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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58444

Chapter 58444 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Zhang, J.; Li, M-Fei., 2016:
ORF75 of megalocytivirus RBIV-C1: A global transcription regulator and an effective vaccine candidate

Wu, Z.; Yang, L.; Ren, X.; Zhang, J.; Yang, F.; Zhang, S.; Jin, Q., 2016:
ORF8-Related Genetic Evidence for Chinese Horseshoe Bats as the Source of Human Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

Ekstrom, A.; Yin, Y., 2017:
ORFanFinder: automated identification of taxonomically restricted orphan genes

Bose, S.Kumar.; Marder, T.B., 2015:
ORGANIC CATALYSIS. A leap ahead for activating C-H bonds

Service, R.F., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. A modular route to new antibiotics

Smith, M.W.; Baran, P.S., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. As simple as [2+2

Yang, Y.; Shi, S-Liang.; Niu, D.; Liu, P.; Buchwald, S.L., 2015:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Catalytic asymmetric hydroamination of unactivated internal olefins to aliphatic amines

Kärkäs, M.D.; Matsuura, B.S.; Stephenson, C.R.J., 2015:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Enchained by visible light-mediated photoredox catalysis

Hoyt, J.M.; Schmidt, V.A.; Tondreau, A.M.; Chirik, P.J., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Iron-catalyzed intermolecular [2+2] cycloadditions of unactivated alkenes

Dumoulin, A.; Masson, G., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Lewis acids turn unreactive substrates into pure enantiomers

Xie, J.; Hase, W.L., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Rethinking the S(N)2 reaction

Fruit, C., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Three catalysts for activating carbon-hydrogen bonds

Fyfe, J.W.B.; Watson, A.J.B., 2016:
ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. When two reactions become one

McCulloch, I.; Salleo, A.; Chabinyc, M., 2016:
ORGANIC DEVICES. Avoid the kinks when measuring mobility

ApSimon, M., 2017:
Dispelling myths about intravenous fish oil-based lipid emulsions: a clinical perspective

Anonymous, 2018:
Dispelling the myths of animal-assisted care

Boger, D.L., 2015:
ORGANIC SYNTHESIS. When sugar is not so sweet

Warrant, E., 2015:
ORGANISMAL BIOLOGY. Visual tracking in the dead of night

Schubert, A.; Tetzlaff, J.; Licina, M.; Mascha, E.; Smith, M.P., 1999:

Su, Y.; Nan, G., 2016:
ORIF with percutaneous cross pinning via the posterior approach for paediatric widely displaced supracondylar femoral fractures

Cronin, L.; Walker, S.Imari., 2016:
ORIGIN OF LIFE. Beyond prebiotic chemistry

Heinzelmann, E., 2015:
ORION - A Global Approach to Waste Management

Geiger, A.; Storck, C., 2015:
ORL 15. Basal cell adenoma of the right parotid gland

Okera, N.; Escabasse, V.; Coste, A.; Albers, A.E., 2016:
ORL residency in France: Satisfaction and training quality in 2013

Tetter, N.; Brand, Y.; Storck, C., 2016:
ORL19. A rare swelling at the base of the tongue

Kirwan, Gáinne.H., 2018:
Dispelling the Pseudopsychology of Cybercrime

Kimberlin, A.N.; Han, G.; Luttgeharm, K.D.; Chen, M.; Cahoon, R.E.; Stone, J.M.; Markham, J.E.; Dunn, T.M.; Cahoon, E.B., 2016:
ORM Expression Alters Sphingolipid Homeostasis and Differentially Affects Ceramide Synthase Activity

Qin, Z.; Wan, J-Jing.; Sun, Y.; Wang, P-Yuan.; Su, D-Feng.; Lei, H.; Liu, X., 2016:
ORM Promotes Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Accumulation via CCR5-Activated AMPK Pathway in Mice

Nagy, László.; Pollesello, P.; Haikala, H.; Végh, Ágnes.; Sorsa, T.; Levijoki, J.; Szilágyi, S.; Édes, Ián.; Tóth, A.; Papp, Zán.; Papp, J.Gy., 2016:
ORM-3819 promotes cardiac contractility through Ca(2+) sensitization in combination with selective PDE III inhibition, a novel approach to inotropy

Kallsen, K.; Zehethofer, N.; Abdelsadik, A.; Lindner, B.; Kabesch, M.; Heine, H.; Roeder, T., 2016:
ORMDL deregulation increases stress responses and modulates repair pathways in Drosophila airways

Wang, S.; Robinet, P.; Smith, J.D.; Gulshan, K., 2015:
ORMDL orosomucoid-like proteins are degraded by free-cholesterol-loading-induced autophagy

Cai, L.; Oyeniran, C.; Biswas, D.D.; Allegood, J.; Milstien, S.; Kordula, T.; Maceyka, M.; Spiegel, S., 2017:
ORMDL proteins regulate ceramide levels during sterile inflammation

Siow, D.; Sunkara, M.; Dunn, T.M.; Morris, A.J.; Wattenberg, B., 2015:
ORMDL/serine palmitoyltransferase stoichiometry determines effects of ORMDL3 expression on sphingolipid biosynthesis

Zhakupova, A.; Debeuf, N.; Krols, M.; Toussaint, W.; Vanhoutte, L.; Alecu, I.; Kutalik, Zán.; Vollenweider, P.; Ernst, D.; von Eckardstein, A.; Lambrecht, B.N.; Janssens, S.; Hornemann, T., 2016:
ORMDL3 expression levels have no influence on the activity of serine palmitoyltransferase

Yang, A-Mei.; Huang, R.; Jin, S-Jie., 2016:
ORMDL3 polymorphisms and their relationship with OPN and TGF-β1 levels in children with asthma in Hunan, China: an analysis of 98 cases

