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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58466

Chapter 58466 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Wang, X.; Yu, S.; Lou, Z.; Zeng, Q.; Yang, M., 2015:
Optical absorption of warped nanographenes tuned by five- and seven-membered carbon rings

Sghaier, T.; L.L.epvre, S.; Fiorini, Céline.; Douillard, L.; Charra, F., 2016:
Optical absorption signature of a self-assembled dye monolayer on graphene

Afara, I.O.; Hauta-Kasari, M.; Jurvelin, J.S.; Oloyede, A.; Töyräs, J., 2016:
Optical absorption spectra of human articular cartilage correlate with biomechanical properties, histological score and biochemical composition

Kaydashev, V.E.; Janssens, E.; Lievens, P., 2015:
Optical absorption spectra of palladium doped gold cluster cations

Sakota, D.; Kosaka, R.; Nishida, M.; Maruyama, O., 2016:
Optical aggregometry of red blood cells associated with the blood-clotting reaction in extracorporeal circulation support

Wu, M.; Wang, F., 2016:
Optical algorithm for calculating the quantity distribution of fiber assembly

Wang, Y.; Song, L.; Li, L., 2016:
Optical amplification and reshaping based on the Peregrine rogue wave

Anaya, M.; Correa-Baena, J.P.; Lozano, G.; Saliba, M.; Anguita, P.; Roose, B.; Abate, A.; Steiner, U.; Grätzel, M.; Calvo, M.E.; Hagfeldt, A.; Míguez, Hán., 2016:
Optical analysis of CH3NH3Sn x Pb1-x I3 absorbers: a roadmap for perovskite-on-perovskite tandem solar cells

Giridhar, P.; Bhushana Reddy, M.; Neelima, G.; Ramanaiah, R.; Nagamuni Reddy, K.; Sahadeva Reddy, V.; Sudhakar Reddy, B., 2016:
Optical analysis of RE(3+) (RE = Pr(3) (+) , Er(3) (+) and Nd(3) (+) ):cadmium lead boro tellurite glasses

Xiong, B.; Peng, L.; Cao, X.; He, Y.; Yeung, E.S., 2015:
Optical analysis of biological hydrogen sulphide: an overview of recent advancements

Ueno, T.; Shimada, Y.; Matin, K.; Zhou, Y.; Wada, I.; Sadr, A.; Sumi, Y.; Tagami, J., 2016:
Optical analysis of enamel and dentin caries in relation to mineral density using swept-source optical coherence tomography

May, J.M.; Hickey, M.; Triantis, I.; Palazidou, E.; Kyriacou, P.A., 2015:
Optical analysis of lithium carbonate: towards the development of a portable lithium blood level analyzer for bipolar disorder patients

Reshidko, D.; Sasian, J., 2015:
Optical analysis of miniature lenses with curved imaging surfaces

Thomas, V.; Sofin, R.G.S.; Allen, M.; Thomas, H.; Biju, P.R.; Jose, G.; Unnikrishnan, N.V., 2016:
Optical analysis of samarium doped sodium bismuth silicate glass

Kim, Y.Jun.; Bae, G.Yoon.; Chun, S.; Park, W., 2016:
Optical and Electrical Characteristics of Graphene Double Layer Formed by a Double Transfer of Graphene Single Layers

Pathirane, M.K.; Wong, W.S., 2016:
Optical and Electrical Characteristics of Hybrid ZnO Nanowire/a-Si:H Solar Cells on Flexible Substrates under Mechanical Bending

Pal, K.; Zhan, B.; Ma, X.; Wang, G.; Schirhagl, R.; Murgasen, P., 2016:
Optical and Electrical Investigation of ZnO Nano-Wire Array to Micro-Flower from Hierarchical Nano-Rose Structures

Sánchez-Vergara, Mía.Elena.; Leyva-Esqueda, M.; Alvárez-Bada, Jé.Ramón.; García-Montalvo, Vónica.; Rojas-Montoya, Ián.Darío.; Jiménez-Sandoval, O., 2016:
Optical and Electrical Properties of TTF-MPcs (M = Cu, Zn) Interfaces for Optoelectronic Applications

Zaiats, G.; Shapiro, A.; Yanover, D.; Kauffmann, Y.; Sashchiuk, A.; Lifshitz, E., 2016:
Optical and Electronic Properties of Nonconcentric PbSe/CdSe Colloidal Quantum Dots

