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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58449

Chapter 58449 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yagami, A.; Suzuki, K.; Nakamura, M.; Sano, A.; Kobayashi, T.; Iwata, Y.; Arima, M.; Hara, K.; Matsunaga, K., 2016:
Occupational food allergy due to parvalbumin and phaseolin induced by epicutaneous sensitization

du Prel, J-Baptist.; March, S.; Schröder, H.; Peter, R., 2016:
Occupational gratification crisis and sickness absence in Germany: Cross-sectional results from the lidA-study

Bangsgaard, N.; Thyssen, J.P.; Hald, M., 2016:
Occupational hand eczema caused by nickel allergy and semi-quantified by dimethylglyoxime testing of the skin

Chatterjee, R., 2016:
Occupational hazard

Gérard, J-Pierre., 2015:
Occupational hazard related to ionizing radiation and surveillance of exposed people

Abdullahi, A.; Hassan, A.; Kadarman, N.; Junaidu, Y.Muhammad.; Adeyemo, O.Kudrat.; Lua, P.Lin., 2016:
Occupational hazards among the abattoir workers associated with noncompliance to the meat processing and waste disposal laws in Malaysia

Jiménez Paneque, R.; Pavés Carvajal, J.Ricardo., 2016:
Occupational hazards and diseases among workers in emergency services: a literature review with special emphasis on Chile

Bakhsh, K.; Ahmad, N.; Kamran, M.Asif.; Hassan, S.; Abbas, Q.; Saeed, R.; Hashmi, M.Sadiq., 2017:
Occupational hazards and health cost of women cotton pickers in Pakistani Punjab

Bamidele, J., 2016:
Occupational hazards and their effect on the health and socio-economic status of local palm oil processors in Delta State, Nigeria

Tung, C-Yin.; Chang, C-Chen.; Ming, J-Lain.; Chao, K-Ping., 2015:
Occupational hazards education for nursing staff through web-based learning

Lei, U.; Zachariae, C.; Thyssen, J.P., 2016:
Occupational hazards in diagnosing pigmented lesions: nickel release from hand-held tools

Masoudi Alavi, N., 2015:
Occupational hazards in nursing

Zhang, H.; Zhou, L.; Liu, Y., 2016:
Occupational hazards of organic solvents in the workplace in Guangzhou

Audet, C.M.; Salato, Jé.; Blevins, M.; Silva, W.; González-Calvo, Lázaro.; Vermund, S.H.; Gaspar, F., 2016:
Occupational hazards of traditional healers: repeated unprotected blood exposures risk infectious disease transmission

Wang, Y.; Zhan, S.; Liu, Y.; Li, Y., 2016:
Occupational hazards to health of port workers

Antonini, J.M.; Anderson, S.E., 2014:
Occupational health and industrial hygiene

Naug, H.L.; Colson, N.J.; Kundur, A.; Santha Kumar, A.; Tucakovic, L.; Roberts, M.; Singh, I., 2017:
Occupational health and metabolic risk factors: A pilot intervention for transport workers

Kaewboonchoo, O.; Kongtip, P.; Woskie, S., 2016:
Occupational health and safety for agricultural workers in Thailand: gaps and recommendations, with a focus on pesticide use

Habib, R.R.; Blanche, G.; Souha, F.; El-Jardali, F.; Nuwayhid, I., 2016:
Occupational health and safety in hospitals accreditation system: the case of Lebanon

Anonymous, 2016:
Occupational health and therapeutic patient education programmes for chronic low back pain and asthma

Hulshof, C.T.J., 2015:
Occupational health guidelines for mental disorders and stress-related complaints, a challenge for occupational health

Ndejjo, R.; Musinguzi, G.; Yu, X.; Buregyeya, E.; Musoke, D.; Wang, J-Sheng.; Halage, A.Ali.; Whalen, C.; Bazeyo, W.; Williams, P.; Ssempebwa, J., 2016:
Occupational health hazards among healthcare workers in Kampala, Uganda

Klein, L.W.; Tra, Y.; Garratt, K.N.; Powell, W.; Lopez-Cruz, G.; Chambers, C.; Goldstein, J.A., 2016:
Occupational health hazards of interventional cardiologists in the current decade: Results of the 2014 SCAI membership survey

