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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58361

Chapter 58361 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Mirza, F.A.; Fraser, J.F., 2016:
Multiple Dural and Pial Arteriovenous Fistulae in a Twenty-Four-Year-Old Woman in the Setting of Superior Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis: Case Report and Review of Literature

Zheng, G.; Fang, G.; Shankaran, R.; Orgun, M.A.; Zhou, J.; Qiao, L.; Saleem, K., 2016:
Multiple ECG Fiducial Points-Based Random Binary Sequence Generation for Securing Wireless Body Area Networks

Chen, L.; Lau, M.S.Y.; Banfield, D.K., 2017:
Multiple ER-Golgi SNARE transmembrane domains are dispensable for trafficking but required for SNARE recycling

Seni, J.; Falgenhauer, L.; Simeo, N.; Mirambo, M.M.; Imirzalioglu, C.; Matee, M.; Rweyemamu, M.; Chakraborty, T.; Mshana, S.E., 2016:
Multiple ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli Sequence Types Carrying Quinolone and Aminoglycoside Resistance Genes Circulating in Companion and Domestic Farm Animals in Mwanza, Tanzania, Harbor Commonly Occurring Plasmids

Zhong, X-Ling.; Huang, B.; Liu, C.; Zhan, S-Quan., 2015:
Multiple Ecchordosis Physaliphora: A Challenging Diagnosis

Liu, Y.; Tan, L.; Wang, H-Fu.; Liu, Y.; Hao, X-Ke.; Tan, C-Chen.; Jiang, T.; Liu, B.; Zhang, D-Qiang.; Yu, J-Tai., 2015:
Multiple Effect of APOE Genotype on Clinical and Neuroimaging Biomarkers Across Alzheimer's Disease Spectrum

Devesa, Jús.; Almengló, C.; Devesa, P., 2016:
Multiple Effects of Growth Hormone in the Body: Is it Really the Hormone for Growth?

Gillet, B.; Ianotto, J-Christophe.; Mingant, F.; Didier, R.; Gilard, M.; Ugo, Vérie.; Lippert, E.; Galinat, H., 2016:
Multiple Electrode Aggregometry is an adequate method for aspirin response testing in myeloproliferative neoplasms and differentiates the mechanisms of aspirin resistance

Antoine, R.; Enjalbert, Q.; MacAleese, L.; Dugourd, P.; Giuliani, A.; Nahon, L., 2014:
Multiple Electron Ejection from Proteins Resulting from Single-Photon Excitation in the Valence Shell

Mo, H.; Kwon, H-Min.; Choi, J-Sung.; Ahn, S.Jae.; Lee, Y-Seok., 2016:
Multiple Embolic Infarction Due to a Primary Aortic Intimal Sarcoma

Kadar, A.; Kleinstern, G.; Morsy, M.; Soreide, E.; Moran, S.L., 2016:
Multiple Enchondromas of the Hand in Children: Long-Term Follow-Up of Mean 15.4 Years

Sunny, G.; Hoisala, V.Ravi.; Cicilet, S.; Sadashiva, S., 2016:
Multiple Enchondromatosis: Olliers Disease- A Case Report

Boberg, J.; Axelstad, M.; Svingen, T.; Mandrup, K.; Christiansen, S.; Vinggaard, A.M.; Hass, U., 2016:
Multiple Endocrine Disrupting Effects in Rats Perinatally Exposed to Butylparaben

Drbalová, Kína.; Herdová, Křina.; Krejčí, P.; Nývltová, M.; Solař, S.; Vedralová, L.; Záruba, P.; Netuka, D.; Bavor, P., 2016:
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia I (Wermers Syndrome), Forms of Clinical Manifestation, 5 Case Studies

Clark, P., 2015:
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes

Grajo, J.R.; Paspulati, R.Mohan.; Sahani, D.V.; Kambadakone, A., 2016:
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes: A Comprehensive Imaging Review

Kwon, E.Byul.; Jeong, H.Rim.; Shim, Y.Seok.; Lee, H.Sang.; Hwang, J.Soon., 2016 :
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 Presenting as Hypoglycemia due to Insulinoma

Knaus, C.M.; Patronas, N.J.; Papadakis, G.Z.; Short, T.K.; Smirniotopoulos, J.G., 2015:
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, Type 1: Imaging Solutions to Clinical Questions

Norton, J.A.; Krampitz, G.; Jensen, R.T., 2016:
Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia: Genetics and Clinical Management

Wang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Lan, R.; Xu, H.; Ma, A.; Li, D.; Dai, H.; Yuan, X.; Xu, J.; Ye, C., 2016:
Multiple Endonuclease Restriction Real-Time Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification: A Novel Analytically Rapid, Sensitive, Multiplex Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Detection Technique

