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Molecular dynamics simulation on the low sensitivity of mutants of NEDD-8 activating enzyme for MLN4924 inhibitor as a cancer drug

Molecular dynamics simulation on the low sensitivity of mutants of NEDD-8 activating enzyme for MLN4924 inhibitor as a cancer drug

American Journal of Cancer Research 5(11): 3400-3406

ISSN/ISBN: 2156-6976

PMID: 26807320

MLN4924 is an experimental cancer drug known as inhibitor of NEDD8-activating enzyme (NAE). This anti-tumor candidate is a selective small-molecule inhibitor of NAE which is conjugated to cullin protein on Cullin-RING ligases (CRLs). This covalent modification actives cullin complex to recruit an ubiquitin-charged E2 and leads to downstream target protein polyubiquitination and proteasomal degradation. MLN4924, which can form a covalent adduct with NEDD8, and block NAE at the first step in this pathway, has shown anti-tumor activity in many kinds of cancer cell lines and also xenograft models, including lung cancer, colon cancer, melanoma and lymphoma. The anti-tumor activity of MLN4924 results from inactivation of CLRs, which causes DNA re-replication and inhibition of nuclear factor (NF)-κB signaling, thus leading to cancer cell death. A mutation can reduce the enzyme's sensitivity to MLN4924. Verma et al. in 2013 studied on molecular dynamics simulation of a mutant A171T and consequently found out that this mutation reduce MLN4924 interaction with DNA Binding site of enzyme as a result of reduction of enzyme affinity to ATP. One year later, in 2014, Wei Xu et al. carried out a research on inhibitor resistant cell lines and revealed that a couple of mutations so called Y352H and I310N leads to enzyme resistance to MLN4924 inhibitor, interestingly, the cause reported was the increase of enzyme affinity to ATP. As in Wei Xu et al. experiment the molecular dynamics simulation was not considered, present study is conducted to identify enzyme mutation mechanism by molecular dynamics approach using advantages of Gromacs software version 4.5.6.

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