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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58330

Chapter 58330 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mortazavi, S.Negin.; Geddes, D.; Hassanipour, F., 2015:
Modeling of milk flow in mammary ducts in lactating human female breast

Parsons, N.; Levin, D.A.; van Duin, A.C.T.; Zhu, T., 2014:
Modeling of molecular nitrogen collisions and dissociation processes for direct simulation Monte Carlo

Nemati Aram, T.; Anghel-Vasilescu, P.; Asgari, A.; Ernzerhof, M.; Mayou, D., 2016:
Modeling of molecular photocells: Application to two-level photovoltaic system with electron-hole interaction

Ding, L.; Kurowski, B.G.; He, H.; Alexander, E.S.; Mersha, T.B.; Fardo, D.W.; Zhang, X.; Pilipenko, V.V.; Kottyan, L.; Martin, L.J., 2014:
Modeling of multivariate longitudinal phenotypes in family genetic studies with Bayesian multiplicity adjustment

Iwasaki, L.R.; Liu, H.; Gonzalez, Y.M.; Marx, D.B.; Nickel, J.C., 2016:
Modeling of muscle forces in humans with and without temporomandibular joint disorders

Teich, L.; Kappe, D.; Rempel, T.; Meyer, J.; Schröder, C.; Hütten, A., 2015:
Modeling of nanoparticular magnetoresistive systems and the impact on molecular recognition

Soleymani, S.; Khoo, M.C.K.; Noori, S.; Seri, I., 2016:
Modeling of neonatal hemodynamics during PDA closure

Lushnikov, P.M.; Vladimirova, N., 2015:
Modeling of nonlinear combining of multiple laser beams in Kerr medium

Shen, Y.; Cesnik, C.E.S., 2016:
Modeling of nonlinear interactions between guided waves and fatigue cracks using local interaction simulation approach

Pilou, M.; Vaquero-Moralejo, C.; Jaén, Mía.; Lopez De Ipiña Peña, Jús.; Neofytou, P.; Housiadas, C., 2016:
Modeling of occupational exposure to accidentally released manufactured nanomaterials in a production facility and calculation of internal doses by inhalation

Liu, W.; Zou, D.; Xu, Z., 2015:
Modeling of optical wireless scattering communication channels over broad spectra

Nogaj, T.; Randall, A.; Jimenez, J.; Takacs, I.; Bott, C.; Miller, M.; Murthy, S.; Wett, B., 2015:
Modeling of organic substrate transformation in the high-rate activated sludge process

Rong, P.; Kuehn, D.P.; Shosted, R.K., 2018:
Modeling of oropharyngeal articulatory adaptation to compensate for the acoustic effects of nasalization

Hadlocon, L.S.; Zhao, L.Y.; Bohrer, G.; Kenny, W.; Garrity, S.R.; Wang, J.; Wyslouzil, B.; Upadhyay, J., 2015:
Modeling of particulate matter dispersion from a poultry facility using AERMOD

Wieczerzak, M.; Kudłak, Błażej.; Yotova, G.; Nedyalkova, M.; Tsakovski, S.; Simeonov, V.; Namieśnik, J., 2018:
Modeling of pharmaceuticals mixtures toxicity with deviation ratio and best-fit functions models

Ippoliti, D.; Gómez, C.; del Mar Morales-Amaral, Mía.; Pistocchi, R.; Fernández-Sevilla, J.M.; Acién, F.Gabriel., 2017:
Modeling of photosynthesis and respiration rate for Isochrysis galbana (T-Iso) and its influence on the production of this strain

Maran, J.Prakash.; Nivetha, C.Vigna.; Priya, B.; Al-Dhabi, N.Abdullah.; Ponmurugan, K.; Manoj, J.Jony.Blessing., 2016:
Modeling of polysaccharide extraction from Gossypium arboreum L. seed using central composite rotatable design

Li, K.Way.; Wang, C.Wen.; Yu, R., 2016:
Modeling of predictive muscular strength for sustained one-handed carrying task

Kostanyan, A.E., 2016:
Modeling of preparative closed-loop recycling liquid-liquid chromatography with specified duration of sample loading

Lapelosa, M.; Patapoff, T.W.; Zarraga, I.E., 2016:
Modeling of protein-anion exchange resin interaction for the human growth hormone charge variants

Blaszczyk, M.; Kurcinski, M.; Kouza, M.; Wieteska, L.; Debinski, A.; Kolinski, A.; Kmiecik, S., 2016:
Modeling of protein-peptide interactions using the CABS-dock web server for binding site search and flexible docking

Auslender, I.; Barmashenko, B.; Rosenwaks, S.; Zhdanov, B.; Rotondaro, M.; Knize, R.J., 2015:
Modeling of pulsed K diode pumped alkali laser: Analysis of the experimental results

Lee, D-Ho.; Joo, J-Young.; Lee, S-Kyu., 2015:
Modeling of reflection-type laser-driven white lighting considering phosphor particles and surface topography

Shakiba, B.; Dayeri, M.; Mohammad-Rafiee, F., 2017:
Modeling of ribosome dynamics on a ds-mRNA under an external load

Zinoubi, B.; Vandewalle, H.; Driss, T., 2016:
Modeling of Running Performances in Humans: Comparison of Power Laws and Critical Speed

Kucher, E.O.; Egorov, A.Iu.; Chernikova, N.A.; Filatova, E.V., 2014:
Modeling of schizophrenia with Levodopa + Carbidopa

Oláh, J.; Norris, V.; Ovádi, J., 2015:
Modeling of sensing potency of cytoskeletal systems decorated with metabolic enzymes

Sun, X.; Bao, J.; You, Z.; Chen, X.; Cui, J., 2016:
Modeling of signaling crosstalk-mediated drug resistance and its implications on drug combination

Xu, W.; Chen, W.; Chen, H., 2015:
Modeling of soft interfacial volume fraction in composite materials with complex convex particles

Brites-Neto, Jé.; Duarte, K.Maria.Roncato., 2016:
Modeling of spatial distribution for scorpions of medical importance in the São Paulo State, Brazil

Giorgi, E.; Kreppel, K.; Diggle, P.J.; Caminade, C.; Ratsitorahina, M.; Rajerison, M.; Baylis, M., 2017:
Modeling of spatio-temporal variation in plague incidence in Madagascar from 1980 to 2007

Dudov, S.V., 2016:
Modeling of species distribution using topography and remote sensing data, with vascular plants of the Tukuringra Range low mountain belt (Zeya state Nature Reserve, Amur Region) as a case study

Zhang, W.; Lei, X.; Chen, W.; Xu, H.; Wang, A., 2015:
Modeling of spectral changes in bent fiber Bragg gratings

Josupeit, A.; Kopčo, N.; Hohmann, V., 2018:
Modeling of speech localization in a multi-talker mixture using periodicity and energy-based auditory features

Manganelli, C.L.; Pintus, P.; Bonati, C., 2015:
Modeling of strain-induced Pockels effect in Silicon

