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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58442

Chapter 58442 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Drewnowski, A., 2016:
Nutrition Economics: How to Eat Better for Less

Kattelmann, K., 2016:
Nutrition Education Programming and Sponsorship: Transparency to Donor and Members

Lisson, S.; Goodell, L.Suzanne.; Dev, D.; Wilkerson, K.; Hegde, A.V.; Stage, V.C., 2017:
Nutrition Education Resources in North Carolina-Based Head Start Preschool Programs: Administrator and Teacher Perceptions of Availability and Use

Eisenberg, D.M., 2016:
Nutrition Education in 2040-An Imagined Retrospective

Becvarova, I.; Prochazka, D.; Chandler, M.L.; Meyer, H., 2016:
Nutrition Education in European Veterinary Schools: Are European Veterinary Graduates Competent in Nutrition?

Eisenberg, D.M.; Burgess, J.D., 2015:
Nutrition Education in an Era of Global Obesity and Diabetes: Thinking Outside the Box

Reeder, J.A., 2017:
Nutrition Educators and Global Food Policy

Piscopo, S., 2016:
Nutrition Educators as Players in the 2016 International Year of …

Loosli, A.R.; Benson, J.; Gillien, D.M.; Bourdet, K., 1986 :
Nutrition Habits and Knowledge in Competitive Adolescent Female Gymnasts

North, J.C.; Jordan, K.C.; Metos, J.; Hurdle, J.F., 2015:
Nutrition Informatics Applications in Clinical Practice: a Systematic Review

Goldstein-Fuchs, J.; Kalantar-Zadeh, K., 2015:
Nutrition Intervention for Advanced Stages of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Heber, D.; Li, Z., 2017:
Nutrition Intervention in Cancer

de Jesus, J.M.; Kahan, S.; Eckel, R.H., 2017:
Nutrition Interventions for Cardiovascular Disease

Pimentel, C.Frade.Magalhaes.Girardin.; Lai, M., 2017:
Nutrition Interventions for Chronic Liver Diseases and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Ard, J.D.; Miller, G.; Kahan, S., 2017:
Nutrition Interventions for Obesity

Burrows, T.; Hutchesson, M.; Chai, L.Kheng.; Rollo, M.; Skinner, G.; Collins, C., 2016:
Nutrition Interventions for Prevention and Management of Childhood Obesity: What Do Parents Want from an eHealth Program?

Anderson, C.A.M.; Nguyen, H.Anh.; Rifkin, D.E., 2017:
Nutrition Interventions in Chronic Kidney Disease

Danaher, K.; Curley, T., 2016:
Nutrition Knowledge and Practices of Varsity Coaches at a Canadian University

Nogueira, L.M.; Thai, C.L.; Nelson, W.; Oh, A., 2018 :
Nutrition Label Numeracy: Disparities and Association with Health Behaviors

Graham, D.J.; Heidrick, C.; Hodgin, K., 2016:
Nutrition Label Viewing during a Food-Selection Task: Front-of-Package Labels vs Nutrition Facts Labels

Davari, A.; Rashidi, A.; Baartmans, J.Antonius., 2015:
Nutrition Leadership Development: Capacity-Building Initiatives in Iran and the Middle-East Region Since 2009

Schindler, T.; Michel, S.; Wilson, A.W.M., 2016:
Nutrition Management of Cystic Fibrosis in the 21st Century

Berry, R.C.; Novak, P.; Withrow, N.; Schmidt, B.; Rarback, S.; Feucht, S.; Criado, K.K.; Sharp, W.G., 2016:
Nutrition Management of Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Guideline from an Expert Panel

Xue, H.; Ren, W.; Denkinger, M.; Schlotzer, E.; Wischmeyer, P.E., 2016:
Nutrition Modulation of Cardiotoxicity and Anticancer Efficacy Related to Doxorubicin Chemotherapy by Glutamine and ω-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Jeejeebhoy, K.N., 2016:
Nutrition Needs Should Be Modified to Consider Nutrition Status and Acuity of Illness: Lessons From the INTACT Trial

Harris, D.O., 1969:
Nutrition of Platydorina Caudata Kofoid

Narain, K.; Mata, A.; Flores, J., 2018:
Nutrition Policy Decreases Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in Municipal Parks: Lessons Learned From Carson, California

