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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58384

Chapter 58384 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yu, M.; Du, W.; Li, H.; Zhang, H.; Li, Z., 2016:
Near-infrared ratiometric fluorescent detection of arginine in lysosome with a new hemicyanine derivative

Wong, K.L.; Pautler, S.E.; Browning, D.J., 2015:
Near-infrared reflectance bull's eye maculopathy as an early indication of hydroxychloroquine toxicity

Zhang, W.; Qu, Z.; Wang, Y.; Yao, C.; Bai, X.; Bian, S.; Zhao, B., 2015:
Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) for rapid determination of ginsenoside Rg1 and Re in Chinese patent medicine Naosaitong pill

Hu, C.; Bai, S-qie.; Zhang, Y.; Yan, J-jun.; You, M-hong.; Li, D-xu.; Bai, L.; Zhang Jin, 2015:
Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy analytic model established for the IVDMD of Cichorium intybus L

Pattathil, P.; Scarfiello, R.; Giannuzzi, R.; Veramonti, G.; Sibillano, T.; Qualtieri, A.; Giannini, C.; Cozzoli, P.Davide.; Manca, M., 2016:
Near-infrared selective dynamic windows controlled by charge transfer impedance at the counter electrode

Li, J-bo.; Guo, Z-ming.; Huang, W-qian.; Zhang, B-hua.; Zhao, C-jiang., 2015:
Near-infrared spectra combining with CARS and SPA algorithms to screen the variables and samples for quantitatively determining the soluble solids content in strawberry

Jarraya, A.; Mohamed, S.; Sofiene, L.; Kolsi, K., 2017:
Near-infrared spectrometry in pregnancy: progress and perspectives, a review of literature

Buma, T.; Wilkinson, B.C.; Sheehan, T.C., 2015 :
Near-infrared spectroscopic photoacoustic microscopy using a multi-color fiber laser source

Masataka, N.; Perlovsky, L.; Hiraki, K., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in functional research of prefrontal cortex

Marx, A-Maria.; Ehlis, A-Christine.; Furdea, A.; Holtmann, M.; Banaschewski, T.; Brandeis, D.; Rothenberger, A.; Gevensleben, H.; Freitag, C.M.; Fuchsenberger, Y.; Fallgatter, A.J.; Strehl, U., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) neurofeedback as a treatment for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)-a pilot study

Mori, H.; Kuge, H.; Watanabe, M.; Tanaka, T.Hideaki., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy and hydrogen clearance: is there any difference between these two methods of muscle blood volume estimation?

Grassi, B.; Quaresima, V., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy and skeletal muscle oxidative function in vivo in health and disease: a review from an exercise physiology perspective

Oldag, A.; Neumann, J.; Goertler, M.; Hinrichs, H.; Heinze, H-Jochen.; Kupsch, A.; Sweeney-Reed, C.M.; Kopitzki, K., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy and transcranial sonography to evaluate cerebral autoregulation in middle cerebral artery steno-occlusive disease

Chen, H.; Lin, Z.; Mo, L.; Wu, T.; Tan, C., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool for distinguishing between normal and malignant colorectal tissues

Liu, T.; Pelowski, M.; Pang, C.; Zhou, Y.; Cai, J., 2017:
Near-infrared spectroscopy as a tool for driving research

Oliveira, S.Rosa.de.; Machado, A.Carolina.Cabral.de.Paula.; Miranda, Débora.Marques.de.; Campos, Fávio.Dos.Santos.; Ribeiro, C.Oliveira.; Magalhães, Lívia.de.Castro.; Bouzada, M.Cândida.Ferrarez., 2017:
Near-infrared spectroscopy as an auxiliary tool in the study of child development

Sørensen, H.; Nielsen, H.B.; Secher, N.H., 2017:
Near-infrared spectroscopy assessed cerebral oxygenation during open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: relation to end-tidal CO2 tension

Štěchovský, C.; Hájek, P.; Horváth, M.; Špaček, M.; Veselka, J., 2017:
Near-infrared spectroscopy combined with intravascular ultrasound in carotid arteries

Hirasawa, A.; Kaneko, T.; Tanaka, N.; Funane, T.; Kiguchi, M.; Sørensen, H.; Secher, N.H.; Ogoh, S., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy determined cerebral oxygenation with eliminated skin blood flow in young males

Wik, L., 2018:
Near-infrared spectroscopy during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and after restoration of spontaneous circulation: a valid technology?

Wally, D.; Velik-Salchner, C., 2017:
Near-infrared spectroscopy during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and mechanical circulatory support: From the operating room to the intensive care unit

Donati, A.; Damiani, E.; Domizi, R.; Scorcella, C.; Carsetti, A.; Tondi, S.; Monaldi, V.; Adrario, E.; Romano, R.; Pelaia, P.; Singer, M., 2018:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for assessing tissue oxygenation and microvascular reactivity in critically ill patients: a prospective observational study

Soukhanovskii, V.A.; McLean, A.G.; Allen, S.L., 2014:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for divertor plasma diagnosis and control in DIII-D tokamak

Erlinge, D., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for intracoronary detection of lipid-rich plaques to understand atherosclerotic plaque biology in man and guide clinical therapy

Sakudo, A., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for medical applications: Current status and future perspectives

Bruder, N.; Velly, L., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for monitoring brain oxygenation: to trust or not to trust?

Jakubíková, M.; Sádecká, J.; Kleinová, A.; Májek, P., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for rapid classification of fruit spirits

Quintelas, C.; Mesquita, D.P.; Lopes, Jão.A.; Ferreira, Eénio.C.; Sousa, C., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for the detection and quantification of bacterial contaminations in pharmaceutical products

Hernandez-Meza, G.; Izzetoglu, M.; Osbakken, M.; Green, M.; Izzetoglu, K., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy for the evaluation of anesthetic depth

Singh-Moon, R.P.; Marboe, C.C.; Hendon, C.P., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy integrated catheter for characterization of myocardial tissues: preliminary demonstrations to radiofrequency ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation

Oemrawsingh, R.M.; Cheng, J.M.; García-García, Héctor.M.; van Geuns, R-Jan.; de Boer, S.P.M.; Simsek, C.; Kardys, I.; Lenzen, M.J.; van Domburg, R.T.; Regar, E.; Serruys, P.W.; Akkerhuis, K.Martijn.; Boersma, E., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy predicts cardiovascular outcome in patients with coronary artery disease

Prkic, I.; Stuth, E.A.E., 2017:
Near-infrared spectroscopy provides continuous monitoring of compromised lower extremity perfusion during cardiac surgery