Dai, J.; Lu, J.; Wang, F.; Guo, J.; Gu, N.; Xu, C., 2015:
Optical and Exciton Dynamical Properties of a Screw-Dislocation-Driven ZnO:Sn Microstructure

Hancock, J.M.; Rankin, W.M.; Hammad, T.M.; Salem, J.S.; Chesnel, K.; Harrison, R.G., 2015:
Optical and Magnetic Properties of ZnO Nanoparticles Doped with Co, Ni and Mn and Synthesized at Low Temperature

Tang, M.; Alexander, J.M.; Kwon, D.; Estillore, A.D.; Laskina, O.; Young, M.A.; Kleiber, P.D.; Grassian, V.H., 2016:
Optical and Physicochemical Properties of Brown Carbon Aerosol: Light Scattering, FTIR Extinction Spectroscopy, and Hygroscopic Growth

Barbosa, C.G.; Faez, R.; Péres, L.O., 2016:
Optical and Thermal Stability of Oligofluorene/Rubber Luminescent Blend

Klym, H.; Karbovnyk, I.; Guidi, M.Cestelli.; Hotra, O.; Popov, A.I., 2016:
Optical and Vibrational Spectra of CsCl-Enriched GeS2-Ga2S3 Glasses

Jahanshahi, P.; Sekaran, S.Devi.; Adikan, F.Rafiq.Mahamd., 2016:
Optical and analytical investigations on dengue virus rapid diagnostic test for IgM antibody detection

Li, Z.; Thompson, B.C.; Dong, Z.; Khor, K.Aik., 2016:
Optical and biological properties of transparent nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite obtained through spark plasma sintering

Gavade, C.; Singh, N.L.; Khanna, P.K., 2015:
Optical and dielectric properties of ion beam irradiated Ag/polymethyl methacrylate nanocomposites

Shih, C-Chien.; Chen, P-Cheng.; Lin, G-Lin.; Wang, C-Wei.; Chang, H-Tsung., 2014:
Optical and electrochemical applications of silicon-carbon dots/silicon dioxide nanocomposites

Harris, A.R.; Molino, P.J.; Kapsa, R.M.I.; Clark, G.M.; Paolini, A.G.; Wallace, G.G., 2015:
Optical and electrochemical methods for determining the effective area and charge density of conducting polymer modified electrodes for neural stimulation

Krawinkel, J.; Richter, U.; Torres-Mapa, M.Leilani.; Westermann, M.; Gamrad, L.; Rehbock, C.; Barcikowski, S.; Heisterkamp, A., 2016:
Optical and electron microscopy study of laser-based intracellular molecule delivery using peptide-conjugated photodispersible gold nanoparticle agglomerates

Sugiyama, K.; Tsuchiya, T.; Kikuchi, A.; Yagi, M., 2015:
Optical and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of the excited triplet states of UV-B absorbers: 2-ethylhexyl salicylate and homomenthyl salicylate

Lee, S.Min.; Cho, Y.Soo., 2016:
Optical and grain boundary potential characteristics of sulfurized BiFeO3 thin films for photovoltaic applications

Ungaro, C.; Shah, A.; Kravchenko, I.; Hensley, D.K.; Gray, S.K.; Gupta, M.C., 2015:
Optical and infrared properties of glancing angle-deposited nanostructured tungsten films

Tandogan, T.; Khoramnia, R.; Choi, C.Young.; Scheuerle, A.; Wenzel, M.; Hugger, P.; Auffarth, G.U., 2016:
Optical and material analysis of opacified hydrophilic intraocular lenses after explantation: a laboratory study

Simão, C.D.; Reparaz, J.S.; Wagner, M.R.; Graczykowski, B.; Kreuzer, M.; Ruiz-Blanco, Y.B.; García, Y.; Malho, J-Markus.; Goñi, A.R.; Ahopelto, J.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M., 2016:
Optical and mechanical properties of nanofibrillated cellulose: Toward a robust platform for next-generation green technologies

Lelaidier, T.; Lünskens, T.; von Weber, A.; Leoni, T.; Ranguis, A.; D'Aléo, A.; Fages, Fédéric.; Kartouzian, A.; Becker, C.; Heiz, U., 2016:
Optical and morphological properties of thin films of bis-pyrenyl π-conjugated molecules

Zheleznyak, L.; Barbot, A.; Ghosh, A.; Yoon, G., 2016:
Optical and neural anisotropy in peripheral vision