Allman-Farinelli, M.A., 2015:
Nutrition Promotion to Prevent Obesity in Young Adults

Wang, Y.Claire.; Hsiao, A.; Chamberlin, P.; Largay, M.; Archibald, A.; Malone, A.; Stevelos, J., 2017:
Nutrition Quality of US School Snack Foods: A First Look at 2011-2014 Bid Records in 8 School Districts

Barkoukis, H., 2017:
Nutrition Recommendations in Elderly and Aging

Kominiarek, M.A.; Rajan, P., 2017:
Nutrition Recommendations in Pregnancy and Lactation

Kami, A.Arenas.; Fernandes, R.; de Quadros Camargo, C.; Corsi, D.Martins.; de Salles, R.Kuerten.; de Moraes Trindade, E.Benicio.Santos., 2016:
Nutrition Risk Screening in Patients Admitted to an Adult Emergency Department of a Brazilian University Hospital

Kellett, J.; Kyle, G.; Itsiopoulos, C.; Naunton, M., 2017:
Nutrition Screening Practices amongst Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities

Wang, F.; Chen, W.; Bruening, K.Stearns.; Raj, S.; Larsen, D.A., 2017:
Nutrition Screening Tools and the Prediction of Clinical Outcomes among Chinese Hospitalized Gastrointestinal Disease Patients

McDonald, C.M., 2017:
Nutrition Screening and Diagnosis with Early, Appropriate Interventions Are Critical Components of Cystic Fibrosis Management

Marshall, S.; Young, A.; Bauer, J.; Isenring, E., 2017:
Nutrition Screening in Geriatric Rehabilitation: Criterion (Concurrent and Predictive) Validity of the Malnutrition Screening Tool and the Mini Nutritional Assessment-Short Form

Mwaniki, E.W.; Makokha, A.N.; Muttunga, J.N., 2016:
Nutrition Status and Associated Morbidity Risk Factors Among Orphanage and Non-Orphanage Children in Selected Public Primary Schools Within Dagoretti, Nairobi, Kenya

Hauschild, D.Barbieri.; Barbosa, E.; Moreira, E.Addison.Machado.; Ludwig Neto, N.; Platt, V.Borges.; Piacentini Filho, E.; Wazlawik, E.; Moreno, Y.Maria.Franco., 2017:
Nutrition Status Parameters and Hydration Status by Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis Were Associated With Lung Function Impairment in Children and Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis

Zheng, H.; Huang, Y.; Shi, Y.; Chen, W.; Yu, J.; Wang, X., 2016:
Nutrition Status, Nutrition Support Therapy, and Food Intake are Related to Prolonged Hospital Stays in China: Results from the NutritionDay 2015 Survey

Kim, J.; Park, J.; Lim, K., 2017:
Nutrition Supplements to Stimulate Lipolysis: A Review in Relation to Endurance Exercise Capacity

Ueda, M.; Obayashi, K.; Ikeda, K.; Ando, Y., 2016:
Nutrition Support as Team Medical Care

Royall, D., 2016:
Nutrition Support for Athletes

Wong, J.J.M.; Cheifetz, I.M.; Ong, C.; Nakao, M.; Lee, J.Hau., 2016:
Nutrition Support for Children Undergoing Congenital Heart Surgeries: A Narrative Review

Moore, S.M.; Burlew, C.Cothren., 2016:
Nutrition Support in the Open Abdomen

Machado, R.Rodrigues.Campos.; Caruso, Lúcia.; Lima, P.de.Azevedo.; Damasceno, Nágila.Raquel.Teixeira.; Soriano, F.Garcia., 2017:
Nutrition Therapy in Sepsis: Characterization and Implications for Clinical Prognosis

Wang, J.; Chen, W.; Wang, F.; Wu, D.; Qian, J.; Kang, J.; Li, H.; Ma, E., 2015:
Nutrition Therapy for Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalopathy with Homozygous Mutation of the TYMP Gene

Rahman, A.; Agarwala, R.; Martin, C.; Nagpal, D.; Teitelbaum, M.; Heyland, D.K., 2016:
Nutrition Therapy in Critically Ill Patients Following Cardiac Surgery: Defining and Improving Practice

