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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 58355

Chapter 58355 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Patel, B.A., 2018:
Mucosal serotonin overflow is associated with colonic stretch rather than phasic contractions

Chai, T.C.; Russo, A.; Yu, S.; Lu, M., 2015:
Mucosal signaling in the bladder

Veselinovic, M.; Yang, K-Hsiung.; Sykes, C.; Remling-Mulder, L.; Kashuba, A.D.M.; Akkina, R., 2016:
Mucosal tissue pharmacokinetics of the integrase inhibitor raltegravir in a humanized mouse model: Implications for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis

Duchosal, S., 2016:
Mucosal tolerance and low level laser therapy: Is the delegation to radiation technicians possible?

Guzmán, M.; Keitelman, I.; Sabbione, F.; Trevani, Aía.S.; Giordano, M.N.; Galletti, Jías.G., 2016:
Mucosal tolerance disruption favors disease progression in an extraorbital lacrimal gland excision model of murine dry eye

Constantinoiu, C.C.; Goullet, M.S.; Constantinoiu, E.C.; Scott, J.L., 2015:
Mucosal tolerance of the hookworm Ancylostoma caninum in the gut of naturally infected wild dogs

Eren, E.; Başoğlu, M.Sinan.; Kulduk, E.; Şimsek, F.; İnan, Sç., 2016:
Mucosal trauma induced apoptosis in guinea pig middle ear: comparision of hemostatic agents

Weaver, E.A.; Camacho, Z.T.; Hillestad, M.L.; Crosby, C.M.; Turner, M.A.; Guenzel, A.J.; Fadel, H.J.; Mercier, G.T.; Barry, M.A., 2015:
Mucosal vaccination by adenoviruses displaying reovirus sigma 1

Pabst, R., 2016:
Mucosal vaccination by the intranasal route. Nose-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT)-Structure, function and species differences

Shakya, A.Kumar.; Chowdhury, M.Y.E.; Tao, W.; Gill, H.Singh., 2016:
Mucosal vaccine delivery: Current state and a pediatric perspective

Srivastava, A.; Gowda, D.Vishakante.; Madhunapantula, S.V.; Shinde, C.G.; Iyer, M., 2015:
Mucosal vaccines: a paradigm shift in the development of mucosal adjuvants and delivery vehicles

Witzeman, K.; Nguyen, R.Hn.; Eanes, A.; As-Sanie, S.; Zolnoun, D., 2015:
Mucosal versus muscle pain sensitivity in provoked vestibulodynia

Chhabra, R.; Forrester, A.; Lemiere, S.; Awad, F.; Chantrey, J.; Ganapathy, K., 2016:
Mucosal, Cellular, and Humoral Immune Responses Induced by Different Live Infectious Bronchitis Virus Vaccination Regimes and Protection Conferred against Infectious Bronchitis Virus Q1 Strain

Gao, Y.; Rae, W.; Ramakrishnan, K.Ananth.; Barcenas-Morales, G.; Döffinger, R.; Eren, E.; Faust, S.N.; Ottensmeier, C.H.; Williams, A.P., 2017:
Mucosal-Associated Invariant T (MAIT) Cells Are Impaired in Th17 Associated Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies

Kwon, Y.Soo.; Jin, H-Mi.; Cho, Y-Nan.; Kim, M-Ju.; Kang, J-Hwa.; Jung, H-Ju.; Park, K-Jeong.; Kee, H.Jin.; Kee, S-Jung.; Park, Y-Wook., 2015:
Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cell Deficiency in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Treiner, E.; Liblau, R.S., 2015:
Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis: The Jury is Still Out

Booth, J.S.; Salerno-Goncalves, R.; Blanchard, T.G.; Patil, S.A.; Kader, H.A.; Safta, A.M.; Morningstar, L.M.; Czinn, S.J.; Greenwald, B.D.; Sztein, M.B., 2015:
Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells in the Human Gastric Mucosa and Blood: Role in Helicobacter pylori Infection

Magalhaes, I.; Pingris, K.; Poitou, C.; Bessoles, Séphanie.; Venteclef, N.; Kiaf, B.; Beaudoin, L.; D.S.lva, J.; Allatif, O.; Rossjohn, J.; Kjer-Nielsen, L.; McCluskey, J.; Ledoux, Séverine.; Genser, L.; Torcivia, A.; Soudais, C.; Lantz, O.; Boitard, C.; Aron-Wisnewsky, J.; Larger, E.; Clément, K.; Lehuen, Aès., 2015:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cell alterations in obese and type 2 diabetic patients

Sugimoto, C.; Konno, T.; Wakao, R.; Fujita, H.; Fujita, H.; Wakao, H., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cell is a potential marker to distinguish fibromyalgia syndrome from arthritis

Cui, Y.; Franciszkiewicz, K.; Mburu, Y.K.; Mondot, S.; L.B.urhis, L.; Premel, V.; Martin, E.; Kachaner, A.; Duban, L.; Ingersoll, M.A.; Rabot, S.; Jaubert, J.; D.V.llartay, J-Pierre.; Soudais, C.; Lantz, O., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cell-rich congenic mouse strain allows functional evaluation

