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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58436

Chapter 58436 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bruns, D.R.; Drake, J.C.; Biela, L.M.; Peelor, F.F.; Miller, B.F.; Hamilton, K.L., 2016:
Nrf2 Signaling and the Slowed Aging Phenotype: Evidence from Long-Lived Models

Bendavit, G.; Aboulkassim, T.; Hilmi, K.; Shah, S.; Batist, G., 2016:

Jiang, S.; Deng, C.; Lv, J.; Fan, C.; Hu, W.; Di, S.; Yan, X.; Ma, Z.; Liang, Z.; Yang, Y., 2016:
Nrf2 Weaves an Elaborate Network of Neuroprotection Against Stroke

Nishimoto, S.; Suzuki, T.; Koike, S.; Yuan, B.; Takagi, N.; Ogasawara, Y., 2017:
Nrf2 activation ameliorates cytotoxic effects of arsenic trioxide in acute promyelocytic leukemia cells through increased glutathione levels and arsenic efflux from cells

Natsch, A.; Emter, R., 2016:
Nrf2 activation as a key event triggered by skin sensitisers: The development of the stable KeratinoSens reporter gene assay

Bocci, V.; Valacchi, G., 2015:
Nrf2 activation as target to implement therapeutic treatments

Kanzaki, H.; Shinohara, F.; Itohiya-Kasuya, K.; Ishikawa, M.; Nakamura, Y., 2015:
Nrf2 activation attenuates both orthodontic tooth movement and relapse

Esteras, Ní.; Dinkova-Kostova, A.T.; Abramov, A.Y., 2016:
Nrf2 activation in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: a focus on its role in mitochondrial bioenergetics and function

Lu, C.; Xu, W.; Shao, J.; Zhang, F.; Chen, A.; Zheng, S., 2016:
Nrf2 Activation Is Required for Ligustrazine to Inhibit Hepatic Steatosis in Alcohol-Preferring Mice and Hepatocytes

Imai, T.; Takagi, T.; Kitashoji, A.; Yamauchi, K.; Shimazawa, M.; Hara, H., 2016:
Nrf2 activator ameliorates hemorrhagic transformation in focal cerebral ischemia under warfarin anticoagulation

Foresti, R.; Bucolo, C.; Platania, C.Maria.Bianca.; Drago, F.; Dubois-Randé, J-Luc.; Motterlini, R., 2016:
Nrf2 activators modulate oxidative stress responses and bioenergetic profiles of human retinal epithelial cells cultured in normal or high glucose conditions

Ning, S.; Sekar, T.Veerapazham.; Scicinski, J.; Oronsky, B.; Peehl, D.M.; Knox, S.J.; Paulmurugan, R., 2016:
Nrf2 activity as a potential biomarker for the pan-epigenetic anticancer agent, RRx-001

Satoh, T.; Stalder, R.; McKercher, S.R.; Williamson, R.E.; Roth, G.P.; Lipton, S.A., 2016:
Nrf2 and HSF-1 Pathway Activation via Hydroquinone-Based Proelectrophilic Small Molecules is Regulated by Electrochemical Oxidation Potential

Ryu, J.; Kwon, M-Jin.; Nam, T-Jeong., 2016:
Nrf2 and NF-κB Signaling Pathways Contribute to Porphyra-334-Mediated Inhibition of UVA-Induced Inflammation in Skin Fibroblasts

Sparaneo, A.; Fabrizio, F.Pio.; Muscarella, L.Anna., 2017:
Nrf2 and Notch Signaling in Lung Cancer: Near the Crossroad

Hahn, M.E.; Timme-Laragy, A.R.; Karchner, S.I.; Stegeman, J.J., 2016:
Nrf2 and Nrf2-related proteins in development and developmental toxicity: Insights from studies in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Kieseier, B.C.; Wiendl, H., 2016:
Nrf2 and beyond: deciphering the mode of action of fumarates in the inflamed central nervous system