Goodman, S.M.; Singh, V.; Ribot, J.Casamada.; Chatterjee, A.; Nagpal, P., 2015:
Multiple Energy Exciton Shelves in Quantum-Dot-DNA Nanobioelectronics

Dharamshi, H.Abbas.; Mohsin Ali, A.Abbas.; Raza, T.; Shahid, N.; Sheraz, F.; Sajid, T.; Lilani, Z.; Rehman, M.Ur.; Nafees, T., 2016:
Multiple Enteroenteric Fistulas- Crohn's Disease- A Case Report

Kim, H.Jin.; Koh, S.Hoon.; Jung, S.Won.; Yang, J.; Lim, H., 2016:
Multiple Epidermal Cysts in the Volar Skin of the Thumb

Seo, D-Ho.; Lee, K-Seok.; Shim, J-Joon.; Yoon, S-Mann., 2014:
Multiple Episodes of Hemorrhage Identified in MRI of Chronic Subdural Hematomas

Battauz, M., 2016:
Multiple Equating of Separate IRT Calibrations

Monteiro, R.; Aithal, V.; Tirumalae, R., 2016:
Multiple Eruptive Dermatofibromas Masquerading as Cutaneous Lymphoma

Xu, Y.; Li, H.; Wang, Z-Xing.; Yang, S., 2016:
Multiple Eruptive Pyogenic Granulomas Occurring in a Region of Scalded Skin

Oh, S.B.; Word, A.P.; Dominguez, A.R., 2016:
Multiple Erythematous Papules in a Child with Neutropenia

Chakravarti, A.; Garg, S.; Bhargava, R., 2016:
Multiple Esophageal Foreign Bodies in an Infant: A Rare Case of Serious Parental Neglect

Marsh, H.W.; Bazeley, P., 1999:
Multiple Evaluations of Grant Proposals by Independent Assessors: Confirmatory Factor Analysis Evaluations of Reliability, Validity, and Structure

Barile, G.R.; Harmon, S.A., 2016:
Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome With Central Visual Loss

Zhao, L.; Jiang, X-Wang.; Zuo, Y-Juan.; Liu, X-Lin.; Chin, S-Wai.; Haberle, R.; Potter, D.; Chang, Z-Yang.; Wen, J., 2016:
Multiple Events of Allopolyploidy in the Evolution of the Racemose Lineages in Prunus (Rosaceae) Based on Integrated Evidence from Nuclear and Plastid Data

Li, Q.; Li, J.; Sun, J-Long.; Ma, X-Feng.; Wang, T-Ting.; Berkey, R.; Yang, H.; Niu, Y-Ze.; Fan, J.; Li, Y.; Xiao, S.; Wang, W-Ming., 2016:
Multiple Evolutionary Events Involved in Maintaining Homologs of Resistance to Powdery Mildew 8 in Brassica napus

Wheeler, L.C.; Donor, M.T.; Prell, J.S.; Harms, M.J., 2016:
Multiple Evolutionary Origins of Ubiquitous Cu2+ and Zn2+ Binding in the S100 Protein Family

Ma, Y-Ping.; Ke, H.; Liang, Z-Ling.; Liu, Z-Xing.; Hao, L.; Ma, J-Yao.; Li, Y-Gu., 2016:
Multiple Evolutionary Selections Involved in Synonymous Codon Usages in the Streptococcus agalactiae Genome

Bae, S.Hwan.; Hwang, J.Hwa.; D.N.m, B.; Kim, H.Jo.; Kim, K-Up.; Kim, D.Won.; Choi, I.Ho., 2016:
Multiple Ewing Sarcoma/Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors in the Mediastinum: A Case Report and Literature Review

Beard, M.C., 2011:
Multiple Exciton Generation in Semiconductor Quantum Dots

Qiu, X.; Tan, K.Chen.; Xu, J-Xin., 2016:
Multiple Exponential Recombination for Differential Evolution

Delaleau, M.; Borden, K.L.B., 2015:
Multiple Export Mechanisms for mRNAs

Nogueira, D.Silva.; Gazzinelli-Guimarães, P.Henrique.; Barbosa, F.Sérgio.; Resende, Nália.Maria.; Silva, C.Cavalcanti.; de Oliveira, L.Maria.; Amorim, C.Cássia.Oliveira.; Oliveira, Fício.Marcus.Silva.; Mattos, M.Silvério.; Kraemer, L.Rocha.; Caliari, M.Vidigal.; Gaze, S.; Bueno, L.Lacerda.; Russo, R.Castro.; Fujiwara, R.Toshio., 2016:
Multiple Exposures to Ascaris suum Induce Tissue Injury and Mixed Th2/Th17 Immune Response in Mice

Lowenstein, P.R.; Castro, M.G., 2016:
Multiple Expressed Endogenous Glioma Epitopes as Novel Vaccines for Gliomas

