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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58210

Chapter 58210 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Dubey, A.; Kant, S.; Tiwari, S.; Agarwal, S.; Mahdi, A.Ali., 2016:
Leptin level correlates with obesity and health related quality of life in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients

Lindgren, C.; Naredi, S.; Söderberg, S.; Koskinen, L-Owe.; Hultin, M., 2016:
Leptin levels after subarachnoid haemorrhage are gender dependent

Sviri, S.; Neuman, T.; Berry, E.M.; Bayya, A.; Linton, D.M.; van Heerden, P.V.; Stav, I.; Theodur, I.; Avraham, Y., 2016:
Leptin levels and clinical outcomes in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome

Saraç, S.; Atamer, Aç.; Atamer, Y.; Can, A.Selçuk.; Bilici, A.; Taçyildiz, İbrahim.; Koçyiğit, Yüksel.; Yenice, N., 2016:
Leptin levels and lipoprotein profiles in patients with cholelithiasis

Nicholson, J.; Azim, S.; Rebecchi, M.J.; Galbavy, W.; Feng, T.; Reinsel, R.; Rizwan, S.; Fowler, C.J.; Benveniste, H.; Kaczocha, M., 2016:
Leptin levels are negatively correlated with 2-arachidonoylglycerol in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with osteoarthritis

Agilli, M.; Aydin, F.Nuri.; Kurt, Y.Gulcan., 2015:
Leptin levels in Gaucher disease type I patients: A methodological approach

Seitz, J.; Bühren, K.; Biemann, R.; Timmesfeld, N.; Dempfle, A.; Winter, S.Maria.; Egberts, K.; Fleischhaker, C.; Wewetzer, C.; Herpertz-Dahlmann, B.; Hebebrand, J.; Föcker, M., 2016:
Leptin levels in patients with anorexia nervosa following day/inpatient treatment do not predict weight 1 year post-referral

Franco, M.; Contreras, C.; Place, N.J.; Bozinovic, F.; Nespolo, R.F., 2016:
Leptin levels, seasonality and thermal acclimation in the Microbiotherid marsupial Dromiciops gliroides: Does photoperiod play a role?

Carlton, E.D.; Demas, G.E., 2015:
Leptin mediates seasonal variation in some but not all symptoms of sickness in Siberian hamsters

Simonds, S.E.; Pryor, J.T.; Ravussin, E.; Greenway, F.L.; Dileone, R.; Allen, A.M.; Bassi, J.; Elmquist, J.K.; Keogh, J.M.; Henning, E.; Myers, M.G.; Licinio, J.; Brown, R.D.; Enriori, P.J.; O'Rahilly, S.; Sternson, S.M.; Grove, K.L.; Spanswick, D.C.; Farooqi, I.Sadaf.; Cowley, M.A., 2015:
Leptin mediates the increase in blood pressure associated with obesity

Buckley, M.M.; O'Brien, R.; Devlin, M.; Creed, A.A.; Rae, M.G.; Hyland, N.P.; Quigley, E.M.M.; McKernan, D.P.; O'Malley, D., 2016:
Leptin modifies the prosecretory and prokinetic effects of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 on colonic function in Sprague-Dawley rats

Martins, A.D.; Moreira, A.C.; Sá, Rália.; Monteiro, M.P.; Sousa, Mário.; Carvalho, R.A.; Silva, B.M.; Oliveira, P.F.; Alves, M.G., 2015:
Leptin modulates human Sertoli cells acetate production and glycolytic profile: a novel mechanism of obesity-induced male infertility?

Laque, A.; Yu, S.; Qualls-Creekmore, E.; Gettys, S.; Schwartzenburg, C.; Bui, K.; Rhodes, C.; Berthoud, H-Rudolf.; Morrison, C.D.; Richards, B.K.; Münzberg, H., 2015:
Leptin modulates nutrient reward via inhibitory galanin action on orexin neurons

Grosbellet, E.; Dumont, S.; Schuster-Klein, C.; Guardiola-Lemaitre, B.; Pevet, P.; Criscuolo, Fçois.; Challet, E., 2016:
Leptin modulates the daily rhythmicity of blood glucose

Miao, D.; Zhang, L., 2016:
Leptin modulates the expression of catabolic genes in rat nucleus pulposus cells through the mitogen-activated protein kinase and Janus kinase 2/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 pathways

Grosbellet, E.; Gourmelen, S.; Pévet, P.; Criscuolo, Fçois.; Challet, E., 2015:
Leptin normalizes photic synchronization in male ob/ob mice, via indirect effects on the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Chojnowska, K.; Czerwinska, J.; Kaminski, T.; Kaminska, B.; Kurzynska, A.; Bogacka, I., 2016:
Leptin plasma concentrations, leptin gene expression, and protein localization in the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axes of the European beaver (Castor fiber)

Rottkamp, D.M.; Rudenko, I.A.; Maier, M.T.; Roshanbin, S.; Yulyaningsih, E.; Perez, L.; Valdearcos, M.; Chua, S.; Koliwad, S.K.; Xu, A.W., 2015:
Leptin potentiates astrogenesis in the developing hypothalamus

Strong, A.L.; Ohlstein, J.F.; Biagas, B.A.; Rhodes, L.V.; Pei, D.T.; Tucker, H.Alan.; Llamas, C.; Bowles, A.C.; Dutreil, M.F.; Zhang, S.; Gimble, J.M.; Burow, M.E.; Bunnell, B.A., 2016:
Leptin produced by obese adipose stromal/stem cells enhances proliferation and metastasis of estrogen receptor positive breast cancers