Kwon, Y-Soo.; Cho, Y-Nan.; Kim, M-Ju.; Jin, H-Mi.; Jung, H-Ju.; Kang, J-Hwa.; Park, K-Jeong.; Kim, T-Jong.; Kee, H.Jin.; Kim, N.; Kee, S-Jung.; Park, Y-Wook., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells are numerically and functionally deficient in patients with mycobacterial infection and reflect disease activity

Wang, J.J.; Macardle, C.; Weedon, H.; Beroukas, D.; Banovic, T., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells are reduced and functionally immature in the peripheral blood of primary Sjögren's syndrome patients

Sugimoto, C.; Fujita, H.; Wakao, H., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells from induced pluripotent stem cells: A novel approach for modeling human diseases

Jiang, J.; Yang, B.; An, H.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Cao, Z.; Zhai, F.; Wang, R.; Cao, Y.; Cheng, X., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells from patients with tuberculosis exhibit impaired immune response

Hinks, T.S.C., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in autoimmunity, immune-mediated diseases and airways disease

Reantragoon, R.; Boonpattanaporn, N.; Corbett, A.Jane.; McCluskey, J., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in clinical diseases

Treiner, E., 2015:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in inflammatory bowel diseases: bystanders, defenders, or offenders?

Magalhaes, I.; Lehuen, Aès., 2016:
Mucosal-associated invariant T cells in obesity and type 2 diabetes

Gornowicz-Porowska, J.; Dmochowski, M.; Pietkiewicz, P.; Bowszyc-Dmochowska, M., 2016:
Mucosal-dominant pemphigus vulgaris in a captopril-taking woman with angioedema

Eloy, J.Anderson.; Vazquez, A.; Mady, L.J.; Patel, C.R.; Goldstein, I.M.; Liu, J.K., 2016:
Mucosal-sparing posterior septectomy for endoscopic endonasal approach to the craniocervical junction

Li, R.; Chowdhury, M.Y.E.; Kim, J-Hoon.; Kim, T-Hwan.; Pathinayake, P.; Koo, W-Seo.; Park, M-Eun.; Yoon, J-Eun.; Roh, J-Bok.; Hong, S-Pyo.; Sung, M-Hee.; Lee, J-Soo.; Kim, C-Joong., 2016:
Mucosally administered Lactobacillus surface-displayed influenza antigens (sM2 and HA2) with cholera toxin subunit A1 (CTA1) Induce broadly protective immune responses against divergent influenza subtypes

Manieri, N.A.; Mack, M.R.; Himmelrich, M.D.; Worthley, D.L.; Hanson, E.M.; Eckmann, L.; Wang, T.C.; Stappenbeck, T.S., 2015:
Mucosally transplanted mesenchymal stem cells stimulate intestinal healing by promoting angiogenesis

Gupta, A.; West, H.Jack., 2016:
Mucositis (or Stomatitis)

Bourdelin, M.; Daguindau, E.; Larosa, F.; Legrand, F.; Nerich, V.; Deconinck, E.; Limat, S., 2016:
Mucositis after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: Risk factors, clinical consequences and prophylaxis

D.S.nctis, V.; Bossi, P.; Sanguineti, G.; Trippa, F.; Ferrari, D.; Bacigalupo, A.; Ripamonti, C.Ida.; Buglione, M.; Pergolizzi, S.; Langendjik, J.A.; Murphy, B.; Raber-Durlacher, J.; Russi, E.G.; Lalla, R.V., 2016:
Mucositis in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy and systemic therapies: Literature review and consensus statements

Villa, A.; Sonis, S.T., 2016:
Mucositis: pathobiology and management

Wang, J-Y.; Hong, X.; Chen, G-H.; Li, Q-C.; Liu, Z-M., 2016:
Mucosolvan serves to optimize perioperative airway management for NSCLC patients in fast track surgery: a randomized placebo controlled study

Shiwaku, H.; Inoue, H.; Yamashita, Y., 2016:
Mucostomy closure using the endoloop/clips technique in a purse-string manner after an unsuccessful closure during peroral endoscopic myotomy

Schlosser, R.J.; Mulligan, J.K.; Hyer, J.Madison.; Karnezis, T.T.; Gudis, D.A.; Soler, Z.M., 2017:
Mucous Cytokine Levels in Chronic Rhinosinusitis-Associated Olfactory Loss

Mandour, S.S.; Elmazar, H.M.; Marey, H.M.; Rahman, A.K.Abdel.; Sakr, R.A., 2016:
Mucous Membrane Grafting Augmented with Topical Mitomycin C Application in Contracted Socket Repair Surgeries

Minaie, A.; Surani, S.R., 2016:
Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid with Tracheal Involvement

Ricardo, G.F.; Jones, R.J.; Clode, P.L.; Negri, A.P., 2016:
Mucous Secretion and Cilia Beating Defend Developing Coral Larvae from Suspended Sediments

Holley, L.L.; Heidman, M.K.; Chambers, R.M.; Sanderson, S.L., 2015:
Mucous contribution to gut nutrient content in American gizzard shad Dorosoma cepedianum

Gause, C.D.; Hayashi, M.; Haney, C.; Rhee, D.; Karim, O.; Weir, B.W.; Stewart, D.; Lukish, J.; Lau, H.; Abdullah, F.; Gauda, E.; Pryor, H.I., 2016:
Mucous fistula refeeding decreases parenteral nutrition exposure in postsurgical premature neonates