Cai, Y.; Yang, L.; Callen, S.; Buch, S., 2016:
Multiple Faceted Roles of Cocaine in Potentiation of HAND

Purcell, S.W.; Ngaluafe, P.; Foale, S.J.; Cocks, N.; Cullis, B.R.; Lalavanua, W., 2016:
Multiple Factors Affect Socioeconomics and Wellbeing of Artisanal Sea Cucumber Fishers

Zhao, H-Long.; Xia, Z-Kui.; Zhang, F-Zhan.; Ye, Y-Nong.; Guo, F-Biao., 2016:
Multiple Factors Drive Replicating Strand Composition Bias in Bacterial Genomes

Wang, X.; Liu, H.; Chen, J.; Li, Y.; Qu, S., 2015:
Multiple Factors Related to the Secretion of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1

Chandurkar, V.; Marliss, E.B., 2015:
Multiple Factors in Recurrent Symptomatic Hypocalcemia Following Denosumab in a Patient Receiving Home Parenteral Nutrition

Sangwaiya, A.; Sharma, J.; Sharma, S.; Munghate, A.; Samal, S.; Sen, R., 2015:
Multiple Familial Trichoepithelioma with an Adjacent Basal Cell Carcinoma, Transformation or Collision - A Case Report and Review of Literature

Chacko, A.; Gopalan, G.; Franco, L.; Dean-Assael, K.; Jackson, J.; Marcus, S.; Hoagwood, K.; McKay, M., 2015:
Multiple Family Group Service Model for Children With Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Child Outcomes at Post-Treatment

Gopalan, G.; Fuss, A.; Wisdom, J.P., 2015:
Multiple Family Groups for Child Behavior Difficulties Retention Among Child Welfare-Involved Caregivers

Gopalan, G.; Chacko, A.; Franco, L.; Dean-Assael, K.M.; Rotko, L.E.; Marcus, S.M.; Hoagwood, K.E.; McKay, M.M., 2015:
Multiple Family Groups for Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Child Outcomes at 6-Month Follow-Up

Gopalan, G.; Small, L.; Fuss, A.; Bowman, M.; Jackson, J.; Marcus, S.; Chacko, A., 2016:
Multiple Family Groups to reduce child disruptive behavior difficulties: moderating effects of child welfare status on child outcomes

Lezkan, A.; Manuel, S.G.; Colgate, J.Edward.; Klatzky, R.L.; Peshkin, M.A.; Drewing, K., 2017:
Multiple Fingers - One Gestalt

Merz, B.; Frommherz, L.; Rist, M.J.; Kulling, S.E.; Bub, A.; Watzl, B., 2018:
Dietary Pattern and Plasma BCAA-Variations in Healthy Men and Women-Results from the KarMeN Study

Hotta, E.; Nakai, N.; Katoh, N., 2016:
Multiple Fixed Drug Eruption Caused by Promethazine Methylene Disalicylate as One of the Components of PL(®) Combination Granules

Huang, X.; Liu, B.; Zhuang, R-Chuan.; Pan, Y.; Mi, J-Xiao.; Huang, Y-Xi., 2016:
Multiple Fluorine-Substituted Phosphate Germanium Fluorides and Their Thermal Stabilities

Lee, S-Hun.; Ledri, M.; Tóth, B.; Marchionni, I.; Henstridge, C.M.; Dudok, B.; Kenesei, K.; Barna, László.; Szabó, Sárd.I.; Renkecz, T.; Oberoi, M.; Watanabe, M.; Limoli, C.L.; Horvai, G.; Soltesz, I.; Katona, Ián., 2015:
Multiple Forms of Endocannabinoid and Endovanilloid Signaling Regulate the Tonic Control of GABA Release

Zhang, Q.; Zhang, Q.; Chen, H.; Chen, Y.; Zhou, Y., 2016:
Multiple Forms of Human DNA Polymerase Delta Sub-Assembling in Cellular DNA Transactions

John, B.M.; Patnaik, S.K.; Thergaonkar, R.W., 2006:
Multiple Fractures in Neonates and Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Yi, H-Seung.; Kim, J.Min.; Ju, S.Hyeon.; Lee, Y.; Kim, H.Jin.; Kim, K.Soon., 2016:
Multiple Fractures in Patient with Graves' Disease Accompanied by Isolated Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

Moeller, H.V.; Neubert, M.G., 2016:
Multiple Friends with Benefits: An Optimal Mutualist Management Strategy?