Cameron, T.A.; Lucas, S.J.E.; Machado, L., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy reveals link between chronic physical activity and anterior frontal oxygenated hemoglobin in healthy young women

Monthé-Sagan, K.; Fischer, M-Olivier.; Saplacan, V.; Gerard, J-louis.; Hanouz, J-Luc.; Fellahi, J-Luc., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy to assess microvascular dysfunction: A prospective pilot study in cardiac surgery patients

Berg, R.M.G.; Plovsing, R.R., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy versus transcranial Doppler ultrasound for assessing dynamic cerebral autoregulation by transfer function analysis in sepsis

Barrett, O.S.H.; Macdonald, S.P.J.; Playford, D.A., 2015:
Near-infrared spectroscopy-based microcirculatory assessment in acute atrial fibrillation

Kilic, I.Dogu.; Caiazzo, G.; Fabris, E.; Serdoz, R.; Abou-Sherif, S.; Madden, S.; Moreno, P.R.; Goldstein, J.; Di Mario, C., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy-intravascular ultrasound: scientific basis and clinical applications

Sood, B.G.; McLaughlin, K.; Cortez, J., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy: applications in neonates

Tremblay, J.C.; King, T.J., 2016:
Near-infrared spectroscopy: can it measure endothelial function?

Rao, G.Hanumantha.; Venkateswararao, A.; Giribabu, L.; Han, L.; Bedja, I.; Gupta, R.Kumar.; Islam, A.; Singh, S.Prakash., 2016:
Near-infrared squaraine co-sensitizer for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells

Sordillo, L.A.; Lindwasser, L.; Budansky, Y.; Leproux, P.; Alfano, R.R., 2015:
Near-infrared supercontinuum laser beam source in the second and third near-infrared optical windows used to image more deeply through thick tissue as compared with images from a lamp source

Roberts, A.S.; Chirumamilla, M.; Thilsing-Hansen, K.; Pedersen, K.; Bozhevolnyi, S.I., 2015:
Near-infrared tailored thermal emission from wafer-scale continuous-film resonators

Aghajamali, A., 2016:
Near-infrared tunable narrow filter in a periodic multi-nanolayer doped by a superconductor photonic quantum-well

Rao, G.Hanumantha.; Venkateswararao, A.; Giribabu, L.; Singh, S.Prakash., 2016:
Near-infrared unsymmetrical blue and green squaraine sensitizers

Dou, Q.Qing.; Guo, H.Chen.; Ye, E., 2015:
Near-infrared upconversion nanoparticles for bio-applications

Bhana, S.; Lin, G.; Wang, L.; Starring, H.; Mishra, S.R.; Liu, G.; Huang, X., 2016:
Near-infrared-absorbing gold nanopopcorns with iron oxide cluster core for magnetically amplified photothermal and photodynamic cancer therapy

Salvatore, D.A.; Dettelbach, K.E.; Hudkins, J.R.; Berlinguette, C.P., 2015:
Near-infrared-driven decomposition of metal precursors yields amorphous electrocatalytic films

Davis, C.M.; Ohkubo, K.; Ho, I-Ting.; Zhang, Z.; Ishida, M.; Fang, Y.; Lynch, V.M.; Kadish, K.M.; Sessler, J.L.; Fukuzumi, S., 2015:
Near-infrared-induced electron transfer of an uranyl macrocyclic complex without energy transfer to dioxygen

Yang, H.; Liu, J-Jian.; Wang, Z-Fei.; Guo, L-Xiang.; Keller, P.; Lin, B-Ping.; Sun, Y.; Zhang, X-Qin., 2016:
Near-infrared-responsive gold nanorod/liquid crystalline elastomer composites prepared by sequential thiol-click chemistry

Tsunoda, K.; Sekimoto, S.; Itoh, K., 2017:
Near-infrared-spectroscopic study on processing of sounds in the brain; a comparison between native and non-native speakers of Japanese

Yan, Q.; Schmidt, B.F.; Perkins, L.A.; Naganbabu, M.; Saurabh, S.; Andreko, S.K.; Bruchez, M.P., 2015:
Near-instant surface-selective fluorogenic protein quantification using sulfonated triarylmethane dyes and fluorogen activating proteins

Becker, M.; Dreißigacker, C.; Klein, S.; Kargl, F., 2015:
Near-isothermal furnace for in situ and real time X-ray radiography solidification experiments

Boulos, N.; Davis, M.C.; Hedrick, R.; Althauser, S.; Collison, K.; IsHak, W.William., 2016:
Near-lethal violent suicide attempt in a 15-year old adolescent with no prior psychiatric history following ingestion of 'N-Bomb' drug

Boos, W.R.; Storelvmo, T., 2016:
Near-linear response of mean monsoon strength to a broad range of radiative forcings

Larlee, C.; Zheng, C.; Sankoff, D., 2015:
Near-medians that avoid the corners; a combinatorial probability approach

Barger, J.P.; Dillon, P.F., 2016:
Near-membrane electric field calcium ion dehydration

English, N.J.; Garate, Jé-A., 2017:
Near-microsecond human aquaporin 4 gating dynamics in static and alternating external electric fields: Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics

Nakajima, M.; Takada, A.; Maeda, H.; Saito, K.; Yoshida, K-ichi., 2016:
Near-miss of ruptured myocardial infarction and catheter ablation injury associated with lethal cardiac tamponade

South, D.A.; Skelley, J.W.; Dang, M.; Woolley, T., 2015:
Near-miss transcription errors: a comparison of reporting rates between a novel error-reporting mechanism and a current formal reporting system

Van Spall, H.; Kassam, A.; Tollefson, T.T., 2016:
Near-misses are an opportunity to improve patient safety: adapting strategies of high reliability organizations to healthcare

Tanimia, H.; Jayaratnam, S.; Mola, G.L.; Amoa, A.B.; de Costa, C., 2017:
Near-misses at the Port Moresby General Hospital: a descriptive study

Nusmeier, A.; Cecchetti, C.; Blohm, M.; Lehman, R.; van der Hoeven, J.; Lemson, J., 2015:
Near-normal values of extravascular lung water in children

Mensberg, P.; Nyby, S.; Jørgensen, P.G.; Storgaard, H.; Jensen, M.T.; Sivertsen, J.; Holst, J.J.; Kiens, B.; Richter, E.A.; Knop, F.K.; Vilsbøll, T., 2016:
Near-normalization of glycaemic control with glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist treatment combined with exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes

Ziegler, D.; Behler, M.; Schroers-Teuber, M.; Roden, M., 2016:
Near-normoglycaemia and development of neuropathy: a 24-year prospective study from diagnosis of type 1 diabetes

