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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58134

Chapter 58134 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Lukovic, J.; Patil, N.; D'souza, D.; Millman, B.; Yaremko, B.P.; Leung, E.; Whiston, F.; Hajdok, G.; Wong, E., 2016:
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Versus 3D Conformal Radiotherapy for Postoperative Gynecologic Cancer: Are They Covering the Same Planning Target Volume?

Yang, J.C.; Terezakis, S.A.; Dunkel, I.J.; Gilheeney, S.W.; Wolden, S.L., 2016:
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy With Dose Painting: A Brain-Sparing Technique for Intracranial Germ Cell Tumors

Mercado, C.; Kress, M-Adele.; Cyr, R.A.; Chen, L.N.; Yung, T.M.; Bullock, E.G.; Lei, S.; Collins, B.T.; Satinsky, A.N.; Harter, K.William.; Suy, S.; Dritschilo, A.; Lynch, J.H.; Collins, S.P., 2016:
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Boost for Unfavorable Prostate Cancer: The Georgetown University Experience

Yeung, R.; McConnell, Y.; Warkentin, H.; Graham, D.; Warkentin, B.; Joseph, K.; Doll, C.M., 2016:
Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) vs Helical Tomotherapy (HT) in Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy (CRT) for Patients with Anal Canal Carcinoma (ACC): an analysis of dose distribution and toxicities

Chien, C-Ru.; Chen, W.Tzu-Liang.; Wang, H-Min.; Lin, C-Hung.; Li, C-Chin., 2016:
Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in Neoadjuvant Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer

Selek, Uğur.; Bölükbaşı, Y.; Welsh, J.W.; Topkan, E., 2015:
Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy versus 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy Strategies for Locally Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Zhao, G.; Tan, W.; Jia, M.; Hou, J.; Ma, W.; Dong, L.; Zhang, L.; Feng, X.; Wu, X.; Yin, W.; Xiao, L.; Axner, O.; Jia, S., 2016:
Intensity-Stabilized Fast-Scanned Direct Absorption Spectroscopy Instrumentation Based on a Distributed Feedback Laser with Detection Sensitivity down to 4 × 10 -6

Peer, M.; Abboud, S.; Hertz, U.; Amedi, A.; Arzy, S., 2016:
Intensity-based masking: A tool to improve functional connectivity results of resting-state fMRI

Carr, J.C.; Beck, T.W.; Ye, X.; Wages, N.P., 2016:
Intensity-dependent EMG response for the biceps brachii during sustained maximal and submaximal isometric contractions

Weavil, J.C.; Sidhu, S.K.; Mangum, T.S.; Richardson, R.S.; Amann, M., 2015:
Intensity-dependent alterations in the excitability of cortical and spinal projections to the knee extensors during isometric and locomotor exercise

Reilly, H.; Egana, M.; Green, S., 2016:
Intensity-dependent effect of ageing on fatigue during intermittent contractions of the human calf muscle in males and females

Yu, X.; Li, Y.; Wen, H.; Zhang, Y.; Tian, X., 2016:
Intensity-dependent effects of repetitive anodal transcranial direct current stimulation on learning and memory in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease

Kaliszewicz, A., 2016:
Intensity-dependent response to temperature in hydra clones

Peng, P.; Peng, S.; Hu, H.; Li, N.; Bai, Y.; Liu, P.; Xu, H.; Li, R.; Xu, Z., 2015:
Intensity-dependent study of strong-field Coulomb explosion of H2

Troconis, E.L.; Ordoobadi, A.J.; Sommers, T.F.; Aziz-Bose, R.; Carter, A.R.; Trapani, J.G., 2016:
Intensity-dependent timing and precision of startle response latency in larval zebrafish

De Francesco, I.; Thomas, K.; Wedlake, L.; Tait, D., 2017:
Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy and Anal Cancer: Clinical Outcome and Late Toxicity Assessment

Salz, H.; Bohrisch, B.; Howitz, S.; Banz, N.; Weibert, K.; Wiezorek, T.; Wendt, T.G., 2016:
Intensity-modulated Total Body Irradiation (TBI) with TomoDirect™