Jin, Y.; Andersen, G.H.L.; Santorico, S.A.; Spritz, R.A., 2016:
Multiple Functional Variants of IFIH1, a Gene Involved in Triggering Innate Immune Responses, Protect against Vitiligo

Takahashi, H.; Yanagisawa, T.; Kim, K.Sik.; Yokoyama, S.; Ohnishi, M., 2015:
Multiple Functions of Glutamate Uptake via Meningococcal GltT-GltM L-Glutamate ABC Transporter in Neisseria meningitidis Internalization into Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells

Estève, D.; Galitzky, J.; Bouloumié, A.; Fonta, C.; Buchet, Ré.; Magne, D., 2016:
Multiple Functions of MSCA-1/TNAP in Adult Mesenchymal Progenitor/Stromal Cells

Abe, J-Ichi., 2016:
Multiple Functions of Protein Inhibitor of Activated STAT1 in Regulating Endothelial Cell Proliferation and Inflammation

Tian, Y-Ping.; Zhu, Y-Min.; Sun, X-Hui.; Lai, M-De., 2016:
Multiple Functions of Ten-eleven Translocation 1 during Tumorigenesis

Rebay, I., 2016:
Multiple Functions of the Eya Phosphotyrosine Phosphatase

Bjerkan, L.; Sonesson, A.; Schenck, K., 2016:
Multiple Functions of the New Cytokine-Based Antimicrobial Peptide Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin (TSLP)

L.P.pe, P.; Lavergne, R-Anne.; Morio, F.; Alvarez-Moreno, C., 2016:
Multiple Fungicide-Driven Alterations in Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus, Colombia, 2015

Patoulias, I.; Kaselas, C.; Patoulias, D.; Farmakis, K.; Papacrivou, E.; Kalogirou, M.; Feidantsis, T., 2016:
Multiple Gastric Erosion Early after a 3 V Lithium Battery (CR2025) Ingestion in an 18-Month-Old Male Patient: Consideration about the Proper Time of Intervention

Tomatsu, M.; Isogaki, J.; Watanabe, T.; Yajima, K.; Okumura, T.; Yamashita, K.; Suzuki, K.; Kawabe, A.; Komiyama, A.; Hirota, S., 2016:
Multiple Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Amaravadi, R.K.; Hamilton, K.E.; Ma, X.; Piao, S.; Portillo, A.Del.; Nathanson, K.L.; Carlino, M.S.; Long, G.V.; Puzanov, I.; Xu, X.; Morrissette, J.J.D.; Tsai, K.Y.; Flaherty, K.T.; Sosman, J.A.; Goodman, G.R.; McArthur, G.A.; Rustgi, A.K.; Metz, D.C.; Schuchter, L.M.; Chapman, P.B.; Sepulveda, A.R., 2016:
Multiple Gastrointestinal Polyps in Patients Treated with BRAF Inhibitors

Soin, A.; Sharma, G.; Soin, G.; Raina, A.; Mutneja, P.; Nagpal, A., 2015:
Multiple Geminated Supernumerary Premolars: A Rare Case Report

Yao, L.; Cengic, I.; Anfelt, J.; Hudson, E.P., 2015:
Multiple Gene Repression in Cyanobacteria Using CRISPRi

Ahmed-Braimah, Y.H., 2016:
Multiple Genes Cause Postmating Prezygotic Reproductive Isolation in the Drosophila virilis Group

Shin, D-Hyun.; Lee, J.Woo.; Park, J-Eun.; Choi, I-Young.; Oh, H-Seok.; Kim, H.Jeong.; Kim, H., 2015:
Multiple Genes Related to Muscle Identified through a Joint Analysis of a Two-stage Genome-wide Association Study for Racing Performance of 1,156 Thoroughbreds

Kumar, S.; Jain, K.Kumar.; Bhardwaj, K.N.; Chakraborty, S.; Kuhad, R.Chander., 2016:
Multiple Genes in a Single Host: Cost-Effective Production of Bacterial Laccase (cotA), Pectate Lyase (pel), and Endoxylanase (xyl) by Simultaneous Expression and Cloning in Single Vector in E. coli

Dong, F.; Ji, D.; Huang, R.; Zhang, F.; Huang, Y.; Xiang, P.; Kong, M.; Nan, L.; Zeng, X.; Wu, Y.; Bao, Z., 2016:
Multiple Genetic Analysis System-Based Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing in Helicobacter pylori and High Eradication Rate With Phenotypic Resistance-Guided Quadruple Therapy

Phillips, G.A.C.; Carleton, K.L.; Marshall, N.Justin., 2016:
Multiple Genetic Mechanisms Contribute to Visual Sensitivity Variation in the Labridae

Yang, H.; Wang, Q.; Zheng, L.; Lin, M.; Zheng, X-bin.; Lin, F.; Yang, L-Ye., 2016:
Multiple Genetic Modifiers of Bilirubin Metabolism Involvement in Significant Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in Patients of Chinese Descent

