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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58441

Chapter 58441 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rosser, E., 2017:
Nursing history: from conformity to challenging practice

Konetzka, R.Tamara.; Grabowski, D.C.; Perraillon, M.Coca.; Werner, R.M., 2016:
Nursing home 5-star rating system exacerbates disparities in quality, by payer source

Safarpour, D.; Thibault, D.P.; DeSanto, C.L.; Boyd, C.M.; Dorsey, E.Ray.; Racette, B.A.; Willis, A.W., 2015:
Nursing home and end-of-life care in Parkinson disease

Burger, S., 2015:
Nursing home care

Alex, M., 1994:
Nursing home care to come under review in Scotland

Rice, S., 2015:
Nursing home cuts antipsychotic drug use

McKinney, S.H.; Corazzini, K.; Anderson, R.A.; Sloane, R.; Castle, N.G., 2018:
Nursing home director of nursing leadership style and director of nursing-sensitive survey deficiencies

Zork, F., 2015:
Nursing home disaster planning and response: a policy perspective

Brettle, P., 1997:
Nursing home inspection has failed

Tsai, H-Hsin.; Tsai, Y-Fang.; Huang, H-Li., 2016:
Nursing home nurses' experiences of resident transfers to the emergency department: no empathy for our work environment difficulties

O'Neill, B.; Parkinson, L.; Dwyer, T.; Reid-Searl, K., 2017:
Nursing home nurses' perceptions of emergency transfers from nursing homes to hospital: A review of qualitative studies using systematic methods

Howard, R.; McShane, R.; Lindesay, J.; Ritchie, C.; Baldwin, A.; Barber, R.; Burns, A.; Dening, T.; Findlay, D.; Holmes, C.; Jones, R.; Jones, R.; McKeith, I.; Macharouthu, A.; O'Brien, J.; Sheehan, B.; Juszczak, E.; Katona, C.; Hills, R.; Knapp, M.; Ballard, C.; Brown, R.G.; Banerjee, S.; Adams, J.; Johnson, T.; Bentham, P.; Phillips, P.P.J., 2016:
Nursing home placement in the Donepezil and Memantine in Moderate to Severe Alzheimer's Disease (DOMINO-AD) trial: secondary and post-hoc analyses

Barooah, A.; Boerner, K.; van Riesenbeck, I.; Burack, O.R., 2016:
Nursing home practices following resident death: the experience of Certified Nursing Assistants

Rice, S., 2016:
Nursing home reduces antibiotic use

Kim, A-Sook., 2018:
Nursing home report card and performance gap

Falcone, M.; Iraci, F.; Raponi, G.; Goldoni, P.; Belvisi, V.; Delle Rose, D.; Santino, I.; Murri, R.; Fantoni, M.; Carfagna, P.; Sanguinetti, M.; Fontana, C.; Farcomeni, A.; Tiseo, G.; Aceti, A.; Cauda, R.; Vullo, V.; Mastroianni, C.M.; Andreoni, M.; Venditti, M., 2017:
Nursing home residence is associated with spread of Clostridium difficile ribotype 027 in central Italy

Godin, J.; Keefe, J.; Kelloway, E.Kevin.; Hirdes, J.P., 2016:
Nursing home resident quality of life: testing for measurement equivalence across resident, family, and staff perspectives

Martell, R., 1993:
Nursing home residents 'have lost control of their finances'

Anonymous, 2015:
Nursing home residents are underserved in dental health care. The greater the disability status, the greater the care deficit

Carron, P-Nicolas.; Mabire, Cédric.; Yersin, B.; Büla, C., 2016:
Nursing home residents at the Emergency Department: a 6-year retrospective analysis in a Swiss academic hospital

Watson, J., 2016:
Nursing home residents prefer fewer interventions and the nursing home instead of hospital for place of death

Mackenzie, K., 2002:
Nursing home staff are an undervalued asset

Rietze, L., 2017:
Nursing home staff should ensure that advance treatment decisions are discussed with residents and relatives

Caldararo, M.D.; Stein, D.E.; Poggio, J.L., 2017:
Nursing home status is an independent risk factor for adverse 30-day postoperative outcomes after common, nonemergent inpatient procedures