Liu, X.T.; Ren, L.; Zhou, L.L.; Xiao, Q.Y.; Deng, Y.; Liu, E.M., 2016:
ORMDL3 variants associated with bronchiolitis susceptibility in a Chinese population

Boyd, D.A.; Baker, C.C.; Myers, J.D.; Nguyen, V.Q.; Drake, G.A.; McClain, C.C.; Kung, F.H.; Bowman, S.R.; Kim, W.; Sanghera, J.S., 2016:
ORMOCHALCs: organically modified chalcogenide polymers for infrared optics

Matos, J.C.; Soares, A.R.; Domingues, I.; Monteiro, G.A.; Gonçalves, M.C., 2016:
ORMOPLEXEs for gene therapy: In vitro and in vivo assays

Harley, C., 2015:
ORNAC Strategic Planning: 2015-2018

Anonymous, 2016:
ORNL workshop on Biomembranes

Bayram, Özlem.; Hergüner, S., 2016:
OROS-Methylphenidate-Induced Raynaud's Phenomenon: A Dose-Related Side Effect

Wang, X-ling.; Song, T-hong.; Yin, B-yong.; L.J.ng-wen; Li, Z-qi.; Yu, Y., 2015:
ORP in the Main Anoxic Stage as the Control Parameter for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in the Single Sludge System with a Continuous Flow

Zhong, W.; Pan, G.; Wang, L.; Li, S.; Ou, J.; Xu, M.; Li, J.; Zhu, B.; Cao, X.; Ma, H.; Li, C.; Xu, J.; Olkkonen, V.M.; Staels, B.; Yan, D., 2016:
ORP4L Facilitates Macrophage Survival via G-Protein-Coupled Signaling: ORP4L-/- Mice Display a Reduction of Atherosclerosis

Galmes, R.; Houcine, A.; van Vliet, A.R.; Agostinis, P.; Jackson, C.L.; Giordano, F., 2017:
ORP5/ORP8 localize to endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria contacts and are involved in mitochondrial function

Gurevich, H., 2016:
Orpha, Orphic Functions, and the Orphic Analyst: Winnicott's "Regression to Dependence" in the language of Ferenczi .

Anonymous, 2016:
ORS Interview with Eric Soltycki

Inyang, O.; Michel, Ré., 2015:
ORS Interview with Otu Inyang

Snay, S.; Michel, Ré., 2016:
ORS Interview with Steve Snay

Michel, Ré.; Snell, W., 2016:
ORS Interview with Warren Snell

Kwasniewski, J.; Kwasniewski, J., 2015:
ORS interview with John Kwasniewski

Little, C.A., 2016:
ORS: Call for Submissions

Tynelius, G.Edman., 2016:
ORTHODONTIC RETENTION. Studies of retention capacity, cost-effectiveness and long-term stability

Vafaee, F.; Krycer, J.R.; Ma, X.; Burykin, T.; James, D.E.; Kuncic, Z., 2016:
ORTI: An Open-Access Repository of Transcriptional Interactions for Interrogating Mammalian Gene Expression Data

Lesurf, R.; Cotto, K.C.; Wang, G.; Griffith, M.; Kasaian, K.; Jones, S.J.M.; Montgomery, S.B.; Griffith, O.L., 2016:
ORegAnno 3.0: a community-driven resource for curated regulatory annotation

Wang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Qian, Y.; Tang, X.; Ling, H.; Chen, K.; Gao, P.; Zhu, D., 2016:

Kim, D.Young.; Choi, S-Won.; Han, S.Woo.; Youn, J-Chan.; Ryu, K-Hyung., 2016:

Nezu, M.; Souma, T.; Yu, L.; Sekine, H.; Moriguchi, T.; Takahashi, N.; Ito, S.; Suzuki, N.; Yamamoto, M., 2016:

Wei-Ting, C.; Zhih-Cherng, C.; Juei-Tang, C., 2016:

Sato, E.; Tsunokuni, Y.; Fushima, T.; Kaneko, M.; Saito, R.; Sekimoto, A.; Saigusa, D.; Ito, S.; Sato, H.; Takahashi, N., 2016:

Wainford, R.; Carmichael, C.; Walsh, K., 2016:
OS 11-01 Afferent renal nerve modulation of sodium homeostasis and blood pressure: A sodium sensitive PVN Gαi2 protein dependent mechanism countering the development of salt-sensitive hypertension?

Kim, M-Na.; Kim, Y-Beom.; Park, S-Mi.; Kim, Y.In.; Shim, W-Joo., 2016:
OS 11-02 Effect of estrogen on the change of GABA function in the vasopressin neurons of salt-dependent hypertension model rats

Nishiyama, A.; Hitomi, H.; Nakano, D.; Fujisawa, Y., 2016:
OS 11-03 Role of renal nervous activity in the development of renovascular hypertension in rats

Pijacka, W.; Clifford, B.; Walas, D.; Tilburgs, C.; Joles, J.A.; McMullen, S.; Langley-Evans, S.C., 2016:
OS 11-04 Impact of gonadectomy on sympatho-vagal balance in male and female normotensive rat

Walas, D.; Von Roloff, E.; Paton, J., 2016:
OS 11-05 Superior cervical ganglionectomy (SCGx) reduces sympathetic innervation of vertebrobasilar arteries but does not affect cerebrovascular remodelling in the adult spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR)

Sokolovic, S.; Mehmedagic, S., 2016:
OS 11-06 The effect of vagus nerve stimulation on arterial hypertension using active implantable device

Zhang, Y.; Wu, J.; Morgan, T., 2016:

Yamashita, K.; Ichihara, A.; Ito, K.; Yoshida, N.; Mitani, F.; Endo, J.; Sano, M.; Fukuda, K.; Morimoto, S., 2016:

