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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58319

Chapter 58319 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Yokoyama, K.; Yoshida, A., 2017:
Mild encephalopathy in a rotavirus infected patient with hyperamylasaemia

Dong, K.; Zhang, Q.; Ding, J.; Ren, L.; Zhang, Z.; Wu, L.; Feng, W.; Song, H., 2016:
Mild encephalopathy with a reversible splenial lesion mimicking transient ischemic attack: A case report

Wang, J.; Stewart, E.; Dapaah-Afriyie, K.; Finn, A., 2016:
Mild encephalopathy with reversible splenial lesion in a patient with influenza A infection--first report in an adult patient in the USA

Ka, A.; Britton, P.; Troedson, C.; Webster, R.; Procopis, P.; Ging, J.; Chua, Y.Wee.; Buckmaster, A.; Wood, N.; Jones, C.; Dale, R.C., 2016:
Mild encephalopathy with reversible splenial lesion: an important differential of encephalitis

Winnik, S.; Gaul, D.S.; Siciliani, G.; Lohmann, C.; Pasterk, L.; Calatayud, N.; Weber, J.; Eriksson, U.; Auwerx, J.; van Tits, L.J.; Lüscher, T.F.; Matter, C.M., 2016:
Mild endothelial dysfunction in Sirt3 knockout mice fed a high-cholesterol diet: protective role of a novel C/EBP-β-dependent feedback regulation of SOD2

Filingeri, D.; Fournet, D.; Hodder, S.; Havenith, G., 2016:
Mild evaporative cooling applied to the torso provides thermoregulatory benefits during running in the heat

Kaveney, A.D.; Philipp, C.S., 2015:
Mild factor XIII deficiency and concurrent hypofibrinogenemia: effect of pregnancy

Kim, S.Yong.; Choe, K-Won.; Park, S.; Yoon, D.; Ock, C-Young.; Hong, S.Wook.; Heo, J.Yeon., 2016:
Mild form of Guillain-Barré syndrome in a patient with primary Epstein-Barr virus infection

Moriguchi, N.; Kano, T.; Yoshimatsu, Y.; Yanagida, H., 2016:
Mild forms of toxic shock syndrome toxin-1-mediated exanthematous disease related to Staphylococcus aureus infection

Hanna-El-Daher, L.; Béard, E.; Henry, H.; Tenenbaum, L.; Braissant, O., 2016:
Mild guanidinoacetate increase under partial guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency strongly affects brain cell development

Çınar-Medeni, Özge.; Atalay Guzel, N.; Basar, S., 2016:
Mild hallux valgus angle affects single-limb postural stability in asymptomatic subjects

Chasle, V.; Riffaud, L.; Longuet, R.; Martineau-Curt, M.; Collet, Y.; L.F.urnier, L.; Pladys, P., 2016:
Mild head injury and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children

Leidel, B.A.; Lindner, T.; Wolf, S.; Bogner, V.; Steinbeck, A.; Börner, N.; Peiser, C.; Audebert, H.J.; Biberthaler, P.; Kanz, K-G., 2015:
Mild head injury in children and adults: Diagnostic challenges in the emergency department

Choi, Y.M.; Chen, P.R.; Shin, S.; Zhang, J.; Hwang, S.; Lee, K., 2016:
Mild heat stress enhances differentiation and proliferation of Japanese quail myoblasts and enhances slow muscle fiber characteristics

Sarup, P.; Petersen, S.Metz.Mariendal.; Nielsen, N.Chr.; Loeschcke, V.; Malmendal, A., 2016:
Mild heat treatments induce long-term changes in metabolites associated with energy metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster

Joly, B.; d'Oiron, R.; Desconclois, C.; Bendelac, L.; Rafowicz, A.; Meyzer, C.; Labrune, P.; Veyradier, A., 2016:
Mild hemophilia A fortuitously discovered during Henoch-Schönlein purpura

