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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58315

Chapter 58315 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

El-Domyati, M.; Barakat, M.; Awad, S.; Medhat, W.; El-Fakahany, H.; Farag, H., 2015:
Microneedling Therapy for Atrophic Acne Scars: An Objective Evaluation

Stoll, S.; Dietlin, C.; Nett-Mettler, C.S., 2016:
Microneedling as a successful treatment for alopecia X in two Pomeranian siblings

Serrano, G.; Almudéver, P.; Serrano, J.M.; Cortijo, J.; Faus, C.; Reyes, M.; Expósito, I.; Torrens, A.; Millán, F., 2015:
Microneedling dilates the follicular infundibulum and increases transfollicular absorption of liposomal sepia melanin

Lima, E.de.Andrade., 2016:
Microneedling in facial recalcitrant melasma: report of a series of 22 cases

Cohen, B.E.; Elbuluk, N., 2016:
Microneedling in skin of color: A review of uses and efficacy

Hou, A.; Cohen, B.; Haimovic, A.; Elbuluk, N., 2016:
Microneedling: A Comprehensive Review

Singh, A.; Yadav, S., 2016:
Microneedling: Advances and widening horizons

Donadio, V.; Liguori, R., 2015:
Microneurographic recording from unmyelinated nerve fibers in neurological disorders: an update

Fu, P.; He, Y-Song.; Cen, Y-Cun.; Huang, Q.; Guo, K-Tai.; Zhao, H-Yang.; Xiang, W., 2016:
Microneurosurgery and subsequent gamma knife radiosurgery for functioning pituitary macroadenomas or giant adenomas: One institution's experience

Verschoor, C.P.; Singh, P.; Russell, M.L.; Bowdish, D.M.E.; Brewer, A.; Cyr, L.; Ward, B.J.; Loeb, M., 2016:
Microneutralization assay titres correlate with protection against seasonal influenza H1N1 and H3N2 in children

Chen, T.; Zhang, M.; Bhandari, B.; Yang, Z., 2016:
Micronization and nanosizing of particles for an enhanced quality of food: A review

Patel, J.K.; Sutariya, V.B., 2016:
Micronisation of simvastatin by the supercritical antisolvent technique: in vitro-in vivo evaluation

Labuschagne, P.W.; Naicker, B.; Kalombo, L., 2016:
Micronization, characterization and in-vitro dissolution of shellac from PGSS supercritical CO2 technique

Civardi, C.; Schubert, M.; Fey, A.; Wick, P.; Schwarze, F.W.M.R., 2016:
Micronized Copper Wood Preservatives: Efficacy of Ion, Nano, and Bulk Copper against the Brown Rot Fungus Rhodonia placenta

Bujalska-Zadrożny, M.; Kulik, K.; Ordak, Mł.; Sasinowska-Motyl, Młgorzata.; Gąsińska, E.; de Corde, A.; Kowalczyk, A.; Sacharczuk, M.; Naruszewicz, M., 2016:
Micronized Organic Magnesium Salts Enhance Opioid Analgesia in Rats

Feng, J.; Doi, K.; Kuno, S.; Mineda, K.; Kato, H.; Kinoshita, K.; Kanayama, K.; Mashiko, T.; Yoshimura, K., 2016:
Micronized cellular adipose matrix as a therapeutic injectable for diabetic ulcer

Civardi, C.; Schwarze, F.W.M.R.; Wick, P., 2015:
Micronized copper wood preservatives: an efficiency and potential health risk assessment for copper-based nanoparticles

Aumiller, T.; Mosenthin, R.; Rink, F.; Hartung, K.; Weiss, E., 2016:
Micronized fibres affect in vitro fermentation under normal buffered and osmotic stress conditions using porcine inocula

Chen, C-Wei.; Chuang, S-Sung.; Pan, S-Tung., 2015:
Micronodular Thymoma with Lymphoid Stroma Diagnosed with Core Needle Biopsy. A Case Report