Wang, J.; Shibayama, Y.; Nakano, D.; Hitomi, H.; Nishiyama, A., 2016:

Hood, K.Y.; Yusuf, H.; Findlay, J.E.; Santos, R.A.; Castro, C.H.; Baillie, G.S.; MacLean, M.R.; Montezano, A.; Touyz, R.M., 2016:

Cha, R-Hui.; Lee, H.; Lee, J.Pyo.; Lim, C.Soo.; Kim, Y.Su.; Kim, S.Gyun., 2016:

Vicka, V.; Rimsevicius, L.; Gincaite, A.; Sukackiene, D.; Miglinas, M., 2016:
OS 19-09 Bioelectrical impedance phase angle as intradialytic hypotension predictor

Romero, C.; Monu, S.; Cabral, G.; Knight, R.; Carretero, O., 2016:

Lee, C.Joo.; Oh, J.; Lee, S-Hak.; Kang, S-Min.; Choi, D.; Kim, H-Chang.; Park, S., 2016:
OS 22-01Treatment of Hypertension with Low Cardiovascular Risk is associated with significantly lowered mortality

Wang, H.Hx.; Wang, J.Ji.; Lawson, K.D.; Wong, S.Ys.; Wong, M.Cs.; Li, F.Jian.; Wang, P.Xi.; Zhou, Z.Heng.; Yeong, Y.Qun.; Griffiths, S.M.; Mercer, S.W., 2016 :
OS 22-02 Hypertensive patients with multimorbidity in mainland China, Scotland, and Hong Kong: a cross-country population-based study

Lee, J.Won.; Lim, N-Kyoo.; Lee, J.Hoon.; Park, H-Young., 2016:
OS 22-03 Joint effect of pre-existing hypertension and diabetes on cardiovascular diseases and mortality in the middle-aged Koreans

Hu, W-Syun., 2016:
OS 22-04 Impact of Hemorrhoid on Coronary Heart Disease Development with or without Concomitant Comorbidities: A Population Based Cohort Study

Arakawa, K.; Ibaraki, A.; Kawamoto, Y.; Inoue, M.; Oishi, E.; Tominaga, M.; Tsuchihashi, T., 2016:
OS 22-05 Variability of urinary salt excretion in treated hypertensive patients during several years

Patil, M.; Durairaj, M.; Tauseef, S.Mohammed., 2016:
OS 22-06 Evaluating the Health Related Quality of Life of Hypertensive Patients

Lee, S.Won.; Kim, H.Chang.; Lee, Y-Ho.; Choi, H.; Park, J.Hye.; Rhee, Y.; Kim, C.Oh., 2016:
OS 22-07 Association between hemoglobin A1c and carotid atherosclerosis among elderly Koreans with normal fasting glucose

Li, N.; Yao, X.; Zhou, L.; Abulikem, S.; Zhang, D.; Chang, G.; Zhou, K., 2016:
OS 22-08 Prevalence of primary aldosteronism and its cardio-metabolic factors Chinese hypertensive patients in Xinjiang of China

Kim, S.; Lim, N-Kyoo.; Lee, J.Hoon.; Park, H-Young., 2016:
OS 22-09 Population-attributable risk of hypertension in development of Stroke: using the National Sample Cohort

Kashanian, M.; Aghbali, F., 2016:

Ma, Y.; Ruan, C-Chao.; Zhang, Y.; Ge, Q.; Wu, Q-Hong.; Kong, L-Ran.; Gao, P-Jin., 2016:

Higaki, A.; Mogi, M.; Iwanami, J.; Min, L-Juan.; Nakaoka, H.; Shan, B-Shuai.; Kukida, M.; Yamauchi, T.; Okura, T.; Higaki, J.; Horiuchi, M., 2016:

Zeng, W.; Chu, T.; Hu, M.; Kong, A.; Tomlinson, B., 2016:

Tremblay, J.; Campion, C.G.; Verissimo, T.; Cossette, S.; Matsuda, H.; Hamet, P., 2016:

Wang, Q.; Xie, A.; Xu, H.; Yu, J., 2016:

Muraoka, H.; Hasegawa, K.; Wakino, S., 2016:

Wang, Q.; Chang, P.; Xu, H.; Bai, F.; Yu, J., 2016:

Gainder, S.; Saha, S.C.; Dhaliwal, L.; Bagga, R., 2012:
OS001. Pregnancy outcome in subsequent pregnancies after eclampsia

Akbar, A.; Ariningtyas, N.D.; Krismariono, A.; Dachlan, E.G., 2012:
OS002. Comparison TNF-α level and pathogen periodontal microorganismbetween normal pregnant women, periodontitis pregnant women, and lateonset severe preeclampsia women

Joy, S.; Barton, J.R.; Istwan, N.; Rhea, D.; Stanziano, G.; Sibai, B.M., 2012:
OS003. The influence of gestational weight gain on the development ofgestational hypertension in obese women

Molvarec, A.; Halmos, A.; Szijártó, J.; Csuka, D.; Füst, G.; Prohászka, Z.; Rigó, J., 2012:
OS004. A link between the complement system and angiogenic imbalance inpreeclampsia: ficolin-2 deficiency

Xiao, J.; Yin, Y.; Shen, F.; Zhao, J.; Chen, Q., 2012:
OS005. Treatment with magnesium sulphate reduced the serum level of IL-6in preeclamptic women

Al-Ofi, E.; Anumba, D.O.C.; Coffelt, S., 2012:
OS006. Functional expression of endogenous ligands of Toll like receptor4 on monocytes and placentae from women during normal pregnancy andpre-eclampsia

