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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58422

Chapter 58422 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Soto-Méndez, Mía-José.; Romero-Abal, Mía-Eugenia.; Schümann, K.; Gil, Ángel.; Solomons, N.W., 2016:
Normative Fecal Calprotectin Concentrations in Guatemalan Preschoolers Are High Relative to Children Reported Elsewhere

Smith, D.C.; Davis, J.P.; Ureche, D.J.; Tabb, K.M., 2016:
Normative Feedback and Adolescent Readiness to Change: A Small Randomized Trial

Park, H.Ju.; Yoo, M.Hoon.; Baek, S.Young.; Kim, S.Woo.; Cho, Y-Sun., 2016:
Normative Hearing Threshold Levels in Koreans with Normal Tympanic Membranes and Estimated Prevalence of Hearing Loss

Copeland, W.E.; Brotman, M.A.; Costello, E.Jane., 2016:
Normative Irritability in Youth: Developmental Findings From the Great Smoky Mountains Study

D.F.eitas, J.; Tobia, K.P.; Newman, G.E.; Knobe, J., 2016:
Normative Judgments and Individual Essence

Drew, M.K.; Trease, L.; Caneiro, J.P.; Hooper, I.; Ooi, C-Chin.; Counsel, P.; Connell, D.A.; Rice, A.A.; Knight, E.; Hoy, G.; Lovell, G., 2016:
Normative MRI, ultrasound and muscle functional MRI findings in the forearms of asymptomatic elite rowers

Marino, V.Cristina.de.Castro.; Dutka, J.de.Cássia.Rillo.; de Boer, G.; Cardoso, V.Moraes.; Ramos, R.Giorgetto.; Bressmann, T., 2016:
Normative Nasalance Scores for Brazilian Portuguese Using New Speech Stimuli

Pennati, G.Valentina.; Plantin, J.; Borg, Jörgen.; Lindberg, Påvel.G., 2016 :
Normative NeuroFlexor data for detection of spasticity after stroke: a cross-sectional study

Dempsey, R.C.; McAlaney, J.; Helmer, S.M.; Pischke, C.R.; Akvardar, Y.; Bewick, B.M.; Fawkner, H.J.; Guillen-Grima, F.; Stock, C.; Vriesacker, B.; Van Hal, G.; Salonna, F.; Kalina, O.; Orosova, O.; Mikolajczyk, R.T., 2017:
Normative Perceptions of Cannabis Use Among European University Students: Associations of Perceived Peer Use and Peer Attitudes With Personal Use and Attitudes

Milojev, P.; Sibley, C.G., 2016:
Normative personality trait development in adulthood: A 6-year cohort-sequential growth model

Ramírez-Vélez, R.; Morales, O.; Peña-Ibagon, J.Camilo.; Palacios-López, A.; Prieto-Benavides, D.Humberto.; Vivas, Aés.; Correa-Bautista, J.Enrique.; Lobelo, F.; Alonso-Martínez, A.; Izquierdo, M., 2016:
Normative Reference Values For Handgrip Strength In Colombian Schoolchildren: The Fuprecol Study

Peña, J.C.; Rodrigues-Bezerra, D.; Tordecilla-Sanders, A.; Vivas, A.; Correa-Bautista, J.Enrique.; Ramírez-Vélez, R., 2016:
Normative Reference Values For Handgrip Strength In Colombian Schoolchildren: The Fuprecol Study: 1586 Board #239 June 2, 9: 00 AM - 10: 30 AM

Ramírez-Vélez, R.; Martínez, M.; Correa-Bautista, J.E.; Lobelo, F.; Izquierdo, M.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, F.; Cristi-Montero, C., 2016:
Normative Reference of Standing Long Jump for Colombian Schoolchildren Aged 9-17.9 Years: The FUPRECOL Study

Giulioli, C.; Meillon, Céline.; Gonzalez-Colaço Harmand, M.; Dartigues, J-François.; Amieva, Hélène., 2016:
Normative Scores for Standard Neuropsychological Tests in the Oldest Old From the French Population-Based PAQUID Study

Berg, M.M.; Dolva, A-Stine.; Kleiven, J.; Krumlinde-Sundholm, L., 2015:
Normative Scores for the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory in Norway

Iannarino, N.T.; Scott, A.M.; Shaunfield, S.L., 2016:
Normative Social Support in Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Hobara, H.; Potthast, W.; Müller, R.; Kobayashi, Y.; Heldoorn, T.A.; Mochimaru, M., 2015:
Normative Spatiotemporal Parameters During 100-m Sprints in Amputee Sprinters Using Running-Specific Prostheses

Gürağaç, F.Betül.; Totan, Yüksel.; Güler, E.; Tenlik, A.; Ertuğrul, İhsan.Gökhan., 2016:
Normative Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Data in Healthy Turkish Children

Brandt, J.M.; Allen, G.Andrew.; Haynes, J.L.; Butler, M.G., 1990:
Normative Standards And Comparison Of Anthropometric Data Of White And Black Newborn Infants

Brandt, J.M.; Allen, G.Andrew.; Butler, M.G., 1991:
Normative Standards And Patterning Of Fat And Muscle In White And Black Newborn Infants

Kang, S-Gul.; Cho, S-Jin.; Ryu, S-Ho.; Choi, S.Hye.; Han, S-Heui.; Shim, Y.S.; Ko, K-Pil.; Jeong, J.H.; Lee, J-Young.; Lee, D.Woo., 2015:
Normative Study of the Literacy Independent Cognitive Assessment in Illiterate and Literate Elderly Koreans