Orme, N.M.; Rihal, C.S.; Gulati, R.; Holmes, D.R.; Lennon, R.J.; Lewis, B.R.; McPhail, I.R.; Thielen, K.R.; Pislaru, S.V.; Sandhu, G.S.; Singh, M., 2015:
Occupational health hazards of working in the interventional laboratory: a multisite case control study of physicians and allied staff

Annamalai, J., 2015:
Occupational health hazards related to informal recycling of E-waste in India: An overview

Rivolta, A.; Arienti, F.; Smith, D.R.; Cesana, G.; Riva, M.A., 2017:
Occupational health in fairy tales

Campion, K., 2016:
Occupational health issues amongst UK doctors: a literature review

Suraweera, I.K.; Wijesinghe, S.D.; Senanayake, S.J.; Herath, H.D.B.; Jayalal, T.B.Ananda., 2016:
Occupational health issues in small-scale industries in Sri Lanka: An underreported burden

Chan, I.Y.S.; Leung, M.Y.; Liu, A.M.M., 2016:
Occupational health management system: A study of expatriate construction professionals

Brennan, M., 2012:
Occupational health nurses are ideal for sick leave assessments

Roloff, D.Inês.Thier.; Cezar-Vaz, M.Regina.; Bonow, C.Alves.; Lautert, L.; Sant'Anna, C.Fontella.; Couto, Aéia.Martins.do., 2016:
Occupational health nurses: interdisciplinary experience in occupational health

Anonymous, 1998:
Occupational health nursing Oakley Katie Occupational health nursing Whurr Publishers Ltd 141 pp £17.50 1-86156-042-7 1861560427 [Formula: see text

Koseoglu Ornek, O.; Esin, M.Nihal., 2017:
Occupational health nursing in Turkey: an international update

Quinn, M.M.; Markkanen, P.K.; Galligan, C.J.; Sama, S.R.; Kriebel, D.; Gore, R.J.; Brouillette, N.M.; Okyere, D.; Sun, C.; Punnett, L.; Laramie, A.K.; Davis, L., 2016:
Occupational health of home care aides: results of the safe home care survey

Mattei, G.; Ferrari, S.; Giubbarelli, G.; Pingani, L.; Urraci, G.M.; Rigatelli, M.; Galeazzi, G.M., 2016:
Occupational health physicians and the impact of the Great Recession on the health of workers: a qualitative study

Tudor, C.; Van der Walt, M.; Hill, M.N.; Farley, J.E., 2013:
Occupational health policies and practices related to tuberculosis in health care workers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Memon, A.Gul.; Naeem, Z.; Zaman, A.; Zahid, F., 2016:
Occupational health related concerns among surgeons

Maragkidou, A.; Arar, S.; Al-Hunaiti, A.; Ma, Y.; Harrad, S.; Jaghbeir, O.; Faouri, D.; Hämeri, K.; Hussein, T., 2016:
Occupational health risk assessment and exposure to floor dust PAHs inside an educational building

Singthong, S.; Pakkong, P.; Choosang, K.; Wongsanit, S., 2015:
Occupational health risks among trichloroethylene-exposed workers in a clock manufacturing factory

Weber, D.J.; Consoli, S.A.; Rutala, W.A., 2017:
Occupational health risks associated with the use of germicides in health care

Pechter, E.; Rosenman, K.D., 2016:
Occupational health risks associated with use of environmental surface disinfectants in health care

Chambers, C.E., 2016:
Occupational health risks in interventional cardiology: expected inherent risk or preventable personal liability?

Nag, A.; Vyas, H.; Nag, P., 2017:
Occupational health scenario of Indian informal sector

Tiwari, R.R.; Sharma, A.; Zodpey, S.P., 2016:
Occupational health training in India: Need for a competency-driven approach

FitzGerald, D.; Reid, A.; Fitzpatrick, G.; O'Neill, D., 2015:
Occupational health: additional support for the aging anesthesiologist

Harduar Morano, L.; Bunn, T.L.; Lackovic, M.; Lavender, A.; Dang, G.T.T.; Chalmers, J.J.; Li, Y.; Zhang, L.; Flammia, D.D., 2016 :
Occupational heat-related illness emergency department visits and inpatient hospitalizations in the southeast region, 2007-2011