Yada, K.; Nogami, K.; Takeyama, M.; Ogiwara, K.; Wakabayashi, H.; Shima, M., 2016:
Mild hemophilia A patient with novel Pro1809Leu mutation develops an anti-C2 antibody inhibiting allogeneic but not autologous factor VIII activity

Frans, G.; Meyts, I.; Devriendt, K.; Liston, A.; Vermeulen, Fçois.; Bossuyt, X., 2016:
Mild humoral immunodeficiency in a patient with X-linked Kabuki syndrome

Van Poucke, R.; Nachenius, R.W.; Agbo, K.E.; Hensgen, F.; Bühle, L.; Wachendorf, M.; Ok, Y.S.; Tack, F.M.G.; Prins, W.; Ronsse, F.; Meers, E., 2016:
Mild hydrothermal conditioning prior to torrefaction and slow pyrolysis of low-value biomass

Cataltepe, E.; Sagra, G.; Akturk, G.; Filik, L., 2017:
Mild hyperamylasemia and early-phase drug-induced pancreatitis

Cheng, Y.; Shen, J.; Ren, W.; Hao, H.; Xie, Z.; Liu, J.; Mu, Y.; Han, W., 2016:
Mild hyperglycemia triggered islet function recovery in streptozotocin-induced insulin-deficient diabetic rats

Kirui, D.K.; Celia, C.; Molinaro, R.; Bansal, S.S.; Cosco, D.; Fresta, M.; Shen, H.; Ferrari, M., 2016:
Mild hyperthermia enhances transport of liposomal gemcitabine and improves in vivo therapeutic response

Escoffre, J-Michel.; Deckers, R.; Sasaki, N.; Bos, C.; Moonen, C., 2015:
Mild hyperthermia influence on Herceptin(®) properties

Kerekes-Máthé, B.; Brook, A.H.; Mártha, K.; Székely, M.; Smith, R.N., 2016:
Mild hypodontia is associated with smaller tooth dimensions and cusp numbers than in controls

Prázný, M., 2015:
Mild hypoglycaemia is common in type 2 diabetic patients treated with insulin analogues in the Czech Republic and the patients are concerned about it: results of a GAPP2TM survey (Global Attitudes of Physicians and Patient)

Watson, P.; Whale, A.; Mears, S.A.; Reyner, L.A.; Maughan, R.J., 2016:
Mild hypohydration increases the frequency of driver errors during a prolonged, monotonous driving task

Wannamethee, S.G.; Shaper, A.G.; Lennon, L.; Papacosta, O.; Whincup, P., 2017:
Mild hyponatremia, hypernatremia and incident cardiovascular disease and mortality in older men: A population-based cohort study

Savarese, I.; Balestri, M.; Piersigilli, F.; Giliberti, P.; Campi, F.; Rechichi, J.; Mondì, V.; Gesualdo, F.; Longo, D.; Cilio, M.Roberta.; Dotta, A., 2015:
Mild hypothermia and hemorrhagic lesions in neonates with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy: experience in an outborn center

Xia, J.; Li, R.; Yang, R.; Zhang, L.; Sun, B.; Feng, Y.; Jin, J.; Huang, L.; Zhan, Q., 2016:
Mild hypothermia attenuate kidney injury in canines with oleic acid-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome

Zhang, J.C.; Lu, W.; Xie, X.M.; Pan, H.; Wu, Z.Q.; Yang, G.T., 2016:
Mild hypothermia attenuates post-resuscitation brain injury through a V-ATPase mechanism in a rat model of cardiac arrest

Wang, D.; Liang, J.; Zhang, J.; Liu, S.; Sun, W., 2015:
Mild hypothermia combined with a scaffold of NgR-silenced neural stem cells/Schwann cells to treat spinal cord injury

Li, X.; Ji, Z.; Gu, Y.; Hu, Y.; Huang, K.; Pan, S., 2016:
Mild hypothermia decreases the total clearance of glibenclamide after low dose administration in rats