Volicer, L., 2015:
Nursing home telepsychiatry

Pereira, R.; Oliveira, S.; Almeida, Aé., 2017:
Nursing home-acquired pneumonia presenting at the emergency department

Gonçalves, D.; Cecílio, P.; Ferreira, H., 2016:
Nursing homes and long-term care facilities: Reservoirs of CTX-M-15-producing Escherichia coli O25b-ST131 in Portugal

Kim, S.; Won, C.Won.; Ga, H., 2016:
Nursing homes and their contracted doctors: Korean experience

Penney, B., 2001:
Nursing homes are for residents, not patients

Davis, J.; Zuber, K., 2015:
Nursing homes: The new frontier

Anonymous, 1994:
Nursing homes: the debate continues

Anonymous, 1988:
Nursing honours

Amini, A.; Robin, T.P.; Rusthoven, C.G.; Schefter, T.E.; Akhavan, D.; Chen, Y-Jen.; Glaser, S.M.; Corr, B.R.; Ashing, K.T.; Fisher, C.M., 2018:
Disparities Predict for Higher Rates of Cut-through Hysterectomies in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer

O'Gorman, C.; Barry, A.; Denieffe, S.; Sasiadek, W.; Gooney, M., 2016:
Nursing implications: symptom presentation and quality of life in rectal cancer patients

Anonymous, 2012:
Nursing in 2011: the campaigns, people and political debates

Anonymous, 2013:
Nursing in 2012: an Olympic fight for employment rights

Foster, S., 2015:
Nursing in China: how does it compare with the UK?

Anonymous, 1988 :
Nursing in Crisis

Hairier, S., 1992:
Nursing in Europe: what 1992 has to offer

Anonymous, 1995:
Nursing in Germany

Adu-Gyamfi, S.; Brenya, E., 2016:
Nursing in Ghana: A Search for Florence Nightingale in an African City

Kim, O., 2016:
Nursing in Korea: how to awaken the sleeping giant

Anonymous, 1988:
Nursing in Newcastle

Anonymous, 1996:
Nursing in Scotland & Northern Ireland

Duarte, T.; Baumann, S.L., 2016:
Nursing in Switzerland: struggling to maintain quality and ideals

Quallich, S.A., 2016:
Nursing in Urology: Where Can We Go from Here?

Vose, C., 1999:
Nursing in a different way

Anonymous, 1997:
Nursing in a new world

O'Connor, T., 2016:
Nursing in a unique part of New Zealand

Shute, J., 2015:
Nursing in aged care: a surprise package

Treloar, A.; McMillan, M.; Stone, T., 2016:
Nursing in an imperfect world: Storytelling as preparation for mental health nursing practice

O'Connor, T., 2016:
Nursing in an isolated community

Pourvakhshoori, N.; Norouzi, K.; Ahmadi, F.; Hosseini, M.; Khankeh, H., 2016:
Nursing in disasters: A review of existing models

Specht, K.; Kjaersgaard-Andersen, P.; Kehlet, H.; Pedersen, B.D., 2016:
Nursing in fast-track total hip and knee arthroplasty: A retrospective study

Mariya, L.; Laurence, B., 2000:
Nursing in outpatient child and adolescent mental health

Davidson, J., 2016:
Nursing in police custody: creating a professional identity

Speakman, E.; Sicks, S., 2016:
Nursing in the 21st Century: Find Opportunities to Practice in Interprofessional Healthcare Teams

Brown, W.J., 2015:
Nursing in the 8th Evacuation Hospital, 1942-1945

Anonymous, 1996:
Nursing in the Capital

Hinton, S.T., 2018 :
Nursing in the Church

Hinton, S.T., 2017:
Nursing in the Church

Kwasky, A.; Corrigan, C., 2017:
Nursing in the Mercy Traditions: Engaging Students in the Life of Catherine McAuley

Goshin, L.S.; Colbert, A.M.; Cloyes, K.G., 2015:
Nursing in the era of mass incarceration