Shabana, -.; Hasnain, S., 2016:
Leptin promoter variant G2548A is associated with serum leptin and HDL-C levels in a case control observational study in association with obesity in a Pakistani cohort

Barrientos, G.; Toro, A.; Moschansky, P.; Cohen, M.; Garcia, M.G.; Rose, M.; Maskin, B.; Sánchez-Margalet, V.; Blois, S.M.; Varone, C.L., 2015:
Leptin promotes HLA-G expression on placental trophoblasts via the MEK/Erk and PI3K signaling pathways

Huang, Z.M.; Du, S.H.; Huang, L.G.; Li, J.H.; Xiao, L.; Tong, P., 2018:
Leptin promotes apoptosis and inhibits autophagy of chondrocytes through upregulating lysyl oxidase-like 3 during osteoarthritis pathogenesis

Li, K.; Wei, L.; Huang, Y.; Wu, Y.; Su, M.; Pang, X.; Wang, N.; Ji, F.; Zhong, C.; Chen, T., 2016:
Leptin promotes breast cancer cell migration and invasion via IL-18 expression and secretion

Martín-González, Jénifer.; Pérez-Pérez, A.; Sánchez-Jiménez, F.; Díaz-Parrado, E.Manuel.; de Miguel, M.; Sánchez-Margalet, Víctor.; Segura-Egea, J.José., 2015:
Leptin promotes dentin sialophosphoprotein expression in human dental pulp

Ding, N.; Liu, B.; Song, J.; Bao, S.; Zhen, J.; Lv, Z.; Wang, R., 2016:
Leptin promotes endothelial dysfunction in chronic kidney disease through AKT/GSK3β and β-catenin signals

Wei, L.; Li, K.; Pang, X.; Guo, B.; Su, M.; Huang, Y.; Wang, N.; Ji, F.; Zhong, C.; Yang, J.; Zhang, Z.; Jiang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, T., 2016:
Leptin promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition of breast cancer via the upregulation of pyruvate kinase M2

Ahn, J-Hye.; Choi, Y.Seok.; Choi, J-Hye., 2016:
Leptin promotes human endometriotic cell migration and invasion by up-regulating MMP-2 through the JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway

Cao, H.; Huang, Y.; Wang, L.; Wang, H.; Pang, X.; Li, K.; Dang, W.; Tang, H.; Wei, L.; Su, M.; Tang, C.; Chen, T., 2016:
Leptin promotes migration and invasion of breast cancer cells by stimulating IL-8 production in M2 macrophages

Zou, H.; Liu, Y.; Wei, D.; Wang, T.; Wang, K.; Huang, S.; Liu, L.; Li, Y.; Ge, J.; Li, X.; Zhu, H.; Wang, L.; Zhao, S.; Zhang, X.; Wang, L., 2016:
Leptin promotes proliferation and metastasis of human gallbladder cancer through OB-Rb leptin receptor

Lourenço, E.V.; Liu, A.; Matarese, G.; La Cava, A., 2016:
Leptin promotes systemic lupus erythematosus by increasing autoantibody production and inhibiting immune regulation

Shi, R.; Chen, X.; Zhu, J.; Chen, L.; Zhu, S., 2015:
Leptin promotes the proliferation of airway smooth muscle cells and the expressions of HIF-1α and NF-κB of hypoxic rats

Tadokoro, S.; Ide, S.; Tokuyama, R.; Umeki, H.; Tatehara, S.; Kataoka, S.; Satomura, K. , 2016:
Leptin promotes wound healing in the skin

Lee, S.W.; Rho, J.H.; Lee, S.Y.; Kim, J.H.; Cheong, J-H.; Kim, H.Y.; Jeong, N.Y.; Chung, W.T.; Yoo, Y.H., 2016:
Leptin protects rat articular chondrocytes from cytotoxicity induced by TNF-α in the presence of cyclohexamide

Nozhenko, Y.; Rodríguez, A.M.; Palou, A., 2015:
Leptin rapidly induces the expression of metabolic and myokine genes in C2C12 muscle cells to regulate nutrient partition and oxidation

Sahu, M.; Sahu, A., 2016:
Leptin receptor expressing neurons express phosphodiesterase-3B (PDE3B) and leptin induces STAT3 activation in PDE3B neurons in the mouse hypothalamus

Rodrigues, P.R.S.; Maia, L.L.; Santos, M.; Peterle, G.T.; Alves, L.U.; Takamori, J.T.; Souza, R.P.; Barbosa, W.M.; Mercante, A.M.C.; Nunes, F.D.; Carvalho, M.B.; Tajara, E.H.; Louro, I.D.; Silva-Conforti, A.M.A., 2018:
Leptin receptor expression and Gln223Arg polymorphism as prognostic markers in oral and oropharyngeal cancer

Escobar, Sán.; Rocha, A.; Felip, A.; Carrillo, M.; Zanuy, S.; Kah, O.; Servili, A., 2016:
Leptin receptor gene in the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): Cloning, phylogeny, tissue distribution and neuroanatomical organization

Lian, Y.; Tang, Z.; Xie, Y.; Chen, Z., 2015:
Leptin receptor gene polymorphisms and risk of hypertension: a meta-analysis