Chen, C.; Ma, T-Zhu.; Wang, L-Na.; Wang, J-Jing.; Tu, Y.; Zhao, M-Liang.; Zhang, S.; Sun, H-Tao.; Li, X-Hong., 2017:
Mild hypothermia facilitates the long-term survival of newborn cells in the dentate gyrus after traumatic brain injury by diminishing a pro-apoptotic microenvironment

Schwarzl, M.; Alogna, A.; Zirngast, B.; Steendijk, P.; Verderber, J.; Zweiker, D.; Huber, S.; Maechler, H.; Pieske, B.M.; Post, H., 2015:
Mild hypothermia induces incomplete left ventricular relaxation despite spontaneous bradycardia in pigs

Liu, L.; Xie, Q.; Li, X., 2016:
Mild hypothermia inhibits TLR4 activation and the expression of inflammatory cytokines induced by lipopolysaccharide in BV-2 mice microglias

Gong, P.; Zhao, S.; Wang, J.; Yang, Z.; Qian, J.; Wu, X.; Cahoon, J.; Tang, W., 2016:
Mild hypothermia preserves cerebral cortex microcirculation after resuscitation in a rat model of cardiac arrest

Lv, O.; Zhou, F.; Zheng, Y.; Li, Q.; Wang, J.; Zhu, Y., 2016:
Mild hypothermia protects against early brain injury in rats following subarachnoid hemorrhage via the TrkB/ERK/CREB signaling pathway

Guo, C.; Geng, Y.; Song, F.; Huo, Y.; Wu, X.; Lv, J.; Ge, A.; Fan, W., 2016:
Mild hypothermia protects rat neuronal injury after intracerebral hemorrhage via attenuating endoplasmic reticulum response induced neuron apoptosis

Ashwini, S.; Bobby, Z.; Joseph, M., 2015:
Mild hypothyroidism improves glucose tolerance in experimental type 2 diabetes

Mohammed Abdul, K.Shameem.; Jovanović, S.; Du, Q.; Sukhodub, A.; Jovanović, A., 2015:
Mild hypoxia in vivo regulates cardioprotective SUR2A: A role for Akt and LDH

Hall, H., 2015:
Mild induced hypothermia after return of spontaneous circulation

Johansen, M.E.; Jensen, J-Ulrik.; Bestle, M.H.; Ostrowski, S.R.; Thormar, K.; Christensen, H.; Pedersen, H.Planck.; Poulsen, L.; Mohr, T.; Kjær, J.; Cozzi-Lepri, A.; Møller, K.; Tønnesen, E.; Lundgren, J.D.; Johansson, Pär.I., 2015:
Mild induced hypothermia: effects on sepsis-related coagulopathy--results from a randomized controlled trial

Juliano, C.; Sosunov, S.; Niatsetskaya, Z.; Isler, J.A.; Utkina-Sosunova, I.; Jang, I.; Ratner, V.; Ten, V., 2015:
Mild intermittent hypoxemia in neonatal mice causes permanent neurofunctional deficit and white matter hypomyelination

Barrera-Chimal, J.; Pérez-Villalva, R.; Ortega, J.Antonio.; Sánchez, A.; Rodríguez-Romo, R.; Durand, M.; Jaisser, F.; Bobadilla, N.A., 2016:
Mild ischemic injury leads to long-term alterations in the kidney: amelioration by spironolactone administration

Resende, R.A.; Kirkwood, R.N.; Deluzio, K.J.; Morton, A.M.; Fonseca, Sérgio.T., 2017:
Mild leg length discrepancy affects lower limbs, pelvis and trunk biomechanics of individuals with knee osteoarthritis during gait

Cereda, M.; Xin, Y.; Hamedani, H.; Clapp, J.; Kadlecek, S.; Meeder, N.; Zeng, J.; Profka, H.; Kavanagh, B.P.; Rizi, R.R., 2015:
Mild loss of lung aeration augments stretch in healthy lung regions