Oldham, J.R.; DiFabio, M.S.; Kaminski, T.W.; DeWolf, R.M.; Buckley, T.A., 2016:
Normative Tandem Gait in Collegiate Student-Athletes: Implications for Clinical Concussion Assessment

Yarhere, I.E.; Jaja, T.; Oduwole, A.; Ibekwe, M.Ugochi.; Suwaid, S.; Alkali, Y.; Adeniran, K.; Fetuga, B.; Jarrett, O.O.; Elusiyan, J.B.; Adesiyun, O.; Idris, H.W.; Blankenstein, O.; Akani, N.A., 2016:
Normative Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Values for Healthy Nigerian Newborns

Collado Mateo, D.; García Gordillo, M.A.; Olivares, P.R.; Adsuar, Jé.C., 2015:
Normative Values Of Eq-5d-5l For Diabetes Patients From Spain

Garcia-Gordillo, M.A.; Collado-Mateo, D.; Olivares, P.R.; Adsuar, Jé.C., 2015 :
Normative Values Of Sf-6d Questionnaire For Chilean Diabetes Patients

Siegmund, M.C.; Ford, K.R.; Nguyen, A-Dung.; Taylor, J.B., 2016:
Normative Values and Asymmetries in the Agility T-test in High School Soccer Players: 1006 Board #322 June 1, 3: 30 PM - 5: 00 PM

Sørensen, M.Kryspin.; Durck, T.Trier.; Bork, K.Hveysel.; Rasmussen, N., 2015:
Normative Values and Interrelationship of MDVP Voice Analysis Parameters Before and After Endotracheal Intubation

Vinik, A.I.; Smith, A.Gordon.; Singleton, J.Robinson.; Callaghan, B.; Freedman, B.I.; Tuomilehto, J.; Bordier, L.; Bauduceau, B.; Roche, F., 2017:
Normative Values for Electrochemical Skin Conductances and Impact of Ethnicity on Quantitative Assessment of Sudomotor Function

McQuiddy, V.A.; Scheerer, C.R.; Lavalley, R.; McGrath, T.; Lin, L., 2015:
Normative Values for Grip and Pinch Strength for 6- to 19-Year-Olds

Troni, W.; Melillo, F.; Bertolotto, A.; Malucchi, S.; Capobianco, M.; Sperli, F.; D.S.pio, A., 2016:
Normative Values for Intertrial Variability of Motor Responses to Nerve Root and Transcranial Stimulation: A Condition for Follow-Up Studies in Individual Subjects

Piano, M.E.F.; Tidbury, L.P.; O'Connor, A.R., 2016:
Normative Values for Near and Distance Clinical Tests of Stereoacuity

Malhotra, R.; Ang, S.; Allen, J.Carson.; Tan, N.Chuan.; Østbye, T.; Saito, Y.; Chan, A., 2017:
Normative Values of Hand Grip Strength for Elderly Singaporeans Aged 60 to 89 Years: A Cross-Sectional Study

Li, J.; Yang, Y.; Yang, D.; Liu, X.; Sun, Y.; Wei, S.; Wang, N., 2016:
Normative Values of Retinal Oxygen Saturation in Rhesus Monkeys: The Beijing Intracranial and Intraocular Pressure (iCOP) Study

Tatar, E.C.; Sahin, M.; Demiral, D.; Bayir, O.; Saylam, G.; Ozdek, A.; Korkmaz, M.Hakan., 2015:
Normative Values of Voice Analysis Parameters With Respect to Menstrual Cycle in Healthy Adult Turkish Women

Snedden, T.R.; Brooks, M.Alison.; Hetzel, S.; McGuine, T., 2016:
Normative Values of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3) in High School Athletes

Schenck, G.C.; Perry, J.L.; Fang, X., 2016:
Normative Velopharyngeal Data in Infants: Implications for Treatment of Cleft Palate

Hodgson, L.; Hignett, T.; Edwards, K., 2016:
Normative adductor squeeze tests scores in rugby

Carol, E.E.; Mittal, V.A., 2016:
Normative adolescent experiences may confound assessment of positive symptoms in youth at ultra-high risk for psychosis

Mejía-Arango, S.; Wong, R.; Michaels-Obregón, A., 2015:
Normative and standardized data for cognitive measures in the Mexican Health and Aging Study

Li, Q.; Zhang, X.; Li, K.; Quan, Y.; Cai, X.; Xu, S.; Zhu, F.; Lu, R., 2016:
Normative anthropometric analysis and aesthetic indication of the ocular region for young Chinese adults

Gordijn, B.; ten Have, H., 2015:
Normative approaches and activism in global bioethics

Velasco-Annis, C.; Gholipour, A.; Afacan, O.; Prabhu, S.P.; Estroff, J.A.; Warfield, S.K., 2016:
Normative biometrics for fetal ocular growth using volumetric MRI reconstruction

Kyriakopoulou, V.; Vatansever, D.; Davidson, A.; Patkee, P.; Elkommos, S.; Chew, A.; Martinez-Biarge, M.; Hagberg, B.; Damodaram, M.; Allsop, J.; Fox, M.; Hajnal, J.V.; Rutherford, M.A., 2016:
Normative biometry of the fetal brain using magnetic resonance imaging

Samanta, M.; Mondal, R.; Ray, S.; Sabui, T.; Hazra, A.; Kundu, C.; Sarkar, D.; Chowdhury, D.Roy., 2016:
Normative blood pressure data for Indian neonates

Duarte, C.; Ferreira, Cáudia.; Trindade, Iês.A.; Pinto-Gouveia, Jé., 2015:
Normative body dissatisfaction and eating psychopathology in teenage girls: the impact of inflexible eating rules