Naylor, C.; Burgess, S.; Madan, R.; Buonomo, E.; Razzaq, K.; Ralston, K.; Petri, W.A., 2015:
Leptin receptor mutation results in defective neutrophil recruitment to the colon during Entamoeba histolytica infection

Lee, G.H.; Li, C.; Montez, J.; Halaas, J.; Darvishzadeh, J.; Friedman, J.M., 1997:
Leptin receptor mutations in 129 db (3J)/db(3.J) mice and NIH fa (cp)/fa(cp) rats

Allen, S.J.; Garcia-Galiano, D.; Borges, B.C.; Burger, L.L.; Boehm, U.; Elias, C.F., 2017:
Leptin receptor null mice with reexpression of LepR in GnRHR expressing cells display elevated FSH levels but remain in a prepubertal state

Lin, C-xia.; Zhang, S-yun.; Chen, K.; Luo, X.; Sun, B.; Kang, Y-ming.; Yan, J-qun., 2016:
Leptin receptor of the hind brain nuclei is involved in the conditioned taste preference of rats

Wang, C-Xu.; Zhao, A-Hua., 2016:
Leptin receptor overlapping transcript (LepROT) gene participates in insulin pathway through FoxO

Domingos, Pícia.Luciana.Batista.; Farias, L.Conceição.; Pereira, C.Santos.; das Graças Pena, Górgia.; Reis, T.Carvalho.; Silva, Rângela.Ramos.Veloso.; Fraga, C.Alberto.de.Carvalho.; de Souza, M.Gonçalves.; Soares, M.Batista.; Jones, K.Marie.; Menezes, E.Veiga.; Nobre, Sérgio.Avelino.Mota.; Rodrigues Neto, Jão.Felício.; de Paula, A.Maurício.Batista.; Velásquez-Meléndez, J.Gustavo.; Sena Guimarães, Aé.Luiz., 2014:
Leptin receptor polymorphism Gln223Arg (rs1137101) in oral squamous cell carcinoma and potentially malignant oral lesions

Reis, B.S.; Lee, K.; Fanok, M.H.; Mascaraque, C.; Amoury, M.; Cohn, L.B.; Rogoz, A.; Dallner, O.S.; Moraes-Vieira, P.M.; Domingos, A.I.; Mucida, D., 2015:
Leptin receptor signaling in T cells is required for Th17 differentiation

Tanida, M.; Yamamoto, N.; Morgan, D.A.; Kurata, Y.; Shibamoto, T.; Rahmouni, K., 2015:
Leptin receptor signaling in the hypothalamus regulates hepatic autonomic nerve activity via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and AMP-activated protein kinase

Inagaki-Ohara, K.; Okamoto, S.; Takagi, K.; Saito, K.; Arita, S.; Tang, L.; Hori, T.; Kataoka, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Minokoshi, Y., 2016:
Leptin receptor signaling is required for high-fat diet-induced atrophic gastritis in mice

Lima, L.B.; Metzger, M.; Furigo, I.C.; Donato, J., 2017:
Leptin receptor-positive and leptin receptor-negative proopiomelanocortin neurons innervate an identical set of brain structures

Kim, G.Hyang.; Szabo, A.; King, E.M.; Ayala, J.; Ayala, J.E.; Altarejos, J.Y., 2015:
Leptin recruits Creb-regulated transcriptional coactivator 1 to improve hyperglycemia in insulin-deficient diabetes

Pérez-Pérez, A.; Toro, Aén.R.; Vilarino-Garcia, T.; Guadix, P.; Maymó, J.L.; Dueñas, Jé.L.; Varone, C.L.; Sánchez-Margalet, Víctor., 2016:
Leptin reduces apoptosis triggered by high temperature in human placental villous explants: The role of the p53 pathway

Xing, X.; Tang, G-Bin.; Sun, M-Yue.; Yu, C.; Song, S-Yi.; Liu, X-Yu.; Yang, M.; Wang, D-Hua., 2016:
Leptin regulates energy intake but fails to facilitate hibernation in fattening Daurian ground squirrels (Spermophilus dauricus)

Blanquer-Rosselló, Mª.Del.Mar.; Oliver, J.; Sastre-Serra, J.; Valle, A.; Roca, P., 2016:
Leptin regulates energy metabolism in MCF-7 breast cancer cells

Pieterse, C.; Schutte, R.; Schutte, A.E., 2015:
Leptin relates to prolonged cardiovascular recovery after acute stress in Africans: The SABPA study

Rodríguez, A.J.; Neeman, T.; Giles, A.G.; Mastronardi, C.A.; Paz Filho, G., 2015:
Leptin replacement therapy for the treatment of non-HAART associated lipodystrophy syndromes: a meta-analysis into the effects of leptin on metabolic and hepatic endpoints

Sáinz, N.; Barrenetxe, J.; Moreno-Aliaga, Mía.J.; Martínez, Jé.Alfredo., 2015:
Leptin resistance and diet-induced obesity: central and peripheral actions of leptin

Macht, V.A.; Vazquez, M.; Petyak, C.E.; Grillo, C.A.; Kaigler, K.; Enos, R.T.; McClellan, J.L.; Cranford, T.L.; Murphy, E.A.; Nyland, J.F.; Solomon, G.; Gertler, A.; Wilson, M.A.; Reagan, L.P., 2016:
Leptin resistance elicits depressive-like behaviors in rats

de Git, K.C.G.; Adan, R.A.H., 2015 :
Leptin resistance in diet-induced obesity: the role of hypothalamic inflammation