Tickle, H.; Speekenbrink, M.; Tsetsos, K.; Michael, E.; Summerfield, C., 2016:
Near-optimal Integration of Magnitude in the Human Parietal Cortex

Ganmor, E.; Landy, M.S.; Simoncelli, E.P., 2015:
Near-optimal integration of orientation information across saccades

Mansoor, A.; Bagci, U.; Mollura, D.J., 2015:
Near-optimal keypoint sampling for fast pathological lung segmentation

Gingrich, T.R.; Rotskoff, G.M.; Crooks, G.E.; Geissler, P.L., 2016:
Near-optimal protocols in complex nonequilibrium transformations

Gröndal, H.; Hedin, K.; Strandberg, E.Lena.; André, M.; Brorsson, A., 2016:
Near-patient tests and the clinical gaze in decision-making of Swedish GPs not following current guidelines for sore throat - a qualitative interview study

Trujillo, G.; Aguinaldo, P.G.; Anderson, C.; Bustamante, J.; Gelsinger, D.R.; Pastor, M.J.; Wright, J.; Márquez-Magaña, L.; Riggs, B., 2015:
Near-peer STEM Mentoring Offers Unexpected Benefits for Mentors from Traditionally Underrepresented Backgrounds

Cantwell, S.; Bonadurer, G.F.; Pawlina, W.; Lachman, N., 2016:
Near-peer driven dissection selective: A primer to the medical school anatomy course

de Menezes, S.; Premnath, D., 2017:
Near-peer education: a novel teaching program

Pean, C.A.; Davis, K.; Merrill, R.; Marinelli, B.; Lockwood, A.; Mathews, Z.; Strayer, R.J.; Poitevien, Géve.; Galjour, J., 2016:
Near-peer emergency medicine for medical students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: an example of rethinking global health interventions in developing countries

Cash, T.; Brand, E.; Wong, E.; Richardson, J.; Athorn, S.; Chowdhury, F., 2016:
Near-peer medical student simulation training

Rukundo, G.Zari.; Burani, A.; Kasozi, J.; Kirimuhuzya, C.; Odongo, C.; Mwesigwa, C.; Byona, W.; Kiguli, S., 2017:
Near-peer mentorship for undergraduate training in Ugandan medical schools: views of undergraduate students

McEvoy, M.; Pollack, S.; Dyche, L.; Burton, W., 2017:
Near-peer role modeling: Can fourth-year medical students, recognized for their humanism, enhance reflection among second-year students in a physical diagnosis course?

Oliver, S.W.; McAuley, L.; Collins, K.; Haddock, R.; Gallacher, L., 2016:
Near-peer teaching adds value to undergraduate medical education

Riddell, N.; King, S., 2016:
Near-peer teaching in medical education

Gottlieb, Z.; Epstein, S.; Richards, J., 2016:
Near-peer teaching programme for medical students

Aba Alkhail, B., 2015:
Near-peer-assisted learning (NPAL) in undergraduate medical students and their perception of having medical interns as their near peer teacher

George, M.C.; Lazer, Z.P.; George, D.S., 2018:
Near-point string: Simple method to demonstrate anticipated near point for multifocal and accommodating intraocular lenses

Liu, J.; Li, S.; Hou, J., 2016:
Near-post meniscus-induced migration and assembly of bubbles

Korobko, A.V.; Besseling, N.A.M., 2016:
Near-second-order transition in confined living-polymer solutions

Glaser, R.; Hillebrand, R.; Wycoff, W.; Camasta, C.; Gates, K.S., 2015:
Near-silence of isothiocyanate carbon in (13)C NMR spectra: a case study of allyl isothiocyanate

Zhang, D-Long.; Yang, X-Fei.; Zhang, Q.; Wong, W-Han.; Yu, D-Yin.; Pun, E.Yue-Bun., 2015:
Near-stoichiometric Ti-diffused LiNbO(3) strip waveguide doped with Zr(4+)

Vo, T.Quoc.; Barisik, M.; Kim, B., 2015:
Near-surface viscosity effects on capillary rise of water in nanotubes

Zheng, T.; Yang, J.; Xu, J.; He, W.; Lu, Y., 2016:
Near-term analysis of corneal epithelial thickness after cataract surgery and its correlation with epithelial cell changes and visual acuity

Nunes, J.L.S.; Rincon, G.; Piorski, N.M.; Martins, A.P.B., 2017:
Near-term embryos in a Pristis pristis (Elasmobranchii: Pristidae) from Brazil

Lemez, P.; Bene, M-C.; Campos, L.; Castoldi, G.; Derolf, A.; Garand, R.; Haas, T.; Haferlach, T., 2016:
Near-tetraploid acute myeloid leukemias: An EGIL retrospective study of 29 cases

DelRio, F.W.; White, R.M.; Krylyuk, S.; Davydov, A.V.; Friedman, L.H.; Cook, R.F., 2016:
Near-theoretical fracture strengths in native and oxidized silicon nanowires

Xiang, D.; Liu, L.; Li, Y.; Qiao, J., 2016:
Near-total removal of facial nerve schwannomas: long-term outcomes

Kerr, E.N.; Blackwell, M.C., 2016:
Near-transfer effects following working memory intervention (Cogmed) in children with symptomatic epilepsy: An open randomized clinical trial

Telford, W.G., 2016:
Near-ultraviolet laser diodes for brilliant ultraviolet fluorophore excitation

Song, B.; Wang, X.; Li, B.; Zhang, L.; Lv, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Tang, J.; Xu, P.; Li, B.; Yang, Y.; Sui, Y.; Song, B., 2016:
Near-ultraviolet lateral photovoltaic effect in Fe<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub>/3C-SiC Schottky junctions

Amani, M.; Lien, D-Hsien.; Kiriya, D.; Xiao, J.; Azcatl, A.; Noh, J.; Madhvapathy, S.R.; Addou, R.; KC, S.; Dubey, M.; Cho, K.; Wallace, R.M.; Lee, S-Chen.; He, J-Hau.; Ager, J.W.; Zhang, X.; Yablonovitch, E.; Javey, A., 2015:
Near-unity photoluminescence quantum yield in MoS₂

Lisicki, M.; Cichocki, B.; Wajnryb, E., 2016:
Near-wall diffusion tensor of an axisymmetric colloidal particle

Liu, Y.; Bławzdziewicz, J.; Cichocki, B.; Dhont, J.K.G.; Lisicki, M.; Wajnryb, E.; Young, Y-N.; Lang, P.R., 2016:
Near-wall dynamics of concentrated hard-sphere suspensions: comparison of evanescent wave DLS experiments, virial approximation and simulations