Anonymous, 1996:
Nursing in the north

Anonymous, 1996:
Nursing in the south east

Dean, E., 2017:
Nursing in the world's most challenging places

Hesse, T.; Julich, A.; Paul, J.; Hahnenkamp, K.; Usichenko, T.I., 2018:
Disparity between High Satisfaction and Severe Pain in Patients after Caesarean Section: A Prospective Observational-Controlled Investigation

Mamta, 2015:
Nursing informatics: the future now

Krugman, M., 2016:
Nursing innovations and outcomes

Masoumpoor, A.; Borhani, F.; Abbaszadeh, A.; Rassouli, M., 2015:
Nursing instructors' perception of students' uncivil behaviors: A qualitative study

Mazzo, M.Helena.Soares.da.Nóbrega.; Brito, R.Santana.de., 2017:
Nursing instrument to attend mothers who recently gave birth in primary health care

Andersen, M.Helen.; Lønning, K.; Bjørnelv, G.Maria.Waaler.; Fagerström, L., 2017:
Nursing intensity and costs of nurse staffing demonstrated by the RAFAELA system: liver vs. kidney transplant recipients

D.S.lva, A.Pubudu.; Stephens, T.; Welch, J.; Sigera, C.; D.A.wis, S.; Athapattu, P.; Dharmagunawardene, D.; Olupeliyawa, A.; de Abrew, A.; Peiris, L.; Siriwardana, S.; Karunathilake, I.; Dondorp, A.; Haniffa, R., 2015:
Nursing intensive care skills training: a nurse led, short, structured, and practical training program, developed and tested in a resource-limited setting

Münninghoff, B., 2016:
Nursing international exchange

Colaço, A.Daiane.; Nascimento, E.Regina.Pereira.do., 2015:
Nursing intervention bundle for enteral nutrition in intensive care: a collective construction

Traeger, L.; McDonnell, T.M.; McCarty, C.E.; Greer, J.A.; El-Jawahri, A.; Temel, J.S., 2016:
Nursing intervention to enhance outpatient chemotherapy symptom management: Patient-reported outcomes of a randomized controlled trial

Verloo, H.; Goulet, Céline.; Morin, D.; von Gunten, A., 2016:
Nursing intervention versus usual care to improve delirium among home-dwelling older adults receiving homecare after hospitalization: feasibility and acceptability of a Randomized Controlled Trail

Oliveira, F.Pessanha.de.; Oliveira, B.Guitton.Renaud.Baptista.de.; Santana, R.Ferreira.; Silva, B.de.Paula.; Candido, J.de.Souza.Carvalho., 2017:
Nursing interventions and outcomes classifications in patients with wounds: cross-mapping

Hammermüller, Sören., 2016:
Nursing interventions classification

Tosin, M.Hyczy.de.Siqueira.; Campos, Débora.Moraes.; Andrade, L.Tadeu.de.; Oliveira, B.Guitton.Renaud.Baptista.de.; Santana, R.Ferreira., 2017:
Nursing interventions for rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease: cross mapping of terms

Kazemzadeh, Z.; Manzari, Z.S.; Pouresmail, Z., 2016:
Nursing interventions for smoking cessation in hospitalized patients: a systematic review

Stewart, D.; Warren, J.; Odubanwo, A.; Bowers, L., 2017:
Nursing interventions for substance use during psychiatric hospital admissions: Clinical context and predictors

Gu, L., 2017:
Nursing interventions in managing wandering behavior in patients with dementia: a literature review

Assis, M.Nardini.de.; Andrade, A.Caroline.Ramirez.de.; Rogenski, K.Emília.; Castilho, Véria.; Fugulin, F.Maria.Togeiro., 2016:
Nursing interventions in pediatric care: a contribution to measuring workload

Theofanidis, D.; Gibbon, B., 2017:
Nursing interventions in stroke care delivery: An evidence-based clinical review

Miquel Capó Rn, I., 2018:
Nursing interventions on the physical environment of Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Mert, K.; Kadioglu, H., 2018:
Nursing interventions to help prevent children from working on the streets

Middleton-Green, L., 2015:
Nursing intuition: the role of embodied awareness in end-of-life care