Crujeiras, A.B.; Carreira, M.C.; Cabia, Bña.; Andrade, S.; Amil, M.; Casanueva, F.F., 2016:
Leptin resistance in obesity: An epigenetic landscape

Baskaran, C.; Eddy, K.T.; Miller, K.K.; Meenaghan, E.; Misra, M.; Lawson, E.A., 2016:
Leptin secretory dynamics and associated disordered eating psychopathology across the weight spectrum

Ricken, R.; Bopp, S.; Schlattmann, P.; Himmerich, H.; Bschor, T.; Richter, C.; Stamm, T.J.; Bauer, F.; Heinz, A.; Hellweg, R.; Lang, U.E.; Adli, M., 2017:
Leptin serum concentrations are associated with weight gain during lithium augmentation

Amjadi, F.; Mehdipoor, R.; Zarkesh-Esfahani, H.; Javanmard, S.Haghjooy., 2016:
Leptin serves as angiogenic/mitogenic factor in melanoma tumor growth

Martínez-Micaelo, N.; González-Abuín, N.; Ardévol, A.; Pinent, M.; Petretto, E.; Behmoaras, J.; Blay, M., 2016:
Leptin signal transduction underlies the differential metabolic response of LEW and WKY rats to cafeteria diet

Sáinz, N.; González-Navarro, C.J.; Martínez, J.Alfredo.; Moreno-Aliaga, M.J., 2016:
Leptin signaling as a therapeutic target of obesity

Fan, Y.; Gan, Y.; Shen, Y.; Cai, X.; Song, Y.; Zhao, F.; Yao, M.; Gu, J.; Tu, H., 2016:
Leptin signaling enhances cell invasion and promotes the metastasis of human pancreatic cancer via increasing MMP-13 production

Kaiyala, K.J.; Ogimoto, K.; Nelson, J.T.; Schwartz, M.W.; Morton, G.J., 2016:
Leptin signaling is required for adaptive changes in food intake, but not energy expenditure, in response to different thermal conditions

Jiang, N.; Sun, R.; Sun, Q., 2015:
Leptin signaling molecular actions and drug target in hepatocellular carcinoma

Liu, J.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Yin, F., 2015:
Leptin signaling plays a critical role in the geniposide-induced decrease of tau phosphorylation

Michel, M.; Page-McCaw, P.S.; Chen, W.; Cone, R.D., 2016:
Leptin signaling regulates glucose homeostasis, but not adipostasis, in the zebrafish

Kwon, O.; Kim, K.Woo.; Kim, M-Seon., 2016:
Leptin signalling pathways in hypothalamic neurons

Huertas, A.; Tu, L.; Thuillet, Rël.; L.H.ress, M.; Phan, C.; Ricard, N.; Nadaud, S.; Fadel, E.; Humbert, M.; Guignabert, C., 2016:
Leptin signalling system as a target for pulmonary arterial hypertension therapy

Alshaker, H.; Sacco, K.; Alfraidi, A.; Muhammad, A.; Winkler, M.; Pchejetski, D., 2016:
Leptin signalling, obesity and prostate cancer: molecular and clinical perspective on the old dilemma

Correa-Burrows, P.; Blanco, E.; Reyes, M.; Castillo, M.; Peirano, P.; Algarín, C.; Lozoff, B.; Gahagan, S.; Burrows, R., 2016:
Leptin status in adolescence is associated with academic performance in high school: a cross-sectional study in a Chilean birth cohort

Won, E.T.; Douros, J.D.; Hurt, D.A.; Borski, R.J., 2016:
Leptin stimulates hepatic growth hormone receptor and insulin-like growth factor gene expression in a teleost fish, the hybrid striped bass

Kato, S.; Abarzua-Catalan, L.; Trigo, César.; Delpiano, A.; Sanhueza, C.; García, K.; Ibañez, C.; Hormazábal, K.; Diaz, D.; Brañes, J.; Castellón, E.; Bravo, E.; Owen, G.; Cuello, M.A., 2016:
Leptin stimulates migration and invasion and maintains cancer stem-like properties in ovarian cancer cells: an explanation for poor outcomes in obese women

Li, B.; Qi, S.; Sun, G.; Yang, L.; Han, J.; Zhu, Y.; Xia, M., 2017:
Leptin suppresses adenosine triphosphate-induced impairment of spinal cord astrocytes

Takatani-Nakase, T.; Takahashi, K., 2015:
Leptin suppresses non-apoptotic cell death in ischemic rat cardiomyocytes by reduction of iPLA(2) activity

Jyotaki, M.; Sanematsu, K.; Shigemura, N.; Yoshida, R.; Ninomiya, Y., 2016:
Leptin suppresses sweet taste responses of enteroendocrine STC-1 cells

Nagaoka, U.; Shimizu, T.; Uchihara, T., 2016:
Leptin upregulation in advanced multiple system atrophy with hypocholesterolemia and unexpected fat accumulation

Meredith, T.L.; Corcoran, A.; Roper, S.D., 2016:
Leptin's effect on taste bud calcium responses and transmitter secretion

Fernández-Formoso, G.; Pérez-Sieira, S.; González-Touceda, D.; Dieguez, C.; Tovar, S., 2016:
Leptin, 20 years of searching for glucose homeostasis

Gustafson, D.R.; Mielke, M.M.; Keating, S.A.; Holman, S.; Minkoff, H.; Crystal, H.A., 2016:
Leptin, Adiponectin and Cognition in Middle-aged HIV-infected and Uninfected Women. The Brooklyn Women's Interagency HIV Study