Luo, J.; Lai, J.; Lei, Z.; Li, H.; Xuan, Y., 2015:
Occupational hestth status a power supply enterprise in eastern China

Gibson, M., 2016:
Occupational histories

Schernhammer, E.S.; Lassen, C.F.; Kenborg, L.; Ritz, B.; Olsen, Jørgen.H.; Hansen, J., 2016:
Occupational history of night shift work and Parkinson's disease in Denmark

Tanaka, Y.; Shirai, T.; Enomoto, N.; Asada, K.; Oyama, Y.; Suda, T., 2016:
Occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a green tea manufacturer

Quirce, S.; Vandenplas, O.; Campo, P.; Cruz, M.J.; de Blay, F.; Koschel, D.; Moscato, G.; Pala, G.; Raulf, M.; Sastre, J.; Siracusa, A.; Tarlo, S.M.; Walusiak-Skorupa, J.; Cormier, Y., 2016:
Occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis: an EAACI position paper

Saint-André, S.; Planche, P.; Gourbil, A.; Botbol, M., 2017:
Occupational identity crisis of professionals dealing with difficult adolescents

Levanon-Erez, N.; Cohen, M.; Traub Bar-Ilan, R.; Maeir, A., 2016:
Occupational identity of adolescents with ADHD: A mixed methods study

Rauschenberg, R.; Bauer, A.; Beissert, S.; Spornraft-Ragaller, P., 2016:
Occupational immediate-type allergy to locusts in a zookeeper

Ravi Kumar, Y.; Manthappa; Kumar, P.; Prasad, M.; Radhika, A.; Edara, A.Chowdary., 2015:
Occupational inhalation of aniline fumes induced methemoglobinemea and hemolytic anemia precipitated days later

Xiao, Y-Long.; Xu, K-Feng.; Li, Y.; Li, Y.; Li, H.; Shi, B.; Zhou, K-Feng.; Zhou, Z-Yang.; Cai, H-Rong., 2015:
Occupational inhalational exposure and serum GM-CSF autoantibody in pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

Tadesse, S.; Israel, D., 2016:
Occupational injuries among building construction workers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Kaustell, K.O.; Mattila, T.E.A.; Rautiainen, R.H., 2017:
Occupational injuries and diseases among commercial fishers in Finland 1996-2015

Hwan Park, M.; Jeong, B.Yong., 2016:
Occupational injuries and sick leaves in household moving works

Pratt, B.; Cheesman, J.; Breslin, C.; Do, M.T., 2016:
Occupational injuries in Canadian youth: an analysis of 22 years of surveillance data collected from the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program

Giraudo, M.; Bena, A.; Leombruni, R.; Costa, G., 2016:
Occupational injuries in times of labour market flexibility: the different stories of employment-secure and precarious workers

Mekkodathil, A.; El-Menyar, A.; Al-Thani, H., 2016:
Occupational injuries in workers from different ethnicities

Claus, M.; Kimbel, R.; Letzel, S.; Rose, D-Matthias., 2016:
Occupational injuries of teachers and educational staff at special schools with multiple and severely handicapped children in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany): results of a cross-sectional study

Omar, A.A.; Abdo, N.M.; Salama, M.F.; Al-Mousa, H.H., 2015:
Occupational injuries prone to infectious risks amongst healthcare personnel in Kuwait: a retrospective study

El-Menyar, A.; Mekkodathi, A.; Al-Thani, H., 2016:
Occupational injuries: Global and local perspectives

Huanca, R.; Perretta, L.; Lebensohn, N.; Di Paolo, O.; Pires, M.; Quaglia, N.Beatriz., 2017:
Occupational injury incidence due to biological material in a tertiary referral public hospital in Santa Fe province

Gałązkowski, R.; Binkowska, A.; Samoliński, K., 2016:
Occupational injury rates in personnel of emergency medical services

Roberts, M.Helen.; Sim, M.Ross.; Black, O.; Smith, P., 2015:
Occupational injury risk among ambulance officers and paramedics compared with other healthcare workers in Victoria, Australia: analysis of workers' compensation claims from 2003 to 2012

Hammell, K.R.Whalley.; Beagan, B., 2016:
Occupational injustice: A critique

Lee, T.; Sigurdson, A.J.; Preston, D.L.; Cahoon, E.K.; Freedman, D.Michal.; Simon, S.L.; Nelson, K.; Matanoski, G.; Kitahara, C.M.; Liu, J.J.; Wang, T.; Alexander, B.H.; Doody, M.M.; Linet, M.S.; Little, M.P., 2016:
Occupational ionising radiation and risk of basal cell carcinoma in US radiologic technologists (1983-2005)

Mathur, M.; Beniwal, P.; Prasad, D.; Malhotra, V., 2015:
Occupational kidney disease: Is exposure to ammonium nitrate a risk factor?