Scott, T., 2015:
Nursing is a global concern

Milne, J., 2018:
Nursing is lifelong learning

Anonymous, 1998:
Nursing is not a laughing matter

Leifer, D., 1997:
Nursing is not listed as a shortage area

Weaving, S., 1987:
Nursing is tied to the tracks

Ballantine, P., 2015:
Nursing issues at the state legislature

Slater, C., 1997:
Nursing issues exam is pointless ritual

Boev, C.; Xue, Y.; Ingersoll, G.L., 2016:
Nursing job satisfaction, certification and healthcare-associated infections in critical care

Westlake, C.; Albert, N.M.; Rice, K.L.; Bautista, C.; Close, J.; Foster, J.; Timmerman, G.M., 2016:
Nursing journal clubs and the clinical nurse specialist

Nickitas, D.M.; Frederickson, K., 2015:
Nursing knowledge and theory: where is the economic value

Flanagan, J.M., 2017:
Nursing knowledge development—making the link

Lüthi, U., 2015:
Nursing knowledge improves nursing practice

Edwards, S., 2002:
Nursing knowledge: defining new boundaries

Zanotti, R.; Chiffi, D., 2016:
Nursing knowledge: hints from the placebo effect

Pérez, P.Echevarría.; Oliveira, A.Catarina.de.Souza., 2017:
Nursing languages as an international communication vehicle for nurses

Williams, R., 2009:
Nursing leaders

Shalala, D.E., 2015:
Nursing leaders can deliver a new model of care

Stephenson, J., 2016:
Nursing leaders condemn DH plans to abolish advisory unit

Merrifield, N.; Ford, S., 2016:
Nursing leaders welcome CNO for England's new framework

D'Addona, M.; Pinto, J.; Oliver, C.; Turcotte, S.; Lavoie-Tremblay, Mélanie., 2016:
Nursing leaders' perceptions of a transition support program for new nurse graduates

Beam, O.P.; Hudson, E., 2015:
Nursing leadership in Scotland

Stade, D.; Dykes, P., 2016:
Nursing leadership in development and implementation of a patient-centered plan of care toolkit in the acute care setting

Balsanelli, A.Pazetto.; Cunha, I.Cristina.Kowal.Olm., 2017:
Nursing leadership in intensive care units and its relationship to the work environment

Lauck, S.B.; McGladrey, J.; Lawlor, C.; Webb, J.G., 2018:
Nursing leadership of the transcatheter aortic valve implantation Heart Team: Supporting innovation, excellence, and sustainability

West, J.C., 2016:
Nursing licensure. Zablotny v. State Board of Nursing, No. Was-13-42, 2014 Me. 46 (Me. March 20, 2014)

Butterfield, S.; Parkinson, M.; O'Connor, T.; Sales, W.; Shadbolt, Y.Telford.; Christensen, J., 2016:
Nursing loses two of its pioneering spirits

Kaufmann, M., 2017:
Nursing management of a refractory cardiac death donor

Tan, M.Fen.; Lopez, V.; Cleary, M., 2016:
Nursing management of aggression in a Singapore emergency department: A qualitative study

Allibone, L., 2003:
Nursing management of chest drains

Tresse, C.; Lapp, A., 2015:
Nursing management of pain

Delacruz, A.; Arauz, G.; Curley, T.; Lindo, A.; Jensen, T., 2016:
Nursing management of patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer undergoing radium-223 dichloride treatment

Liu, H.; Shi, Y.; Shi, Y.; Hu, R.; Jiang, H., 2018 :
Nursing management of post-stroke dysphagia in a tertiary hospital: a best practice implementation project

Ribeiro, S., 2015:
Nursing management of urinary tract infections

Cullen, J.G., 2015:
Nursing management, religion and spirituality: a bibliometric review, a research agenda and implications for practice

Anonymous, 1990:
Nursing memories

Alconero-Camarero, A.Rosa.; Íbáñez Rementería, M.Isabel., 2016:
Nursing methodology applied in a primary health care emergency service

