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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58190

Chapter 58190 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Shah, A.Hussain.; Sheddi, F.Mohammed.; Alharqan, M.Saad.; Khawja, S.Gulzar.; Vohra, F.; Akram, Z.; Faden, A.Ahmed.; Khalil, H.Saleh., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude among General Dental Practitioners towards Minimally Invasive Dentistry in Riyadh and AlKharj

Park, S-Cheol.; Lee, H-Young.; Lee, D-Woo.; Hahn, S-Woo.; Park, S-Ho.; Kim, Y-Ju.; Choi, J.Sung.; Lee, H-Sung.; Lee, S.Irene.; Na, K-Sae.; Jung, S.Won.; Shim, S-Hoon.; Choi, J.; Paik, J-Woo.; Kwon, Y-Joon., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of 851 Nursing Personnel toward Depression in General Hospitals of Korea

Oberoi, S.Singh.; Sharma, N.; Mohanty, V.; Marya, C.; Rekhi, A.; Oberoi, A., 2014:
Knowledge and Attitude of Faculty Members Working in Dental Institutions towards the Dental Treatment of Patients with HIV/AIDS

Afshari, R.; Zavar, A.; Alidoust, M.; Pourandi, R., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitude of Health Network Staff toward Illegal Drug Use

Lomero, M.M.; Rasero, M.J.; Fuentes, L.; Jaume, M., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of Health Personnel at the Garraf Health Consortium Regarding Donation and Transplantation

Bahreini Moghadam, S.Ali.; Hamzeh Pour, S.; Toorchi, M.; Sefidi Heris, Y., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of Iranian Red Crescent Society Volunteers in Dealing with Bioterrorist attacks

Sharif, S.; Saddki, N.; Yusoff, A., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of Medical Nurses toward Oral Health and Oral Health Care of Pregnant Women

Chainani, E.; Godse, K.; Agarwal, S.; Patil, S., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitude of Medical Resident Doctors Toward Antihistamines

Zelellw, D.Amare.; Tegegne, T.Kassaw.; Getie, G.Alem., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of Obstetric Care Providers on Partograph and Its Associated Factors in East Gojjam Zone, Northwest Ethiopia

Amiri, S.; Shafiee-Kandjani, A.Reza.; Noorazar, S.Gholamreza.; Rahmani Ivrigh, S.; Abdi, S., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of Parents of Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Towards the Illness

Tavares, H.Dos.Prazeres.; Tavares, S.Beatriz.Marques.Prata.; Natanel, F.Abraão.; Capingana, D.Pires., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitude of Patients, and Practice of the Arrest of Breast Cancer in Outpatient Consultations in Mastology at the General Hospital of Huambo, Angola

Alothman, A.; Algwizani, A.; Alsulaiman, M.; Alalwan, A.; Binsalih, S.; Bosaeed, M., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitude of Physicians Toward Prescribing Antibiotics and the Risk of Resistance in Two Reference Hospitals

Prasanna, S.; Giriraju, A.; Narayan, N.Lakshmi., 2011:
Knowledge and Attitude of Primary School Teachers toward Tooth Avulsion and Dental First Aid in Davangere City: A Cross-sectional Survey

Rasooli, A.; Ahmadnezhad, E.; Nouri Jelyani, K.; Holakouie-Naieni, K., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitude toward Tuberculosis among Tuberculosis Patients Seeking Help in Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, Kabul Province in Afghanistan

Mukherjee, S.; Shah, H.R.; Ramanathan, S.; Dewan, M., 2017:
Knowledge and Attitudes About Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Specific Learning Disorder in an Urban Indian Population

Cothros, N.; Burneo, J.G.; Steven, D.A., 2017:
Knowledge and Attitudes About Epilepsy Surgery Among Family Doctors in Ontario

Frola, Mía.Inés.; Barrios, Río., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes About Oral Cancer Among Dental Students After Bologna Plan Implementation