Christopher, A.Francis.; Gupta, M.; Bansal, P., 2016:
Micronome revealed miR-19a/b as key regulator of SOCS3 during cancer related inflammation of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Zúñiga-González, G.M.; Gómez-Meda, B.C.; Zamora-Perez, A.L.; Martínez-González, Mía.A.; Muñoz de Haro, I.A.; Pérez-Navarro, A.E.; Armendáriz-Borunda, J.; Gallegos-Arreola, M.P., 2015:
Micronucleated erythrocytes in newborns of rat dams exposed to ultraviolet-A light during pregnancy; protection by ascorbic acid supplementation

Zúñiga-González, G.M.; Gómez-Meda, B.C.; Zamora-Perez, A.L.; Martínez-González, Mía.A.; Bautista-Bejarano, M.A.; Patiño-Valenzuela, Sán.; Armendáriz-Borunda, J.; Lazalde-Ramos, B.P.; Sánchez-Parada, Mía.G.; Gallegos-Arreola, M.P., 2016:
Micronucleated erythrocytes in newborns rats exposed to three different types of ultraviolet-A (UVA) lamps from commonly uses devices

Rostami, A.; Moosavi, S.Akbar.; Dianat Moghadam, H.; Bolookat, E.Rajab., 2016:
Micronuclei Assessment of The Radioprotective Effects of Melatonin and Vitamin C in Human Lymphocytes

Wu, H.; Ding, S., 2016:
Micronuclei and dyskaryosis of erythrocytes and oxidative stress response with endosulfan exposure in topmouth gudgeon Pseudorasbora parva

López González, E.C.; Larriera, A.; Siroski, P.A.; Poletta, G.L., 2016:
Micronuclei and other nuclear abnormalities on Caiman latirostris (Broad-snouted caiman) hatchlings after embryonic exposure to different pesticide formulations

Flores-Garcia, A.; Torres-Bugarin, O.; Salvador Velarde-Félix, Jús.; Rangel-Villalobos, Héctor.; Zepeda-Carrillo, E.Alfonso.; Rodríguez-Trejo, A.; Aguíar-García, P.; Nersesyan, A., 2018:
Micronuclei and other nuclear anomalies in exfoliated buccal mucosa cells of Mexican women with breast cancer

Pajic, J.; Jovicic, D.; Ps Milovanovic, A., 2016:
Micronuclei as a marker for medical screening of subjects continuously occupationally exposed to low doses of ionizing radiation

Sagari, S.G.; Babannavar, R.; Lohra, A.; Kodgi, A.; Bapure, S.; Rao, Y.; J.A.; Malghan, M., 2015:
Micronuclei frequencies and nuclear abnormalities in oral exfoliated cells of nuclear power plant workers

Tin, S.Sai.; Wiwanitkit, V., 2016:
Micronuclei in breast aspirates

Plamadeala, C.; Wojcik, A.; Creanga, D., 2015:
Micronuclei versus Chromosomal Aberrations Induced by X-Ray in Radiosensitive Mammalian Cells

Baesse, C.Queiroz.; Tolentino, V.Carneiro.de.Magalhães.; da Silva, A.Marcos.; Silva, A.de.Andrade.; Ferreira, G.Ângelo.; Paniago, Lís.Pedro.Mendes.; Nepomuceno, Júlio.César.; de Melo, C., 2015:
Micronucleus as biomarker of genotoxicity in birds from Brazilian Cerrado

Souza, L.da.Cunha.Menezes.; da Cruz, L.A.; Cerqueira, E.de.Moraes.Marcílio.; Meireles, J., 2016:
Micronucleus as biomarkers of cancer risk in anabolic androgenic steroids users

Abdel Hady, S.; Afifi, H.H.; Abdel Ghany, E.A.; Taher, M.B.; Eid, M.M., 2015:
Micronucleus assay as a biomarker for chromosome malsegregation in young mothers with Down syndrome children

Nersesyan, A.; Kundi, M.; Fenech, M.; Bolognesi, C.; Misik, M.; Wultsch, G.; Hartmann, M.; Knasmueller, S., 2015:
Micronucleus assay with urine derived cells (UDC): a review of its application in human studies investigating genotoxin exposure and bladder cancer risk

