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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58363

Chapter 58363 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Ogul, H.; Bagcier, F.; Tas, N.; Kantarci, M., 2016:
Multiple spinal myxopapillary ependymomas presented with back pain

Carlomagno, N.; Duraturo, F.; Candida, M.; D.R.sa, M.; Varone, V.; Ciancia, G.; Calogero, A.; Santangelo, M.L., 2016:
Multiple splenic hamartomas and familial adenomatous polyposis: a case report and review of the literature

Kiritani, S.; Kaneko, J.; Aoki, T.; Sakamoto, Y.; Hasegawa, K.; Sugawara, Y.; Kokudo, N., 2013:
Multiple splenic nodules with fever: a case of splenic abscess due to Propionibacterium acnes

Massel, K.; Silke, J.R.; Bonen, L., 2016:
Multiple splicing pathways of group II trans-splicing introns in wheat mitochondria

Barroso, B.; Demasles, S.; Krim, E.; Marasescu, R.; Miquel, M.; Bonnan, M., 2016:
Multiple spontaneous cervical artery dissections: A transient arteriopathy with good long-term prognosis

Kumar, N.Sai.Sampath.; Neeraja, V.; Raju, C.Govinda.; Padala, R.Kiran.; Kumar, T.Anil., 2015:
Multiple spontaneous hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhages

Gage, H.; Hubbard, E.; Nodit, L., 2016:
Multiple squamous cells in thyroid fine needle aspiration: Friends or foes?

Meyer, G.M.; Maurer, H.H.; Meyer, M.R., 2016:
Multiple stage MS in analysis of plasma, serum, urine and in vitro samples relevant to clinical and forensic toxicology

Bullock, T.; Cecotti, H.; Giesbrecht, B., 2016:
Multiple stages of information processing are modulated during acute bouts of exercise

Cantwell, G.; Crossley, M.J.; Ashby, F.Gregory., 2016:
Multiple stages of learning in perceptual categorization: evidence and neurocomputational theory

Lincoln, M.; Hines, M.; Fairweather, C.; Ramsden, R.; Martinovich, J., 2015:
Multiple stakeholder perspectives on teletherapy delivery of speech pathology services in rural schools: a preliminary, qualitative investigation

Hanafin, S.; Dwan O'Reilly, E., 2015:
Multiple stakeholder views on changes in delivery of public health nursing services in Ireland

Nicholson, A.E.; Wilkinson, D.M.; Williams, H.T.P.; Lenton, T.M., 2016:
Multiple states of environmental regulation in well-mixed model biospheres

Madan, C.R., 2016:
Multiple statistical tests: lessons from a d20

Berrabah, F.; Ratet, P.; Gourion, B., 2016:
Multiple steps control immunity during the intracellular accommodation of rhizobia

Zhang, Y.; Huang, C.; Kim, S.; Golkaram, M.; Dixon, M.W.A.; Tilley, L.; Li, J.; Zhang, S.; Suresh, S., 2015:
Multiple stiffening effects of nanoscale knobs on human red blood cells infected with Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite

Hopwood, M.; Lea, T.; Aggleton, P., 2015:
Multiple strategies are required to address the information and support needs of gay and bisexual men with hepatitis C in Australia

Korkaric, M.; Behra, R.; Fischer, B.B.; Junghans, M.; Eggen, R.I.L., 2015:
Multiple stressor effects in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii--toward understanding mechanisms of interaction between effects of ultraviolet radiation and chemical pollutants

Alsterberg, C.; Sundbäck, K.; Gamfeldt, L., 2015:
Multiple stressors and multifunctionality: limited effects on an illuminated benthic system

Freitas, R.; Salamanca, L.; Velez, Cátia.; Wrona, F.J.; Soares, A.M.V.M.; Figueira, E., 2016:
Multiple stressors in estuarine waters: Effects of arsenic and salinity on Ruditapes philippinarum

Hewitt, J.E.; Ellis, J.I.; Thrush, S.F., 2017:
Multiple stressors, nonlinear effects and the implications of climate change impacts on marine coastal ecosystems

Joshi, P., 2015:
Multiple strokes associated with herpes simplex virus type-2 infection: case report

Chang, C-Chung.; Pirozzi, G.; Wen, S-Hsuan.; Chung, I-Hsin.; Chiu, B-Lin.; Errico, S.; Luongo, M.; Lombardi, M.Luisa.; Ferrone, S., 2016:
Multiple structural and epigenetic defects in the human leukocyte antigen class I antigen presentation pathway in a recurrent metastatic melanoma following immunotherapy

Chui, A.J.; López, C.J.; Brooks, E.K.; Chua, K.C.; Doupey, T.G.; Foltz, G.N.; Kamel, J.G.; Larrosa, E.; Sadiki, A.; Bridges, M.D., 2015:
Multiple structural states exist throughout the helical nucleation sequence of the intrinsically disordered protein stathmin, as reported by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

Salim, Jé.Augusto.; Borro, L.; Mazoni, I.; Yano, Iácio.; Jardine, Jé.G.; Neshich, G., 2017:
Multiple structure single parameter: analysis of a single protein nano environment descriptor characterizing a shared loci on structurally aligned proteins