Haddock, C.A.; Stanger, J.D.; Albersheim, S.G.; Casey, L.M.; Butterworth, S.A., 2016:
Mucous fistula refeeding in neonates with enterostomies

Laimer, M.; Aschoff, R., 2016:
Mucous membran diseases

Sawicka, K.; Baraniak, J.; Michalska-Jakubus, Młgorzata.; Przyszlak-Szabała, Młgorzata.; Pietrzak, A.; Mosiewicz, J.; Sierocińska-Sawa, J.; Chodorowska, Gżyna.; Krasowska, D., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid as a cause of acute dysphagia - an endoscopic study

Tham, H.L.; Olivry, T.; Linder, K.E.; Bizikova, P., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid in dogs: a retrospective study of 16 new cases

Wilder, E.; Fernandez, M.P.; Krejci-Manwaring, J., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid involving the trachea and bronchi: an extremely rare and life-threatening presentation

Inoue, T.; Yagami, A.; Iwata, Y.; Ishii, N.; Hashimoto, T.; Matsunaga, K., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid reactive only with BP230

Furusawa, K.; Hasegawa, T.; Hirasawa, Y.; Ikeda, S., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid with esophageal stricture treated with balloon dilatation

Jakubowska, B.; Kowalewski, C.; Ishii, N.; Hashimoto, T.; Fraczek, M.; Kalinska-Bienias, A.; Sobocki, J.; Wozniak, K., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid with severe stricture of the esophagus mediated by IgG and IgA autoantibodies to LAD-1

Mendoza, A.; Rayhan, D.; Ji, P., 2016:
Mucous membrane pemphigoid with severe supraglottic stenosis and bilateral symblepharon

Bal, M.; Berkiten, G.; Uyanık, E., 2015:
Mucous retention cysts of the paranasal sinuses

Esedov, E.M.; Gadzhimirzaev, G.A.; Akhmedova, F.D.; Muradova, V.R.; Gadzhimirzaeva, R.G.; Medzhidova, R.A.; Abasova, A.S., 2016:
Mucoviscidosis, a challenging medical problem

Cassani, E.; Cilia, R.; Laguna, J.; Barichella, M.; Contin, M.; Cereda, E.; Isaias, I.U.; Sparvoli, F.; Akpalu, A.; Budu, K.Ofosu.; Scarpa, M.Teresa.; Pezzoli, G., 2016:
Mucuna pruriens for Parkinson's disease: Low-cost preparation method, laboratory measures and pharmacokinetics profile

Contin, M.; Lopane, G.; Passini, A.; Poli, F.; Iannello, C.; Guarino, M., 2016:
Mucuna pruriens in Parkinson Disease: A Kinetic-Dynamic Comparison With Levodopa Standard Formulations

Yadav, S.Kumar.; Rai, S.Nand.; Singh, S.Pratap., 2016:
Mucuna pruriens reduces inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in Parkinsonian mice model

Yildiz, H.M.; Carlson, T.L.; Goldstein, A.M.; Carrier, R.L., 2016:
Mucus Barriers to Microparticles and Microbes are Altered in Hirschsprung's Disease

Guindolet, D.; Amaouche, N.; Doan, S.; Cochereau, I.; Gabison, É., 2016:
Mucus Fishing syndrome: case report and literature review

Button, B.; Anderson, W.H.; Boucher, R.C., 2018:
Mucus Hyperconcentration as a Unifying Aspect of the Chronic Bronchitic Phenotype

Lee, S.T.M.; Davy, S.K.; Tang, S-Lin.; Kench, P.S., 2016:
Mucus Sugar Content Shapes the Bacterial Community Structure in Thermally Stressed Acropora muricata

Mercier-Bonin, M.; Despax, B.; Raynaud, P.; Houdeau, E.; Thomas, M., 2016:
Mucus and microbiota as emerging players in gut nanotoxicology: The example of dietary silver and titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Kerley, C.P.; Dolan, E.; James, P.E.; Cormican, L., 2018:
Dietary nitrate lowers ambulatory blood pressure in treated, uncontrolled hypertension: a 7-d, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial

Kaur, K.; Saxena, A.; Larsen, B.; Truman, S.; Biyani, N.; Fletcher, E.; Baliga, M.Shrinath.; Ponemone, V.; Hegde, S.; Chanda, A.; Fayad, R., 2015:
Mucus mediated protection against acute colitis in adiponectin deficient mice

Pereira de Sousa, I.; Steiner, C.; Schmutzler, M.; Wilcox, M.D.; Veldhuis, G.J.; Pearson, J.P.; Huck, C.W.; Salvenmoser, W.; Bernkop-Schnürch, A., 2016:
Mucus permeating carriers: formulation and characterization of highly densely charged nanoparticles

Anonymous, 2016:
Mucus permeating nano-carrier systems

Rohrer, J.; Partenhauser, A.; Hauptstein, S.; Gallati, C.Marie.; Matuszczak, B.; Abdulkarim, M.; Gumbleton, M.; Bernkop-Schnürch, A., 2015:
Mucus permeating thiolated self-emulsifying drug delivery systems

Köllner, S.; Dünnhaupt, S.; Waldner, C.; Hauptstein, S.; Pereira de Sousa, I.; Bernkop-Schnürch, A., 2016:
Mucus permeating thiomer nanoparticles