Popkin, B.M., 2016:
Nutrition Transition and the Global Diabetes Epidemic

Keding, G., 2017:
Nutrition Transition in Rural Tanzania and Kenya

Zarei, N.; Ahmadi, A., 2015:
Nutrition Transition: An Intergenerational Comparison of Dietary Habits among Women of Shiraz

Langellier, B.A.; Massey, P.M., 2016:
Nutrition activation and dietary intake disparities among US adults

Gillis, C.; Nguyen, T.Haiyen.; Liberman, A.Sender.; Carli, F., 2016:
Nutrition adequacy in enhanced recovery after surgery: a single academic center experience

Longhurst, C., 2016:
Nutrition advice crucial, say cancer patients

Crowley, J.; Ball, L.; Wall, C., 2016:
Nutrition advice provided by general practice registrars: an investigation using patient scenarios

Guan, Y.; Liang, G.; Hawken, P.A.R.; Meachem, S.J.; Malecki, I.A.; Ham, S.; Stewart, T.; Guan, L.Luo.; Martin, G.B., 2014:
Nutrition affects Sertoli cell function but not Sertoli cell numbers in sexually mature male sheep

Anonymous, 2016:
Nutrition after surgery. When eating isn't easy

Singh, K.P.; Bhoopathy, S.Varun.; Worth, H.; Seale, H.; Richmond, R.L., 2016:
Nutrition among men and household food security in an internally displaced persons camp in Kenya

Minuti, A.; Patrone, V.; Giuberti, G.; Spigno, G.; Pietri, A.; Battilani, P.; Ajmone Marsan, P., 2016:
Nutrition and Ageing

Dasarathy, S., 2017:
Nutrition and Alcoholic Liver Disease: Effects of Alcoholism on Nutrition, Effects of Nutrition on Alcoholic Liver Disease, and Nutritional Therapies for Alcoholic Liver Disease

Torres, N.; Guevara-Cruz, M.; Velázquez-Villegas, L.A.; Tovar, A.R., 2015:
Nutrition and Atherosclerosis

Field, S.S., 2016:
Nutrition and Autism: Intervention Compared with Identification

Beyer, J.L.; Payne, M.E., 2016:
Nutrition and Bipolar Depression

Fang, J-Yuan., 2016:
Nutrition and Cancer

Ravera, A.; Carubelli, V.; Sciatti, E.; Bonadei, I.; Gorga, E.; Cani, D.; Vizzardi, E.; Metra, M.; Lombardi, C., 2017:
Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease: Finding the Perfect Recipe for Cardiovascular Health

Molnar, J.A.; Vlad, L.G.; Gumus, T., 2017:
Nutrition and Chronic Wounds: Improving Clinical Outcomes

Coley, N.; Vaurs, C.; Andrieu, S., 2016:
Nutrition and Cognition in Aging Adults

Stewart, M.W.; Traylor, A.C.; Bratzke, L.C., 2017:
Nutrition and Cognition in Older Adults With Heart Failure: A Systematic Review

Frisvold, D.E., 2015:
Nutrition and Cognitive Achievement: An Evaluation of the School Breakfast Program

Canevelli, M.; Lucchini, F.; Quarata, F.; Bruno, G.; Cesari, M., 2016:
Nutrition and Dementia: Evidence for Preventive Approaches?

Wolever, T.M.S., 2017:
Nutrition and Diabetes

Rehman, K.; Akash, M.Sajid.Hamid., 2017:
Nutrition and Diabetes Mellitus: How are They Interlinked?

Wong, K.Anduha.; Kataoka-Yahiro, M.R., 2016:
Nutrition and Diet as It Relates to Health and Well-Being of Native Hawaiian Kūpuna (Elders): A Systematic Literature Review

Anonymous, 2016:
Nutrition and Food Science - An Obvious but Little-Appreciated Partnership: Lessons Learned from the Road Less Traveled

Donini, L.M., 2015:
Nutrition and Frailty

Manal, B.; Suzana, S.; Singh, D.K.A., 2015:
Nutrition and Frailty: A Review of Clinical Intervention Studies

Hartman, C.; Shamir, R., 2016:
Nutrition and Growth in Chronic Disease

Lusman, S.; Sullivan, J., 2017:
Nutrition and Growth in Cystic Fibrosis

Brown-Riggs, C., 2016:
Nutrition and Health Disparities: The Role of Dairy in Improving Minority Health Outcomes