Utsunomiya, N.; Oyama, N.; Chino, T.; Tokuriki, A.; Sakai, Y.; Imamura, Y.; Hasegawa, M., 2016:
Multiple subcutaneous cholesterol granulomas arising in eruptive vellus hair cysts: A case report and published work review of 11 cases

Roth, S.; Fell, A.Kristin.Møller., 2016:
Multiple subcutaneous granulomas and severe rhinitis after intradermal deposition of epoxy: a case report

Kaneshiro, S.; Shi, K.; Ebina, K.; Yukioka, M.; Yoshikawa, H.; Murata, N., 2015:
Multiple subcutaneous xanthogranuloma at juxta-articular sites with bone cystic changes resembling rheumatoid arthritis: A case report

Ozdemir, A.; Mahyari, A.Golibagh.; Bernat, E.M.; Aviyente, S., 2015:
Multiple subject analysis of functional brain network communities through co-regularized spectral clustering

Lin, C-C.; Chen, K-S.; Lin, Y-L.; Chan, J.P-W., 2015:
Multiple subluxations and comminuted fracture of the cervical spine in a sheep

Tomczyk, S.; Hanewinkel, R.; Isensee, B., 2016:
Multiple substance use patterns in adolescents-A multilevel latent class analysis

Habek, D.; Marton, I.; Prka, M., 2015:
Multiple suburethral and subvesical abscesses

Arroyo-Rodríguez, Víctor.; Melo, F.P.L.; Martínez-Ramos, M.; Bongers, F.; Chazdon, R.L.; Meave, J.A.; Norden, N.; Santos, Báulio.A.; Leal, I.R.; Tabarelli, M., 2015:
Multiple successional pathways in human-modified tropical landscapes: new insights from forest succession, forest fragmentation and landscape ecology research

Garavelli, L.; Santoro, L.; Iori, A.; Gargano, G.; Braibanti, S.; Pedori, S.; Melli, N.; Frattini, D.; Zampini, L.; Galeazzi, T.; Padella, L.; Pepe, S.; Wischmeijer, A.; Rosato, S.; Ivanovski, I.; Iughetti, L.; Gelmini, C.; Bernasconi, S.; Superti-Furga, A.; Ballabio, A.; Gabrielli, O., 2016:
Multiple sulfatase deficiency with neonatal manifestation

Leavitt, W.D.; Cummins, R.; Schmidt, M.L.; Sim, M.S.; Ono, S.; Bradley, A.S.; Johnston, D.T., 2014:
Multiple sulfur isotope signatures of sulfite and thiosulfate reduction by the model dissimilatory sulfate-reducer, Desulfovibrio alaskensis str. G20

Muller, Élodie.; Philippot, P.; Rollion-Bard, C.; Cartigny, P., 2016:
Multiple sulfur-isotope signatures in Archean sulfates and their implications for the chemistry and dynamics of the early atmosphere

Strauss, H.; Chmiel, H.; Christ, A.; Fugmann, A.; Hanselmann, K.; Kappler, A.; Königer, P.; Lutter, A.; Siedenberg, K.; Teichert, B.M.A., 2015:
Multiple sulphur and oxygen isotopes reveal microbial sulphur cycling in spring waters in the Lower Engadin, Switzerland

Smith, J.A.; Kessler, M.; Culpepper, K., 2016:
Multiple superficial white nodules on the bilateral helical rims

Peng, Y.; Mereacre, V.; Anson, C.E.; Powell, A.K., 2016:
Multiple superhyperfine fields in a {DyFe2Dy} coordination cluster revealed using bulk susceptibility and (57)Fe Mössbauer studies

de Albuquerque, L.Alverne.Freitas.; Dourado, J.Carlos.; Almeida, Jão.Paulo.; Costa, B.Silva., 2015:
Multiple supratentorial intraparenchymal hemorrhage after posterior fossa surgery

Gombojav, B.; Lee, S.Ji.; Kho, M.; Song, Y-Mi.; Lee, K.; Sung, J., 2016:
Multiple susceptibility loci at chromosome 11q23.3 are associated with plasma triglyceride in East Asians

Noguchi, H.; Masuda, R.; Hisaoka, M., 2016:
Multiple symmetric lipomatosis with spindle cell proliferation

Enzi, G.; Busetto, L.; Sergi, G.; Coin, A.; Inelmen, E.M.; Vindigni, V.; Bassetto, F.; Cinti, S., 2016:
Multiple symmetric lipomatosis: a rare disease and its possible links to brown adipose tissue

Park, S.Kyung.; Larson, J.L., 2016:
Multiple symptoms, functioning, and general health perception in people with severe COPD over time

Stivaros, S.M.; Stemmer-Rachamimov, A.O.; Alston, R.; Plotkin, S.R.; Nadol, J.B.; Quesnel, A.; O'Malley, J.; Whitfield, G.A.; McCabe, M.G.; Freeman, S.R.; Lloyd, S.K.; Wright, N.B.; Kilday, J-Paul.; Kamaly-Asl, I.D.; Mills, S.J.; Rutherford, S.A.; King, A.T.; Evans, D.Gareth., 2016:
Multiple synchronous sites of origin of vestibular schwannomas in neurofibromatosis Type 2

Saito, C.; Arai, K.; Ashihara, K.; Saito, S.; Yamazaki, K.; Hagiwara, N., 2016:
Multiple synchronous ventricular lipomas