Huizenga, H.M.; Agelink van Rentergem, J.A.; Grasman, R.P.P.P.; Muslimovic, D.; Schmand, B., 2016:
Normative comparisons for large neuropsychological test batteries: User-friendly and sensitive solutions to minimize familywise false positives

Gibbard, A., 2015:
Normative consistency

Singh, J.A.; Satele, D.; Pattabasavaiah, S.; Buckner, J.C.; Sloan, J.A., 2015:
Normative data and clinically significant effect sizes for single-item numerical linear analogue self-assessment (LASA) scales

Delvecchio, G.; Garzitto, M.; Fagnani, C.; Fornasari, L.; Stazi, M.Antonietta.; Picardi, A.; Ciappolino, V.; Fabbro, F.; Altamura, A.Carlo.; Brambilla, P., 2017:
Normative data and effects of age and gender on temperament and character dimensions across the lifespan in an Italian population: A cross-sectional validation study

Ni, M.Y.; Li, T.K.; Yu, N.X.; Pang, H.; Chan, B.H.Y.; Leung, G.M.; Stewart, S.M., 2016:
Normative data and psychometric properties of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) and the abbreviated version (CD-RISC2) among the general population in Hong Kong

Granovsky, Y.; Anand, P.; Nakae, A.; Nascimento, O.; Smith, B.; Sprecher, E.; Valls-Solé, J., 2016:
Normative data for Aδ contact heat evoked potentials in adult population: a multicenter study

Iacullo, V.Maria.; Marucci, F.Saverio., 2015:
Normative data for Italian Deese/Roediger-McDermott lists

Plate, A.; Sedunko, D.; Pelykh, O.; Schlick, C.; Ilmberger, J.R.; Bötzel, K., 2015:
Normative data for arm swing asymmetry: how (a)symmetrical are we?

Ramírez-Vélez, R.; Ojeda-Pardo, Mónica.Liliana.; Correa-Bautista, J.Enrique.; González-Ruíz, K.; Navarro-Pérez, C.Flores.; González-Jiménez, E.; Schmidt-RioValle, J.; Izquierdo, M.; Lobelo, F., 2016:
Normative data for calcaneal broadband ultrasound attenuation among children and adolescents from Colombia: the FUPRECOL Study

Facchin, A.; Beschin, N.; Pisano, A.; Reverberi, C., 2016:
Normative data for distal line bisection and baking tray task

Vincent, A.S.; Bailey, C.M.; Cowan, C.; Cox-Fuenzalida, E.; Dyche, J.; Gorgens, K.A.; Krawczyk, D.C.; Young, L., 2016:
Normative data for evaluating mild traumatic brain injury with a handheld neurocognitive assessment tool

Lam, N.Wei.; Goh, H.Ting.; Kamaruzzaman, S.Bahyah.; Chin, A-Vyrn.; Poi, P.Jun.Hua.; Tan, M.Pin., 2016:
Normative data for hand grip strength and key pinch strength, stratified by age and gender for a multiethnic Asian population

Nordmann, E.; Jambazova, A.A., 2016:
Normative data for idiomatic expressions

Murthy, R.K.; Diaz, M.; Chalam, K.V.; Grover, S., 2016:
Normative data for macular volume with high-definition spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (Spectralis)

Abraham, N.G.; Srinivasan, K.; Thomas, J., 2015:
Normative data for near point of convergence, accommodation, and phoria

Yukawa, Y.; Kato, F.; Suda, K.; Yamagata, M.; Ueta, T.; Yoshida, M., 2016:
Normative data for parameters of sagittal spinal alignment in healthy subjects: an analysis of gender specific differences and changes with aging in 626 asymptomatic individuals

St-Hilaire, A.; Hudon, C.; Vallet, G.T.; Bherer, L.; Lussier, M.; Gagnon, J-François.; Simard, M.; Gosselin, N.; Escudier, Fédérique.; Rouleau, I.; Macoir, Jël., 2016:
Normative data for phonemic and semantic verbal fluency test in the adult French-Quebec population and validation study in Alzheimer's disease and depression

Baker, L.B.; Barnes, K.A.; Anderson, M.L.; Passe, D.H.; Stofan, J.R., 2016:
Normative data for regional sweat sodium concentration and whole-body sweating rate in athletes

Chan, F.M.; Galatioto, J.; Amato, M.; Kim, A.H., 2016:
Normative data for rotational chair stratified by age

Potvin, O.; Mouiha, A.; Dieumegarde, L.; Duchesne, S., 2018:
Normative data for subcortical regional volumes over the lifetime of the adult human brain

Pigliautile, M.; Chiesi, F.; Rossetti, S.; Conestabile Della Staffa, M.; Ricci, M.; Federici, S.; Chiloiro, D.; Primi, C.; Mecocci, P., 2016:
Normative data for the ACE-R in an Italian population sample

Horwitz, V.; Dachir, S.; Cohen, M.; Gutman, H.; Cohen, L.; Gez, R.; Buch, H.; Kadar, T.; Gore, A., 2018:
Differential expression of corneal and limbal cytokines and chemokines throughout the clinical course of sulfur mustard induced ocular injury in the rabbit model

Tremblay, M-Pier.; Potvin, O.; Callahan, B.L.; Belleville, S.; Gagnon, J-François.; Caza, N.; Ferland, G.; Hudon, C.; Macoir, Jël., 2015:
Normative data for the Rey-Osterrieth and the Taylor complex figure tests in Quebec-French people