Chang, S-Joan., 2016:
Nutrition and Health Promotion--From Molecular to Physiological Modulation

Kritchevsky, S.B., 2018:
Nutrition and Healthy Aging

Haley, K.P.; Gaddy, J.A., 2016:
Nutrition and Helicobacter pylori: Host Diet and Nutritional Immunity Influence Bacterial Virulence and Disease Outcome

Schütte, K.; Schulz, C.; Malfertheiner, P., 2016:
Nutrition and Hepatocellular Cancer

Lecko, C., 2016:
Nutrition and Hydration Week: come and join the (tea) party

Warriner, L.; Gooch, S.; Harkess, S., 2016:
Nutrition and Hydration Week: one trust's recipe for success

Moreno Villares, Jé.Manuel., 2017:
Nutrition and Hydration in Newborns: Limiting Treatment Decisions

Czerwonogrodzka-Senczyna, A.; Janusz, M.; Jeznach-Steinhagen, A.; Demkow, U.; Pyrzak, B., 2016:
Nutrition and Immune System in Children with Simple Obesity

Dias Rodrigues, V.; Barroso de Pinho, N.; Abdelhay, E.; Viola, Jão.P.B.; Correia, M.Isabel.; Brum Martucci, R., 2016:
Nutrition and Immune-Modulatory Intervention in Surgical Patients With Gastric Cancer

Ticinesi, A.; Meschi, T.; Lauretani, F.; Felis, G.; Franchi, F.; Pedrolli, C.; Barichella, M.; Benati, G.; Di Nuzzo, S.; Ceda, G.Paolo.; Maggio, M., 2016:
Nutrition and Inflammation in Older Individuals: Focus on Vitamin D, n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Whey Proteins

Null, G.; Pennesi, L.; Feldman, M., 2016:
Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention on Mood and Neurological Disorders

Floh, A.A.; Slicker, J.; Schwartz, S.M., 2017:
Nutrition and Mesenteric Issues in Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care

Vuolo, L.; Barrea, L.; Savanelli, M.C.; Savastano, S.; Rubino, M.; Scarano, E.; Soprano, M.; Illario, M.; Colao, A.; Di Somma, C., 2016:
Nutrition and Osteoporosis: Preliminary data of Campania Region of European PERsonalised ICT Supported Service for Independent Living and Active Ageing

Raindi, D., 2016:
Nutrition and Periodontal Disease

Tovar, A.; Mena, N.Z.; Risica, P.; Gorham, G.; Gans, K.M., 2016:
Nutrition and Physical Activity Environments of Home-Based Child Care: What Hispanic Providers Have to Say

Puckett, M.; Neri, A.; Underwood, J.Michael.; Stewart, S.L., 2018:
Nutrition and Physical Activity Strategies for Cancer Prevention in Current National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Plans

Oliveira, C.P.; de Lima Sanches, P.; de Abreu-Silva, E.Oliveira.; Marcadenti, A., 2016:
Nutrition and Physical Activity in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Mendeluk, G.Ruth.; Cohen, M.Isaac.; Ferreri, C.; Chatgilialoglu, C., 2015:
Nutrition and Reproductive Health: Sperm versus Erythrocyte Lipidomic Profile and ω-3 Intake

Rizzoli, Ré., 2016:
Nutrition and Sarcopenia

Boegman, S.; Dziedzic, C.E., 2017:
Nutrition and Supplements for Elite Open-Weight Rowing

Rutkowski, P.; May, C.Albrecht., 2016:
Nutrition and Vascular Supply of Retinal Ganglion Cells during Human Development

Morley, J.E.; Bauer, Jürgen.M., 2016:
Nutrition and aging successfully

Tsutsui, W.; Fujioka, Y., 2016:
Nutrition and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Tabakaeva, O.V.; Tabakaev, A.V., 2016:
Nutrition and biological value of food parts of a trade bivalve mollusk Anadara broughtoni

Weaver, C.M., 2016:
Nutrition and bone health

Rizzoli, Ré.; Bischoff-Ferrari, H.; Dawson-Hughes, B.; Weaver, C., 2015:
Nutrition and bone health in women after the menopause

Ströhle, A.; Hahn, A., 2016:
Nutrition and bone health: What ist the evidence?