Lipley, N., 1999:
Nursing must make the most of ministers' support

Foerster, A., 2016:
Nursing must retain its own language

Travis, M., 2017:
Nursing needs protection from populist immigration policy

Rocha, C.Maria.Famer.; Cassiani, S.H.De.Bortoli., 2015:
Nursing networks: strategies to strengthen research and extension studies

Mathieson, A., 1996:
Nursing not the first step to being a doctor

Anonymous, 2015:
Nursing numbers continue to grow

Sato, F.; Yokota, N., 2015:
Nursing of patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy

Xia, Q.; Miao, R., 2015:
Nursing of treating silicosis with pneumothorax by in dwelling chest catheterization with needle

Howlett, D., 2003:
Nursing older people is rewarding and fulfilling

Anonymous, 2003:
Nursing older people takes centre stage

Bing-Jonsson, P.Cecilie.; Hofoss, D.; Kirkevold, M.; Bjørk, I.Torunn.; Foss, C., 2015:
Nursing older people-competence evaluation tool: development and psychometric evaluation

Anonymous, 2003:
Nursing older people: best practice forum

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing on TV

Harris, C.; Griffin, M.T.Quinn., 2015:
Nursing on empty: compassion fatigue signs, symptoms, and system interventions

Keeling, A.W., 2015:
Nursing on the Boston Floating Hospital

O'Connor, T., 2016:
Nursing on the Chathams offers rare opportunities

Thornton, J., 2017:
Nursing on the Zika front line

Anonymous, 1988:
Nursing on the australian trail

Anonymous, 2001:
Nursing or personal care - who decides?

Duffin, C., 2006:
Nursing organisations welcome plans to register socialcare support workers

Anonymous, 1991:
Nursing parents need 'teaching and support '

Leung, D.; Blastorah, M.; Nusdorfer, L.; Jeffs, A.; Jung, J.; Howell, D.; Fillion, L.; Rose, L., 2015:
Nursing patients with chronic critical illness and their families: a qualitative study

Anonymous, 1999:
Nursing people who have lung cancer

Pérez, M.A.Murillo.; López, C.López.; Vela, S.Torrente.; Sánchez, C.Morales.; Martín, M.Orejana.; Iglesias, M.García.; Solanas, M.Cuenca.; López, E.Alted., 2016:
Nursing perception of communication with intensive care unit patients family members

Souza, Káren.Mendes.Jorge.de.; Sá, L.Duarte.de.; Silva, Lís.Mara.Caetano.da.; Palha, P.Fredemir., 2015:
Nursing performance in the policy transfer of directly observed treatment of tuberculosis

Baethge, A.; Müller, A.; Rigotti, T., 2016:
Nursing performance under high workload: a diary study on the moderating role of selection, optimization and compensation strategies

Shivam, S.; Roy, R.Nath.; Dasgupta, S.; Das Bhattacharyya, K.; Misra, R.Nath.; Roy, S.; Indranil, S., 2015:
Nursing personnel planning for rural hospitals in Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, using workload indicators of staffing needs

Fitch, M.I.; Fliedner, M.C.; O'Connor, M., 2016:
Nursing perspectives on palliative care 2015

Mackintosh-Franklin, C., 2017:
Nursing philosophy: A review of current pre registration curricula in the UK

Douglas, C.; Booker, C.; Fox, R.; Windsor, C.; Osborne, S.; Gardner, G., 2017:
Nursing physical assessment for patient safety in general wards: reaching consensus on core skills

Anonymous, 2010:
Nursing pints instead of patients

Anonymous, 1999:
Nursing pioneer Hildegard Peplau dies aged 89

Silva, R.; Martins, M.M.; Jardim, H.G., 2016:
Nursing postoperative visit as a quality indicator for surgical patient care

Anonymous, 1998:
Nursing power and social judgement Nursing Power and Social Judgement Martin Johnson Ashgate 211pp £35 1-859-726518 1859726518 [Formula: see text

Anonymous, 1991:
Nursing practice

Dos Santos Alves, D.Fernanda.; da Silva, D.; de Brito Guirardello, Eêis., 2016:
Nursing practice environment, job outcomes and safety climate: a structural equation modelling analysis

Redknap, R.; Twigg, D.; Rock, D.; Towell, A., 2016:
Nursing practice environment: a strategy for mental health nurse retention?