Peng, C.; Muthusamy, S.; Xia, Q.; Lal, V.; Denison, M.S.; Ng, J.C., 2016:
Micronucleus formation by single and mixed heavy metals/loids and PAH compounds in HepG2 cells

Vázquez-Diez, C.; Yamagata, K.; Trivedi, S.; Haverfield, J.; FitzHarris, G., 2016:
Micronucleus formation causes perpetual unilateral chromosome inheritance in mouse embryos

Kiraly, G.; Simonyi, A.S.; Turani, M.; Juhasz, I.; Nagy, G.; Banfalvi, G., 2016:
Micronucleus formation during chromatin condensation and under apoptotic conditions

Özdal, Aşegül.; Erselcan, T.; Özdemir, Öztürk.; Silov, Güler.; Erdoğan, Z.; Turhal, Özgül., 2016:
Micronucleus frequencies in groups receiving external or internal radiation

Mørck, T.A.; Loock, K.Vande.; Poulsen, M.Bech.; Siersma, V.D.; Nielsen, J.K.S.; Hertel, O.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Knudsen, L.E., 2016:
Micronucleus frequency in Danish schoolchildren and their mothers from the DEMOCOPHES population

Valdiglesias, V.; Bonassi, S.; Dell'Armi, V.; Settanni, S.; Celi, M.; Mastropaolo, S.; Antocicco, M.; Fini, M.; Onder, G., 2015:
Micronucleus frequency in peripheral blood lymphocytes and frailty status in elderly. A lack of association with clinical features

Han, L.; Hu, H.; Yang, J.; Bai, H.; Wang, L.; Liu, J.; Huang, C.; Liu, Y.; Ha, L., 2016:
Micronucleus in vitro induced by inhalable particulate matters in moxa smoke

Takashima, R.; Takasawa, H.; Wako, Y.; Yasunaga, K.; Hattori, A.; Kawabata, M.; Nakadate, K.; Nakagawa, M.; Hamada, S., 2015:
Micronucleus induction in rat liver and bone marrow by acute vs. repeat doses of the genotoxic hepatocarcinogen monocrotaline

Gupta, P.; Dey, P.; Gupta, N., 2016:
Micronucleus scoring: a potential adjunct for diagnosis of endometrial adenocarcinoma on cervical samples

Gutiérrez, J.Manuel.; Villar, S.; Acuña Plavan, A., 2015:
Micronucleus test in fishes as indicators of environmental quality in subestuaries of the Río de la Plata (Uruguay)

Paulo, M.Souza.Lima.; Souza, I.Fortes.; Wandekoken, K.Gomes.; Silva, K.Balestreiro.; Dutra, J.Carlos.Vencioneck.; Freitas, J.Valério.de.; Stegmiller, N.Pescinalli.; Pimassoni, Lúcia.Helena.Sagrillo.; Batitucci, M.do.Carmo.Pimentel.; Paulo, D.Nagib.Salomão.; Errera, Fávia.Imbroisi.Valle., 2015:
Micronucleus test in peripheral blood of rats treated with hyperbaric oxygen after subtotal splenectomy preserving the lower pole

Uno, Y.; Morita, T.; Luijten, M.; Beevers, C.; Hamada, S.; Itoh, S.; Ohyama, W.; Takasawa, H., 2015:
Micronucleus test in rodent tissues other than liver or erythrocytes: Report of the IWGT working group

Kalaev, V.N.; Artiukhov, V.G.; Nechaeva, M.S., 2015:
Micronucleus test of human oral buccal epithelium: problems, progress and prospects

Kiraz, A.; Açmaz, G.; Uysal, G.; Unal, D.; Dönmez-Altuntas, H., 2016:
Micronucleus testing as a cancer detector: endometrial hyperplasia to carcinoma

Jamebozorgi, I.; Mahjoubi, F.; Pouryaghoub, G.; Mehrdad, R.; Majidzadeh, T.; Saltanatpour, Z.; Nasiri, F., 2017:
Micronucleus, Nucleoplasmic Bridge, and Nuclear Budding in Peripheral Blood Cells of Workers Exposed to Low Level Benzene

