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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58371

Chapter 58371 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Glaser, A.M.; Johnston, J.H.; Gleason, W.A.; Rhoads, J.Marc., 2015:
Myotonic dystrophy as a cause of colonic pseudoobstruction: not just another constipated child

Heatwole, C.; Bode, R.; Johnson, N.E.; Dekdebrun, J.; Dilek, N.; Eichinger, K.; Hilbert, J.E.; Logigian, E.; Luebbe, E.; Martens, W.; Mcdermott, M.P.; Pandya, S.; Puwanant, A.; Rothrock, N.; Thornton, C.; Vickrey, B.G.; Victorson, D.; Moxley, R.T., 2016:
Myotonic dystrophy health index: Correlations with clinical tests and patient function

Bonouvrié, K.; Panis, B., 2018:
Myotonic dystrophy in children; how can you recognise the symptoms in a child and in family members?

Zhao, Z.; Manser, E., 2016:
Myotonic dystrophy kinase-related Cdc42-binding kinases (MRCK), the ROCK-like effectors of Cdc42 and Rac1

Nguyen, C-Tu.Emilie.; Campbell, C., 2016:
Myotonic dystrophy type 1

Liu, L.; Liu, H-Miao.; Liu, Z-Jing.; Zhang, L-Wei.; Gu, W-Hong.; Wang, R-Bin., 2016:
Myotonic dystrophy type 1 associated with white matter hyperintense lesions: clinic, imaging, and genetic analysis

Alsharabati, M.; Erol, F.; Bayoumi, M.; Oh, S.J., 2018:
Myotonic dystrophy type 1 presenting with asymmetric winged scapulae

Ikeda, K.Suzete.; Iwabe-Marchese, C.; França, M.Cavalcante.; Nucci, A.; Carvalho, K.Monteiro.de., 2017:
Myotonic dystrophy type 1: frequency of ophthalmologic findings

Papadopoulos, C.; Panagopoulos, G.; Kekou, K.; Fardis, V.; Kitsiou-Tzeli, S.; Papadimas, G.K., 2018:
Myotonic dystrophy type 2 presenting as inflammatory myopathy

Finsterer, J.; Stöllberger, C., 2015:
Myotonic dystrophy-1 complicated by factor-v (leiden) mutation

Taylor, G.S., 2017:
Myotrioza myopori Taylor, a designation of the type species for the genus Myotrioza gen. nov. (Psylloidea: Triozidae)

Kim, S.Won.; Lee, J.Hyo.; Park, B-Chul.; Park, T.Sub., 2016:
Myotube differentiation in clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat/Cas9-mediated MyoD knockout quail myoblast cells

Iovino, S.; Burkart, A.M.; Warren, L.; Patti, M.Elizabeth.; Kahn, C.Ronald., 2016:
Myotubes derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells mirror in vivo insulin resistance

Feng, Y.Z.; Nikolić, Nša.; Bakke, S.S.; Kase, E.T.; Guderud, K.; Hjelmesæth, Jøran.; Aas, V.; Rustan, A.C.; Thoresen, G.Hege., 2015:
Myotubes from lean and severely obese subjects with and without type 2 diabetes respond differently to an in vitro model of exercise

Bakke, S.S.; Feng, Y.Z.; Nikolić, N.; Kase, E.T.; Moro, C.; Stensrud, C.; Damlien, L.; Ludahl, M.O.; Sandbu, R.; Solheim, B.Marie.; Rustan, A.C.; Hjelmesæth, Jøran.; Thoresen, G.Hege.; Aas, V., 2015:
Myotubes from severely obese type 2 diabetic subjects accumulate less lipids and show higher lipolytic rate than myotubes from severely obese non-diabetic subjects

Weidner, P.; Söhn, M.; Gutting, T.; Friedrich, T.; Gaiser, T.; Magdeburg, J.; Kienle, P.; Ruh, H.; Hopf, C.; Behrens, H-Michael.; Röcken, C.; Hanoch, T.; Seger, R.; Ebert, M.P.A.; Burgermeister, E., 2016:
Myotubularin-related protein 7 inhibits insulin signaling in colorectal cancer