Yan, W.; Fang, L.; Heuchel, M.; Kratz, K.; Lendlein, A., 2016:
Modeling of stress relaxation of a semi-crystalline multiblock copolymer and its deformation behavior

Dow, C.F.; Kulessa, B.; Rutt, I.C.; Tsai, V.C.; Pimentel, S.; Doyle, S.H.; van As, D.; Lindbäck, K.; Pettersson, R.; Jones, G.A.; Hubbard, A., 2015:
Modeling of subglacial hydrological development following rapid supraglacial lake drainage

Choi, Y-Hee.; Briollais, L.; Win, A.K.; Hopper, J.; Buchanan, D.; Jenkins, M.; Lakhal-Chaieb, L., 2016:
Modeling of successive cancer risks in Lynch syndrome families in the presence of competing risks using copulas

Chahine, G.L.; Kapahi, A.; Choi, J-Keun.; Hsiao, C-Tsung., 2015:
Modeling of surface cleaning by cavitation bubble dynamics and collapse

Dyshlyuk, A.V.; Vitrik, O.B.; Kulchin, Y.N., 2015:
Modeling of surface plasmon resonance in metalized optical waveguides with low V number by eigenmode expansion method

Huang, C-Yu.; Liang, R., 2015:
Modeling of surface topography in single-point diamond turning machine

Çakir, Yüksel., 2016:
Modeling of synchronization behavior of bursting neurons at nonlinearly coupled dynamical networks

Mølgaard Mortensen, P.; Hansen, T.Willum.; Birkedal Wagner, J.; Degn Jensen, A., 2015:
Modeling of temperature profiles in an environmental transmission electron microscope using computational fluid dynamics

Sabirov, M.A., 2015:
Modeling of temporal and local spatial variability in mixed settlements of Mytilus edulis and Mytilus trossulus

Wang, X.; Wang, G.; Hao, M., 2016:
Modeling of the Bacillus subtilis Bacterial Biofilm Growing on an Agar Substrate

Novoseletsky, V.N.; Volyntseva, A.D.; Shaitan, K.V.; Kirpichnikov, M.P.; Feofanov, A.V., 2016:
Modeling of the Binding of Peptide Blockers to Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels: Approaches and Evidence

Kundrat, M.D.; Autschbach, J., 2009:
Modeling of the Chiroptical Response of Chiral Amino Acids in Solution Using Explicit Solvation and Molecular Dynamics

Haustenne, L.; Bastin, G.; Hols, P.; Fontaine, L., 2016:
Modeling of the ComRS Signaling Pathway Reveals the Limiting Factors Controlling Competence in Streptococcus thermophilus

Gallaher, W.R.; Garry, R.F., 2015:
Modeling of the Ebola virus delta peptide reveals a potential lytic sequence motif

Stolze, L.; Volpin, F., 2015:
Modeling of the Elk river spill 2014

Oyelade, J.; Isewon, I.; Rotimi, S.; Okunoren, I., 2016:
Modeling of the Glycolysis Pathway in Plasmodium falciparum using Petri Nets

Couka, E.; Willot, Fçois.; Jeulin, D.; Ben Achour, M.; Chesnaud, A.; Thorel, A., 2015:
Modeling of the Multiscale Dispersion of Nanoparticles in a Hematite Coating

Fehr, N.; Dietz, C.; Polyhach, Y.; von Hagens, T.; Jeschke, G.; Paulsen, H., 2016:
Modeling of the N-terminal Section and the Lumenal Loop of Trimeric Light Harvesting Complex II (LHCII) by Using EPR

Karamaoun, C.; Van Muylem, A.; Haut, Bît., 2016:
Modeling of the Nitric Oxide Transport in the Human Lungs

Karhu, L.; Turku, A.; Xhaard, H., 2016:
Modeling of the OX1R-orexin-A complex suggests two alternative binding modes

Szaleniec, M.; Heider, J., 2016:
Modeling of the Reaction Mechanism of Enzymatic Radical C-C Coupling by Benzylsuccinate Synthase

Liu, C.; Pineda, E.; Qiao, J.; Crespo, D., 2016:
Modeling of the Sub-Tg Relaxation Spectrum of Pd42.5Ni7.5Cu30P20 Metallic Glass

Polyakov, V.A.; Miltz, J., 2016:
Modeling of the Temperature Effect on Oxygen Absorption by Iron-Based Oxygen Scavengers

Wang, D.; Hu, H.; Wang, Z., 2014:
Modeling of the acoustic field of thermally induced ultrasonic emission from a spherical cavity surface

Dong, R.G.; Welcome, D.E.; McDowell, T.W.; Wu, J.Z., 2013:
Modeling of the biodynamic responses distributed at the fingers and palm of the hand in three orthogonal directions

Mickiewicz, A.; Sarzyńska, J.; Miłostan, M.; Kurzyńska-Kokorniak, A.; Rybarczyk, A.; Łukasiak, P.; Kuliński, T.; Figlerowicz, M.; Błażewicz, J., 2016:
Modeling of the catalytic core of Arabidopsis thaliana Dicer-like 4 protein and its complex with double-stranded RNA

Barminova, H.Y.; Saratovskyh, M.S., 2016:
Modeling of the charge-state separation at ITEP experimental facility for material science based on a Bernas ion source

Fagnani, F.; Pham, T.; Claudepierre, P.; Berenbaum, F.; De Chalus, T.; Saadoun, C.; Joubert, J-Michel.; Fautrel, B., 2017:
Modeling of the clinical and economic impact of a risk-sharing agreement supporting a treat-to-target strategy in the management of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in France

Colaïtis, A.; Duchateau, G.; Ribeyre, X.; Tikhonchuk, V., 2015:
Modeling of the cross-beam energy transfer with realistic inertial-confinement-fusion beams in a large-scale hydrocode

Denzin, N.; Gerdes, U., 2016:
Modeling of the financial reserves required by the livestock disease compensation fund of Lower Saxony for rebates in the course of disease outbreaks incorporating spatial restriction zones

Kitagawa, T.; Murakami, N.; Nagano, S., 2010:
Modeling of the gap junction of pancreatic β-cells and the robustness of insulin secretion

Lagutina, I.V.; Valentine, V.; Picchione, F.; Harwood, F.; Valentine, M.B.; Villarejo-Balcells, B.; Carvajal, J.J.; Grosveld, G.C., 2015:
Modeling of the human alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma Pax3-Foxo1 chromosome translocation in mouse myoblasts using CRISPR-Cas9 nuclease

Hasenaka, Y.; Okamura, T-aki.; Onitsuka, K., 2016:
Modeling of the hydrophobic microenvironment of water-soluble molybdoenzymes in an aqueous micellar solution

Dolatabadi, Z.; Elhami Rad, A.Hossien.; Farzaneh, V.; Akhlaghi Feizabad, S.Hashem.; Estiri, S.Hossein.; Bakhshabadi, H., 2016:
Modeling of the lycopene extraction from tomato pulps

Garcia, A.; Rodriguez Matas, J.F.; Raimondi, M.T., 2016:
Modeling of the mechano-chemical behaviour of the nuclear pore complex: current research and perspectives

