)

Integrating multiple evidences in taxonomy: species diversity and phylogeny of mustached bats (Mormoopidae: Pteronotus)
, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 103: 184-198 (2016)

Integrating multiple immunogenetic data sources for feature extraction and mining somatic hypermutation patterns: the case of "towards analysis" in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
, Bmc Bioinformatics 17(Suppl. 5): 173 (2016)

Integrating multiple molecular sources into a clinical risk prediction signature by extracting complementary information
, Bmc Bioinformatics 17(1): 327 (2016)

Integrating multiple networks for protein function prediction
, Bmc Systems Biology 9(Suppl. 1): S3 (2015)

Integrating multiple omics to unravel mechanisms of Cyclosporin A induced hepatotoxicity in vitro
, Toxicology in Vitro 29(3): 489-501 (2015)

Integrating multiple sensory systems to modulate neural networks controlling posture
, Journal of Neurophysiology 114(6): 3306-3314 (2015)

Integrating mutation and gene expression cross-sectional data to infer cancer progression
, Bmc Systems Biology 10: 12 (2016)

Integrating mutation variant allele frequency into clinical practice in myeloid malignancies
, Hematology/Oncology and Stem Cell Therapy 9(3): 89-95 (2016)

Integrating nTMS Data into a Radiology Picture Archiving System
, Journal of Digital Imaging 28(4): 428-432 (2015)

Integrating nanopore sensors within microfluidic channel arrays using controlled breakdown
, Lab on a Chip 15(6): 1407-1411 (2015)

Integrating nap and night-time sleep into sleep patterns reveals differential links to health-relevant outcomes
, Journal of Sleep Research 25(2): 225-233 (2016)

Integrating narrative medicine into clinical care
, Medical Education 50(5): 581-582 (2016)

Integrating network ecology with applied conservation: a synthesis and guide to implementation
, Aob Plants 7: (2015)

Integrating network reconstruction with mechanistic modeling to predict cancer therapies
, Science Signaling 9(455): Ra114 (2016)

Integrating network, sequence and functional features using machine learning approaches towards identification of novel Alzheimer genes
, Bmc Genomics 17(1): 807 (2016)

Integrating neuroscience into psychiatric residency training
, Asian Journal of Psychiatry 17: 133-134 (2015)

Integrating new data balancing technique with committee networks for imbalanced data: GRSOM approach
, Cognitive Neurodynamics 9(6): 627-638 (2015)

Integrating new indicators of predictors that shape the public's perception of local extreme temperature in China
, Science of the Total Environment 579: 529-536 (2017)

Integrating new practices: a qualitative study of how hospital innovations become routine
, Implementation Science 10: 168 (2015)

Integrating next-generation sequencing into clinical oncology: strategies, promises and pitfalls
, Esmo Open 1(5): E000094 (2016)

Integrating novel data streams to support biosurveillance in commercial livestock production systems in developed countries: challenges and opportunities
, Frontiers in Public Health 3: 74 (2015)

Integrating nurse education with higher education
, Journal of Nursing Management 1(6): 279-281 (1993)

Integrating nurse practitioners in primary care
, Perspective Infirmiere 13(1): 49-51 (2016)

Integrating nurse researchers in clinical practice - a challenging, but necessary task for nurse leaders
, Journal of Nursing Management 24(4): 465-474 (2016)

Integrating nursing's art and science Primary Healthcare and South Asian Populations: Meeting the Challenges Shahid All and Karl Atkin Integrating nursing's art and science Primary Healthcare and South Asian Populations: Meeting the Challenges Radcliffe Medical Press 112pp £21.95 1 85775 820 X 185775820X [Formula: see text
, Nursing Standard 1987) 19(3): 28-28 (2016)

Integrating nutrients, foods, diets, and appetites with obesity and cardiometabolic health
, Obesity 23(9): 1741-1742 (2015)

Integrating nutrition and child development interventions: scientific basis, evidence of impact, and implementation considerations
, Advances in Nutrition 6(6): 852-859 (2015)

