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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58428

Chapter 58428 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Johnson, D.J., 2018:
Discussion: Gender Inequality for Women in Plastic Surgery: A Systematic Scoping Review

Rinsky-Halivni, L.; Lerman, Y., 2018:
Discussion group networks in occupational medicine: A tool for continuing education to promote the integration of workers with disabilities

Verma, K.D.; Song, D.H., 2018:
Discussion: Happy and Unhappy Patients: A Quantitative Analysis of Online Plastic Surgeon Reviews for Breast Augmentation

Henry, S.L.; Ring, D.C., 2018:
Discussion: Important Details in Performing and Interpreting the Scratch Collapse Test

Khouri, R.K., 2018:
Discussion: Improved Long-Term Volume Retention of Stromal Vascular Fraction Gel Grafting with Enhanced Angiogenesis and Adipogenesis

Rozen, S.M., 2018:
Discussion: Incomplete Facial Paralysis: The Use of the Ipsilateral Residual Facial Nerve as a Donor Nerve for Facial Reanimation

Patel, R.; King, J.; Phelps, L.; Sanderson, D., 2017:
Discussion Informed by Recurrent Lessons from a Systematic Review on Targeting Practices in Urban Humanitarian Crises

Markowitz, B.L., 2018:
Discussion: Innovative Surgical Approach Using a Mesh Sling for the Aging Neck

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion in Standing Committee-Second Reading

Levin, L.Scott., 2018:
Discussion: Long-Term Patient-Reported Outcomes following Free Flap Lower Extremity Reconstruction for Traumatic Injuries

Ciancio, F.; Melita, D.; Innocenti, A., 2018:
Discussion: Management of Tuberous Breast Deformities: Review of Long-Term Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction with BREAST-Q

Vetto, J.T., 2018:
Discussion of "Risk of major complications following thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy: Utility of the NSQIP surgical risk calculator"

Toriumi, D.M., 2018:
Discussion: Measurement of Warping Angle in Human Rib Graft: An Experimental Study

Mioton, L.M.; Dumanian, G.A., 2018:
Discussion: Measuring Success in Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: The Role of Validated Outcome Scales

Derderian, C.A., 2018:
Discussion: Minimally Invasive, Spring-Assisted Correction of Sagittal Suture Synostosis: Technique, Outcome, and Complications in 83 Cases

Disa, J.J., 2018:
Discussion: Motiva Ergonomix Round SilkSurface Silicone Breast Implants: Outcome Analysis of 100 Primary Breast Augmentations over 3 Years and Technical Considerations

Fischer, J.P.; Kovach, S.J., 2018:
Discussion: Obesity and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: Outcomes, Implications, and Optimization

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Accurate surgical skills evaluation: Does it mandate raters have a medical background?

Zhong, H.; Guo, A.; Wang, H.; She, C.; Liu, M.; Liu, M.; Zhang, W.; Chang, X., 2018:
Discussion of acupuncture for diabetic peripheral neuropathy based on blood stasis theory

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: A novel modality for intraoperative margin assessment and its impact on re-excision rates in breast conserving surgery

Kou, R.; Zou, Y.; Zhang, J., 2018:
Discussion of biological effects of moxibustion at Guanyuan (CV 4) and its influence factors

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Can parathyroid hyperplasia be predicted preoperatively?

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Coagulation profile following liver resection: Does liver cirrhosis affect thrombelastography?

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Decreasing length of stay in bariatric surgery: The power of suggestion

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Do not break up the surgical team! Familiarity and expertise affect operative time in complex surgery

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Do psoas muscle area and volume correlate with postoperative complications in patients undergoing rectal cancer resection?

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: DRG migration: A novel measure of inefficient surgical care in a value-based world

Anonymous, 2018 :
Discussion of: Early versus delayed appendectomy: A comparison of outcomes

Zahedi, A.; Amani-Beni, A., 2018:
Discussion of "Effect of exercise-induced dehydration on circulatory markers of oxidative damage and antioxidant capacity"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Effect of intra-operative single dose of dexamethasone for control of post-operative nausea and vomiting on the control of blood glucose levels in diabetic patients

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Efficacy and safety of transversus abdominis plane block versus thoracic epidural anesthesia in patients undergoing major abdominal oncologic resections: A prospective, randomized controlled trial

Fu, J-Ping.; Zhao, B.; Li, Y-Qing.; Liu, S-Sha.; Yin, W-Hua.; Huang, J-Qiong.; Zhou, C-Feng.; Zhang, S-Kun.; He, D-Chun.; Han, J-Lei., 2018:
Discussion of Emissions and Health Risk of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from the Retreading Process of Waste Tires

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Endoscopic and histopathological analysis of incidental focal colorectal 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in PET/CT scan: Colonoscopic evaluation is warranted

Moonka, R., 2018:
Discussion of "Higher robotic colorectal surgery volume improves outcomes"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Individual surgeon practice is the most important factor influencing diverting ileostomy creation for patients undergoing sigmoid colectomy for diverticulitis

Mayberry, J., 2018:
Discussion of "Institutional review of the implementation and use of a Clostridium difficile infection bundle and probiotics in adult trauma patients"

Anonymous, 2018 :
Discussion of: Is it safe to discharge geriatric trauma patients with anemia?

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Is there a role for Ytrrium-90 in the treatment of unresectable and metastatic intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma?

Chen, L.; Wang, D.; Zhao, Y., 2018:
Discussion of mechanism on acupoint embedding for obesity

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Neoadjuvant systemic therapy in invasive lobular breast cancer: Is it indicated?

Martin, M.J., 2018:
Discussion of "Neurocognitive assessment in patients with a minor traumatic brain injury and an abnormal initial CT scan: Can cognitive evaluation assist in identifying patients who require surveillance CT brain imaging?"

Dolan, J.P., 2018:
Discussion of "Nonatherosclerotic vascular causes of acute abdominal pain"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Outcomes of rectal resection following neoadjuvant therapy in the elderly: Can rectal cancer patients be too old for a neoadjuvant approach?

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Peri-operative emergency department utilization in inpatient and outpatient Medicare laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Harvey, A., 2018:
Discussion of "PGY-specific benchmarks improve resident performance on Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery tasks"

Massimino, K., 2018:
Discussion of: "Pre-surgical chemotherapy for breast cancer may be associated with improved outcomes"

Van Dusen, R., 2018:
Discussion of "Protocolized warfarin reversal with 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate versus 3-factor prothrombin complex concentrate with recombinant factor VIIa"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Risk-adjusted regional outcomes in elective medicare colorectal surgery

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Robotic and hybrid robotic transversus abdominis release may be performed with low length of stay and wound morbidity

Johnson, N., 2018:
Discussion of "Routine shave margins are not necessary in early stage breast cancer treated with breast conserving surgery"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Seeing the forest beyond the trees: Predicting survival in burn patients with machine learning

Marten, T., 2018:
Discussion of Shue et al. "Fat Injection: A Systemic Review of Injection Volumes by Facial Subunit"

Kirane, M.; Samet, B., 2018:
Discussion of some inequalities via fractional integrals

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Surgical resection improves median overall survival with marginal improvement in long-term survival when compared with definitive radiotherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma: A propensity score matched analysis of the National Cancer Database

Kalbfleisch, J.D., 2018:
Discussion of "Survival models and health sequences" by Walter Dempsey and Peter McCullagh

Rosales, C., 2018 :
Discussion of "Tele-mentored emergency trauma surgery: A feasibility study using live-tissue models"

Zhang, L-jiao.; Huang, J-chu.; Lin, H-jian.; Lai, W-chang.; Li, D.; Wang, G-xi.; Gu, R-qiu.; Lai, Y-rou.; Yan, R-hui.; Wang, G., 2016:
Discussion of the Application and Influence Factors of Low-Background Gamma Spectrometry in Distinguishing Sedimentary Rock Types

Li, X.; Lei, J., 2018:
Discussion of the Application of Micro-lecture in the Clinical Training 
of Thoracic Surgery

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: The benefits of a low-dose complex carbohydrate/citrulline electrolyte solution for preoperative carbohydrate loading: Focus on glycemic variability

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: The diagnosis and staging of pancreatic cancer: A comparison of endoscopic ultrasound and computed tomography with pancreas protocol

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: The impact of the repeal of Michigan's universal helmet law on traumatic brain injury: A statewide analysis

Li, K.; Feng, C.; Jia, L.; Chen, L.; Pan, F.; Li, T., 2018:
Discussion of the implementation of MIMIC database in emergency medical study

Phang, P.Terry., 2018:
Discussion of "Total intracorporeal anastomosis for right hemicolectomy: Experience from a Canadian center"

Harvey, A., 2018:
Discussion of "Uptake and impact of synoptic reporting in a community care setting"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion of: Utility of Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score in predicting bacteremia in critically ill burn patients

Min, Y.; Lan, W.; Liu, B., 2018:
Discussion on Administrative Innovation of Medical Device in China and U.S

Shi, Y.; Wei, F.; Ma, S-Cheng., 2018:
Discussion on application of principal component analysis in analysis of traditional Chinese medicines and natural drugs