Basit, S.; Karim, N.; Munshi, A.Bano., 2015:
Occupational lead toxicity in battery workers

Mårtensson, L.; Liedberg, G.M., 2017:
Occupational life trajectories in the context of chronic pain and immigration

Ahuja, J.; Kanne, J.P.; Meyer, C.A., 2015:
Occupational lung disease

McKeagney, T.F.P.; Addley, K.; Asanati, K., 2016:
Occupational lung disease survey of respiratory physicians in Northern Ireland

Lemstra, M.E., 2016:
Occupational management in the workplace and impact on Workers' Compensation Board claims, duration, and cost: a prospective longitudinal cohort

Vad, M.V.; Frost, P.; Svendsen, S.W., 2016:
Occupational mechanical exposures and reoperation after first-time inguinal hernia repair: a prognosis study in a male cohort

Raynal, A., 2016:
Occupational medicine is in demise

Riemann, Jürgen.F.; Zober, A., 2015:
Occupational medicine with passion--Prof. Dr. Andreas Zober for his 70th birthday

Anglen, J.; Gruninger, S.E.; Chou, H-Nan.; Weuve, J.; Turyk, M.Ellen.; Freels, S.; Stayner, L.Thomas., 2017:
Occupational mercury exposure in association with prevalence of multiple sclerosis and tremor among US dentists

Yang, A.; Cheng, N.; Pu, H.; Liu, S.; Dai, M.; Zheng, T.; Bai, Y., 2016:
Occupational metal exposures, smoking and risk of diabetes and prediabetes

Bonfiglioli, R.; Mattioli, S.; Violante, F.S., 2016:
Occupational mononeuropathies in industry

Siurin, S.A.; Shilov, V.V., 2015:
Occupational morbidity among miners engaged into contemporary method of extracting copper-nickel ores in Kola Transpolar regions

Dzhakupbekova, G.M.; Amanbekova, A.U.; Gazizova, A.O.; Otarbaeva, M.B.; Akynzhanova, S.A.; Kim, A.N.; Fazylova, M.-.D.A., 2015:
Occupational morbidity in Kazakhstan

Karetskaia, T.D.; Pfaf, V.F.; Chernov, O.E., 2015:
Occupational morbidity of railway transport workers

Vijendren, A.; Yung, M.; Sanchez, J.; Duffield, K., 2016:
Occupational musculoskeletal pain amongst ENT surgeons - are we looking at the tip of an iceberg?

Orme, N.M.; Geske, J.B.; Pislaru, S.V.; Askew, J.Wells.; Lennon, R.J.; Lewis, B.R.; Rihal, C.S.; Pellikka, P.A.; Singh, M., 2016:
Occupational musculoskeletal pain in cardiac sonographers compared to peer employees: a multisite cross-sectional study

Kharitonova, O.I.; Poteriaeva, E.L.; Kruglikova, N.V., 2015:
Occupational neurosensory deafness in civil aircraft crew members

Reckling, C.; Engfeldt, M.; Bruze, M., 2017:
Occupational nitrile glove allergy caused by Pigment Blue 15

Dzhambov, A.M.; Dimitrova, D.D., 2017:
Occupational noise and ischemic heart disease: A systematic review

Kersten, N.; Backé, E., 2015:
Occupational noise and myocardial infarction: considerations on the interrelation of noise with job demands

Lie, A.; Skogstad, M.; Johannessen, Håkon.A.; Tynes, T.; Mehlum, I.Sivesind.; Nordby, K-Christian.; Engdahl, B.; Tambs, K., 2016:
Occupational noise exposure and hearing: a systematic review

Paddan, G.Singh., 2016:
Occupational noise exposure on a Royal Navy warship during weapon fire