Howley, M.M.; Rouse, C.D.; Katz, D.J.; Colson, P.W.; Hirsch-Moverman, Y.; Royce, R.A.; Albritton, G.; Blumberg, H.M.; Leonard, M.; Mack, J.; Tapia, J.; Anger, H.; Ortega, H.; Harris, S.; Clayton, M.; Levine, B.; Xia, Q.; Graviss, E.A.; Teeter, L.; Williams, P.; Keller, S.; Mayes, B.; Kemp, K.; Lovely, C.; Wallace, C.; Cronin, W.; Maurer, F.; Munk, B.; Rutz, H.; Chavez-Lin, T.; Pinilla, J.; Stein-Hart, T.; Warkentin, J.; Davidow, A.; Sevilla, A.; Vergeon, J., 2017:
Knowledge and Attitudes About Tuberculosis Among U.S.-Born Blacks and Whites with Tuberculosis

Francois Watkins, L.K.; Sanchez, G.V.; Albert, A.P.; Roberts, R.M.; Hicks, L.A., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Antibiotic Use Among Adult Consumers, Adult Hispanic Consumers, and Health Care Providers--United States, 2012-2013

Georgsson, S.; Sahlin, E.; Iwarsson, M.; Nordenskjöld, M.; Gustavsson, P.; Iwarsson, E., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and Preferences for Risk Information among High School Students in Sweden

Alkhaldi, S.M.; Khatatbeh, M.M.; Berggren, V.E.M.; Taha, H.A., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Mandatory Premarital Screening Among University Students in North Jordan

Canon, C.; Effoe, V.; Shetty, V.; Shetty, A.K., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Among Academic and Community Physicians in Mangalore, India

Al Enizi, B.Aziz.; Saquib, N.; Zaghloul, M.Saddik.Abdelkawi.; Alaboud, M.Suliman.Abdullah.; Shahid, M.Siddique.; Saquib, J., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes about Basic Life Support among Secondary School Teachers in Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Memish, Z.A.; Filemban, S.M.; Kasule, S.N.; Al-Tawfiq, J.A., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitudes about HIV/AIDS in Illegal Residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Howell, J.Christina.; Soyinka, O.; Parker, M.; Jarrett, T.L.; Roberts, D.L.; Dorbin, C.D.; Hu, W.T., 2017:
Knowledge and Attitudes in Alzheimer's Disease in a Cohort of Older African Americans and Caucasians

Kittisiam, T.; Tangjitgamol, S.; Chaowawanit, W.; Khunnarong, J.; Srijaipracharoen, S.; Thavaramara, T.; Pataradool, K., 2017:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Bangkok Metropolitan Women towards HPV and Self-Sampled HPV Testing

Christian, T.; Guell, C., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Caribbean Women: A Qualitative Interview Study From Barbados

Memish, Z.A.; Filemban, S.M.; Bamgboyel, A.; Al Hakeem, R.F.; Elrashied, S.M.; Al-Tawfiq, J.A., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Doctors Toward People Living With HIV/AIDS in Saudi Arabia

Borlu, A.; Gunay, O.; Balci, E.; Sagiroglu, M., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Medical and Non-Medical Turkish University Students about Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccination

Giner, J.; Roura, P.; Hernández, C.; Torrejón, M.; Peiró, M.; Fernández, M.Jesús.; López de Santa María, E.; Gimeno, M.Angeles.; Macian, V.; Tarragona, E.; Plaza, V., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses in Spain about Inhaled Therapy: Results of a National Survey

Bauer, S.; Halfens, R.J.G.; Lohrmann, C., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Nursing Staff Towards Malnutrition Care in Nursing Homes: A Multicentre Cross-Sectional Study

Kaddumukasa, M.; Kakooza, A.; Kaddumukasa, M.N.; Ddumba, E.; Mugenyi, L.; Sajatovic, M.; Katabira, E., 2015:
Knowledge and Attitudes of Parkinson's Disease in Rural and Urban Mukono District, Uganda: A Cross-Sectional, Community-Based Study

Li, Y.; An, F-Rong.; Zhu, H.; Chiu, H.F.K.; Ungvari, G.S.; H Ng, C.; Lai, K.Y.C.; Xiang, Y-Tao., 2015 :
Knowledge and Attitudes of Patients and Their Relatives Toward Electroconvulsive Therapy in China

Mikamo, S.; Nakatsuka, M., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes toward Non-invasive Prenatal Testing among Pregnant Japanese Women