Kremer, P.; de Silva, A.; Cleary, J.; Santoro, G.; Weston, K.; Steele, E.; Nolan, T.; Waters, E., 2016:
Normative data for the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for young children in Australia

Williams, C.; Gilchrist, I.D.; Fraser, S.; McCarthy, H.M.; Parker, J.; Warnes, P.; Young, J.; Hyvarinen, L., 2015:
Normative data for three tests of visuocognitive function in primary school children: cross-sectional study

Avila, R.; Lopes, M.Antonio.; Nakano, E.Y.; Bottino, C.M.C., 2016:
Normative data of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation test for brazilian elderly population

Cueva, A.Sofia.; Galhardoni, R.; Cury, R.Gisbert.; Parravano, D.Cardoso.; Correa, G.; Araujo, H.; Cecilio, S.Barros.; Raicher, I.; Toledo, D.; Silva, Víria.; Marcolin, M.Antonio.; Teixeira, M.Jacobsen.; Ciampi de Andrade, D., 2016:
Normative data of cortical excitability measurements obtained by transcranial magnetic stimulation in healthy subjects

Mendonça, L.De.Michelis.; Ocarino, J.Melo.; Bittencourt, Nália.Franco.Netto.; Santos, T.Ribeiro.Teles.; Barreto, R.Almeida.; Fonseca, Sérgio.Teixeira., 2016:
Normative data of frontal plane patellar alignment in athletes

Mohammadian, M.; Choobineh, A.; Haghdoost, A.; Hasheminejad, N., 2015:
Normative data of grip and pinch strengths in healthy adults of Iranian population

Malloy-Diniz, L.F.; Paula, J.J.de.; Vasconcelos, A.G.; Almondes, K.M.de.; Pessoa, R.; Faria, L.; Coutinho, G.; Costa, D.S.; Duran, V.; Coutinho, T.V.; Corrêa, H.; Fuentes, D.; Abreu, N.; Mattos, P., 2016:
Normative data of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale 11 (BIS-11) for Brazilian adults

Garzitto, M.; Picardi, A.; Fornasari, L.; Gigantesco, A.; Sala, M.; Fagnani, C.; Stazi, M.Antonietta.; Ciappolino, V.; Fabbro, F.; Altamura, A.Carlo.; Brambilla, P., 2016:
Normative data of the Magical Ideation Scale from childhood to adulthood in an Italian cohort

Kang, S.; Kim, U.Samuel., 2015:
Normative data of videonystagmography in young healthy adults under 40 years old

Matiño-Soler, E.; Esteller-More, E.; Martin-Sanchez, J-Carlos.; Martinez-Sanchez, J-M.; Perez-Fernandez, N., 2015:
Normative data on angular vestibulo-ocular responses in the yaw axis measured using the video head impulse test

Altieri, N.; Hudock, D., 2016:
Normative data on audiovisual speech integration using sentence recognition and capacity measures

Pelegrina, S.; Lechuga, M.Teresa.; García-Madruga, J.A.; Elosúa, M.Rosa.; Macizo, P.; Carreiras, M.; Fuentes, L.J.; Bajo, M.Teresa., 2015:
Normative data on the n-back task for children and young adolescents

Or, C.; Lin, J-Hua.; Wang, H.; McGorry, R.W., 2015:
Normative data on the one-handed static pull strength of a Chinese population and a comparison with American data

Mohan, A.; Dabir, S.; Yadav, N.Kumar.; Kummelil, M.; Kumar, R.S.; Shetty, R., 2016:
Normative database of retinal oximetry in Asian Indian eyes

Kiefer, F.; Koopmann, A.; Godemann, F.; Wolff, J.; Batra, A.; Mann, K., 2016:
Normative definition of staff requirement for a guideline-adherent inpatient qualified detoxification treatment in alcohol dependence

Fareri, D.S.; Gabard-Durnam, L.; Goff, B.; Flannery, J.; Gee, D.G.; Lumian, D.S.; Caldera, C.; Tottenham, N., 2016:
Normative development of ventral striatal resting state connectivity in humans

Guo, X.; Fu, M.; Lü, J.; Chen, Q.; Zeng, Y.; Ding, X.; Morgan, I.G.; He, M., 2015:
Normative distribution of visual acuity in 3- to 6-year-old Chinese preschoolers: the Shenzhen kindergarten eye study

Freitas, D.Roberto.Coradi.; Duarte, E.Carmen., 2014 :
Normative evaluation of blood banks in the Brazilian Amazon region in respect to the prevention of transfusion-transmitted malaria

Glaze, C.M.; Kable, J.W.; Gold, J.I., 2016:
Normative evidence accumulation in unpredictable environments

Andrade, S.Regina.de.; Piccoli, T.; Ruoff, A.Backes.; Ribeiro, J.Caroline.; Sousa, F.Miguel.de., 2016:
Normative grounds of health care practice in Brazilian nursing

Gavriel-Fried, B.; Peled, E.; Ajzenstadt, M., 2015:
Normative identity construction among women diagnosed with a gambling disorder

Silvestri, M.M.; Correia, C.J., 2016:
Normative influences on the nonmedical use of prescription stimulants among college students

Teixido, M.T.; Kirkilas, G.; Seymour, P.; Sem, K.; Iaia, A.; Sabra, O.; Isildak, H., 2015:
Normative inner ear volumetric measurements

Garnett, C.; Crane, D.; West, R.; Michie, S.; Brown, J.; Winstock, A., 2015:
Normative misperceptions about alcohol use in the general population of drinkers: a cross-sectional survey