Yu, T.; Chisholm, J.; Choi, W.Jin.; Anonuevo, A.; Pulicare, S.; Zhong, W.; Chen, M.; Fridley, C.; Lai, S.K.; Ensign, L.M.; Suk, J.Soo.; Hanes, J., 2016:
Mucus-Penetrating Nanosuspensions for Enhanced Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs to Mucosal Surfaces

Popov, A.; Enlow, E.; Bourassa, J.; Chen, H., 2016:
Mucus-penetrating nanoparticles made with "mucoadhesive" poly(vinyl alcohol)

Reboleira, A.Sofia.P.S.; Enghoff, H., 2016:
Mud and silk in the dark: A new type of millipede moulting chamber and first observations on the maturation moult in the order Callipodida

Peluso, R.; Caso, F.; Costa, L.; Sorbo, D.; Carraturo, N.; D.M.nno, M.Nicola.Dario.; Carraturo, F.; Oriente, A.; Balestrieri, U.; Minicucci, A.; Del Puente, A.; Scarpa, R., 2016:
Mud-bath therapy and oral glucosamine sulfate in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized, controlled, crossover study

Ciani, O.; Pascarelli, N.Antonio.; Giannitti, C.; Galeazzi, M.; Meregaglia, M.; Fattore, G.; Fioravanti, A., 2016:
Mud-Bath Therapy in Addition to Usual Care in Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis: An Economic Evaluation Alongside a Randomized Controlled Trial

Anker, A.; Pachelle, P.P.G., 2016:
Mud-shrimps of the genus Axianassa Schmitt, 1924 from Panama, with description of two new species (Decapoda: Gebiidea: Laomediidae)

Chien, Y-Hsiu.; Abdenur, J.E.; Baronio, F.; Bannick, A.Anne.; Corrales, F.; Couce, M.; Donner, M.G.; Ficicioglu, C.; Freehauf, C.; Frithiof, D.; Gotway, G.; Hirabayashi, K.; Hofstede, F.; Hoganson, G.; Hwu, W-Liang.; James, P.; Kim, S.; Korman, S.H.; Lachmann, R.; Levy, H.; Lindner, M.; Lykopoulou, L.; Mayatepek, E.; Muntau, A.; Okano, Y.; Raymond, K.; Rubio-Gozalbo, E.; Scholl-Bürgi, S.; Schulze, A.; Singh, R.; Stabler, S.; Stuy, M.; Thomas, J.; Wagner, C.; Wilson, W.G.; Wortmann, S.; Yamamoto, 2016:
Mudd's disease (MAT I/III deficiency): a survey of data for MAT1A homozygotes and compound heterozygotes

Weeks, J., 2014:
Muddled Recommendations From Agencies on Integrated Pain Care … plus more

Vihinen, M., 2016:
Muddled genetic terms miss and mess the message

Lantos, J.D.; Feudtner, C., 2015:
Muddled measures of risks and misremembered reasons

Edwards, R.L.; Odom John, A.R., 2016:
Muddled mechanisms: recent progress towards antimalarial target identification

Gary, F.; Still, C.; Mickels, P.; Hassan, M.; Evans, E., 2015:
Muddling Through the Health System: Experiences of Three Groups of Black Women in Three Regions

Valenti, J.M., 2015:
Muddling through Science at Sundance

Karande, S.; Vaideeswar, P.; Muranjan, M., 2016:
Muddy clinical waters: a missed betel nut in the bronchus

Shah, S.K.; Hicks, C.; D.L.s Santos, M.; Valentine, V., 2016:
Muddying the water for a clear diagnosis

Smith, A.J.; Jin, B-Ju.; Verkman, A.S., 2015:
Muddying the water in brain edema?

Profitós, J.M.Healy.; Mouhaman, A.; Lee, S.; Garabed, R.; Moritz, M.; Piperata, B.; Tien, J.; Bisesi, M.; Lee, J., 2015:
Muddying the waters: a new area of concern for drinking water contamination in Cameroon

Ashique, K.T., 2016:
Mudi-chood: an interesting dermatological entity

Healy, P., 1996:
Mudslinging will not help Cure NHS crisis

Ye, L.; Tang, B.; Wu, K.; Su, Y.; Wang, R.; Yu, Z.; Wang, J., 2016:
Mudworm Polydora lingshuiensis sp. n is a new species that inhabits both shell burrows and mudtubes

Kumar, R.; D'Souza, A.V.L.; Malhotra, V., 2016:
Muehrcke's line

Qiu, J.; Ran, D.; Liu, L.; Hsu, P-Feng., 2016:
Mueller Matrix of Specular Reflection Using an Aluminum Grating Surface with Oxide Nanofilm

Martinez-Ponce, G., 2016:
Mueller imaging polarimetry of holographic polarization gratings inscribed in azopolymer films

Das, N.Kumar.; Dey, R.; Ghosh, N., 2016:
Mueller matrix approach for probing multifractality in the underlying anisotropic connective tissue

Liu, S.; Du, W.; Chen, X.; Jiang, H.; Zhang, C., 2015:
Mueller matrix imaging ellipsometry for nanostructure metrology

Wang, Y.; He, H.; Chang, J.; He, C.; Liu, S.; Li, M.; Zeng, N.; Wu, J.; Ma, H., 2016:
Mueller matrix microscope: a quantitative tool to facilitate detections and fibrosis scorings of liver cirrhosis and cancer tissues