Krishnamurthy, A.; Ramshankar, V.; Soundara, T.Viveka.; Majhi, U., 2015:
Multiple synchronous verrucous carcinomas of the scalp in the background of generalized verruca vulgaris

Kahlon, A.Singh.; Lowe, D.; Mousa, O., 2016:
Multiple syncopal episodes due to multiple myeloma

Biello, K.B.; Oldenburg, C.E.; Safren, S.A.; Rosenberger, J.G.; Novak, D.S.; Mayer, K.H.; Mimiaga, M.J., 2016:
Multiple syndemic psychosocial factors are associated with reduced engagement in HIV care among a multinational, online sample of HIV-infected MSM in Latin America

Liu, Q.; Ren, Z.Jason.; Huang, C.; Liu, B.; Ren, N.; Xing, D., 2016:
Multiple syntrophic interactions drive biohythane production from waste sludge in microbial electrolysis cells

Wakabayashi, K.; Tanji, K., 2015:
Multiple system atrophy and autophagy

Krismer, F.; Wenning, G.K., 2015:
Multiple system atrophy in the USA: another piece in the jigsaw

Tsuyusaki, Y.; Sakakibara, R.; Tateno, F.; Aiba, Y.; Kishi, M.; Tateno, H.; Ogata, T.; Inaoka, T.; Terada, H.; Suzuki, Y., 2016:
Multiple system atrophy presenting initially as spastic paraparesis

Kim, H-Joon.; Stamelou, M.; Jeon, B., 2016:
Multiple system atrophy-mimicking conditions: Diagnostic challenges

Sturm, E.; Stefanova, N., 2014:
Multiple system atrophy: genetic or epigenetic?

Jellinger, K.A.; Wenning, G.K., 2018:
Multiple system atrophy: pathogenic mechanisms and biomarkers

Federoff, M.; Schottlaender, L.V.; Houlden, H.; Singleton, A., 2016:
Multiple system atrophy: the application of genetics in understanding etiology

Norcliffe-Kaufmann, L.; Palma, J-Alberto.; Krismer, F., 2016:
Multiple system atrophy: the case for an international collaborative effort

Jordan, J.; Shibao, C.; Biaggioni, I., 2016:
Multiple system atrophy: using clinical pharmacology to reveal pathophysiology

Yu, Z.; Fan, B.; Wu, H.; Wang, X.; Li, C.; Xu, R.; Su, Y.; Ge, J., 2016:
Multiple systemic embolism in infective endocarditis underlying in Barlow's disease

Clark, D.; Ivry, R.B., 2015:
Multiple systems for motor skill learning

Wong, Y-Hao.; Lin, C-Lung.; Chen, T-Shou.; Chen, C-An.; Jiang, P-Shin.; Lai, Y-Hua.; Chu, L.; Li, C-Wei.; Chen, J.J.W.; Chen, B-Sen., 2016:
Multiple target drug cocktail design for attacking the core network markers of four cancers using ligand-based and structure-based virtual screening methods

Zhang, N.; Yang, S.; Wang, C.; Zhang, J.; Huo, L.; Cheng, Y.; Wang, C.; Jia, Z.; Ren, L.; Kang, L.; Zhang, W., 2016:
Multiple target of hAmylin on rat primary hippocampal neurons

Naito, Y.; Takagi, T.; Uchiyama, K.; Katada, K.; Yoshikawa, T., 2016:
Multiple targets of carbon monoxide gas in the intestinal inflammation

Constant, C.; Nichols, S.; Marchionatti, E.; Lardé, Hélène.; Olive, J.; Fecteau, G., 2016:
Multiple tarsal luxations in 2 Holstein heifers

Gibson, R.M.; Fernández-Espejo, D.; Gonzalez-Lara, L.E.; Kwan, B.Y.; Lee, D.H.; Owen, A.M.; Cruse, D., 2014:
Multiple tasks and neuroimaging modalities increase the likelihood of detecting covert awareness in patients with disorders of consciousness

Walter, H.; Muggia, L.; Fritscher, M.; Holler, A.; Horvat, D.; Guttenberger, H.; Simon, U.K., 2016:
Multiple taxa in the Phoma-complex associate with black elder (Sambucus nigra L.)

Min, B.; Song, J.Seon.; Lee, J-Ho.; Choi, B-Jai.; Kim, K-Mahn.; Kim, S-Oh., 2015:
Multiple teeth fractures in dentinogenesis imperfecta: a case report

Joo, J.Wha.J.; Hormozdiari, F.; Han, B.; Eskin, E., 2017:
Multiple testing correction in linear mixed models

Pascovici, D.; Handler, D.C.L.; Wu, J.X.; Haynes, P.A., 2017:
Multiple testing corrections in quantitative proteomics: A useful but blunt tool

Shu, H.; Nan, B.; Koeppe, R., 2016:
Multiple testing for neuroimaging via hidden Markov random field

Rosenblum, M.; Qian, T.; Du, Y.; Qiu, H.; Fisher, A., 2017:
Multiple testing procedures for adaptive enrichment designs: combining group sequential and reallocation approaches

Habiger, J.; Watts, D.; Anderson, M., 2016:
Multiple testing with heterogeneous multinomial distributions