Bezus, E.A.; Doskolovich, L.L.; Soifer, V.A., 2015:
Near-wavelength diffraction gratings for surface plasmon polaritons

Cagnazzi, E.; Mosca, A.; Pe, F.; Togazzari, T.; Manenti, O.; Mittempergher, F.; Raffetti, E.; Donato, F.; Latronico, N., 2016:
Near-zero difficult tracheal intubation and tracheal intubation failure rate with the "Besta Airway Algorithm" and "Glidescope® in morbidly obese" (GLOBE)

Oh, S-Won.; Park, J-Hee.; Yoon, T-Hoon., 2015:
Near-zero pretilt alignment of liquid crystals using polyimide films doped with UV-curable polymer

Giaccardi, M.; Del Rosso, A.; Guarnaccia, V.; Ballo, P.; Mascia, G.; Chiodi, L.; Colella, A., 2016:
Near-zero x-ray in arrhythmia ablation using a 3-dimensional electroanatomic mapping system: A multicenter experience

Beretta, L.; Santaniello, A., 2017:
Nearest neighbor imputation algorithms: a critical evaluation

Ganeshan, S.; Pixley, J.H.; Das Sarma, S., 2015:
Nearest neighbor tight binding models with an exact mobility edge in one dimension

Adimari, G.; Chiogna, M., 2016:
Nearest-Neighbor Estimation for ROC Analysis under Verification Bias

Spilka, J.; Roux, S.G.; Garnier, N.B.; Abry, P.; Goncalves, P.; Doret, M., 2015:
Nearest-neighbor based wavelet entropy rate measures for intrapartum fetal heart rate variability

Richardson, K.E.; Znosko, B.M., 2017:
Nearest-neighbor parameters for 7-deaza-adenosine·uridine base pairs in RNA duplexes

Rands, S.A., 2015:
Nearest-neighbour clusters as a novel technique for assessing group associations

Finneran, J.J.; Mulsow, J.; Branstetter, B.; Moore, P.; Houser, D.S., 2018:
Nearfield and farfield measurements of dolphin echolocation beam patterns: No evidence of focusing

Shrivastava, S.RamBihariLal.; Shrivastava, P.Saurabh.; Ramasamy, J., 2016:
Nearing elimination of meningitis A from the African "meningitis belt" using meningococcal A conjugate vaccine

Holden, B.A.; Jong, M.; Davis, S.; Wilson, D.; Fricke, T.; Resnikoff, S., 2016:
Nearly 1 billion myopes at risk of myopia-related sight-threatening conditions by 2050 - time to act now

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Nearly 10% in US have had problem with drug use, survey finds

Zhang, Q.; Tsang, D.; Kuwabara, H.; Hatae, Y.; Li, B.; Takahashi, T.; Lee, S.Youn.; Yasuda, T.; Adachi, C., 2015:
Nearly 100% internal quantum efficiency in undoped electroluminescent devices employing pure organic emitters

Liu, X-Ke.; Chen, Z.; Zheng, C-Jun.; Chen, M.; Liu, W.; Zhang, X-Hong.; Lee, C-Sing., 2015:
Nearly 100% triplet harvesting in conventional fluorescent dopant-based organic light-emitting devices through energy transfer from exciplex

Zhang, Z.; Sun, L.; Zhu, G.; Cox, O.F.; Huber, P.W.; Dovichi, N.J., 2016:
Nearly 1000 Protein Identifications from 50 ng of Xenopus laevis Zygote Homogenate Using Online Sample Preparation on a Strong Cation Exchange Monolith Based Microreactor Coupled with Capillary Zone Electrophoresis

Sigismund, P.E.; Zenk, J.; Koch, M.; Schapher, M.; Rudes, M.; Iro, H., 2015:
Nearly 3,000 salivary stones: some clinical and epidemiologic aspects

Iacobucci, G., 2016:
Nearly 300 general practices to get premises and IT upgrades

Kumar, A.; Kumar, K.; Zeltser, R.; Makaryus, A.N., 2016:
Nearly Asymptomatic Eight-Month Thoracic Aortic Dissection

Martino, M.Elena.; Bayjanov, J.R.; Joncour, P.; Hughes, S.; Gillet, B.; Kleerebezem, M.; Siezen, R.; van Hijum, S.A.F.T.; Leulier, Fçois., 2015:
Nearly Complete Genome Sequence of Lactobacillus plantarum Strain NIZO2877

Takemura, M.; Mikami, T.; Murono, S., 2016:
Nearly Complete Genome Sequences of Two Mimivirus Strains Isolated from a Japanese Freshwater Pond and River Mouth

Klochan, C.; Anderson, T.A.; Rose, D.; Dimitrov, R.K.; Johnson, R.M., 2013:
Nearly Fatal Case of Whipple's Disease in a Patient Mistakenly on Anti-TNF Therapy

Schulze-Makuch, D.; Rummel, J.D.; Benner, S.A.; Levin, G.; Parro, V.; Kounaves, S., 2016:
Nearly Forty Years after Viking: Are We Ready for a New Life-Detection Mission?

Huang, Y-Lin.A.; Frazier, E.L.; Sansom, S.L.; Farnham, P.G.; Shrestha, R.K.; Hutchinson, A.B.; Fagan, J.L.; Viall, A.H.; Skarbinski, J., 2017:
Nearly Half Of US Adults Living With HIV Received Federal Disability Benefits In 2009

Ahluwalia, M.; Parmacek, M.S.; Sayani, F.A.; Vallabhajosyula, P., 2016:
Nearly Missed: Postpartum Type B Aortic Dissection

Liu, Q.; Zhang, Q.; Wu, Y-Zhe.; Zhou, Q-Ming.; Guan, Q.; Yang, L-Dong.; Shi, Q-Li., 2016:
Nearly Normal Congenital Cervical Fragmentation: A Hard-To-Diagnose and Successful End-To-End Anastomosis

Mayor, S., 2015:
Nearly a fifth of cancer patients in England miss 62 day target for starting treatment

Zechmann, S., 2016:
Nearly a third of all assistant physicians have depression or depressive symptoms

Lee, S-Woo.; Park, K.; Ralph, T.C.; Jeong, H., 2015:
Nearly deterministic bell measurement for multiphoton qubits and its application to quantum information processing

Liu, B.; Liu, J.; Li, H-Bei.; Bhola, R.; Jackson, E.A.; Scott, L.T.; Page, A.; Irle, S.; Morokuma, K.; Zhou, C., 2014:
Nearly exclusive growth of small diameter semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes from organic chemistry synthetic end-cap molecules