Hernando Requejo, O.; Rubio Rodríguez, M.Carmen., 2017:
Nutrition and cancer

Wiseman, M.J., 2016:
Nutrition and cancer - global and African perspectives: a focused update

Kayıkçıoğlu, M.; Özdoğan, Öner., 2016:
Nutrition and cardiovascular health: 2015 American Dietary Guidelines Advisory Report

Semerano, L.; Julia, C.; Aitisha, O.; Boissier, M-Christophe., 2016:
Nutrition and chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease

Palmer, S.C.; Ruospo, M.; Campbell, K.L.; Garcia Larsen, V.; Saglimbene, V.; Natale, P.; Gargano, L.; Craig, J.C.; Johnson, D.W.; Tonelli, M.; Knight, J.; Bednarek-Skublewska, A.; Celia, E.; Del Castillo, D.; Dulawa, J.; Ecder, T.; Fabricius, E.; Frazão, Jão.Miguel.; Gelfman, R.; Hoischen, S.Hildegard.; Schön, S.; Stroumza, P.; Timofte, D.; Török, M.; Hegbrant, Jörgen.; Wollheim, C.; Frantzen, L.; Strippoli, G.F.M.; Raña, S.; Serrano, M.; Claros, S.; Arias, M.; Petracci, L.; Arana, M.; De, 2015:
Nutrition and dietary intake and their association with mortality and hospitalisation in adults with chronic kidney disease treated with haemodialysis: protocol for DIET-HD, a prospective multinational cohort study

Sasaki, K., 2016:
Nutrition and dopamine: An intake of tyrosine in royal jelly can affect the brain levels of dopamine in male honeybees (Apis mellifera L.)

Tsuboyama-Kasaoka, N.; Purba, M.Br., 2015:
Nutrition and earthquakes: experience and recommendations

Gibbs, V.K.; Smith, D.L., 2016:
Nutrition and energetics in rodent longevity research

Wiche, M.K., 1986:
Nutrition and fitness

Kleiner, S.M., 1990:
Nutrition and fitness

Kleiner, S.M., 1992:
Nutrition and fitness

Pegram, A.; Bloomfield, J., 2017:
Nutrition and fluid management

Barrière-Arnoux, Cécile., 2015:
Nutrition and frail elderly at risk

Levitsky, L.L., 2016:
Nutrition and growth - a multitude of manifestations and room for further investigation

Royo-Bordonada, M.Ángel.; Bosqued-Estefanía, Mía.José.; Damián, J.; López-Jurado, Lázaro.; Moya-Geromini, Mía.Ángeles., 2018:
Nutrition and health claims in products directed at children via television in Spain in 2012

Al-Ani, H.H.; Devi, A.; Eyles, H.; Swinburn, B.; Vandevijvere, S., 2017:
Nutrition and health claims on healthy and less-healthy packaged food products in New Zealand

Seibt, R.; Süße, T.; Spitzer, S.; Hunger, B.; Rudolf, M., 2016:
Nutrition and health in hotel staff on different shift patterns

Faggiano, F.; Pirastu, R.; Allara, E.; Falcone, M.; Ferrante, G.; Pacelli, B.; Schifano, P.; Senore, C.; Serinelli, M., 2017:
Nutrition and health in the era of globalisation

Branca, F.; Piwoz, E.; Schultink, W.; Sullivan, L.Martinez., 2015:
Nutrition and health in women, children, and adolescent girls

Patel, N.; Gunjana, G.; Patel, S.; Thanvi, R.; Sathvara, P.; Joshi, R., 2015:
Nutrition and health status of school children in urban area of Ahmedabad, India: Comparison with Indian Council of Medical Research and body mass index standards

Zhou, H.; Wang, S.; Yin, H.; Chen, C.; Yang, Y.; Jiang, M.; Yang, L.; Guo, B.; Tang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Sun, G., 2015:
Nutrition and health survey of children and youth in Lishui District, Nanjing City

Poley, M.J., 2015:
Nutrition and health technology assessment: when two worlds meet

Szucs, T.D.; Stoffel, A.W., 2016:
Nutrition and health--Why payors should get involved