Vallin, M.; Polyzoi, M.; Marrone, G.; Rosales-Klintz, S.; Tegmark Wisell, K.; Stålsby Lundborg, C., 2016:
Knowledge and Attitudes towards Antibiotic Use and Resistance - A Latent Class Analysis of a Swedish Population-Based Sample

Tardieu, A.; Sire, F.; Gauthier, T., 2018:
Diagnosis accuracy of endoscopy (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, fertiloscopy, cystoscopy, colonoscopy) in case of endometriosis: CNGOF-HAS Endometriosis Guidelines

Prathyusha, P.; Harshini, T.; Haripriya, B.; Pramod, I.John.; Swathi, K.; Samyuktha, C.Lalitha., 2015:
Knowledge and Awareness Regarding Avulsion and Its Immediate Treatment in School Teachers in Bangalore City (South)

Moda, A.; Saroj, G.; Sharma, S.; Gupta, B., 2016:
Knowledge and Awareness among Parents and General Dental Practitioners regarding Rehabilitation with Full Coverage Restoration in Children: A Multi-centric Trial

Shiferaw, N.; Brooks, M.I.; Salvador-Davila, G.; Lonsako, S.; Kassahun, K.; Ansel, J.; Osakwe, C.; Weldegebreal, T.; Ahmed, I.; Asnake, M.; Blumenthal, P.D., 2016:
Knowledge and Awareness of Cervical Cancer among HIV-Infected Women in Ethiopia

Mhaidat, N.M.; Al-Husein, B.A.; Alzoubi, K.H.; Hatamleh, D.I.; Khader, Y.; Matalqah, S.; Albsoul, A., 2016:
Knowledge and Awareness of Colorectal Cancer Early Warning Signs and Risk Factors among University Students in Jordan

Imran, M.; Sayedalamin, Z.; Alsulami, S.S.; Atta, M.; Baig, M., 2017:
Knowledge and Awareness of Colorectal Cancer among Undergraduate Students at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: a Survey-Based Study

Rangarajan, N.; Balasubramanian, S.; Pang, J.; Watts, G.F., 2016:
Knowledge and Awareness of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia among Registered Medical Practitioners in Tamil Nadu: Are They Suboptimal?

Vittoba Setty, J.; Srinivasan, I., 2016:
Knowledge and Awareness of Primary Teeth and Their Importance among Parents in Bengaluru City, India

Harrison, S.E.; Walcott, C.M.; Warner, T.D., 2016:
Knowledge and Awareness of Sickle Cell Trait Among Young African American Adults

Boringi, M.; Waghray, S.; Lavanya, R.; Babu, D.Balaji.Gandhi.; Badam, R.Kumar.; Harsha, N.; Garlapati, K.; Chavva, S., 2015:
Knowledge and Awareness of Teledentistry among Dental Professionals - A Cross Sectional Study

Patra, S.; Singh, R.Kumar., 2015:
Knowledge and Behavioural Factors Associated with Gender Gap in Acquiring HIV Among Youth in Uganda

Chiffi, D.; Zanotti, R., 2016:
Knowledge and Belief in Placebo Effect

Gowin, M.; Cheney, M.K.; Wann, T.F., 2016:
Knowledge and Beliefs About E-Cigarettes in Straight-to-Work Young Adults

Szalacha, L.A.; Kue, J.; Menon, U., 2016:
Knowledge and Beliefs Regarding Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Mexican-Heritage Latinas

Manore, M.M.; Hand, R.K.; Liguori, G.; Bayles, M.; Dolins, K.; Steinmuller, P.; Cotton, R.; Smith-Edge, M., 2016:
Knowledge and Beliefs That Promote or Hinder Collaboration among Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Certified Exercise Professionals-Results of a Survey

Li, J.; Wang, T.; Jin, B.; Li, W.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, H.; Song, Y.; Li, N., 2018:
Diagnosis accuracy of serum glypican-3 level in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Arellano, C.; Castro, Lía.; Díaz-Caravantes, R.E.; Ernst, K.C.; Hayden, M.; Reyes-Castro, P., 2015:
Knowledge and Beliefs about Dengue Transmission and Their Relationship with Prevention Practices in Hermosillo, Sonora