St-Denis, N.; Gupta, G.D.; Lin, Z.Yuan.; Gonzalez-Badillo, B.; Pelletier, L.; Gingras, A-Claude., 2015:
Myotubularin-related proteins 3 and 4 interact with polo-like kinase 1 and centrosomal protein of 55 kDa to ensure proper abscission

Renzi, A.; Brillantino, A.; Di Sarno, G.; D'Aniello, F.; Ziccardi, S.; Paladino, F.; Iacobellis, F., 2015:
Myoxinol (Hydrolyzed Hibiscus esculentus Extract) in the Cure of Chronic Anal Fissure: Early Clinical and Functional Outcomes

Rangrez, A.Yusuf.; Eden, M.; Poyanmehr, R.; Kuhn, C.; Stiebeling, K.; Dierck, F.; Bernt, A.; Lüllmann-Rauch, R.; Weiler, H.; Kirchof, P.; Frank, D.; Frey, N., 2016:
Myozap Deficiency Promotes Adverse Cardiac Remodeling via Differential Regulation of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase/Serum-response Factor and β-Catenin/GSK-3β Protein Signaling

Long, Z-Biao.; Huang, J-Song.; Shi, X-Feng.; Yang, J-Chun.; Ruan, Z.; Xiao, B.; Xi, X-Dong., 2015:
Myr-RKEFAK Peptide Selectively Regulates Outside-in Signaling Transduction-related Functions in Human Platelets

de Jesus, I.Cristina.; Santos Frazão, G.Góes.; Blank, A.Fitzgerald.; de Aquino Santana, L.Cristina.Lins., 2016:
Myrcia ovata Cambessedes essential oils: A proposal for a novel natural antimicrobial against foodborne bacteria

Rizzetto, M.; Niro, G.Anna., 2018:
Myrcludex B, a novel therapy for chronic hepatitis D?

Ohkouchi, S.; Ono, M.; Kobayashi, M.; Hirano, T.; Tojo, Y.; Hisata, S.; Ichinose, M.; Irokawa, T.; Ogawa, H.; Kurosawa, H., 2016:
Myriad Functions of Stanniocalcin-1 (STC1) Cover Multiple Therapeutic Targets in the Complicated Pathogenesis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)

Mittal, K.; Patadia, R.; Vora, C.; Mashru, R., 2016:
Myriad Molecules to Overcome Efflux Drug Transporters and Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes: A Journey from Synthetic to Natural

Hart, G.W., 2016:
Myriad Roles of Glycans in Biology

Tycowski, K.T.; Shu, M-Di.; Steitz, J.A., 2017:
Myriad Triple-Helix-Forming Structures in the Transposable Element RNAs of Plants and Fungi

McCallum, L.; Faunce, T., 2016:
Myriad Voices Against Gene Patents in the High Court

Bagul, P.K.; Borgaonkar, D.V.; Jaiswal, V.; Phadke, M.S.; Lanjewar, C.P.; Kerkar, P.G., 2016:
Myriad manifestations of Williams syndrome

Faridi, M.S.; Agarwal, N.; Saini, P.; Kaur, N.; Gupta, A., 2015:
Myriad presentations of penile fracture: report of three cases and review of literature

Dai, G.; Tong, Y.; Chen, X.; Ren, Z.; Ying, X.; Yang, F.; Chai, K., 2015:
Myricanol induces apoptotic cell death and anti-tumor activity in non-small cell lung carcinoma in vivo

Ma, Z.; Wang, G.; Cui, L.; Wang, Q., 2016:
Myricetin Attenuates Depressant-Like Behavior in Mice Subjected to Repeated Restraint Stress

Huang, J.; Wu, C.; Tian, B.; Zhou, X.; Ma, N.; Qian, Y., 2016:
Myricetin Prevents Alveolar Bone Loss in an Experimental Ovariectomized Mouse Model of Periodontitis