Integrating nutrition into pathways for patients with COPD
, British Journal of Community Nursing 21(11): 548-552 (2016)

Integrating occupancy models and structural equation models to understand species occurrence
, Ecology 97(3): 765-775 (2016)

Integrating oculomotor and perceptual training to induce a pseudofovea: A model system for studying central vision loss
, Journal of Vision 16(6): 10 (2016)

Integrating omics to unravel the stress-response mechanisms in probiotic bacteria: Approaches, challenges, and prospects
, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 57(16): 3464-3471 (2017)

Integrating omics: the future of IBD?
, Digestive Diseases 32(Suppl. 1): 96-102 (2014)

Integrating oncogeriatric tools into the management of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: current state of the art and challenges for the future
, Current Oncology Reports 17(7): 31 (2015)

Integrating one health in national health policies of developing countries: India's lost opportunities
, Infectious Diseases of Poverty 5(1): 87 (2016)

Integrating ontogenetic shift, growth and mortality to determine a species' ecological role from isotopic signatures
, Plos one 10(5): E0125059 (2015)

Integrating ontologies of rare diseases and radiological diagnosis
, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 22(6): 1164-1168 (2015)

Integrating optical fabrication and metrology into the optical design process
, Applied Optics 54(9): 2224-2233 (2015)

Integrating optical finger motion tracking with surface touch events
, Frontiers in Psychology 6: 702 (2015)

Integrating oral and general health care
, New England Journal of Medicine 371(24): 2247-2249 (2014)

Integrating oral health into a dementia care pathway
, Community Dental Health 31(4): 196-199 (2014)

Integrating oral health into pediatric nursing practice: Caring for kids where they live
, Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing 20(2): 105-114 (2015)

Integrating oral health throughout cancer care
, Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 19(5): 615-619 (2015)

Integrating organic micropollutant removal into tertiary filtration: Combining PAC adsorption with advanced phosphorus removal
, Water Research 84: 58-65 (2015)

Integrating p38α MAPK immune signals in nonimmune cells
, Science Signaling 8(366): Fs5 (2015)

Integrating paediatrics into student assistantships
, Clinical Teacher 13(2): 165 (2016)

Integrating paid work and chronic illness in daily life: A space-time approach to understanding the challenges
, Health and Place 34: 83-91 (2015)

Integrating palliative care across settings: A retrospective cohort study of a hospice home care programme for cancer patients
, Palliative Medicine 30(7): 634-641 (2016)

Integrating palliative care and oncology: towards a common understanding
, Annals of Palliative Medicine 4(1): 3-4 (2015)

Integrating palliative care in oncologic emergency departments: Challenges and opportunities
, World Journal of Clinical Oncology 7(2): 227-233 (2016)

Integrating palliative care in the nursing home: an interprofessional opportunity
, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 15(12): 863-865 (2014)

Development of models for classification of action between heat-clearing herbs and blood-activating stasis-resolving herbs based on theory of traditional Chinese medicine
, Chinese Medicine 13: 12 (2018)

Integrating palliative care into primary care for patients with chronic, life-limiting conditions
, Nurse Practitioner 41(3): 42 (2016)

Integrating palliative care into self-management of breast cancer: Protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial
, Contemporary Clinical Trials 48: 133-138 (2016)

Integrating palliative care into the community: the role of hospices and schools
, Bmj Supportive and Palliative Care 9(4): E31 (2019)

Integrating palliative care into the oncology clinic: A joint management approach
, Palliative Medicine 30(5): 510-512 (2016)

Integrating palliative care with usual care of diabetic foot wounds
, Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews 32(Suppl. 1): 303-310 (2016)

Integrating participatory community mobilization processes to improve dengue prevention: an eco-bio-social scaling up of local success in Machala, Ecuador
, Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 109(6): 419 (2015)

Integrating particle physical geometry into composting degradation kinetics
, Bioresource Technology 200: 514-520 (2016)