Vurusaner, B.; Gamba, P.; Gargiulo, S.; Testa, G.; Staurenghi, E.; Leonarduzzi, G.; Poli, G.; Basaga, H., 2016:
Nrf2 antioxidant defense is involved in survival signaling elicited by 27-hydroxycholesterol in human promonocytic cells

Barančík, M.; Grešová, L.; Barteková, M.; Dovinová, I., 2017:
Nrf2 as a key player of redox regulation in cardiovascular diseases

Soares, M.P.; Ribeiro, A.M., 2016:
Nrf2 as a master regulator of tissue damage control and disease tolerance to infection

McSweeney, S.R.; Warabi, E.; Siow, R.C.M., 2016:
Nrf2 as an Endothelial Mechanosensitive Transcription Factor: Going With the Flow

Nabavi, S.Fazel.; Barber, A.J.; Spagnuolo, C.; Russo, G.Luigi.; Daglia, M.; Nabavi, S.Mohammad.; Sobarzo-Sánchez, E., 2017:
Nrf2 as molecular target for polyphenols: A novel therapeutic strategy in diabetic retinopathy

Zhou, Y.; Li, Y.; Ni, H-Min.; Ding, W-Xing.; Zhong, H., 2016:
Nrf2 but not autophagy inhibition is associated with the survival of wild-type epidermal growth factor receptor non-small cell lung cancer cells

Gruber, F.; Ornelas, C.Mecking.; Karner, S.; Narzt, M-Sophie.; Nagelreiter, I.Mariana.; Gschwandtner, M.; Bochkov, V.; Tschachler, E., 2016:
Nrf2 deficiency causes lipid oxidation, inflammation, and matrix-protease expression in DHA-supplemented and UVA-irradiated skin fibroblasts

Fratta Pasini, A.Maria.; Ferrari, M.; Stranieri, C.; Vallerio, P.; Mozzini, C.; Garbin, U.; Zambon, G.; Cominacini, L., 2017:
Nrf2 expression is increased in peripheral blood mononuclear cells derived from mild-moderate ex-smoker COPD patients with persistent oxidative stress

Jayakumar, S.; Pal, D.; Sandur, S.K., 2015:
Nrf2 facilitates repair of radiation induced DNA damage through homologous recombination repair pathway in a ROS independent manner in cancer cells

Al-Sawaf, O.; Clarner, T.; Fragoulis, A.; Kan, Y.Wai.; Pufe, T.; Streetz, K.; Wruck, C.Jan., 2015:
Nrf2 in health and disease: current and future clinical implications

Wei, Y.; Gong, J.; Xu, Z.; Thimmulappa, R.K.; Mitchell, K.L.; Welsbie, D.S.; Biswal, S.; Duh, E.J., 2016:
Nrf2 in ischemic neurons promotes retinal vascular regeneration through regulation of semaphorin 6A

Wang, B.; Liu, Q.; Shan, H.; Xia, C.; Liu, Z., 2016:
Nrf2 inducer and cncC overexpression attenuates neurodegeneration due to α-synuclein in Drosophila

Samatiwat, P.; Prawan, A.; Senggunprai, L.; Kukongviriyapan, U.; Kukongviriyapan, V., 2017:
Nrf2 inhibition sensitizes cholangiocarcinoma cells to cytotoxic and antiproliferative activities of chemotherapeutic agents

Zhang, M.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, L.; Yang, Q.; Zhou, S.; Wen, Q.; Wang, J., 2016:
Nrf2 is a potential prognostic marker and promotes proliferation and invasion in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Qin, S.; Du, R.; Yin, S.; Liu, X.; Xu, G.; Cao, W., 2016:
Nrf2 is essential for the anti-inflammatory effect of carbon monoxide in LPS-induced inflammation

Zou, Y.; Hu, M.; Lee, J.; Nambiar, S.Manohar.; Garcia, V.; Bao, Q.; Chan, J.Y.; Dai, G., 2015:
Nrf2 is essential for timely M phase entry of replicating hepatocytes during liver regeneration