Seydi, E.; Rasekh, H.Reza.; Salimi, A.; Mohsenifar, Z.; Pourahmad, J., 2017:
Myricetin Selectively Induces Apoptosis on Cancerous Hepatocytes by Directly Targeting Their Mitochondria

Zhang, Q.; Li, Z.; Wu, S.; Li, X.; Sang, Y.; Li, J.; Niu, Y.; Ding, H., 2016:
Myricetin alleviates cuprizone-induced behavioral dysfunction and demyelination in mice by Nrf2 pathway

Wu, S.; Yue, Y.; Peng, A.; Zhang, L.; Xiang, J.; Cao, X.; Ding, H.; Yin, S., 2018:
Myricetin ameliorates brain injury and neurological deficits via Nrf2 activation after experimental stroke in middle-aged rats

Yuan, X.; Liu, Y.; Hua, X.; Deng, X.; Sun, P.; Yu, C.; Chen, L.; Yu, S.; Liu, S.; Pang, H., 2016:
Myricetin ameliorates the symptoms of collagen-induced arthritis in mice by inhibiting cathepsin K activity

Yi, J-Ling.; Shi, S.; Shen, Y-Li.; Wang, L.; Chen, H-Yan.; Zhu, J.; Ding, Y., 2016:
Myricetin and methyl eugenol combination enhances the anticancer activity, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction of cis-platin against HeLa cervical cancer cell lines

Mondal, S.; Jana, J.; Sengupta, P.; Jana, S.; Chatterjee, S., 2017:
Myricetin arrests human telomeric G-quadruplex structure: a new mechanistic approach as an anticancer agent

Guo, J.; Meng, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Hu, Y.; Ren, D.; Yang, X., 2016:
Myricetin derived from Hovenia dulcis Thunb. ameliorates vascular endothelial dysfunction and liver injury in high choline-fed mice

Wang, L.; Feng, J.; Chen, X.; Guo, W.; Du, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zang, W.; Zhang, S.; Zhao, G., 2014:
Myricetin enhance chemosensitivity of 5-fluorouracil on esophageal carcinoma in vitro and in vivo

Li, H-Guang.; Chen, J-Xia.; Xiong, J-Hui.; Zhu, J-Wei., 2016:
Myricetin exhibits anti-glioma potential by inducing mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, inhibition of cell migration and ROS generation

Iyer, S.C.; Gopal, A.; Halagowder, D., 2016:
Myricetin induces apoptosis by inhibiting P21 activated kinase 1 (PAK1) signaling cascade in hepatocellular carcinoma

Xu, Y.; Xie, Q.; Wu, S.; Yi, D.; Yu, Y.; Liu, S.; Li, S.; Li, Z., 2016:
Myricetin induces apoptosis via endoplasmic reticulum stress and DNA double-strand breaks in human ovarian cancer cells

Ou, X.; Bin, X.; Wang, L.; Li, M.; Yang, Y.; Fan, X.; Zeng, X., 2016:
Myricetin inhibits Kv1.5 channels in HEK293 cells

Kim, Y.Sook.; Kim, J.; Kim, K.Mo.; Jung, D.Ho.; Choi, S.; Kim, C-Sik.; Kim, J.Sook., 2015:
Myricetin inhibits advanced glycation end product (AGE)-induced migration of retinal pericytes through phosphorylation of ERK1/2, FAK-1, and paxillin in vitro and in vivo

Feng, J.; Chen, X.; Wang, Y.; Du, Y.; Sun, Q.; Zang, W.; Zhao, G., 2016:
Myricetin inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in gastric cancer cells

Huang, H.; Chen, A.Y.; Ye, X.; Li, B.; Rojanasakul, Y.; Rankin, G.O.; Chen, Y.Charlie., 2016:
Myricetin inhibits proliferation of cisplatin-resistant cancer cells through a p53-dependent apoptotic pathway

Pan, H.; Hu, Q.; Wang, J.; Liu, Z.; Wu, D.; Lu, W.; Huang, J., 2017:
Myricetin is a novel inhibitor of human inosine 5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase with anti-leukemia activity