Lie, A.; Engdahl, B.; Hoffman, H.J.; Li, C-Ming.; Tambs, K., 2016:
Occupational noise exposure, hearing loss, and notched audiograms in the HUNT Nord-Trøndelag hearing loss study, 1996-1998

Zhu, W.; Ding, B.; Sheng, H.; Zhu, B., 2016:
Occupational noise-induced deafuess diaqnosis analysis in Jiangsu from 2006 to 2009

Sriopas, A.; Chapman, R.S.; Sutammasa, S.; Siriwong, W., 2016:
Occupational noise-induced hearing loss in auto part factory workers in welding units in Thailand

Garber, B.G.; Rusu, C.; Zamorski, M.A.; Boulos, D., 2018:
Occupational outcomes following mild traumatic brain injury in Canadian military personnel deployed in support of the mission in Afghanistan: a retrospective cohort study

Tiric-Campara, M.; Krupic, F.; Biscevic, M.; Spahic, E.; Maglajlija, K.; Masic, Z.; Zunic, L.; Masic, I., 2015:
Occupational overuse syndrome (technological diseases): carpal tunnel syndrome, a mouse shoulder, cervical pain syndrome

Kessler, D.E.; Egan, M.Y.; Dubouloz, C-Jehanne.; Graham, F.P.; McEwen, S.E., 2015:
Occupational performance coaching for stroke survivors: a pilot randomized controlled trial protocol

Ziviani, J., 2016:
Occupational performance: a case for self-determination

Bach, R.O.; Thormann, H.; Christensen, L.P., 2016:
Occupational periorbital allergic contact dermatitis caused by antioxidants in black rubber in an otorhinolaryngologist using an otomicroscope

García-García, C.R.; Parrón, Tón.; Requena, M.; Alarcón, R.; Tsatsakis, A.M.; Hernández, A.F., 2016:
Occupational pesticide exposure and adverse health effects at the clinical, hematological and biochemical level

Negatu, B.; Kromhout, H.; Mekonnen, Y.; Vermeulen, R., 2016:
Occupational pesticide exposure and respiratory health: a large-scale cross-sectional study in three commercial farming systems in Ethiopia

Andersen, H.R.; Debes, Fóði.; Wohlfahrt-Veje, C.; Murata, K.; Grandjean, P., 2015:
Occupational pesticide exposure in early pregnancy associated with sex-specific neurobehavioral deficits in the children at school age

Kolena, B.; Petrovičová, I.; Šidlovská, M.; Pilka, T.; Neuschlová, M.; Valentová, I.; Rybanský, L'.; Trnovec, T., 2016:
Occupational phthalate exposure and health outcomes among hairdressing apprentices

Krause, N.; Brand, R.J.; Arah, O.A.; Kauhanen, J., 2015:
Occupational physical activity and 20-year incidence of acute myocardial infarction: results from the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study

Scott, K.A.; Browning, R.C., 2016:
Occupational physical activity assessment for chronic disease prevention and management: A review of methods for both occupational health practitioners and researchers

Hayashi, R.; Iso, H.; Cui, R.; Tamakoshi, A., 2016:
Occupational physical activity in relation to risk of cardiovascular mortality: The Japan Collaborative Cohort Study for Evaluation for Cancer Risk (JACC Study)

Skielboe, A.K.; Marott, J.L.; Dixen, U.; Friberg, J.B.; Jensen, G.B., 2016:
Occupational physical activity, but not leisure-time physical activity increases the risk of atrial fibrillation: The Copenhagen City Heart Study

Palumbo, A.J.; Michael, Y.L.; Burstyn, I.; Lee, B.K.; Wallace, R., 2015 :
Occupational physical demand and risk of hip fracture in older women

Lugtenberg, M.; van Beurden, K.M.; Brouwers, E.P.M.; Terluin, B.; van Weeghel, J.; van der Klink, J.J.L.; Joosen, M.C.W., 2017:
Occupational physicians' perceived barriers and suggested solutions to improve adherence to a guideline on mental health problems: analysis of a peer group training

Stern, A.F., 2016:
Occupational physicians' perceptions and experience of appraisals for revalidation

Hoven, H.; Wahrendorf, M.; Siegrist, J., 2016:
Occupational position, work stress and depressive symptoms: a pathway analysis of longitudinal SHARE data