Kushwaha, P.; Sunko, V.; Moll, P.J.W.; Bawden, L.; Riley, J.M.; Nandi, N.; Rosner, H.; Schmidt, M.P.; Arnold, F.; Hassinger, E.; Kim, T.K.; Hoesch, M.; Mackenzie, A.P.; King, P.D.C., 2015:
Nearly free electrons in a 5d delafossite oxide metal

Sajewicz-Krukowska, J.; Domanska-Blicharz, K., 2017:
Nearly full-length genome sequence of a novel astrovirus isolated from chickens with 'white chicks' condition

McCarthy, M., 2017:
Nearly half of US pediatric trials are unfinished or unpublished, study finds

Stevenson, D.G.; Dalton, J.B.; Grabowski, D.C.; Huskamp, H.A., 2017:
Nearly half of all Medicare hospice enrollees received care from agencies owned by regional or national chains

Iacobucci, G., 2017:
Nearly half of all trials run by major sponsors in past decade are unpublished

Gulland, A., 2016:
Nearly half of general practices are failing to investigate complaints properly

Mayor, S., 2017:
Nearly half of people with infertility do not seek medical help, survey shows

Tariku, A.; Woldie, H.; Fekadu, A.; Adane, A.Awoke.; Ferede, A.Tsega.; Yitayew, S., 2016:
Nearly half of preschool children are stunted in Dembia district, Northwest Ethiopia: a community based cross-sectional study

Foss-Feig, M.; Gong, Z-Xuan.; Clark, C.W.; Gorshkov, A.V., 2015:
Nearly linear light cones in long-range interacting quantum systems

Schneider, N.; Klein, R.; Lange, G.; Rarey, M., 2012:
Nearly no Scoring Function Without a Hansch-Analysis

Mayor, S., 2016:
Nearly one in 10 premature babies did not have a temperature check in first hour after birth, UK audit finds

Us Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Epilepsy Program, 2015:
Nearly one in five adults with active epilepsy lives alone based on findings from the 2010 and 2013 US National Health Interview Surveys. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Epilepsy Program

Zhang, Q.; Chan, K.S.; Long, M., 2016:
Nearly perfect valley filter in silicene

Bagcchi, S., 2017:
Nearly six in 10 medical colleges in India did not publish any research in past 10 years

Domingue, S.R.; Bartels, R.A., 2015:
Nearly transform-limited sub-20-fs pulses at 1065  nm and >10  nJ enabled by a flat field ultrafast pulse shaper

Morris, M.M.; Haggerty, J.M.; Papudeshi, B.N.; Vega, A.A.; Edwards, M.S.; Dinsdale, E.A., 2016:
Nearshore Pelagic Microbial Community Abundance Affects Recruitment Success of Giant Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera

Dalyander, P.Soupy.; Plant, N.G.; Long, J.W.; McLaughlin, M., 2016:
Nearshore dynamics of artificial sand and oil agglomerates

Miorelli, J.; Eberhart, M.E., 2016:
Nearsightedness of Oxygen-Containing Functional Groups

Anonymous, 1996:
Neat dress could be yardstick for pay levels, says expert

Qin, Y.; Man, B.; Kosakyan, A.; Lara, E.; Gu, Y.; Wang, H.; Mitchell, E.A.D., 2017:
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Necessity - the Mother of Invention

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Necessity of Morcellation at Time of Vaginal Hysterectomy

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Necessity of Payment Reform May Mother Big Data Into Being

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Nedley Depression Hit Hypothesis: Identifying Depression and Its Causes

Anonymous, 2016:
Need Continuing Education Contact Hours? Register for the AANP 2016 National Conference

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Need For Early Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Screening among Public Transport Professionals - A Case Report

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Need for Individual Cancer Risk Estimates in X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine Imaging

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Need for Precise Protocol in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Post Operative Spine

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Need for Screening for Alcohol and Drugs in Emergency Trauma Units

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Need Satisfaction Moderates the Association Between Physical Activity and Affective States in Adults Aged 50+: an Activity-Triggered Ambulatory Assessment

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Need a good research question? No problem!

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Need and use of assistive devices for personal mobility by individuals with spinal cord injury

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Need and utility of a polyethylene glycol marker to ensure against urine falsification among heroin users

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Need assessment of enhancing the weightage of applied biochemistry in the undergraduate curriculum at MGIMS, sevagram

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Need assessment of staffs' welfare services at tehran university of medical sciences: a cross-sectional study

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Need for & use of guidelines for reporting qualitative research

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Need for Animal Models of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

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Need for Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Pseudophakic Endophthalmitis

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Need for Bone Grafts in the Surgical Treatment of Displaced Intra-Articular Calcaneal Fractures

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Need for Cognition and False Memory: Can One's Natural Processing Style Be Manipulated by External Factors?

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Need for DISCUSS(ion)

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Need for Formal Specialization in Pharmacy in Canada: A Survey of Hospital Pharmacists

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Need for Increased Promotion of Physical Activity Among Adults at Risk for Alzheimer's Disease: A Brief Report

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Need for Innovations

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Need for Intensive Nutrition Care After Bariatric Surgery

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Need for Lumbar Puncture in Children Younger Than 12 Months Presenting With Simple Febrile Seizure

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Need for Mechanical Ventilation in Pediatric Scald Burns: Why it Happens and Why it Matters

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Need for Methods to Investigate Endocannabinoid Signaling

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Need for New Pharmacoeconomics Policy for Regulating Prices of Medical Devices In India

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Need for Optimisation of Immunisation Strategies Targeting Invasive Meningococcal Disease in the Netherlands

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Need for Oral Health Policy in India

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Need for Organizational Support for Faculty With Hearing Loss

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Need for Outcome Scenario Analysis of Clinical Trials in Diabetes

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Need for Primary Prevention for Skin Cancers in Iran

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Need for Prophylactic Cholecystectomy in Silent Gall Stones in North India

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Need for Raising Awareness - Monitoring Urinary Protein Excretion in Cardiac Transplant Patients Receiving Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibitors

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Need for Recovery as an Early Sign of Depression Risk in a Working Population

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Need for Rectal Biopsy for Childhood Constipation Predicts Severity of Illness and Need for Laxatives

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Need for Refinement of International Retinopathy of Prematurity Guidelines and Classifications

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Need for Reinforced Strategies to Support Delivery of HIV Clinical Services During the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

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Need for Resourcefulness Training for Women Caregivers of Elders with Dementia

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Need for Routine Vitamin D Screening in Military Personnel

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Need for Specialized Centers to Provide Acute Care to Adults with Sickle Cell Disease

Moylan, L.Biggin.; McManus, M.; Cullinan, M.; Persico, L., 2017:
Need for Specialized Support Services for Nurse Victims of Physical Assault by Psychiatric Patients