Darmochwal-Kolarz, D.A.; Saito, S.; Tabarkiewicz, J.; Kolarz, B.; Rolinski, J.; Oleszczuk, J., 2012:
OS007. The apoptosis markers are altered in CD4(+)CD25(+)FOXP3(+) T regulatorylymphocytes in pre-eclampsia

Keikkala, E.; Vuorela, P.; Leinonen, R.; Laivuori, H.; Romppanen, J.; Heinonen, S.; Stenman, U-H., 2012:
OS009. Second trimester serum hyperglycosylated human chorionic gonadotrophin and preeclampsia

Lupton, S.J.; Tooher, J.; Hodgson, L.A.; Lujic, S.; Chiu, C.L.; Ogle, R.; Wong, T.Y.; Hennessy, A.; Lind, J.M., 2012:
OS010. Use of retinal imaging to characterise physiological vascularchanges throughout pregnancy

Martin, J.N.; Owens, M.Y.; Thigpen, B.; Parrish, M.R.; Keiser, S.D.; Wallace, K., 2012:
OS011. Management of late preterm pregnancy complicated by mildpreeclampsia: A prospective randomized trial

Nakamoto, O.; Tasaka, R.; Motohisa, C., 2012:
OS012. Eclampsia with progressing disease correlates to severe diastolicblood pressure

Groten, T.; Fitzgerald, J.; Lehmann, T.; Schneider, U.; Kähler, C.; Schleussner, E., 2012:
OS013. Reduction of preeclampsia related complications with with theNO-donor penterythriltetranitrat (petn) in risk pregnancies - Aprospective randomized double-blind placebo pilot study

Saudan, P.; Billieux, M-H.; Pechere, A.; Irion, O.; Savoldelli, G.; Boulvain, M., 2012:
OS014. Which first-line drug to control severe hypertension in pregnancy? A pilot study

Cruz, M.O.; Gao, W.; Hibbard, J.U., 2012:
OS015. What is the optimal time for delivery in women with gestationalhypertension?

Lupton, S.J.; Tooher, J.; Hodgson, L.A.; Lujic, S.; Chiu, C.L.; Ogle, R.; Wong, T.Y.; Hennessy, A.; Lind, J.M., 2012:
OS016. Retinal vascular changes in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Akbar, A.; Laksana, M.A.C.; Dachlan, E.G.; Prasetyo, B., 2012:
OS017. Maternal death risk factor score based on hospital reference pattern and maternal condition of eclamptic woman in Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia

Akbar, A.; Wicaksono, B.; Dachlan, E.G., 2012:
OS018. Maternal mortality and its mainly possible causepre-eclampsia/eclampsia in developing country (Surabaya-Indonesia as themodel)

Akkermans, J.; Ganzevoort, W.; Groen, H.; Mol, B.W., 2012:
OS019. External validation of the fullPIERS model in an existing dataset of women with severe pre-eclampsia, eclampsia or HELLP syndrome

Kasawara, K.T.; Burgos, C.S.G.; Nascimento, S.L.; Costa, M.L.; Surita, F.; E Silva, J.L.Pinto., 2012:
OS020. Effects of exercise on maternal and neonatal outcomes in pregnantwomen with chronic hypertension and/or previous preecampsia: A randomized clinical trial

Gaillard, R.; Durmuş, B.; Hofman, A.; Mackenbach, J.; Steegers, E.; Jaddoe, V., 2012:
OS021. Risk factors and outcomes of maternal obesity and excessive weight gain during pregnancy

Small, M.; Demasio, K., 2012:
OS022. Global use of ultrasound for maternal mortality reduction incountries with high maternal mortality ratios

Breimer, A.Y.; Koster, W.P.; Hermes, W.; de Groot, C.J.; Mol, B.W.; van Rijn, B.B.; Franx, A., 2012:
OS023. Postpartum cardiovascular disease risk factors in women with ahistory of early onset preeclampsia, late onset preeclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension

Vasquez, D.N.; Neves, A.V.Das.; Zakalik, G.; Intile, D.; Cicora, F.; Casanova, M.; Canales, H.S.; Aphalo, V.; Loudet, C.; Sanchez, A.; Desmery, P.; Estenssoro, E., 2012:
OS024. Characteristics and outcomes of critically ill obstetric patientswith hypertensive disease of pregnancy in argentina: Multicenter study

Bodkin, B.L.; Gordon, R.; Sawchuck, D.; Dadelszen, P.Von., 2012:
OS025. Placental malaria infection as a risk factor for hypertensivedisorders of pregnancy in malaria endemic regions: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Tatapudi, R.; Tripurasundari, M.; Asra, K.; Moothi, N.L.N., 2012:
OS026. Study of neuroradiological and biochemical abnormalities in 100 women with preeclampsia-eclapmsia

Khalil, A.; Khalil, A.; Syngelaki, A.; Rezende, J.; Nicolaides, K.H., 2012:
OS027. Ethnicity and adverse pregnancy outcomes: A cohort study

Small, M.; Carr, A.; Kershaw, T.; Brown, H., 2012:
OS028. Hypertensive disease in pregnancy: An examination of ethnic differences and the Hispanic paradox

Zhang, J.J.; Grewal, J.; Roosen-Runge, M.; Lazaga, A.P.Betran.; Souza, J.P.; Widmer, M.; Merialdi, M., 2012:
OS029. Severe anemia, sickle cell disease, and thalassemia as riskfactors for preeclampsia in developing countries

Bregand-White, J.M.; Kominiarek, M.; Hibbard, J.U., 2012:
OS030. Hypertension and labor duration: Does it take longer?