Moraes Salles, M.; Simões Matsukura, T., 2016:
Occupational possibilities in a Brazilian mental health service: The perspective of users

Aminde, L.Ndemnge.; Takah, N.Fongwen.; Dzudie, A.; Bonko, N.Mengnjo.; Awungafac, G.; Teno, D.; Mbuagbaw, L.; Sliwa, K., 2016:
Occupational post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in a health district in Cameroon: assessment of the knowledge and practices of nurses

Behrens, T.; Groß, I.; Siemiatycki, J.; Conway, D.I.; Olsson, A.; Stücker, I.; Guida, F.; Jöckel, K-Heinz.; Pohlabeln, H.; Ahrens, W.; Brüske, I.; Wichmann, H-Erich.; Gustavsson, P.; Consonni, D.; Merletti, F.; Richiardi, L.; Simonato, L.; Fortes, C.; Parent, M-Elise.; McLaughlin, J.; Demers, P.; Landi, M.Teresa.; Caporaso, N.; Zaridze, D.; Szeszenia-Dabrowska, N.; Rudnai, P.; Lissowska, J.; Fabianova, E.; Tardón, A.; Field, J.K.; Dumitru, R.Stanescu.; Bencko, V.; Foretova, L.; Janout, V.;, 2017:
Occupational prestige, social mobility and the association with lung cancer in men

Seele, S.; Spallek, M., 2015:
Occupational preventive measures

Barbaud, A.; Poreaux, C.; Penven, E.; Waton, J., 2016:
Occupational protein contact dermatitis

O'Connor, U.; Walsh, C.; Gallagher, A.; Dowling, A.; Guiney, M.; Ryan, J.M.; McEniff, N.; O'Reilly, G., 2015:
Occupational radiation dose to eyes from interventional radiology procedures in light of the new eye lens dose limit from the International Commission on Radiological Protection

Bacchim Neto, F.Antonio.; Alves, A.Felipe.Fattori.; Mascarenhas, Y.Maria.; Nicolucci, Pícia.; Pina, D.Rodrigues.de., 2017:
Occupational radiation exposure in vascular interventional radiology: A complete evaluation of different body regions

Laffont, S.; Rolland, Y.; Ardisson, Vérie.; Edeline, J.; Pracht, M.; Le Sourd, S.; Rohou, T.; Lenoir, L.; Lepareur, N.; Garin, E., 2016:
Occupational radiation exposure of medical staff performing ⁹⁰Y-loaded microsphere radioembolization

Kim, Y-Ji.; Cha, E.Shil.; Lee, W.Jin., 2018:
Occupational radiation procedures and doses in South Korean dentists

Vano, E., 2015:
Occupational radiation protection of health workers in imaging

Dauer, L.T.; Miller, D.L.; Schueler, B.; Silberzweig, J.; Balter, S.; Bartal, G.; Chambers, C.; Collins, J.D.; Damilakis, J.; Dixon, R.G.; Marx, M.Victoria.; Stecker, M.S.; Vañó, E.; Venkatesan, A.M.; Nikolic, B.; Angle, J.Fritz.; Chao, C.P.; Cohen, A.M.; Duncan, J.R.; Gill, A.; Gross, K.; Jones, A.Kyle.; Larsen, D.; Nemcek, A.A.; Oteham, A.; Pavlicek, W.; Statler, J.D.; Suri, R.; Thornton, R.; Towbin, R.; Walser, E.M., 2015:
Occupational radiation protection of pregnant or potentially pregnant workers in IR: a joint guideline of the Society of Interventional Radiology and the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe

Anonymous, 2015:
Occupational rate of RI treatment room for therapy of thyroid cancer for patients taking iodine radioisotopes

Moscato, G.; Pala, G.; Folletti, I.; Siracusa, A.; Quirce, S., 2017:
Occupational rhinitis affects occupational asthma severity

Henriquez-Santana, A.; Bermejo, S.Blanco.; Ruiz-Hornillos, J.; Monge, M.Valverde.; Nieto, M.Fernandez., 2017:
Occupational rhinitis and asthma due to ranitidine

Perečinský, S.; Legáth, L'ubomír.; Varga, M.; Javorský, M.; Bátora, I.; Klimentová, G., 2015:
Occupational rhinitis in the Slovak Republic--a long-term retrospective study