Jin, C-Yang.; Wu, J-Long.; Zhang, J-Bin., 2018:
Discussion on Classical Morphological View of Acupoints: Taking Book A-B Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion as An Example

Gu, X., 2018:
Discussion on Clinical Evaluation of Proton Radiotherapy System

Zhang, J.; Liu, B.; Zhai, B.; Min, Y.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, S., 2018:
Discussion on Clinical Trial Design of Artificial Hip Prosthesis

Lees, D., 1924:
Discussion on Congenital or Inherited Syphilis

Qu, T.B.; Ma, D.S., 2018:
Discussion on cruciate-retaining total knee arthroplasty

Anonymous, 1884:
Discussion on Dr Leith Napier's Paper on Albuminuria and Reflex Paralysis

Peng, Z.; Xu, N.; Bian, Z.; Li, C.; Lu, W.; Huang, T.; Wang, S., 2018:
Discussion on "dry needling" being part of acupuncture

Anonymous, 1879:
Discussion on Education of Midwives

Xu, F.; Fei, D.; Jiang, L.; Jiang, P., 2018:
Discussion on "Effects of High-Flow Nasal Cannula on the Work of Breathing in Patients Recovering From Acute Respiratory Failure"

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion on Endocrine Therapy

Zhang, X-Bo.; Lyu, D-Mei.; Huang, L-Qi.; Li, M.; Guo, L-Ping.; Peng, H-Sheng., 2018:
Discussion on exploitation of foreign traditional chinese medicine resources based on "the Belt and Road"

Smith, J.Lorrain., 1923:
Discussion on Focal Infection in Relation to Disease

Innocenti, A.; Melita, D.; Mori, F.; Innocenti, M.; Ciancio, F., 2018:
Discussion on "Gynecomastia Surgery-Impact on Life Quality: A prospective Case-Control Study"

Jardine, R., 1902:
Discussion on Hæmorrhage during the Later Months of Pregnancy and Early Stages of Labour

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion on Hospital Service

Ji, F.; Liu, P-Zhao.; Tong, D-Ke., 2018:
Discussion on hot spot of femoral intertrochanteric fracture

Li, S.; Zhao, J., 2018:
Discussion on ideological concept implied in traditional reinforcing and reducing method of acupuncture

Zhang, L.; Xu, N.; Fu, D.; Yi, W., 2016:
Discussion on Linggu ,a DONG 's extra point,and Hegu(LI 4)

Cai, R.; Hu, L., 2018:
Discussion on inheritance,innovation and belongingness of acupuncture-moxibustion research

Cushny, A.R., 1923:
Discussion on Insomnia

Chen, M., 2018:
Discussion on xuetou xingzou xuedao ge and meridian qi flowing cycle

Cao, B.; Zhu, S.; Liu, T., 2018:
Discussion on locating of back- shu points

Zhong, J., 2018:
Discussion on Medical Equipment Maintenance Based on Outsourcing Service

Anonymous, 1886:
Discussion on Micro-Organisms in Relation to Puerperal Fever

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion on Mr. Nelson Hardy's Paper

Wei-Cheng, D.; Yue-Yun, Z.; Guo-Jian, D.; Jia-Xin, L.; Yong-Hui, Z.; Hong-Bo, W.; Feng-Qiu, L.; Huai-Yu, B.; Guang-Hui, R., 2018:
Discussion on multidisciplinary treatment mode of advanced schistosomiasis and its standardized implementation

Kiraly, L., 2018:
Discussion of "Instant replay: Evaluation of instant video feedback in surgical novices for a laparoscopic gallbladder dissection"

Ke, Y.C.; Li, L.H.; Hu, F.Y.; Lan, Y.; He, Y.Z.; Chen, X.J.; Tang, X.P.; Cai, W.P.; Lu, R.C.; He, Y.; Li, H.Q., 2018:
Discussion on optimal duration of pegylated interferon α combined with ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C in HIV-infected patients

Guy, W., 1909:
Discussion on Oral Sepsis

de Geus, H.R.H.; Meersch, M.; Zarbock, A., 2018:
Discussion on "Prevention of cardiac surgery-associated AKI by implementing the KDIGO guidelines in high risk patients identified by biomarkers: the PrevAKI randomized controlled trial"

Xu, B.; Han, X., 2018:
Discussion on Primordial and Sensitized States of Acupuncture Points

Zhang, S.; Qian, H.; Li, Y., 2018:
Discussion on Quality Management System Construction for Evaluation of Medical Devices

Wang, J.; Wu, B.; Chen, S., 2018:
Discussion on quantum entanglement theory and acupuncture

Kaneko, H., 2018:
Discussion on Regression Methods Based on Ensemble Learning and Applicability Domains of Linear Submodels

Li, Z.; Jiang, H.; Wang, J.; Shen, J., 2018:
Discussion on Regulatory Risk of in Vitro Diagnostic Reagents in Use

Dai, R-Qin.; Shen, C-Yao.; Li, X-Ming.; Lan, J-Li.; Lin, S-Fang.; Shao, A-Juan., 2017:
Discussion on related problems of model species of fungus: Paecilomyces hepialid

Liu, F.; Li, R., 2018:
Discussion on relationship between "living alone with closed windows and doors" and depression

Dong, L.; Sun, Y.; Pei, W-Xuan.; Dai, J-Dong.; Wang, Z-Yu.; Pan, M.; Chen, J-Peng.; Wang, Y., 2018:
Discussion on research thinking of traditional Chinese medicine standardization system based on whole process quality control

Stockman, R., 1926:
Discussion on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Li, S.; Tan, J.; Zhang, H.; Huang, G.; Deng, D.; Jiang, Q., 2018:
Discussion on rules of acupoint selection for vascular dementia

Zhang, S-Han.; Liang, X-Juan.; Liu, H.; Wan, D.; Koin, T.; Chen, L.; Zhou, R-Rong.; Huang, L-Qi., 2017:
Discussion on scientific problems in standard decoction of traditional Chinese medicine

Wang, G., 2018:
Discussion on several basic issues of acupuncture-moxibustion science

Chen, P.; Lin, C., 2018:
Discussion on some issues of medicated thread moxibustion of Zhuang ethnic group

Lu, F.; Wang, Y.; Xin, J.; Zhao, Y.; Yu, X.; Gao, J., 2018:
Discussion on specificity of acupoint effect based on " Sanli acupoint for du-fu diseases"

Gu, Z.; Chen, W.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, M., 2018:
Discussion on Strengthening the Hospital Management of in Vitro Diagnostic Reagents

Zheng, J.N.; Ma, K.; Xia, Y., 2018:
Discussion on "subject under medical surveillance" in Diagnosis of occupational pneumoconiosis

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion on Suggestions for a Society Hall

Zhu, Y.; Zheng, H., 2018:
Discussion on Supervision of 3D Printing Medical Device Related Software

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion on Syphilis

Chu, Y.; Qian, H.; Zhu, Y., 2018:
Discussion on Technical Evaluation for Medical Device Registration Material

Campbell, M.L.; Robert, Ré.; Reignier, J., 2017:
Discussion on Terminal weaning or immediate extubation for withdrawing mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients (the ARREVE observational study)

Hou, X.; Zhou, Q.; Wang, L.; Cheng, L.; Zhao, J., 2018:
Discussion on the acupuncture and moxibustion thoughts of diagnosis and treatment for secondary dysmenorrhea of adenomyosis on the basis of disease location and pathogenesis

Boyd, F.D., 1910:
Discussion on the Artificially Prepared Hypnotics, Their Use and Possible Abuse

Zhang, C.; Wang, X.; Jia, G.; Yang, T., 2018:
Discussion on the clinical treatment of infantile cerebral palsy with the differentiated intervention of meridian points on the spine and back

Lyu, G.H., 2018:
Discussion on the consensus and controversies of the concept and technique in minimally invasive spine surgery

Wang, K.; Gu, M.; Wu, H.; Zhang, J.; Liu, H., 2018:
Discussion on the direction of moxibustion

Zhang, Y.; Chen, H.; Cui, T., 2018:
Discussion on the Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Medical Devices (Ⅱ) Clinical Trial

Zhu, D.; Liu, J.; Huang, Q., 2018:
Discussion on the Hemorrhagic Risk of Female AVM Patients During Their Pregnancy and Puerperium Periods

Jiang, Y.; Qiao, F.; Gao, C., 2018:
Discussion on the Hospital Mobile Workstation Architecture

Barbour, A.H.F., 1913:
Discussion on the Lower Uterine Segment in Labour

Simpson, A.R., 1901:
Discussion on the Management of the Third Stage of Labour

Tong, Y.Feng.; Zhang, N.Nan.; Zhang, X.Ran.; Zhang, Q.Feng., 2018:
Discussion on the micro-plastic operative treatment of nasal-septum deviation combined with crooked nose

Fang, K.; Hu, S.; Chen, Y.; Xu, G.; Shen, A., 2018:
Discussion on the Monitoring of Medical Device Adverse Event

Anonymous, 2018:
Discussion on the Pension Fund Paper

Schafer, E.Sharpey., 1925:
Discussion on the Pituitary

Huskie, D., 1937:
Discussion on the Report of the Departmental Committee on Scottish Health Services