Pischke, C.R.; Helmer, S.M.; McAlaney, J.; Bewick, B.M.; Vriesacker, B.; Van Hal, G.; Mikolajczyk, R.T.; Akvardar, Y.; Guillen-Grima, F.; Salonna, F.; Orosova, O.; Dohrmann, S.; Dempsey, R.C.; Zeeb, H., 2016:
Normative misperceptions of tobacco use among university students in seven European countries: baseline findings of the 'Social Norms Intervention for the prevention of Polydrug usE' study

Solomon, G.S.; Lovell, M.R.; Casson, I.R.; Viano, D.C., 2015:
Normative neurocognitive data for National Football League players: an initial compendium

Brett, E.I.; Leavens, E.L.; Miller, M.Beth.; Lombardi, N.; Leffingwell, T.R., 2016:
Normative perceptions of alcohol-related consequences among college students

Kilmer, J.R.; Geisner, I.Markman.; Gasser, M.L.; Lindgren, K.P., 2015:
Normative perceptions of non-medical stimulant use: associations with actual use and hazardous drinking

Pindrik, J.; Molenda, J.; Uribe-Cardenas, R.; Dorafshar, A.H.; Ahn, E.S., 2016:
Normative ranges of anthropometric cranial indices and metopic suture closure during infancy

McKay, M.J.; Baldwin, J.N.; Ferreira, P.; Simic, M.; Vanicek, N.; Burns, J.; Baldwin, J.; McKay, M.; Ferreira, P.; Nightingale, E.; Pourkazemi, F.; Sman, A.; Hiller, C.; Mousavi, S.; Nicholson, L.; Rose, K.; Chard, A.; Mackey, M.; Moloney, N.; Raymond, J.; Burns, J.; Yan, A.Fong.; Hübscher, M.; Simic, M.; Refshauge, K.; Vanicek, N.; Wegener, C.; Lee, F.; North, K.; Quinlan, K., 2016:
Normative reference values for strength and flexibility of 1,000 children and adults

Ramírez-Vélez, R.; Palacios-López, A.; Humberto Prieto-Benavides, D.; Enrique Correa-Bautista, J.; Izquierdo, M.; Alonso-Martínez, A.; Lobelo, F., 2016:
Normative reference values for the 20 m shuttle-run test in a population-based sample of school-aged youth in Bogota, Colombia: the FUPRECOL study

McComb, B.L.; Munden, R.F.; Duan, F.; Jain, A.A.; Tuite, C.; Chiles, C., 2016:
Normative reference values of thoracic aortic diameter in American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN 6654) arm of National Lung Screening Trial

Pereiro, A.X.; Ramos-Lema, S.; Juncos-Rabadán, Oésimo.; Facal, D.; Lojo-Seoane, C., 2015:
Normative scores of the Cambridge Cognitive Examination-Revised in healthy Spanish population

Price, R.; Okamoto, M.; Le Huec, J.C.; Hasegawa, K., 2016:
Normative spino-pelvic parameters in patients with the lumbarization of S1 compared to a normal asymptomatic population

Ekşioğlu, M., 2016:
Normative static grip strength of population of Turkey, effects of various factors and a comparison with international norms

Beato, M.Soledad.; Cadavid, S., 2015:
Normative study of theme identifiability: Instructions with and without explanation of the false memory effect

Howell, D.R.; Meehan, W.P., 2016:
Normative values for a video-force plate assessment of postural control in athletic children

Liao, X.; Norata, G.D.; Polak, J.F.; Stehouwer, C.DA.; Catapano, A.; Rundek, T.; Ezhov, M.; Sander, D.; Thompson, S.G.; Lorenz, M.W.; Balakhonova, T.; Safarova, M.; Grigore, L.; Empana, J-Philippe.; Lin, H-Ju.; McLachlan, S.; Bokemark, L.; Ronkainen, K.; Schminke, U.; Lind, L.; Willeit, P.; Yanez, D.N.; Steinmetz, H.; Poppert, H.; Desvarieux, M.; Ikram, M.Arfan.; Johnsen, S.Harald.; Iglseder, B.; Friera, A.; Xie, W.; Plichart, M.; Su, T-Chen.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Schmidt, C.; Tuomainen, T-Pekka.;, 2017:
Normative values for carotid intima media thickness and its progression: Are they transferrable outside of their cohort of origin?

Tavakoli, M.; Ferdousi, M.; Petropoulos, I.N.; Morris, J.; Pritchard, N.; Zhivov, A.; Ziegler, D.; Pacaud, Dèle.; Romanchuk, K.; Perkins, B.A.; Lovblom, L.E.; Bril, V.; Singleton, J.Robinson.; Smith, G.; Boulton, A.J.M.; Efron, N.; Malik, R.A., 2015:
Normative values for corneal nerve morphology assessed using corneal confocal microscopy: a multinational normative data set

Stoustrup, P.; Kristensen, K.D.; Küseler, A.; Herlin, T.; Pedersen, T.K., 2016:
Normative values for mandibular mobility in Scandinavian individuals 4-17 years of age

Kjær, I.Geirsdatter.Heald.; Torstveit, M.Klungland.; Kolle, E.; Hansen, Børge.Herman.; Anderssen, S.Alfred., 2016:
Normative values for musculoskeletal- and neuromotor fitness in apparently healthy Norwegian adults and the association with obesity: a cross-sectional study

Butov, M.A.; Shurpo, E.M.; Kuznetsov, P.S.; Dhurdhevuch, M.D., 2015:
Normative values for peripheral electrical gastroenterocolonography

Dominguez, D.; Faundez, A.; Demezon, H.; Cogniet, A.; Le Huec, J.C., 2016:
Normative values for the L5 incidence in a subgroup of transitional anomalies extracted from 147 asymptomatic subjects