Kwon, K.; Kang, D-Su.; Shin, B-Seok., 2015:
Multiple texture mapping of alveolar bone area for implant treatment in prosthetic dentistry

Kanazawa, M.; Kawamura, K.; Takahashi, T.; Miura, M.; Tanaka, Y.; Koyama, M.; Toriyabe, M.; Igarashi, H.; Nakada, T.; Nishihara, M.; Nishizawa, M.; Shimohata, T., 2015:
Multiple therapeutic effects of progranulin on experimental acute ischaemic stroke

Halliday, L.J.; Sharma, A.K., 2015:
Multiple thoracic duct cysts: an unusual CT finding

Flegel, T.; Münch, M.; Held, K.; Salger, F.; Ziegler, L.; Böttcher, P., 2016:
Multiple thoracolumbar partial lateral corpectomies in 17 dogs

Alderaan, K.; Nasef, S.; Alotaibi, B.; Ismail, U.H.M., 2015:
Multiple thrombi in a man with Behçet disease

Patounakis, G.; Bergh, E.; Forman, E.J.; Tao, X.; Lonczak, A.; Franasiak, J.M.; Treff, N.; Scott, R.T., 2016:
Multiple thrombophilic single nucleotide polymorphisms lack a significant effect on outcomes in fresh IVF cycles: an analysis of 1717 patients

Yang, D-Ho., 2012:
Multiple thromboses in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus after splenectomy

Alejmi, A.; Sayer, J.A., 2008:
Multiple thyroid cysts as an extra-renal manifestation of ADPKD

Cheng, H.; Yang, L.; Xiong, J.; Peng, J.; Ruan, Q., 2016:
Multiple thyroid nodules in the lung: metastasis or ectopia?

Hassiem, F.; Cavanna, A.E., 2015:
Multiple tics in a patient with Adams-Oliver syndrome

Liu, M-bing.; Chen, X-wei.; Chen, Y., 2016:
Multiple time scales analysis of spatial differentiation characteristics of non-point source nitrogen loss within watershed

Wolkewitz, M.; Cooper, B.S.; Palomar-Martinez, M.; Alvarez-Lerma, F.; Olaechea-Astigarraga, P.; Barnett, A.G.; Schumacher, M., 2017:
Multiple time scales in modeling the incidence of infections acquired in intensive care units

Wang, Y.; Rubin, J.E., 2016:
Multiple timescale mixed bursting dynamics in a respiratory neuron model

Colagiorgio, P.; Bertolini, G.; Bockisch, C.J.; Straumann, D.; Ramat, S., 2016:
Multiple timescales in the adaptation of the rotational VOR

Iodice, P.; Scuderi, Nò.; Saggini, R.; Pezzulo, G., 2016:
Multiple timescales of body schema reorganization due to plastic surgery

Bryce, D.; Bratzke, D., 2016:
Multiple timing of nested intervals: Further evidence for a weighted sum of segments account

Kastellorizios, M.; Papadimitrakopoulos, F.; Burgess, D.J., 2016:
Multiple tissue response modifiers to promote angiogenesis and prevent the foreign body reaction around subcutaneous implants

Yan, H.; Ma, L.; Wang, Z.; Lin, Z.; Su, J.; Lu, B-Rong., 2015:
Multiple tissue-specific expression of rice seed-shattering gene SH4 regulated by its promoter pSH4

Kalkhoran, S.; Padilla, J.L.; Neilands, T.B.; Ling, P.M., 2016:
Multiple tobacco product use among young adult bar patrons in New Mexico

Soule, E.K.; Pomeranz, J.L.; Moorhouse, M.D.; Barnett, T.E., 2015:
Multiple tobacco use and increased nicotine dependence among people with disabilities

Isman, E.; Isman, O.; Aktan, A.M.; Ciftci, E.; Topcuoglu, T., 2016:
Multiple tooth anomalies in a nonsyndromic patient with class II division 2 malocclusions: A case report and a literature review

Zhu, J.; Li, X.; Zhu, F.; Chen, L.; Zhang, C.; McGrath, C.; He, F.; Xiao, Y.; Jin, L., 2018:
Multiple tooth loss is associated with vascular cognitive impairment in subjects with acute ischemic stroke

Reyna, V.F.; Landa, Y., 2016:
Multiple traces or Fuzzy Traces? Converging evidence for applications of modern cognitive theory to psychotherapy

Konert, T.; Vogel, W.V.; Everitt, S.; MacManus, M.P.; Thorwarth, D.; Fidarova, E.; Paez, D.; Sonke, J-Jakob.; Hanna, G.G., 2016:
Multiple training interventions significantly improve reproducibility of PET/CT-based lung cancer radiotherapy target volume delineation using an IAEA study protocol

Govignon-Gion, A.; Dassonneville, R.; Baloche, G.; Ducrocq, V., 2015:
Multiple trait genetic evaluation of clinical mastitis in three dairy cattle breeds

Han, J-Hye.; Kim, H-Mi.; Seo, D-Gyu.; Lee, G.; Jeung, E-Bae.; Yu, F.H., 2015 :
Multiple transcripts of anoctamin genes expressed in the mouse submandibular salivary gland

Li, S.; Xu, J.; Chen, W.; Yu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Li, J.; Wu, F., 2016:
Multiple transformation pathways of p-arsanilic acid to inorganic arsenic species in water during UV disinfection