Douglas, C.; Hamilton, W.; Johnstone, R.W., 1936:
Discussion on the Scottish Departmental Report on Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Huang, H.; Shen, Y.; Gu, W.; Wang, W.; Wang, Y.; Qi, M.; Shen, J.; Qiu, Z.; Yu, S.; Zhou, Z.; Chen, B.; Chen, L.; Chen, Y.; Cui, H.; Du, J.; Gao, Y.; Guo, Y.; Hu, C.; Hu, L.; Huang, Y.; Li, P.; Li, X.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Lu, J.; Ma, D.; Ma, Y.; Peng, M.; Song, F.; Sun, H.; Wang, L.; Wang, D.; Wang, J.; Wang, L.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Z.; Wu, J.; Wu, J.; Wu, J.; Xu, Y.; Yao, H.; Yang, D.; Yang, X.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Zhu, B.; Zeng, S.; Peng, Z.; Huang, S., 2018:
Discussion on the standard of clinical genetic testing report and the consensus of gene testing industry

Berry, G.A., 1909:
Discussion on the Symptomatology and Causes of So-Called Eye-Strain

Zhu, B.; Yang, K.; Cai, L., 2018:
Discussion on the Timing of Balloon Occlusion of the Abdominal Aorta during a Caesarean Section in Patients with Pernicious Placenta Previa Complicated with Placenta Accreta

Haultain, F.W.N., 1900:
Discussion on the Treatment of Dysmenorrhœa

Chiene, G.L., 1909:
Discussion on the Treatment of Varicose Veins of the Leg

Kalbfleisch, J.D.; He, K., 2018:
Discussion on "Time-dynamic profiling with application to hospital readmission among patients on dialysis," by Jason P. Estes, Danh V. Nguyen, Yanjun Chen, Lorien S. Dalrymple, Connie M. Rhee, Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, and Damla Senturk

Wei-Lv, X.; Lu-Mei, S.; Yan-de, N.; Qing-Guo, Z.; Qing-Qing, M., 2018:
Discussion on ultrasonographic characteristics of schistosomal appendicitis lesions

Kuzon, W.M., 2018:
Discussion: Outcomes after Phalloplasty: Do Transgender Patients and Multiple Urethral Procedures Carry a Higher Rate of Complication?

Liau, J.Y.; Lin, K.Y., 2018:
Discussion: Outpatient versus Inpatient Primary Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery: Analysis of Early Complications

Hollier, L.H., 2018:
Discussion: Pediatric Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fracture Repair: Location and Number of Fixation Sites in Growing Children

Ogawa, R.; Daya, M.; Orgill, D.P., 2018:
Discussion: Percutaneous Mesh Expansion: A Regenerative Wound Closure Alternative

Nasser, J.S.; Chung, K.C., 2018:
Discussion: Plastic Surgery Complications from Medical Tourism Treated in a U.S. Academic Medical Center

Rifkin, W.J.; Staffenberg, D.A., 2018:
Discussion: Polyethylene Ear Reconstruction: A State-of-the-Art Surgical Journey

Lalonde, D.H., 2018:
Discussion: Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting with Plastic Surgery: A Practical Advisory to Etiology, Impact, and Treatment

Sluiter, E.C.; Kuzon, W.M., 2018:
Discussion: Predictors of Patient Satisfaction and Postoperative Complications in Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty

Sinha, I.; Giatsidis, G.; Orgill, D.P., 2017:
Discussion: Protective Effect of Hydrogen Gas Inhalation on Muscular Damage Using a Mouse Hindlimb Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Model

Hong, J.Pio.; Suh, H.Peter., 2018:
Discussion: Pure Skin Perforator Flaps: The Anatomical Vascularity of the Superthin Flap

Rosendahl, A., 2018:
Discussion: Reconstruction in Relation to Therapeutic Action

Colen, L.B., 2018:
Discussion: Reconstruction of the Heel, Middle Foot Sole, and Plantar Forefoot with the Medial Plantar Artery Perforator Flap: Clinical Experience with 28 Cases

Mericli, A.F.; Butler, C.E., 2018:
Discussion: Redefining the Rectus Sheath: Implications for Abdominal Wall Repair

Bertossi, D., 2018:
Discussion: Refining Post-Orthognathic Surgery Facial Contour with Computer-Designed/Computer-Manufactured Alloplastic Implants

Engelmann, L., 2018:
Discussion regarding the lower limits for nursing staff : Not without us!

Kim, J.Y.S., 2017:
Discussion: Revisiting the Abdominal Donor Site: Introducing a Novel Nomenclature for Autologous Breast Reconstruction

Kanga-Parabia, A.; Gaff, C.; Flander, L.; Jenkins, M.; Keogh, L.A., 2018:
Discussions about predictive genetic testing for Lynch syndrome: the role of health professionals and families in decisions to decline

Kaplan, R.L.; El Khoury, C.; Lize, N., 2018:
Discussions about the health of women should include transgender women

Redett, R.J., 2018:
Discussion: Salvaging the Unavoidable: A Review of Complications in Pediatric Tissue Expansion

Phillips, B.T.; Chang, E.I., 2018:
Discussion: Secondary Surgery following Initial Replantation/Revascularization or Completion Amputation in the Hand or Digits

Toriumi, D.M., 2018:
Discussion: Septum-Based Nasal Tip Plasty: A Comparative Study between Septal Extension Graft and Double-Layered Conchal Cartilage Extension Graft

Croom, J.Halliday.; Ritchie, J.; Carmichael, J.; Macvie, S.; Simpson, A.R.; Martine, W.; Hunter, G.; Connel; Spence; Thom; Barbour, A.H.F., 1894:
Discussion-Should Antiseptic Vaginal Douching Be Made a Routine Practice in the Puerperium

Hart, B.; Barbour, A.H.F.; Buist, R.C.; Connel, J.; Macvie, S.; Ballantyne; Lucas; Simpson, A.R.; Turner, W.; Tuke, B.; Walker, N.; Thatcher; Carmichael, J.; Ritchie, J., 1895:
Discussion-Should Midwives Be Registered in Scotland?

Zuker, R.M., 2018:
Discussion: Simultaneous Reconstruction of the Lower Lip with Gracilis Functioning Free Muscle Transplantation for Facial Reanimation: Comparison of Different Techniques

Morgan, J.A.; Kormos, R.L.; Long, J.W.; Slaughter, M.S., 2018:
Discussions in Cardiothoracic Treatment and Care: Mechanical Circulatory Support Left Ventricular Assist Device Therapy for Patients With Advanced Heart Failure

Vila, I.; Brea-García, B.; Fernández-Marcos, Aán.A.; Hurtado-Ruzza, Héctor.A.; Couto-González, Ián.; Taboada-Suárez, A., 2018:
Smaller Diameter Anastomotic Coupling Devices Have Higher Rates of Venous Thrombosis in Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer

Furnas, H.J., 2018:
Discussion: Social Media and the Dissemination of Research: Insights from the Most Widely Circulated Articles in Plastic Surgery

Isaacs, D., 2018:
Discussions on limiting life-sustaining treatment for newborns

Dong, J.; Park, M.Susanto., 2018:
Discussions on the hepatic well-stirred model: Re-derivation from the dispersion model and re-analysis of the lidocaine data

Mackinnon, S.E., 2018:
Discussion: State-of-the-Art Techniques in Treating Peripheral Nerve Injury

Villanueva, N.L.; Del Vecchio, D.A.; Afrooz, P.N.; Rohrich, R.J., 2018:
Reply: Staying Safe during Gluteal Fat Transplantation

Luce, E.A., 2018:
Discussion: The Accuracy of Conflict-of-Interest Disclosures Reported by Plastic Surgeons and Industry

Markowitz, B.L., 2018:
Discussion: The Boomerang Lift: A Three-Step Compartment-Based Approach to the Youthful Cheek

Matros, E.; Disa, J.J., 2018:
Discussion: The Cost of Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy in Women with Unilateral Breast Cancer

Furnas, H.J., 2018:
Discussion: The Ethical and Professional Use of Social Media in Surgery: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Haddock, N.T.; Teotia, S.S., 2018:
Discussion: The Expanded Use of Autoaugmentation Techniques in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Hamori, C.A., 2018:
Discussion: The Impact of Labiaplasty on Sexuality

Luce, E.A.; Swanson, E., 2018:
Discussion: The Impact of Once- versus Twice-Daily Enoxaparin Prophylaxis on Risk for Venous Thromboembolism and Clinically Relevant Bleeding

Haddock, N.T.; Teotia, S.S., 2018:
Discussion: The Lateral Thigh Perforator Flap for Autologous Breast Reconstruction: A Prospective Analysis of 138 Flaps

Nayak, L.Mike.; Linkov, G., 2018:
The Role of Tranexamic Acid in Plastic Surgery: Review and Technical Considerations

Fisher, D.M., 2018:
Discussion: The Skoog Lip Repair for Unilateral Cleft Lip Deformity: The Uppsala Experience

Lee, M., 2018:
Discussion: Treatment of Breast Animation Deformity in Implant-Based Reconstruction with Selective Nerve Ablation