Oladimeji, K.Elizabeth.; Tsoka-Gwegweni, J.M.; Igbodekwe, F.C.; Twomey, M.; Akolo, C.; Balarabe, H.Sabuwa.; Atilola, O.; Jegede, O.; Oladimeji, O., 2016:
Knowledge and Beliefs of Breast Self-Examination and Breast Cancer among Market Women in Ibadan, South West, Nigeria

Tennyson, J.; Maranda, L.; Darnobid, A., 2016:
Knowledge and Beliefs of EMS Providers toward Lights and Siren Transportation

Kandadai, P.; Mcvay, S.; Larrieux, J-Robert.; OʼDell, K., 2016:
Knowledge and Comfort With Pessary Use: A Survey of US Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents

Orta, R.; Messmer, P.R.; Valdes, G.R.; Turkel, M.; Fields, S.D.; Wei, C.Cardenas., 2017:
Knowledge and Competency of Nursing Faculty Regarding Evidence-Based Practice

Quinn, G.P.; Knapp, C.; Sehovic, I.; Ung, D.; Bowman, M.; Gonzalez, L.; Vadaparampil, S.T., 2014:
Knowledge and Educational Needs about Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) among Oncology Nurses

Hurst, P.; Beedie, C.J.; Coleman, D.A.; Foad, A.J., 2016:
Knowledge and Experience of Placebo Effects Modifies Athletes' Intentions to Use Sport Supplements: 206 Board #43 June 1, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Oludare, A.Olufemi.; Ogundipe, A.; Odunjo, A.; Komolafe, J.; Olatunji, I., 2016:
Knowledge and Food Handling Practices of Nurses in a Tertiary Health Care Hospital in Nigeria

Khwankong, S.; Sriplung, H.; Kerdpon, D., 2016:
Knowledge and Health Belief Attitudes of Oral Cancer and Its Screening Among At-Risk Southern Thai Muslims

Pérez de Isla, L.; Ruilope, L.Miguel.; De la Sierra, A.; Zamorano, Jé., 2009:
Knowledge and Implementation of the New European Guide in the Management of Arterial Hypertension. The Cigema Survey

Essink-Bot, M.L.; Dekker, E.; Timmermans, D.R.M.; Uiters, E.; Fransen, M.P., 2016:
Knowledge and Informed Decision-Making about Population-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Participation in Groups with Low and Adequate Health Literacy

Obirikorang, Y.; Obirikorang, C.; Odame Anto, E.; Acheampong, E.; Dzah, N.; Akosah, C.Nkrumah.; Nsenbah, E.Batu., 2016:
Knowledge and Lifestyle-Associated Prevalence of Obesity among Newly Diagnosed Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients Attending Diabetic Clinic at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana: A Hospital-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Chung, J.; Choi, D.; Park, Y., 2016:
Knowledge and Opinions of Deceased Organ Donation Among Middle and High School Students in Korea

Suvarna, R.; Rai, K.; Hegde, A.M., 2011:
Knowledge and Oral Health Attitudes among Parents of Children with Congenital Heart Disease

Choi, Y.Jung.; Beck, S-Ho.; Kang, W.Yong.; Yoo, S.; Kim, S-Yoon.; Lee, J.Sung.; Burt, T.; Kim, T.Won., 2017:
Knowledge and Perception about Clinical Research Shapes Behavior: Face to Face Survey in Korean General Public

Auspitz, M.; Cleghorn, M.C.; Azin, A.; Sockalingam, S.; Quereshy, F.A.; Okrainec, A.; Jackson, T.D., 2018:
Knowledge and Perception of Bariatric Surgery Among Primary Care Physicians: a Survey of Family Doctors in Ontario

Hadi, H.; Elkalmi, R.; Awadh, A.; Jamshed, S.; Al-Shami, A., 2014:
Knowledge and Perception of Medical and Pharmacy Students Toward The Usage of Sunblock

Olapade-Olaopa, E.O.; Owoaje, E.T.; Kola, L.; Ladipo, M.M.; Adebusoye, L.; Adedeji, T.G., 2014:
Knowledge and Perception of Nigerian Men 40 years and above Regarding Prostate Cancer