Carosi, A.; Ingrosso, G.; Ponti, E.; Lancia, A.; Santoni, R., 2015:
Intensity-modulated and 3D-conformal radiotherapy in hypofractionated prostate cancer treatment using Elekta Beam Modulator™ micro-MLC: A dosimetric analysis

Macchia, G.; Cilla, S.; Deodato, F.; Legge, F.; D.S.efano, A.; Chiantera, V.; Scambia, G.; Valentini, V.; Morganti, A.G.; Ferrandina, G., 2016:
Intensity-modulated extended-field chemoradiation plus simultaneous integrated boost in the pre-operative treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer: a dose-escalation study

Blanchard, P.; Garden, A.S.; Gunn, G.Brandon.; Rosenthal, D.I.; Morrison, W.H.; Hernandez, M.; Crutison, J.; Lee, J.J.; Ye, R.; Fuller, C.David.; Mohamed, A.S.R.; Hutcheson, K.A.; Holliday, E.B.; Thaker, N.G.; Sturgis, E.M.; Kies, M.S.; Zhu, X.Ronald.; Mohan, R.; Frank, S.J., 2017:
Intensity-modulated proton beam therapy (IMPT) versus intensity-modulated photon therapy (IMRT) for patients with oropharynx cancer - A case matched analysis

Kesarwala, A.H.; Ko, C.J.; Ning, H.; Xanthopoulos, E.; Haglund, K.E.; O'Meara, W.P.; Simone, C.B.; Rengan, R., 2016:
Intensity-modulated proton therapy for elective nodal irradiation and involved-field radiation in the definitive treatment of locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a dosimetric study

Lewis, G.D.; Holliday, E.B.; Kocak-Uzel, E.; Hernandez, M.; Garden, A.S.; Rosenthal, D.I.; Frank, S.J., 2018:
Intensity-modulated proton therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Decreased radiation dose to normal structures and encouraging clinical outcomes

Adeberg, S.; Harrabi, S.B.; Bougatf, N.; Bernhardt, D.; Rieber, J.; Koerber, S.A.; Syed, M.; Sprave, T.; Mohr, A.; Abdollahi, A.; Haberer, T.; Combs, S.E.; Herfarth, K.; Debus, J.; Rieken, S., 2016:
Intensity-modulated proton therapy, volumetric-modulated arc therapy, and 3D conformal radiotherapy in anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma : A dosimetric comparison

de Arruda, F.F.; Zhung, J.; Narayana, A.; Wolden, S.; Pfister, D.G.; Serrano, V.; Kraus, D.H.; Shaha, A.; Shah, J.; Lee, N.Y., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma: The MSKCC experience

Nordal, R.A.; Wood, T.E.; Posey, J.A., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with concurrent chemotherapy for anal cancers: Acute toxicity profile and avoidance of a treatment break

Duggan, D.; Murphy, B.A.; Beach, M.; Teng, M.; Hallahan, D.; Burkey, B.; Netterville, J.; Chung, C.H.; Butler, L.; Cmelak, A.J., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) with concurrent taxane-based chemotherapy for locally-advanced head and neck cancer(LAHNC): Feasibility, technique, and toxicities

Chen, J.Ling-Yu.; Huang, Y-Sen.; Kuo, S-Hsin.; Hong, R-Long.; Ko, J-Yuh.; Lou, P-Jen.; Wang, C-Wei., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy achieves better local control compared to three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy for T4-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Sumida, I.; Yamaguchi, H.; Das, I.J.; Kizaki, H.; Aboshi, K.; Tsujii, M.; Yamada, Y.; Suzuki, O.; Seo, Y.; Isohashi, F.; Ogawa, K., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy dose verification using fluence and portal imaging device

Klem, M.L.; Wolden, S.L.; Zelefsky, M.J.; Su, Y.B.; Singh, B.; Kraus, D.; Shaha, A.; Shah, J.; Pfister, D.G.; Lee, N., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy for head and neck cancer of unknown primary

Zhu, X-Gao.; Li, Y-Heng.; Li, X-Fan.; Cai, Y., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy for pelvic oligo-recurrence from rectal cancer: long-term results from a single institution