Susarla, S.M.; Vedder, N.B., 2017:
Discussion: Trends and Predictors of National Institutes of Health Funding to Plastic Surgery Residency Programs

Toriumi, D.M., 2018:
Discussion: Use of Roof-Shaped Costochondral Cartilage for Correction of Saddle Nose Deformity

Gilardino, M.S.; Shash, H., 2018:
Discussion: Using Black Bone Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Craniofacial Virtual Surgical Planning: A Comparative Cadaver Study

Claro, F., 2018:
Discussion: Using the BODY-Q to Understand Impact of Weight Loss, Excess Skin, and the Need for Body Contouring following Bariatric Surgery

Furnas, H.J., 2018:
Discussion: What Does the Public Think? Examining Plastic Surgery Perceptions through the Twitterverse

Fearon, J.A., 2018:
Discussion: Whole-Proteome Analysis of Human Craniosynostotic Tissue Suggests a Link between Inflammatory Signaling and Osteoclast Activation in Human Cranial Suture Patency

Susarla, S.M.; Hopper, R.A., 2018:
Discussion: Why the p Value Alone Is Not Enough: The Need for Confidence Intervals in Plastic Surgery Research

Silk, H., 2018 :
Discuss Oral Health with All Women of Child-Bearing Age

Buijsen, M.A.J.M., 2018:
Discuss the relationship between physicians and pharmacists in the context of euthanasia

Kavanaugh, A.; Singh, R.; Karki, C.; Etzel, C.J.; Kremer, J.M.; Greenberg, J.D.; Griffith, J., 2018:
Disease activity and biologic use in patients with psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

van Pelt, P.A.; Dolhain, R.J.E.M.; Kruize, A.A.; Ammerlaan, J.J.W.; Hazes, J.W.; Bijlsma, J.W.J.; Wulffraat, N.M., 2018:
Disease activity and dropout in young persons with juvenile idiopathic arthritis in transition of care: a longitudinal observational study

Duarte-García, Aí.; Romero-Díaz, J.; Juárez, S.; Cicero-Casarrubias, A.; Fragoso-Loyo, H.; Núñez-Alvarez, C.; Llorente, L.; Sánchez-Guerrero, J., 2018:
Disease activity, autoantibodies, and inflammatory molecules in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Cognitive Dysfunction

Ursin, K.; Lydersen, S.; Skomsvoll, J.Fredrik.; Wallenius, M., 2018:
Disease activity during and after pregnancy in women with axial spondyloarthritis: a prospective multicentre study

Kleerekooper, I.; van Kempen, Zé.L.E.; Leurs, C.E.; Dekker, I.; Rispens, T.; Lissenberg-Witte, B.I.; van Munster, C.E.P.; de Jong, B.A.; van Oosten, B.W.; Uitdehaag, B.M.J.; Wattjes, M.P.; Killestein, J., 2018:
Disease activity following pregnancy-related discontinuation of natalizumab in MS

Wendling, D.; Prati, Cément.; Sieper, J., 2017:
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Disease of the Heart and Vascular System

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Disease of the Lungs

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Disease of the Pancreas

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Diseases of the Heart and Circulation

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Diseases of the Intestines

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Not so 'common'

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Not so Fast

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Not So Grand Rounds

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Not Surprising: Patients Not Engaged and Not Using Public Healthcare Quality Information

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Not Taking "Yes" for an Answer

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Not There Yet: Evaluating Clinical Ethics Consultation in an Accountability Culture

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Not Thinking Clearly? Play a Game, Seriously!

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Not Throwing Baby Out with the Bathwater

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Not Too Late to Reinvigorate: How Midcareer Faculty Can Continue Growing

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Not Transferable to Outpatient Care

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Not What It Seems: Deep Tissue Infection Presenting as Cellulitis

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Not What the Textbooks Describe: Challenging Clinical Conventions About Psychosis

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Diseases Which Involve the Organ of Hearing

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Not Your Father's, or Mother's, Rodent: Moving Beyond B6

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Not Your Grandfather's Prescription Pad

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Not Your Mother's FDA

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Not Your Mother's Suburb: Remaking Communities for a More Diverse Population

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Not Your Typical Shoulder Pain in a Throwing Athlete - Softball: 681 June 1, 1: 20 PM - 1: 40 PM

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Not a Classic Classic

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Not a Humbug: the evolution of patient-centred medical decision-making

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Not a NICE way to decide

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Not a Silly Question After All?

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Not a Simple Plumbing Problem: Updating Our Understanding of Delayed Cerebral Ischemia in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

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Not a Stone Unturned

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Not a Usual Flare up of Ulcerative Colitis

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Not a cure, but a normal life

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Not a day without microRNA

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Not a myocardial infarct, no lung embolism

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Not a simple back pain

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Not a single but multiple populations of GABAergic neurons control sleep

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Not a textbook case

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Not a tragedy but a tool

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Not a typical case of bilateral knee osteoarthritis

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Not all RCTs are created equal: lessons from early AIDS trials

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Not all approved antibiotic-loaded PMMA bone cement brands are the same: ranking using the utility materials selection concept

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Not all biofluids are created equal: chewing over salivary diagnostics and the epigenome

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Not all communications with attorneys are privileged. Hamdan v. Indiana University Health North, LLC

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Not all cultural traditions deserve respect

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Not all declarative memories are created equal: Fast Mapping as a direct route to cortical declarative representations

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Not all density functionals are created equal: the case of the missing electron in the oxidized [W-W≡O](7+) core

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Not all discounts on certain cancer drugs have disappeared

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Not all disuse protocols are equal: new insight into the signalling pathways to muscle atrophy

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Not all doom and gloom

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Not all doom and gloom for child care

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Not all dopamine neurons are created equal: Functional heterogeneity of midbrain dopamine axons

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Not all droughts are created equal: the impacts of interannual drought pattern and magnitude on grassland carbon cycling

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Not all drug-induced parkinsonism are the same: the effect of drug class on motor phenotype

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Not all ductal carcinoma in situ is created equal: can we avoid surgery for low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ?

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Not all dysautonomias are created equal

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Not all elevated hormones are toxic: A case of thyroid hormone resistance

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Not all epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in lung cancer are created equal: Perspectives for individualized treatment strategy

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Not all facial swellings are angioedemas!

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Not all fats are created equal: adipose vs. ectopic fat, implication in cardiometabolic diseases

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Not all forms of collaborative care are the same

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Not all gastric masses are gastric cancer

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Not all hours are equal: could time be a social determinant of health?

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Not all inequality is created equal: Effects of status versus power hierarchies on competition for upward mobility

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Not all itches arise in the skin

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Not all jellyfish are equal: isotopic evidence for inter- and intraspecific variation in jellyfish trophic ecology

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Not all legumes are triggers

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Anonymous, 2016:
Not all mice are the same: Standardization of animal research data presentation

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Not all minds wander equally: The influence of traits, states and road environment factors on self-reported mind wandering during everyday driving

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Not all neurogenic bladders are the same: a proposal for a new neurogenic bladder classification system

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Not all non-natives are equally unequal: reductions in herbivore β-diversity depend on phylogenetic similarity to native plant community

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Not all nurses set to receive 1% pay boost amid 'targeted' rises

Bolton, K.; Carryer, J., 2000:
Not all nurses support EN comeback in New Zealand

Tasker, C., 2016:
Not all nurses supported Butler's behaviour

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Not all of Barrett's esophagus surveillance protocols are created equal: the dangers of retrospective outcome research in the treatment of Barrett's esophagus

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Not all participatory styles are created equal

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Not all patients might benefit from gastric by-pass

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Not all patients with displaced proximal humerus fractures are suitable for sling treatment

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Not all penile cancers are created equal

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Not all performance validity tests are created equal: The role of recollection and familiarity in the Test of Memory Malingering and Word Memory Test

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Not all players are equally motivated: The role of narcissism

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Not all prehospital time is equal: Influence of scene time on mortality

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Not all probiotic strains prevent necrotising enterocolitis in premature infants

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Not all right-sided hearts are the same-the importance of identifying the correct diagnosis

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Not all risks are created equal: A twin study and meta-analyses of risk taking across seven domains

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Not all romantic characters fit the stereotype

Basu, T., 2016:
Not all screen time is a no-no for infants

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Not all secondary bone tumours are secondaries. Concurrent metastatic breast carcinoma and chondrosarcoma of the femur

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Not all space is created equal: distribution of free space and its influence on heat-stress and the limpet Patelloida latistrigata

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Not all sternotomies indicate previous coronary artery bypass grafting surgery

Branch, W.T.; Frankel, R., 2017:
Not all stories of professional identity formation are equal: An analysis of formation narratives of highly humanistic physicians

Choppen, M., 1997:
Not all students are unhappy

Sutton, L-Ann.; Rosenquist, R., 2018:
Not all subclones matter in CLL

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Not all summary statistics are made equal: Evidence from extracting summaries across time

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Not all that glitters is gold-Electron microscopy study on uptake of gold nanoparticles in Daphnia magna and related artifacts