Hedaya, M.A.; Helmy, S.A., 2015:
Modeling of the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic interaction between irbesartan and hydrochlorothiazide in normotensive subjects

Melaun, C.; Werblow, A.; Cunze, S.; Zotzmann, S.; Koch, L.K.; Mehlhorn, H.; Dörge, D.D.; Huber, K.; Tackenberg, O.; Klimpel, S., 2016:
Modeling of the putative distribution of the arbovirus vector Ochlerotatus japonicus japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) in Germany

Belyaeva, N.E.; Schmitt, F-J.; Paschenko, V.Z.; Riznichenko, G.Yu.; Rubin, A.B., 2016:
Modeling of the redox state dynamics in photosystem II of Chlorella pyrenoidosa Chick cells and leaves of spinach and Arabidopsis thaliana from single flash-induced fluorescence quantum yield changes on the 100 ns-10 s time scale

Sadeghi, M.; Ahmadi, A.; Baradaran, A.; Masoudipoor, N.; Frouzandeh, S., 2015:
Modeling of the relationship between the environmental air pollution, clinical risk factors, and hospital mortality due to myocardial infarction in Isfahan, Iran

Eren, E.; Zamuda, K.; Patton, J.T., 2016:
Modeling of the rotavirus group C capsid predicts a surface topology distinct from other rotavirus species

Li, H.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
Modeling of the viscoelastic behavior of collagen gel from dynamic oscillatory shear measurements

de Jong, J.A.; Wijnant, Y.H.; Wilcox, D.; de Boer, A., 2015:
Modeling of thermoacoustic systems using the nonlinear frequency domain method

Kaynar, Ümit.H.; Şabikoğlu, I.; Kaynar, S.Çam.; Eral, M., 2016:
Modeling of thorium (IV) ions adsorption onto a novel adsorbent material silicon dioxide nano-balls using response surface methodology

So, R.; Vingarzan, R.; Jones, K.; Pitchford, M., 2015:
Modeling of time-resolved light extinction and its applications to visibility management in the Lower Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada

Skakauskas, V.; Katauskis, P., 2016:
Modeling of toxin-antibody interaction and toxin transport toward the endoplasmic reticulum

Ovcharenko, E.A.; Klyshnikov, K.U.; Yuzhalin, A.E.; Savrasov, G.V.; Kokov, A.N.; Batranin, A.V.; Ganyukov, V.I.; Kudryavtseva, Y.A., 2016:
Modeling of transcatheter aortic valve replacement: Patient specific vs general approaches based on finite element analysis

Naili, S.; Nguyen, V-Hieu.; Vu, M-Ba.; Desceliers, C.; Soize, C., 2016:
Modeling of transient wave propagation in a heterogeneous solid layer coupled with fluid: application to long bones

Romanova, G.A.; Shakova, F.M.; Parphenov, A.L., 2015:
Modeling of traumatic brain injury

Kumari, M.; Gupta, S.K., 2016:
Modeling of trihalomethanes (THMs) in drinking water supplies: a case study of eastern part of India

Balevičius, V.; Valkunas, L.; Abramavicius, D., 2015:
Modeling of ultrafast time-resolved fluorescence applied to a weakly coupled chromophore pair

Zhu, W.; Deng, M.; Xiang, Y.; Xuan, F-Zhen.; Liu, C.; Wang, Y-Ning., 2016:
Modeling of ultrasonic nonlinearities for dislocation evolution in plastically deformed materials: Simulation and experimental validation

Chen, Y.; Luo, Z.; Zhou, Q.; Zou, L.; Lin, L., 2015:
Modeling of ultrasonic propagation in heavy-walled centrifugally cast austenitic stainless steel based on EBSD analysis

Wu, X.; Li, Y'neng.; Sun, X.; Wang, J.; Zhao, C.; Yang, M.; Zhu, S.; Cao, Q.; Wu, H.; Wang, M., 2016:
Modeling of unstable pelvic fractures for 20 ° sagittally rotated pelvic displacement

Obaid, H.A.; Shahid, S.; Basim, K.N.; Chelliapan, S., 2015:
Modeling of wastewater quality in an urban area during festival and rainy days

Gu, J.; Jing, Y., 2016 :
Modeling of wave propagation for medical ultrasound: a review

Afenyo, M.; Khan, F.; Veitch, B.; Yang, M., 2017:
Modeling oil weathering and transport in sea ice

Heritage, S., 2015:
Modeling olfactory bulb evolution through primate phylogeny

Rojo, J.; Orlandi, F.; Pérez-Badia, R.; Aguilera, F.; Ben Dhiab, A.; Bouziane, H.; Díaz de la Guardia, C.; Galán, C.; Gutiérrez-Bustillo, A.M.; Moreno-Grau, S.; Msallem, M.; Trigo, M.M.; Fornaciari, M., 2016:
Modeling olive pollen intensity in the Mediterranean region through analysis of emission sources

Ghose, S.; Rajshekaran, R.; Labanca, M.; Conley, L., 2016:
Modeling on-column reduction of trisulfide bonds in monoclonal antibodies during protein A chromatography

Johnson, K.; Stokes, B.; Anthony, D.; Ward, R.; Freemantle, N.; Hill, S., 2016:
Modeling oncology surrogate markers

Ratcliff, R., 2016:
Modeling one-choice and two-choice driving tasks

Murray, S.L.; Harputlu, E.; Mentzer, R.A.; Mannan, M.Sam., 2015:
Modeling operators' emergency response time for chemical processing operations

Nurbawono, A.; Liu, S.; Zhang, C., 2015:
Modeling optical properties of silicon clusters by first principles: From a few atoms to large nanocrystals

Gayán, E.; Serrano, Mía.Jesús.; Álvarez, I.; Condón, S., 2017:
Modeling optimal process conditions for UV-heat inactivation of foodborne pathogens in liquid foods

Choe, S.; Lee, S., 2016:
Modeling optimal treatment strategies in a heterogeneous mixing model

Jia, F.; Yang, Q.; Han, J.; Liu, X.; Li, X.; Peng, Y., 2017:
Modeling optimization and evaluation of tightly bound extracellular polymeric substances extraction by sonication

Kalkowska, D.A.; Duintjer Tebbens, R.J.; Grotto, I.; Shulman, L.M.; Anis, E.; Wassilak, S.G.F.; Pallansch, M.A.; Thompson, K.M., 2015:
Modeling options to manage type 1 wild poliovirus imported into Israel in 2013

Antonijevic, T.; Lancaster, J.L.; Starobin, J.M., 2016:
Modeling order-disorder transition in Low-Density Lipoprotein

Bustillo-Lecompte, C.Fernando.; Mehrvar, M.; Quiñones-Bolaños, E.; Castro-Faccetti, C.Fernanda., 2016:
Modeling organic matter and nitrogen removal from domestic wastewater in a pilot-scale vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland

Noorbakhsh, J.; Schwab, D.J.; Sgro, A.E.; Gregor, T.; Mehta, P., 2016:
Modeling oscillations and spiral waves in Dictyostelium populations