Berks, D.; Hoedjes, M.; Franx, A.; Duvekot, H.J.; Raat, H.; Steegers, E.A., 2012:
OS031. Lifestyle intervention after complicated pregnancy successfully improves cardiovascular and metabolic health: Results of the pro-active study

Lalani, S.; Firoz, T.; Magee, L.A.; Lowe, R.; Sawchuck, D.; Payne, B.; Gordon, R.; Vidler, M.; Dadelszen, P.von., 2012:
OS032. Pharmacotherapy for pre-eclampsia in low and middle income countries: An analysis of essential medicines lists (EMLS)

Tukur, J.; Ahonsi, B.; Salisu, I.; Oginni, A.B.; Okereke, E., 2012:
OS033. Correlates of maternal health outcomes associated with a low-costintervention in secondary facilities across Kano state, Nigeria

Easterling, T.; Salinger, D.; Mundle, S.; Regi, A.; Bracken, H.; Winikoff, B.; Vicini, P., 2012:
OS034. Magnesium sulfate for prevention of eclampsia: Are intramuscularand intravenous regimens equivalent?

Sahbaeiroy, F.; Pourzadi, M.; Hasani, M.Mohammad.; Khatibi, N.; Esmailpour, S., 2012:
OS035. Blood pressure measurement by health professionals, comparison with American Heart Association Technique

Bouthoorn, S.H.; Gaillard, R.; Hofman, A.; Jaddoe, V.; Steegers, E.; van Lenthe, F.; Raat, H., 2012:
OS036. Ethnic differences in blood pressure and hypertensivecomplications during pregnancy; the generation R Study

Payne, B.; Hutcheon, J.A.; Qu, Z.; Haniff, F.; Bhutta, Z.; Biryabarema, C.; Duan, T.; Hall, D.R.; Grobman, W.A.; Groen, H.; Magee, L.A.; Merialdi, M.; Mirembe, F.; Nakimuli, A.; Qureshi, R.; Sass, N.; Sikandar, R.; Steyn, W.; Widmer, M.; Zhou, V.; von Dadelszen, P., 2012:
OS037. Minipiers (pre-eclampsia integrated estimate of risk):Development of a clinical prediction model for use in low and middleincome countries (LMIC)

Kuznetsova, E.; Sushencova, T.; Tetelytina, F.; Badrieva, Y.; Pantychina, N., 2012:
OS038. Pre-conceptional preparation of women with chronic hypertensionof I-II stage II of the degree of risk of CHF 0-I and recurrent bacterial vaginosis

Tsatsaris, V.; Muller, F.; Maillard, F.; Delattre, M.; Guibourdenche, J.; Dreux, S.; Winer, N.; Brion, D.Evain.; Goffinet, F., 2012:
OS039. Early prediction of preeclampsia with maternal parameters,SVEGF-R1, PLGF, Inhibin-A and PAPP-A in general population: Results from the MSPE study

Wen, S.W.; Champagne, J.; Rennicks White, R.; Walker, M., 2012:
OS040. Effect of folic acid supplementation in pregnancy on preeclampsia- Folic acid clinical trial (FACT)

Charlton, F.; Xu, B.; Makris, A.; Hennessy, A.; Rye, K-A., 2012:
OS041. Apolipoprotein A-I protects normal integration of the trophoblast into endothelial cellular networks in an in vitro model of preeclampsia

Elliott, S.E.; Soffici, A.R.; Daugherty, P.S., 2012:
OS042. Discovery and characterization of antibody biomarkers ofpre-eclampsia and reagents for their detection

Myers, J.; Tuytten, R.; Thomas, G.; McCowan, L.; Dekker, G.; Baker, P.; Poston, L.; Kenny, L.; Simpson, N.; North, R., 2012:
OS043. Identification and validation of novel markers for the predictionof pre-eclampsia

Bobek, G.; Stait-Gardner, T.; Surmon, L.; Makris, A.; Price, W.S.; Hennessy, A., 2012:
OS044. Morphological differences in murine placenta detected by magneticresonance imaging measurements of T2 relaxation times in mouse models ofpreeclampsia

Tannetta, D.; Mackeen, M.; Kessler, B.; Sargent, I.; Redman, C., 2012:
OS045. Multi-dimensional protein identification technology analysis of syncytiotrophoblast vesicles released from perfused preeclampsia placentas

Johnson, M.; Brennecke, S.; Iversen, A-C.; East, C.; Olsen, G.; Kent, J.; Dyer, T.; Said, J.; Roten, L.; Abraham, L.; Zwart, J-A.; Winsvold, B.; Håberg, A.; Huentelman, M.; Krokan, H.; Gabrielsen, M.; Austgulen, R.; Blangero, J.; Moses, E., 2012:
OS046. Genome-wide association scans identify novel maternalsusceptibility loci for preeclampsia

Lecarpentier, E.; Morel, O.; Tarrade, A.; Gayat, E.; Palmer, P.Chavatte.; Tsatsaris, V., 2012:
OS047. Quantification of placental vascularization in a rabbit model ofIUGR with three-dimensional power doppler angiography

Mando', C.; Marino, M.A.; Miriam, F.; Palma, C.De.; Borelli, M.; Trabattoni, D.; Stampalija, T.; Ferrazzi, E.; Clementi, E.; Cetin, I., 2012:
OS048 Mitochondrial content and function in placental cells and tissuesof preeclampsia and IUGR

Johnson, M.; Løset, M.; Brennecke, S.; Peralta, J.; Dyer, T.; East, C.; Pennell, C.; Huang, R-C.; Mori, T.; Beilin, L.; Blangero, J.; Moses, E., 2012:
OS049. Exome sequencing identifies likely functional variantsinfluencing preeclampsia and CVD risk

Buurma, A.; Turner, R.; Driessen, A.; Mooyaart, A.; Schoones, J.; Bruijn, J.A.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Baelde, H., 2012:
OS050. Genetic variants in pre-eclampsia: a meta-analysis