Cervantes-L, J.; Serrano-Garcia, D.I.; Otani, Y.; Cense, B., 2016:
Mueller-matrix modeling and characterization of a dual-crystal electro-optic modulator

Ushenko, Y.A.; Koval, G.D.; Ushenko, A.G.; Dubolazov, O.V.; Ushenko, V.A.; Novakovskaia, O.Yu., 2016:
Mueller-matrix of laser-induced autofluorescence of polycrystalline films of dried peritoneal fluid in diagnostics of endometriosis

Oliveira, D.E.; Rocha, M.R.; Cancello, E.M., 2016:
Muelleritermes: A new termite genus with two species from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (Isoptera: Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae)

Ortiz Movilla, R.; Ros Pérez, Pón.; Muro Brussi, M.; Miralles Molina, Mía., 2016:
Muenke syndrome

Kruszka, P.; Addissie, Y.A.; Yarnell, C.M.P.; Hadley, D.W.; Guillen Sacoto, M.J.; Platte, P.; Paelecke, Y.; Collmann, H.; Snow, N.; Schweitzer, T.; Boyadjiev, S.A.; Aravidis, C.; Hall, S.E.; Mulliken, J.B.; Roscioli, T.; Muenke, M., 2016:
Muenke syndrome: An international multicenter natural history study

Glanemann, R.; Reichmuth, K.; am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, A., 2015:
Muenster Parental Programme--Feedback from Parents: How do parents evaluate an early intervention programme for improving the communication with their baby or toddler with hearing impairment?

Antal, P.; Drahoš, B.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Zěk., 2016:
Muffin-like lanthanide complexes with an N5O2-donor macrocyclic ligand showing field-induced single-molecule magnet behaviour

Ravel, B., 2015:
Muffin-tin potentials in EXAFS analysis

Alic, A.S.; Blanquer, I., 2018:
MuffinInfo: HTML5-Based Statistics Extractor from Next-Generation Sequencing Data

Rosa, A.; Piras, A.; Nieddu, M.; Putzu, D.; Cesare Marincola, F.; Falchi, A.M., 2018:
Mugil cephalus roe oil obtained by supercritical fluid extraction affects the lipid profile and viability in cancer HeLa and B16F10 cells

de Albergaria-Barbosa, A.Cecília.Rizzatti.; Patire, V.Faria.; Taniguchi, S.; Fernandez, W.Silva.; Dias, J.Ferraz.; Bícego, Márcia.Caruso., 2016:
Mugil curema as a PAH bioavailability monitor for Atlantic west sub-tropical estuaries

Das, P.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Kumar Sarkar, N.; Mandal, S.; Kar, M.; Mukhopadhyay, A., 2016:
Mugineic acid, active ingredient of wheat grass: an oral novel hexadentate iron chelator in iron overloaded diseases

Sugita, Y.; Makino, T.; Mizawa, M.; Shimizu, T., 2016:
Mugwort-Mustard Allergy Syndrome due to Broccoli Consumption

Domhnaill, M.Mac., 2016:
Muinín agus pobail. Confidence and community

Makrygiannis, G.; Vahdani, K.; Giasin, O., 2016:
Muir-Torre Syndrome Masquerading as Chalazion

Tulpule, S.; Ibrahim, H.; Osman, M.; Zafar, S.; Kanta, R.; Shypula, G.; Islam, M.A.; Sen, S.; Yousif, A., 2016:
Muir-Torre Syndrome Presenting as Sebaceous Adenocarcinoma and Invasive MSH6-Positive Colorectal Adenocarcinoma

Kurtzman, D.J.B.; Fabiano, A.J.; Qiu, J.; Zeitouni, N.C., 2015:
Muir-Torre Syndrome and Central Nervous System Malignancy: Highlighting an Uncommon Association

Ponti, G.; Manfredini, M.; Tomasi, A.; Pellacani, G., 2015:
Muir-Torre Syndrome and founder mismatch repair gene mutations: A long gone historical genetic challenge

Grob, A.; Feser, C.; Grekin, S., 2016:
Muir-Torre Syndrome: A Case Associated with an Infrequent Gene Mutation

Bhaijee, F.; Brown, A.S., 2015:
Muir-Torre syndrome

Mintsoulis, D.; Beecker, J., 2016:
Muir-Torre syndrome

John, A.M.; Schwartz, R.A., 2016:
Muir-Torre syndrome (MTS): An update and approach to diagnosis and management

Velter, C.; Bourlond, F.; Wettle, C.; Lioure, B.; Lipsker, D.; Maugard, C.; Cribier, B., 2016:
Muir-Torre syndrome associated with Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia

Shaw, K.C.; Altmayer, S.A.; Driscoll, M.S., 2016:
Muir-Torre syndrome: multiple sebaceous neoplasms and visceral malignancy manifesting after cardiac transplantation and iatrogenic immunosuppression

McDonough, A.Manuela.; Vargas, M.; Nguyen-Rodriguez, S.; Garcia, M.; Galvez, G.; Rios-Ellis, B., 2018:
Mujer Sana, Familia Fuerte: The Effects of a Culturally-Relevant, Community-Based, <i>Promotores</i> Program to Increase Cervical Cancer Screening among Latinas