Abraham, A.; Sannasi, R.; Nair, R., 2015:
Normative values for the functional movement screentm in adolescent school aged children

Le Huec, J.Charles.; Hasegawa, K., 2016:
Normative values for the spine shape parameters using 3D standing analysis from a database of 268 asymptomatic Caucasian and Japanese subjects

Marcon, M.; Berger, N.; Manoliu, A.; Fischer, M.A.; Nanz, D.; Andreisek, G.; Ulbrich, E.J., 2016:
Normative values for volume and fat content of the hip abductor muscles and their dependence on side, age and gender in a healthy population

Herregods, T.V.K.; Roman, S.; Kahrilas, P.J.; Smout, A.J.P.M.; Bredenoord, A.J., 2015:
Normative values in esophageal high-resolution manometry

Garcia-Gordillo, M.A.; Adsuar, J.C.; Olivares, P.R., 2015:
Normative values of EQ-5D-5L: in a Spanish representative population sample from Spanish Health Survey, 2011

Wang, G.; Xu, Z.; Tai, J.; Li, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Zheng, L.; Peng, X.; Ni, X., 2018:
Normative values of polysomnographic parameters in Chinese children and adolescents: a cross-sectional study

González-Duarte, A.; Lem-Carrillo, Mónica.; Guerrero-Torres, L., 2017:
Normative values of quantitative sensory testing in Hispanic Latino population

Hasegawa, K.; Okamoto, M.; Hatsushikano, S.; Shimoda, H.; Ono, M.; Watanabe, K., 2016:
Normative values of spino-pelvic sagittal alignment, balance, age, and health-related quality of life in a cohort of healthy adult subjects

Sander, C.; Hegerl, U.; Wirkner, K.; Walter, N.; Kocalevent, Rüya-Daniela.; Petrowski, K.; Glaesmer, H.; Hinz, A., 2016:
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Norovirus outbreaks occurred in different settings in the Republic of Korea

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Norovirus vaccines and potential antinorovirus drugs: recent advances and future perspectives

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Norovirus-Specific Memory T Cell Responses in Adult Human Donors

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Norovirus: do not return too soon after vomiting and diarrhea to routine activities

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Norsesquiterpenoids and triterpenoids from strawberry cv. Falandi

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Norspermidine changes the basic structure of S. mutans biofilm

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Nortestosterone-derived synthetic progestogens do not activate the progestogen receptor of Murray-Darling rainbowfish (Melanotaenia fluviatilis) but are potent agonists of androgen receptors alpha and beta

Moran, A., 2015:
North Africa & Middle East

Ait Belkacem, A.; Gast, O.; Stuckas, H.; Canal, D.; LoValvo, M.; Giacalone, G.; Päckert, M., 2016:
North African hybrid sparrows (Passer domesticus, P. hispaniolensis) back from oblivion - ecological segregation and asymmetric mitochondrial introgression between parental species

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North America

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North America special issue Part II

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North American Clinical Dermatologic Society 55th annual meeting: Panama City, Panama and Havana, Cuba

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Differential expression of cyclooxygenase-2 and cyclin D1 in salivary gland tumors

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Differential expression of cyclosporine A-Induced calcineurin isoform-specific matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) in renal fibroblasts

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North American Nurses' and Doulas' Views of Each Other

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North American Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship Needs Assessment in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Trainee and Program Director Perspectives

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North American Species of Cerambycid Beetles in the Genus Neoclytus Share a Common Hydroxyhexanone-Hexanediol Pheromone Structural Motif

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North American Spine Society presidential address

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North American experience with Low protein diet for Non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease

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North American ginseng inhibits myocardial NOX2-ERK1/2 signaling and tumor necrosis factor-α expression in endotoxemia

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North American ginseng protects against muscle damage and reduces neutrophil infiltration after an acute bout of downhill running in rats

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North American paragonimiasis: epidemiology and diagnostic strategies

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North American regulatory agencies can and should make clinical trial data publicly available

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North American single-center experience with a sutureless aortic bioprosthesis

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North American terrestrial CO 2 uptake largely offset by CH 4 and N 2 O emissions: toward a full accounting of the greenhouse gas budget

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North American velvet ants form one of the world's largest known Müllerian mimicry complexes

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North Americans are eating more fat and less carbohydrate, study finds

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North Atlantic ocean circulation and abrupt climate change during the last glaciation

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North Atlantic salinity as a predictor of Sahel rainfall

Anonymous, 2015:
North Carolina Board of Nursing Candidates

Mosley, M.; Offenbacher, S.; Phillips, C.; Granger, C.; Wilder, R.S., 2015:
North Carolina Cardiologists' Knowledge, Opinions and Practice Behaviors Regarding the Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

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North Carolina Chiefs of the United States Army Nurse Corps

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North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians' Guidance Document on Emergency Medical Services

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North Carolina Latino Farmworkers' Use of Traditional Healers: A Pilot Study

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North Carolina Macular Dystrophy Is Caused by Dysregulation of the Retinal Transcription Factor PRDM13

Dodds, J.A., 2016:
North Carolina law expands pool of eligible healthcare professionals to oversee executions by lethal injection

Anonymous, 2016:
North Carolina law may aid suits against investigators

Bowne, S.J.; Sullivan, L.S.; Wheaton, D.K.; Locke, K.G.; Jones, K.D.; Koboldt, D.C.; Fulton, R.S.; Wilson, R.K.; Blanton, S.H.; Birch, D.G.; Daiger, S.P., 2016:
North Carolina macular dystrophy (MCDR1) caused by a novel tandem duplication of the PRDM13 gene