Mallard, S.R.; Houghton, L.A.; Filteau, S.; Chisenga, M.; Siame, J.; Kasonka, L.; Mullen, A.; Gibson, R.S., 2016:
Micronutrient Adequacy and Dietary Diversity Exert Positive and Distinct Effects on Linear Growth in Urban Zambian Infants

Chen, G.; Ni, Y.; Nagata, N.; Xu, L.; Ota, T., 2016 :
Micronutrient Antioxidants and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Mohanty, B.P.; Sankar, T.V.; Ganguly, S.; Mahanty, A.; Anandan, R.; Chakraborty, K.; Paul, B.N.; Sarma, D.; Dayal, J.Syama.; Mathew, S.; Asha, K.K.; Mitra, T.; Karunakaran, D.; Chanda, S.; Shahi, N.; Das, P.; Das, P.; Akhtar, M.Shahbaz.; Vijayagopal, P.; Sridhar, N., 2016:
Micronutrient Composition of 35 Food Fishes from India and Their Significance in Human Nutrition

Benzecry, S.Gomes.; Alexandre, Márcia.Almeida.; Vítor-Silva, S.; Salinas, J.Luis.; de Melo, G.Cardoso.; Marinho, H.Albuquerque.; Paes, Ângela.Tavares.; de Siqueira, Aé.Machado.; Monteiro, W.Marcelo.; Lacerda, M.Vinícius.Guimarães.; Leite, H.Pons., 2016:
Micronutrient Deficiencies and Plasmodium vivax Malaria among Children in the Brazilian Amazon

Sánchez, Aés.; Rojas, P.; Basfi-Fer, K.; Carrasco, F.; Inostroza, J.; Codoceo, J.; Valencia, A.; Papapietro, K.; Csendes, A.; Ruz, M., 2016:
Micronutrient Deficiencies in Morbidly Obese Women Prior to Bariatric Surgery

Schiavo, L.; Scalera, G.; Pilone, V.; De Sena, G.; Capuozzo, V.; Barbarisi, A., 2016:
Micronutrient Deficiencies in Patients Candidate for Bariatric Surgery: A Prospective, Preoperative Trial of Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Shetty, P.M.; Hauptman, P.J.; Landfried, L.K.; Patel, K.; Weiss, E.P., 2016:
Micronutrient Deficiencies in Patients With Heart Failure: Relationships With Body Mass Index and Age

Tran, V.Khanh.; Spohrer, R.; LE.T.Danh.; Poonawala, A.; Monech-Pfanner, R., 2016:
Micronutrient Deficiency Control in Vietnam from Policy and Research to Implementation: Keys for Success, Challenges and Lessons Learned

Song, E.Kyeung.; Kang, S-Min., 2015:
Micronutrient Deficiency Independently Predicts Adverse Health Outcomes in Patients With Heart Failure

Lam, I.T.Y.; Keller, H.H.; Pfisterer, K.; Duizer, L.; Stark, K.; Duncan, A.M., 2016:
Micronutrient Food Fortification for Residential Care: A Scoping Review of Current Interventions

Smith, G., 2016:
Micronutrient Fortification of Food: Issues for Asia

Hess, S.; Tecklenburg, L.; Eichler, K., 2016:
Micronutrient Fortified Condiments and Noodles to Reduce Anemia in Children and Adults--A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis

Agrawal, R.; Kumar, B.; Priyanka, K.; Narayan, C.; Shukla, K.; Sarkar, J.; Anshumali, 2016:
Micronutrient Fractionation in Coal Mine-Affected Agricultural Soils, India

Lopez-Cepero, A.; Torres, R.; Elias, A.; Rosal, M.C.; Palacios, C., 2016:
Micronutrient Intake among Children in Puerto Rico: Dietary and Multivitamin-Multimineral Supplement Sources

Hilger, J.; Goerig, T.; Weber, P.; Hoeft, B.; Eggersdorfer, M.; Carvalho, N.Costa.; Goldberger, U.; Hoffmann, K., 2016:
Micronutrient Intake in Healthy Toddlers: A Multinational Perspective