Robinson, J.K., 2016:
Need for State Licensure

Coughlin, S.S., 2017:
Need for Studies of the Health of Gulf War Women Veterans

Matsuzaki, S-Ichiro.S.; Kumagai, N.H.; Hayashi, T.I., 2016:
Need for Systematic Statistical Tools for Decision-Making in Radioactively Contaminated Areas

Sharma, P.; Mehta, M., 2016:
Need for Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Indian Psychiatric Setting

Cowan, T.E., 2016:
Need for Uniform Standards Covering UV-C Based Antimicrobial Disinfection Devices

Mathieson, A., 1995:
Need for a 'safety culture' in the NHS

Enow, H.; Nagalingam, P.; Singh, R.; Thalitaya, M.Deepak., 2015:
Need for a Comprehensive Sex and Relationship Education Programme for Adults with Learning Disability

Naik, B.Sadananda., 2018:
Need for a Legal Cell in the API

Shuren, J.; Califf, R.M., 2016:
Need for a National Evaluation System for Health Technology

Plotkin, S.A., 2016:
Need for a New Lyme Disease Vaccine

Hamilton, I., 2015:
Need for a comprehensive national survey of cannabis use

Hawkins, J.L., 2016:
Need for a forum where young doctors can express feelings about patients

Kumar, P.; Jithesh, V.; Vij, A.; Gupta, S.Kumar., 2016:
Need for a hands-on approach to hand-offs: A study of nursing handovers in an Indian Neurosciences Center

Komasawa, N.; Minami, T., 2017:
Need for a new evaluation scale for the efficacy of ventilation with supraglottic devices

Frühbeck, G.; Toplak, H.; Woodward, E.; Halford, J.C.G.; Yumuk, V., 2015:
Need for a paradigm shift in adult overweight and obesity management - an EASO position statement on a pressing public health, clinical and scientific challenge in Europe

Van den Bogert, C.A.; Cohen, A.F., 2015:
Need for a proactive and structured approach to risk analysis when designing phase I trials

Balon, R.; Fava, G.A.; Rickels, K., 2015:
Need for a realistic appraisal of benzodiazepines

Wilkins, S.; Best, R.L.; Evans, S.M., 2016:
Need for a roadmap for development of a coordinated national registry programme

Torgerson, D., 2015:
Need for a trial of solanezumab in mild Alzheimer's disease

Osei, N.Yaw., 2016:
Need for accessible infertility care in Ghana: the patients' voice

Yang, F.; Ramsay, J.E.; Schultheiss, O.C.; Pang, J.S., 2015:
Need for achievement moderates the effect of motive-relevant challenge on salivary cortisol changes

Gilroy, J.; Dew, A.; Lincoln, M.; Hines, M., 2016:
Need for an Australian Indigenous disability workforce strategy: review of the literature

Moulis, G.; Lapeyre-Mestre, M.; Mahévas, M.; Montastruc, J-Louis.; Sailler, L., 2015:
Need for an improved vaccination rate in primary immune thrombocytopenia patients exposed to rituximab or splenectomy. A nationwide population-based study in France

Yiming, S., 2015:
Need for an international health emergency response force for future epidemic outbreaks

Zuniga, K.E.; Downey, D.L.; McCluskey, R.; Rivers, C., 2016:
Need for and Interest in a Sports Nutrition Mobile Device Application Among Division I Collegiate Athletes

Hilty, D.M.; Shoemaker, E.Z.; Myers, K.; Snowdy, C.E.; Yellowlees, P.M.; Yager, J., 2017:
Need for and Steps Toward a Clinical Guideline for the Telemental Healthcare of Children and Adolescents

Kanagawa, T.; Yoshimatsu, J.; Mitsuda, N., 2017:
Need for annual survey of severe maternal morbidity: The Osaka action agenda

Asahina, Y.; Watanabe, M., 2016 :
Need for appropriate programs for prevention of hepatitis B infection: Lessons from the latest nationwide survey in Japan

Nelson, B.; Cluck, D.; Alexander, K.; Underwood, R.F.; Cross, L.Brian., 2016:
Need for awareness about interaction between nonprescription intranasal corticosteroids and pharmacokinetic enhancers

Anonymous, 1990:
Need for battle over contract involvement

Keuthage, W., 2015:
Need for better adjustments of prevention strategies on individual risk profile

Ambekar, S., 2015:
Need for brain aneurysm treatment registry of India: How effectively are we treating intracranial aneurysms in India?

Murray, A.; Pierre-Louis, J.; Joseph, F.; Sylvain, G.; Patrick, M.; Lantagne, D., 2015:
Need for certification of household water treatment products: examples from Haiti

Nazarko, L., 2004:
Need for change

Varela, J., 2016:
Need for changes in hospitals: 10 recommendations to improve efficiency, quality and effectiveness

Perico, N.; Remuzzi, G., 2016:
Need for chronic kidney disease prevention programs in disadvantaged populations

Wright, K., 2016:
Need for clinical research in children and young people

Prichard, E.C.; Christman, S.D., 2016:
Need for cognition moderates paranormal beliefs and magical ideation in inconsistent-handers

Ferrara, G., 2016:
Need for combined interventions and operational research to tackle tuberculous meningitis

Delli, K.; Haacke, E.A.; Ihrler, S.; van der Vegt, B.; Vissink, A.; Bootsma, H.; Spijkervet, F.K.L.; Kroese, F.G.M., 2018:
Need for consensus guidelines to standardise the assessment of germinal centres and other histopathological parameters in salivary gland tissue of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome

Eaton, D.J.; Naismith, O.F.; Henry, A.M., 2015:
Need for consensus when prescribing stereotactic body radiation therapy for prostate cancer

Liu, L.; Liu, C., 2015:
Need for conversion of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery is not an insurmountable barrier

Rottenberg, E.M., 2015:
Need for development of face-to-face orotracheal intubation using direct (Macintosh) laryngoscopy

Wijnia, J.W.; Oudman, E.; Bresser, E.L.; Gerridzen, I.J.; van de Wiel, A.; Beuman, C.; Mulder, C.L., 2015:
Need for early diagnosis of mental and mobility changes in Wernicke encephalopathy

Liossi, C.; Clinch, J.; Howard, R., 2015:
Need for early recognition and multidisciplinary management of paediatric complex regional pain syndrome

Shrivastava, U.; Misra, A., 2016:
Need for ethnic-specific guidelines for prevention, diagnosis, and management of type 2 diabetes in South asians

Jhass, A.S.; Majeed, A., 2016:
Need for evidence on telehealth providers

Kumar, G.; Kumar, A.H.S., 2015:
Need for evidence-based practice at grass root level to improve child health and development

