Section 59
Chapter 58,301

Metagenomic evaluation of bacterial and archaeal diversity in the geothermal hot springs of manikaran, India

Bhatia, S.; Batra, N.; Pathak, A.; Green, S.J.; Joshi, A.; Chauhan, A.

Genome Announcements 3(1)


ISSN/ISBN: 2169-8287
PMID: 25700403
DOI: 10.1128/genomea.01544-14
Accession: 058300325

Bacterial and archaeal diversity in geothermal spring water were investigated using 16S rRNA gene amplicon metagenomic sequencing. This revealed the dominance of Firmicutes, Aquificae, and the Deinococcus-Thermus group in this thermophilic environment. A number of sequences remained taxonomically unresolved, indicating the presence of potentially novel microbes in this unique habitat.

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