Vigmond, E.J.; Stuyvers, B.D., 2017:
Modeling our understanding of the His-Purkinje system

Wilman, E.A.; Wilman, E.N., 2016:
Modeling outcomes of approaches to sustained human and snow leopard coexistence

Bonafede, E.; Picard, F.; Robin, Séphane.; Viroli, C., 2017:
Modeling overdispersion heterogeneity in differential expression analysis using mixtures

Layton, A.T.; Vallon, V.; Edwards, Aélie., 2015 :
Modeling oxygen consumption in the proximal tubule: effects of NHE and SGLT2 inhibition

Gall, E.T.; Siegel, J.A.; Corsi, R.L., 2016:
Modeling ozone removal to indoor materials, including the effects of porosity, pore diameter, and thickness

Nir, O.; Bishop, N.Fridman.; Lahav, O.; Freger, V., 2016:
Modeling pH variation in reverse osmosis

Kotland, A.; Chollet, Sébastien.; Autret, J-Marie.; Diard, C.; Marchal, L.; Renault, J-Hugues., 2015:
Modeling pH-zone refining countercurrent chromatography: a dynamic approach

Stüeken, E.E.; Kipp, M.A.; Koehler, M.C.; Schwieterman, E.W.; Johnson, B.; Buick, R., 2016:
Modeling pN 2 through Geological Time: Implications for Planetary Climates and Atmospheric Biosignatures

Dale, S.; Markovski, J.; Hristovski, K.D., 2018:
Modeling packed bed sorbent systems with the Pore Surface Diffusion Model: Evidence of facilitated surface diffusion of arsenate in nano-metal (hydr)oxide hybrid ion exchange media

Baker, L.A.; Tiriac, Hé.; Clevers, H.; Tuveson, D.A., 2016:
Modeling pancreatic cancer with organoids

Huguet, F.; Yorke, E.D.; Davidson, M.; Zhang, Z.; Jackson, A.; Mageras, G.S.; Wu, A.J.; Goodman, K.A., 2015:
Modeling pancreatic tumor motion using 4-dimensional computed tomography and surrogate markers

Chi, Y.; Tian, Z.; Jia, X., 2017:
Modeling parameterized geometry in GPU-based Monte Carlo particle transport simulation for radiotherapy

Lipińska, P.; Allen, S.V.; Hopkins, W.G., 2016:
Modeling parameters that characterize pacing of elite female 800-m freestyle swimmers

Winkler-Heil, R.; Hofmann, W., 2016:
Modeling particle deposition in the Balb/c mouse respiratory tract

Zhou, Z.; Hu, Q.; Wang, W., 2015:
Modeling pedestrian's conformity violation behavior: a complex network based approach

Kaklanis, N.; Stavropoulos, G.; Tzovaras, D., 2016:
Modeling people with motor disabilities to empower the automatic accessibility and ergonomic assessment of new products

Wu, M.; Cao, H.; Nguyen, H-Long.; Surmacz, K.; Hargrove, C., 2016:
Modeling perceived stress via HRV and accelerometer sensor streams

Ramkumar, P.; Fernandes, H.; Kording, K.; Segraves, M., 2015:
Modeling peripheral visual acuity enables discovery of gaze strategies at multiple time scales during natural scene search

Lin, Y.; Abaid, N., 2016:
Modeling perspectives on echolocation strategies inspired by bats flying in groups

Worley-Morse, T.O.; Gunsch, C.K., 2016:
Modeling phage induced bacterial disinfection rates and the resulting design implications

Kastelic, M.; Kalyuzhnyi, Y.V.; Vlachy, V., 2016:
Modeling phase transitions in mixtures of β-γ lens crystallins

Qin, D.; Feng, Y.; Wan, M., 2015:
Modeling photoacoustic cavitation nucleation and bubble dynamics with modified classical nucleation theory

Kurwadkar, S.; Evans, A.; DeWinne, D.; White, P.; Mitchell, F., 2017 :
Modeling photodegradation kinetics of three systemic neonicotinoids-dinotefuran, imidacloprid, and thiamethoxam-in aqueous and soil environment

Pluhařová, E.; Slavíček, P.; Jungwirth, P., 2016:
Modeling photoionization of aqueous DNA and its components

Rosenkranz, S.; Schäfer, W.; Tropea, C.; Zoubir, A.M., 2016:
Modeling photon transport in turbid media for measuring colloidal concentration in drops using the time-shift technique

Fu, Y.; Dinku, A.G.; Hara, Y.; Miller, C.W.; Vrouwenvelder, K.T.; Lopez, R., 2015:
Modeling photovoltaic performance in periodic patterned colloidal quantum dot solar cells

Mukherjee, D.; Leo, B.Fen.; Royce, S.G.; Porter, A.E.; Ryan, M.P.; Schwander, S.; Chung, K.Fan.; Tetley, T.D.; Zhang, J.; Georgopoulos, P.G., 2015:
Modeling physicochemical interactions affecting in vitro cellular dosimetry of engineered nanomaterials: application to nanosilver

Di Maggio, J.; Fernández, C.; Parodi, E.R.; Diaz, M.Soledad.; Estrada, V., 2016:
Modeling phytoplankton community in reservoirs. A comparison between taxonomic and functional groups-based models

Schönfeld, F.; Wiskott, L., 2015:
Modeling place field activity with hierarchical slow feature analysis

Lavedrine, C.; Farcot, E.; Vernoux, T., 2016:
Modeling plant development: from signals to gene networks

Taff, Y.; Apter, B.; Katz, E.A.; Efron, U., 2015:
Modeling plasmonic efficiency enhancement in organic photovoltaics

Dagan, R.; Juergens, C.; Trammel, J.; Patterson, S.; Greenberg, D.; Givon-Lavi, N.; Porat, N.; Gruber, W.C.; Scott, D.A., 2017:
Modeling pneumococcal nasopharyngeal acquisition as a function of anticapsular serum antibody concentrations after pneumococcal conjugate vaccine administration

Rojo, Jús.; Rivero, R.; Romero-Morte, J.; Fernández-González, F.; Pérez-Badia, R., 2016:
Modeling pollen time series using seasonal-trend decomposition procedure based on LOESS smoothing

Prado, R.B.; Novo, E.M.L.M., 2016:
Modeling pollution potential input from the drainage basin into Barra Bonita reservoir, São Paulo - Brazil

Ximendes, E.C.; Silva, W.F.; Vermelho, M.V.D.; Astrat, N.G.C.; Malacarne, L.C.; Baesso, M.L.; Catunda, T.; Jacinto, C., 2015:
Modeling population and thermal lenses in the presence of Auger Upconversion for Nd(3+) doped materials

Chavas, J-Paul., 2016:
Modeling population dynamics: A quantile approach

Haseltine, E.L.; Kimko, H.; Luo, H.; Tolsma, J.; Bartels, D.J.; Kieffer, T.L.; Garg, V., 2016:
Modeling population heterogeneity in viral dynamics for chronic hepatitis C infection: Insights from Phase 3 telaprevir clinical studies