Integrating patient education in your oncology practice
, Bulletin du Cancer 103(7-8): 674-690 (2016)

Integrating patient reported measures as predictive parameters into decisionmaking about palliative chemotherapy: a pilot study
, Bmc Palliative Care 15: 25 (2016)

Integrating patient reported outcome measures and computerized adaptive test estimates on the same common metrics: an example from the assessment of activities in rheumatoid arthritis
, International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases 20(10): 1413-1425 (2017)

Integrating patient reported outcomes and other emerging methods into evidence-based dentistry
, New Zealand Dental Journal 110(4): 130 (2014)

Integrating patient voices into health information for self-care and patient-clinician partnerships: Veterans Affairs design recommendations for patient-generated data applications
, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 23(3): 491-495 (2016)

Integrating peer perspectives into mental health services
, Psychiatric Services 65(11): 1293 (2014)

Integrating peritoneal and home haemodialysis: a nurse's perspective from a single centre
, Ndt Plus 4(Suppl 3): Iii14 (2011)

Integrating personalised genomics into risk stratification models of population screening for colorectal cancer
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 41(1): 3-4 (2017)

Integrating pharmacies into public health program planning for pandemic influenza vaccine response
, Vaccine 34(46): 5643-5648 (2016)

Integrating pharmacogenomics into electronic health records with clinical decision support
, American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 73(23): 1967-1976 (2016)

Integrating pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy
, Journal of Neural Transmission 122(Suppl. 1): S1 (2015)

Integrating phenotypic small-molecule profiling and human genetics: the next phase in drug discovery
, Trends in Genetics 31(1): 16-23 (2015)

Integrating phosphoproteome and transcriptome reveals new determinants of macrophage multinucleation
, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 14(3): 484-498 (2015)

Integrating phylogeography and paleoecology to investigate the origin and dynamics of hybrid zones: insights from two widespread North American firs
, Molecular Ecology 24(11): 2856-2870 (2015)

Integrating phylogeography and species distribution models: cryptic distributional responses to past climate change in an endemic rodent from the central Chile hotspot
, Diversity and Distributions 22(6): 638-650 (2016)

Integrating physical activity as medicine in the care of people with severe mental illness
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 49(8): 681-682 (2015)

Integrating physical and behavioral health: a major step toward population health management
, Healthcare Financial Management 70(1): 64-71 (2016)

Integrating physiological threshold experiments with climate modeling to project mangrove species' range expansion
, Global Change Biology 21(5): 1928-1938 (2015)

Integrating physiology across scales and formalizing hypothesis exploration with agent-based modeling
, Journal of Applied Physiology 118(10): 1191-1192 (2015)

Integrating physiology, behavior, and energetics: Biologging in a free-living arctic hibernator
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A Molecular and Integrative Physiology 202: 53-62 (2016)

Integrating planar waveguides doped with light scattering nanoparticles into a flat-plate photobioreactor to improve light distribution and microalgae growth
, Bioresource Technology 220: 215-224 (2016)

Integrating plant carbon dynamics with mutualism ecology
, New Phytologist 210(1): 71-75 (2016)

Integrating plant litter quality, soil organic matter stabilization, and the carbon saturation concept
, Global Change Biology 21(9): 3200-3209 (2015)

Integrating plasmonic diagnostics and microfluidics
, Biomicrofluidics 9(5): 052611 (2015)

Development of models for predicting Torsade de Pointes cardiac arrhythmias using perceptron neural networks
, Bmc Bioinformatics 18(Suppl 14): 497 (2017)

Integrating population dynamics models and distance sampling data: a spatial hierarchical state-space approach
, Ecology 97(7): 1735-1745 (2016)

Integrating population variation and protein structural analysis to improve clinical interpretation of missense variation: application to the WD40 domain
, Human Molecular Genetics 25(5): 927-935 (2016)