Syu, J-Pu.; Chi, J-Tsan.; Kung, H-Ni., 2018 :
Nrf2 is the key to chemotherapy resistance in MCF7 breast cancer cells under hypoxia

Lu, C.; Xu, W.; Zhang, F.; Shao, J.; Zheng, S., 2017:
Nrf2 knockdown attenuates the ameliorative effects of ligustrazine on hepatic fibrosis by targeting hepatic stellate cell transdifferentiation

Zhang, D.; Teng, J., 2017:
Nrf2 knockout: The effect on neurological dysfunction and the activation of glial cells of mice after brain injury

Done, A.J.; Traustadóttir, T., 2016:
Nrf2 mediates redox adaptations to exercise

Chen, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Ma, L.; Ni, Y.; Zhao, H., 2017:
Nrf2 plays a pivotal role in protection against burn trauma-induced intestinal injury and death

Wei, Y.; Gong, J.; Xu, Z.; Duh, E.J., 2016:
Nrf2 promotes reparative angiogenesis through regulation of NADPH oxidase-2 in oxygen-induced retinopathy

Sekhar, K.R.; Freeman, M.L., 2016:
Nrf2 promotes survival following exposure to ionizing radiation

Strom, J.; Xu, B.; Tian, X.; Chen, Q.M., 2016:
Nrf2 protects mitochondrial decay by oxidative stress

Chen, W-Ju.; Wu, C.; Xu, Z.; Kuse, Y.; Hara, H.; Duh, E.J., 2016:
Nrf2 protects photoreceptor cells from photo-oxidative stress induced by blue light

Sussan, T.E.; Gajghate, S.; Chatterjee, S.; Mandke, P.; McCormick, S.; Sudini, K.; Kumar, S.; Breysse, P.N.; Diette, G.B.; Sidhaye, V.K.; Biswal, S., 2015:
Nrf2 reduces allergic asthma in mice through enhanced airway epithelial cytoprotective function

Staitieh, B.S.; Fan, X.; Neveu, W.; Guidot, D.M., 2015:
Nrf2 regulates PU.1 expression and activity in the alveolar macrophage

Kovac, S.; Angelova, P.R.; Holmström, K.M.; Zhang, Y.; Dinkova-Kostova, A.T.; Abramov, A.Y., 2015:
Nrf2 regulates ROS production by mitochondria and NADPH oxidase

Liu, M.; Yao, X-Dong.; Li, W.; Geng, J.; Yan, Y.; Che, J-Ping.; Xu, Y-Fei.; Zheng, J-Hua., 2015:
Nrf2 sensitizes prostate cancer cells to radiation via decreasing basal ROS levels

Silva-Palacios, A.; Königsberg, M.; Zazueta, C., 2016:
Nrf2 signaling and redox homeostasis in the aging heart: A potential target to prevent cardiovascular diseases?

Ahmed, S.Minhaj.Uddin.; Luo, L.; Namani, A.; Wang, X.Jun.; Tang, X., 2016:
Nrf2 signaling pathway: Pivotal roles in inflammation

He, M-Yao.; Wang, G.; Han, S-Sha.; Jin, Y.; Li, H.; Wu, X.; Ma, Z-Lai.; Cheng, X.; Tang, X.; Yang, X.; Liu, G-Sheng., 2017:
Nrf2 signalling and autophagy are involved in diabetes mellitus-induced defects in the development of mouse placenta

Bozaykut, P.; Ozer, N.Kartal.; Karademir, B., 2017:
Nrf2 silencing to inhibit proteolytic defense induced by hyperthermia in HT22 cells

Rajendran, P.; Dashwood, W-Mohaiza.; Li, L.; Kang, Y.; Kim, E.; Johnson, G.; Fischer, K.A.; Löhr, C.V.; Williams, D.E.; Ho, E.; Yamamoto, M.; Lieberman, D.A.; Dashwood, R.H., 2015:
Nrf2 status affects tumor growth, HDAC3 gene promoter associations, and the response to sulforaphane in the colon