Araujo, H.Andres.; Cooper, A.B.; MacIsaac, E.A.; Knowler, D.; Velez-Espino, A., 2016:
Modeling population responses of Chinook and coho salmon to suspended sediment using a life history approach

Li, M.; Chou, S-Yi., 2017:
Modeling postpartum depression in rats: theoretic and methodological issues

Pearson, L.; Hazel, E.; Tam, Y., 2015:
Modeling potential reduction of child mortality after national scale-up of community-based treatment of childhood illnesses in Ethiopia

Sánchez-Benavides, G.; Gispert, J.D.; Fauria, K.; Molinuevo, Jé.Luis.; Gramunt, N., 2016:
Modeling practice effects in healthy middle-aged participants of the Alzheimer and Families parent cohort

Haab, L.; Mortezapouraghdam, Z.; Strauss, D.J., 2015:
Modeling prediction of a generalized habituation deficit in decompensated tinnitus sufferers

Cooke, D.; Bond, R.; Lawton, J.; Rankin, D.; Heller, S.; Clark, M.; Speight, J., 2016:
Modeling predictors of changes in glycemic control and diabetes-specific quality of life amongst adults with type 1 diabetes 1 year after structured education in flexible, intensive insulin therapy

Aboelkassem, Y.; Savic, D.; Campbell, S.G., 2016:
Modeling predicts a connection between sinus vortex effects and aortic compliance

Kunisaki, C.; Miyata, H.; Konno, H.; Saze, Z.; Hirahara, N.; Kikuchi, H.; Wakabayashi, G.; Gotoh, M.; Mori, M., 2016:
Modeling preoperative risk factors for potentially lethal morbidities using a nationwide Japanese web-based database of patients undergoing distal gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Gündeğer, E.; Selçuki, C.; Okutucu, B., 2016:
Modeling prepolymerization step of a serotonin imprinted polymer

Kingdom, F.A.A.; Baldwin, A.S.; Schmidtmann, G., 2015:
Modeling probability and additive summation for detection across multiple mechanisms under the assumptions of signal detection theory

O'Connor, K.L.; Dolphin, L.; Fitzgerald, A.; Dooley, B., 2017:
Modeling problem behaviors in a nationally representative sample of adolescents

O'Leary, K.A.; Shea, M.P.; Schuler, L.A., 2015:
Modeling prolactin actions in breast cancer in vivo: insights from the NRL-PRL mouse

Orenstein, Y.; Shamir, R., 2016:
Modeling protein-DNA binding via high-throughput in vitro technologies

Lensink, M.F.; Velankar, S.; Wodak, S.J., 2016:
Modeling protein-protein and protein-peptide complexes: CAPRI 6th edition

Grewal, R.K.; Roy, S., 2016:
Modeling proteins as residue interaction networks

Wen, Z.; Christian, K.M.; Song, H.; Ming, G-li., 2016:
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Modeling the Accuracy of Three Detection Methods of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 During the Dormant Period Using a Bayesian Approach

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Modeling the Activated Sludge--Thickening Process in Secondary Settlers

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Modeling the Aggregation Propensity and Toxicity of Amyloid-β Variants

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Modeling the Agility MLC in the Monaco treatment planning system

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Modeling the Assembly of Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles at Oil-Water Interfaces

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Modeling the BOD of Danube River in Serbia using spatial, temporal, and input variables optimized artificial neural network models

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Modeling the Behavior of Red Blood Cells within the Caudal Vein Plexus of Zebrafish

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Modeling the Biodegradability of Chemical Compounds Using the Online CHEmical Modeling Environment (OCHEM)

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Modeling the Blood-Brain Barrier in a 3D triple co-culture microfluidic system

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Modeling the Burden of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in the USA in 2013

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Modeling the CH Stretch Vibrational Spectroscopy of M(+)[Cyclohexane] (M = Li, Na, and K) Ions

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Modeling the Complete Gravitational Wave Spectrum of Neutron Star Mergers

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Modeling the Complex Impacts of Timber Harvests to Find Optimal Management Regimes for Amazon Tidal Floodplain Forests

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Modeling the Context-Dependent Associations between the Gut Microbiome, Its Environment, and Host Health

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Modeling the Contribution of Allosteric Regulation for Flux Control in the Central Carbon Metabolism of E. coli

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Modeling the Cost Effectiveness of Child Care Policy Changes in the U.S

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Modeling the Cost Effectiveness of Neuroimaging-Based Treatment of Acute Wake-Up Stroke

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Modeling the Cost-Effectiveness of 100% Whey-Based Partially Hydrolyzed Versus. Cow's Milk Infant Formula in the Prevention of Atopic Dermatitis in Singapore

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Modeling the Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Upper Age Limits for Breast Cancer Screening in England and Wales

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Modeling the Sensitivity of Field Surveys for Detection of Environmental DNA (eDNA)

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Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of International Tuna Fleets

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Modeling the Spread of Ebola

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Modeling the Test-Retest Statistics of a Localization Experiment in the Full Horizontal Plane

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Modeling the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme and Cancer Stem Cells with Ordinary Differential Equations

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Modeling the approximate number system to quantify the contribution of visual stimulus features

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Modeling the archetype cysteine protease reaction using dispersion corrected density functional methods in ONIOM-type hybrid QM/MM calculations; the proteolytic reaction of papain

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Modeling the atomistic growth behavior of gold nanoparticles in solution

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Modeling the autistic cell: iPSCs recapitulate developmental principles of syndromic and nonsyndromic ASD

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Modeling the binding affinity of structurally diverse industrial chemicals to carbon using the artificial intelligence approaches

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Modeling the breast cancer bone metastatic niche in complex three-dimensional cocultures

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Modeling the calcium spike as a threshold triggered fixed waveform for synchronous inputs in the fluctuation regime

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Modeling the cellular mechanisms and olfactory input underlying the triphasic response of moth pheromone-sensitive projection neurons

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Modeling the costs of clinical decision support for genomic precision medicine

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Modeling the course and outcomes of MS is statistical twaddle--No

Taylor, B.V., 2017:
Modeling the course and outcomes of multiple sclerosis is statistical twaddle--Yes

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Modeling the degradation kinetics of ascorbic acid

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Modeling the differentiation of A- and C-type baroreceptor firing patterns

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Modeling the distinct phases of skill acquisition

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Modeling the dynamic volatile fatty acids profiles with pH and hydraulic retention time in an anaerobic baffled reactor during the startup period

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Modeling the dynamics of dendritic actin waves in living cells

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Modeling the dynamics of stable isotope tissue-diet enrichment

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Modeling the dynamics of the effective population size of the Okhotsk Sea pollock in the Holocene era on the basis of genetic variability in the Nd2 and Cytb mtDNA loci

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Modeling the early-phase redistribution of radiocesium fallouts in an evergreen coniferous forest after Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents

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Modeling the ecologic niche of plague in sylvan and domestic animal hosts to delineate sources of human exposure in the western United States

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Modeling the economic and epidemiologic impact of hookworm vaccine and mass drug administration (MDA) in Brazil, a high transmission setting