Schurr, J.; Coras, R.; Rössler, K.; Pieper, T.; Kudernatsch, M.; Holthausen, H.; Winkler, P.; Woermann, F.; Bien, C.G.; Polster, T.; Schulz, R.; Kalbhenn, T.; Urbach, H.; Becker, A.; Grunwald, T.; Huppertz, H-Juergen.; Gil-Nagel, A.; Toledano, R.; Feucht, M.; Mühlebner, A.; Czech, T.; Blümcke, I., 2016:
Mild Malformation of Cortical Development with Oligodendroglial Hyperplasia in Frontal Lobe Epilepsy: A New Clinico-Pathological Entity

Eaton, L.; Edmonds, E.J.; Henry, T.B.; Snellgrove, D.L.; Sloman, K.A., 2015:
Mild maternal stress disrupts associative learning and increases aggression in offspring

Jiang, Z.D.; Li, Z.H., 2015:
Mild maturational delay of the brainstem at term in late preterm small-for-gestation age babies

Gensch, T.; Hopkinson, M.N.; Glorius, F.; Wencel-Delord, J., 2016:
Mild metal-catalyzed C-H activation: examples and concepts

Banerjee, K.; Munshi, S.; Xu, H.; Frank, D.E.; Chen, H-Lian.; Chu, C.T.; Yang, J.; Cho, S.; Kagan, V.E.; Denton, T.T.; Tyurina, Y.Y.; Jiang, J.Fei.; Gibson, G.E., 2017:
Mild mitochondrial metabolic deficits by α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase inhibition cause prominent changes in intracellular autophagic signaling: Potential role in the pathobiology of Alzheimer's disease

Mittal, S.R., 2015:
Mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation secondary to pericardial constriction

Arbabi, M.; Paast, N.; Karim, H.Reza.; Faghfori, S.; Memari, A.Hossein., 2016:
Mild neurological impairment may indicate a psychomotor endophenotype in patients with borderline personality disorder

Simon, Cédric.; Amatore, M.; Aubert, C.; Petit, M., 2015:
Mild niobium-catalyzed [2 + 2 + 2] cycloaddition of sila-triynes: easy access to polysubstituted benzosilacyclobutenes

Blomster, H.; Laitinen, T.P.; Hartikainen, J.Ek.; Laitinen, T.M.; Vanninen, E.; Gylling, H.; Sahlman, J.; Kokkarinen, J.; Randell, J.; Seppä, J.; Tuomilehto, H., 2015:
Mild obstructive sleep apnea does not modulate baroreflex sensitivity in adult patients

McNicholas, W.T.; Bonsignore, M.R.; Lévy, P.; Ryan, S., 2016:
Mild obstructive sleep apnoea: clinical relevance and approaches to management

Choi, J.Hye.; Lim, H.Jung., 2016:
Mild one-pot Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons olefination and intramolecular N-arylation for the syntheses of indoles, all regio-isomeric azaindoles, and thienopyrroles

Reis, O.; Wetzel, B.; Häßler, F., 2015:
Mild or borderline intellectual disability as a risk for alcohol consumption in adolescents - A matched-pair study

Ferraretti, A.Pia.; Gianaroli, L.; Magli, M.Cristina.; Devroey, P., 2015:
Mild ovarian stimulation with clomiphene citrate launch is a realistic option for in vitro fertilization

Lu, J.; Zhang, L.; Xie, F.; Zhu, L.; Li, X.; Ouyang, J.; He, X.; Han, S.; Yi, C., 2016:
Mild oxidative stress induced by a low dose of cisplatin contributes to the escape of TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in the ovarian cancer SKOV3 cell line

Mishra, S.; Kumar, R.; Malhotra, N.; Singh, N.; Dada, R., 2016:
Mild oxidative stress is beneficial for sperm telomere length maintenance

Cohen, D.T.; Buchwald, S.L., 2015:
Mild palladium-catalyzed cyanation of (hetero)aryl halides and triflates in aqueous media

Haggstrom, L.; Darveniza, P.; Tisch, S., 2016:
Mild parkinsonian features in dystonia: Literature review, mechanisms and clinical perspectives

Xu, S.; Boschen, J.S.; Biswas, A.; Kobayashi, T.; Pruski, M.; Windus, T.L.; Sadow, A.D., 2015:
Mild partial deoxygenation of esters catalyzed by an oxazolinylborate-coordinated rhodium silylene