Pasque, M.K., 2016:
Not all that hibernates necessarily wakes up

Pitchappan, R.M., 2017:
Not all the infected develop the disease - A "Lotus and Cactus" model

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Not all the number of skeletal muscle fibers is determined prenatally

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Not all thromboembolism comes from the left atrial appendage in atrial fibrillation

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Not all total joint replacement patients are created equal: preoperative factors and length of stay in hospital

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Not all ultrasounds are created equal: general sonography versus musculoskeletal sonography in the detection of rotator cuff tears

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Not all unexplained hypoxia is pulmonary embolism

Cullen, M.J.; Konia, M.R.; Borman-Shoap, E.C.; Braman, J.P.; Tiryaki, E.; Marcus-Blank, B.; Andrews, J.S., 2016:
Not all unprofessional behaviors are equal: The creation of a checklist of bad behaviors

Mayor, S., 2015:
Not all women with dense breasts need further imaging after normal mammogram, study shows

Chaïbi, K.; Chaussard, Mïté.; Soussi, S.; Lafaurie, M.; Legrand, M., 2016:
Not all β-lactams are equal regarding neurotoxicity

Ilfeld, B.M.; Turan, A.; Ball, S.T., 2015:
Not all "continuous femoral nerve blocks" are equivalent

Buechner, V.L.; Maier, M.A., 2016:
Not always a matter of context: direct effects of red on arousal but context-dependent moderations on valence

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Not always asthma: clinical and legal consequences of delayed diagnosis of laryngotracheal stenosis

Stiefelhagen, P., 2016:
Not always must a surgeon be called immediately

Chesnut, K.Y.; Barragan, M.; Gravel, J.; Pifer, N.A.; Reiter, K.; Sherman, N.; Tita, G.E., 2016:
Not an 'iron pipeline', but many capillaries: regulating passive transactions in Los Angeles' secondary, illegal gun market

Bradley, C.; Perchet, C.; Lelekov-Boissard, Tïssia.; Magnin, M.; Garcia-Larrea, L., 2016:
Not an Aspirin: No Evidence for Acute Anti-Nociception to Laser-Evoked Pain After Motor Cortex rTMS in Healthy Humans

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Not another boring lecture: engaging learners with active learning techniques

Nuyt, A.Monique.; Thébaud, B., 2016:
Not another steroid trial: early low-dose hydrocortisone in preterm infants

Gustafson, N.A.; Gandolfi, B.; Lyons, L.A., 2016:
Not another type of potato: MC1R and the russet coloration of Burmese cats

Bray, H.J.; Zambrano, S.C.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Ankeny, R.A., 2016:
Not appropriate dinner table conversation? Talking to children about meat production

Schlüter, P., 2016:
Not arbitrarily interpreting GOÄ

Khalatbari-Soltani, S.; Marques-Vidal, P., 2016:
Not as bad as you think: a comparison of the nutrient content of best price and brand name food products in Switzerland

Planas, E.; Zobel-Thropp, P.A.; Ribera, C.; Binford, G., 2015:
Not as docile as it looks? Loxosceles venom variation and loxoscelism in the Mediterranean Basin and the Canary Islands

Manyanga, T.; Sellers, E.A.C.; Wicklow, B.A.; Doupe, M.; Fransoo, R., 2016:
Not as skinny as we used to think: Body mass index in children and adolescents at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes mellitus

Monaghan, K.; Harris, M., 2016:
Not at Imminent Risk. A Systematic Literature Review

Stock, J., 2018:
Not at LDL cholesterol goal? Consider statin responsiveness

Zhang, M-Jian., 2018:
Disease-syndrome combination in integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in andrology: Confusions and countermeasures in studies

Byron, L.; Sheila, G.; Cathy, G., 1997:
Not beaten

Crossley, N., 2004:
Not being mentally ill

Jones, M.; Rodriguez, Y.; Patel, S.; Gozansky, E.; Soman, P., 2018:
Not black or white, but brown: A common finding explained!

Pietraszewski, D.; Shaw, A., 2016:
Not by strength alone : children's conflict expectations follow the logic of the asymmetric war of attrition

Wallin, D.; Kienstra, A.J., 2017:
Not by the Red on My Chinny Chin Chin: A Case of Mandibular Osteomyelitis in a 5-Year-Old Girl

Lowell, G.; Quinlan, K., 2017:
Not child's play: National estimates of microwave-related burn injuries among young children

Reyes Villatoro, M.Abigaíl., 2016:
Not compacted myocardium debuting clinically with heart failure

Garcia, H.H., 2016:
Not cysticercosis

Jobe, S.M., 2016 :
Not dead yet

Baer, A.; Wheeler, J.K.; Pittermann, J., 2016:
Not dead yet: the seasonal water relations of two perennial ferns during California's exceptional drought

Szuflita, N.S., 2016:
Not done yet: searching for the limits of patient ownership as a medical student

Park, J.In.; Kim, M.; Kim, H.; An, J.Nam.; Lee, J.; Yang, S.Hee.; Cho, J-Hee.; Kim, Y-Lim.; Park, K-Soo.; Oh, Y.Kyu.; Lim, C.Soo.; Kim, D.Ki.; Kim, Y.Su.; Lee, J.Pyo., 2015:
Not early referral but planned dialysis improves quality of life and depression in newly diagnosed end stage renal disease patients: a prospective cohort study in Korea

Solnica, B., 2017:
Not easy to become a tumor marker

Sommer, V.; Lowe, A.; Dietrich, T., 2017:
Not eating like a pig: European wild boar wash their food

Eich, C., 2016:
Not either/or: both!

Menezes, J., 2015:
Not endangered, but evolving

Anonymous, 1987:
Not enough painful reports

Caplan, A.L., 2015:
Not enough primary-care doctors? Try Missouri's prescription

Powell, C.V.E., 2016:
Not enough salt in maintenance fluids!

Harding, K.E.; Porter, J.; Horne-Thompson, A.; Donley, E.; Taylor, N.F., 2015:
Not enough time or a low priority? Barriers to evidence-based practice for allied health clinicians

Portale, G.; De Vito, M.; Morabito, A.; Zuccaro, M.; Fiscon, V., 2017:
Not ery small bowel submucosal mass is a GIST A rare case of small bowel schwannoma

Zhao, H.H.; Seibert, S.E.; Taylor, M.Susan.; Lee, C.; Lam, W., 2016:
Not even the past: The joint influence of former leader and new leader during leader succession in the midst of organizational change

Klimmer, M.M., 2016:
Not ever have I seen so many damaged feet from walking

Feuerstein, J.D.; Yee, E.U.; Pleskow, D., 2015:
Not every ampullary mass is deadly

Kentin, Z.H.A.; Dautzenberg, P.L.J.; Boelens, H.M.; de Rooij, S.E.J.A.; van Munster, B.C., 2018:
Not every delirium protocol in Dutch hospitals is up-to-date: evaluation of the implementation of the new delirium guideline

Baddini-Martinez, Jé., 2017:
Not every irreversible airflow obstruction is COPD

Opel, D.; Kramer, O.N.; Chevalier, M.; Bigby, M.; Albrecht, J., 2016:
Not every patient needs a triglyceride check, but all can get pancreatitis: a systematic review and clinical characterization of isotretinoin-associated pancreatitis

Bahna, S.L., 2016:
Not every seafood "allergy" is allergy!

Mbong, E.Ngole.; Sume, G.Etapelong.; Danbe, F.; Kum, W.Kang.; Mbi, V.Oben.; Fouda, Aé.Arsène.Bita.; Atem, P., 2016:
Not every worm wrapped around a stick is a guinea worm: a case of Onchocerca volvulus mimicking Dracunculus medinensis

Birmingham, M.Harrison., 1995:
Not everyone had access to congress

Plant, F., 1999:
Not everyone has an horrific start to their career

Crosby, K.E., 1995:
Not everyone shuns P2000 students

Anonymous, 2018:
Disease the Monitor

Tokodi, Ián., 2015:
Not everything is coeliac disease what it seems

Valentin, A., 2016:
Not everything possible will benefit a patient

Slagt, C., 2016:
Not everything that can be done should be done

Ritzenthaler, T.; Laurencin, Cé.; André Obadia, N.; Bodonian, C.; Dailler, Fédéric., 2016:
Not everything that shakes is a seizure… Role of continuous EEG in the intensive care unit

Hébert, M.; Gallagher, F.; St-Cyr Tribble, D., 2017:
Not feeling sick from breast cancer: A framework on health status perceptions transition process

Litvinov, R.I.; Weisel, J.W., 2016:
Not fibrin(ogen), but fibrinogen or fibrin

Satalkar, P.; Shaw, D., 2015:
Not fit for purpose: the ethical guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research

Pham, M.Hien.; Dauzonne, D.; Chabot, G.G., 2016:
Not flavone-8-acetic acid (FAA) but its murine metabolite 6-OH-FAA exhibits remarkable antivascular activities in vitro

Joffe, D.C.; Jones, T.K.; Reisman, M.; Perpetua, E.; Law, Y.; Schuler, A.; Mackensen, G.Burkhard., 2017:
Not for adults only: MitraClip use in a paediatric patient

Blitz, D.A.; Mallen, J.R.; Kwiatkowski, T.G.; Rabin, J.M.; Dlugacz, Y.D.; Silverman, R.A., 2015:
Not for industry only: medical students and office-based academic detailing the PIVOT (Pregnant women Influenza Vaccine Optimization Team) initiative

Moore, A., 2001:
Not for love nor money

Shinto, A.S., 2015:
Not for the Last Time that I do Something for the First Time: A Time to Padhy!