Irarrázabal, L.P.; Ferrer, L.; Villegas, N.; Sanhueza, Sán.; Molina, Y.; Cianelli, R., 2017:
Mujeres que Consumen Sustancias y su Vulnerabilidad frente al VIH en Santiago de Chile (Women Who Consume Substances and Their Vulnerability to HIV in Santiago of Chile)

Bahng, S.; Hayama, R.; Marians, K.J., 2016:
MukB-mediated Catenation of DNA Is ATP and MukEF Independent

Rybenkov, V.V.; Herrera, V.; Petrushenko, Z.M.; Zhao, H., 2015:
MukBEF, a chromosomal organizer

Chitra, G.; Balasubramani, G.; Ramkumar, R.; Sowmiya, R.; Perumal, P., 2015:
Mukia maderaspatana (Cucurbitaceae) extract-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles to control Culex quinquefasciatus and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Hong, S.; Kwon, J.; Kim, D-Woo.; Lee, H.Ju.; Lee, D.; Mar, W., 2016:
Mulberrofuran G Protects Ischemic Injury-induced Cell Death via Inhibition of NOX4-mediated ROS Generation and ER Stress

Li, Y.; Huang, L.; Sun, J.; Wei, X.; Wen, J.; Zhong, G.; Huang, M.; Bi, H., 2016:
Mulberroside A suppresses PXR-mediated transactivation and gene expression of P-gp in LS174T cells

Tong, W.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, H.; Li, F.; Liu, Z.; Wang, Y.; Fang, R.; Zhao, W.; Li, L., 2015:
Mulberry (Morus L.) methionine sulfoxide rreductase gene cloning, sequence analysis, and expression in plant development and stress response

Choi, K.Ha.; Lee, H.Ah.; Park, M.Hwa.; Han, J-Sook., 2016:
Mulberry (Morus alba L.) Fruit Extract Containing Anthocyanins Improves Glycemic Control and Insulin Sensitivity via Activation of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in Diabetic C57BL/Ksj-db/db Mice

Wang, G-qiang.; Zhu, L.; Ma, M-lin.; Chen, X-chang.; Gao, Y.; Yu, T-yong.; Yang, G-she.; Pang, W-jun., 2016:
Mulberry 1-Deoxynojirimycin Inhibits Adipogenesis by Repression of the ERK/PPARγ Signaling Pathway in Porcine Intramuscular Adipocytes

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Mulberry Transcription Factor MnDREB4A Confers Tolerance to Multiple Abiotic Stresses in Transgenic Tobacco

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Mullally to retain seat on management board

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Mullally to visit Wexham Park

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Multi-Modality Vertebra Recognition in Arbitrary Views Using 3D Deformable Hierarchical Model

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Multi-Morbidity in Hospitalised Older Patients: Who Are the Complex Elderly?

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Multi-Motor Unit Potential Analysis and Other Quantitative Techniques for Laryngeal Electromyogram

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Multi-Mounted X-Ray Computed Tomography

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Multi-Nutrient Dietary Intervention Approach to the Management of Alzheimer's Disease - A Mini-Review

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Multi-Objective Model Selection via Racing

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Multi-Scale Patch-Based Image Restoration

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Multi-Sensor Integration to Map Odor Distribution for the Detection of Chemical Sources

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Multi-View Intact Space Learning

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Multi-View Learning With Incomplete Views

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Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as a Catalyst for Gas-Phase Oxidation of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde

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Multi-action planning for threat management: a novel approach for the spatial prioritization of conservation actions

Anonymous, 2016 :
Multi-agency Safeguarding in a Public Protection World Wate Russell and Boulton Nigel Multi-agency Safeguarding in a Public Protection World 215PP £28 Pavilion 9781910366387 1910366382 [Formula: see text

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Multi-agent Architecture for the Multi-Skill Tasks Modeling at the Pediatric Emergency Department

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Multi-alternative decision-making with non-stationary inputs

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Multi-aperture foveated imaging

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Multi-armed Bandit Models for the Optimal Design of Clinical Trials: Benefits and Challenges

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Multi-atlas Based Segmentation Editing with Interaction-Guided Constraints

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Multiatlas-Based Segmentation Editing With Interaction-Guided Patch Selection and Label Fusion

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Multi-atlas-based Segmentation of the Parotid Glands of MR Images in Patients Following Head-and-neck Cancer Radiotherapy

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Multi-attribute integrated measurement of node importance in complex networks

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Multi-axis dose accumulation of noninvasive image-guided breast brachytherapy through biomechanical modeling of tissue deformation using the finite element method

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Multi-beamlet investigation of the deflection compensation methods of SPIDER beamlets

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Multi-bed wards pose higher risk of infection spread by staff

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Multi-breed and multi-trait co-association analysis of meat tenderness and other meat quality traits in three French beef cattle breeds

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Multi-breed genome-wide association study reveals novel loci associated with the weight of internal organs

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Multi-camera and structured-light vision system (MSVS) for dynamic high-accuracy 3D measurements of railway tunnels

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Multi-camera system for 3D forensic documentation

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Multi-catheter interstitial brachytherapy for partial breast irradiation: an audit of implant quality based on dosimetric evaluation comparing intra-operative versus post-operative placement

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Multi-cavity optoelectronic oscillators using multicore fibers

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Multi-cellular interactions sustain long-term contractility of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