Wu, C.; Wang, W.; Tian, B.; Liu, X.; Qu, X.; Zhai, Z.; Li, H.; Liu, F.; Fan, Q.; Tang, T.; Qin, A.; Zhu, Z., 2015:
Myricetin prevents titanium particle-induced osteolysis in vivo and inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in vitro

Su, H-Ming.; Feng, L-Na.; Zheng, X-Dong.; Chen, W., 2017:
Myricetin protects against diet-induced obesity and ameliorates oxidative stress in C57BL/6 mice

Wang, Q.; Wang, S-ting.; Yang, X.; You, P-pan.; Zhang, W., 2016:
Myricetin suppresses differentiation of 3 T3-L1 preadipocytes and enhances lipolysis in adipocytes

Jiao, D.; Zhang, X.Dong., 2017:
Myricetin suppresses p21-activated kinase 1 in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells through downstream signaling of the β-catenin pathway

Wu, Z.; Zheng, X.; Gong, M.; Li, Y., 2016:
Myricetin, a potent natural agent for treatment of diabetic skin damage by modulating TIMP/MMPs balance and oxidative stress

Guitard, R.; Paul, J-François.; Nardello-Rataj, Véronique.; Aubry, J-Marie., 2017:
Myricetin, rosmarinic and carnosic acids as superior natural antioxidant alternatives to α-tocopherol for the preservation of omega-3 oils

Semwal, D.Kumar.; Semwal, R.Badoni.; Combrinck, S.; Viljoen, A., 2016:
Myricetin: A Dietary Molecule with Diverse Biological Activities

Kim, H.Deok.; Jeong, K.Hoon.; Jung, U.Ju.; Kim, S.Ryong., 2016:
Myricitrin Ameliorates 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced Dopaminergic Neuronal Loss in the Substantia Nigra of Mouse Brain

Zhang, B.; Chen, Y.; Shen, Q.; Liu, G.; Ye, J.; Sun, G.; Sun, X., 2017:
Myricitrin Attenuates High Glucose-Induced Apoptosis through Activating Akt-Nrf2 Signaling in H9c2 Cardiomyocytes

Sun, J.; Sun, G.; Cui, X.; Meng, X.; Qin, M.; Sun, X., 2016:
Myricitrin Protects against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity by Counteracting Oxidative Stress and Inhibiting Mitochondrial Apoptosis via ERK/P53 Pathway

Cai, Z.; Zeng, W.; Tao, K.; Lu, F.; Gao, G.; Yang, Q., 2015:
Myricitrin alleviates MPP⁺-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in a DJ-1-dependent manner in SN4741 cells

Kassem, M.El.Said.; Ibrahim, L.Fawzy.; Hussein, S.Reda.; El-Sharawy, R.; El-Ansari, M.Amin.; Hassanane, M.Mohamed.; Booles, H.Fahime., 2016:
Myricitrin and bioactive extract of Albizia amara leaves: DNA protection and modulation of fertility and antioxidant-related genes expression

Qin, M.; Luo, Y.; Meng, X-bao.; Wang, M.; Wang, H-wei.; Song, S-yu.; Ye, J-xue.; Pan, R-le.; Yao, F.; Wu, P.; Sun, G-bo.; Sun, X-bo., 2016:
Myricitrin attenuates endothelial cell apoptosis to prevent atherosclerosis: An insight into PI3K/Akt activation and STAT3 signaling pathways

Domitrović, R.; Rashed, K.; Cvijanović, O.; Vladimir-Knežević, S.; Škoda, M.; Višnić, A., 2015:
Myricitrin exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic activity in carbon tetrachloride-intoxicated mice

Meyer, E.; Mori, M.Aurélio.; Campos, A.Cristina.; Andreatini, R.; Guimarães, F.Silveira.; Milani, H.; de Oliveira, Rúbia.Maria.Weffort., 2016:
Myricitrin induces antidepressant-like effects and facilitates adult neurogenesis in mice