Pommier, Aélien.J.C.; Farren, M.; Patel, B.; Wappett, M.; Michopoulos, F.; Smith, N.R.; Kendrew, J.; Frith, J.; Huby, R.; Eberlein, C.; Campbell, H.; Womack, C.; Smith, P.D.; Robertson, J.; Morgan, S.; Critchlow, S.E.; Barry, S.T., 2016:
Leptin, BMI, and a Metabolic Gene Expression Signature Associated with Clinical Outcome to VEGF Inhibition in Colorectal Cancer

Treviño-Garza, C.; Villarreal-Martínez, L.; Estrada-Zúñiga, C.M.; Leal-Treviño, M.; Rodríguez-Balderrama, Iías.; Nieto-Sanjuanero, A.; Cárdenas-Del Castillo, Bárbara.; Montes-Tapia, F.F.; de la O-Cavazos, M., 2016:
Leptin, IL-6 and TNF-α levels in umbilical cord blood of healthy term newborns in relation to mode of delivery

Langkilde, A.; Petersen, J.; Henriksen, J.Henrik.; Jensen, F.Krieger.; Gerstoft, J.; Eugen-Olsen, J.; Andersen, O., 2015:
Leptin, IL-6, and suPAR reflect distinct inflammatory changes associated with adiposity, lipodystrophy and low muscle mass in HIV-infected patients and controls

Delort, L.; Rossary, A.; Farges, M-Chantal.; Vasson, M-Paule.; Caldefie-Chézet, F., 2016:
Leptin, adipocytes and breast cancer: Focus on inflammation and anti-tumor immunity

Wang, Y.; Liu, X.; Wang, Z.; Li, Y.; Chen, T.; Li, B.; Zhai, N.; Li, J., 2015:
Leptin, adiponectin and sex hormone in benign acanthosis nigricans of males

Batsis, J.A.; Sahakyan, K.R.; Singh, P.; Bartels, S.J.; Somers, V.K.; Lopez-Jimenez, F., 2015:
Leptin, adiposity, and mortality: results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III, 1988 to 1994

Bar-Yosef, O.; Haik, J.; Hilly, O.; Levy, R.; Efrati, O.; Bujanover, Y.; Kochavi, B.; Pariente, C.; Kanety, H.; Weissman, O.; Modan-Moses, D., 2015:
Leptin, ghrelin, and adiponectin in the metabolic adjustment to burn injury in children

Alacacioglu, A.; Kebapcilar, L.; Gokgoz, Z.; Oztekin, O.; Bozkaya, G.; Tarhan, O.; Somali, I.; Yuksel, A.; Sop, G.; Sari, I., 2016:
Leptin, insulin and body composition changes during adjuvant taxane based chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer, preliminary study

Gonçalves, H.F.; Zendron, C.; Cavalcante, F.S.; Aiceles, Vônica.; Oliveira, M.Aurélio.P.; Manaia, J.Henrique.M.; Babinski, Márcio.A.; Ramos, C.F., 2016:
Leptin, its receptor and aromatase expression in deep infiltrating endometriosis

Barone, I.; Giordano, C.; Bonofiglio, D.; Andò, S.; Catalano, S., 2016:
Leptin, obesity and breast cancer: progress to understanding the molecular connections

Kim, J-Kyung.; Choi, S.Ryoung.; Lee, W.Yong.; Park, M.Jin.; Lee, H.Suk.; Song, Y.Rim.; Kim, H.Jik.; Kim, S.Gyun., 2016:
Leptin, pre-existing vascular disease, and increased arteriovenous fistula maturation failure in dialysis patients

Verbovoy, A.F.; Kosareva, O.V.; Akhmerova, R.I., 2015:
Leptin, resistin, and hormonal and metabolic parameters in women with type 2 diabetes and in those with its concurrence with asthma

Ma, X.; Hayes, E.; Prizant, H.; Srivastava, R.K.; Hammes, S.R.; Sen, A., 2016:
Leptin-Induced CART (Cocaine- and Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript) Is a Novel Intraovarian Mediator of Obesity-Related Infertility in Females

Mullen, M.; Gonzalez-Perez, R.Rene., 2016:
Leptin-Induced JAK/STAT Signaling and Cancer Growth

Chang, C-Ching.; Wu, M-Ju.; Yang, J-Yen.; Camarillo, I.G.; Chang, C-Ju., 2015:
Leptin-STAT3-G9a Signaling Promotes Obesity-Mediated Breast Cancer Progression

Guo, M.; Li, D.; Shen, H.; Jin, B.; Ren, Y.; Li, M.; Xing, Y., 2016:
Leptin-Sensitive JAK2 Activation in the Regulation of Tau Phosphorylation in PC12 Cells

Nguyen, P.Anh.Hong.; Heggermont, W.A.; Vanhaverbeke, M.; Dubois, C.; Vydt, T.; Vörös, G.; Van Der Schueren, B.; Overbergh, L.; Mathieu, C.; Desmet, W.; Sinnaeve, P.R., 2016:
Leptin-adiponectin ratio in pre-diabetic patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention

Segura, Séphanie.; Efthimiadi, L.; Porcher, C.; Courtes, S.; Coronas, Vérie.; Krantic, S.; Moyse, E., 2015:
Leptin-dependent neurotoxicity via induction of apoptosis in adult rat neurogenic cells