Horn, M.A.; Mikaelsen, K.B.M.; Ferdinandusse, S.; Jørum, E.; Mellgren, S.I.; Retterstøl, L.; Wanders, R.J.A.; Tallaksen, C.M.E., 2016:
Mild phenotype in an adult male with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy - case report

Li, W.; Peng, J.; Tan, L.; Wu, J.; Shi, K.; Qu, Y.; Wei, X.; Qian, Z., 2017:
Mild photothermal therapy/photodynamic therapy/chemotherapy of breast cancer by Lyp-1 modified Docetaxel/IR820 Co-loaded micelles

Lecoq, A-Lise.; Zizzari, P.; Hage, M.; Decourtye, L.; Adam, C.; Viengchareun, S.; Veldhuis, J.D.; Geoffroy, Vérie.; Lombès, M.; Tolle, V.; Guillou, A.; Karhu, A.; Kappeler, L.; Chanson, P.; Kamenický, P., 2017:
Mild pituitary phenotype in 3- and 12-month-old Aip-deficient male mice

Praveenkumar, R.; Kim, B.; Lee, J.; Vijayan, D.; Lee, K.; Nam, B.; Jeon, S.Goo.; Kim, D-Myung.; Oh, Y-Kwan., 2016:
Mild pressure induces rapid accumulation of neutral lipid (triacylglycerol) in Chlorella spp

Castellano, E.; Tassone, F.; Attanasio, R.; Gianotti, L.; Pellegrino, M.; Borretta, G., 2015:
Mild primary hyperparathyroidism as defined in the Italian Society of Endocrinology's Consensus Statement: prevalence and clinical features

Ayus, J.Carlos.; Fuentes, N.Angelica.; Negri, A.Luis.; Moritz, M.L.; Giunta, D.Hernan.; Kalantar-Zadeh, K.; Nigwekar, S.U.; Thadhani, R.I.; Go, A.S.; De Quiros, F.Gonzalez.Bernaldo., 2017:
Mild prolonged chronic hyponatremia and risk of hip fracture in the elderly

Turpeinen, A.; Kautiainen, H.; Tikkanen, M-Leena.; Sibakov, T.; Tossavainen, O.; Myllyluoma, E., 2016:
Mild protein hydrolysation of lactose-free milk further reduces milk-related gastrointestinal symptoms

Mohandas, R.; Segal, M.; Srinivas, T.R.; Johnson, B.Delia.; Wen, X.; Handberg, E.M.; Petersen, J.W.; Sopko, G.; Merz, C.Noel.Bairey.; Pepine, C.J., 2015:
Mild renal dysfunction and long-term adverse outcomes in women with chest pain: results from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute-sponsored Women's Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation (WISE)

Holzgreve, H., 2016:
Mild renal problems in CHD are dangerous

Zhang, S-Shi.; Wu, J-Qiang.; Lao, Y-Xing.; Liu, X-Ge.; Liu, Y.; Lv, W-Xin.; Tan, D-Hang.; Zeng, Y-Fu.; Wang, H., 2015:
Mild rhodium(III)-catalyzed C-H allylation with 4-vinyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-ones: direct and stereoselective synthesis of (E)-allylic alcohols

Prakash, S.; Patel, V.; Kakked, S.; Patel, I.; Yadav, R., 2015:
Mild serotonin syndrome: A report of 12 cases

Mordel, Jérôme.; Sheikh, A.; Tsohataridis, S.; Kanold, P.O.; Zehendner, C.M.; Luhmann, H.J., 2016:
Mild systemic inflammation and moderate hypoxia transiently alter neuronal excitability in mouse somatosensory cortex

Iwashita, Y.; Kuwabara, T.; Hayata, M.; Kakizoe, Y.; Izumi, Y.; Iiyama, J.; Kitamura, K.; Mukoyama, M., 2017:
Mild systemic thermal therapy ameliorates renal dysfunction in a rodent model of chronic kidney disease