Li, J.; Zhang, M.; Ma, J., 2016:
Myricitrin inhibits PDGF-BB-stimulated vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration through suppressing PDGFRβ/Akt/Erk signaling

Gersdorff, M.; Heylen, G.; Franceschi, D.; Gerard, J-M., 2016:
Myringoplasties for anterior tympanic perforations: Our surgical technique

Rozendorn, N.; Wolf, M.; Yakirevich, A.; Shapira, Y.; Carmel, E., 2017:
Myringoplasty in children

Abdellatif, H.; Youssef, R.; Omar, M.; Hassan, N.; Lahcen, A.; Abdelaziz, R., 2016:
Myringoplasty in children: retrospective analysis of 60 cases

Phillips, J.S.; Yung, M.W.; Nunney, I., 2016:
Myringoplasty outcomes in the UK

Das, A.; Sen, B.; Ghosh, D.; Sengupta, A., 2015:
Myringoplasty: Impact of Size and Site of Perforation on the Success Rate

Martellucci, S.; Pagliuca, G.; de Vincentiis, M.; De Virgilio, A.; Fusconi, M.; Gallipoli, C.; Rosato, C.; Gallo, A., 2015:
Myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion with endoscopic or microscopic technique in adults: a pilot study

Salaun, E.; Lefeuvre-Orfila, L.; Cavey, T.; Martin, B.; Turlin, B.; Ropert, M.; Loreal, O.; Derbré, Fédéric., 2016:
Myriocin prevents muscle ceramide accumulation but not muscle fiber atrophy during short-term mechanical unloading

Wada, Y.; Sakiyama, S.; Sakai, H.; Sakane, F., 2017:
Myristic Acid Enhances Diacylglycerol Kinase δ-Dependent Glucose Uptake in Myotubes

Novakovic, Z.M.; Anderson, B.M.; Grasso, P., 2015:
Myristic acid conjugation of [D-Leu-4]-OB3, a biologically active leptin-related synthetic peptide amide, significantly improves its pharmacokinetic profile and efficacy

Ciesielski, J.; Su, T-Ping.; Tsai, S-Yi., 2016:
Myristic acid hitchhiking on sigma-1 receptor to fend off neurodegeneration

Noto, D.; Fayer, F.; Cefalù, A.B.; Altieri, I.; Palesano, O.; Spina, R.; Valenti, V.; Pitrone, M.; Pizzolanti, G.; Barbagallo, C.M.; Giordano, C.; Averna, M.R., 2016:
Myristic acid is associated to low plasma HDL cholesterol levels in a Mediterranean population and increases HDL catabolism by enhancing HDL particles trapping to cell surface proteoglycans in a liver hepatoma cell model

Martínez, L.; Torres, S.; Baulies, A.; Alarcón-Vila, C.; Elena, M.; Fabriàs, G.; Casas, J.; Caballeria, J.; Fernandez-Checa, J.C.; García-Ruiz, C., 2016:
Myristic acid potentiates palmitic acid-induced lipotoxicity and steatohepatitis associated with lipodystrophy by sustaning de novo ceramide synthesis

Kim, E-Yeong.; Choi, H-Jung.; Park, M-Ju.; Jung, Y-Seop.; Lee, S-Ook.; Kim, K-Jun.; Choi, J-Hye.; Chung, T-Wook.; Ha, K-Tae., 2017:
Myristica fragrans Suppresses Tumor Growth and Metabolism by Inhibiting Lactate Dehydrogenase A

Kwon, J-Oh.; Jin, W.Jong.; Kim, B.; Kim, H-Hee.; Lee, Z.Hee., 2016:
Myristoleic acid inhibits osteoclast formation and bone resorption by suppressing the RANKL activation of Src and Pyk2

Yu, D.; Makkar, G.; Strickland, D.K.; Blanpied, T.A.; Stumpo, D.J.; Blackshear, P.J.; Sarkar, R.; Monahan, T.S., 2016:
Myristoylated Alanine-Rich Protein Kinase Substrate (MARCKS) Regulates Small GTPase Rac1 and Cdc42 Activity and Is a Critical Mediator of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration in Intimal Hyperplasia Formation