Filatova, E.A.; Pozharskii, A.F.; Gulevskaya, A.V.; Ozeryanskii, V.A., 2014:
Multiple transformations of 2-alkynyl-1,8-bis(dimethylamino)naphthalenes into benzo[g]indoles. Pd/Cu-dependent switching of the electrophilic and nucleophilic sites in acetylenic bond and a puzzle of porcelain catalysis

Wei, P.; Weiss, S.; Ahlers, G., 2015:
Multiple transitions in rotating turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection

Mata, Aélica.S.; Ferreira, S.C., 2015:
Multiple transitions of the susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic model on complex networks

Li, M.; Lu, Y.; Han, S.; Wu, Z.; Chen, J.; Liu, Z.; Cao, L., 2015:
Multiple transmission electron microscopic image stitching based on sift features

Wang, T-Jun.; Shan, Y-Ming.; Li, H.; Dou, W-Wang.; Jiang, X-Hang.; Mao, X-Ming.; Liu, S-Ping.; Guan, W-Jun.; Li, Y-Quan., 2016:
Multiple transporters are involved in natamycin efflux in Streptomyces chattanoogensis L10

Liu, D.; Chu, C.Meng.; Neo, L.Hong.; Ang, R.P.; Tan, M.Yan.Ling.; Chu, J., 2017:
Multiple trauma exposure and psychosocial functioning in Singaporean children in out-of-home care

Nayak, S.Uk.; Shenoi, S.D.; Geetha, V.; Prabhu, S.; Nagel, B., 2015:
Multiple trichofolliculomas mimicking multiple trichoepitheliomas

Ishibashi, H.; Yasuda, I.; Fukita, Y., 2015:
Multiple tumor-like lesions of the liver in a patient with a history of pancreaticoduodenectomy

Gabriele, V.; Benabu, J-C.; Bernard, L.; Mathelin, C., 2016:
Multiple tumors breast cancer: Did you say "DANGER"? A pedagogical tool for residents

Zhu, J-Wei.; Zheng, M.; Lu, Z-Fa., 2015:
Multiple tumors of the follicular infundibulum: a cutaneous reaction pattern?

Guo, Y.; Liu, J.; Yang, G.; Sun, X.; Chen, H-Yuan.; Xu, J-Juan., 2015:
Multiple turnovers of DNAzyme for amplified detection of ATP and reduced thiol in cell homogenates

Desai, P.N.; Zhang, X.; Wu, S.; Janoshazi, A.; Bolimuntha, S.; Putney, J.W.; Trebak, M., 2016:
Multiple types of calcium channels arising from alternative translation initiation of the Orai1 message

Anonymous, 2005:
Multiple ultrasound scans do not affect child development

Mancl, K.A.; Merrill, B.P.; Johansen, N.G., 2016:
Multiple umbilicated papules in a 51-year-old woman

Cannell, J.Jacob.; Holick, M.F., 2016:
Multiple unexplained fractures in infants and child physical abuse

Richer, E.J.; Pawley, B.K., 2016:
Multiple unilateral tarsal coalitions in a nonsyndromic patient

Harrison, J.F.; Vega, R.A.; Machinis, T.G.; Reavey-Cantwell, J.F., 2015:
Multiple unilateral traumatic carotid-cavernous sphenoid sinus fistulas with associated massive epistaxis: a consequence of parkour

Woo, Y.Ri.; Lee, J.Sun.; Koo, D.Won., 2014:
Multiple unilateral zosteriform syringomas on the abdomen

Tanaka, M.; Hoashi, T.; Serizawa, N.; Okabe, K.; Ichiyama, S.; Shinohara, R.; Funasaka, Y.; Saeki, H., 2016:
Multiple unilaterally localized dermatofibromas in a patient with Down syndrome

Bechtel, A.; Joyce, M.; Dudek, C.J.; Sarandria, J.J.; Shah, C.; Saad, A.G., 2016:
Multiple unusual lung etiologies in a child with acute lymphocytic leukemia

Tuglu, D.; Yuvanç, E.; Yılmaz, E.; Gur, S.; Batislam, E., 2015:
Multiple urethral anomalies: Parameatal urethral cyst, penile curvature, incomplete hypospadiac anterior duplication of the urethra and distal hipospadias

Zheng, J.; Han, S.Won.; Munnik, T.; Rojas-Pierce, M., 2015:
Multiple vacuoles in impaired tonoplast trafficking3 mutants are independent organelles

Rigoli, F.; Chew, B.; Dayan, P.; Dolan, R.J., 2018:
Multiple value signals in dopaminergic midbrain and their role in avoidance contexts

Vahanian, A.; Himbert, D.; Brochet, E., 2016:
Multiple valve disease - assessment, strategy and intervention

Hamamoto, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Ozawa, M., 2016:
Multiple valve surgery for a patient with presternal oesophageal reconstruction

Sumalatha, S.; Hosapatna, M.; Bhat, K.R.; D'souza, A.Sylvan.; Kiruba, L.; Kotian, S.R., 2015:
Multiple variations in the branches of the coeliac trunk

Chentanez, V.; Jaruprat, P.; Udomchaisakul, P.; Agthong, S.; Huanmanop, T., 2016:
Multiple variations in the course and motor branching pattern of the musculocutaneous nerve with unusual communication with the median nerve