Integrating population, health, and environment programs with contraceptive distribution in rural Ethiopia: a qualitative case study
, Studies in Family Planning 46(1): 41-54 (2015)

Integrating positive psychology into health-related quality of life research
, Quality of Life Research 24(7): 1645-1651 (2015)

Integrating powdered activated carbon into wastewater tertiary filter for micro-pollutant removal
, Journal of Environmental Management 177: 45-52 (2016)

Integrating precision cancer medicine into healthcare-policy, practice, and research challenges
, Genome Medicine 8(1): 108 (2016)

Integrating prevention interventions for people living with HIV into care and treatment programs: a systematic review of the evidence
, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 68(Suppl. 3): S286 (2015)

Integrating primary and secondary care for children and young people: sharing practice
, Archives of Disease in Childhood 101(9): 792-797 (2016)

Integrating primary care and public health: learning from the Brazilian way
, London Journal of Primary Care 4(2): 126-132 (2012)

Integrating primary care and the cancer system: Program evaluation of the UPCON Network in Manitoba, Canada
, Journal of Clinical Oncology 26(15_Suppl): 6605-6605 (2016)

Integrating primary mental health care and mental health promotion
, British Journal of General Practice 66(643): 60-61 (2016)

Integrating problem-based learning into clinical clerkship: a pilot study
, Korean Journal of Medical Education 21(4): 385-391 (2009)

Integrating protein structural dynamics and evolutionary analysis with Bio3D
, Bmc Bioinformatics 15: 399 (2014)

Integrating psychological and neurobiological considerations regarding the development and maintenance of specific Internet-use disorders: An Interaction of Person-Affect-Cognition-Execution (I-PACE) model
, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 71: 252-266 (2016)

Integrating psychosocial care into neuro-oncology: challenges and strategies
, Frontiers in Oncology 5: 41 (2015)

Integrating psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy in the treatment of premature ejaculation
, Arab Journal of Urology 11(3): 305-312 (2013)

Integrating public data sets for analysis of maternal airborne environmental exposures and stillbirth
, AMIA .. Annual Symposium Proceedings. AMIA Symposium 2014: 599-605 (2014)

Integrating pulmonary rehabilitation into the multidisciplinary management of lung cancer: a review
, Respiratory Medicine 109(4): 437-442 (2015)

Integrating qualitative and quantitative characterization of Prunellae Spica by HPLC-QTOF/MS and HPLC-ELSD
, Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines 14(5): 391-400 (2016)

Integrating qualitative and quantitative data analysis
, Nurse Researcher 4(3): 69-80 (1997)

Integrating qualitative research methods into care improvement efforts within a learning health system: addressing antibiotic overuse
, Health Research Policy and Systems 14(1): 63 (2016)

Integrating quality and safety education into clinical nursing education through a dedicated education unit
, Nurse Education in Practice 17: 153-160 (2016)

Integrating racial/ethnic equity into policy assessments to improve child health
, Health Affairs 33(12): 2222-2229 (2014)

Integrating radiation therapy with emerging systemic therapies: Lessons from a patient with cerebral radionecrosis, spinal cord myelopathy, and radiation pneumonitis
, Practical Radiation Oncology 6(2): 110-113 (2016)

Integrating rapid diagnostic testing for congenital CMV into the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme: the audiovestibular physician's perspective
, Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition 100(5): F466 (2015)

Integrating real-time feedback of outcome assessment for individual patients in an inpatient psychiatric setting: a case study of personalized psychiatric medicine
, Journal of Psychiatric Practice 21(1): 72-78 (2015)

Integrating recognition elements with nanomaterials for bacteria sensing
, Chemical Society Reviews 46(5): 1272-1283 (2017)

Integrating reconfigurable hardware-based grid for high performance computing
, Thescientificworldjournal 2015: 272536 (2015)

Integrating remediation and resource recovery: On the economic conditions of landfill mining
, Waste Management 42: 137-147 (2015)