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Multi-center clinical study promote the revision of sudden deafness guideline

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Multi-center covalency: revisiting the nature of anion-π interactions

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Multi-center evaluation of the novel fully-automated PCR-based Idylla™ BRAF Mutation Test on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue of malignant melanoma

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Multi-center harmonization of flow cytometers in the context of the European "PRECISESADS" project

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Multi-center prospective analysis of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy to prevent BRCA-associated breast and ovarian cancer

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Multi-center prospective evaluation of discharge criteria for hospitalized patients with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

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Multi-center reproducibility of neurochemical profiles in the human brain at 7 T

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Multi-center study on the effects of television viewing on sleep quality among children under 4 years of age in China

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Multi-center study on the treatment of sudden deafness accompanied with tinnitus

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Multi-center survey of House officers' choice of Medical specialties in Nigeria: preferences and determining factors

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Multi-center, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase II study to assess the efficacy of recombinant MAGE-A3 vaccine as adjuvant therapy in stage IB/II MAGE-A3-positive, completely resected, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

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Multi-center, prospective, randomized, controlled investigational device exemption clinical trial comparing Mobi-C Cervical Artificial Disc to anterior discectomy and fusion in the treatment of symptomatic degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine

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Multi-centered investigation of a point-of-care NT-proBNP ELISA assay to detect moderate to severe occult (pre-clinical) feline heart disease in cats referred for cardiac evaluation

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Multi-centre Raman spectral mapping of oesophageal cancer tissues: a study to assess system transferability

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Multi-centre field evaluation of the performance of the Trinity Biotech Uni-Gold HIV 1/2 rapid test as a first-line screening assay for gay and bisexual men compared with 4th generation laboratory immunoassays

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Multi-centre reproducibility of diffusion MRI parameters for clinical sequences in the brain

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Multi-centre retrospective study of long-term outcomes following traumatic elbow luxation in 37 dogs

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Multi-centre validation of an automatic algorithm for fast 4D myocardial segmentation in cine CMR datasets

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Multi-centre validation of the prognostic value of the haematopoietic cell transplantation- specific comorbidity index among recipient of allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplantation

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Multi-centre variability of ISCEV standard ERGs in two normal adults

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Multi-centre, multi-database studies with common protocols: lessons learnt from the IMI PROTECT project

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Multi-centric clinical study of trial of labor after cesarean section

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Multi-centric spinal extradural malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor: a case report

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Multi-century long density chronology of living and sub-fossil trees from Lake Schwarzensee, Austria

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Multi-chamber electroosmosis using textile reinforced agar membranes--A promising concept for the future of hemodialysis

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Multi-chamber microbial desalination cell for improved organic matter and dissolved solids removal from wastewater

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Multi-channel Doppler backscattering measurements in the C-2 field reversed configuration

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Multi-channel ECG data compression using compressed sensing in eigenspace

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Multi-channel EEG signal feature extraction and pattern recognition on horizontal mental imagination task of 1-D cursor movement for brain computer interface

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Multi-channel EEG-based sleep stage classification with joint collaborative representation and multiple kernel learning

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Multi-channel LED light source for fluorescent agent aided minimally invasive surgery

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Multi-channel SPR biosensor based on PCF for multi-analyte sensing applications

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Multi-channel Synchronization Analysis of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

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Multi-channel audio-based estimation of the Pre-Ejection Period

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Multi-color polymer pen lithography for oligonucleotide arrays

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Multi-compartment compliance aids-a clinical reminder

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Multi-imaging modalities of intraosseous schwannoma of the scapula

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Multi-infarct dementia and Alzheimer disease, contribution of cerebral circulation ultrasonography to pathogenesis and differential diagnosis. Value of microembolisation

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Multi-informant perspective on psychological distress among Ghanaian orphans and vulnerable children within the context of HIV/AIDS

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Multi-innovation auto-constructed least squares identification for 4 DOF ship manoeuvring modelling with full-scale trial data

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Multi-instance multi-label distance metric learning for genome-wide protein function prediction

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Multi-instance multilabel learning with weak-label for predicting protein function in electricigens

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Multi-institutional Study Comparing the Height of Contrast During Performance of Voiding Cystourethrogram in Children

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Multi-institutional registry for prostate cancer radiosurgery: a prospective observational clinical trial

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Multi-institutional validation of the predictive value of Ki-67 in patients with high grade urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract

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Multi-instrumental Analysis of Tissues of Sunflower Plants Treated with Silver(I) Ions - Plants as Bioindicators of Environmental Pollution

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Multi-ion free energy landscapes underscore the microscopic mechanism of ion selectivity in the KcsA channel

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Multi-ion ionic liquids and a direct, reproducible, diversity-oriented way to make them

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Multi-isotopic signatures of organic and conventional Italian pasta along the production chain

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Multi-item direct behavior ratings: Dependability of two levels of assessment specificity

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Multi-joint foot kinetics during walking in people with Diabetes Mellitus and peripheral neuropathy

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Multi-jurisdictional linkage in Australia: proving a concept

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Multi-kW peak power acousto-optically tunable thulium-doped fiber laser system

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Multi-kinase inhibitors

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Multi-kinase inhibitors can associate with heat shock proteins through their NH2-termini by which they suppress chaperone function