Patel, M., 2015:
Nrf2 to the rescue

Bayele, H.K.; Debnam, E.S.; Srai, K.S., 2016:
Nrf2 transcriptional derepression from Keap1 by dietary polyphenols

Kumagai, T.; Kozakai, Y.; Ishino, T.; Yajima, Y.; Nakagawa, Y.; Imai, H., 2016:
Nrf2 up-regulates the induction of acidic sphingomyelinase by electrophiles

Pall, M.L.; Levine, S., 2015:
Nrf2, a master regulator of detoxification and also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other cytoprotective mechanisms, is raised by health promoting factors

Zavattari, P.; Perra, A.; Menegon, S.; Kowalik, M.Anna.; Petrelli, A.; Angioni, M.Maddalena.; Follenzi, A.; Quagliata, L.; Ledda-Columbano, G.Maria.; Terracciano, L.; Giordano, S.; Columbano, A., 2015:
Nrf2, but not β-catenin, mutation represents an early event in rat hepatocarcinogenesis

Schäfer, M.; Werner, S., 2016:
Nrf2--A regulator of keratinocyte redox signaling

Pastorek, M.; Müller, P.; Vojtěšek, B., 2015:
Nrf2--Two Faces of Antioxidant System Regulation

Johnson, D.A.; Johnson, J.A., 2016:
Nrf2--a therapeutic target for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Potteti, H.R.; Tamatam, C.R.; Marreddy, R.; Reddy, N.M.; Noel, S.; Rabb, H.; Reddy, S.P., 2016:
Nrf2-AKT interactions regulate heme oxygenase 1 expression in kidney epithelia during hypoxia and hypoxia-reoxygenation

Miller, D.M.; Singh, I.N.; Wang, J.A.; Hall, E.D., 2015:
Nrf2-ARE activator carnosic acid decreases mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative damage and neuronal cytoskeletal degradation following traumatic brain injury in mice

Buendia, I.; Michalska, P.; Navarro, E.; Gameiro, I.; Egea, J.; León, R., 2016:
Nrf2-ARE pathway: An emerging target against oxidative stress and neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases

Lv, E.; Deng, J.; Yu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Gong, X.; Jia, J.; Wang, X., 2016:
Nrf2-ARE signals mediated the anti-oxidative action of electroacupuncture in an MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Ishida, T.; Takechi, S., 2016:
Nrf2-ARE-Dependent Alterations in Zinc Transporter mRNA Expression in HepG2 Cells

Qin, Q.; Qu, C.; Niu, T.; Zang, H.; Qi, L.; Lyu, L.; Wang, X.; Nagarkatti, M.; Nagarkatti, P.; Janicki, J.S.; Wang, X.Li.; Cui, T., 2016:
Nrf2-Mediated Cardiac Maladaptive Remodeling and Dysfunction in a Setting of Autophagy Insufficiency

McNeilly, A.D.; Gallagher, J.R.; Dinkova-Kostova, A.T.; Hayes, J.D.; Sharkey, J.; Ashford, M.L.J.; McCrimmon, R.J., 2017:
Nrf2-Mediated Neuroprotection Against Recurrent Hypoglycemia Is Insufficient to Prevent Cognitive Impairment in a Rodent Model of Type 1 Diabetes

Uruno, A.; Yagishita, Y.; Katsuoka, F.; Kitajima, Y.; Nunomiya, A.; Nagatomi, R.; Pi, J.; Biswal, S.S.; Yamamoto, M., 2017:
Nrf2-Mediated Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Metabolism

Zhang, R.; Xu, M.; Wang, Y.; Xie, F.; Zhang, G.; Qin, X., 2016:
Nrf2-a Promising Therapeutic Target for Defensing Against Oxidative Stress in Stroke