Nayak, S.B.; Shetty, S.D.; Sirasanagandla, S.Rao.; P.V.; Jetti, R., 2015:
Multiple variations in the pelvic vasculature - a case report

Rafailidis, V.; Papadopoulos, G.; Kouskouras, K.; Chryssogonidis, I.; Velnidou, A.; Kalogera-Fountzila, A., 2015:
Multiple variations of the coeliac axis, hepatic and renal vasculature as incidental findings illustrated by MDCTA

Mazengenya, P., 2015:
Multiple variations of the renal and testicular vessels: possible embryological basis and clinical importance

Hughes, M.; Roos, J., 2015:
Multiple vascular and enteric fistulas into an anal pouch

Ruiz-Botero, F.; Pachajoa, H., 2015:
Multiple vascular malformations in a patient with microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type ii

Saldanha, C.S.; Shenoy, M.M.; Shanthala, P.R.; Amin, V.B., 2016:
Multiple vegetating lesions over the genitalia. Diagnosis: Pemphigus vegetans

Malskat, W.S.J.; Racz, E.; ten Raa, S.; Lugtenburg, P.J.; Hegt, V.Noordhoek.; de Maeseneer, M.G.R., 2016:
Multiple venous aneurysms in a patient with hypereosinophilic syndrome

Peters, C.; Menkiti, I.; Desalu, I.; Thomas, M., 2013:
Multiple venous thrombosis complicating central venous cannulation in a non cancer patient - a case report

Xue, R.; Su, W.; Pei, X.; Huang, L.; Elbendary, A.; Chen, Z., 2015:
Multiple verruciform xanthomas following bone marrow transplant

Terada, T., 2015:
Multiple verrucous carcinomas of the oral cavity

Mortada, M.A.; Ezzeldin, N.; Abbas, S.F.; Ammar, H.A.; Salama, N.A., 2016:
Multiple versus single ultrasound guided suprascapular nerve block in treatment of frozen shoulder in diabetic patients

Pisano, A.J.; Wagner, S.C.; Helgeson, M.D.; Jex, J.W., 2015:
Multiple vertebral dislocation events after fusion for scoliosis in Rett syndrome

Carrasco Cubero, C.; Chamizo Carmona, E., 2016:
Multiple vertebral fractures in young man as first manifestation of systemic mastocytosis

Gilardi, L.; Vadrucci, M.; Grana, C.Maria., 2016:
Multiple vertebral hemangiomas: a potential pitfall in 68 Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT interpretation

Kafadar, C.; Kara, K.; Sonmez, G.; Mutlu, H., 2015:
Multiple vertebral metastases of the renal cell carcinoma presenting with back pain

Gundogdu, F.; Okur, A.; Atalay, T.; Tanik, N.; Karacavus, S., 2015:
Multiple vertebral metastasis with fluid-fluid level from a pleomorphic lobular breast carcinoma

Bender, K.; Brown, S.M.; Thompson, S.J.; Ferguson, K.M.; Langenderfer, L., 2016:
Multiple victimizations before and after leaving home associated with PTSD, depression, and substance use disorder among homeless youth

Blom, H.; Högberg, U.; Olofsson, N.; Danielsson, I., 2016:
Multiple violence victimisation associated with sexual ill health and sexual risk behaviours in Swedish youth

Chen, D.; Wen, X.; Sun, Y.; Mao, H.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Wang, X.; Sun, B.; Wang, X.; Zhang, X., 2016:
Multiple viral introductions: molecular characterization of influenza B virus in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, from 2011 to 2014 based on hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes

Osaki, H.; Sasaki, A.; Nomiyama, K.; Tomioka, K., 2016:
Multiple virus infection in a single strain of Fusarium poae shown by deep sequencing

Chen, L.; Cheng, X.; Cai, J.; Zhan, L.; Wu, X.; Liu, Q.; Wu, X., 2016:
Multiple virus resistance using artificial trans-acting siRNAs

Ilic, N.; Banzic, I.; Stekovic, J.; Koncar, I.; Davidovic, L.; Fatic, N., 2016:
Multiple visceral artery aneurysms

Hong, I-Kee.; Choi, J-Ho.; Chu, Y.Chae.; Jeon, Y.Sun.; Lee, K-Young., 2015:
Multiple visceral artery aneurysms managed by Yasargil aneurysm clips

Hata, M.; Ichiba, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Kondo, K.; Nagata, T.; Masuda, R.; Naitou, H., 2016:
Multiple visceral artery dissection without aortic dissection

Bacalbasa, N.; Terzea, D.; Jianu, V.; Marcu, M.; Stoica, C.; Balescu, I., 2015:
Multiple visceral resection for giant non-secretory adrenocortical carcinoma in an elderly patient: a case report

El-Reshaid, K.; Al-Bader, S.; Sallam, H., 2016:
Multiple visceral venous thromboses associated with oral contraceptive use

Drake, P., 2016:
Multiple visions of Indonesia's mud volcano: understanding representations of disaster across discursive settings

Yilmaz, O.; Prat, F.; Ibáñez, A.Jose.; Köksoy, S.; Amano, H.; Sullivan, C.V., 2015:
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Multiple σEcfG and NepR Proteins Are Involved in the General Stress Response in Methylobacterium extorquens