Kelly, O.J.; Gilman, J.C.; Kim, Y.; Ilich, J.Z., 2016:
Micronutrient Intake in the Etiology, Prevention and Treatment of Osteosarcopenic Obesity

Farhadnejad, H.; Asghari, G.; Mirmiran, P.; Yuzbashian, E.; Azizi, F., 2016:
Micronutrient Intakes and Incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease in Adults: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

Gillon, S.; Jeanes, Y.M.; Andersen, J.Roger.; Våge, V., 2016:
Micronutrient Status in Morbidly Obese Patients Prior to Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Micronutrient Changes 5 years Post-surgery

Kassir, R., 2018:
Micronutrient Supplementation After Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch in the Long-Term: Using Refill Bypass Is the Solution

Pense, J.; Neher, J.O.; Kelsberg, G.; Safranek, S., 2015:
Micronutrient Supplementation During Pregnancy

Nett, P.; Borbély, Y.; Kröll, D., 2017:
Micronutrient Supplementation after Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch in the Long Term

Sucandy, I.; Roberts, K.E.; Nadzam, G.; Duffy, A.J., 2017:
Micronutrient and Metabolic Status in Morbidly Obese Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery in a University Bariatric Program

Verger, E.O.; Aron-Wisnewsky, J.; Dao, M.Carlota.; Kayser, B.D.; Oppert, J-Michel.; Bouillot, J-Luc.; Torcivia, A.; Clément, K., 2016:
Micronutrient and Protein Deficiencies After Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy: a 1-year Follow-up

Oh, W.C.; Gardner, D.S.; Devonald, M.A.J., 2016:
Micronutrient and amino acid losses in acute renal replacement therapy

Bakhmulaeva, Z.K.; Magadova, S.A., 2016:
Micronutrient composition of grape growing in Dagestan

Iacone, R.; Scanzano, C.; Santarpia, L.; D'Isanto, A.; Contaldo, F.; Pasanisi, F., 2016:
Micronutrient content in enteral nutrition formulas: comparison with the dietary reference values for healthy populations

Luo, R.; Shi, Y.; Zhou, H.; Yue, A.; Zhang, L.; Sylvia, S.; Medina, A.; Rozelle, S., 2016:
Micronutrient deficiencies and developmental delays among infants: evidence from a cross-sectional survey in rural China

Herrador, Z.; Sordo, L.; Gadisa, E.; Buño, A.; Gómez-Rioja, Rén.; Iturzaeta, J.Manuel.; de Armas, L.Fernandez.; Benito, Aín.; Aseffa, A.; Moreno, J.; Cañavate, C.; Custodio, E., 2015:
Micronutrient deficiencies and related factors in school-aged children in Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study in Libo Kemkem and Fogera districts, Amhara Regional State

Pedraza, D.Figueroa.; Rocha, A.Carolina.Dantas., 2018:
Micronutrient deficiencies in Brazilian children attending daycare centers: a review of the literature

Win, A.Zaw., 2016:
Micronutrient deficiencies in early childhood can lower a country's GDP: The Myanmar example

Weisshof, R.; Chermesh, I., 2016:
Micronutrient deficiencies in inflammatory bowel disease

Jardim-Botelho, A.; Queiroz Gurgel, R.; Simeone Henriques, G.; Dos Santos, C.Bispo.; Afonso Jordão, A.; Nascimento Faro, F.; Silveira Souto, F.Maria.; Rodrigues Santos, A.Pryscilla.; Eduardo Cuevas, L., 2015:
Micronutrient deficiencies in normal and overweight infants in a low socio-economic population in north-east Brazil

Almansa, A.R.; Rodriguez-Galan, M.; Borja, R.; Fermoso, F.G., 2016:
Micronutrient dynamics after thermal pretreatment of olive mill solid waste

Gayer, J.; Smith, G., 2015:
Micronutrient fortification of food in Southeast Asia: recommendations from an expert workshop

Crujeiras, V.; Aldámiz-Echevarría, Lís.; Dalmau, J.; Vitoria, I.; Andrade, F.; Roca, I.; Leis, R.; Fermandez-Marmiesse, A.; Couce, Mía.L., 2015:
Micronutrient in hyperphenylalaninemia