Liu, S.; Yen, T.; Chang, Y.; Chen, Y., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy for postoperative oral cavity cancer: experience and feasibility

Fitzgerald, E.; Miles, W.; Fenton, P.; Frantzis, J., 2015:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy to bilateral lower limb extremities concurrently: a planning case study

Goffredo, P.; Robinson, T.J.; Youngwirth, L.M.; Roman, S.A.; Sosa, J.A., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy use for the localized treatment of thyroid cancer: Nationwide practice patterns and outcomes

Zhang, B.; Mo, Z.; Du, W.; Wang, Y.; Liu, L.; Wei, Y., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy versus 2D-RT or 3D-CRT for the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Isohashi, F.; Mabuchi, S.; Yoshioka, Y.; Seo, Y.; Suzuki, O.; Tamari, K.; Yamashita, M.; Unno, H.; Kinose, Y.; Kozasa, K.; Sumida, I.; Otani, Y.; Kimura, T.; Ogawa, K., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy versus three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy with concurrent nedaplatin-based chemotherapy after radical hysterectomy for uterine cervical cancer: comparison of outcomes, complications, and dose-volume histogram parameters

Franco, P.; Mistrangelo, M.; Arcadipane, F.; Munoz, F.; Sciacero, P.; Spadi, R.; Migliaccio, F.; Angelini, V.; Bombaci, S.; Rondi, N.; Numico, G.; Ragona, R.; Cassoni, P.; Morino, M.; Racca, P.; Ricardi, U., 2015:
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy with simultaneous integrated boost combined with concurrent chemotherapy for the treatment of anal cancer patients: 4-year results of a consecutive case series

Zhang, J.; Yu, X-Ling.; Zheng, G-Feng.; Zhao, F., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy and volumetric-modulated arc therapy have distinct clinical advantages in non-small cell lung cancer treatment

Chen, X.; Lei, H.; Liang, Z.; Li, L.; Qu, S.; Zhu, X., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy controls nasopharyngeal carcinoma distant metastasis and improves survival of patients

Jia, A.Y.; Wu, J-Xiong.; Zhao, Y-Ting.; Li, Y-Xiong.; Wang, Z.; Rong, W-Qi.; Wang, L-Ming.; Jin, J.; Wang, S-Lian.; Song, Y-Wen.; Liu, Y-Ping.; Ren, H.; Fang, H.; Wang, W-Qing.; Liu, X-Fan.; Yu, Z-Hao.; Wang, W-Hu., 2015:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy following null-margin resection is associated with improved survival in the treatment of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Cao, C-Neng.; Luo, J-Wei.; Gao, L.; Xu, G-Zhen.; Yi, J-Lin.; Huang, X-Dong.; Wang, K.; Zhang, S-Ping.; Qu, Y.; Li, S-Yan.; Xiao, J-Ping.; Zhang, Z., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for cervical esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: clinical outcomes and patterns of failure

Samuels, M.A.; Freedman, L.M.; Elsayyad, N., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for early glottic cancer: transition to a new standard of care?

Berwouts, D.; Swimberghe, M.; Duprez, Féderic.; Boterberg, T.; Bonte, K.; Deron, P.; De Gersem, W.; De Neve, W.; Madani, I., 2014:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for early-stage glottic cancer

Yang, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, X.; Hu, Y.; Lyu, Z.; Huo, L.; Wei, R.; Fu, J.; Hong, J., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for gliomas:dosimetric effects of changes in gross tumor volume on organs at risk and healthy brain tissue

Pointreau, Y.; Lizée, T.; Bensadoun, R-J.; Boisselier, P.; Racadot, S.; Thariat, J.; Graff, P., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. Dose constraint for salivary gland and mandible

Gutiontov, S.I.; Shin, E.J.; Lok, B.; Lee, N.Y.; Cabanillas, R., 2015:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck surgeons

Luo, M.; Peng, G.; Shi, L.; Ming, X.; Li, Z.; Fei, S.; Ding, Q.; Cheng, J., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for localized nasopharyngeal amyloidosis : Case report and literature review