Maguire, J.E.; Silva, M.; Nguyen, K.C.Q.; Hellen, E.; Kern, A.D.; Hall, D.H.; Barr, M.M., 2016:
Myristoylated CIL-7 regulates ciliary extracellular vesicle biogenesis

Lee, S-Min.; Suk, K.; Lee, W-Ha., 2015:
Myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate (MARCKS) regulates the expression of proinflammatory cytokines in macrophages through activation of p38/JNK MAPK and NF-κB

Sheen, M.Rie.; Warner, S.L.; Fields, J.L.; Conejo-Garcia, J.R.; Fiering, S., 2016:
Myristoylated p110α Causes Embryonic Death Due to Developmental and Vascular Defects

Doležal, M.; Zábranský, Aš.; Dostál, Jří.; Vaněk, Ořej.; Brynda, Jří.; Lepšík, M.; Hadravová, R.; Pichová, I., 2016:
Myristoylation drives dimerization of matrix protein from mouse mammary tumor virus

Marr, L.; Lülf, A-Theresa.; Freudenstein, A.; Sutter, G.; Volz, A., 2016:
Myristoylation increases the CD8+T-cell response to a GFP prototype antigen delivered by modified vaccinia virus Ankara

York, J.; Nunberg, J.H., 2017:
Myristoylation of the Arenavirus Envelope Glycoprotein Stable Signal Peptide Is Critical for Membrane Fusion but Dispensable for Virion Morphogenesis

Broncel, M.; Serwa, R.A.; Ciepla, P.; Krause, E.; Dallman, M.J.; Magee, A.I.; Tate, E.W., 2015:
Myristoylation profiling in human cells and zebrafish

Burnaevskiy, N.; Peng, T.; Reddick, L.Evan.; Hang, H.C.; Alto, N.M., 2015:
Myristoylome profiling reveals a concerted mechanism of ARF GTPase deacylation by the bacterial protease IpaJ

Li, X-Hui.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, J-Hui.; Li, X-Nian.; Cao, M-Ming.; Di, Y-Tong.; Peng, Z-Gen.; Jiang, J-Dong.; Hao, X-Jiang., 2016:
Myritonines A-C, Alkaloids from Myrioneuron tonkinensis Based on a Novel Hexacyclic Skeleton

Plowes, R.M.; Becnel, J.J.; LeBrun, E.G.; Oi, D.H.; Valles, S.M.; Jones, N.T.; Gilbert, L.E., 2016:
Myrmecomorba nylanderiae gen. et sp. nov., a microsporidian parasite of the tawny crazy ant Nylanderia fulva

Khaustov, A.A., 2016:
Myrmecophilous pygmephoroid mites (Acari: Pygmephoroidea) associated with Lasius flavus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Russia

Peintner, U.; Knapp, M.; Fleischer, V.; Walch, G.; Dresch, P., 2016:
Myrmecridium hiemale sp. nov. from snow-covered alpine soil is the first eurypsychrophile in this genus of anamorphic fungi

Chłond, D.; Baňař, P., 2015:
Myrmicella, a new genus of Harpactorinae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae) from Madagascar

Liu, H.; Iwase, H.; Wijkstrom, M.; Singh, J.; Klein, E.; Wagner, R.; Humar, A.; Pasculle, W.; Cooper, D.K.C., 2015:
Myroides Infection in a Baboon After Prolonged Pig Kidney Graft Survival

Ram, H.; Kumar, A.; Thomas, L.; Dastager, S.G.; Mawlankar, R.; Singh, V.Pal., 2015:
Myroides indicus sp. nov., isolated from garden soil

Paek, J.; Shin, J.Hwan.; Shin, Y.; Park, I-Soon.; Jin, T-Eun.; Kook, J-Ki.; Wie, S-Heon.; Cho, H.Gueon.; Park, S-Je.; Chang, Y-Hyo., 2015:
Myroides injenensis sp. nov., a new member isolated from human urine