Adler, C.; Pfister, R.; Baldus, S.; Reuter, H., 2015:
Mild therapeutic hypothermia in cardiogenic shock : Retrospective analysis of 80 patients with preclinical cardiac arrest due to cardiac causes

Villablanca, P.A.; Makkiya, M.; Einsenberg, E.; Briceno, D.F.; Panagiota, C.; Menegus, M.; Garcia, M.; Sims, D.; Ramakrishna, H., 2016:
Mild therapeutic hypothermia in patients resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Schlögl, T.; Schwab, J.; Weber, M.A.; Witzenbichler, B.; Russ, M.A., 2015:
Mild therapeutic hypothermia: Improved survival after resuscitation

Göbel, A.; Heldmann, M.; Sartorius, A.; Göttlich, M.; Dirk, A-L.; Brabant, G.; Münte, T.F., 2016:
Mild Thyrotoxicosis Leads to Brain Perfusion Changes: An Arterial Spin Labelling Study

Peters, C.L., 2016:
Mild to Moderate Hip OA: Joint Preservation or Total Hip Arthroplasty?

Park, C-Wook.; Park, J.Shin.; Jun, J.Kwan.; Yoon, B.Hyun., 2016:
Mild to Moderate, but Not Minimal or Severe, Acute Histologic Chorioamnionitis or Intra-Amniotic Inflammation Is Associated with a Decrease in Respiratory Distress Syndrome of Preterm Newborns without Fetal Growth Restriction

Pelizzo, M.R.; Torresan, F.; D.R.it, A.; Merante Boschin, I.; Chondrogiannis, S.; Rampin, L.; Colletti, P.M.; Vinjamury, S.; Perkins, A.J.; Rubello, D., 2015:
Mild to moderate increase of serum calcitonin levels only in presence of large medullary thyroid cancer deposits

Maddison, L.; Starkopf, J.; Reintam Blaser, A., 2016 :
Mild to moderate intra-abdominal hypertension: Does it matter?

Ghezzi, M.; Silvestri, M.; Sacco, O.; Panigada, S.; Girosi, D.; Magnano, G.Michele.; Rossi, G.A., 2016:
Mild tracheal compression by aberrant innominate artery and chronic dry cough in children

Passoni, E.; Lania, A.; Adamo, S.; Grasso, G.Simone.; Noè, D.; Miserocchi, G.; Beretta, E., 2015:
Mild training program in metabolic syndrome improves the efficiency of the oxygen pathway

Alexander, D.G.; Shuttleworth-Edwards, A.B.; Kidd, M.; Malcolm, C.M., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injuries in early adolescent rugby players: Long-term neurocognitive and academic outcomes

Katz, D.I.; Cohen, S.I.; Alexander, M.P., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury

Padula, W.V., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI): Symptoms without evidence

Foster, P.P., 2015:
Mild traumatic brain injury and delayed alteration of memory processing

Stanley, I.H.; Joiner, T.E.; Bryan, C.J., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury and suicide risk among a clinical sample of deployed military personnel: Evidence for a serial mediation model of anger and depression

Knight, D.; Dewitt, R.; Moser, S., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury in a gymnast

Huguenard, A.L.; Miller, B.A.; Sarda, S.; Capasse, M.; Reisner, A.; Chern, J.J., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury in children is associated with a low risk for posttraumatic seizures

Tilma, I.S.; Bekhof, J.; Brand, P.L.P., 2015:
Mild traumatic brain injury in children: can we predict intracranial complications?