Chan, C.; Lang, S.; Rowbottom, C.; Guckenberger, M.; Faivre-Finn, C., 2015:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for lung cancer: current status and future developments

Spatola, C.; Militello, C.; Tocco, A.; Salamone, V.; Raffaele, L.; Migliore, M.; Pagana, A.; Milazzotto, R.; Chillura, I.; Pergolizzi, S.; Privitera, G., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for relapsed malignant pleural mesothelioma

Rumley, C.N.; Nedev, N.; Sharples, K.; Lee, J.; Lamb, D.S., 2018:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy in the treatment of locoregionally advanced head and neck cancer: implementation and outcomes in a New Zealand community hospital

Boisselier, P.; Racadot, S.; Thariat, J.; Graff, P.; Pointreau, Y., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy of head and neck cancers. Dose constraint for spinal cord and brachial plexus

Thariat, J.; Racadot, S.; Pointreau, Y.; Boisselier, P.; Grange, J-D.; Graff, P.; Weber, D.C., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy of head and neck cancers: Dose effects on the ocular, orbital and eyelid structures

Vallard, A.; Guy, J-Baptiste.; Mengue Ndong, S.; Vial, N.; Rivoirard, R.; Auberdiac, P.; Méry, Bîte.; Langrand-Escure, J.; Espenel, S.; Moncharmont, C.; Ben Mrad, M.; Diao, P.; Goyet, D.; Magné, N., 2018:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy or volumetric-modulated arc therapy in patients with head and neck cancer: Focus on salivary glands dosimetry

Zhang, M-Xia.; Li, J.; Shen, G-Ping.; Zou, X.; Xu, J-Jie.; Jiang, R.; You, R.; Hua, Y-Jun.; Sun, Y.; Ma, J.; Hong, M-Huang.; Chen, M-Yuan., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy prolongs the survival of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma compared with conventional two-dimensional radiotherapy: A 10-year experience with a large cohort and long follow-up

Viani, G.Arruda.; Viana, B.Silveira.; Martin, J.Eduardo.Chicareli.; Rossi, B.Tiago.; Zuliani, G.; Stefano, E.Jose., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy reduces toxicity with similar biochemical control compared with 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy for prostate cancer: A randomized clinical trial

Rief, H.; Chaudhri, N.; Tonndorf-Martini, E.; Bruckner, T.; Rieken, S.; Bostel, T.; Förster, R.; Schlampp, I.; Debus, Jürgen.; Sterzing, F., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy versus proton radiotherapy versus carbon ion radiotherapy for spinal bone metastases: a treatment planning study

Price, A., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy, not 3 dimensional conformal, is the preferred technique for treating locally advanced disease with high-dose radiotherapy: the argument against

Chang, J.Y., 2016:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy, not 3 dimensional conformal, is the preferred technique for treating locally advanced lung cancer

Yang, J.; Dong, X.; Ni, K.; Chan, C.Chu.; Shun, P.Ping., 2015:
Intensity-modulated relative humidity sensing with polyvinyl alcohol coating and optical fiber gratings

Wahart, Aélien.; Guy, J-Baptiste.; Vallard, A.; Geissler, B.; Ben Mrad, M.; Falk, A.T.; Prevot, N.; de Laroche, G.; Rancoule, Cé.; Chargari, C.; Magné, N., 2016:
Intensity-modulated salvage radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost for local recurrence of prostate carcinoma: a pilot study on the place of PET-choline for guiding target volume delineation

Rochet, N.; Lindel, K.; Katayama, S.; Schubert, K.; Herfarth, K.; Schneeweiss, A.; Sohn, C.; Harms, W.; Debus, J., 2015:
Intensity-modulated whole abdomen irradiation following adjuvant carboplatin/taxane chemotherapy for FIGO stage III ovarian cancer : four-year outcomes

Lv, Y.; Wang, F.; Yang, L.; Sun, G., 2015:
Intensity-modulated whole pelvic radiotherapy provides effective dosimetric outcomes for cervical cancer treatment with lower toxicities

Gao, R-Mei.; Xu, Z-Cheng.; Ding, C-Feng.; Yao, J-Quan., 2016:
Intensity-modulating graphene metamaterial for multiband terahertz absorption