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Modeling the effect of HIV coinfection on clearance and sustained virologic response during treatment for hepatitis C virus

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Modeling the effect of carbon-dioxide gas on cavitation

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Modeling the effect of codon translation rates on co-translational protein folding mechanisms of arbitrary complexity

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Modeling the effect of dendritic input location on MEG and EEG source dipoles

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Modeling the effect of insulin-like growth factor-1 on human cell growth

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Modeling the effect of land use/land cover on nitrogen, phosphorous and dissolved oxygen loads in the Velhas River using the concept of exclusive contribution area

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Modeling the effect of locus coeruleus firing on cortical state dynamics and single-trial sensory processing

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Modeling the effect of nanosecond laser conditioning on the femtosecond laser-induced damage of optical films

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Modeling the effect of operator and passenger characteristics on the fatality risk of motorcycle crashes

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Modeling the effect of pathogenic mutations on the conformational landscape of protein kinases

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Modeling the effect of reflective calf hutch covers on reducing heat loss

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Modeling the effect of school closures in a pandemic scenario: exploring two different contact matrices

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Modeling the effect of sleep regulation on a neural mass model

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Modeling the effect of social networks on adoption of multifunctional agriculture

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Modeling the effect of succimer (DMSA; dimercaptosuccinic acid) chelation therapy in patients poisoned by lead

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Modeling the effect of temperature on survival rate of Listeria monocytogenes in yogurt

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Modeling the effect of transcriptional noise on switching in gene networks in a genetic bistable switch

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Modeling the effective connectivity of the visual network in healthy and photosensitive, epileptic baboons

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Modeling the effectiveness of nebulized terbutaline for decompensated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in the emergency department

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Modeling the effects of AADT on predicting multiple-vehicle crashes at urban and suburban signalized intersections

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Modeling the effects of a posterior glottal opening on vocal fold dynamics with implications for vocal hyperfunction

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Modeling the effects of biological tissue on RF propagation from a wrist-worn device

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Modeling the effects of climate engineering

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Modeling the effects of climate on date palm scale (Parlatoria blanchardi) population dynamics during different phenological stages of life history under hot arid conditions

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Modeling the effects of cyclodextrin on intracellular membrane vesicles from Cos-7 cells prepared by sonication and carbonate treatment

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Modeling the effects of extracellular potassium on bursting properties in pre-Bötzinger complex neurons

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Modeling the effects of lattice defects on microtubule breaking and healing

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Modeling the effects of linear shallow-water internal waves on horizontal array coherence

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Modeling the effects of noninvasive transcranial brain stimulation at the biophysical, network, and cognitive level

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Modeling the effects of pH and ionic strength on swelling of polyelectrolyte gels

Erazo, D.; Cordovez, J., 2017:
Modeling the effects of palm-house proximity on the theoretical risk of Chagas disease transmission in a rural locality of the Orinoco basin, Colombia

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Modeling the effects of point and non-point source pollution on a diversion channel from Yellow River to an artificial lake in China

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Modeling the effects of positive and negative feedback in kidney blood flow control

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Modeling the effects of space structure and combination therapies on phenotypic heterogeneity and drug resistance in solid tumors

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Modeling the effects of surfactant, hardness, and natural organic matter on deposition and mobility of silver nanoparticles in saturated porous media

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Modeling the effects of systemic mediators on the inflammatory phase of wound healing

Silva, L.P.; Gonzales-Barron, U.; Cadavez, V.; Sant'Ana, A.S., 2015:
Modeling the effects of temperature and pH on the resistance of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in conventional heat-treated fruit beverages through a meta-analysis approach

Abichou, T.; Kormi, T.; Yuan, L.; Johnson, T.; Francisco, E., 2015:
Modeling the effects of vegetation on methane oxidation and emissions through soil landfill final covers across different climates

Toloni, I.; Lehmann, Fçois.; Ackerer, P., 2017:
Modeling the effects of water content on TiO2 nanoparticles transport in porous media

Toloni, I.; Lehmann, Fçois.; Ackerer, P., 2015:
Modeling the effects of water velocity on TiO2 nanoparticles transport in saturated porous media

Hathout, L.; Ellingson, B.; Pope, W., 2017:
Modeling the efficacy of the extent of surgical resection in the setting of radiation therapy for glioblastoma

Baskaran, A.; Ratsch, C.; Smereka, P., 2016:
Modeling the elastic energy of alloys: Potential pitfalls of continuum treatments

Behnia, S.; Fathizadeh, S., 2016:
Modeling the electrical conduction in DNA nanowires: charge transfer and lattice fluctuation theories

LaMalfa Ribolla, E.; Rizzo, P., 2016:
Modeling the electromechanical impedance technique for the assessment of dental implant stability

Tria, F.; Servedio, V.D.P.; Mufwene, S.S.; Loreto, V., 2016:
Modeling the emergence of contact languages

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Modeling the emetic potencies of food-borne trichothecenes by benchmark dose methodology

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Modeling the energetic cost of cancer as a result of altered energy metabolism: implications for cachexia

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Modeling the entrainment of self-oscillating gels to periodic mechanical deformation

Reynolds, H.T.; Ingersoll, T.; Barton, H.A., 2015:
Modeling the environmental growth of Pseudogymnoascus destructans and its impact on the white-nose syndrome epidemic

Atangana, A., 2016:
Modeling the enzyme kinetic reaction

Davila-Velderrain, J.; Martinez-Garcia, J.C.; Alvarez-Buylla, E.R., 2015:
Modeling the epigenetic attractors landscape: toward a post-genomic mechanistic understanding of development

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Modeling the evaporation of sessile multi-component droplets

Fierst, J.L.; Phillips, P.C., 2015:
Modeling the evolution of complex genetic systems: the gene network family tree

Mesterton-Gibbons, M.; Dai, Y.; Goubault, Mène., 2017:
Modeling the evolution of winner and loser effects: A survey and prospectus

Greenman, C.D.; Cooke, S.L.; Marshall, J.; Stratton, M.R.; Campbell, P.J., 2016:
Modeling the evolution space of breakage fusion bridge cycles with a stochastic folding process

Patel, M.; Joshi, B., 2016:
Modeling the evolving oscillatory dynamics of the rat locus coeruleus through early infancy

Cuervo, P.F.; Rinaldi, L.; Cringoli, G., 2016:
Modeling the extrinsic incubation of Dirofilaria immitis in South America based on monthly and continuous climatic data

Hanamoto, S.; Hasegawa, E.; Nakada, N.; Yamashita, N.; Tanaka, H., 2016:
Modeling the fate of a photoproduct of ketoprofen in urban rivers receiving wastewater treatment plant effluent

Burch, T.R.; Sadowsky, M.J.; LaPara, T.M., 2015:
Modeling the fate of antibiotic resistance genes and class 1 integrons during thermophilic anaerobic digestion of municipal wastewater solids

Fang, S-Ming.; Zhang, X.; Bao, L-Jun.; Zeng, E.Y., 2017:
Modeling the fate of p,p'-DDT in water and sediment of two typical estuarine bays in South China: Importance of fishing vessels' inputs