Blanco, Víctor.M.; Chu, Z.; LaSance, K.; Gray, B.D.; Pak, K.Yan.; Rider, T.; Greis, K.D.; Qi, X., 2017:
Optical and nuclear imaging of glioblastoma with phosphatidylserine-targeted nanovesicles

Yan, X.; Hu, H.; Lin, J.; Jin, A.J.; Niu, G.; Zhang, S.; Huang, P.; Shen, B.; Chen, X., 2015:
Optical and photoacoustic dual-modality imaging guided synergistic photodynamic/photothermal therapies

Pagoaga, B.; Mongin, O.; Caselli, M.; Vanossi, D.; Momicchioli, F.; Blanchard-Desce, M.; Lemercier, G.; Hoffmann, N.; Ponterini, G., 2016:
Optical and photophysical properties of anisole- and cyanobenzene-substituted perylene diimides

Hassan, H.E.; Refat, M.S.; Sharshar, T., 2016:
Optical and positron annihilation spectroscopic studies on PMMA polymer doped by rhodamine B/chloranilic acid charge transfer complex: Special relevance to the effect of γ-ray irradiation

Patel, P.N.; Dumka, U.C.; Kaskaoutis, D.G.; Babu, K.N.; Mathur, A.K., 2016:
Optical and radiative properties of aerosols over Desalpar, a remote site in western India: Source identification, modification processes and aerosol type discrimination

Vandaele, A.C.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, Cédric.; Thomas, I.R.; Robert, Séverine.; Bolsée, D.; Patel, M.R.; Mason, J.P.; Leese, M.; Lesschaeve, S.; Antoine, P.; Daerden, F.; Delanoye, S.; Drummond, R.; Neefs, E.; Ristic, B.; Lopez-Moreno, Jé-Juan.; Bellucci, G.; Team, N., 2015:
Optical and radiometric models of the NOMAD instrument part I: the UVIS channel

Thomas, I.R.; Vandaele, A.C.; Robert, S.; Neefs, E.; Drummond, R.; Daerden, F.; Delanoye, S.; Ristic, B.; Berkenbosch, S.; Clairquin, R.; Maes, J.; Bonnewijn, S.; Depiesse, C.; Mahieux, A.; Trompet, L.; Neary, L.; Willame, Y.; Wilque, V.; Nevejans, D.; Aballea, L.; Moelans, W.; D.V.s, L.; Lesschaeve, S.; Van Vooren, N.; Lopez-Moreno, J-J.; Patel, M.R.; Bellucci, G.; Vandaele, A.Carine.; Lopez Moreno, J.Juan.; Bellucci, G.; Patel, M.; Allen, M.; Altieri, F.; Aoki, S.; Bolsée, S.; Clancy, T.; Clo, 2016:
Optical and radiometric models of the NOMAD instrument part II: the infrared channels - SO and LNO

Leygue, N.; Boulay, A.; Galaup, C.; Benoist, E.; Laurent, S.; Vander Elst, L.; Mestre-Voegtlé, Béatrice.; Picard, C., 2016:
Optical and relaxometric properties of monometallic (Eu(III), Tb(III), Gd(III)) and heterobimetallic (Re(I)/Gd(III)) systems based on a functionalized bipyridine-containing acyclic ligand

Jawaher, K.Rackesh.; Jagannathan, R.; Das, S.Jerome.; Krishnan, S., 2015:
Optical and spectral studies on pure and europium doped olgite type Na(Sr,Ba)PO4 ceramics

Prakash, J.; Kumar, V.; Kroon, R.E.; Asokan, K.; Rigato, V.; Chae, K.H.; Gautam, S.; Swart, H.C., 2015:
Optical and surface enhanced Raman scattering properties of Au nanoparticles embedded in and located on a carbonaceous matrix

Pat, S.; Özen, S.; Şenay, V.; Korkmaz, Şadan., 2015:
Optical and surface properties of optically transparent Li3 PO4 solid electrolyte layer for transparent solid batteries

Pat, S.; Özen, S.; Şenay, V.; Korkmaz, Şadan.; Şimşek, V., 2015:
Optical and surface properties of the in doped GaAs layer deposition using thermionic vacuum arc method