Del Hougne, P.; Rajaei, B.; Daudet, L.; Lerosey, G., 2016:
Intensity-only measurement of partially uncontrollable transmission matrix: demonstration with wave-field shaping in a microwave cavity

Hara, M.; Nishida, Y.; Shimanoe, C.; Otsuka, Y.; Nanri, H.; Yasukata, J.; Miyoshi, N.; Yamada, Y.; Horita, M.; Kawai, K.; Li, Y-Shan.; Kasai, J.; Kasai, H.; Higaki, Y.; Tanaka, K., 2016:
Intensity-specific effect of physical activity on urinary levels of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine in middle-aged Japanese

Vaveliuk, P.; Lencina, A.; Rodrigo, J.A.; Martnez-Matos, Ó., 2015:
Intensity-symmetric Airy beams

Ren, Z.; Jin, H.; Peng, B.; Shi, Y., 2016:
Intensity-symmetric accelerating caustic beams

Lee, H.; Shim, H.; Chang, H-Jae., 2016:
Intensity-vesselness Gaussian mixture model (IVGMM) for 2D + t segmentation of coronary arteries for X-ray angiography image sequences

Anderson, M.; Xu, F.; Ou-Yang, M-Hsuan.; Davis, J.; Van Nostrand, W.E.; Robinson, J.K., 2016:
Intensive 'Brain Training' Intervention Fails to Reduce Amyloid Pathologies or Cognitive Deficits in Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease

Yang, J.; Liu, C.; Zhang, L.; Liu, Y.; Guo, A.; Shi, H.; Liu, X.; Cheng, Y., 2016:
Intensive Atorvastatin Therapy Attenuates the Inflammatory Responses in Monocytes of Patients with Unstable Angina Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention via Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ Activation

Loewy, R.; Fisher, M.; Schlosser, D.A.; Biagianti, B.; Stuart, B.; Mathalon, D.H.; Vinogradov, S., 2017:
Intensive Auditory Cognitive Training Improves Verbal Memory in Adolescents and Young Adults at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis

Jolobe, O.M.P., 2015:
Intensive BP control falls and fractures

Margolis, K.L.; Evans, G.W.; Schwartz, A.V.; Fleg, J., 2015:
Intensive BP control, falls, and fractures: response to Jolobe (MS #17620)

Rosenberg, K., 2016:
Intensive Blood Pressure Control Lowers Rate of CV Events and Death in the Elderly

Qureshi, A.I.; Palesch, Y.Y.; Barsan, W.G.; Hanley, D.F.; Hsu, C.Y.; Martin, R.L.; Moy, C.S.; Silbergleit, R.; Steiner, T.; Suarez, J.I.; Toyoda, K.; Wang, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Yoon, B-Woo.; Qureshi, A.I.; Hussein, H.; Novitzke, J.M.; Witzel, C.; Connelly, B.; Chaudhry, S.A.; Abbott, E.I.; Maland, E.T.; France, K.A.; Rahim, B.; Miller, Z.; Caceres, A.J.; Brau, L.J.; Qureshi, M.H.; Thomas, J.K.; Afzal, M.R.; Rech, N.; Palesch, Y.Y.; Martin, R.; Zhao, W.; Foster, L.; Speiser, J.; Dillon, C.; Kim, J.;, 2016:
Intensive Blood-Pressure Lowering in Patients with Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage

Thakur, M.; Gonik, B.; Gill, N.; Awonuga, A.O.; Rocha, F.G.; Gonzalez, J.M., 2016:
Intensive Care Admissions in Pregnancy: Analysis of a Level of Support Scoring System

Weimann, K.; Zimmermann, M.; Spies, C.D.; Wernecke, K-Dieter.; Vicherek, O.; Nachtigall, I.; Tafelski, S.; Weimann, A., 2016:
Intensive Care Infection Score--A new approach to distinguish between infectious and noninfectious processes in intensive care and medicosurgical patients

Padmakumar, A.V., 2016:
Intensive Care Management of Patient After Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC - A Concise Review