Gannon, S., 2000:
Not for the faint-hearted

Weintraub, A.Cecilia.Andrade.de.Moraes.; Garcia, M.Gaspar.; Birri, E.; Severy, N.; Ferir, M-Christine.; Ali, E.; Tayler-Smith, K.; Nadera, D.Palmera.; Van Ommeren, M., 2017:
Not forgetting severe mental disorders in humanitarian emergencies: a descriptive study from the Philippines

Johnson, S.Ross., 2016:
Not getting easier. Limited supply of primary-care docs sparks competition among healthcare providers

Winhusen, T., 2015:
Not getting lost in translational science: A tool for navigating the pre-implementation phase of multi-site pharmacological clinical trials

Letsch, H.; Gottsberger, B.; Ware, J.L., 2016:
Not going with the flow: a comprehensive time-calibrated phylogeny of dragonflies (Anisoptera: Odonata: Insecta) provides evidence for the role of lentic habitats on diversification

Döring, Y., 2015:
Not growth but death: GM-CSF/IL-23 axis drives atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability by enhancing macrophage and DC apoptosis

Bates, J., 2010:
Not guilty

Hvistendahl, M., 2015:
Not guilty as charged

Liss, M.; Erchull, M.J., 2016:
Not hating what you see: Self-compassion may protect against negative mental health variables connected to self-objectification in college women

Gupta, S.; Sinha, A., 2016:
Not here, there! Possible referential gesturing during allogrooming by wild bonnet macaques, Macaca radiata

Schumacher, B.; Jörres, R., 2016:
Not holding the laser printer responsible for all ills

Coates, R.; de Visser, R.; Ayers, S., 2016:
Not identifying with postnatal depression: a qualitative study of women's postnatal symptoms of distress and need for support

Baggio, Séphanie.; Iglesias, K.; Deline, Séphane.; Studer, J.; Henchoz, Y.; Mohler-Kuo, M.; Gmel, G., 2016:
Not in Education, Employment, or Training status among young Swiss men. Longitudinal associations with mental health and substance use

Furr-Holden, C.Debra.M.; Milam, A.J.; Nesoff, E.D.; Johnson, R.M.; Fakunle, D.O.; Jennings, J.M.; Thorpe, R.J., 2016:
Not in My Back Yard: A Comparative Analysis of Crime Around Publicly Funded Drug Treatment Centers, Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, and Corner Stores in One Mid-Atlantic City

McCullough, A.R.; Rathbone, J.; Parekh, S.; Hoffmann, T.C.; Del Mar, C.B., 2016:
Not in my backyard: a systematic review of clinicians' knowledge and beliefs about antibiotic resistance

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Not in my backyard: effectiveness of outdoor residual spraying from hand-held sprayers against the mosquito Aedes albopictus in Rome, Italy

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Not in the mood? Men under- (not over-) perceive their partner's sexual desire in established intimate relationships

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Not in the vein: 'missed hits', subcutaneous and intramuscular injections and associated harms among people who inject psychoactive drugs in Bristol, United Kingdom

Dibi, A.; Jabourik, F.; Bentahila, A., 2017:
Not isolated ventricular compaction in an infant

Hubinette, M.; Dobson, S.; Regehr, G., 2016:
Not just 'for' but 'with': health advocacy as a partnership process

Ukaigwe, A.C.; Gilchrist, I.C., 2016:
Not just a FREAK finding, but perhaps an important insight

Maloof, M., 2016:
Not just a buzzword. Engaging your patients has many benefits, including ROI

Kanburoglu, M.Kenan., 2017:
Not just a capillary hemangioma

Ge, L.; Lowe, P., 2016:
Not just a cosmetic problem: facial papules in Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome

Kilpatrick, S.; King, T.J.; Willis, K., 2016:
Not just a fisherman's wife: Women's contribution to health and wellbeing in commercial fishing

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Not just a matter of size: a hospital-level risk factor analysis of MRSA bacteraemia in Scotland

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Not just a number: effect of age on fertility, pregnancy and offspring vigour in thoroughbred brood-mares

Peters, M.D.J., 2016:
Not just a phase: JBI systematic review protocols

Saunders, B.M., 1991:
Not just a servant

Wang, Z., 2015:
Not just a sponge: new functions of circular RNAs discovered

Servedio, M.R.; Brandvain, Y.; Dhole, S.; Fitzpatrick, C.L.; Goldberg, E.E.; Stern, C.A.; Van Cleve, J.; Yeh, D.Justin., 2015:
Not just a theory--the utility of mathematical models in evolutionary biology

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Not just an antibiotic target: Exploring the role of type I signal peptidase in bacterial virulence

Layzell, J., 2003:
Not just an exciting area but an important one too

Takhar, A.S.; Simmons, A.; Ffolkes, L.; Hyde, N., 2015:
Not just another paediatric neck lump: metastatic cribriform adenocarcinoma of the palate in an adolescent

Payne, D., 2017:
Not just another rash: management of incontinence-associated dermatitis

Vassallo, E.; Azzopardi, C.; Grech, R., 2016:
Not just another thunderclap headache: a case of isolated cortical vein thrombosis and subarachnoid haemorrhage

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Not just black and white: peer victimization and the intersectionality of school diversity and race

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Not just chlorthalidone: evidence-based, single tablet, diuretic alternatives to hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension

Duffin, C., 2012:
Not just fooling around: how play can help young patients overcome their fears

Bielinsky, A-Katrin.; Leung, W., 2017:
Not just for coding: a new role for histone tails in replication enzyme activation

Lepeltier, E.Anne.; Nuhn, L.; Lehr, C-Michael.; Zentel, R., 2016:
Not just for tumor targeting: unmet medical needs and opportunities for nanomedicine

Patrick, K., 2016:
Not just justice: inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women needs public health input from the start

Peled, J.U.; Jenq, R.R., 2016:
Not just leukemia: CMV may protect against lymphoma recurrence after allogeneic transplant

Rea, T.D., 2016:
Not just lip service: The lifesaving role of telephone CPR

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Not just little adults: a review of 102 paediatric ethics consultations

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Not just loading and age: the dynamics of osteoarthritis, obesity and inflammation

Maroyi, A., 2015:
Not just minor wild edible forest products: consumption of pteridophytes in sub-Saharan Africa

Rodney, G.; Raju, P.K.B.C.; Ball, D.R., 2015:
Not just monitoring; a strategy for managing neuromuscular blockade

Pate, D.Allen.; Shimizu, I., 2015:
Not just nail polish: inexpensive reusable model for practicing nail procedures

Dandelooy, J.; van Hal, P.T.W.; Even, P.; Lechkar, B.; Siozopoulou, V.; Lambert, J.; Aerts, O., 2017:
Not just ordinary hand dermatitis: mechanic's hands revealing dermatomyositis

Mortensen, E.M., 2016:
Not just pathophysiology...

Kiyatkin, E.A.; Sharma, H.S., 2015:
Not just the brain: methamphetamine disrupts blood-spinal cord barrier and induces acute glial activation and structural damage of spinal cord cells

Díez-Delhoyo, F.; Sanz-Ruiz, R.; Casado-Plasencia, A.; Rivera-Juárez, A.; Gutiérrez-Ibañes, E.; Sarnago-Cebada, F.; Vázquez-Álvarez, Mía.Eugenia.; Clavero-Olmos, M.; Elízaga, J.; Fernández-Avilés, F., 2017:
Not just thrombi occlude coronary arteries in Behçet's disease: A case of spontaneous coronary artery dissection

Gould, B.H.; Brodie, L.; Carver, F.; Logan, P., 2016:
Not just ticking all the boxes. Problem based learning and mental health nursing. A review

Fisher, S.; Spiegelman, S., 2016:
Not just "a clever way to detect whether DNA really made RNA": The invention of DNA-RNA hybridization and its outcome

Trimmer, E.; McDonald, S.; Rushby, J.Ann., 2016:
Not knowing what I feel: Emotional empathy in autism spectrum disorders

He, Q-Qiao.; Wu, J-Jia.; Ji, T.; Tao, Y.; Mace, R., 2016:
Not leaving home: grandmothers and male dispersal in a duolocal human society

Phipps, P., 2016:
Not letting lymphoedema get the better of me

Kacenelenbogen, N.; Dramaix-Wilmet, Mèle.; Schetgen, M.; Roland, M., 2015:
Not living with both parents is associated with more health- and developmental problems in infants aged 7 to 11 months: a cross sectional study

White, D.; Burton, A.L.; Kemp, R.I., 2016:
Not looking yourself: The cost of self-selecting photographs for identity verification

Barton, M., 2017:
Not lost in translation: Emerging clinical importance of the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor GPER

Monte, E.; Lopez, R.; Vondriska, T.M., 2016:
Not low hanging but still sweet: Metabolic proteomes in cardiovascular disease

Baines, E., 1995:
Not mentor be?