Batmunkh, T.; Lee, K.; Kim, Y.J.; Bae, M-Suk.; Maskey, S.; Park, K., 2015:
Optical and thermal characteristics of carbonaceous aerosols measured at an urban site in Gwangju, Korea, in the winter of 2011

Ye, Z.Ting.; Kuo, H-Chung.; Chen, C-Huan., 2015:
Optical and thermal design of light emitting diodes omnidirectional bulb

Kamimura, H.; Gouveia, R.C.; Carrocine, S.C.; Souza, L.D.; Rodrigues, A.D.; Teodoro, M.D.; Marques, G.E.; Leite, E.R.; Chiquito, A.J., 2016:
Optical and transport properties correlation driven by amorphous/crystalline disorder in InP nanowires

Wang, W.; McBeath, M.K.; Sugar, T.G., 2015:
Optical angular constancy is maintained as a navigational control strategy when pursuing robots moving along complex pathways

Liang, Z.; Bernardino, K.; Han, J.; Zhou, Y.; Sun, K.; de Moura, Aé.F.; Kotov, N.A., 2016:
Optical anisotropy and sign reversal in layer-by-layer assembled films from chiral nanoparticles

Wang, F.; Hashimoto, K.; Tajima, K., 2015:
Optical anisotropy and strong H-aggregation of poly(3-alkylthiophene) in a surface monolayer

Vidal, B.de.Campos.; Dos Anjos, E.Heber.M.; Mello, M.Luiza.S., 2016:
Optical anisotropy reveals molecular order in a mouse enthesis

Göbel, O.F.; ten Elshof, J.E.; Kaminsky, W.; Hannss, M., 2015:
Optical anomaly in artificial cubic hieratite, K2[SiF6

Eggleston, M.S.; Messer, K.; Zhang, L.; Yablonovitch, E.; Wu, M.C., 2015:
Optical antenna enhanced spontaneous emission

Taguchi, A.; Yu, J.; Verma, P.; Kawata, S., 2015:
Optical antennas with multiple plasmonic nanoparticles for tip-enhanced Raman microscopy

Dikken, D.Jan.; Segerink, F.B.; Korterik, J.P.; Pfaff, S.S.; Prangsma, J.C.; Herek, J.L., 2016:
Optical antennas with sinusoidal modulation in width

Barroso, Álvaro.; Landwerth, S.; Woerdemann, M.; Alpmann, C.; Buscher, T.; Becker, M.; Studer, A.; Denz, C., 2016:
Optical assembly of bio-hybrid micro-robots

Liang, X.; Kumar, S., 2016:
Optical back propagation for compensating nonlinear impairments in fiber optic links with ROADMs

Lang, K-Chen.; Teng, H-Kang., 2015:
Optical balanced detection in heterodyne interferometric ellipsometry

Li, S.; Zhao, G.; Fan, Y.; Bian, J.; Qin, Y.; Lv, X.; Zhu, S., 2015:
Optical beam and its operation in low dimensional space

Banakh, V.A.; Sukharev, A.A.; Falits, A.V., 2015:
Optical beam distortions induced by a shock wave

Kannadasan, N.; Shanmugam, N.; Sathishkumar, K.; Cholan, S.; Ponnguzhali, R.; Viruthagiri, G., 2016:
Optical behavior and sensor activity of Pb ions incorporated ZnO nanocrystals

Pecho, O.E.; Ghinea, R.; Ionescu, A.M.; Cardona, J.C.; Della Bona, A.; Pérez, Mía.del.Mar., 2016:
Optical behavior of dental zirconia and dentin analyzed by Kubelka-Munk theory

Jeżewski, A.; Hammann, T.; Cywiński, P.J.; Gryko, D.T., 2014:
Optical behavior of substituted 4-(2'-hydroxyphenyl)imidazoles

Carson, D.; Xu, Z.; Alexander, E.; Choi, M.; Zhao, Z.; Hong, X., 2016:
Optical bench performance of 3 trifocal intraocular lenses

Lee, S.; Choi, M.; Xu, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Alexander, E.; Liu, Y., 2016:
Optical bench performance of a novel trifocal intraocular lens compared with a multifocal intraocular lens

Tiwari, S.Vikramaditya.; Sewaiwar, A.; Chung, Y.Ho., 2015:
Optical bidirectional beacon based visible light communications

Maayani, S.; Martin, L.L.; Carmon, T., 2015:
Optical binding in white light

Srinivasan, S., 2016:
Optical biometry: every little bit helps

Atkinson, N.S.; East, J.E., 2016:
Optical biopsy and sessile serrated polyps: Is DISCARD dead? Long live DISCARD-lite!