Fuse, Y.; Nguyen, V.Thanh.; Kobayashi, M., 2017:
Nrf2-dependent protection against acute sodium arsenite toxicity in zebrafish

Macoch, Mélinda.; Morzadec, C.; Génard, R.; Pallardy, M.; Kerdine-Römer, S.; Fardel, O.; Vernhet, L., 2016:
Nrf2-dependent repression of interleukin-12 expression in human dendritic cells exposed to inorganic arsenic

Long, M.; Tao, S.; Rojo de la Vega, M.; Jiang, T.; Wen, Q.; Park, S.L.; Zhang, D.D.; Wondrak, G.T., 2016:
Nrf2-dependent suppression of azoxymethane/dextran sulfate sodium-induced colon carcinogenesis by the cinnamon-derived dietary factor cinnamaldehyde

Aubouy, Aès.; Olagnier, D.; Bertin, G.; Ezinmegnon, S.; Majorel, C.; Mimar, S.; Massougbodji, A.; Deloron, P.; Pipy, B.; Coste, Aès., 2016:
Nrf2-driven CD36 and HO-1 gene expression in circulating monocytes correlates with favourable clinical outcome in pregnancy-associated malaria

Morales Pantoja, I.E.; Hu, C-Lin.; Perrone-Bizzozero, N.I.; Zheng, J.; Bizzozero, O.A., 2016:
Nrf2-dysregulation correlates with reduced synthesis and low glutathione levels in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Tertil, M.; Golda, S.; Skrzypek, K.; Florczyk, U.; Weglarczyk, K.; Kotlinowski, J.; Maleszewska, M.; Czauderna, S.; Pichon, C.; Kieda, C.; Jozkowicz, A.; Dulak, J., 2016:
Nrf2-heme oxygenase-1 axis in mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the lung: Antitumoral effects associated with down-regulation of matrix metalloproteinases

Kang, J.Sook.; Han, M.Ho.; Kim, G-Young.; Kim, C.Min.; Kim, B.Woo.; Hwang, H.Jin.; Hyun, Y., 2015:
Nrf2-mediated HO-1 induction contributes to antioxidant capacity of a Schisandrae Fructus ethanol extract in C2C12 myoblasts

Li, D.; Ma, S.; Ellis, E.M., 2015:
Nrf2-mediated adaptive response to methyl glyoxal in HepG2 cells involves the induction of AKR7A2

Wang, L.; Zhang, S.; Cheng, H.; Lv, H.; Cheng, G.; Ci, X., 2016:
Nrf2-mediated liver protection by esculentoside A against acetaminophen toxicity through the AMPK/Akt/GSK3β pathway

Park, J-Min.; Han, Y-Min.; Lee, J-Seok.; Ko, K.Hyun.; Hong, S-Pyo.; Kim, E-Hee.; Hahm, K-Baik., 2015:
Nrf2-mediated mucoprotective and anti-inflammatory actions of Artemisia extracts led to attenuate stress related mucosal damages

Mann, G.E., 2015:
Nrf2-mediated redox signalling in vascular health and disease

Mendez-David, I.; Tritschler, L.; Ali, Z.El.; Damiens, M-Hélène.; Pallardy, M.; David, D.J.; Kerdine-Römer, S.; Gardier, A.M., 2015:
Nrf2-signaling and BDNF: A new target for the antidepressant-like activity of chronic fluoxetine treatment in a mouse model of anxiety/depression

Dou, T.; Yan, M.; Wang, X.; Lu, W.; Zhao, L.; Lou, D.; Wu, C.; Chang, X.; Zhou, Z., 2016:
Nrf2/ARE Pathway Involved in Oxidative Stress Induced by Paraquat in Human Neural Progenitor Cells

Hintsala, H-Riikka.; Jokinen, E.; Haapasaari, K-Maria.; Moza, M.; Ristimäki, A.; Soini, Y.; Koivunen, J.; Karihtala, P., 2016:
Nrf2/Keap1 Pathway and Expression of Oxidative Stress Lesions 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine and Nitrotyrosine in Melanoma

Xue, F.; Huang, J-Wen.; Ding, P-Yan.; Zang, H-Gang.; Kou, Z-Jian.; Li, T.; Fan, J.; Peng, Z-Wu.; Yan, W-Jun., 2017:
Nrf2/antioxidant defense pathway is involved in the neuroprotective effects of Sirt1 against focal cerebral ischemia in rats after hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning

Todorovic, M.; Wood, S.A.; Mellick, G.D., 2018:
Nrf2: a modulator of Parkinson's disease?