Harris, K.T., 2016:
Nursing practice implications of the year of ethics

Carmona-Guirado, A.J.; Escaño-Cardona, V.; García-Cañedo, F.J., 2016:
Nursing practice in maternity intensive care units. Severe pre-eclampsia in a primigravida

Lapp, A., 2017:
Nursing practice in the face of a potentially suspect situation

Harding, A.D.; Batista, C.S., 2017:
Nursing practice remediation: Administration and regulation

Brunello, M.Eugenia.Firmino.; Simiele-Beck, M.Fernanda.; Orfão, N.Halax.; Wysocki, A.Domingues.; Magnabosco, G.Tavares.; Andrade, R.Laine.de.Paula.; Monroe, A.Aparecida.; Beraldo, A.Ale.; Villa, T.Cristina.Scatena., 2016:
Nursing practices in the attention to a chronic condition (tuberculosis): analysis of secondary sources

Barbiani, R.; Nora, C.Rigon.Dalla.; Schaefer, R., 2018:
Nursing practices in the primary health care context: a scoping review

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing prescription, at last a reality?

Frattini, Aélie., 2016:
Nursing procedures carried out with an intestinal obstruction

Ricci, Z.; Benelli, S.; Barbarigo, F.; Cocozza, G.; Pettinelli, N.; Di Luca, E.; Mettifogo, M.; Toniolo, A.; Ronco, C., 2015:
Nursing procedures during continuous renal replacement therapies: a national survey

da Cruz, Dá.de.Almeida.Lopes.Monteiro.; Guedes, E.de.Souza.; dos Santos, M.Alvina.; de Sousa, R.Márcia.Cardoso.; Turrini, R.Natalia.Teresa.; Maia, M.Maria.; Araújo, S.Alves.Neves., 2017:
Nursing process documentation: rationale and methods of analytical study

Soleymanifard, F.; Khademolhoseyni, S.Mohamad.; Nouri, J.Mokhtari., 2015:
Nursing process in post tonsillectomy pain diagnosis: a systematic review

Anonymous, 1991:
Nursing process: application of conceptual models, 3rd edition P Christensen J Kenney Nursing process: application of conceptual models, 3rd edition C V Mosby 368pp £22.75 0-8016-3271-4 [Formula: see text

Heyelmann, L., 2016:
Nursing profession reform regulation - who will work in geriatric nursing in the future?

Lasiter, S.; McLennon, S.M., 2015:
Nursing professional capital: a qualitative analysis

Huber, T.H., 2015:
Nursing professionalism

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing professionalism: innate, taught, or caught?

Bernalte-Martí, V.; Orts-Cortés, Mía.Isabel.; Maciá-Soler, L., 2017:
Nursing professionals and health care assistants' perception of patient safety culture in the operating room

Longerich, B.; Camenzind, M., 2016:
Nursing professionals at the forefront

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing professionals should be "public authority"

Koivunen, M.; Saranto, K., 2012:
Nursing professionals' experiences of the facilitators and barriers to the use of telehealth applications: - a systematic review of qualitative evidence

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing professions - regulation

Anonymous, 2003:
Nursing programme director steps down in NHS shake-up

Anonymous, 1994:
Nursing project leaders named

Sampaio, F.Miguel.Correia.; Sequeira, C.Alberto.da.Cruz.; Lluch Canut, Mía.Teresa., 2016:
Nursing psychotherapeutic interventions: a review of clinical studies

Strobl, E.Hellung., 1994:
Nursing quality in Sweden

Anonymous, 2015:
Nursing quality scheme piloted in Scotland

Hillery, S.A., 1990:
Nursing records prove invaluable

Bohrer, A., 2016:
Nursing requires continuous language change

Schanz, B., 2015:
Nursing requires strength

Fowles, H., 2015:
Nursing research

Fowles, H., 2015:
Nursing research

Chardin, M.; Benazzouz, M.; Brocker, L., 2016:
Nursing research and the Hospital Programme for Nursing and Allied Health Research

Tierney, A., 1996:
Nursing research at the University of Edinburgh

Doody, O.; Noonan, M., 2017:
Nursing research ethics, guidance and application in practice