Nazmul Islam, M.; Yadav, S.; Hakimul Haque, M.; Munaz, A.; Islam, F.; Al Hossain, M.Shahriar.; Gopalan, V.; Lam, A.K.; Nguyen, N-Trung.; Shiddiky, M.J.A., 2016:
Optical biosensing strategies for DNA methylation analysis

Damborský, P.; Švitel, J.; Katrlík, J., 2017:
Optical biosensors

Tenenbaum, E.; Segal, E., 2016:
Optical biosensors for bacteria detection by a peptidomimetic antimicrobial compound

Amekura, H.; Okubo, N.; Ishikawa, N., 2015:
Optical birefringence of Zn nanoparticles embedded in silica induced by swift heavy-ion irradiation

Nguyen, T.Tai.; Han, G-Re.; Jang, C-Hyun.; Ju, H., 2016:
Optical birefringence of liquid crystals for label-free optical biosensing diagnosis

Wang, F.; Feng, X.; Oh, C.H., 2016:
Optical bistability and multistability via quantum coherence in chiral molecules

Sodagar, M.; Miri, M.; Eftekhar, A.A.; Adibi, A., 2015:
Optical bistability in a one-dimensional photonic crystal resonator using a reverse-biased pn-junction

Yu, W.J.; Sun, H.; Gao, L., 2016:
Optical bistability in core-shell magnetoplasmonic nanoparticles with magnetocontrollability

Liu, W.; Zhang, H.; Sun, H.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, D., 2016:
Optical bistability induced by spin-orbit coupling in the carbon-nanotube quantum dots

Alpeggiani, F., 2015:
Optical bistability of localized Josephson surface plasmons in cuprate superconductors

Huang, Z.; Baron, A.; Larouche, Séphane.; Argyropoulos, C.; Smith, D.R., 2015:
Optical bistability with film-coupled metasurfaces

Xing, X.; Sun, M., 2016:
Optical blood pressure estimation with photoplethysmography and FFT-based neural networks

Liu, Z.; Nie, Y.; Yuan, W.; Liu, X.; Huang, S.; Chen, J.; Gao, H.; Gu, G.; Liu, G., 2015:
Optical cavity-assisted broadband optical transparency of a plasmonic metal film

Seeto, W.Jun.; Lipke, E.Ann., 2016:
Optical cell tracking analysis using a straight-forward approach to minimize processing time for high frame rate data

Ziyadi, M.; Mohajerin-Ariaei, A.; Almaiman, A.; Cao, Y.; Chitgarha, M.Reza.; Paraschis, L.; Tur, M.; Langrock, C.; Fejer, M.M.; Touch, J.D.; Willner, A.E., 2015:
Optical channel de-aggregation of quadrature-phase-shift-keying and eight-phase-shift-keying data using mapping onto constellation axes

Luo, Y.; Xia, L.; Xu, Z.; Yu, C.; Sun, Q.; Li, W.; Huang, D.; Liu, D., 2015:
Optical chaos and hybrid WDM/TDM based large capacity quasi-distributed sensing network with real-time fiber fault monitoring

Persechini, L.; Verre, R.; Smith, C.M.; Fleischer, K.; Shvets, I.V.; Ranjan, M.; Facsko, S.; McGilp, J.F., 2015:
Optical characterisation of plasmonic nanostructures on planar substrates using second-harmonic generation

Lee, K.; Lee, C-Ro.; Chung, T-Hoon.; Kim, Y.Seok.; Jeong, K-Un.; Kim, J.Soo., 2016:
Optical characteristics of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes depending on wafer bowing controlled by laser-treated grid patterns

Zhang, Y.; Li, J.; Jiang, N.; Shang, K-Feng.; Lu, N.; Wu, Y., 2016:
Optical characteristics of the filamentary and diffuse modes in surface dielectric barrier discharge

Wang, J.; Zhao, W., 2016:
Optical characterization and the energy level scheme for Ce 3 + -doped BaY 2 Si 3 O 10 blue-emitting phosphor

Gutierrez-Arroyo, A.; Baudet, E.; Bodiou, Lïc.; Lemaitre, J.; Hardy, I.; Faijan, Fçois.; Bureau, B.; Nazabal, V.; Charrier, Jël., 2016:
Optical characterization at 7.7 µm of an integrated platform based on chalcogenide waveguides for sensing applications in the mid-infrared