Integrating reproductive and child health and HIV services in Tanzania: Implication to policy, systems and services
, Tanzania Journal of Health Research 15(2): 143-151 (2013)

Integrating reproductive health services into HIV care: strategies for successful implementation in a low-resource HIV clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi
, Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care 42(1): 17-23 (2016)

Development of models to predict early post-transplant recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma that also integrate the quality and characteristics of the liver graft: A national registry study in China
, Surgery 2018: (2018)

Integrating research data capture into the electronic health record workflow: real-world experience to advance innovation
, Perspectives in Health Information Management 11: 1e (2014)

Integrating research evidence and physical activity policy making-REPOPA project
, Health Promotion International 31(2): 430-439 (2016)

Integrating research into operational practice
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 370(1674): (2015)

Integrating research into practice
, Journal of the Medical Library Association 104(4): 333-337 (2016)

Integrating research, clinical care, and education in academic health science centers
, Journal of Health Organization and Management 30(7): 1140-1160 (2016)

Integrating resource defence theory with a neural nonapeptide pathway to explain territory-based mating systems
, Frontiers in Zoology 12(Suppl. 1): S16 (2015)

Integrating responsible conduct of research education into undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory curricula
, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 43(2): 68-75 (2015)

Integrating retrogenesis theory to Alzheimer's disease pathology: insight from DTI-TBSS investigation of the white matter microstructural integrity
, Biomed Research International 2015: 291658 (2015)

Integrating Reverse-Electrodialysis Stacks with Flow Batteries for Improved Energy Recovery from Salinity Gradients and Energy Storage
, Chemsuschem 10(4): 797-803 (2017)

Integrating rheumatology care in the community: can shared care work?
, International Journal of Integrated Care 15: E031 (2015)

Integrating ribosomal promoter vectors that offer a choice of constitutive expression profiles in Leishmania donovani
, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 204(2): 89-92 (2015)

Integrating risk management data in quality improvement initiatives within an academic neurosurgery department
, Journal of Neurosurgery 124(1): 199-206 (2016)

Integrating risk minimization planning throughout the clinical development and commercialization lifecycle: an opinion on how drug development could be improved
, Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 11: 339-348 (2015)

Integrating sampling techniques and inverse virtual screening: toward the discovery of artificial peptide-based receptors for ligands
, Molecular Diversity 20(2): 421-438 ( 2016)

Integrating scFv into xMAP Assays for the Detection of Marine Toxins
, Toxins 8(11): (2016)

Integrating science education and marine conservation through collaborative partnerships
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 95(1): 520-522 (2015)

Integrating screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) into an abortion clinic: an exploratory study of acceptability
, Contraception 91(4): 350-352 (2015)

Integrating semantic dimension into openEHR archetypes for the management of cerebral palsy electronic medical records
, Journal of Biomedical Informatics 63: 307-324 (2016)

Integrating sequencing batch reactor with bio-electrochemical treatment for augmenting remediation efficiency of complex petrochemical wastewater
, Bioresource Technology 188: 33-42 (2015)

Integrating serological and genetic data to quantify cross-species transmission: brucellosis as a case study
, Parasitology 143(7): 821-834 (2016)

Integrating service user and practitioner expertise within a web-based system for collaborative mental-health risk and safety management
, Patient Education and Counseling 98(10): 1189-1196 (2015)

Integrating service user participation in mental health care: what will it take?
, International Journal of Integrated Care 15: E004 (2015)

Integrating simultaneous prosocial and antisocial behavior into theories of collective action
, Science Advances 2(3): E1501220 (2016)

Integrating single-molecule experiments and discrete stochastic models to understand heterogeneous gene transcription dynamics
, Methods 85: 12-21 (2015)

Integrating small mammal community variables into aircraft-wildlife collision management plans at Namibian airports
, Integrative Zoology 10(6): 515-530 (2015)

Integrating small molecule signalling and H-NS antagonism in Vibrio cholerae, a bacterium with two chromosomes
, Molecular Microbiology 97(4): 612-615 (2015)