Lim, T.Peng.; Ong, R.Twee-Hee.; Hon, P-Yun.; Hawkey, J.; Holt, K.E.; Koh, T.Hsien.; Leong, M.Lo-Ngah.; Teo, J.Qi-Min.; Tan, T.Yen.; Ng, M.Mah-Lee.; Hsu, L.Yang., 2016:
Multiple Genetic Mutations Associated with Polymyxin Resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii

Geissler, A.J.; Behr, Jürgen.; Vogel, R.F., 2016:
Multiple Genome Sequences of Important Beer-Spoiling Lactic Acid Bacteria

Geissler, A.J.; Behr, Jürgen.; Vogel, R.F., 2016:
Multiple Genome Sequences of the Important Beer-Spoiling Species Lactobacillus backii

Hwang, J.S.; Fitzhugh, V.A.; Gibson, P.D.; Didesch, J.; Ahmed, I., 2016:
Multiple Giant Cell Tumors of Tendon Sheath Found within a Single Digit of a 9-Year-Old

Kerfant, N.; Bardin, T.; Roulot, E., 2015:
Multiple Giant Cell Tumors of the Tendon Sheath : Separate Volar and Dorsal Lesions Involving Three Digits of the Same Hand Following Repetitive Trauma

Janík, M.; Hejna, P.; Ublová, M.; Šteiner, I., 2016:
Multiple Giant Coronary Artery Aneurysms: A Rare Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death

Peter, C.Dincy.; Jennifer, A., 2016:
Multiple Giant Cutaneous Horns in a Renal Transplant Recipient

Orazi, Mía.Laura.; Svetliza, G.Noemí.; de Vito, E.Luis.; Precerutti, J.Arturo., 2016:
Multiple Giant Diverticula of the Bronchus

Yeh, C-Chu.; Yao, M.; Su, T-Hung., 2016:
Multiple Giant Mushroom-like Tumors Inside the Stomach

Asilian, A.; Siadat, A.Hossein.; Shahmoradi, Z.; Shariat, S.; Moghadam, N.Afshar.; Soozangar, H., 2016:
Multiple Giant Pilar Cyst Distributed Over the Body Since Childhood

Singla, A.; Singh, M.; Singla, S., 2015:
Multiple Giant Sebaceous Cysts of Scalp

Beksac, K.; Karakoc, D., 2016:
Multiple Giant Splenic Artery Aneurysms Causing Sinistral (Left-Sided) Portal Hypertension

Dandu, S.Raju.; Murthy, K.Raja., 2016:
Multiple Gingival Recession Defects Treated with Coronally Advanced Flap and Either the VISTA Technique Enhanced with GEM 21S or Periosteal Pedicle Graft: A 9-Month Clinical Study

Jung, W.Beom.; Park, I.Ja.; Song, J.Seon.; Cho, K-Ja.; Kim, J.Cheon., 2015:
Multiple Glomus Tumors of the Omentum

Valle, A.; Pan, I.; Núñez, Jé.C.; Rodríguez, S.; Rosário, P.; Regueiro, B., 2016:
Multiple Goals and Homework Involvement in Elementary School Students

Roeper, T.W., 2016:
Multiple Grammars and the Logic of Learnability in Second Language Acquisition

Siddalingappa, K.; Murthy, S.Chidambara.; Herakal, K.; Kusuma, M.Ramachandra., 2015:
Multiple Granuloma Annulare in a 2-year-old Child

Ryu, E., 2016:
Multiple Group Analysis in Multilevel Structural Equation Model Across Level 1 Groups

Levin, J., 1988:
Multiple Group Factor Analysis of Multitrait-Multimethod Matrices

Al Gwairi, O.; Osman, N.; Getachew, R.; Zheng, W.; Liang, X-L.; Kamato, D.; Thach, L.; Little, P.J., 2017:
Multiple Growth Factors, But Not VEGF, Stimulate Glycosaminoglycan Hyperelongation in Retinal Choroidal Endothelial Cells

Nikolakis, G.; Karagiannidis, I.; Zampeli, V.A.; Altenburg, A.; Brunner, M.; Zouboulis, C.C., 2015:
Multiple HPV-Induced Squamous Cell Carcinomas on the Fingers of a Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case and Review

Rodrigues, V.; Rao, M.Kg.; Nayak, S., 2016:
Multiple Heads of Gastrocnemius with Bipennate Fiber Arrangement- A Clinically Significant Variation

Cespedes, E.M.; Hu, F.B.; Tinker, L.; Rosner, B.; Redline, S.; Garcia, L.; Hingle, M.; Van Horn, L.; Howard, B.V.; Levitan, E.B.; Li, W.; Manson, J.E.; Phillips, L.S.; Rhee, J.J.; Waring, M.E.; Neuhouser, M.L., 2016:
Multiple Healthful Dietary Patterns and Type 2 Diabetes in the Women's Health Initiative