Kosiuk, J.; Lindemann, F.; Hindricks, G.; Bollmann, A., 2016:
Need for further studies on ivabradine in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation

Kulkarni, G.K., 2015:
Need for gender neutral policy at workplace

Franconi, F.; Rosano, G.; Campesi, I., 2015:
Need for gender-specific pre-analytical testing: the dark side of the moon in laboratory testing

Anonymous, 1995:
Need for glucose tolerance tests in CF

Anonymous, 2016:
Need for greater racial, ethnic diversity in genetic research: Study finds lack of diverse control populations has led to misdiagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in black patients

Bucknor, A.; Ekwobi, C., 2015:
Need for guidelines on body recontouring after bariatric surgery

Silverstein, J.M., 2015:
Need for improved monitoring in patients with acromegaly

Teuten, P.; Bolger, S.; Paul, S.Prosad., 2015:
Need for improved recognition of in-hospital newborn falls

Keijsers, C.J.P.W.Karen.; Jansen, P.A.F.; Brouwers, J.R.B.J..Koos.; de Wildt, D.J., 2016:
Need for improvement in education on appropriate prescribing in elderly patients

Gilvydis, J.M.; Steward, W.T.; Saberi, P.; Tumbo, J.; Sumitani, J.; Barnhart, S.; Lippman, S.A., 2018:
Need for improvements in clinical practice to retain patients in pre-antiretroviral therapy care: Data from rural clinics in North West Province, South Africa

Watson, M.Craig.; Lloyd, J., 2016:
Need for increased investment in public health

Lees, C., 2015:
Need for independent body to consider deaths of all doctors under investigation

Anonymous, 1998:
Need for initiative on discrimination

Garg, S.; Singh, R., 2015:
Need for integration of gender equity in family planning services

Moghaddas, F.; Smith, C.; Pilcher, D.; O'Hehir, R.; Hew, M.; Dabscheck, E., 2017:
Need for intensive care in patients admitted for asthma: Red flags from the social history

Salo, T.; Peura, S.; Salimäki, J.; Maasilta, P.; Haahtela, T.; Kauppi, P., 2016:
Need for medication and stuffy nose predict the severity of allergic rhinitis

Anonymous, 2015:
Need for more child epilepsy specialist nurses

Balaji, S.M., 2017:
Need for more participation in tobacco cessatio

Koch, A.M.; Nilsen, R.M.; Dalheim, A.; Cox, R.J.; Harthug, S., 2016:
Need for more targeted measures - only less severe hospital-associated infections declined after introduction of an infection control program

Kaló, Zán.; Holtorf, A-Peggy.; Alfonso-Cristancho, R.; Shen, J.; Ágh, Tás.; Inotai, Aás.; Brixner, D., 2015:
Need for multicriteria evaluation of generic drug policies

Quintana-Díaz, M.; García Erce, J.A., 2018:
Need for multidisciplinary massive transfusion protocol for non-trauma patient

Sareen, N.; Pradhan, R., 2015:
Need for neonatal screening program in India: A national priority

Mallet, L.; Gisonni-Lex, L., 2018:
Need for new technologies for detection of adventitious agents in vaccines and other biological products

Amano, K.; Maeda, I.; Morita, T.; Tatara, R.; Katayama, H.; Uno, T.; Takagi, I., 2017:
Need for nutritional support, eating-related distress and experience of terminally ill patients with cancer: a survey in an inpatient hospice

Kishikawa, R.; Oshikawa, C., 2015:
Need for occupational and environmental allergology in occupational health - the 45th Japanese society of Occupational and Environmental Allergy Annual Meeting 2014 in Fukuoka

Lehner, L.J.; Staeck, O.; Halleck, F.; Liefeldt, L.; Bamoulid, J.; Budde, K., 2016:
Need for optimized immunosuppression in elderly kidney transplant recipients

Freitas, C.Vieira.de.; Souza, Jão.Gabriel.Silva.; Mendes, D.Cangussu.; Pordeus, I.Almeida.; Jones, K.Marie.; Martins, Aéa.Maria.Eleutério.de.Barros.Lima., 2017:
Need for orthodontic treatment among Brazilian adolescents: evaluation based on public health

Barbul, A.; Hopf, H.W.; Sherman, J.; Hunt, T.K., 2015:
Need for outcomes data in pain studies

Provinciali, L.; Carlini, G.; Tarquini, D.; Defanti, C.Alberto.; Veronese, S.; Pucci, E., 2017:
Need for palliative care for neurological diseases

Cho, J.C.; Stovall, S.H., 2015:
Need for pediatric antimicrobial stewardship

McPherson, K., 2015:
Need for proper trial protocols to assess side effects of drugs

Morishima, Y.; Chida, K.; Katahira, Y.; Seto, H.; Chiba, H.; Tabayashi, K., 2016:
Need for radiation safety education for interventional cardiology staff, especially nurses

Zubizarreta, E.H.; Fidarova, E.; Healy, B.; Rosenblatt, E., 2015:
Need for radiotherapy in low and middle income countries – the silent crisis continues

van de Ven, H.A.; Bültmann, U.; de Looze, M.P.; Koolhaas, W.; Kantermann, T.; Brouwer, S.; van der Klink, J.J.L., 2016:
Need for recovery among male technical distal on-call workers

Lloreda-Garcia, J.María.; Lorente-Nicolás, A.; Bermejo-Costa, F.; Martínez-Uriarte, J.; López-Pérez, Río., 2017:
Need for resuscitation in preterm neonates less than 32 weeks treated with antenatal magnesium sulphate for neuroprotection

Vinay, A.; Venkatesh, D.; Prakash, R., 2015:
Need for revised protocol of heart rate variability for sequential evaluation of physiological changes in yoga

Lespes, Gëtane.; Zuliani, T.; Schaumlöffel, D., 2017:
Need for revisiting the terminology about speciation

Gilbert, M.; Swenson, L.; Unger, D.; Scheim, A.; Grace, D., 2018 :
Need for robust and inclusive public health ethics review of the monitoring of HIV phylogenetic clusters for HIV prevention

Padulo, J.; Ardigò, L.Paolo., 2015:
Need for scientific rigor in the evaluation of minimally invasive alternative procedures

Ruiz-García, T.; Nogué-Xarau, S.; Zavala-Zegarra, E.; Cirera-Guasch, A.; Ríos-Guillermo, Jé., 2015:
Need for sedation and analgesia in patients with a history of substance misuse admitted to an intensive care unit

Malherbe, H.L.; Christianson, A.L.; Aldous, C., 2015:
Need for services for the care and prevention of congenital disorders in South Africa as the country's epidemiological transition evolves