Faggiano, F.; Pirastu, R.; Allara, E.; Falcone, M.; Ferrante, G.; Pacelli, B.; Schifano, P.; Senore, C.; Serinelli, M., 2016:
Nutrition and health: the receipe of Italian epidemiology. Report from the 39th Congress of the Italian Association of Epidemiology

Panico, S., 2017:
Nutrition and health: the recipe of Italian epidemiology

Emmett, S.D.; West, K.P., 2016:
Nutrition and hearing loss: a neglected cause and global health burden

Devalois, B.; Broucke, M., 2015:
Nutrition and hydration at the end of life

Hunt, N.H.; Chaudhri, G., 1995:
Nutrition and infectious disease

Moreno, L.A.; Gottrand, Fédéric.; Huybrechts, I.; Ruiz, J.R.; González-Gross, M.; DeHenauw, S.; Moreno, L.A.; Gottrand, Féderic.; De Henauw, S.; González-Gross, M.; Gilbert, C.; Kafatos, A.; Moreno, L.A.; Libersa, C.; De Henauw, S.; Sánchez, J.; Gottrand, Féderic.; Kersting, M.; Sjöstrom, M.; Molnár, Dénes.; Dallongeville, J.; Gilbert, C.; Hall, G.; Maes, L.; Scalfi, L.; Meléndez, P.; Moreno, L.A.; Fleta, Jús.; Casajús, Jé.A.; Rodríguez, G.; Tomás, Cón.; Mesana, Mía.I.; Vicente, 2015 :
Nutrition and lifestyle in european adolescents: the HELENA (Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence) study

Boccardi, V.; Paolisso, G.; Mecocci, P., 2016:
Nutrition and lifestyle in healthy aging: the telomerase challenge

Jarosz, Mław.; Wolańska, D.; Stolińska, H.; Respondek, W.; Kłosiewicz-Latoszek, L., 2016:
Nutrition and lifestyle in patients pharmacologically treated due to hypertensionally treated due to hypertension

Brogi, D.; Espinosa, E.; Lilli, A.; Bovenzi, F.Maria.; Battino, M., 2016:
Nutrition and malnutrition in the intensive coronary care unit. Fundamentals for the clinical cardiologist

Leroy, J.L.M.R.; Valckx, S.D.M.; Jordaens, L.; De Bie, J.; Desmet, K.L.J.; Van Hoeck, V.; Britt, J.H.; Marei, W.F.; Bols, P.E.J., 2017:
Nutrition and maternal metabolic health in relation to oocyte and embryo quality: critical views on what we learned from the dairy cow model

Christian, P.; Mullany, L.C.; Hurley, K.M.; Katz, J.; Black, R.E., 2016:
Nutrition and maternal, neonatal, and child health

Johnson, A.R.; Makowski, L., 2015:
Nutrition and metabolic correlates of obesity and inflammation: clinical considerations

Mahanna, E.; Crimi, E.; White, P.; Mann, D.S.; Fahy, B.G., 2015:
Nutrition and metabolic support for critically ill patients

Cherian, G., 2015:
Nutrition and metabolism in poultry: role of lipids in early diet

Prelack, K.; Yu, Y.Ming.; Sheridan, R.L., 2015:
Nutrition and metabolism in the rehabilitative phase of recovery in burn children: a review of clinical and research findings in a speciality pediatric burn hospital

Letois, F.; Mura, T.; Scali, J.; Gutierrez, L-Anne.; Féart, C.; Berr, C., 2016:
Nutrition and mortality in the elderly over 10 years of follow-up: the Three-City study

Chan, S.H.T.; Johnson, M.J.; Leaf, A.A.; Vollmer, B., 2017:
Nutrition and neurodevelopmental outcomes in preterm infants: a systematic review

Szczuko, Młgorzata.; Gutowska, I.; Seidler, T., 2016:
Nutrition and nourishment status of Polish students in comparison with students from other countries

LaRocca, T.J.; Martens, C.R.; Seals, D.R., 2016:
Nutrition and other lifestyle influences on arterial aging

Rahmati Najarkolaei, F.; Ghaffarpasand, E.; Gholami Fesharaki, M.; Jonaidi Jafari, N., 2015:
Nutrition and physical activity educational intervention on CHD risk factors: a systematic review study