Belloir, L.; Billy, P.A.; Hentgen, C.; Fille, A.; Barrans, A., 2016:
Myroides odoratimimus bacteremia

Endicott-Yazdani, T.R.; Dhiman, N.; Benavides, R.; Spak, C.W., 2015:
Myroides odoratimimus bacteremia in a diabetic patient

Shirakawa, M.; Ueda, H.; Shimada, T.; Kohchi, T.; Hara-Nishimura, I., 2015:
Myrosin cell development is regulated by endocytosis machinery and PIN1 polarity in leaf primordia of Arabidopsis thaliana

Shirakawa, M.; Ueda, H.; Shimada, T.; Hara-Nishimura, I., 2016:
Myrosin cells are differentiated directly from ground meristem cells and are developmentally independent of the vasculature in Arabidopsis leaves

Gonda, Sándor.; Kiss-Szikszai, A.; Szűcs, Z.; Nguyen, N.Minh.; Vasas, Gábor., 2017:
Myrosinase Compatible Simultaneous Determination of Glucosinolates and Allyl Isothiocyanate by Capillary Electrophoresis Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography (CE-MEKC)

Angelino, D.; Dosz, E.B.; Sun, J.; Hoeflinger, J.L.; Van Tassell, M.L.; Chen, P.; Harnly, J.M.; Miller, M.J.; Jeffery, E.H., 2015:
Myrosinase-dependent and -independent formation and control of isothiocyanate products of glucosinolate hydrolysis

Wagner, A.E.; Sturm, C.; Piegholdt, S.; Wolf, I.M.A.; Esatbeyoglu, T.; De Nicola, G.Rosalinda.; Iori, R.; Rimbach, G., 2016:
Myrosinase-treated glucoerucin is a potent inducer of the Nrf2 target gene heme oxygenase 1--studies in cultured HT-29 cells and mice

Fu, Y.; Wu, P.; Xue, J.; Li, H.; Wei, X., 2016:
Myrothecols g and h, two new analogues of the marine-derived quinone sesquiterpene penicilliumin A

Elbakry, K.A.; Abdelaziz, M.M., 2016:
Myrrh and artesunate modulate some Th1 and Th2 cytokines secretion in Schistosoma mansoni infected mice

Vasas, A.; Forgo, P.; Orvos, Péter.; Tálosi, László.; Csorba, A.; Pinke, G.; Hohmann, J., 2017:
Myrsinane, Premyrsinane, and Cyclomyrsinane Diterpenes from Euphorbia falcata as Potassium Ion Channel Inhibitors with Selective G Protein-Activated Inwardly Rectifying Ion Channel (GIRK) Blocking Effects

Ayyasamy, R.; Leelavinothan, P., 2016:
Myrtenal alleviates hyperglycaemia, hyperlipidaemia and improves pancreatic insulin level in STZ-induced diabetic rats

Rathinam, A.; Pari, L., 2017:
Myrtenal ameliorates hyperglycemia by enhancing GLUT2 through Akt in the skeletal muscle and liver of diabetic rats

Ying, B.; Maimaiti, A.Kelimujiang.; Song, D.; Zhu, S., 2016:
Myrtol ameliorates cartilage lesions in an osteoarthritis rat model

Li, Y.Ying.; Liu, J.; Li, C.Wei.; Subramaniam, S.; Chao, S.Shuen.; Yu, F.Gang.; Cohen, N.A.; Li, S.; Wang, D.Yun., 2016:
Myrtol standardized affects mucociliary clearance

Izgi, K.; Iskender, B.; Jauch, J.; Sezen, S.; Cakir, M.; Charpentier, Mël.; Canatan, H.; Sakalar, C., 2015:
Myrtucommulone-A Induces both Extrinsic and Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathways in Cancer Cells