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Multi-kinase inhibitors interact with sildenafil and ERBB1/2/4 inhibitors to kill tumor cells in vitro and in vivo

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Multi-kinase inhibitors, AURKs and cancer

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Multi-kinect skeleton fusion for physical rehabilitation monitoring

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Multi-Label Dictionary Learning for Image Annotation

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Multi-label multi-instance transfer learning for simultaneous reconstruction and cross-talk modeling of multiple human signaling pathways

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Multi-laboratory evaluation of SkinEthic HCE test method for testing serious eye damage/eye irritation using solid chemicals and overall performance of the test method with regard to solid and liquid chemicals testing

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Multi-laminated metal hydroxide nanocontainers for oral-specific delivery for bioavailability improvement and treatment of inflammatory paw edema in mice

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Multi-layer Flow-modulating Stents for Thoraco-abdominal and Peri-renal Aneurysms: The UK Pilot Study

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Multi-layer Lanczos iteration approach to calculations of vibrational energies and dipole transition intensities for polyatomic molecules

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Multi-layer composite mechanical modeling for the inhomogeneous biofilm mechanical behavior

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Multi-layer electrospun membrane mimicking tendon sheath for prevention of tendon adhesions

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Multi-layer multi-configuration time-dependent Hartree (ML-MCTDH) approach to the correlated exciton-vibrational dynamics in the FMO complex

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Multi-layer sparse representation for weighted LBP-patches based facial expression recognition

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Multi-layer three-dimensionally ordered bismuth trioxide/titanium dioxide nanocomposite: synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic activity

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Multi-layer ventilation inhomogeneity in cystic fibrosis

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Multi-layered Gag-specific immunodominant responses contribute to improved viral control in the CRF01_AE subtype of HIV-1-infected MSM subjects

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Multi-layered Regulation of SPL15 and Cooperation with SOC1 Integrate Endogenous Flowering Pathways at the Arabidopsis Shoot Meristem

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Multi-layered black phosphorus as saturable absorber for pulsed Cr:ZnSe laser at 2.4 μm

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Multi-layered collagen-based scaffolds for osteochondral defect repair in rabbits

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Multi-layered epigenetic mechanisms contribute to transcriptional memory in T lymphocytes

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Multi-layered molecular mechanisms of polypeptide holding, unfolding and disaggregation by HSP70/HSP110 chaperones

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Multi-layered nanofibrous mucoadhesive films for buccal and sublingual administration of drug-delivery and vaccination nanoparticles - important step towards effective mucosal vaccines

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Multi-layered polymeric nanoparticles for pH-responsive and sequenced release of theranostic agents

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Multi-layered, membrane-integrated microfluidics based on replica molding of a thiol-ene epoxy thermoset for organ-on-a-chip applications

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Multi-length scale porous polymer films from hypercrosslinked breath figure arrays

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Multi-length-scale relationships between the polymer molecular structure and charge transport: the case of poly-naphthalene diimide bithiophene

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Multi-level Bayesian safety analysis with unprocessed Automatic Vehicle Identification data for an urban expressway

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Multi-Level Canonical Correlation Analysis for Standard-Dose PET Image Estimation

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Multi-level biological responses in Ucides cordatus (Linnaeus, 1763) (Brachyura, Ucididae) as indicators of conservation status in mangrove areas from the western atlantic

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Multi-level block permutation

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Multi-level characterization of human femoral cortices and their underlying osteocyte network reveal trends in quality of young, aged, osteoporotic and antiresorptive-treated bone

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Multi-level coupled cluster theory

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Multi-level discriminative dictionary learning with application to large scale image classification

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Multi-level dissolution and hydrolysis of lignocellulosic waste with a semi-flow hydrothermal system

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Multi-level femoral morphology and mechanical properties of rats of different ages

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Multi-level gene/MiRNA feature selection using deep belief nets and active learning

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Multi-level hot zone identification for pedestrian safety

Parravicini, A.; Pievani, T., 2016:
Multi-level human evolution: ecological patterns in hominin phylogeny

Feng, L.; Lyu, Z.; Offenhäusser, A.; Mayer, D., 2016:
Multi-level logic gate operation based on amplified aptasensor performance

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Multi-level machine learning prediction of protein-protein interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Arshad, J.; Hoffmann, A.; Gesing, S.; Grunzke, R.; Krüger, J.; Kiss, T.; Herres-Pawlis, S.; Terstyanszky, G., 2016:
Multi-level meta-workflows: new concept for regularly occurring tasks in quantum chemistry

Zang, J.; Xu, J.; Xiang, C.; He, J.; Zou, S., 2015:
Multi-level model synthesis of median survival time in meta-analysis

Maimoun, M.; Madani, K.; Reinhart, D., 2016:
Multi-level multi-criteria analysis of alternative fuels for waste collection vehicles in the United States

Roberts, T.C.; Johansson, H.J.; McClorey, G.; Godfrey, C.; Blomberg, K.Emelie.M.; Coursindel, T.; Gait, M.J.; Smith, C.I.Edvard.; Lehtiö, J.; E.A.daloussi, S.; Wood, M.J.A., 2016:
Multi-level omics analysis in a murine model of dystrophin loss and therapeutic restoration

Neelamegham, S.; Mahal, L.K., 2016:
Multi-level regulation of cellular glycosylation: from genes to transcript to enzyme to structure

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