Integrating smart-phone based momentary location tracking with fixed site air quality monitoring for personal exposure assessment
, Science of the Total Environment 506-507: 518-526 (2015)

Integrating smoking cessation and alcohol use treatment in homeless populations: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
, Trials 16: 385 (2015)

Integrating smoking cessation into lung cancer screening programs
, Clinical Imaging 40(2): 302-306 (2016)

Integrating smoking cessation into routine care in hospitals--a randomized controlled trial
, Addiction 111(4): 714-723 (2016)

Integrating social and facial models of person perception: Converging and diverging dimensions
, Cognition 157: 257-267 (2016)

Integrating social and value dimensions into sustainability assessment of lignocellulosic biofuels
, Biomass and Bioenergy 82: 49-62 (2015)

Integrating social health insurance systems in China
, Lancet 387(10025): 1274-1275 (2016)

Integrating socially assistive robotics into mental healthcare interventions: applications and recommendations for expanded use
, Clinical Psychology Review 35: 35-46 (2015)

Integrating soil water and tracer balances, numerical modelling and GIS tools to estimate regional groundwater recharge: Application to the Alcadozo Aquifer System (SE Spain)
, Science of the Total Environment 568: 415-432 (2016)

Integrating solid-state NMR and computational modeling to investigate the structure and dynamics of membrane-associated ghrelin
, Plos one 10(3): E0122444 (2015)

Integrating spatial land use analysis and mathematical material flow analysis for nutrient management: a case study of the Bang Pakong River Basin in Thailand
, Environmental Management 55(5): 1022-1035 (2015)

Integrating spatial technology into studying the generational differences of migrants' health protection status in urban China
, International Journal for Equity in Health 14: 27 (2015)

Integrating spatially explicit indices of abundance and habitat quality: an applied example for greater sage-grouse management
, Journal of Applied Ecology 53(1): 83-95 (2016)

Integrating spot short-term measurements of carbon emissions and backward dietary energy partition calculations to estimate intake in lactating dairy cows fed ad libitum or restricted
, Journal of Dairy Science 98(12): 8913-8925 (2015)

Integrating staff well-being into the Primary Health Care system: a case study in post-conflict Kosovo
, Conflict and Health 9: 21 (2015)

Integrating stochastic time-dependent travel speed in solution methods for the dynamic dial-a-ride problem
, European Journal of Operational Research 238(1): 18-30 (2014)

Integrating structural and mutagenesis data to elucidate GPCR ligand binding
, Current Opinion in Pharmacology 30: 51-58 (2016)

Integrating structural and thermodynamic mechanisms for sorption of PCBs by montmorillonite
, Environmental Science and Technology 49(5): 2796-2805 (2015)

Integrating structure-from-motion photogrammetry with geospatial software as a novel technique for quantifying 3D ecological characteristics of coral reefs
, Peerj 3: E1077 (2015)

Integrating subpathway analysis to identify candidate agents for hepatocellular carcinoma
, Oncotargets and Therapy 9: 1221-1230 (2016)

Integrating subsistence practice and species distribution modeling: assessing invasive elodea's potential impact on Native Alaskan subsistence of Chinook salmon and whitefish
, Environmental Management 58(1): 144-163 (2016)

Integrating succession and community assembly perspectives
, F1000research 5: (2016)

Integrating supportive and palliative care for young adults with serious illnesses
, Nursing 46(6): 12-14 (2016)

Integrating surveillance data on water-related diseases and drinking-water quality; action-research in a Brazilian municipality
, Journal of Water and Health 13(4): 1048-1054 (2015)

Integrating systemic and surgical approaches to treating metastatic colorectal cancer
, Surgical Oncology Clinics of North America 24(1): 199-214 (2015)

Integrating targeted gene expression and a skin model system to identify functional inhibitors of the UV activated p38 MAP kinase
, Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 15(12): 1468-1475 (2016)