Lutfi, R.; Abulebda, K.; Nitu, M.E.; Molleston, J.P.; Bozic, M.A.; Subbarao, G., 2016:
Intensive Care Management of Pediatric Acute Liver Failure

Cole, S.Pai., 2016:
Intensive Care Management of Thoracic Aortic Surgical Patients, Including Thoracic and Infradiaphragmatic Endovascular Repair (EVAR/TEVAR)

Bevan, R.; Venkatesh, B.; Freebairn, R., 2016:
Intensive Care Medicine Training in Australia and New Zealand: A Clarification

Pinsky, M.R.; Valentin, A.; Rubenfeld, G., 2016:
Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: cost-effectiveness analysis

Arabi, Y.M.; Schultz, M.J.; Salluh, J.I.F., 2016:
Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: global perspectives

Anesi, G.L.; Wagner, J.; Halpern, S.D., 2016:
Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: toward an intensive care unit without waste

Kangas, J.; Nätynki, M.; Eklund, L., 2018:
Development of Molecular Therapies for Venous Malformations

Colardyn, F.; Bossaert, L., 2000:
Intensive Care Medicine: A Speciality, A Curriculum

Heydari, A.; Vafaee-Najar, A.; Bakhshi, M., 2016:
Intensive Care Nurses' Belief Systems Regarding the Health Economics: A Focused Ethnography

Frazee, E.N.; Personett, H.A.; Bauer, S.R.; Dzierba, A.L.; Stollings, J.L.; Ryder, L.P.; Elmer, J.L.; Caples, S.M.; Daniels, C.E., 2016:
Intensive Care Nurses' Knowledge About Use of Neuromuscular Blocking Agents in Patients With Respiratory Failure

Güler, E.Kocaçal.; Eşer, İsmet.; Fashafsheh, I.Hussein.Deeb., 2016:
Intensive Care Nurses' Views and Practices for Eye Care: An International Comparison

Anonymous, 2006:
Intensive Care Nursing - A Framework for Practice:Second edition Intensive Care Nursing - A Framework for Practice : Second Edition Philip Woodrow Intensive Care Nursing - A Framework for Practice:Second edition Routledge 582pp £28.99 0 415 37323 9 0415373239 [Formula: see text

Yatskovi, K.V.; Gorodetskiy, V.M.; Shulutko, E.M.; Glukhova, T.E.; Pusqtovoit, Y.S., 2015:
Intensive Care Of Complicated Acute Porphyria

Jacobs, L.; Chima, R.S., 2016:
Intensive Care Outcomes for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: More of the Same

Munshi, L.; Kobayashi, T.; DeBacker, J.; Doobay, R.; Telesnicki, T.; Lo, V.; Cote, N.; Cypel, M.; Keshavjee, S.; Ferguson, N.D.; Fan, E., 2016:
Intensive Care Physiotherapy during Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Dilmen, Özlem.Korkmaz.; Akçıl, E.Fatma.; Tunalı, Y., 2015:
Intensive Care Treatment in Traumatic Brain Injury

Oud, L., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - Managed Elderly Hospitalizations with Dementia in Texas, 2001-2010: A Population-Level Analysis

Vohra, A.S.; Tak, H.Jung.; Shah, M.B.; Meltzer, D.O.; Ruhnke, G.W., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Admission With Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Vizcarra-Ugalde, S.; Rico-Hernández, M.; Monjarás-Ávila, César.; Bernal-Silva, Sía.; Garrocho-Rangel, M.E.; Ochoa-Pérez, U.R.; Noyola, D.E., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Admission and Death Rates of Infants Admitted With Respiratory Syncytial Virus Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Mexico

Zadra, A.Rossi.; Barzaghi, N.; D.N.vi, C., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Medicare Beneficiaries With Pneumonia

Fernández-García, M.; Gonzalez-Vicent, M.; Mastro-Martinez, I.; Serrano, A.; Diaz, M.A., 2015:
Intensive Care Unit Admissions Among Children After Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: Incidence, Outcome, and Prognostic Factors

Winzelberg, G.S.; Hanson, L.C., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Bed Availability and Use of Mechanical Ventilation in Nursing Home Residents With Advanced Dementia: When We Build It, Why Do They Come?