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Multiple "buy buttons" in the brain: Forecasting chocolate sales at point-of-sale based on functional brain activation using fMRI

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Multiple, black, burning papules on the soles of the feet of a 20-year-old woman

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Multiple, independent colonizations of the Hawaiian Archipelago by the family Dolichopodidae (Diptera)

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Multiple, thin-walled cysts are one of the HRCT features of airspace enlargement with fibrosis

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Multiple-Input/Single-Output identification of the dynamic relation between EMG and torque at the human ankle during isometric contractions

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Multiple-Line Inference of Selection on Quantitative Traits

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Multiple-Localization and Hub Proteins

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Multiple-Objective Optimal Designs for Studying the Dose Response Function and Interesting Dose Levels

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Multiple-Point Temperature Gradient Algorithm for Ring Laser Gyroscope Bias Compensation

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Multiple-Resonance Local Wave Functions for Accurate Excited States in Quantum Monte Carlo

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Multiple-Time Step Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Based on Two-Electron Integral Screening

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Multiple-Timestep ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Using an Atomic Basis Set Partitioning

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Multiple-Treatments Meta-Analysis: Are the Conclusions Supported by the Data?

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Multiple-band melanonychia striata

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Multiple-contact discrete-element model for simulating dense granular media

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Multiple-division of self-propelled oil droplets through acetal formation

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Multiple-dose hypertonic saline decreases bronchiolitis admissions

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Multiple-embryo transfer for studying very early maternal-embryo interactions in cattle

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Multiple-exposure colloidal lithography for enhancing light output of GaN-based light-emitting diodes by patterning Ni/Au electrodes

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Multiple-factors analysis on the prognosis of nasal mucosa malignant melanoma

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Multiple-file vs. single-file endodontics in dental practice: a study in routine care

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Multiple-frequency injection-seeded nanosecond pulsed laser without parasitic intensity modulation

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Multiple-genotype infections and their complex effect on virulence

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Multiple-herbicide resistance in Echinochloa crus-galli var. formosensis, an allohexaploid weed species, in dry-seeded rice

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Multiple-hook fixation in revision spinal deformity surgery for patients with a previous multilevel fusion mass: technical note and preliminary outcomes

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Multiple-image encryption based on triple interferences for flexibly decrypting high-quality images

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Multiple-injection high-throughput gas chromatography analysis

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Multiple-input multiple-output synthetic aperture ladar system for wide-range swath with high azimuth resolution

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Multiple-instance learning for breast cancer detection in mammograms

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Multiple-interactions among EMILIN1 and EMILIN2 N- and C-terminal domains

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Multiple-locus VNTR Analyses of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Jamaica

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Multiple-membership multiple-classification models for social network and group dependences

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Multiple-micronutrient supplementation for women during pregnancy

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Multiple-output support vector machine regression with feature selection for arousal/valence space emotion assessment

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Multiple-parameter Optimization in Drug Discovery: Example of the 5-HT1B GPCR

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Multiple-purpose immunotherapy for cancer

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Multiple-region directed functional connectivity based on phase delays

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Multiple-relaxation-time color-gradient lattice Boltzmann model for simulating two-phase flows with high density ratio

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Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann kinetic model for combustion

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Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for incompressible miscible flow with large viscosity ratio and high Péclet number

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Multiple-response optimization of the acidic treatment of the brown alga Ecklonia radiata for the sequential extraction of fucoidan and alginate

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Multiple-return single-photon counting of light in flight and sensing of non-line-of-sight objects at shortwave infrared wavelengths

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Multiple-scale analysis on spatial distribution changes of forest carbon storage in Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China based on local statistics

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Multiple-scale theory of topology-driven patterns on directed networks

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Multiple-site genetic modifications in Escherichia coli using lambda-Red recombination and I-SceI cleavage

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Multiple-site mutations of phage Bp7 endolysin improves its activities against target bacteria

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Multiple-source current steering: a new arrow in the DBS quiver

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Multiple-stage ambiguity in motion perception reveals global computation of local motion directions

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Multiple-stage decisions in a marine central-place forager

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Multiple-stimuli responsive bioelectrocatalysis based on reduced graphene oxide/poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) composite films and its application in the fabrication of logic gates

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Multiple-stimulus-responsive supramolecular gels and regulation of chiral twists: the effect of spacer length

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Dietary Patterns and Birth Weight-a Review

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Multiple-system atrophy

Fanciulli, A.; Wenning, G.K., 2015:
Multiple-system atrophy

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Multiple-system atrophy

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Multiple-system atrophy

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Multiple-system atrophy

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Multiple-time-scale framework for understanding the progression of Parkinson's disease

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Multiple-trait- and selection indices-genomic predictions for grain yield and protein content in rye for feeding purposes

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Multiple-unit tablet of probiotic bacteria for improved storage stability, acid tolerability, and in vivo intestinal protective effect

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Multiple-wavelength double random phase encoding with CCD-plane sparse-phase multiplexing for optical information verification

Anonymous, 2016:
Multiples Myelom - ASCO 2016 - Bestätigung der ASZT und neue Daten zur systemischen Therapie

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Multiples sclerosis in India

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Multiplex APLP System for High-Resolution Haplogrouping of Extremely Degraded East-Asian Mitochondrial DNAs