Zhang, D-Yong.; Lu, Z.; Ma, X.; Wang, Q-Yue.; Sun, W-Liang.; Wu, W.; Cui, P-Yuan., 2015:
Multiple Hemolymphangioma of the Visceral Organs: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Jasem, J.; Altoos, B.; Fisher, C.M.; Elias, A.D.; Kounalakis, N.; Borges, V.F.; Kabos, P., 2015:
Multiple Hepatic Lesions in a Patient With a History of DCIS

Roman, T.S.; Marvelle, A.F.; Fogarty, M.P.; Vadlamudi, S.; Gonzalez, A.J.; Buchkovich, M.L.; Huyghe, J.R.; Fuchsberger, C.; Jackson, A.U.; Wu, Y.; Civelek, M.; Lusis, A.J.; Gaulton, K.J.; Sethupathy, P.; Kangas, A.J.; Soininen, P.; Ala-Korpela, M.; Kuusisto, J.; Collins, F.S.; Laakso, M.; Boehnke, M.; Mohlke, K.L., 2016:
Multiple Hepatic Regulatory Variants at the GALNT2 GWAS Locus Associated with High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol

Aragri, M.; Alteri, C.; Battisti, A.; Di Carlo, D.; Minichini, C.; Sagnelli, C.; Bellocchi, M.Concetta.; Pisaturo, M.Antonietta.; Starace, M.; Armenia, D.; Carioti, L.; Pollicita, M.; Salpini, R.; Sagnelli, E.; Perno, C.Federico.; Coppola, N.; Svicher, V., 2017:
Multiple Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Quasispecies and Immune-Escape Mutations Are Present in HBV Surface Antigen and Reverse Transcriptase of Patients With Acute Hepatitis B

Neves, Jão.V.; Caldas, C.; Vieira, Iês.; Ramos, M.F.; Rodrigues, P.N.S., 2015:
Multiple Hepcidins in a Teleost Fish, Dicentrarchus labrax: Different Hepcidins for Different Roles

Mahmood, K.; Mathiassen, S.K.; Kristensen, M.; Kudsk, P., 2016:
Multiple Herbicide Resistance in Lolium multiflorum and Identification of Conserved Regulatory Elements of Herbicide Resistance Genes

DuBose, C.O., 2016:
Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

Schulman, J.M.; Oh, D.H.; Sanborn, J.Zachary.; Pincus, L.; McCalmont, T.H.; Cho, R.J., 2016:
Multiple Hereditary Infundibulocystic Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome Associated With a Germline SUFU Mutation

Katou-Ichikawa, C.; Izawa, T.; Sasai, H.; Kuwamura, M.; Yamate, J., 2018:
Multiple Histiocytic Foam Cell Nodules in the Tongue of Miniature Dachshund Dogs

Socoliuc, C.; Zurac, S.; Andrei, R.; Stăniceanu, F., 2015:
Multiple Histological Subtypes of Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Occurring in the Same Tumor

Wang, N.; Jia, S.; Xu, H.; Liu, Y.; Huang, D., 2016:
Multiple Horizontal Transfers of Bacteriophage WO and Host Wolbachia in Fig Wasps in a Closed Community

Choi, H.Jun.; Lee, J.Ho., 2016:
Multiple Human Papilloma Virus 16 Infection Presenting as Various Skin Lesions

Salazar, K.L.; Zhou, H.Steve.; Xu, J.; Peterson, L.E.; Schwartz, M.R.; Mody, D.R.; Ge, Y., 2016:
Multiple Human Papilloma Virus Infections and Their Impact on the Development of High-Risk Cervical Lesions

Kwon, T.; Moon, K.Hyun.; Yang, S-Hak.; Roh, M.Cheol.; Lee, S.Hoon.; Kim, J.Won.; Kim, I.Kyu.; Roh, K.Ho.; Park, S., 2016:
Multiple Human Papillomavirus Infection Is Associated with High-Risk Infection in Male Genital Warts in Ulsan, Korea

Miyazaki, T.; Kasama, Y., 2015:
Multiple Human Tracking Using Binary Infrared Sensors

Virmani, N.C.; Dash, K.N.; Sharma, Y.K.; Patvekar, M.A., 2015:
Multiple Hypopigmented Truncal Papules

Detree, C.; Chabenat, A.; Lallier, Fçois.H.; Satoh, N.; Shoguchi, E.; Tanguy, A.; Mary, J., 2016:
Multiple I-Type Lysozymes in the Hydrothermal Vent Mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus and Their Role in Symbiotic Plasticity

