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Kinetic analysis of RNA editing of Newcastle disease virus P gene in the early period of infection

Qiu, X.; Fu, Q.; Meng, C.; Yu, S.; Zhan, Y.; Dong, L.; Ren, T.; Sun, Y.; Tan, L.; Song, C.; Han, X.; Ding, C.

Acta Virologica 60(1): 71-77


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-723X
PMID: 26982470
DOI: 10.4149/av_2016_01_71
Accession: 058186716

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As a paramyxovirus, Newcastle disease virus (NDV) has the ability to edit its P (phosphoprotein) gene to synthesize three kinds of viral protein (P, V and W). It is technically very difficult to differentiate P, V and W mRNAs, and little was known about NDV regulation of RNA-editing frequency. To investigate the rules of NDV RNA editing, the ratio of the P gene-derived transcripts (P, V and W) was determined by sequencing at different time points post-infection. The results showed unstable ratio of V and W mRNA at different time points, and the frequency of NDV editing was significantly increased at the early period of infection (P  Newcastle disease virus; phosphoprotein; RNA editing; G insertion.

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