Keller, C.; Hartmann, C., 2016:
Not merely a question of self-control: The longitudinal effects of overeating behaviors, diet quality and physical activity on dieters' perceived diet success

Solomon, D.A., 2015:
Not my place?

Yudasaka, M.; Zhang, M.; Matsumura, S.; Yuge, R.; Ichihashi, T.; Irie, H.; Shiba, K.; Iijima, S., 2016:
Not nanocarbon but dispersant induced abnormality in lysosome in macrophages in vivo

Wolfe, B., 1995:
Not necessarily on first name terms

Goel, A., 2015:
Not neural deformation or compression but instability is the cause of symptoms in degenerative spinal disease

Roksandic, M.; Alarie, K.; Rodríguez Suárez, R.; Huebner, E.; Roksandic, I., 2016:
Not of African Descent: Dental Modification among Indigenous Caribbean People from Canímar Abajo, Cuba

Zimmermann, G.W., 2016:
Not omitting the fee in prevention

Adashek, J., 2017:
Not on the First Date

Tran, M.; Forst, L.; Buchanan, S., 2016:
Not on the Radar: Active Commuting as a Workplace Wellness Issue

Anonymous, 2015:
Not one Michigan nurse. MNA demands top Ebola protection for nurses, seeks state standard

Marcucci, G.; Li, L., 2016:
Not only TKI! Targeting FLT3-ITD by autophagy

Trautmann, M.; Wendel, V.; Prinz, D.; Primmel, B.; Willging, G.; Nagorsen, E.; Suckert, A.; Gehm, S.; Brandt, M.; Ballay, P.; Godde, B., 2016:
Not only age but also tactile perception influences the preference for cosmetic creams applied to the forearm

Perdziak, M.; Witkowska, D.K.; Gryncewicz, W.; Ober, J.K., 2017:
Not only amblyopic but also dominant eye in subjects with strabismus show increased saccadic latency

Rosvailer, M.Schulze.Cosechen.; Carvalho, Vânia.Oliveira.; Robl, R.; Uber, M.; Abagge, K.Taniguchi.; Marinoni, L.Parolin., 2016:
Not only athlete's foot survives in feet

Milisenda, Jé.C.; Pujol, T.; Grau, J.M., 2016:
Not only bright tongue sign in Pompe disease

Juszczak, K., 2015:
Not only diabetic polyneuropathy but also interstitial cells of Cajal dysfunction is a potential mechanism for diabetic cystopathy

Fukagawa, M., 2016:
Not only for the risk of bone fracture

Nossent, J.C., 2015:
Not only monoclonal antibodies..

Song, J.; Hou, X.; Hu, X.; Lu, C.; Liu, C.; Wang, J.; Liu, W.; Teng, L.; Wang, D., 2016:
Not only serotonergic system, but also dopaminergic system involved in albiflorin against chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced depression-like behavior in rats

Musy, S.N.; Maquer, G.; Panyasantisuk, J.; Wandel, J.; Zysset, P.K., 2016:
Not only stiffness, but also yield strength of the trabecular structure determined by non-linear µFE is best predicted by bone volume fraction and fabric tensor

Llewellyn, S.; Hobson, J.Allan., 2016:
Not only … but also: REM sleep creates and NREM Stage 2 instantiates landmark junctions in cortical memory networks

Steyning, V.Smith., 2005:
Not our job to ration care

Saraya, T.; Fujiwara, M.; Shimura, C.; Goto, H., 2016:
Not paraneoplastic pemphigus but pemphigus vulgaris in a patient with thymoma

Cox, F.; Newsham, K.K.; Bol, R.; Dungait, J.A.J.; Robinson, C.H., 2016:
Not poles apart: Antarctic soil fungal communities show similarities to those of the distant Arctic

Crichton-Browne, J., 1911:
Disease, the Voluntary Hospitals, and Mr. Lloyd George

Lax, M., 2016:
Not quite a win-win: the corporate agenda of the stay at work/return to work project

Schnuerch, R.; Kreitz, C.; Gibbons, H.; Memmert, D., 2016:
Not quite so blind: Semantic processing despite inattentional blindness

Hesseg, R.Maaravi.; Gal, C.; Karni, A., 2016 :
Not quite there: skill consolidation in training by doing or observing

Handoll, H.Hg., 2016:
Not quite what was planned: accommodating the reality of clinical practice in Cochrane Reviews

Harrison, J.D.; Greysen, R.S.; Jacolbia, R.; Nguyen, A.; Auerbach, A.D., 2018:
Not ready, not set…discharge: Patient-reported barriers to discharge readiness at an academic medical center

Wong, V.Wai-Sun.; Chalasani, N., 2018:
Not routine screening, but vigilance for chronic liver disease in patients with type 2 diabetes

Bjorkman, P.J., 2016:
Not second class: the first class II MHC crystal structure

Teixeira, A.Sofia.; Monteiro, P.T.; Carriço, Jão.A.; Ramirez, Mário.; Francisco, A.P., 2016:
Not seeing the forest for the trees: size of the minimum spanning trees (MSTs) forest and branch significance in MST-based phylogenetic analysis

Andrews, J., 1993:
Not selling nursing down the river

Dalbo, V.J.; Czerepusko, J.B.; Tucker, P.S.; Kingsley, M.I.; Moon, J.R.; Young, K.; Scanlan, A.T., 2016:
Not sending the message: A low prevalence of strength-based exercise participation in rural and regional Central Queensland

Rosenstreich, E.; Ruderman, L., 2018:
Not sensitive, yet less biased: A signal detection theory perspective on mindfulness, attention, and recognition memory

Ozeki, N.; Muneta, T.; Koga, H.; Nakagawa, Y.; Mizuno, M.; Tsuji, K.; Mabuchi, Y.; Akazawa, C.; Kobayashi, E.; Matsumoto, K.; Futamura, K.; Saito, T.; Sekiya, I., 2018:
Not single but periodic injections of synovial mesenchymal stem cells maintain viable cells in knees and inhibit osteoarthritis progression in rats

Gwata, D., 2017:
Not so 'hard to reach'

Garg, S.; Lipson, A., 2016:
Not So Classic: An Unusual Presentation of a Rare Disease

Ward, S.A.; Rubin, J.B., 2015:
Not so Fast: Co-Requirements for Sonic Hedgehog Induced Brain Tumorigenesis

Loveday, R., 1998:
Not so NICE for most researchers

Swithers, S.E., 2015:
Not so Sweet Revenge: Unanticipated Consequences of High-Intensity Sweeteners

Naville, M.; Warren, I.A.; Haftek-Terreau, Z.; Chalopin, D.; Brunet, F.; Levin, P.; Galiana, D.; Volff, J-N., 2017:
Not so bad after all: retroviruses and long terminal repeat retrotransposons as a source of new genes in vertebrates

Jaquiss, R.D.B., 2016:
Not so bad … but not as good as we would like

Schlund, M.W.; Brewer, A.T.; Richman, D.M.; Magee, S.K.; Dymond, S., 2015:
Not so bad: avoidance and aversive discounting modulate threat appraisal in anterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortex

Hanley, D.; Grim, Táš.; Cassey, P.; Hauber, M.E., 2016:
Not so colourful after all: eggshell pigments constrain avian eggshell colour space

Frey, J.Natascha.; Ruhnau, P.; Weisz, N., 2016:
Not so different after all: The same oscillatory processes support different types of attention

Mogensen, C.; Miller, L.M.; Roodenrys, S., 2015:
Not so fast! Talker variability in serial recall at standard presentation rates

Simmers, T.A.; Alings, A.M.W., 2006:
Not so fast.