Han, B.; Yuan, H.; Wang, T.; Li, B.; Ma, L.; Yu, S.; Huang, T.; Li, Y.; Fang, D.; Chen, X.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, S.; Guo, Y.; Fei, J.; Ren, L.; Pan-Hammarström, Q.; Hammarström, L.; Wang, J.; Wang, J.; Hou, Y.; Pan, Q.; Xu, X.; Zhao, Y., 2017:
Multiple IgH Isotypes Including IgD, Subclasses of IgM, and IgY Are Expressed in the Common Ancestors of Modern Birds

Mutimbu, L.; Robles-Kelly, A., 2016:
Multiple Illuminant Colour Estimation via Statistical Inference on Factor Graphs

Kurien, B.T.; Scofield, R.Hal., 2016:
Multiple Immunoblots by Passive Diffusion of Proteins from a Single SDS-PAGE Gel

Kobayashi, K.; Endo, K.; Wada, H., 2016:
Multiple Impacts of Loss of Plastidic Phosphatidylglycerol Biosynthesis on Photosynthesis during Seedling Growth of Arabidopsis

Zhang, Z.; Fang, H.; Wang, H., 2017:
Multiple Imputation based Clustering Validation (MIV) for Big Longitudinal Trial Data with Missing Values in eHealth

Liu, Y.; De, A., 2015:
Multiple Imputation by Fully Conditional Specification for Dealing with Missing Data in a Large Epidemiologic Study

Wang, C.; Butts, C.T.; Hipp, J.R.; Jose, R.; Lakon, C.M., 2016:
Multiple Imputation for Missing Edge Data: A Predictive Evaluation Method with Application to Add Health

Schafer, J.L.; Olsen, M.K., 1998:
Multiple Imputation for Multivariate Missing-Data Problems: A Data Analyst's Perspective

McGinniss, J.; Harel, O., 2016:
Multiple Imputation in Three or More Stages

van Ginkel, J.R.; van der Ark, L.Andries.; Sijtsma, K., 2007:
Multiple Imputation of Item Scores in Test and Questionnaire Data, and Influence on Psychometric Results

O'Keeffe, A.G.; Farewell, D.M.; Tom, B.D.M.; Farewell, V.T., 2016:
Multiple Imputation of Missing Composite Outcomes in Longitudinal Data

Lüdtke, O.; Robitzsch, A.; Grund, S., 2016:
Multiple imputation of missing data in multilevel designs: A comparison of different strategies

Atem, F.D.; Qian, J.; Maye, J.E.; Johnson, K.A.; Betensky, R.A., 2016:
Multiple Imputation of a Randomly Censored Covariate Improves Logistic Regression Analysis

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Multiple Interacting Risk Factors: On Methods for Allocating Risk Factor Interactions

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Multiple Lesions in the Upper Jaw

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Multiple Level Crowding: Crowding at the Object Parts Level and at the Object Configural level

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Multiple MTS Assay as the Alternative Method to Determine Survival Fraction of the Irradiated HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells

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Multiple Mating, Paternity and Complex Fertilisation Patterns in the Chokka Squid Loligo reynaudii

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Multiple Mechanisms Drive Resistance to ALK Inhibitors in Lung Cancer

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Multiple Medicaid missions: targeting, universalism, or both?

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Multiple Myeloma Gets Three New Drugs

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Multiple Myeloma Is Incurable but Treatable

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Multiple Myeloma Market Will Expand With Launch of Monoclonal Antibodies

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Multiple Myeloma Mimicking Liver Metastases

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Multiple Myeloma Therapy in 2015: "An Extraordinary Moment in Oncology"

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Multiple Myeloma--Better Drugs Ask for More Stringent Evaluations

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Multiple Myeloma: Diagnosis and Treatment

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Multiple Myeloma: Treatment is Getting Individualized

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Multiple Neuromas Cause Painful "Jumping Stump" in a Transfemoral Amputee: A Case Report

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Multiple Parallel Pathways of Translation Initiation on the CrPV IRES

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Multiple Rad52-Mediated Homology-Directed Repair Mechanisms Are Required to Prevent Telomere Attrition-Induced Senescence in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Multiple Radiolucencies of the Jaws in a 6 Year Old

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Multiple Rapid Swallow Maneuver Enhances the Clinical Utility of High-Resolution Manometry in Patients Showing Ineffective Esophageal Motility

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Multiple Visual Field Representations in the Visual Wulst of a Laterally Eyed Bird, the Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)

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Multiple Vital-Sign-Based Infection Screening Outperforms Thermography Independent of the Classification Algorithm

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Multiple Ways of Targeting the Adenosine/Adenosine Receptor Axis in Lung Inflammation and Injury

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Multiple White Plaques in the Body of the Stomach in a Patient Undergoing Hemodialysis

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Multiple abomasal trichobezoars causing illthrift in a steer

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Multiple accounts of adolescent impulsivity