Miao, Y.; Liu, S.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, S., 2016:
Modeling the feedback between aerosol and boundary layer processes: a case study in Beijing, China

Tarle, V.; Ravasio, A.; Hakim, V.; Gov, N.S., 2016:
Modeling the finger instability in an expanding cell monolayer

Subhedar, A.; Steinbach, I.; Varnik, F., 2015:
Modeling the flow in diffuse interface methods of solidification

Ferroni, M.; Giusti, S.; Nascimento, D.; Silva, A.; Boschetti, F.; Ahluwalia, A., 2017:
Modeling the fluid-dynamics and oxygen consumption in a porous scaffold stimulated by cyclic squeeze pressure

Zhu, X.; Zhang, X., 2017:
Modeling the formation of TOCl, TOBr and TOI during chlor(am)ination of drinking water

Escribano, J.; Sánchez, M.T.; García-Aznar, J.M., 2016:
Modeling the formation of cell-matrix adhesions on a single 3D matrix fiber

Inkaew, K.; Saffarzadeh, A.; Shimaoka, T., 2017:
Modeling the formation of the quench product in municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash

Xu, X.; Thai, H.; Kitrinos, K.M.; Xia, G.; Gaggar, A.; Paulson, M.; Ganova-Raeva, L.; Khudyakov, Y.; Lara, J., 2017:
Modeling the functional state of the reverse transcriptase of hepatitis B virus and its application to probing drug-protein interaction

Aguilar, E.; Ghirlanda, S., 2016:
Modeling the genealogy of a cultural trait

Chen, J.; Zou, L.; Jin, Z.; Ruan, S., 2016:
Modeling the geographic spread of rabies in China

Badve, C.; Sloan, A.E., 2016:
Modeling the growth dynamics of glioblastoma using magnetic resonance imaging

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Modeling the growth dynamics of multiple Escherichia coli strains in the pig intestine following intramuscular ampicillin treatment

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Modeling the impact of awareness on the mitigation of algal bloom in a lake

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Modeling the impact of climate change on wild Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) in Western Ghats, India using ecological niche models

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Modeling the impact of growth and leptin deficits on the neuronal regulation of blood pressure

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Modeling the impact of spinal cord stimulation paddle lead position on impedance, stimulation threshold, and activation region

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Modeling the impacts of alternative fertilization methods on nitrogen loading in rice production in Shanghai

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Modeling the impacts of temperature and precipitation changes on soil CO2 fluxes from a Switchgrass stand recently converted from cropland

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Modeling the impacts of wildfire on runoff and pollutant transport from coastal watersheds to the nearshore environment

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Modeling the impairment of airway smooth muscle force by stretch

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Modeling the indirect effect of Wolbachia on the infection dynamics of horizontally transmitted viruses

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Modeling the influence of Chevron alignment sign on young male driver performance: A driving simulator study

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Modeling the influence of Twitter in reducing and increasing the spread of influenza epidemics

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Modeling the influence of alternative forest management scenarios on wood production and carbon storage: A case study in the Mediterranean region

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Modeling the influence of genetic and environmental variation on the expression of plant life cycles across landscapes

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Modeling the influence of physicochemical properties on gold nanoparticle uptake and elimination by Daphnia magna

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Modeling the influence of short term depression in vesicle release and stochastic calcium channel gating on auditory nerve spontaneous firing statistics

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Modeling the influence of side stream and ink bottle structures on adsorption/desorption dynamics of fluids in long pores

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Modeling the influence of stromal microenvironment in the selection of ENU-induced BCR-ABL1 mutants by tyrosine kinase inhibitors

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Modeling the initiation of others into injection drug use, using data from 2,500 injectors surveyed in Scotland during 2008-2009

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Modeling the integration of bacterial rRNA fragments into the human cancer genome

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Modeling the intergenerational impact of partner abuse on maternal and child function at 24 months post outreach: Implications for practice and policy

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Modeling the interruption of the transmission of soil-transmitted helminths by repeated mass chemotherapy of school-age children

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Modeling the intracellular replication of influenza A virus in the presence of defective interfering RNAs

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Modeling the intrinsic dynamics of foot-and-mouth disease

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Modeling the intrusion of molecules into graphite: Origin and shape of the barriers

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Modeling the isothermal inactivation curves of Listeria innocua CECT 910 in a vegetable beverage under low-temperature treatments and different pH levels

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Modeling the key factors that could influence the diffusion of CO 2 from a wellbore blowout in the Ordos Basin, China

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Modeling the kinetic diversity of dopamine in the dorsal striatum

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Modeling the lexical morphology of Western handwritten signatures

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Modeling the light-induced electric potential difference (ΔΨ), the pH difference (ΔpH) and the proton motive force across the thylakoid membrane in C 3 leaves

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Modeling the long-term antibody response of a hepatitis E vaccine

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Modeling the long-term kinetics of Salmonella survival on dry pet food

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Modeling the long-term persistence of hepatitis A antibody after a two-dose vaccination schedule in Argentinean children

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Modeling the longitudinal latent effect of pregabalin on self-reported changes in sleep disturbances in outpatients with generalized anxiety disorder managed in routine clinical practice

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Modeling the low pH limit of Nitrosomonas eutropha in high-strength nitrogen wastewaters

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Modeling the magnetic disturbance of pulsatile blood flow in a static magnetic field

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Modeling the magnetic properties of lanthanide complexes: relationship of the REC parameters with Pauling electronegativity and coordination number

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Modeling the mechanical properties of liver fibrosis in rats

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Modeling the mechanics of axonal fiber tracts using the embedded finite element method

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Modeling the mechanics of cells in the cell-spreading process driven by traction forces

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Modeling the mechanisms of biological GTP hydrolysis

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Modeling the melting temperature of nanoscaled bimetallic alloys

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Modeling the metabolic fate of dietary phosphorus and calcium and the dynamics of body ash content in growing pigs

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Modeling the motor cortex: Optimality, recurrent neural networks, and spatial dynamics

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Modeling the natural history of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease

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Modeling the neurodynamic organizations and interactions of teams

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Modeling the next generation sequencing read count data for DNA copy number variant study

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Modeling the occurrence of shellfish poisoning outbreaks caused by Gymnodinium catenatum (Dinophyceae) through electromagnetic signal triggering

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Modeling the oxidation kinetics of sono-activated persulfate's process on the degradation of humic acid

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Modeling the oxidation of methionine residues by peroxides in proteins

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Modeling the oxidation of phenolic compounds by hydrogen peroxide photolysis

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Modeling the oxygen uptake kinetics during exercise testing of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases using nonlinear mixed models

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Modeling the pH-mediated extraction of ionizable organic contaminants to improve the quality of municipal sewage sludge destined for land application

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Modeling the perception of tempo

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Modeling the performance of an anaerobic baffled reactor with the variation of hydraulic retention time

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Modeling the permeability of drug-like molecules through the cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: an analogue based approach

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Modeling the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationship of the monoclonal anti-macaque-IL-15 antibody Hu714MuXHu in cynomolgus monkeys