Caldwell, D.S., 2015:
North Carolina medical legacy

Kranz, A.M.; Lee, J.; Divaris, K.; Baker, A.Diane.; Vann, W., 2016:
North Carolina physician-based preventive oral health services improve access and use among young Medicaid enrollees

Bredehoeft, J.; Heath, R., 2016:
North Carolina's Hydrogeologist: Ralph Heath

Fleming, E.; Proescholdbell, S.; Sachdeva, N.; Alexandridis, A.A.; Margolis, L.; Ransdell, K., 2016:
North Carolina's Operation Medicine Drop: Results From One of the Nation's Largest Drug Disposal Programs

Verbiest, S.; Pettiford, B., 2016:
North Carolina's Perinatal Health Strategic Plan: Striving to Improve Birth Outcomes for All Families

Arcáute-Velázquez, F.Federico., 2016:
North Command of the United States, Academia Mexicana de Cirugía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional contribution to the course "Handling of fire weapon wounds"

Traynor, K., 2016:
North Dakota begins year with pharmacy focus

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North Indian state of Uttarakhand: a new hothouse of visceral leishmaniasis

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North Korean refugee doctors' preliminary examination scores

Barwood, M.J.; Burrows, H.; Cessford, J., 2016:
North Pole Marathon Laboratory Lessons and Field Success

Anonymous, 1988:
North Yorkshire schools to merge

Lehikoinen, A.; Virkkala, R., 2016:
North by north-west: climate change and directions of density shifts in birds

Száz, Dénes.; Farkas, A.; Barta, Aás.; Kretzer, Bázs.; Egri, Ádám.; Horváth, Gábor., 2016:
North error estimation based on solar elevation errors in the third step of sky-polarimetric Viking navigation

Anonymous, 1991:
North of England spotlight

Lakhan, C., 2016:
North of the 46° parallel: Obstacles and challenges to recycling in Ontario's rural and northern communities

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North or south? Phylogenetic and biogeographic origins of a globally distributed avian clade

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North vs south differences in acute peptic ulcer hemorrhage in Croatia: hospitalization incidence trends, clinical features, and 30-day case fatality

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North-Seeking Magnetotactic Gammaproteobacteria in the Southern Hemisphere

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North-South Colonization Associated with Local Adaptation of the Wild Tomato Species Solanum chilense

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North-South cooperation on transfusion and hematology teaching: A Benin experience

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North-Western Research Center for Hygiene and Public Health. 90th anniversary: results and prospects of scientific work

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North-south collaboration and capacity development in global health research in low- and middle-income countries - the ARCADE projects

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North/South Differences Among Italian Emerging Adults Regarding Criteria Deemed Important for Adulthood and Life Satisfaction

Naman, C.Benjamin.; Gupta, G.; Varikuti, S.; Chai, H.; Doskotch, R.W.; Satoskar, A.R.; Kinghorn, A.Douglas., 2015:
Northalrugosidine is a bisbenzyltetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloid from Thalictrum alpinum with in vivo antileishmanial activity

Anonymous, 2016:
Northampton hospital signs up to global nursing excellence scheme

Jarvis, M., 2016 :
Northeast Asia trip bolsters ongoing scientific cooperation

Biswal, D.Kumar.; Debnath, M.; Kharumnuid, G.; Thongnibah, W.; Tandon, V., 2016:
Northeast India Helminth Parasite Information Database (NEIHPID): Knowledge Base for Helminth Parasites

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Northeastern North America as a potential refugium for boreal forests in a warming climate

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Differential expression of cytokines and receptor expression during anoxic growth

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Differential Expression of Dopamine D5 Receptors across Neuronal Subtypes in Macaque Frontal Eye Field

Anonymous, 1987:

Blevins, T., 2016:
Northern Blotting Techniques for Small RNAs

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Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) Mitochondrial Population Genomics Reveals Structure, Divergence, and Evidence for Heteroplasmy

Coles, R., 1968:
Northern Children under Desegregation †

Mäkitie, A.A.; Irjala, H.; Steinsvåg, S.; Gudjonsson, A.; Lüscher, M.; Luxenberger, W.; Sahlstrand-Johnson, P., 2016:
Northern European manpower in Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Murphy, E.J., 2016:
Northern Great Plains Lipid Conference: An International Conference Coalescing the Lipid Scientists in the Northern Great Plains

Anonymous, 1997:
Northern Ireland

Greene, J., 2009:
Northern Ireland

Anonymous, 1997:
Northern Ireland Nurse of the Year Award Sponsored by Northern Ireland Electricity Maeve McGinley, continence manager, Foyle Health and Social Services Trust Award: £1,500

Anonymous, 1997:
Northern Ireland Nurse of the Year Panel of Judges

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland achieves Officially Brucellosis Free status

McMullan, J.; Clarke, S.A.; O'Hagan, M.Therese.; O'Connor, T.; Power, J.J., 2015:
Northern Ireland and 'The Troubles', outlining an innovative approach to nursing/midwifery student teaching and module evaluation

Dyer, C., 2016:
Northern Ireland assembly must decide whether to issue new abortion law

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, April to June 2015

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, April to June 2016

Anonymous, 2015:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, January to March 2015

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, January to March 2016

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, July to September 2015

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, July to September 2016

Anonymous, 2015:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, October to December 2014

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland disease surveillance report, October to December 2015