Ajagannanavar, S.Lingaraj.; Alshahrani, O.Abdullah.; Jhugroo, C.; Tashery, H.Mohammed.; Mathews, J.; Chavan, K., 2015:
Knowledge and Perceptions Regarding Nicotine Replacement Therapy among Dental Students in Karnataka

Chatio, S.; Baiden, F.; Achana, F.Sebastian.; Oduro, A.; Akazili, J., 2016:
Knowledge and Perceptions about Clinical Trials and the Use of Biomedical Samples: Findings from a Qualitative Study in Rural Northern Ghana

Taha, H.; Jaghbeer, M.Al.; Shteiwi, M.; AlKhaldi, S.; Berggren, V., 2016:
Knowledge and Perceptions about Colorectal Cancer in Jordan

Moysidou, A.; Farsalinos, K.E.; Voudris, V.; Merakou, K.; Kourea, K.; Barbouni, A., 2017:
Knowledge and Perceptions about Nicotine, Nicotine Replacement Therapies and Electronic Cigarettes among Healthcare Professionals in Greece

Volpe, M.; Bulmer, S.; Kelsey, C., 2015:
Knowledge and Perceptions of College Students Regarding the Physician Assistant Profession

Tyrell, E.; Ramsammy-Boyce, K., 2015:
Knowledge and Perceptions of HPV and the HPV Vaccine among Pre-adolescent Girls and Their Guardians in Georgetown, Guyana

Barnie, B.Asamoah.; Forson, P.Kobina.; Opare-Addo, M.Naa.Aduele.; Appiah-Poku, J.; Rhule, G.Plange.; Oduro, G.; Adu-Sarkodie, Y.; Donkor, P., 2016:
Knowledge and Perceptions of Health Workers' Training on Ethics, Confidentiality and Medico-Legal Issues

Kurscheid, J.; Millar, J.; Abdurrahman, M.; Ambarawati, I.Gusti.Agung.Ayu.; Suadnya, W.; Yusuf, R.Puspa.; Fenwick, S.; Toribio, J-Ann.L.M.L., 2016:
Knowledge and Perceptions of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) among Poultry Traders in Live Bird Markets in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia

Gao, J.; Berry, N.S.; Taylor, D.; Venners, S.A.; Cook, V.J.; Mayhew, M., 2015:
Knowledge and Perceptions of Latent Tuberculosis Infection among Chinese Immigrants in a Canadian Urban Centre

Awaisu, A.; Mottram, D.; Rahhal, A.; Alemrayat, B.; Ahmed, A.; Stuart, M.; Khalifa, S., 2016:
Knowledge and Perceptions of Pharmacy Students in Qatar on Anti-Doping in Sports and on Sports Pharmacy in Undergraduate Curricula

Jang, Y.; Kwon, B.Eun.; Kim, H.Suk.; Lee, Y.Ju.; Lee, S.; Kim, S.Jin.; Jeong, C.Wook.; Kim, K.Hawn., 2016:
Knowledge and Practice Behaviors Regarding Urinary Incontinence Among Korean Healthcare Providers in Long-term Care Hospitals

Ding, S.; Deng, Y.; Lu, S.; Lamb, K.V.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, Y., 2016:
Knowledge and practice in cardiovascular disease prevention among hospital registered nurses: a cross-sectional study

Alemayehu, A.; Godana, W., 2015:
Knowledge and Practice of Clinicians regarding Syndromic Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Public Health Facilities of Gamo Gofa Zone, South Ethiopia

Muhammad-Lutfi, A.R.; Zaraihah, M.R.; Anuar-Ramdhan, I.M., 2015:
Knowledge and Practice of Diabetic Foot Care in an In- Patient Setting at a Tertiary Medical Center

Singh, B.; Paudel, B.; Kc, S., 2016:
Knowledge and Practice of Health Care Workers regarding Needle Stick Injuries in a Tertiary Care Center of Nepal

Omidi, R.; Heidari, K.; Ramezani, A.; Amini, M.; Kamrooz, S.; Farajzadegan, Z.; Pashmi, R.; Fatemi, S.Azim.; Bagheri, S.; Salimi, A.; Babak, A., 2015:
Knowledge and Practice of Junior and Senior High School Students Regarding Violent Behaviors in Isfahan Province