Gemberling, M.; Karra, R.; Dickson, A.L.; Poss, K.D., 2015:
Nrg1 is an injury-induced cardiomyocyte mitogen for the endogenous heart regeneration program in zebrafish

Brightman, D.S.; Razafsky, D.; Potter, C.; Hodzic, D.; Chen, S., 2016:
Nrl-Cre transgenic mouse mediates loxP recombination in developing rod photoreceptors

Zhang, Y.; Su, J.; Teng, Y.; Zhang, J.; Wang, J.; Li, K.; Yao, L.; Li, X., 2016:
Nrp1, a Neuronal Regulator, Enhances DDR2-ERK-Runx2 Cascade in Osteoblast Differentiation via Suppression of DDR2 Degradation

Morozova, T.E.; Rykova, S.M.; Chukina, M.A., 2016:
Nsaid Gastropathy in Patients with Comorbid Diseases

Yang, X.; Shen, J.; Gao, Y.; Feng, Y.; Guan, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Mankin, H.; Hornicek, F.J.; Duan, Z., 2015:
Nsc23925 prevents the development of paclitaxel resistance by inhibiting the introduction of P-glycoprotein and enhancing apoptosis

Taniura, H.; Tanabe, N.; Bando, Y.; Arai, N., 2016:
Nse1 and Nse4, subunits of the Smc5-Smc6 complex, are involved in Dictyostelium development upon starvation

Shahmuradov, I.A.; Solovyev, V.V., 2016:
Nsite, NsiteH and NsiteM computer tools for studying transcription regulatory elements

Crack, J.C.; Munnoch, J.; Dodd, E.L.; Knowles, F.; Al Bassam, M.M.; Kamali, S.; Holland, A.A.; Cramer, S.P.; Hamilton, C.J.; Johnson, M.K.; Thomson, A.J.; Hutchings, M.I.; Le Brun, N.E., 2015:
NsrR from Streptomyces coelicolor is a nitric oxide-sensing [4Fe-4S] cluster protein with a specialized regulatory function

Anonymous, 2016:
Nsw Government Abandons Rns In Aged Care

Sargento, L.; Longo, S.; Lousada, N.; Dos Reis, R.P., 2016:
Nt-ProBNP, Anaemia and Renal function are independent predictors of hospitalization in outpatients with pulmonary artery hypertension

Zhao, J.; Xin, H.; Cao, L.; Huang, X.; Shi, C.; Zhao, P.; Fu, Y.; Sun, M-Xiang., 2016:
NtDRP is necessary for accurate zygotic division orientation and differentiation of basal cell lineage toward suspensor formation

Jelínková, A.; Müller, K.; Fílová-Pařezová, Méta.; Petrášek, J., 2016 :
NtGNL1a ARF-GEF acts in endocytosis in tobacco cells

Zhao, J.; Han, J.; Zhang, J.; Li, Z.; Yu, J.; Yu, S.; Guo, Y.; Fu, Y.; Zhang, X., 2016:
NtPHYB1 K326 , a homologous gene of Arabidopsis PHYB, positively regulates the content of phenolic compounds in tobacco

Ghannam, A.; Jacques, A.; de Ruffray, P.; Kauffmann, S., 2016:
NtRING1, putative RING-finger E3 ligase protein, is a positive regulator of the early stages of elicitin-induced HR in tobacco