Mendonça, N.; Hill, T.R.; Granic, A.; Davies, K.; Collerton, J.; Mathers, J.C.; Siervo, M.; Wrieden, W.L.; Seal, C.J.; Kirkwood, T.B.L.; Jagger, C.; Adamson, A.J., 2017:
Micronutrient intake and food sources in the very old: analysis of the Newcastle 85+ Study

Wham, C.; Teh, R.; Moyes, S.A.; Rolleston, A.; Muru-Lanning, M.; Hayman, K.; Kerse, N.; Adamson, A., 2016 :
Micronutrient intake in advanced age: Te Puāwaitanga o Ngā Tapuwae Kia ora Tonu, Life and Living in Advanced Age: A Cohort Study in New Zealand (LiLACS NZ)

Anonymous, 2016:
Micronutrient intake is associated with lung cancer risk

Gesquiere, I.; Foulon, V.; Augustijns, P.; Gils, A.; Lannoo, M.; Van der Schueren, B.; Matthys, C., 2016:
Micronutrient intake, from diet and supplements, and association with status markers in pre- and post-RYGB patients

ter Borg, S.; Verlaan, S.; Hemsworth, J.; Mijnarends, D.M.; Schols, J.M.G.A.; Luiking, Y.C.; de Groot, L.C.P.G.M., 2015:
Micronutrient intakes and potential inadequacies of community-dwelling older adults: a systematic review

Devlieger, R.; Guelinckx, I.; Jans, G.; Voets, W.; Vanholsbeke, C.; Vansant, G., 2015:
Micronutrient levels and supplement intake in pregnancy after bariatric surgery: a prospective cohort study

Korenromp, E.L.; Adeosun, O.; Adegoke, F.; Akerele, A.; Anger, C.; Ohajinwa, C.; Hotz, C.; Umunna, L.; Aminu, F., 2018:
Micronutrient powder distribution through Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Weeks in Nigeria: process evaluation of feasibility and use

Mirkovic, K.R.; Perrine, C.G.; Subedi, G.Raj.; Mebrahtu, S.; Dahal, P.; Jefferds, M.Elena.D., 2016:
Micronutrient powder use and infant and young child feeding practices in an integrated program

Fiedler, J.L.; Puett, C., 2015:
Micronutrient program costs: sources of variations and noncomparabilities

Schüpbach, R.; Wegmüller, R.; Berguerand, C.; Bui, M.; Herter-Aeberli, I., 2015:
Micronutrient status and intake in omnivores, vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland

Marasinghe, E.; Chackrewarthy, S.; Abeysena, C.; Rajindrajith, S., 2015:
Micronutrient status and its relationship with nutritional status in preschool children in urban Sri Lanka

Fuglestad, A.J.; Kroupina, M.G.; Johnson, D.E.; Georgieff, M.K., 2016:
Micronutrient status and neurodevelopment in internationally adopted children

Tabakaeva, O.V.; Tabakaev, A.V., 2016:
Micronutrient structure of food parts of a trade bivalve mollusc of Anadara broughtoni

Wiltgren, A.R.; Booth, A.O.; Kaur, G.; Cicerale, S.; Lacy, K.E.; Thorpe, M.G.; Keast, R.S.J.; Riddell, L.J., 2015:
Micronutrient supplement use and diet quality in university students

Freitas, B.Alcantara.Chagas.de.; Lima, L.Moreira.; Moreira, M.Elisabeth.Lopes.; Priore, S.Eloiza.; Henriques, B.David.; Carlos, C.Fernanda.Lisboa.Valente.; Sabino, J.Souza.Nogueira.; Franceschini, S.do.Carmo.Castro., 2016:
Micronutrient supplementation adherence and influence on the prevalences of anemia and iron, zinc and vitamin A deficiencies in preemies with a corrected age of six months