Stevens, W.W.; Grammer, L.C., 2015:
Occupational rhinitis: an update

Hammell, K.Whalley., 2016:
Occupational rights and critical occupational therapy: rising to the challenge

Lurati, A.R., 2015:
Occupational risk assessment and irritant contact dermatitis

Seifi Azad Mard, H.Reza.; Estiri, A.; Hadadi, P.; Seifi Azad Mard, M., 2016:
Occupational risk assessment in the construction industry in Iran

Radwan, Mł.; Jurewicz, J.; Radwan, Pł.; Ulańska, A.; Jakubowski, L.; Hanke, W., 2016:
Occupational risk factors and frequency of sex chromosome disomy

Mennoial, N.Valerio.; Napoli, P.; Battaglia, A.; Candura, S.M., 2015:
Occupational risk factors and medical prevention in corrections officers

Johnson, C.Y.; Grajewski, B.; Lawson, C.C.; Whelan, E.A.; Bertke, S.J.; Tseng, C-Yu., 2016:
Occupational risk factors for endometriosis in a cohort of flight attendants

Teichtahl, A.J.; Smith, S.; Wang, Y.; Wluka, A.E.; O'Sullivan, R.; Giles, G.G.; Cicuttini, F.M., 2016:
Occupational risk factors for hip osteoarthritis are associated with early hip structural abnormalities: a 3.0 T magnetic resonance imaging study of community-based adults

Delva, F.; Andujar, P.; Lacourt, A.; Brochard, P.; Pairon, J-C., 2017:
Occupational risk factors for lung cancer

Dickhut, S.; Urfer, W.; Reich, S.; Bandel, T.; Bremicker, K-Dieter.; Neugebauer, W.; Sökeland, Jürgen.; Bolt, H.M.; Golka, K., 2017:
Occupational risk factors for prostate cancer in an area of former coal, iron, and steel industries in Germany. Part 1: Results from a study performed in the 1980s

Krech, S.; Selinski, S.; Bürger, H.; Hengstler, J.G.; Jedrusik, P.; Hodzic, J.; Knopf, H-Jürgen.; Golka, K., 2017:
Occupational risk factors for prostate cancer in an area of former coal, iron, and steel industries in Germany. Part 2: results from a study performed in the 1990s

Selinski, S.; Bürger, H.; Blaszkewicz, M.; Otto, T.; Volkert, F.; Moormann, O.; Niedner, H.; Hengstler, J.G.; Golka, K., 2017:
Occupational risk factors for relapse-free survival in bladder cancer patients

Ruppert, L.; Ofenloch, R.; Surber, C.; Diepgen, T., 2017:
Occupational risk factors for skin cancer and the availability of sun protection measures at German outdoor workplaces

Leso, V.; Ricciardi, W.; Iavicoli, I., 2016:
Occupational risk factors in inflammatory bowel disease

Liu, S.; Ding, J.; Wang, M.; Wang, G.; Wu, X.; Feng, M.; Song, P.; Ren, J.; Guan, W., 2016:
Occupational risk for Crohn's disease: A two-center study

Shliapnikov, D.M.; Shur, P.Z.; Vlasova, E.M.; Alexeyev, V.B.; Lebedeva, T.M., 2015:
Occupational risk of cardiovascular diseases in workers engaged into underground mining

Luksamijarulkul, P.; Pipitsangjan, S.; Vatanasomboon, P., 2015:
Occupational risk towards blood-borne infections among ambulance personnel in a provincial hospital network in Thailand

Byeon, H., 2016:
Occupational risks for voice disorders: Evidence from a Korea national cross-sectional survey

Graziosi, F.; Bonfiglioli, R.; Violante, F.S., 2015:
Occupational risks in grocery stores

Beck-Krala, E.; Klimkiewicz, K., 2016:
Occupational safety and health as an element of a complex compensation system evaluation within an organization

Macuzic, I.; Giagloglou, E.; Djapan, M.; Todorovic, P.; Jeremic, B., 2016:
Occupational safety and health education under the lifelong learning framework in Serbia

Vainio, H., 2016:
Occupational safety and health in the service of people

Buranatrevedh, S., 2015:
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