Kitamura, S.; Senshu, M.; Katsuyama, T.; Hino, Y.; Ozaki, N.; Ohkouchi, S.; Sugimoto, Y.; Hogg, R.A., 2015:
Optical characterization of In-flushed InAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting a broadband spectrum with multiple peaks at ~1 μm

de Santana, J.F.; Pilla, V.; Silva, A.C.A.; Dantas, N.O.; Messias, D.N.; Andrade, Aácio.A., 2015:
Optical characterization of core-shell quantum dots embedded in synthetic saliva: Temporal dynamics

Kaplas, T.; Karvonen, L.; Ahmadi, S.; Amirsolaimani, B.; Mehravar, S.; Peyghambarian, N.; Kieu, K.; Honkanen, S.; Lipsanen, H.; Svirko, Y., 2016:
Optical characterization of directly deposited graphene on a dielectric substrate

Gully-Santiago, M.; Jaffe, D.T.; White, V., 2016:
Optical characterization of gaps in directly bonded Si compound optics using infrared spectroscopy

Brandao, M.P.; Iwakura, R.; Basilio, F.S.; Haleplian, K.; Ito, A.S.; de Freitas, L.C.Conti.; Bachmann, L., 2015:
Optical characterization of normal, benign, and malignant thyroid tissue: a pilot study

Ramm, A.; Sakib, N.; Bhasin, A.; Downer, M.C., 2015:
Optical characterization of temperature- and composition-dependent microstructure in asphalt binders

Handa, T.; Tex, D.M.; Shimazaki, A.; Aharen, T.; Wakamiya, A.; Kanemitsu, Y., 2016:
Optical characterization of voltage-accelerated degradation in CH<sub>3</sub>NH<sub>3</sub>PbI<sub>3</sub> perovskite solar cells

Kong, W.; Ding, T.; Bi, G.; Wu, H., 2016:
Optical characterizations of the surface states in hybrid lead-halide perovskites

Wang, Z.; Cheng, F.; Winsor, T.; Liu, Y., 2016:
Optical chiral metamaterials: a review of the fundamentals, fabrication methods and applications

Chen, Z.; Wang, Q.; Wu, X.; Li, Z.; Jiang, Y-Bao., 2015:
Optical chirality sensing using macrocycles, synthetic and supramolecular oligomers/polymers, and nanoparticle based sensors

Ngo, N.Quoc., 2015:
Optical chirp z-transform processor with a simplified architecture

Terray, A.; Hebert, C.G.; Hart, S.J., 2015:
Optical chromatographic sample separation of hydrodynamically focused mixtures

Song, E.; Seo, H.; Choe, K.; Hwang, Y.; Ahn, J.; Ahn, S.; Kim, P., 2015:
Optical clearing based cellular-level 3D visualization of intact lymph node cortex

Liang, Y.; Yuan, W.; Mavadia-Shukla, J.; Li, X., 2016:
Optical clearing for luminal organ imaging with ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography

Neu, C.P.; Novak, T.; Gilliland, K.F.; Marshall, P.; Calve, S., 2015:
Optical clearing in collagen- and proteoglycan-rich osteochondral tissues

Calve, S.; Ready, A.; Huppenbauer, C.; Main, R.; Neu, C.P., 2015:
Optical clearing in dense connective tissues to visualize cellular connectivity in situ

Pires, L.; Demidov, V.; Vitkin, I.Alex.; Bagnato, V.; Kurachi, C.; Wilson, B.C., 2016:
Optical clearing of melanoma in vivo: characterization by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography

Liopo, A.; Su, R.; Tsyboulski, D.A.; Oraevsky, A.A., 2016:
Optical clearing of skin enhanced with hyaluronic acid for increased contrast of optoacoustic imaging

Cheshire, E.C.; Malcomson, R.D.G.; Joseph, S.; Biggs, M.J.B.; Adlam, D.; Rutty, G.N., 2016:
Optical clearing of the dura mater using glycerol: a reversible process to aid the post-mortem investigation of infant head injury

Lefering, I.; Bengil, F.; Trees, C.; Röttgers, Rüdiger.; Bowers, D.; Nimmo-Smith, A.; Schwarz, J.; McKee, D., 2016:
Optical closure in marine waters from in situ inherent optical property measurements