Dan, T.D.; Simone, N.L., 2016:
Not so fast: dietary restriction improves chemotherapy-related toxicity

Cavanagh, M., 1998:
Not so healthy for nurses

Reid, R., 1994:
Not so innocent bystander

Flynn, J.M., 2015:
Not so innocent bystanders

Jara-Ettinger, J.; Tenenbaum, J.B.; Schulz, L.E., 2016:
Not so innocent: toddlers' inferences about costs and culpability

Farrell, A.Maree.; Brazier, M., 2016:
Not so new directions in the law of consent? Examining Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board

Ferro, A.; Basyuni, S.; Santhanam, V., 2016:
Not so silent sinus syndrome: A case report

Brodin-Sartorius, A.; Timsit, M-Olivier.; Correas, J-Michel.; Joly, D.; Bollee, G., 2010:
Not so simple renal cysts

Almada, F.; Levy, Aé.; Robalo, J.I., 2016:
Not so sluggish: the success of the Felimare picta complex (Gastropoda, Nudibranchia) crossing Atlantic biogeographic barriers

Pories, W.J., 2016:
Not so spectacular

van Dijen, J.M.E.; Boersma, L.V.A.; Hartingsveldt, P.W.; Wever, E.F.D., 2004:
Not so usual

Nielsen, M., 2016:
Not solid evidence for induction of labour with misoprostol

Edwards, A.M.J.; Ledesma-Aguilar, R.; Newton, M.I.; Brown, C.V.; McHale, G., 2018:
Not spreading in reverse: The dewetting of a liquid film into a single drop

Clayton, J., 1991:
Not stranded on the breach

O'Connell, A.; Greene, C.M., 2016:
Not strange but not true: self-reported interest in a topic increases false memory

Kotzampassi, K.; Eleftheriadis, E., 2017:
Not stretch, just fill

Baker, M.; Wessely, S.; Openshaw, D., 2017:
Not such friendly banter? GPs and psychiatrists against the systematic denigration of their specialties

Anonymous, 2011:
Not such fun

Bretton, L., 2016 :
Not sweet enough: Hypoglycaemia in children

Lee, H.Seung.; Betts, S.; Anderson, J.R., 2016:
Not taking the easy road: When similarity hurts learning

Ligon, R.Allen.; Petit, C.J., 2016:
Not that atretic: Use of an atretic femoral vein for transcatheter pulmonary valve implantation

Ouakrim, R.; Berrada, M.Saleh., 2016:
Not that common workplace injury

Rosell, A.McConkie.; Pena, L.D.M.; Schoch, K.; Spillmann, R.; Sullivan, J.; Hooper, S.R.; Jiang, Y-Hui.; Mathey-Andrews, N.; Goldstein, D.B.; Shashi, V., 2017:
Not the End of the Odyssey: Parental Perceptions of Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) in Pediatric Undiagnosed Disorders

Bernstein, J., 2015:
Not the Last Word: Choosing Wisely

Bernstein, J., 2015:
Not the Last Word: Codman Was Right--Spread The Word

Bernstein, J., 2016:
Not the Last Word: Ending The Residency Application Arms Race-Starting with the USMLE

Bernstein, J., 2016:
Not the Last Word: Fibromyalgia is Real

Bernstein, J., 2015:
Not the Last Word: Geriatric Hip Fracture Centers: The Time Has Come

Bernstein, J., 2017:
Not the Last Word: Inigo Montoya and Statistical Significance

Bernstein, J., 2017:
Not the Last Word: Learned Helplessness and Medicare's Bungled Bundled Payment Program

Bernstein, J., 2016:
Not the Last Word: Morbidity and Mortality Conference: Theater of Education

Bernstein, J., 2016:
Not the Last Word: Safety Alert: One in 200 Knee Replacement Patients Die Within 90 Days of Surgery

Bernstein, J., 2017:
Not the Last Word: Two Patients, Two Operating Rooms, One Surgeon-Does The Math Add Up?

Shamai, M.; Amir, Y., 2015:
Not the Promised Land: African Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel

Razonable, R.R., 2016:
Not the Usual Viral Suspects: Parvovirus B19, West Nile Virus, and Human T-Cell Lymphotrophic Virus Infections After Kidney Transplantation

Bernstein, J., 2016:
Not the last word: arthrostasis

Bernstein, J.; Dunn, E.W.; Horwitz, D.Scott., 2015:
Not the last word: orthopaedic surgery is lucrative (but evidently not lucrative enough)

Bernstein, J., 2015:
Not the last word: specialization and its discontents

Lindgren, K.P.; Ramirez, J.J.; Olin, C.C.; Neighbors, C., 2017:
Not the same old thing: Establishing the unique contribution of drinking identity as a predictor of alcohol consumption and problems over time

Pope, L.C.; Liggins, L.; Keyse, J.; Carvalho, S.B.; Riginos, C., 2015:
Not the time or the place: the missing spatio-temporal link in publicly available genetic data

Ahn, R.S., 2017:
Not the usual suspect: a case of basal cell naevus syndrome caused by a SMO mutation alone

Xu, L.; Flattery, D.; McCabe, R., 2015:
Not the usual suspect: a case of erythema induration of Bazin in an urban primary care clinic

Potter, N.L., 2016:
Not there yet: the classification of communication in cerebral palsy

Andjelić, S.; Savić, S., 2016:
Not to Declare Dead Someone Still Alive - Case Reports

Sinniah, D., 2016:
Not to attend a pharmaceutical company function is a moral not an ethical decision

Elkawafi, M.; Rajagopalan, S., 2016:
Not to be Missed

Lüthi, U., 2016:
Not to be confused with democracy

Kerns, C.M.; Kendall, P.C.; Zickgraf, H.; Franklin, M.E.; Miller, J.; Herrington, J., 2015:
Not to be overshadowed or overlooked: functional impairments associated with comorbid anxiety disorders in youth with ASD

Davies, G., 1993:
Not to be taken for granted

Tranche Iparraguirre, S.; Marzo Castillejo, Mè., 2017:
Not to do

Arora, A.; Bansal, K.; Sureka, B.; Patidar, Y., 2016:
Not to forget portal cavernoma cholangiopathy: the great mimicker!

Mulinari, S., 2015:
Not too late for reform

Bielicki, J.A.; Barker, C.I.S.; Saxena, S.; Wong, I.C.K.; Long, P.F.; Sharland, M., 2016:
Not too little, not too much: problems of selecting oral antibiotic dose for children

Khalifeh, A.; Berghella, V., 2017:
Not transabdominal!

Roberts, A., 1987:
Not trivial

Hann, A.; Frawley, A.; Spedding, G., 2016:
Not very NICE: deviance, stigma and nutritional guidelines related to healthy weight and obesity

Katsuyama, H.; Kawaguchi, A.; Yanai, H., 2015:
Not visceral fat area but the ratio of visceral to subcutaneous fat area is significantly correlated with the marker for atherosclerosis in obese subjects

Gooch, J.; Kent, 1998:
Not waiving but drowning in paper

Ramphul, M.; Chawla, K., 2016:
Not walking? An uncommon spinal pathology

Turner, I.; Chairman; Ursell, F., 2010 :
Not weather beaten

Peso, M.; Curran, E.; Backwell, P.R.Y., 2016:
Not what it looks like: mate-searching behaviour, mate preferences and clutch production in wandering and territory-holding female fiddler crabs

Elsden, L., 2017:
Not what the doctor ordered

de Grey, A.D.N.J., 2016:
Not whether but when, and what that means for why: the disastrous mathematical myopia of those who should know better

Devillé, Cédric.; Narring, Fçoise., 2016:
Not without my family! The importance of the entourage in primary care medicine with youth

Campainha, S.; Nogueira, C.; Costa, F.; Sanches, A.; Neves, S., 2017:
Not yet known side effects of pirfenidone in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

Bixo, M.; Lindén Hirschberg, A., 2015:
Not yet shown that estradiol and "natural" progesterone is safe. Evidence lacking for breast and endometrial protection

Seashore, J.; Epelbaum, O., 2016:
Not your 'garden variety' atelectasis

Howell, J.L.; Ratliff, K.A., 2016:
Not your average bigot: The better-than-average effect and defensive responding to Implicit Association Test feedback

Hiensch, R.J.; Meinhof, K.T.; Beasley, M.B.; Reddy, R.; Flores, R.M.; Epelbaum, O., 2017:
Not your average filling defect

Wightman, R.Sarah.; Hoffman, R.S.; Howland, M.Ann.; Rice, B.; Biary, R.; Lugassy, D., 2017:
Not your regular high: cardiac dysrhythmias caused by loperamide

Karcich, J.S.; Parcells, A.L.; Datiashvili, R.O., 2015:
Not your typical angioma

Damme, K.Van., 2017:
Not "Alona" monacantha Sars, 1901, but Coronatella hardingi (Brehm, 1957) Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Cladocera) in the Afrotropics

Sardelis, S.; Drew, J.A., 2016:
Not "Pulling up the Ladder": Women Who Organize Conference Symposia Provide Greater Opportunities for Women to Speak at Conservation Conferences

Ganeshan, R.Marappa.; Bakr, A.Ibrahim., 2017:
Not "just" a shoulder dislocation

Goethert, H.K.; Telford, S.R., 2015:
Not "out of Nantucket": Babesia microti in southern New England comprises at least two major populations

Davis, M.M., 2016:
Not-So-Negative Selection

Nakra, P.; Nakra, S., 2017:
Not-for-profit hospitals and Affordable Care Act: Navigating the new health care landscape

Slater, G.J., 2015:
Not-so-early bursts and the dynamic nature of morphological diversification

Huang, D.; Lundgard, K.; Kolber, M.R., 2017:
Not-so-free testing for cell-free DNA

Swithers, S.E., 2016 :
Not-so-healthy sugar substitutes?

Meyer, C.R., 2015:
Not-so-private practice

Heyes, C.; Pearce, J.M., 2016:
Not-so-social learning strategies

Preissler, S.; Reuther, J.; Koch, M.; Scior, A.; Bruderek, M.; Frickey, T.; Deuerling, E., 2015:
Not4-dependent translational repression is important for cellular protein homeostasis in yeast

Kassem, S.; Villanyi, Z.; Collart, M.A., 2016:
Not5-dependent co-translational assembly of Ada2 and Spt20 is essential for functional integrity of SAGA

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Notable Aspects of Glycan-Protein Interactions

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