Bosaeus, I.; Rothenberg, E., 2017:
Nutrition and physical activity for the prevention and treatment of age-related sarcopenia

Verschuren, O.; Peterson, M.D., 2017:
Nutrition and physical activity in people with cerebral palsy: opposite sides of the same coin

Castro, I.; Waclawovsky, G.; Marcadenti, A., 2016:
Nutrition and physical activity on hypertension: implication of current evidence and guidelines

Li, M.; Xue, H.; Wen, M.; Wang, W.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Nutrition and physical activity related school environment/policy factors and child obesity in China: a nationally representative study of 8573 students in 110 middle schools

Barrea, L.; Balato, N.; Di Somma, C.; Macchia, P.Emidio.; Napolitano, M.; Savanelli, M.Cristina.; Esposito, K.; Colao, A.; Savastano, S., 2016:
Nutrition and psoriasis: is there any association between the severity of the disease and adherence to the Mediterranean diet?

Muurinen, S.; Savikko, N.; Soini, H.; Suominen, M.; Pitkälä, K., 2015:
Nutrition and psychological well-being among long-term care residents with dementia

Soliman, A.; De Sanctis, V.; Elalaily, R., 2014:
Nutrition and pubertal development

Berthon, B.S.; Wood, L.G., 2015:
Nutrition and respiratory health--feature review

Morris, M.Clare., 2017:
Nutrition and risk of dementia: overview and methodological issues

Pappas, A.; Liakou, A.; Zouboulis, C.C., 2016:
Nutrition and skin

Evans, A.S.; Hosseinian, L.; Mahabir, T.; Kurtis, S.; Mechanick, J.I., 2016:
Nutrition and the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit Patient--An Update

Evans, A.S.; Hosseinian, L.; Mahabir, T.; Kurtis, S.; Mechanick, J.I., 2016:
Nutrition and the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit Patient-An Update: J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 29:1044-1050, 2015

Potter, G.D.M.; Cade, J.E.; Grant, P.J.; Hardie, L.J., 2017:
Nutrition and the circadian system

Forbes, A.; Correia, M.Isabel.T.D., 2016:
Nutrition and the gastrointestinal tract

Salazar, N.; Valdés-Varela, L.; González, S.; Gueimonde, M.; de Los Reyes-Gavilán, C.G., 2016:
Nutrition and the gut microbiome in the elderly

Seale, J.V.; Fallaize, R.; Lovegrove, J.A., 2016:
Nutrition and the homeless: the underestimated challenge

Moelling, K., 2018:
Nutrition and the microbiome

Tenniswood, C., 2002:
Nutrition and the older adult

Bennett, B.J.; Hall, K.D.; Hu, F.B.; McCartney, A.L.; Roberto, C., 2015:
Nutrition and the science of disease prevention: a systems approach to support metabolic health

McLaren, S.M.G., 1992:
Nutrition and wound healing

Pinchcofsky-Devin, G., 1994:
Nutrition and wound healing

Deans, C.A.; Sword, G.A.; Behmer, S.T., 2018:
Nutrition as a neglected factor in insect herbivore susceptibility to Bt toxins

Anonymous, 2000:
Nutrition as important as medication

Skrautvol, K.; Nåden, D., 2015:
Nutrition as long-term care as experienced by persons living with inflammatory bowel disease: a qualitative study

Ribas, D.F.; Kelman, G.; Buzzini, R.F.; Simões, R.S.; Bernardo, W.M., 2017:
Nutrition assessment - Modal ergometry

Bakshi, N.; Singh, K., 2016:
Nutrition assessment and its effect on various clinical variables among patients undergoing liver transplant

Apostolou, A.; Printza, N.; Karagiozoglou-Lampoudi, T.; Dotis, J.; Papachristou, F., 2015:
Nutrition assessment of children with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease-A single center study

Tang, A.M.; Quick, T.; Chung, M.; Wanke, C.A., 2015:
Nutrition assessment, counseling, and support interventions to improve health-related outcomes in people living with HIV/AIDS: a systematic review of the literature

Bulló, M.; Juanola-Falgarona, M.; Hernández-Alonso, P.; Salas-Salvadó, J., 2015:
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