Orkin, C.; Umaipalan, A., 2016:
NtRTI sparing in patients at risk of bone disease

Hesp, Z.C.; Cousens, G.A.; Becker, L.; Zee, M.C.; Mickley, G.Andrew., 2016:
Nu Rho Psi, The National Honor Society in Neuroscience: A decade of progress

Escobar, R.; Lattal, K.A., 2014:
Nu-Way Snaps and Snap Leads: an Important Connection in the History of Behavior Analysis

Gallini, S.; Carminati, M.; De Mattia, F.; Pirovano, L.; Martini, E.; Oldani, A.; Asteriti, I.Anna.; Guarguaglini, G.; Mapelli, M., 2016:
NuMA Phosphorylation by Aurora-A Orchestrates Spindle Orientation

Seldin, L.; Muroyama, A.; Lechler, T., 2017:
NuMA-microtubule interactions are critical for spindle orientation and the morphogenesis of diverse epidermal structures

Facco, F.L.; Parker, C.B.; Reddy, U.M.; Silver, R.M.; Louis, J.M.; Basner, R.C.; Chung, J.H.; Schubert, F.P.; Pien, G.W.; Redline, S.; Mobley, D.R.; Koch, M.A.; Simhan, H.N.; Nhan-Chang, C-Ling.; Parry, S.; Grobman, W.A.; Haas, D.M.; Wing, D.A.; Mercer, B.M.; Saade, G.R.; Zee, P.C., 2015:
NuMoM2b Sleep-Disordered Breathing study: objectives and methods

Pradhan, L.; Nam, H.Joo., 2015 :
NuProPlot: nucleic acid and protein interaction analysis and plotting program

Robertson, J.M.; Prince, M.A.; Achua, J.K.; Carpenter, R.E.; Arendt, D.H.; Smith, J.P.; Summers, T.L.; Summers, T.R.; Summers, C.H., 2016:
Nuance and behavioral cogency: How the Visible Burrow System inspired the Stress-Alternatives Model and conceptualization of the continuum of anxiety

Coselli, J.S., 2016:
Nuance need not be subtle

Sinno, S.; Rodriguez, E.D., 2016:
Nuances and Pearls of the Free Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous Flap for Reconstruction of a High-Energy Ballistic Injury Mandible Defect

Terhune, D.B.; Cardeña, E., 2017:
Nuances and Uncertainties Regarding Hypnotic Inductions: Toward a Theoretically Informed Praxis

Srinivasan, V.M.; Fridley, J.S.; Thomas, J.G.; Omeis, I., 2016:
Nuances in Localization and Surgical Treatment of Syringomyelia Associated with Fenestrated and Webbed Intradural Spinal Arachnoid Cyst: A Retrospective Analysis

Pawlyn, C.; Gay, F.; Larocca, A.; Roy, V.; Ailawadhi, S., 2017:
Nuances in the Management of Older People With Multiple Myeloma

Hall, W.; Gartner, C.; Forlini, C., 2016:
Nuances in the ethical regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems

Kapoor, P.Malhotra., 2016:
Nuances of social media in medical journalism

Mitchell, C.H.; Fishman, E.K.; Johnson, P.T., 2016:
Nuances of the unenhanced abdominal CT: careful inspection discloses critical findings

Karpen, S.J., 2016:
Nuancing insulin's actions in liver through rapid NCOR1 phosphorylation

Ramdas, S.; van der Geest, S.; Schallig, H.D.F.H., 2016:
Nuancing stigma through ethnography: the case of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Suriname

Friedmann, B.; Keck, E.; Schalk, E.; Schmitz, D., 2014:
Nub Status - A 2014 Situation Analysis for Drugs: Oncology As Leading Therapeutic Area

Freiberg, M.; Friedmann, B.; Schalk, E.; Schwarz, R., 2015:
Nub Status - An Analysis Comparing Results of 2015 Vs. 2014 - Leading Therapeutic Areas Confirmed