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Multiplex Biomarker Approaches to Enable Point-of-Care Testing and Personalized Medicine

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Multiplex Detection of Fusarium Species

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Multiplex Immunoassay Profiling

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Multiplex PCR based screening for micro/partial deletions in the AZF region of Y-chromosome in severe oligozoospermic and azoospermic infertile men in Iran

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Multiplex PCR primer design for simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens

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Multiplex PCR testing during respiratory infections: good for the patient, good for infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship

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Multiplex SYBR Green Real-Time PCR Assay for Detection of Respiratory Viruses

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Multiplex Screen of Serum Biomarkers in Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

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Multiplex Sequential Immunoprecipitation of Insulin Secretory Granule Proteins from Radiolabeled Pancreatic Islets

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Multiplex Serum Protein Analysis Identifies Novel Biomarkers of Advanced Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease with the Potential to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of Established Biomarkers

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Multiplex Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analyses

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Multiplex Smartphone Diagnostics

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Multiplex Tests in Critically Ill Children With Severe Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

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Multiplex assay for subtyping avian influenza A viruses by cDNA hybridization and adapter-mediated amplification

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Multiplex assessment of the positions of odorant receptor-specific glomeruli in the mouse olfactory bulb by serial two-photon tomography

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Multiplex bead-based immunoassay for the free soluble forms of the HLA-G receptors, ILT2 and ILT4

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Multiplex liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the detection of wheat, oat, barley and rye prolamins towards the assessment of gluten-free product safety

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Multiplex matrix network analysis of protein complexes in the human TCR signalosome

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Multiplex method for initial complex testing of antibodies to blood transmitted diseases agents

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Multiplex methods provide effective integration of multi-omic data in genome-scale models

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Multiplex networks with heterogeneous activities of the nodes

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Multiplex planar microarrays for disease prognosis, diagnosis and theranosis

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Multiplex polymerase chain reaction tests for detection of pathogens associated with gastroenteritis

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Multiplex qRT-PCR for the Detection of Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, and West Nile Viral RNA in Mosquito Pools (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Multiplex real-time PCR assay for Legionella species

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Multiplex real-time PCR assay for detection and differentiation of Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis

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Multiplex real-time PCR assay for the detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase and carbapenemase genes using melting curve analysis

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Multiplex real-time PCR assays for detection of eight Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in food samples by melting curve analysis

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Multiplex real-time RT-PCR for the simultaneous detection and quantification of GI, GII and GIV noroviruses

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Multiplex touchdown PCR for rapid typing of the opportunistic pathogen Propionibacterium acnes

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Multiplex-PCR for the detection of viruses in the CSF of infants and young children

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Multiplex-Touchdown PCR to Simultaneously Detect iCryptosporidium parvum , iGiardia lamblia , and iCyclospora cayetanensis , the Major Causes of Traveler's Diarrhea

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Multiplexed Activity of perAuxidase: DNA-Capped AuNPs Act as Adjustable Peroxidase

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Multiplexed Analysis for Anti-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tumor Cell Growth Inhibition Based on Quantum Dot Probes

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Multiplexed Biosensors for Mycotoxins

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Multiplexed CRISPR/Cas9- and TAR-Mediated Promoter Engineering of Natural Product Biosynthetic Gene Clusters in Yeast

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Multiplexed Capillary Electrophoresis as Analytical Tool for Fast Optimization of Multi-Enzyme Cascade Reactions - Synthesis of Nucleotide Sugars: Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Vladimir Křen on the occasion of his 60 th birthday

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Multiplexed Component Analysis to Identify Genes Contributing to the Immune Response during Acute SIV Infection

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Multiplexed DNA detection using a gold nanorod-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer technique

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Multiplexed Detection of Cytokines Based on Dual Bar-Code Strategy and Single-Molecule Counting

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Multiplexed Detection of Epigenetic Markers Using Quantum Dot (QD)-Encoded Hydrogel Microparticles

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Multiplexed Dosing Assays by Digitally Definable Hydrogel Volumes

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Multiplexed Engineering in Biology

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Multiplexed Epitope-Based Tissue Imaging for Discovery and Healthcare Applications

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Multiplexed Fluid Flow Device to Study Cellular Response to Tunable Shear Stress Gradients

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Multiplexed Fluorescence Imaging of ERK and Akt Activities and Cell-cycle Progression

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Multiplexed Fluorescent Immunodetection Using Low Autofluorescence Immobilon®-FL Membrane

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Multiplexed data independent acquisition (MSX-DIA) applied by high resolution mass spectrometry improves quantification quality for the analysis of histone peptides

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Multiplexed imaging of intracellular protein networks

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Multiplication method for sparse interferometric fringes

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Multiplication of blaOXA-23 is common in clinical Acinetobacter baumannii, but does not enhance carbapenem resistance

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Multiprofessional education inevitable

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Multipronged approach for engineering novel peptide analogues of existing lantibiotics

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Multipronged, strategic delivery of paclitaxel-topotecan using engineered liposomes to ovarian cancer

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Multiprotein bridging factor 2 regulates the expression of the fibroin heavy chain gene by interacting with Bmdimmed in the silkworm Bombyx mori

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Multipurpose Transposon-Insertion Libraries in Yeast

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Multipurpose nonlinear optical imaging system for in vivo and ex vivo multimodal histology

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