Green, G.A.; Pollack, K.M.; D'Angelo, J.; Schickendantz, M.S.; Caplinger, R.; Weber, K.; Valadka, A.; McAllister, T.W.; Dick, R.W.; Mandelbaum, B.; Curriero, F.C., 2015:
Mild traumatic brain injury in major and Minor League Baseball players

Watson, C., 2015:
Mild traumatic brain injury in the military: improving the referral/consultation process

Warren, A.Marie.; Boals, A.; Elliott, T.R.; Reynolds, M.; Weddle, R.Jo.; Holtz, P.; Trost, Z.; Foreman, M.L., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury increases risk for the development of posttraumatic stress disorder

Chung, P.; Khan, F., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury presenting with delayed intracranial hemorrhage in warfarin therapy: a case report

Tweedie, D.; Rachmany, L.; Kim, D.Seok.; Rubovitch, V.; Lehrmann, E.; Zhang, Y.; Becker, K.G.; Perez, E.; Pick, C.G.; Greig, N.H., 2016:
Mild traumatic brain injury-induced hippocampal gene expressions: The identification of target cellular processes for drug development

Hoffer, M.E., 2015:
Mild traumatic brain injury: neurosensory effects

Korkmaz-Icöz, S.; Vater, A.; Li, S.; Lehner, A.; Radovits, Tás.; Hegedűs, Péter.; Ruppert, Mály.; Brlecic, P.; Zorn, M.; Karck, M.; Szabó, Gábor., 2016:
Mild type 2 diabetes mellitus improves remote endothelial dysfunction after acute myocardial infarction

Wattmo, C.; Minthon, L.; Wallin, Åsa.K., 2016:
Mild versus moderate stages of Alzheimer's disease: three-year outcomes in a routine clinical setting of cholinesterase inhibitor therapy

Pickett, J.E.; Váradi, Aás.; Palmer, T.C.; Grinnell, S.G.; Schrock, J.M.; Pasternak, G.W.; Karimov, R.R.; Majumdar, S., 2015:
Mild, Pd-catalyzed stannylation of radioiodination targets

Jin, R.; Patureau, F.W., 2016:
Mild, Periodate-Mediated, Dehydrogenative C-N Bond Formation with Phenothiazines and Phenols

Campbell, M.L.; Kero, K.K.; Templin, T.N., 2016:
Mild, moderate, and severe intensity cut-points for the Respiratory Distress Observation Scale

Giantsis, I.A.; Chaskopoulou, A.; Bon, M.Claude., 2016:
Mild-Vectolysis: A Nondestructive DNA Extraction Method for Vouchering Sand Flies and Mosquitoes

Jung, H.; Baek, G.; Kim, J.; Shin, S.Gu.; Lee, C., 2015:
Mild-temperature thermochemical pretreatment of green macroalgal biomass: Effects on solubilization, methanation, and microbial community structure

Yang, H.; Zhuang, H.; Rubello, D.; Alavi, A., 2016:
Mild-to-moderate hyperglycemia will not decrease the sensitivity of 18F-FDG PET imaging in the detection of pedal osteomyelitis in diabetic patients

Castro-Gago, M., 2015:
Milder course in Duchenne patients with nonsense mutations and no muscle dystrophin

Pantavou, K.G.; Lykoudis, S.P.; Nikolopoulos, G.K., 2015:
Milder form of heat-related symptoms and thermal sensation: a study in a Mediterranean climate

Endo, Y.; Dong, M.; Noguchi, S.; Ogawa, M.; Hayashi, Y.K.; Kuru, S.; Sugiyama, K.; Nagai, S.; Ozasa, S.; Nonaka, I.; Nishino, I., 2016:
Milder forms of muscular dystrophy associated with POMGNT2 mutations

Statland, J.M.; Donlin-Smith, C.M.; Tapscott, S.J.; Lemmers, R.J.L.F.; van der Maarel, Sère.M.; Tawil, R., 2016:
Milder phenotype in facioscapulohumeral dystrophy with 7-10 residual D4Z4 repeats

Anonymous, 2016:
Milder regimen forestalls return of breast tumors

Bindschedler, L.V.; Panstruga, R.; Spanu, P.D., 2016:
Mildew-Omics: How Global Analyses Aid the Understanding of Life and Evolution of Powdery Mildews

Yao, X.; Uchida, K.; Papadopoulos, M.C.; Zador, Z.; Manley, G.T.; Verkman, A.S., 2016:
Mildly Reduced Brain Swelling and Improved Neurological Outcome in Aquaporin-4 Knockout Mice following Controlled Cortical Impact Brain Injury