Wild, J.; Küssel, L.; Zeisler, H., 2012:
OS051. Web-based scientific data management and standardized specimencollection-important tools for research and scientific exchange

White, W.; Brost, B.; O'Brien, J.; Rose, C.; Davies, N.; Sun, Z.; Turner, S.; Garovic, V., 2012:
OS052. Preeclampsia candidate genes differentially methylated in maternal leukocyte DNA

Spaans, F.; Chiang, C.W.; Melgert, B.N.; Klok, P.A.; Borghuis, T.; Bakker, W.W.; Faas, M.M., 2012:
OS053. Trophoblast invasion in the mesometrial triangle of atp infused pregnant rats

Qu, X-W.; Jilling, T.; Neerhof, M.G.; Hirsch, E.; Thaete, L.G., 2012:
OS054. Differential strain sensitivities to ischemia/reperfusion in two mouse models of fetal growth restriction

Surmon, L.; Young, S.; Bobek, G.; Chiu, C.L.; Xu, B.; Makris, A.; Lind, J.M.; Hennessy, A., 2012:
OS055. Sex-dependent differences in expression of FLT-1 variants andJMJD6 in mouse placenta

der Graaf, A.M.; der Wiel, M.K.; Frenay, A.S.; Goor, H.; Klok, P.; Henning, R.; Buikema, H.; Lely, A.T.; Faas, M.M., 2012:
OS056. Angiotensin II sensitivity and endothelial dysfunction afterexperimental preeclampsia

Liu, C.; Wang, W.; Parchim, N.F.; Irani, R.A.; Ning, C.; Sun, K.; Kellems, R.E.; Xia, Y., 2012:
OS057. Pathophysiological role of elevated tissue transglutaminase in autoantibody-induced features of preeclampsia in pregnant mice

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Dispensaries and Charitable Institutions of the Punjab

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OSHA's New Confined Space Standard

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Dispensaries for Hop-Pickers

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OTC fluticason nasal spray for allergic rhinitis

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Dispensaries for Sailors

Anonymous, 2018 :
Dispensary Attendances

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OTX015 (MK-8628), a novel BET inhibitor, exhibits antitumor activity in non-small cell and small cell lung cancer models harboring different oncogenic mutations

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OTX1 Contributes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression by Regulation of ERK/MAPK Pathway

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OTX2 Transcription Factor Controls Regional Patterning within the Medial Ganglionic Eminence and Regional Identity of the Septum

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OTX2 exhibits cell-context-dependent effects on cellular and molecular properties of human embryonic neural precursors and medulloblastoma cells

Li, J.; Di, C.; Jing, J.; Di, Q.; Nakhla, J.; Adamson, D.Cory., 2016:
OTX2 is a therapeutic target for retinoblastoma and may function as a common factor between C-MYC, CRX, and phosphorylated RB pathways

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OTX2 regulates the expression of TAp63 leading to macular and cochlear neuroepithelium development

Anonymous, 1999:
OU launches nursing course

Anonymous, 2001:
OU launches pack to help mentors

Berry, J., 2015:
OUT OF BOUNDS. Using sports as a vehicle for positive change

Husainy, M.Ali.; Suresh, B.; Fang, C.; Ammar, T.; Botchu, R.; Thava, V., 2016:
OUTBACK catheter for treatment of superficial femoral and iliac artery chronic total occlusion: Experience from two centers

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Iaculli, C.; Barone, A.; Scudieri, M.; Giovanna Palumbo, M.; Delle Noci, N., 2016:
OUTER RETINAL TUBULATION: Characteristics in Patients With Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Anonymous, 2015:
OV services: Information for farmers on new TB testing arrangements

Anonymous, 2015:
OV tendering: legal challenge withdrawn

Zhang, R.; Jin, S.; Rao, W.; Song, F.; Yin, Q.; Wang, Y.; Wang, L.; Xi, Y.; Zhang, X.; Wang, M.; Ge, H., 2015:
OVA12, a novel tumor antigen, promotes cancer cell growth and inhibits 5-fluorouracil-induced apoptosis

Antanaviciute, A.; Watson, C.M.; Harrison, S.M.; Lascelles, C.; Crinnion, L.; Markham, A.F.; Bonthron, D.T.; Carr, I.M., 2016:
OVA: integrating molecular and physical phenotype data from multiple biomedical domain ontologies with variant filtering for enhanced variant prioritization

Yang, C.; Shen, W.; He, Y.; Tian, Z.; Li, J., 2016:
OVATE Family Protein 8 Positively Mediates Brassinosteroid Signaling through Interacting with the GSK3-like Kinase in Rice

Vermeersch, K.A.; Wang, L.; Mezencev, R.; McDonald, J.F.; Styczynski, M.P., 2016:
OVCAR-3 spheroid-derived cells display distinct metabolic profiles

Xu, L.; Ding, D.; Li, X.; Shi, Q.; Wang, Y.; Zhou, C., 2016:

Anonymous, 2018:
Dispensary Teaching in Edinburgh

Hoback, J., 2016:
OVERDOSED ON OPIOIDS: A deadly opioid epidemic sweeping the country has lawmakers working hard to find solutions

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OVERLOAD of joints and its role in osteoarthritis : Towards understanding and preventing progression of primary osteoarthritis. English version

Willie, B.M.; Pap, T.; Perka, C.; Schmidt, C.O.; Eckstein, F.; Arampatzis, A.; Hege, H-C.; Madry, H.; Vortkamp, A.; Duda, G.N., 2016:
OVERLOAD of joints and its role in osteoarthritis. Towards understanding and preventing progression of primary osteoarthritis

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OVO-like 1 regulates progenitor cell fate in human trophoblast development