Honarvar, B.; Lankarani, K.Bagheri.; Rostami, S.; Honarvar, F.; Akbarzadeh, A.; Odoomi, N.; Honarvar, H.; Malekmakan, L.; Rabiye, P.; Arefi, N., 2015:
Knowledge and Practice of People toward their Rights in Urban Family Physician Program: A Population-Based Study in Shiraz, Southern Iran

Gyawali, S.; Rathore, D.Singh.; Shankar, P.Ravi.; Kc, V.Kumar.; Jha, N.; Sharma, D., 2016:
Knowledge and Practice on Injection Safety among Primary Health Care Workers in Kaski District, Western Nepal

Aryal Bhandari, A.; Gautam, R.; Bhandari, S., 2015:
Knowledge and Practice on Prevention of Respiratory Health Problems among Traffic Police in Kathmandu, Nepal

Torres, M.R.F.; de Melo, M.do.Carmo.B.; Purcino, Fávia.A.C.; Maia, J.C.; Aliani, Nália.A.; Rocha, H.C., 2016:
Knowledge and Practices of Pediatricians Regarding Functional Constipation in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Shrestha, R.; Shrestha, K.B.; Ghimire, S.; Shrestha, N., 2017:
Knowledge and Preventive Practices related to Avian Influenza among Poultry Workers of Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli, Nepal

Rosnau, K.; Hashmi, S.Shahrukh.; Northrup, H.; Slopis, J.; Noblin, S.; Ashfaq, M., 2016:
Knowledge and Self-Esteem of Individuals with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1)

Basazn Mekuria, A.; Melaku Gebresillassie, B.; Asfaw Erku, D.; Taye Haile, K.; Melese Birru, E., 2017:
Knowledge and Self-Reported Practice of Insulin Injection Device Disposal among Diabetes Patients in Gondar Town, Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Jin, Y.; Chen, J.; Yu, B., 2017:
Knowledge and Skills of Sexual Abuse Prevention: A Study on School-Aged Children in Beijing, China

Shidlansik, L.; Adelson, M.; Peles, E., 2016:
Knowledge and stigma regarding methadone maintenance treatment among personnel of methadone maintenance treatment and non-methadone maintenance treatment addiction facilities in Israel

Sridhar, A.; Forbes, E.Ruppel.; Mooney, K.; Rible, R., 2015:
Knowledge and Training of Intrauterine Devices Among Primary Care Residents: Implications for Graduate Medical Education

Yao, D-Kuo.; Su, W.; Zheng, X.; Wang, L-Xin., 2017:
Knowledge and Understanding of Hypertension Among Tibetan People in Lhasa, Tibet

Darteh, E.Kofuor.Maafo.; Doku, D.Teye., 2016:
Knowledge and Usage of Emergency Contraceptives Among University Students in Ghana

Purohit, N.; Mathur, R.; Bakhshi, P., 2013:
Knowledge and Use of Emergency Contraceptive Pill: An Analysis of Perception and Practice among Unmarried Urban Women

Green, M.; Norman, K.E., 2016:
Knowledge and Use of, and Attitudes toward, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in Practice: A Survey of Ontario Physiotherapists

Alwan, K.; Awoke, T.; Tilahun, B., 2015:
Knowledge and Utilization of Computers Among Health Professionals in a Developing Country: A Cross-Sectional Study

Anonymous, 2015:
Knowledge and Wisdom in Medicine

Binh, T.Quang.; Phuong, P.Tran.; Nhung, B.Thi., 2015:
Knowledge and associated factors towards type 2 diabetes among a rural population in the Red River Delta region, Vietnam

Healy, C.Mary.; Rench, M.A.; Montesinos, D.P.; Ng, N.; Swaim, L.S., 2016:
Knowledge and attitiudes of pregnant women and their providers towards recommendations for immunization during pregnancy

Ravi, R.; Yerraguntla, K.; Gunjawate, D.R.; Rajashekhar, B.; Lewis, L.E.; Guddattu, V., 2017:
Knowledge and attitude (KA) survey regarding infant hearing loss in Karnataka, India

Saghi, S.; Mirghafourvand, M.; Alizadeh Charandabi, S.Mohammad.; Nabighadim, A.; Seidi, S.; Rahmani, A., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude about pubertal health and their socio-demographic predictors in Iranian adolescents