Celentano, V., 2015:
Need for simulation in laparoscopic colorectal surgery training

Bott, M., 2015:
Need for speed - finding productive mutations using transcription factor-based biosensors, fluorescence-activated cell sorting and recombineering

Hohenbrink, S.; Zimmermann, E.; Radespiel, U., 2016:
Need for speed: Sexual maturation precedes social maturation in gray mouse lemurs

Vitale, C.; Rosano, G.M.C.; Prasad, K., 2017:
Need for streamlined use of DPP-4 inhibitors in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Kristiansen, M.; Adamsen, L.; Brinkmann, F.Kjær.; Krasnik, A.; Hendriksen, C., 2016:
Need for strengthened focus on cancer rehabilitation in Danish municipalities

Vaqas, B.; Peterson, D., 2015:
Need for studies to evaluate the role of endoscopic third ventriculostomy for post-operative hydrocephalus in Chiari I malformation

Wilson, J.; Maraka, J., 2016:
Need for sun cream with your manicure? Dangers of UV nail dryers

Anonymous, 2005:
Need for surgery in Crohn's not reduced by drug therapy

Rønning, O.M.; Tornes, K.D., 2016:
Need for symptomatic management in advanced multiple sclerosis

Millar, J.E.; Lutton, S.; McLaughlin, R., 2016:
Need for systematic audit of trauma care in Northern Ireland

Matsubara, S.; Takahashi, H.; Ohkuchi, A., 2016:
Need for systematic classification of various uterine compression sutures

Bandyopadhyay, S., 2016:
Need for targeted community based teaching and training for medical students and postgraduate trainees

Quinn, G.E.; Quinn, G.E.; Wade, K.; Baumritter, A.; Duros, T.B.; Erbring, L.; Repka, M.X.; Shepard, J.A.; Donohue, P.; Emmert, D.; Herring, C..Mark.; VanderVeen, D.; Johnston, S.; Wu, C.; Mantagos, J.; Ledoux, D.; Winter, T.; Weng, F.; Mansfield, T.; Bremer, D.L.; Golden, R.; McGregor, M.Lou.; Jordan, C.Olson.; Rogers, D.L.; Fellows, R.R.; Brandt, S.; Mann, B.; Wallace, D.; Freedman, S.; Jones, S.K.; Tran-Viet, D.; Young, R.Michelle.; Barr, C.C.; Bhola, R.; Douglas, C.; Fishman, P.; Bottorff, M., 2015:
Need for telemedicine in retinopathy of prematurity in middle-income countries-reply

Vinekar, A.; Jayadev, C.; Bauer, N., 2015:
Need for telemedicine in retinopathy of prematurity in middle-income countries: e-ROP vs KIDROP

Veeraswamy, S.; Divakar, H.; Gupte, S.; Datta, M.; Kapur, A.; Vijayam, B., 2016:
Need for testing glucose tolerance in the early weeks of pregnancy

Tornero Patricio, S.; García Calvente, M.M.; Charris Castro, L., 2016:
Need for the gender perspective in the Anales de Pediatría yearbook

Aliberch Raurell, A.M.; Miquel Aymar, I.M., 2017:
Need for the role of the patient's family members at the intensive care unit

Kulkarni, G.K., 2015:
Need for travel health services in India

Sun, G.; Chen, J.; Li, J., 2015:
Need for uniqueness as a mediator of the relationship between face consciousness and status consumption in China

Sharma, M.Kumar.; Sharma, P., 2016:
Need for validation of Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence in Indian Context: Implications for Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Beck, N., 2016:
Need for youth welfare services following child and adolescent psychiatry treatment- a descriptive analysis

Behling-Kelly, E.; Bruno, N.; Carney, K.R.; Doherty, P.K.; Griffin, J.; Gruber, E.; Johnson, A.W.; Labriola, B.; Lee-Lewis, H.; Mohammed, H.; Todd, A.B.; Wissel, K., 2015:
Need more comprehensive look at issues surrounding pregnancy in practice

Bhargava, S., 2016:
Need of Oral Pre Cancer Awareness Initiatives in India

Schliehe, F., 2016:
Need of Rehabilitation Services for Family Caregivers

Kaur, A.; Thatai, P.; Sapra, B., 2015:
Need of UV protection and evaluation of efficacy of sunscreens

Guerra-Martín, Mía.Dolores.; Martínez-Montilla, Jé.Manuel.; Amador-Marín, Bárbara., 2018:
Need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in the sport of soccer

Kataria, T.; Basu, T.; Goyal, S.; Gupta, D., 2017:
Need of collaborative radiology-radiation oncology workshops in decision making for head and neck cancer (HNC) management in India: Perspectives of the radiation oncologists

Waheed, M.Tahir.; Sameeullah, M.; Khan, F.Ahmed.; Syed, T.; Ilahi, M.; Gottschamel, J.; Lössl, A.Günter., 2016:
Need of cost-effective vaccines in developing countries: What plant biotechnology can offer?

Norderud Lærum, B.; Telg, G.; Stratelis, G., 2016:
Need of education for dry powder inhaler storage and retention - a patient-reported survey

Wong, Y.Chi.Peggy., 2018:
Need of integrated dietary therapy for persons with diabetes mellitus and "unhealthy" body constitution presentations

Udgaonkar, U.S.; Shah, S.R., 2015:
Need of microbiological investigations in the case of infected hydatid cyst

Prajapati, P.Kumar., 2016:
Need of publication……?

Fusch, G.; Kwan, C.; Huang, R.Chen.; Rochow, N.; Fusch, C., 2016:
Need of quality control programme when using near-infrared human milk analyzers

Panduro, A.; Roman, S., 2017:
Need of righteous attitudes towards eradication of hepatitis C virus infection in Latin America

Ramani, P., 2016 :
Need of the Hour: Stimulating Medical and Nonmedical Students to Choose a Career in Neuro and Spinal Surgery: A Perspective

Palmisani, E.; Barco, S.; Cangemi, G.; Moroni, C.; Dufour, C.; Castagnola, E., 2015:
Need of voriconazole high dosages, with documented cerebrospinal fluid penetration, for treatment of cerebral aspergillosis in a 6-month-old leukaemic girl

Rowntree, M.R.; Zufferey, C., 2016:
Need or right: Sexual expression and intimacy in aged care

van Hooff, M.L.M.; Geurts, S.A.E., 2016:
Need satisfaction and employees' recovery state at work: A daily diary study

Weman-Josefsson, K.; Lindwall, M.; Ivarsson, A., 2016:
Need satisfaction, motivational regulations and exercise: moderation and mediation effects