Iskender, B.; Izgi, K.; Karaca, H.; Canatan, H., 2016:
Myrtucommulone-A treatment decreases pluripotency- and multipotency-associated marker expression in bladder cancer cell line HTB-9

Zohalinezhad, M.E.; Hosseini-Asl, M.Kazem.; Akrami, R.; Nimrouzi, M.; Salehi, A.; Zarshenas, M.M., 2016:
Myrtus communis L. Freeze-Dried Aqueous Extract Versus Omeprazol in Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Mahboubi, M., 2016:
Myrtus communis L. and its application in treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis

Bouzabata, A.; Cabral, Célia.; Gonçalves, M.José.; Cruz, M.Teresa.; Bighelli, A.; Cavaleiro, C.; Casanova, J.; Tomi, Félix.; Salgueiro, L., 2015:
Myrtus communis L. as source of a bioactive and safe essential oil

Koulouri, P.; Gerovasileiou, V.; Bailly, N., 2016:
Mysida and Lophogastrida of Greece: a preliminary checklist

Nau, J-Yves., 2015:
Mysimba, an American appetite suppressant and the logic of the single European market

Petrov, J.C.; Nijnik, A., 2016:
Mysm1 expression in the bone marrow niche is not essential for hematopoietic maintenance

Lin, Y.; Li, S., 2016:
Mysmenidae, a spider family newly recorded from Tibet (Arachnida, Araneae)

Namratha, P.; Kishor, M.; Sathyanarayana Rao, T.S.; Raman, R., 2016:
Mysore study: A study of suicide notes

Grant, R.A.; Delaunay, M.G.; Haidarliu, S., 2016:
Mystacial Whisker Layout and Musculature in the Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus): A Social, Diurnal Mammal

Sandman, C.A., 2016:
Mysteries of the Human Fetus Revealed

Coyle, M.; Hu, J.; Gartner, Z., 2016:
Mysteries in a Minimal Genome

Wickramasekera, I.E., 2015:
Mysteries of hypnosis and the self are revealed by the psychology and neuroscience of empathy

Ishimasa, T., 2016:
Mysteries of icosahedral quasicrystals: how are the atoms arranged?

Datta, S., 2015:
Mysteries of pedunculopontine nucleus physiology: Towards a deeper understanding of arousal and neuropsychiatric disorders

Williamson, R., 2015:
Mysteries of small bowel neoplasia

Furuya, Y.; Ludewick, H.P.; Müllbacher, A., 2015:
Mysteries of type I IFN response: benefits versus detriments

Lepczyńska, Młgorzata.; Chen, W-Chieh.; Dzika, E., 2017:
Mysterious chronic urticaria caused by Blastocystis spp.?

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N-Heterocyclic carbenes

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N-Phosphonyl/phosphinyl imines and group-assisted purification (GAP) chemistry/technology

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N-Pyridineium-2-yl Darrow Red analogue: unique near-infrared lysosome-biomarker for the detection of cancer cells

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N-Ras mutation in vemurafenib-associated expanding melanocytic nevus

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N-Stearoyl-L-Tyrosine Inhibits the Senescence of Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Induced by Aβ 1-42 via the CB2 Receptor

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N-Stearoyltyrosine protects primary cortical neurons against Aβ(1-40)-induced injury through inhibiting endocannabinoid degradation

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N-Terminal Signal Peptides of G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Significance for Receptor Biosynthesis, Trafficking, and Signal Transduction

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N-Terminal fatty acylation of peptides spanning the cationic C-terminal segment of bovine β-defensin-2 results in salt-resistant antibacterial activity

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N-acetyl cysteine prolonged the developmental ability of mouse two-cell embryos against oxidative stress at refrigerated temperatures

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N-acetyl cysteine reduces oxidative toxicity, apoptosis, and calcium entry through TRPV1 channels in the neutrophils of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

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N-acetyl cysteine-mediated effective attenuation of methoxychlor-induced granulosa cell apoptosis by counteracting reactive oxygen species generation in caprine ovary

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N-acetylaspartate supports the energetic demands of developmental myelination via oligodendroglial aspartoacylase

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