Lanier, V.; Gillespie, C.; Leffers, M.; Daley-Brown, D.; Milner, J.; Lipsey, C.; Webb, N.; Anderson, L.M.; Newman, G.; Waltenberger, J.; Gonzalez-Perez, R.Rene., 2016:
Leptin-induced transphosphorylation of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor increases Notch and stimulates endothelial cell angiogenic transformation

Gavello, D.; Carbone, E.; Carabelli, V., 2016:
Leptin-mediated ion channel regulation: PI3K pathways, physiological role, and therapeutic potential

Chou, H-Hua.; Hsu, L-An.; Wu, S.; Teng, M-Sheng.; Sun, Y-Chen.; Ko, Y-Lin., 2014:
Leptin-to-Adiponectin Ratio is Related to Low Grade Inflammation and Insulin Resistance Independent of Obesity in Non-Diabetic Taiwanese: A Cross-Sectional Cohort Study

Liu, J.; Guo, M.; Lu, X-Yun., 2015:
Leptin/LepRb in the Ventral Tegmental Area Mediates Anxiety-Related Behaviors

Xu, T.; Xie, W.; Ma, Y.; Zhou, S.; Zhang, L.; Chen, J.; Cai, M.; Sun, R.; Zhang, P.; Yu, S.; Xu, Z.; Jiang, W.; Wu, M., 2016:
Leptin/OB-R signaling is elevated in mice with Sjögren's syndrome and is implicated in disease pathogenesis

Carbone, F.; Burger, F.; Roversi, G.; Tamborino, C.; Casetta, I.; Seraceni, S.; Trentini, A.; Padroni, M.; Bertolotto, M.; Dallegri, F.; Mach, Fçois.; Fainardi, E.; Montecucco, F., 2016:
Leptin/adiponectin ratio predicts poststroke neurological outcome

Luo, Q.; Li, W.; Li, M.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, H., 2016:
Leptin/leptinR-kisspeptin/kiss1r-GnRH pathway reacting to regulate puberty onset during negative energy balance

MacReady, N., 2015:
Leptin: 20 years later

Zabeau, L.; Peelman, F.; Tavernier, J., 2016:
Leptin: From structural insights to the design of antagonists

Gualillo, O., 2016:
Leptin: Further on up the road. Introduction

Wang, W.; Liu, S-Lin.; Li, K.; Chen, Y.; Jiang, B.; Li, Y-Kun.; Xiao, J-Li.; Yang, S.; Chen, T.; Chen, J-Guo.; Li, J-Geng.; Wang, F., 2016:
Leptin: a potential anxiolytic by facilitation of fear extinction

Johnson, J.T., 2016:
Leptobasis linda sp. nov. from Ecuador (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

Adshead, P.; Sfakianakis, E.I., 2016:
Leptogenesis from Left-Handed Neutrino Production during Axion Inflation

Kusenko, A.; Schmitz, K.; Yanagida, T.T., 2015:
Leptogenesis via Axion Oscillations after Inflation

Choong, C.Yen., 2016:
Leptogomphus tioman sp. nov. (Odonata: Anisoptera: Gomphidea) from Tioman Island, Peninsular Malaysia

Lindner, A.; Cairns, S.D.; Zibrowius, H., 2016:
Leptohelia flexibilis gen. nov. et sp. nov., a remarkable deep-sea stylasterid (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa: Stylasteridae) from the southwest Pacific

Naik, S.; Shetty, G.S.; Kumar, S.; Phadke, R.V., 2015:
Leptomeningeal Angiomatosis in a Case of Neurofibromatosis Type 2: An Unusual Finding

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Lesions of the oesophageal mucosa and their causes

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Lesions of the oral mucosa : Differential diagnostic approach from the maxillofacial surgeon's perspective

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Lesions with a distinct fingerprint presentation

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Leslie Winter on Her Role and the Challenges Facing Our Profession

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Leslie's story. When there is nothing more to be done, a physician offers compassion and wonders whether it was enough

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Lesotho's controversial public-private partnership project

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Less Can Be More for Gene Dose and Drug Sensitivity

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Less Grease, Please. Phosphatidylethanolamine Is the Only Lipid Required for Replication of a (+)RNA Virus

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Less Is More in the Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus Disease

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Less Is More, More the Merrier, or More From Less?

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Less Is More-Revisiting Burn Resuscitation

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Diagnosis and management of pulmonary toxicity associated with cancer immunotherapy

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Less Is More: Psychologists Can Learn More by Studying Fewer People

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Less Surgery, Improved Survival From Stage IV Colorectal Cancer?

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Less Surgery, Improved Survival From Stage IV Colorectal Cancer?-Reply

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Less Than 5 Minutes

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Less Than Full-time Training in surgical specialities: Consensus recommendations for flexible training by the Association of Surgeons in Training

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Less Than One-Third of Caretakers Sought Formal Health Care Facilities for Common Childhood Illnesses in Ethiopia: Evidence from the 2011 Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey

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Less Than Total Excision of Infected Prosthetic PTFE Graft Does Not Increase the Risk of Reinfection

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Less anxiety and pain in surgery by simple distraction maneuvers

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Less blame and more support for nurses

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Less budesonide after collagen colitis

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Less carbohydrate, more protein for healthy weight

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Less care will be provided and paid for in the hospital

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Less chaos in the prognosis of asthma-chronic obstructive lung disease overlap

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Less choice for elderly people under the NHS act

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Less choice of pill could mean more pregnancies

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Less cold ischemia time in renal transplantation. Proposal for a priority

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Less contentious, more bureaucratic

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Less continence stress

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Less focus on academic ability cuts attrition rates

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Less harm done in 2013, says AHRQ

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Less illness and death through computer support?