Jia, D.; Jolly, M.Kumar.; Boareto, M.; Parsana, P.; Mooney, S.M.; Pienta, K.J.; Levine, H.; Ben-Jacob, E., 2016:
OVOL guides the epithelial-hybrid-mesenchymal transition

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OVOL2 Maintains the Transcriptional Program of Human Corneal Epithelium by Suppressing Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition

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OVOL2, an Inhibitor of WNT Signaling, Reduces Invasive Activities of Human and Mouse Cancer Cells and Is Down-regulated in Human Colorectal Tumors

Anonymous, 2016:
OVS Announces

Anonymous, 2016:
OVS Announces

Anonymous, 2018:
Dispensers and the Insurance Bill

Dorn, J.; Bronger, H.; Kates, R.; Slotta-Huspenina, J.; Schmalfeldt, B.; Kiechle, M.; Diamandis, E.P.; Soosaipillai, A.; Schmitt, M.; Harbeck, N., 2014:
OVSCORE - a validated score to identify ovarian cancer patients not suitable for primary surgery

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OWC using a monolithically integrated 200 µm APD OEIC in 0.35 µm BiCMOS technology

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OWL 2 learn profile: an ontology sublanguage for the learning domain

Lozano-Rubí, R.; Pastor, X.; Lozano, E., 2015:
OWLing Clinical Data Repositories With the Ontology Web Language

Head, E., 2015:

Hatherley, D.; Aknin, M-Laure.; Barclay, A.Neil., 2016:
OX130 Monoclonal Antibody Recognizes Human SIRPβ1 but Cross-Reacts on SIRPα from One Allele

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OX133, a monoclonal antibody recognizing protein-bound N-ethylmaleimide for the identification of reduced disulfide bonds in proteins

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OX2 orexin/hypocretin receptor signal transduction in recombinant Chinese hamster ovary cells

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OX40 Agonists and Combination Immunotherapy: Putting the Pedal to the Metal

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OX40 Cooperates with ICOS To Amplify Follicular Th Cell Development and Germinal Center Reactions during Infection

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OX40 Ligand Contributes to Human Lupus Pathogenesis by Promoting T Follicular Helper Response

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OX40 and 4-1BB downregulate Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus replication in lymphatic endothelial cells, but 4-1BB and not OX40 inhibits viral replication in B-cells

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OX40 blockade inhibits house dust mite driven allergic lung inflammation in mice and in vitro allergic responses in humans

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OX40 expression enhances the prognostic significance of CD8 positive lymphocyte infiltration in colorectal cancer

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OX40 ligand expressed in glioblastoma modulates adaptive immunity depending on the microenvironment: a clue for successful immunotherapy

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OX40 ligand newly expressed on bronchiolar progenitors mediates influenza infection and further exacerbates pneumonia

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OX40 regulates pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy and remodelling via CD4+ T-cells

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OX40 signaling in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Overcoming immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment

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OX40+ Regulatory T Cells in Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Suppress Effector T-Cell Responses and Associate with Metastatic Potential

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OX40, OX40L and Autoimmunity: a Comprehensive Review

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OX40/OX40L axis: not a friend in autoimmunity

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OX40L blockade protects against inflammation-driven fibrosis

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OXA-23 and ISAba1-OXA-66 class D β-lactamases in Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from companion animals

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OXA-23-producing ST25 Acinetobacter baumannii: First report in Bolivia

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OXA-372, a novel carbapenem-hydrolysing class D β-lactamase from a Citrobacter freundii isolated from a hospital wastewater plant

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OXA-48 Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in a Household Contact of a Previously Infected Patient: Person-to-Person Transmission or Coincidental Community Acquisition?

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OXA-48-producing Enterobacteriaceae causing bacteremia, United Arab Emirates

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OXA-Carbapenemases Present in Clinical Acinetobacter baumannii-calcoaceticus Complex Isolates from Patients in Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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OXA-type Carbapenemases and Susceptibility of Colistin and Tigecycline Among Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii Isolates from Patients with Bacteremia in Turkey

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OXPHOS dysfunction regulates integrin-β1 modifications and enhances cell motility and migration

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OXPHOS-Mediated Induction of NAD+ Promotes Complete Oxidation of Fatty Acids and Interdicts Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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OXY-2-15, a novel variant showing increased ceftazidime hydrolytic activity

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OY-TES-1 may regulate the malignant behavior of liver cancer via NANOG, CD9, CCND2 and CDCA3: a bioinformatic analysis combine with RNAi and oligonucleotide microarray

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OaMAX2 of Orobanche aegyptiaca and Arabidopsis AtMAX2 share conserved functions in both development and drought responses

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Oak Stave Oxygen Permeation: A New Tool To Make Barrels with Different Wine Oxygenation Potentials

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Oak powdery mildew (Erysiphe alphitoides)-induced volatile emissions scale with the degree of infection in Quercus robur

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Oak processionary moth (Thaumetopoea processionea)

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Oak protein profile alterations upon root colonization by an ectomycorrhizal fungus

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Oakleaf: an S locus-linked mutation of Primula vulgaris that affects leaf and flower development

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Oasis desert farming selects environment-specific date palm root endophytic communities and cultivable bacteria that promote resistance to drought

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Oasis: online analysis of small RNA deep sequencing data

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Oat (Avena sativa L.): Oil and Nutriment Compounds Valorization for Potential Use in Industrial Applications

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Oat and ryegrass silage for small-scale dairy systems in the highlands of central Mexico

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Oat avenanthramide-C (2c) is biotransformed by mice and the human microbiota into bioactive metabolites

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Oat avenanthramides induce heme oxygenase-1 expression via Nrf2-mediated signaling in HK-2 cells