Anonymous, 2004:
Nursing research in context: appreciation, application and professional development Nursing Research in Context: Appreciation, Application and Professional Development Dawn Freshwater Veronica Bishop Palgrave Macmillan £17.99 220 0333993543 0333993543 [Formula: see text

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing research model 'not fit for purpose'

Parish, C., 2007:
Nursing research needs overhaul to achieve equality with medicine

Di Massimo, D.S.; Catania, G.; Bertolin, A.; Croso, A.; Gatta, C.; Dal Molin, A., 2016:
Nursing research priorities in internal medicine nursing practice: an Italian Delphi study

Anonymous, 1987:
Nursing research unit

Read, S., 2017:
Nursing research's ivory tower was knocked down long ago

Moxham, L., 2016:
Nursing researchers forge careers in a highly competitive environment

Singsuriya, P., 2016:
Nursing researchers' modifications of Ricoeur's hermeneutic phenomenology

Sanders, E.Duis., 2016:
Nursing resilience: a nursing opportunity

Tillett, J., 2016:
Nursing responsibilities and research

Keown, R., 2016:
Nursing revalidation

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing review in Northern Ireland accompanies extra course places

Pinto, C.; Reig Valero, R.; Iadeluca, A.; Lomuscio, S.; Caldarulo, T.; Sponton, A., 2016:
Nursing role in prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: Spanish project "Neumonìa Zero"

Zurita-Garaicoechea, A.; Reis-Carvalho, J.; Ripa-Aisa, I.; Jiménez-Mendoza, A.; Díaz-Balén, A.; Oroviogoicoechea, C., 2017:
Nursing role in reporting adverse drug reactions

Walker, Léonie.; Clendon, J.; Nelson, K., 2016:
Nursing roles and responsibilities in general practice: three case studies

Parish, C., 2005:
Nursing roles are expanding on an 'uncontrolled basis', report claims

Diez, A.Christina.; Firat, Çiçek., 2016:
Nursing rounds at the patient bedside

Anonymous, 2016:
Nursing salary hikes remain modest despite labor shortages and looming demographic shifts

Sprinks, J., 2010:
Nursing schools ask students to defer take-up of limited places

Camenzind, M., 2015:
Nursing science and practice in first place

Ortiz, M.R., 2016:
Nursing science leaders

Parse, R.Rizzo., 2016:
Nursing science or is it the science of nursing?

Clarke, P.N., 2016:
Nursing science: an answer to lateral violence?

Valcarenghi, R.Vivian.; Lourenço, L.de.Fátima.Leite.; Siewert, J.Steil.; Alvarez, A.Maria., 2017:
Nursing scientific production on health promotion, chronic condition, and aging

Anonymous, 1995:
Nursing sensations Rosie Chester Nursing sensations and Jef Smith Counsel and Care 57pp £6 1 898092-13-3 1898092133

Keighley, T., 2003:
Nursing service

Salazar de la Guerra, R.; Ferrer Arnedo, C.; Labrador Domínguez, M.J.; Sangregorio Matesanz, A., 2016 :
Nursing service certification. Norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2008

Thomson, R., 2017:
Nursing services will suffer in short-sighted public health cut

Gentle, R., 2016:
Nursing shortages

Ball, K.; Doyle, D.; Oocumma, N.I., 2015:
Nursing shortages in the OR: solutions for new models of education

Anonymous, 1996:
Nursing should be a therapeutic intervention in its own right

Watson, S., 1998:
Nursing should be promoted to children

Altman, M.; Brinker, D., 2017:
Nursing social entrepreneurship leads to positive change

Francke, A.L.; Albers, G.; Bilsen, J.; de Veer, A.J.E.; Onwuteaka-Philipsen, B.D., 2017:
Nursing staff and euthanasia in the Netherlands. A nation-wide survey on attitudes and involvement in decision making and the performance of euthanasia

Trybou, J.; Malfait, S.; Gemmel, P.; Clays, E., 2016:
Nursing staff and their team: Impact on intention to leave

Kleebauer, A., 2017:
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