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Modeling the pharyngeal pressure during adult nasal high flow therapy

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Modeling the photocatalytic mineralization in water of commercial formulation of estrogens 17-β estradiol (E2) and nomegestrol acetate in contraceptive pills in a solar powered compound parabolic collector

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Modeling the photochemical transformation of nitrobenzene under conditions relevant to sunlit surface waters: Reaction pathways and formation of intermediates

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Modeling the photosensitizing properties of thiolate-protected gold nanoclusters

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Modeling the positioning of single needle electrodes for the treatment of breast cancer in a clinical case

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Modeling the potential effects of new tobacco products and policies: a dynamic population model for multiple product use and harm

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Modeling the predictors of safety behavior in construction workers

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Modeling the pressure rise of a liquid target on a medical cyclotron: Steady-state analysis

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Modeling the prevalence of immunodeficiency-associated long-term vaccine-derived poliovirus excretors and the potential benefits of antiviral drugs

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Modeling the probability of freeway lane-changing collision occurrence considering intervehicle interaction

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Modeling the processing of aerosol and trace gases in clouds and fogs

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Modeling the production of sugar and byproducts from acid bisulfite pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of Douglas-fir

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Modeling the propagation of light in realistic tissue structures with MMC-fpf: a meshed Monte Carlo method with free phase function

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Modeling the proportion of cut slopes rock on forest roads using artificial neural network and ordinal linear regression

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Modeling the protonation states of β-secretase binding pocket by molecular dynamics simulations and docking studies

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Modeling the quasistatic energy transport between nanoparticles

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Modeling the radical chemistry in an oxidation flow reactor: radical formation and recycling, sensitivities, and the OH exposure estimation equation

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Modeling the reactivities of hydroxyl radical and ozone towards atmospheric organic chemicals using quantitative structure-reactivity relationship approaches

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Modeling the reflection of Photosynthetically active radiation in a monodominant floodable forest in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso State using multivariate statistics and neural networks

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Modeling the relationship between family home environment factors and parental health

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Modeling the relationship between landscape characteristics and water quality in a typical highly intensive agricultural small watershed, Dongting lake basin, south central China

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Modeling the relationship between rapid automatized naming and literacy skills across languages varying in orthographic consistency

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Modeling the relationship between the environment and human experiences

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Modeling the relationship of epigenetic modifications to transcription factor binding

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Modeling the relativistic runaway electron avalanche and the feedback mechanism with GEANT4

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Modeling the relaxation of internal DNA segments during genome mapping in nanochannels

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Modeling the respiratory motion of solitary pulmonary nodules and determining the impact of respiratory motion on their detection in SPECT imaging

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Modeling the response of ON and OFF retinal bipolar cells during electric stimulation

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Modeling the response of a quartz crystal microbalance under nanoscale confinement and slip boundary conditions

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Modeling the responses to resistance training in an animal experiment study

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Modeling the retention mechanism for high-performance liquid chromatography with a chiral ligand mobile phase and enantioseparation of mandelic acid derivatives

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Modeling the risk of radiation-induced lung fibrosis: Irradiated heart tissue is as important as irradiated lung

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Modeling the role of healthcare access inequalities in epidemic outcomes

Kumar, A.; Srivastava, P.K.; Takeuchi, Y., 2016:
Modeling the role of information and limited optimal treatment on disease prevalence

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Modeling the role of negative symptoms in determining social functioning in individuals at clinical high risk of psychosis

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Modeling the role of osmotic forces in the cerebrovascular response to CO2

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Modeling the roles of protein kinase Cβ and η in single-cell wound repair

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Modeling the safety impacts of driving hours and rest breaks on truck drivers considering time-dependent covariates

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Modeling the scattering phase matrix of red clays

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Modeling the second stage of labor

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Modeling the self-assembly of silica-templated nanoparticles in the initial stages of zeolite formation

Curtice, C.; Johnston, D.W.; Ducklow, H.; Gales, N.; Halpin, P.N.; Friedlaender, A.S., 2015:
Modeling the spatial and temporal dynamics of foraging movements of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the Western Antarctic Peninsula

Flament, Héloïse.; Alonso Ramirez, R.; Prémel, V.; Joncker, N.T.; Jacquet, A.; Scholl, S.; Lantz, O., 2015:
Modeling the specific CD4+ T cell response against a tumor neoantigen

Pearson, J.C.; Yu, S.; Pirali, O., 2016:
Modeling the spectrum of the 2ν 2 and ν 4 states of ammonia to experimental accuracy

Kuang, D.; Charrière, Rée.; Matsapey, N.; Flury, M.; Faucheu, J.; Chavel, P., 2015:
Modeling the specular spectral reflectance of partially ordered alumina nanopores on an aluminum substrate

McGee, M.J.; Grill, W.M., 2017:
Modeling the spinal pudendo-vesical reflex for bladder control by pudendal afferent stimulation

Abdelrazec, A.; Bélair, J.; Shan, C.; Zhu, H., 2017:
Modeling the spread and control of dengue with limited public health resources

Gharouni, A.; Wang, L., 2016:
Modeling the spread of bed bug infestation and optimal resource allocation for disinfestation

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Modeling the spread of polio in an IPV-vaccinated population: lessons learned from the 2013 silent outbreak in southern Israel

Koh, I.; Lonsdorf, E.V.; Williams, N.M.; Brittain, C.; Isaacs, R.; Gibbs, J.; Ricketts, T.H., 2016:
Modeling the status, trends, and impacts of wild bee abundance in the United States

Zare, Y., 2015:
Modeling the strength and thickness of the interphase in polymer nanocomposite reinforced with spherical nanoparticles by a coupling methodology

Li, X.; Schroeder, C.M.; Dorfman, K.D., 2015:
Modeling the stretching of wormlike chains in the presence of excluded volume

Caulkins, J.P.; Disley, E.; Tzvetkova, M.; Pardal, M.; Shah, H.; Zhang, X., 2018:
Modeling the structure and operation of drug supply chains: The case of cocaine and heroin in Italy and Slovenia

Bernardes, C.E.S.; Mochida, T.; Canongia Lopes, Jé.N., 2015:
Modeling the structure and thermodynamics of ferrocenium-based ionic liquids

Specks, J.; Nieto-Soler, M.; Lopez-Contreras, A.J.; Fernandez-Capetillo, O., 2015:
Modeling the study of DNA damage responses in mice

Mantel, C.; Bech, Søren.; Korhonen, J.; Forchhammer, Søren.; Pedersen, J.Melgaard., 2014:
Modeling the subjective quality of highly contrasted videos displayed on LCD with local backlight dimming

Caglar, B.; Niemantsverdriet, J.W.Hans.; Weststrate, C.J.Kees-Jan., 2016:
Modeling the surface chemistry of biomass model compounds on oxygen-covered Rh(100)

Vazhappilly, T.; Kilin, D.S.; Micha, D.A., 2015:
Modeling the surface photovoltage of silicon slabs with varying thickness

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Modeling the survival kinetics of Salmonella in tree nuts for use in risk assessment

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