Kaplan, B.J.; Hilbert, P.; Tsatsko, E., 2016:
Micronutrient treatment for children with emotional and behavioral dysregulation: a case series

de Gier, B.; Campos Ponce, M.; Perignon, M.; Fiorentino, M.; Khov, K.; Chamnan, C.; de Boer, M.R.; Parker, M.E.; Burja, K.; Dijkhuizen, M.A.; Berger, J.; Polman, K.; Wieringa, F.T., 2016:
Micronutrient-Fortified Rice Can Increase Hookworm Infection Risk: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Karak, T.; Kutu, F.Raphael.; Nath, J.Rani.; Sonar, I.; Paul, R.Kumar.; Boruah, R.Kumar.; Sanyal, S.; Sabhapondit, S.; Dutta, A.Kumar., 2015:
Micronutrients (B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn) content in made tea (Camellia sinensis L.) and tea infusion with health prospect: A critical review

Bhandari, S.; Banjara, M.Raj., 2015:
Micronutrients Deficiency, a Hidden Hunger in Nepal: Prevalence, Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Cancarini, I.; Krogh, V.; Agnoli, C.; Grioni, S.; Matullo, G.; Pala, V.; Pedraglio, S.; Contiero, P.; Riva, C.; Muti, P.; Sieri, S., 2016:
Micronutrients Involved in One-Carbon Metabolism and Risk of Breast Cancer Subtypes

Herman, H.S.; Mehta, S.; Cárdenas, W.B.; Stewart-Ibarra, A.M.; Finkelstein, J.L., 2017:
Micronutrients and Leptospirosis: A Review of the Current Evidence

Granados-Silvestre, Mía.de.Los.Ángeles.; Ortiz-López, Mía.Guadalupe.; Montúfar-Robles, I.; Menjívar-Iraheta, M., 2015:
Micronutrients and diabetes, the case of minerals

Patel, A., 2016:
Micronutrients and diarrhea

González, H.F.; Visentin, S., 2018:
Micronutrients and neurodevelopment: An update

Torbergsen, A.C.; Watne, L.O.; Wyller, T.B.; Frihagen, F.; Strømsøe, K.; Bøhmer, T.; Mowe, M., 2016:
Micronutrients and the risk of hip fracture: Case-control study

Anonymous, 2016:
Micronutrients are essential for brain function

Carter, G.M.; Indyk, D.; Johnson, M.; Andreae, M.; Suslov, K.; Busani, S.; Esmaeili, A.; Sacks, H.S., 2015:
Micronutrients in HIV: a Bayesian meta-analysis

Gröber, U.; Holzhauer, P.; Kisters, K.; Holick, M.F.; Adamietz, Iäus.A., 2016:
Micronutrients in Oncological Intervention

Darnton-Hill, I.; Mkparu, U.C., 2015:
Micronutrients in pregnancy in low- and middle-income countries

Penny, M.Edith., 2015:
Micronutrients in the treatment of stunting and moderate malnutrition

Lam, I.T.; Keller, H.H.; Duizer, L.; Stark, K., 2015:
Micronutrients on the Menu: Enhancing the Quality of Food in Long-term Care for Regular, Nontherapeutic Menus

Noto, J.M.; Peek, R.M., 2015:
Micronutrients: A double-edged sword in microbial-induced gastric carcinogenesis

Valentini, L.; Bon, S.Bittolo.; Pugno, N.M., 2016:
Microorganism Nutrition Processes as a General Route for the Preparation of Bionic Nanocomposites Based on Intractable Polymers

Vena, M.Paula.; Jobbágy, Mías.; Bilmes, S.A., 2016:
Microorganism mediated biosynthesis of metal chalcogenides; a powerful tool to transform toxic effluents into functional nanomaterials

Benetti, C.; Piacentini, G.L.; Capristo, C.; Boner, A.L.; Peroni, D.G., 2015:
Microorganism-induced exacerbations in atopic dermatitis: a possible preventive role for vitamin D?