Deshpande, A.; Macwan, C.; Poonacha, K.S.; Bargale, S.; Dhillon, S.; Porwal, P., 2017:
Knowledge and attitude in regards to physical child abuse amongst medical and dental residents of central Gujarat: a cross-sectional survey

Sikora, A.; Wiorkowski, K.; Szara, P.; Drabko, K., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of Lublin universities students' toward the opportunity of becoming unrelated bone marrow donor

Abudukadeer, A.; Azam, S.; Mutailipu, A.Zuoremu.; Qun, L.; Guilin, G.; Mijiti, S., 2016:
Knowledge and attitude of Uyghur women in Xinjiang province of China related to the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer

Yao, S.; Zhang, J.; Yao, X., 2017:
Knowledge and attitude of clinical interns on pain management

Patil, K.; Kumar, V.; Munoli, K., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of dental surgeons in India toward ocular complications of intra-oral local anesthesia

Al-Shamiri, H.Motahir.; Alaizari, N.Ahmed.; Al-Maweri, S.Ali.; Tarakji, B., 2016:
Knowledge and attitude of dental trauma among dental students in Saudi Arabia

Vohra, F.; Habib, R., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of dentists toward implant retained restorations in Saudi Arabia

Jain, M.; Dogra, V.; Mishra, B.; Thakur, A.; Loomba, P.Sood., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of doctors and nurses regarding indication for catheterization and prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infection in a tertiary care hospital

Singh, H.Preet., 2016:
Knowledge and attitude of health researchers from India towards paying to publish and open access journals

Alshammari, T.M.; Alamri, K.K.; Ghawa, Y.A.; Alohali, N.F.; Abualkol, S.A.; Aljadhey, H.S., 2016:
Knowledge and attitude of health-care professionals in hospitals towards pharmacovigilance in Saudi Arabia

Khan, M.Umair.; Shah, S.; Ahmad, A.; Fatokun, O., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of healthcare workers about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in multispecialty hospitals of Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Paul, S.; Akter, R.; Aftab, A.; Khan, A.M.; Barua, M.; Islam, S.; Islam, A.; Husain, A.; Sarker, M., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of key community members towards tuberculosis: mixed method study from BRAC TB control areas in Bangladesh

Weber, M.; Schmiedel, S.; Nauck, F.; Alt-Epping, B., 2017:
Knowledge and attitude of medical students in Germany towards palliative care : Does the final year of medical school make a difference?

Ravi, R.; Gunjawate, D.R.; Yerraguntla, K.; Rajashekhar, B.; Lewis, L.E., 2016:
Knowledge and attitude of parents/caregivers towards hearing loss and screening in newborns - a systematic review

Ashimi, A.; Amole, T.; Aliyu, L., 2013:
Knowledge and attitude of pregnant women to caesarean section in a semi-urban community in northwest Nigeria

Maurici, M.; Dugo, V.; Zaratti, L.; Paulon, L.; Pellegrini, M.Grazia.; Baiocco, E.; Rizzo, G.; Franco, E., 2017:
Knowledge and attitude of pregnant women toward flu vaccination: a cross-sectional survey

Olatosi, O.O.; Iwuala, S.O.; Isiekwe, G.I.; Oredugba, F.A.; Adenaike, A.S.; Oluwo, A.O., 2013:
Knowledge and attitude of some nigerian school teachers on the emergency management of avulsed permanent incisor

Arafa, M.A.; Farhat, K.H.; Rabah, D.M., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of the population toward cancer prostate Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Awan, K.H.; Hammam, M.K.; Warnakulasuriya, S., 2015:
Knowledge and attitude of tobacco use and cessation among dental professionals

Hisam, A.; Rana, M.Nadeem.; Mahmood-Ur-Rahman, 2016:
Knowledge and attitude regarding Ebola virus disease among medical students of Rawalpindi: A preventable threat not yet confronted

Shamarao, S.; Jain, J.; Ajagannanavar, S.Lingaraj.; Haridas, R.; Tikare, S.; Kalappa, A.Ammanichanda., 2014:
Knowledge and attitude regarding management of tooth avulsion injuries among school teachers in rural India

Kumar, V.; Patil, K.; Munoli, K., 2015:
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