Liu, S.; Moulton, K.Ryan.; Auclair, J.Robert.; Zhou, Z.Sunny., 2016:
Mildly acidic conditions eliminate deamidation artifact during proteolysis: digestion with endoprotease Glu-C at pH 4.5

Korner, G.; Scherer, T.; Adamsen, D.; Rebuffat, A.; Crabtree, M.; Rassi, A.; Scavelli, R.; Homma, D.; Ledermann, B.; Konrad, D.; Ichinose, H.; Wolfrum, C.; Horsch, M.; Rathkolb, B.; Klingenspor, M.; Beckers, J.; Wolf, E.; Gailus-Durner, Vérie.; Fuchs, H.; Hrabě de Angelis, M.; Blau, N.; Rozman, J.; Thöny, B., 2016:
Mildly compromised tetrahydrobiopterin cofactor biosynthesis due to Pts variants leads to unusual body fat distribution and abdominal obesity in mice

Szewieczek, J.; Dulawa, J.; Francuz, T.; Legierska, K.; Hornik, B.; Włodarczyk-Sporek, I.; Janusz-Jenczeń, M.; Batko-Szwaczka, A., 2015:
Mildly elevated blood pressure is a marker for better health status in Polish centenarians

Kawamoto, R.; Ninomiya, D.; Hasegawa, Y.; Kasai, Y.; Kusunoki, T.; Ohtsuka, N.; Kumagi, T.; Abe, M., 2015:
Mildly elevated serum bilirubin levels are negatively associated with carotid atherosclerosis among elderly persons

Kawamoto, R.; Ninomiya, D.; Hasegawa, Y.; Kasai, Y.; Kusunoki, T.; Ohtsuka, N.; Kumagi, T.; Abe, M., 2016:
Mildly elevated serum total bilirubin levels are negatively associated with carotid atherosclerosis among elderly persons with type 2 diabetes

Jang, Y.Hyun.; Moon, S.Young.; Lee, W.Ju.; Lee, S-Jong.; Kim, D.Won., 2015:
Mildly heated forceps: a useful instrument for easy and complete removal of ticks on the skin

Tafelmeier, M.; Fischer, A.; Orsó, E.; Konovalova, T.; Böttcher, A.; Liebisch, G.; Matysik, S.; Schmitz, G., 2016:
Mildly oxidized HDL decrease agonist-induced platelet aggregation and release of pro-coagulant platelet extracellular vesicles

Chu, J.N.; Brown, R.A.; Kim, J.; Pol-Rodriguez, M.M., 2016:
Mildly pruritic violaceous papules on the dorsum of the left hand

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Millennial challenge

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Millennials in Medicine

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Millennium Development Goals: progress in Oceania

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Millennium Development Goals: regional perspectives--India

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Millennium Development Goals: update from North America

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Millennium award for support service

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Millennium baby boom will put a strain on services

Lipley, N., 2000:
Millennium bug

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Millennium challenge for health carers

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Millennium dental's minimally invasive PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser: not just for periodontitis

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Millennium nurse

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Millennium package should reflect nurses' value

Anonymous, 1999 :
Millennium safety fears

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Millionaires at your doorstep

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Millions are not getting optimal treatment for heart failure. If they were, thousands more patients might be saved

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Millions of Americans may be eligible for Marketplace coverage outside open enrollment as a result of qualifying life events

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Millions of Americans would drop insurance if exchange subsidies didn't exist, studies find

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Millions of pounds 'are wasted' by training cuts

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Millions spent on psychotropic drugs

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Millions to be affected by expected rise in pollen count

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Milliseconds of Sensory Input Abruptly Modulate the Dynamics of Cortical States for Seconds

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Millon's Contributions to the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD)

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Millon's Evolutionary Model of Personality Assessment: A Case for Categorical/Dimensional Prototypes

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Mills & boon: reality or just romantic fantasy?

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Milnacipran for pain in fibromyalgia in adults

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