Lin, Q.; He, G.; Rui, J.; Fang, X.; Tao, Y.; Li, J.; Li, X., 2016:
Microorganism-regulated mechanisms of temperature effects on the performance of anaerobic digestion

Park, J.Young.; Park, S.; Lee, S.Hwa.; Lee, M.Goo.; Park, Y.Bum.; Oh, K.Chan.; Lee, J-Myung.; Kim, D.Il.; Seo, K-Hyun.; Shin, K-Cheol.; Yoo, K.Ha.; Ko, Y.; Jang, S.Hun.; Jung, K-Suck.; Hwang, Y.Il., 2016:
Microorganisms Causing Community-Acquired Acute Bronchitis: The Role of Bacterial Infection

Kaptan, Kürşat.; Beyan, C., 2004:
Microorganisms Isolated from Blood Cultures of Febrile Neutropenic Patients in İbn-i Sina Hospital

Arıkan Akan, Özay., 2003:
Microorganisms Isolated from Blood Cultures of Febrile Neutropenic Patients in ‹bn-i Sina Hospital

de Vries, T.; de Ruiter, A.; Westendorp, A.; van Zeijl, J., 2016:
Microorganisms and complaints in outpatients with a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy catheter

Salunke, B.K.; Sawant, S.S.; Lee, S-Ill.; Kim, B.Soo., 2016:
Microorganisms as efficient biosystem for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles: current scenario and future possibilities

Del Coco, V.F., 2016:
Microorganisms conferring beneficial health effects

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Microscale Measurements of Michaelis-Menten Constants of Neuraminidase with Nanogel Capillary Electrophoresis for the Determination of the Sialic Acid Linkage

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Microscale Rockets and Picoliter Containers Engineered from Electrospun Polymeric Microtubes

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Microscale Silicon Origami

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Microscale Soft Patterning for Solution Processable Metal Oxide Thin Film Transistors

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Microscale Solubility Measurements of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization (MALDI) Matrices Using Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) Coupled with Partial Least Squares (PLS) Analysis

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Microscale and miniscale fermentation and screening

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Microscale characterization of the viscoelastic properties of hydrogel biomaterials using dual-mode ultrasound elastography

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Microscale consolidation analysis of relaxation behavior of single living chondrocytes subjected to varying strain-rates

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Microscale flow dynamics of ribbons and sheets

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Microscale hemisphere patterned backside mirror for GaN-based light-emitting diodes

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Microscale kin discrimination in a famous soil bacterium

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Microscale locomotion in a nematic liquid crystal

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Microscale microbial fuel cells: Advances and challenges

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Microscopic Dynamics of Supercooled Liquids from First Principles

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Microscopic Image Photography Techniques of the Past, Present, and Future

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Microscopic Invasions, Prognoses, and Recurrence Patterns of Stage I Adenocarcinomas Manifesting as Part-Solid Ground-Glass Nodules: Comparison With Adenocarcinomas Appearing as Solid Nodules After Matching Their Solid Parts' Size

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Microscopic Investigation of Protein Function in C. elegans Using Fluorescent Imaging

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Microscopic Investigations into the Effect of Surface Treatment of Cathode and Electron Transport Layer on the Performance of Inverted Organic Solar Cells

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Microscopic Lesions in Canine Eyes with Primary Glaucoma

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Microscopic Mechanisms that Govern the Titration Response and pKa Values of Buried Residues in Staphylococcal Nuclease Mutants

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Microscopic and Biochemical Visualization of Auxins in Plant Tissues

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Microscopic techniques and quantitative real-time PCR for the diagnosis of vaginal microflora alterations

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Microscopies at the Nanoscale for Nano-Scale Drug Delivery Systems

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Microscopy tools for the investigation of intracellular lipid storage and dynamics

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Microscopy-Based High-Content Screening

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Microscopy. The superresolved brain

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Microsecond Deprotonation of Aspartic Acid and Response of the α/β Subdomain Precede C-Terminal Signaling in the Blue Light Sensor Plant Cryptochrome

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Microsecond Pulsed Hollow Cathode Lamp as Enhanced Excitation Source of Hydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry

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Microsecond Rearrangements of Hydrophobic Clusters in an Initially Collapsed Globule Prime Structure Formation during the Folding of a Small Protein

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Microsecond Simulations of the Diphtheria Toxin Translocation Domain in Association with Anionic Lipid Bilayers

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Microsecond pulsed hydrogen/deuterium exchange of electrosprayed ubiquitin ions stored in a linear ion trap

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Microsites Matter: Improving the Success of Rare Species Reintroductions

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