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Less invasive versus standard total knee replacement: Comparison of early outcome

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Less invasive, more informative monitoring breakthroughs on way

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Less is More in Hong Kong: Investigation of Biscriptal and Trilingual Development Among Chinese Twins in a (Relatively) Small City

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Less is More--Optimization of DNA Extraction from Canine Feces

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Less is More: Membrane Protein Digestion Beyond Urea-Trypsin Solution for Next-level Proteomics

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Less is better in geriatrics

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Less is less: a systematic review of graph use in meta-analyses

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Less is more

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Less is more

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Less is more - time to concentrate experience to improve outcomes?

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Less is more Redux: Scheduled intermittent dosing to protect/prevent cognitive deterioration in schizophrenia

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Less is more, greener microbial synthesis of silver nanoparticles

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Less is more--less is nothing

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Less is more--possible option in the treatment of depression

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Less is more: Nutrient limitation induces cross-talk of nutrient sensing pathways with NAD + homeostasis and contributes to longevity

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Less is more: The availability heuristic in early childhood

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Less is more: a project to reduce the number of PIMs (potentially inappropriate medications) on an elderly care ward

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Less is more: the detrimental consequences of immunosuppressive therapy in the treatment of type-1 diabetes

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Less is more: the dynamic epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases

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Less is more? Assessing the validity of the ICD-11 model of PTSD across multiple trauma samples

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Less is more? Think again! A cognitive fluency-based more-less asymmetry in comparative communication

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Less is sometimes less: the effectiveness of Mellow Parenting is uncertain

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Less known pathophysiological mechanisms of anemia in patients with diabetic nephropathy

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Less may be more: Using small molecules to reprogram human cells into functional cardiomyocytes

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Less may be more: nodal treatment in neck positive head neck cancer patients

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Less menorrhagia for women with VTE

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Less need for prevention through better care? Towards an effective deployment of preventive and curative care

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Less negative appendectomies due to imaging in patients with suspected appendicitis

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Less pain after transvaginal cholecystectomy: single-center pooled analysis

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Less painful tumescent solution for patients undergoing endovenous laser ablation of the saphenous vein

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Less pay should mean less work

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Less peripheral fatigue after prior exercise is not evidence against the regulation of the critical peripheral fatigue threshold

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Less pitfalls and variation in population based cancer survival comparisons within the European Union: Lessons from colorectal cancer patients in neighbouring regions in Denmark and Germany - The Fehmarn Belt project

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Less politics, please

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Less pollen-mediated gene flow for more signatures of glacial lineages: congruent evidence from balsam fir cpDNA and mtDNA for multiple refugia in eastern and central North America

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Less sickness with more motion and/or mental distraction

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Less staff caring for more deliveries

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Less than a 10th of China's couples apply to have second child

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Less than a third of NHS employees think their organisation has enough staff

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Less than des. res

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Less than the sum of its parts, a leinamycin precursor has superior properties

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Lesser Metatarsal Osteotomy

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Lesser of two evils? Foraging choices in response to threats of predation and parasitism

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Lesson 2 the heart

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Lesson Learned and Practical Advice for Supporting the Pediatric Traveler

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Lesson Learned: Don't be Cynical or Grumpy

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Lesson from the neuromuscular junction: role of pattern and timing of nerve activity in synaptic development

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Diagnosis and management of rare inferior vena cava leiomyosarcoma guided by a novel minimally invasive vascular biopsy technique

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Lesson of graveyards

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Lesson of the month 1: Artery of Percheron occlusion - an -uncommon cause of coma in a middle-aged man

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Lesson of the month 1: Autoinflammatory syndromes - an unusual cause of pyrexia of unknown origin

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Lesson of the month 1: Diabetic ketoacidosis in established renal failure

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Lesson of the month 1: Seeing snowflakes

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Lesson of the month 1: Splinter haemorrhages as a pointer to gastrointestinal malignancy

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Lesson of the month 2: Against all odds

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Lesson of the month 2: Non-uraemic calciphylaxis - an unexpected differential diagnosis for a necrotic ulcer

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Lesson of the month 2: Oncology, obstetrics and orthopaedics: an unusual partnership

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Lesson of the month 2: The limitations of steroid therapy in bradykinin-mediated angioedema attacks

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Lesson of the month: selective use of cyclophosphamide in pregnancy for severe autoimmune respiratory disease

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Lesson planning in primary care

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Lesson to be learned from the renal denervation trials

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Lessons From 30 Years of Teaching About the Microenvironment of Tumors

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Lessons From 50 Years Of Study Of Laron Syndrome

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Lessons From A Retrospective Analysis Of A 5-Yr Period Of Quarantine At San Diego Zoo: A Risk-Based Approach To Quarantine Isolation And Testing May Benefit Animal Welfare

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Lessons From Australia's National Firearms Agreement

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Lessons From China

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Lessons From Drive-By Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion

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Lessons From Low-Cost, High-Quality Eye Care

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Lessons From New York State's Preparedness Efforts for Ebola

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Lessons From Peglispro: IMAGINE How to Improve Drug Development and Affordability

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Lessons From Reparative Therapy Applied to Post-Abortion Grief Counseling

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Lessons From The Big Bad Wolf