Bao, Q-Bin.; Songer, M.; Pimenta, L.; Werner, D.; Reyes-Sanchez, A.; Balsano, M.; Agrillo, U.; Coric, D.; Davenport, K.; Yuan, H., 2007:
Nubac disc arthroplasty: preclinical studies and preliminary safety and efficacy evaluations

Ness, J.K.; Skiles, A.A.; Yap, E-Hui.; Fajardo, E.J.; Fiser, A.; Tapinos, N., 2017:
Nuc-ErbB3 regulates H3K27me3 levels and HMT activity to establish epigenetic repression during peripheral myelination

Byeon, B., 2013:
NucVoter: A Voting Algorithm for Reliable Nucleosome Prediction Using Next-Generation Sequencing Data

Fala, L., 2016:
Nucala (Mepolizumab): First IL-5 Antagonist Monoclonal Antibody FDA Approved for Maintenance Treatment of Patients with Severe Asthma

Krzeminski, P., 2015:
Nucelotide receptors in cancer cells

Singh, G.; Sidhu, K., 2008:
Nuchal Cord : A Retrospective Analysis

Alsaleh, N.; Amanguno, H., 2015:
Nuchal Fibroma : A rare entity of neck masses

Sterkenburg, A.S.; Hoffmann, A.; Reichel, J.; Lohle, K.; Eveslage, M.; Warmuth-Metz, M.; Müller, H.L., 2016:
Nuchal Skinfold Thickness: A Novel Parameter for Assessment of Body Composition in Childhood Craniopharyngioma

Wang, L.; Kuromaki, K.; Kawabe, A.; Kikugawa, A.; Matsunaga, S.; Takagi, A., 2017:
Nuchal cord complication in male small for gestational age increases fetal distress risk during labor

Akkaya, H.; Büke, Bış.; Pekcan, M.Kuru.; Şahin, Kıvanç.; Uysal, Gülsüm.; Yeğin, Gülin.Feykan.; Avşar, Aşe.Filiz.; Çağlı, F., 2016:
Nuchal cord: is it really the silent risk of pregnancy?

Chaoui, R.; Simon, E-G., 2017:
Nuchal translucency and posterior fossa examination

Christiansen, M.; Ekelund, C.K.; Petersen, O.Bjørn.; Hyett, J.; Eastwood, N.; Ball, S.; Tabor, A.; Vogel, I., 2016:
Nuchal translucency distributions for different chromosomal anomalies in a large unselected population cohort

Constant, M., 2016:
Nuchal translucency: this is not so simple!

Shin, J.Bin.; Son, S.Wook.; Kim, I.Hwan., 2008:
Nuchal-type Fibroma of the Coccyx

Gong, Y.; Zhao, X.; Wu, D.I.; Liu, J., 2016:
Nuchal-type fibroma of the shoulder: A case report and review of the literature

Møller, M.; Sørensen, F.Brandt., 2018:
Nuchal-type fibromas in the posterior region of the neck

Wang, M-Xing.; Zhao, X-Juan.; Chen, T-Yu.; Liu, Y-Liu.; Jiao, R-Qing.; Zhang, J-Hua.; Ma, C.; Liu, J-Hui.; Pan, Y.; Kong, L-Dong., 2016:
Nuciferine Alleviates Renal Injury by Inhibiting Inflammatory Responses in Fructose-Fed Rats

Zhang, D-Dan.; Zhang, J-Gang.; Wu, X.; Liu, Y.; Gu, S-Ying.; Zhu, G-Hua.; Wang, Y-Zhu.; Liu, G-Lin.; Li, X-Yu., 2015:
Nuciferine downregulates Per-Arnt-Sim kinase expression during its alleviation of lipogenesis and inflammation on oleic acid-induced hepatic steatosis in HepG2 cells

Wang, M-Xing.; Liu, Y-Liu.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, D-Mei.; Kong, L-Dong., 2015:
Nuciferine restores potassium oxonate-induced hyperuricemia and kidney inflammation in mice

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