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Oat consumption reduced intestinal fat deposition and improved health span in Caenorhabditis elegans model

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Oat fiber as a carrier for curcuminoids

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Oat fiber lowers cholesterol

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Oat β-glucan ameliorates dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)-induced ulcerative colitis in mice

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Oat β-glucan depresses SGLT1- and GLUT2-mediated glucose transport in intestinal epithelial cells (IEC-6)

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Oat-cell carcinoma of the tongue

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Oaths, Promises, and Compulsory Duties: Kant's Response to Mendelssohn's Jerusalem

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Oatmeal consumption is associated with better diet quality and lower body mass index in adults: the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2001-2010

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Oatmeal porridge: impact on microflora-associated characteristics in healthy subjects

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Oats-From Farm to Fork

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ObRb downregulation increases breast cancer cell sensitivity to tamoxifen

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Obaculactone exerts a novel ameliorating effect on contact dermatitis through regulating T lymphocyte

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Obaculactone protects against bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice

Xu, S.; Chen, W.; Xie, Q.; Xu, Y., 2016:
Obacunone activates the Nrf2-dependent antioxidant responses

Miller, J., 2016:
Obama Underlines Collective Approach To Addiction Crisis

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama administration sets goals for Medicare's shift to "value based" payment

Demko, P., 2015:
Obama budget offers 'pay for' blueprint

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Obama calls on Congress to fully fund Zika response

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama calls on Congress to fund $6.2bn emergency Ebola initiative

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama chides Republicans as he marks health law's fifth anniversary

Bagcchi, S., 2015:
Obama is urged to support India in supplying world with generic drugs

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Obama issues executive orders to curtail gun violence

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Obama outlines plan to curb prescription drug and heroin misuse

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Obama presses Congress to agree to Zika funding

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama promises to defend health law and promote "precision medicine"

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama seeks $213m to fund "precision medicine"

Jaffe, S.; Obama, B., 2015:
Obama steps up US campaign on climate change

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama supports ban on therapy to change sexual orientation of youth

Kamerow, D., 2016:
Obama turns his hand to health policy analysis

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Obama urges Republicans to help improve health reform law

Anonymous, 2016:
Obama warns of 'declining sense of urgency' on HIV. White House releases national HIV/AIDS strategy

McCarthy, M., 2015:
Obama warns of climate change threat to public health

Anonymous, 2016:
Obama's Clean Power Plan: a breath of fresh air

Terry, S.F., 2016:
Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative

Furlow, B., 2016:
Obama's respiratory health legacy

Chiodo, C.P., 2016:
Obamacare and Lessons Learned From the Massachusetts Experience With Healthcare Reform

McCarthy, M., 2016:
Obamacare and abortion under threat, but soda tax and marijuana laws are passed in some states

Keifer, M.C., 2016:
Obamacare and immigration reform: is it time to promote occupational and agricultural health and safety?

Kutscher, B.; Beshear, S., 2015:
Obamacare will become like Medicare, and 'everybody will want it'

Reiboldt, M., 2015:
Obamacare "red meat" as campaign battles heat up leading toward mid-term elections

Sommers, B.D., 2016:
Obamacare's Skyrocketing Premiums? Why the Sky Isn't Falling

Cohn, J., 2015:
Obamacare, Medicare, and baseball's greatest pitchers

Schencker, L., 2015:
Obamacare, fraud, and antitrust top legal issues in 2015

Breinig, A.J., 2015:
Obamacare: the good, the bad & the ugly

Theile, D.; Allendorf, D.; Köhler, B.Christian.; Jassowicz, A.; Weiss, J., 2016:
Obatoclax as a perpetrator in drug-drug interactions and its efficacy in multidrug resistance cell lines

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Obatoclax impairs lysosomal function to block autophagy in cisplatin-sensitive and -resistant esophageal cancer cells

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Obatoclax in combination with fludarabine and rituximab is well-tolerated and shows promising clinical activity in relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Obatoclax induces Beclin 1- and ATG5-dependent apoptosis and autophagy in adenoid cystic carcinoma cells

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Obatoclax is a direct and potent antagonist of membrane-restricted Mcl-1 and is synthetic lethal with treatment that induces Bim

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Obatoclax kills anaplastic thyroid cancer cells by inducing lysosome neutralization and necrosis

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Obatoclax regulates the proliferation and fusion of osteoclast precursors through the inhibition of ERK activation by RANKL

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Obdiplostemony: the occurrence of a transitional stage linking robust flower configurations

Ellis, H.A., 2015:
Obeah-illness versus psychiatric entities among jamaican immigrants: cultural and clinical perspectives for psychiatric mental health professionals

Swanepoel, W.; le Roux, M.Marianne.; Wojciechowski, M.F.; van Wyk, A.E., 2016:
Oberholzeria (Fabaceae subfam. Faboideae), a new monotypic legume genus from Namibia

Srivastava, A., 2015:
Oberhuber versus Marsh: much ado about nothing?

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Oberlin's procedure in children with obstetric brachial plexus palsy

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Obese Adolescents Report Better Health-Related Quality of Life than Obese Young Adults

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Obese But Fit: The Relationship of Fitness to Metabolically Healthy But Obese Status among Sexual Minority Women

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Obese COPD is associated with higher systemic inflammation - A new COPD phenotype

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Obese Children Do Not Need to Increase Their Physical Activity Any More than Their Lean Counterparts Do

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Obese Chinese Primary-School Students and Low Self-Esteem: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Obese Employee Participation Patterns in a Wellness Program

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Obese Hungary. Trend and prevalence of overweight and obesity in Hungary, 2015

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Obese Japanese Patients with Stroke Have Higher Functional Recovery in Convalescent Rehabilitation Wards: A Retrospective Cohort Study

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