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Lessons From the Boston Marathon Bombing: An Orthopaedic Perspective on Preparing for High-Volume Trauma in an Urban Academic Center

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Lessons From the Community-Centered Health Home Demonstration Project: Patient-Centered Medical Homes Can Improve Health Conditions in Their Surrounding Communities

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Lessons From the EThIGII Trial: Proper Putative Benefit Assessment of Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin Treatment in M2/ANXA5 Haplotype Carriers

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Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned About Motivation From a Pilot Physical Activity Intervention for African American Men

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Diagnosis and Management of Reactions in Leprosy

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Lessons Learned Designing and Using an Online Discussion Forum for Care Coordinators in Primary Care

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Lessons Learned During 48 Years of Orthopedic Practice

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Lessons Learned Establishing a Radiology Resident Education Fund

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Lessons Learned From 35 Cases of Laryngeal Foreign Bodies Undergoing Misdiagnosis in Pediatric Population

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Lessons Learned From Adolescent Mothers: Advice on Recruitment

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Lessons Learned From Comics Produced by Medical Students: Art of Darkness

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Lessons Learned From Developing an Eradication Investment Case for Lymphatic Filariasis

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Lessons Learned From Two Decades of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Radiology, Part 2: Building a Culture

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Lessons Learned From an International, Multisite Simulation Research Study

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Lessons Learned From an Online Study with Dual-smoker Couples

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Lessons Learned From the Clinical Trials of Novel Biologics and Small Molecules in Lupus Nephritis

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Lessons Learned From the Quest for Gene Signatures That Predict Treatment Response in Rectal Cancer

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Lessons Learned Preparing Volunteer Midwives for Service in Haiti: After the Earthquake

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Lessons Taken Away From Ongoing Community Water Fluoridation Discussions

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Lessons Un-Learned

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Lessons We Can Learn From Tragic Event

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Diagnosis and Management of Rectal Neuroendocrine Tumors

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Lessons born of tragedy

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Lessons could be learned from car industry efficiency scheme

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Lessons for conducting health development at the tactical level

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Lessons for consultants from the junior doctor dispute

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Lessons for leaders

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Lessons for the NFL from Workers' Compensation

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Lessons for the United States from the Chinese pediatricians' experience

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Lessons for the first year in "practice"

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Lessons for tuberculosis from scrutiny of HIV/AIDS and Malaria UK Parliamentary Questions

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Lessons from 'Main Street' doc practices

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Lessons from 50 years of curing childhood leukaemia

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Lessons from Aristotle All things in moderation

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Lessons from Asian lupus

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Lessons from Digestive-Tract Symbioses Between Bacteria and Invertebrates

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Lessons from Ebola bring WHO reforms

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Lessons from Field Studies

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Lessons from Freelancing, Lighting Design to Genetic Counseling

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Lessons from LAVOLTA

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Diagnosis and management of rheumatoid arthritis in adults: summary of updated NICE guidance

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Lessons from NAPAP

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Lessons from Nature: Understanding Immunity to HCV to Guide Vaccine Design

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Lessons from Oliver Sacks

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Lessons from Queer Bioethics: A Response to Timothy F. Murphy

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Lessons from Retinoblastoma: Implications for Cancer, Development, Evolution, and Regenerative Medicine

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Lessons from Reverse Translation

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Lessons from Reverse Vaccinology for viral vaccine design

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Lessons from Speciation Dynamics: How to Generate Selective Pressure Towards Diversity

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Lessons from Star Carr on the vulnerability of organic archaeological remains to environmental change

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Lessons from Vermont

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Lessons from Waking up Blind: what we permit, we promote

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Lessons from Wales--how to embed sustainability and prevention in health care

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Lessons from a Legend: James "Red Duke"

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Lessons from a Legislative Struggle to Ban Indoor Tanning for Children Younger than 18

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Lessons from a Phenotyping Center Revealed by the Genome-Guided Mapping of Powdery Mildew Resistance Loci

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Lessons from a Rare Familial Dementia: Amyloid and Beyond

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Lessons from a Recovering Academic

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Lessons from a Space Analog on Adaptation for Long-Duration Exploration Missions

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Lessons from a Transgender Patient for Health Care Professionals

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Lessons from a bridge generation

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Lessons from a cardiovascular outcome trial with liraglutide in type 2 diabetes

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Lessons from a children's hospital

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Lessons from a corneal perforation during femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

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Lessons from a decade of suicide surveillance in India: who, why and how?

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Lessons from a double-transgenic neutrophil approach to induce antiproteinase 3 antibody-mediated vasculitis in mice

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Lessons from a geospatial analysis of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate sales by licensed chemical sellers in Ghana

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Lessons from a giant: homage to Gabriel Richet

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Lessons from a great developmental biologist

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Lessons from a modern review of the smallpox eradication files

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Lessons from a pilot project in cognitive task analysis: the potential role of intermediates in preclinical teaching in dental education

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Lessons from a standardized program using PET-CT to avoid neck dissection after primary radiotherapy for N2 squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx

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Lessons from a survey of genotyping for hereditary haemochromatosis

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Lessons from acute HIV infection

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Lessons from altitude: cerebral perfusion insights and their potential translational clinical significance

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Lessons from an aggressive angiomyxoma unrecognized and treated as rectal prolapse

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Lessons from an outbreak of metallo-β-lactamase-producing Klebsiella oxytoca in an intensive care unit: the importance of time at risk and combination therapy

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