Anonymous, 1996:
Northern Ireland feeling pinch of 3 per cent spending cuts

Anonymous, 1999:
Northern Ireland finalists await the verdict

Anonymous, 2003:
Northern Ireland honours nurses

Anonymous, 1997:
Northern Ireland joins nurse prescribing pilots

Anonymous, 2007:
Northern Ireland likely to overturn staging decision

Anonymous, 2015:
Northern Ireland moves to biennial brucellosis testing

Anonymous, 1991:
Northern Ireland nurses lack knowledge of AIDS

Anonymous, 1999:
Northern Ireland nurses praised

Anonymous, 2015:
Northern Ireland recognises dedication of children's nurses

Anonymous, 2015:
Northern Ireland to seek Officially Brucellosis Free status

Anonymous, 1991:
Northern Ireland "will be hurt by new cutbacks'

Anonymous, 1993:
Northern Ireland's Whitley-sty le machinery under threat

Dyer, C., 2016:
Northern Ireland's abortion law breaches human rights, court rules

Anonymous, 2016:
Northern Ireland's home care services at breaking point

Anonymous, 2001:
Northern Ireland's new wave of grief

Stein, A.C.; Gaetano, J.Nick.; Jacobs, J.; Kunnavakkam, R.; Bissonnette, M.; Pekow, J., 2016:
Northern Latitude but Not Season Is Associated with Increased Rates of Hospitalizations Related to Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Results of a Multi-Year Analysis of a National Cohort

Treikale, O.; Javoisha, B.; Pugacheva, E.; Vigule, Z.; Feodorova-Fedotova, L., 2015:
Northern Leaf Blight Helminthosporium Turcicum On Maize In Latvia

Luchsinger, Jé.A.; Burgio, L.; Mittelman, M.; Dunner, I.; Levine, J.A.; Kong, J.; Silver, S.; Ramirez, M.; Teresi, J.A., 2017:
Northern Manhattan Hispanic Caregiver Intervention Effectiveness Study: protocol of a pragmatic randomised trial comparing the effectiveness of two established interventions for informal caregivers of persons with dementia

Gorham, E., 1991:
Northern Peatlands: Role in the Carbon Cycle and Probable Responses to Climatic Warming

Neller, J.M., 2015:
Northern Physician Organization, MSMS group member, launches physician-led ACO

Anonymous, 1987:
Northern RHA security calls

Iyngkaran, P.; Majoni, W.; Cass, A.; Sanders, P.; Ronco, C.; Brady, S.; Kangaharan, N.; Ilton, M.; Hare, D.L.; Thomas, M.C., 2016:
Northern Territory perspectives on heart failure with comorbidities – understanding trial validity and exploring collaborative opportunities to broaden the evidence base

Rio, D.C., 2015:
Northern blots: capillary transfer of RNA from agarose gels and filter hybridization using standard stringency conditions

Andrews, J., 2002:
Northern exposurd

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Northern exposure: Mandibular torus in the Greenlandic Norse and the whole wide world

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Northern ireland back on track

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Northern lifestyles no better, no worse

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Northern lights

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Northwest Kidney Centers honors Bill Peckham

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Northwestern Blot Analysis: Detecting RNA-Protein Interaction After Gel Separation of Protein Mixture

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Northwestern Hawaiian Islands clean up

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Anonymous, 1988:

Anonymous, 1988:

Anonymous, 1988:
Norway honours British nurse

Anonymous, 1997:
Norway improves nursing home care

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Norway on the overdose top?

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Norway rats reciprocate help according to the quality of help they received

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Norwegian Scabies

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Norwegian standards

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Norwegian unions fight for the right to full-time positions

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Norwich launch recruitment video

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Norwich on the ball in supervision of cadets

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Norwich stages courses with a difference

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Noscapine: angioedema

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Noshir Hormusjee Wadia

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Noshir Hormusji Wadia

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Nosocomial contamination of staff by organophosphates

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Not Alone

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Not Availabe

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Differential expression of mRNA isoforms in the skeletal muscle of pigs with distinct growth and fatness profiles

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Differential expression of multiple glutamine synthetase genes in air-breathing magur catfish, Clarias magur and their induction under hyper-ammonia stress

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Differential Gene Expression Analysis of Plants

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Differential gene expression in the evolution of sex pheromone communication in New Zealand's endemic leafroller moths of the genera Ctenopseustis and Planotortrix

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Differential Human Growth Restudied

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Differential hypomethylation of the repetitive Tol2/Alu-rich sequences in the genome of Bodianus species (Labriformes, Labridae)

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Differential Identification of Females and Males with Reading Difficulties: A Meta-Analysis

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Differential intimal staining of the aortic root and pulmonary trunk following pulmonary thromboembolism

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Differential intracellular localization of Hsp70 in the gill and heart tissue of fresh water prawn Macrobrachium malcolmsonii during thermal stress

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Differential Learning as a Key Training Approach to Improve Creative and Tactical Behavior in Soccer

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Differential Leucocyte Counts Which May Assist Diagnosis

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Differential levels of gene expression and molecular mechanisms between red maple (Acer rubrum) genotypes resistant and susceptible to nickel toxicity revealed by transcriptome analysis

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Differential localization of vasopressin- and oxytocin-immunoreactive cells and conventional neurosecretory cells in the ganglia of the earthworm Pheretima hilgendorfi

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Differential localizations of the myo-inositol transporters HMIT and SMIT1 in the cochlear stria vascularis

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Differential local tissue permissiveness influences the final fate of GPR17-expressing oligodendrocyte precursors in two distinct models of demyelination

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Differential long-term medication impact on executive function and delay aversion in ADHD

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Differential loss magnetic field sensor using a ferrofluid encapsulated D-shaped optical fiber

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