Hayhurst, C.J.; Pandharipande, P.P.; Hughes, C.G., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Delirium: A Review of Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment

Kelly, M.L., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Guideline Adherence and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: The Challenge of Comprehensive Neurotrauma Care Worldwide

Abdallah, F.S.; Radaeda, M.S.; Gaghama, M.K.; Salameh, B., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Physician's Attitudes on Do Not Resuscitate Order in Palestine

Spence, S.C.; Cardenas, G.; Patel, B.; Matta, E., 2015:
Intensive Care Unit Radiography and the Beginning of the Imaging Value Chain

Yee, J., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Renal Replacement Therapy: Less Is More (or Better)

Golestani Eraghi, M.; Beigmohammadi, M.Taghi.; Soleimani, A.Akbar.; Mojtahedzadeh, M., 2013:
Intensive Care Unit Staff and Resource Utilization: Is It an Effective Factor?

Bakhru, R.N.; McWilliams, D.J.; Wiebe, D.J.; Spuhler, V.J.; Schweickert, W.D., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Structure Variation and Implications for Early Mobilization Practices. An International Survey

Fanaroff, A.C.; Peterson, E.D.; Chen, A.Y.; Thomas, L.; Doll, J.A.; Fordyce, C.B.; Newby, L.Kristin.; Amsterdam, E.A.; Kosiborod, M.N.; de Lemos, J.A.; Wang, T.Y., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit Utilization and Mortality Among Medicare Patients Hospitalized With Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Salins, N.; Deodhar, J.; Muckaden, M.Ann., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit death and factors influencing family satisfaction of Intensive Care Unit care

Lipshutz, A.K.M.; Gropper, M.A., 2016:
Intensive Care Unit-acquired Muscle Weakness: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Jenkins, P.; Johnston, L.J.; Pickham, D.; Chang, B.; Rizk, N.; Tierney, D.Kathryn., 2016:
Intensive Care Utilization for Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients

Gillies, M.A.; Pearse, R.M., 2016:
Intensive Care after High-risk Surgery: What's in a Name?

Pieri, M.; Bonizzoni, M.Aldo.; Lembo, R.; Dalessandro, V.; Alba, A.Carla.; Zangrillo, A.; Landoni, G., 2016:
Intensive Care and Anesthesia Specialists Would Do More Research If They Could

Razavi, S.Sajad.; Fathi, M.; Hajiesmaeili, M., 2016:
Intensive Care at Home: An Opportunity or Threat

Divatia, J.V.; Amin, P.R.; Ramakrishnan, N.; Kapadia, F.N.; Todi, S.; Sahu, S.; Govil, D.; Chawla, R.; Kulkarni, A.P.; Samavedam, S.; Jani, C.K.; Rungta, N.; Samaddar, D.Prasad.; Mehta, S.; Venkataraman, R.; Hegde, A.; Bande, B.D.; Dhanuka, S.; Singh, V.; Tewari, R.; Zirpe, K.; Sathe, P.; Sivakumar, M.N.; Kansal, S.; Gurav, S.; Kulkarni, S.; Ray, S.; Rajhans, P.; Choudhary, S.; Singhvi, T.; Toraskar, K.; Pande, R.; Gupta, S.; Rao, S.Manimala.; Kujore, R.; Mani, A.Kumar.; Sinha, V.; Kulkarni, A.;, 2016:
Intensive Care in India: The Indian Intensive Care Case Mix and Practice Patterns Study

Redington, A., 2017:
Intensive Care in the Adult With Congenital Heart Disease

Lighthall, G.K., 2016:
Intensive Care of Cardiac Patients, the Evolution Continues

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Intensive Care, Intense Conflict: A Balanced Approach

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Intensive care team will bring new approach

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Intensive care unit staff will not go back to restricted visiting hours

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Inter-organ neural network mediate the regulation of systemic energy metabolism

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Inter-organisation communication for end of life care

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Inter-organisational response to disasters

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Inter-organizational cooperation in community health organizations

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Inter-personal violence and abuse in adolescent intimate relationships: mental health impact and implications for practice

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