Integrating targeted glycomics and untargeted metabolomics to investigate the processing chemistry of herbal medicines, a case study on Rehmanniae Radix
, Journal of Chromatography. a 1472: 74-87 (2016)

Integrating teamwork, clinician occupational well-being and patient safety - development of a conceptual framework based on a systematic review
, Bmc Health Services Research 16: 281 (2016)

Integrating technology into cognitive behavior therapy for adolescent depression: a pilot study
, Annals of General Psychiatry 14: 37 (2015)

Integrating technology into complex intervention trial processes: a case study
, Trials 17(1): 551 (2016)

Integrating telehealth in to 'business as usual': Is it really possible?
, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 22(8): 499-503 (2016)

Integrating telehealth services into a remote allied health service: A pilot study
, Australian Journal of Rural Health 25(1): 53-57 (2017)

Integrating temperature with odor processing in the olfactory bulb
, Journal of Neuroscience 35(20): 7892-7902 (2015)

Integrating text mining, data mining, and network analysis for identifying genetic breast cancer trends
, Bmc Research Notes 9: 236 (2016)

Integrating the 2013 Psychiatric Mental Health NP Competencies Into Educational Programs: Where Are We Now?
, Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 30(3): 425-431 (2016)

Integrating the 6Cs of nursing into mentorship practice
, Nursing Standard 1987) 29(50): 49 (2015)

Integrating the ACR Appropriateness Criteria Into the Radiology Clerkship: Comparison of Didactic Format and Group-Based Learning
, Journal of the American College of Radiology 13(5): 566-570 (2016)

Integrating the context-appropriate balanced attention model and reinforcement sensitivity theory: Towards a domain-general personality process model
, Psychological Bulletin 143(1): 91-106 (2017)

Integrating the Demographic and Health Surveys, IPUMS-I, and TerraPopulus to Explore Mortality and Health Outcomes at the District Level in Ghana, Malawi, and Tanzania
, Etude de la Population Africaine 28(2 Suppl): 917-926 (2014)

Integrating the Electronic Health Record into Behavioral Health Encounters: Strategies, Barriers, and Implications for Practice
, Administration and Policy in Mental Health 44(4): 512-523 (2017)

Integrating the Electronic Health Record into high-fidelity interprofessional intensive care unit simulations
, Journal of Interprofessional Care 29(6): 562-563 (2015)

Integrating the Ergonomics Techniques with Multi Criteria Decision Making as a New Approach for Risk Management: An Assessment of Repetitive Tasks -Entropy Case Study
, Journal of Research in Health Sciences 16(2): 85-89 (2016)

Integrating the Forensic Sciences in Wildlife Case Investigations: A Case Report of Pentobarbital and Phenytoin Toxicosis in a Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
, Veterinary Pathology 53(5): 1103-1106 (2016)

Integrating the GPCR transactivation-dependent and biased signalling paradigms in the context of PAR1 signalling
, British Journal of Pharmacology 173(20): 2992-3000 (2016)

Integrating the ICF with positive psychology: Factors predicting role participation for mothers with multiple sclerosis
, Rehabilitation Psychology 60(2): 169-178 (2015)

Integrating the Illness Beliefs Model in clinical practice: a Family Systems Nursing knowledge utilization model
, Journal of Family Nursing 21(2): 322-348 (2015)

Development of Modern Medical Equipment Management System Based on Web
, Zhongguo Yi Liao Qi Xie Za Zhi 41(1): 70-72 (2017)

Integrating the New Thromboprophylaxis Guidelines Into Obstetric Anesthesia Practice
, Anesthesia and Analgesia 123(4): 809-811 (2016)

Integrating the Principles of Effective Intervention into Batterer Intervention Programming: The Case for Moving Toward More Evidence-Based Programming
, Trauma Violence and Abuse 17(1): 72-87 (2016)

Integrating the Principles of Socioecology and Critical Pedagogy for Health Promotion Health Literacy Interventions
, Journal of Health Communication 21(Sup2): 30-35 (2016)

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