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Multiple actions of a D₃ dopamine receptor agonist, PD128907, on GABAergic inhibitory transmission between medium spiny neurons in mouse nucleus accumbens shell

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Multiple activation mechanisms of serotonin-mediated contraction in the carotid arteries obtained from spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Multiple active zones in hybrid QM/MM molecular dynamics simulations for large biomolecular systems

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Multiple alignment comparison of the non-structural genes of three strains of equine influenza viruses (H3N8) isolated in Morocco

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Multiple allosteric sites are involved in the modulation of insulin-degrading-enzyme activity by somatostatin

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Multiple alternative substrate kinetics

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Multiple ambiguities in the measurement of drug craving

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Multiple amygdaloid divisions of arcopallium send convergent projections to the nucleus accumbens and neighboring subpallial amygdala regions in the domestic chicken: a selective pathway tracing and reconstruction study

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Multiple and Concurrent Arrhythmia

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Multiple and Diverse vsp and vlp Sequences in Borrelia miyamotoi, a Hard Tick-Borne Zoonotic Pathogen

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Multiple and mass introductions from limited origins: genetic diversity and structure of Solidago altissima in the native and invaded range

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Multiple and single snapshot compressive beamforming

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Multiple and solitary skeletal muscle metastases on 18F-FDG PET/CT imaging

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Multiple aneurism (Siraja Granthi) observed during cadaveric dissection

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Multiple aneurysms splenic; surgical exclusion with conservation of the spleen

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Multiple antibiotic resistance index, fitness and virulence potential in respiratory Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Jamaica

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Multiple antigenic polypeptide composed of heparanase B‑cell epitopes shrinks human hepatocellular carcinoma in mice

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Multiple antigens of Yersinia pestis delivered by live recombinant attenuated Salmonella vaccine strains elicit protective immunity against plague

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Multiple aortic operations in loeys-dietz syndrome: report of 2 cases

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Multiple aphthous lesions of the oral mucosa

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Multiple apocrine hidrocystomas successfully treated with botulinum toxin A

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Multiple applications of ion chromatography oligosaccharide fingerprint profiles to solve a variety of sugar and sugar-biofuel industry problems

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Multiple approaches for the detection and characterization of viral and plasmid symbionts from a collection of marine fungi

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Multiple approaches for the investigation of bacterial small regulatory RNAs self-assembly

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Multiple approaches to assess fourteen non-invasive serum indexes for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C patients

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Multiple approaches to assess pectin binding to galectin-3

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Multiple approaches to understanding and preventing elder abuse: Introduction to the cross-disciplinary National Institutes of Health workshop

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Multiple arterial aneurysms in a patient with Behçet's disease

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Multiple arterial bypass grafting should be routine

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Multiple arterial conduits for bypass grafting: How many are enough?

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Multiple arterial grafting

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Multiple arterial grafting for coronary revascularization: "A guide for the perplexed"

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Multiple arterial grafting: Please don't confuse me with the facts

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Multiple arterial grafting: Stay the course

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Multiple arterial grafting: The cost of an inconvenience

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Multiple aspects of self-regulation uniquely predict mathematics but not letter-word knowledge in the early elementary grades

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Multiple assembly mechanisms anchor the KMN spindle checkpoint platform at human mitotic kinetochores

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Multiple associated anomalies in patients of duodenal atresia: a case series

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Multiple astrovirus MLB1, MLB2, VA2 clades, and classic human astrovirus in children with acute gastroenteritis in Japan

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Multiple asymptomatic papules

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Multiple asynchronous stimulus- and task-dependent hierarchies (STDH) within the visual brain's parallel processing systems

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Multiple attack on bacteria by the new antibiotic teixobactin

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Multiple attentional sets while monitoring rapid serial visual presentations

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Multiple choice questions

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Multiple choice questions

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Multiple choice questions

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Multiple comparisons

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Multiple complex odontoma of the maxilla and mandible--reply

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Multiple digit procedures

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Multiple eccrine hidrocystomas on the lower forehead and nose of a 60-year-old man

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Multiple echogenic liver masses from multifocal nodular steatosis in a 55-year-old male with chronic hepatitis C

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Multiple elemental exposures amongst workers at the Agbogbloshie electronic waste (e-waste) site in Ghana

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Multiple elements controlling the expression of wheat high molecular weight glutenin paralogs

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Multiple embolic cerebral infarcts as the first manifestation of metastatic ovarian cancer

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Multiple emissive triarylborane-A2H2 and triarylborane-Zn-A2H2 porphyrin conjugates

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Multiple employer plans: helping you tackle tomorrow today

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Multiple enchondromas and skin angiomas: Maffucci syndrome

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Multiple enchondromatosis, Ollier disease

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Multiple endobronchial hamartoma

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