Wylęgała, A.; Teper, Sławomir.; Dobrowolski, D.; Wylęgała, E., 2017:
Optical coherence angiography: A review

Han, Z.; Li, J.; Singh, M.; Wu, C.; Liu, C-Hao.; Raghunathan, R.; Aglyamov, S.R.; Vantipalli, S.; Twa, M.D.; Larin, K.V., 2016:
Optical coherence elastography assessment of corneal viscoelasticity with a modified Rayleigh-Lamb wave model

Ma, L.; Ponomarenko, S.A., 2014:
Optical coherence gratings and lattices

Hasegawa, A.; Haraguchi, Y.; Oikaze, H.; Kabetani, Y.; Sakaguchi, K.; Shimizu, T., 2015:
Optical coherence microscopy of living cells and bioengineered tissue dynamics in high-resolution cross-section

Liu, X.; Liu, T.; Wen, R.; Li, Y.; Puliafito, C.A.; Zhang, H.F.; Jiao, S., 2016:
Optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy for in vivo multimodal retinal imaging

Chan, C.K.; Jain, A.; Sadda, S.; Varshney, N., 2015:
Optical coherence tomographic and visual results at six months after transitioning to aflibercept for patients on prior ranibizumab or bevacizumab treatment for exudative age-related macular degeneration (an American Ophthalmological Society thesis)

McClintic, S.M.; Jia, Y.; Huang, D.; Bailey, S.T., 2016:
Optical coherence tomographic angiography of choroidal neovascularization associated with central serous chorioretinopathy

Malihi, M.; Jia, Y.; Gao, S.S.; Flaxel, C.; Lauer, A.K.; Hwang, T.; Wilson, D.J.; Huang, D.; Bailey, S.T., 2016:
Optical coherence tomographic angiography of choroidal neovascularization ill-defined with fluorescein angiography

Gao, L.; Park, S-Jung.; Jang, Y.; Lee, S.; Tian, J.; Minami, Y.; Jia, H.; Ong, D.; Soeda, T.; Vergallo, R.; Lee, H.; Yu, B.; Uemura, S.; Jang, I-Kyung., 2015:
Optical coherence tomographic evaluation of the effect of cigarette smoking on vascular healing after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation

Sengottuvelu, G.; Rajendran, R., 2016:
Optical coherence tomographic findings of myeloproliferative disorder presenting as acute myocardial infarction

Sengottuvelu, G.; Rajendran, R.; Dattagupta, A., 2016:
Optical coherence tomographic image of dynamic left main coronary artery compression caused by intramural haematoma due to spontaneous coronary artery dissection - degloved artery managed with bioresorbable vascular scaffold

Lee, S-Yul.; Hur, S-Ho.; Lee, S-Gon.; Kim, S-Wook.; Shin, D-Ho.; Kim, J-Sun.; Kim, B-Keuk.; Ko, Y-Guk.; Choi, D.; Jang, Y.; Hong, M-Ki., 2015:
Optical coherence tomographic observation of in-stent neoatherosclerosis in lesions with more than 50% neointimal area stenosis after second-generation drug-eluting stent implantation

Hasegawa, T.; Yamashita, M.; Maruko, I.; Koizumi, H.; Kogure, A.; Ogata, N.; Iida, T., 2016:
Optical coherence tomographic predictor of retinal non-perfused areas in eyes with macular oedema associated with retinal vein occlusion

von Braunmühl, T., 2016:
Optical coherence tomography

Alnawaiseh, M.; Schubert, F.; Nelis, P.; Wirths, G.; Rosentreter, Aé.; Eter, N., 2016:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) angiography findings in retinal arterial macroaneurysms

Bogale, N.; Lempereur, M.; Sheikh, I.; Wood, D.; Saw, J.; Fung, A., 2016:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) evaluation of intermediate coronary lesions in patients with NSTEMI

Moraes Pinto Blumetti, T.Cristina.; Cohen, M.Pecora.; Gomes, E.Elias.; Petaccia de Macedo, M.; Ferreira de Souza Begnami, M.Dirlei.; Tavares Guerreiro Fregnani, Jé.Humberto.; Duprat, Jão.Pedreira.; Pellacani, G.; Rezze, G.Gargantini., 2015:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) features of nevi and melanomas and their association with intraepidermal or dermal involvement: A pilot study

Virgili, G.; Menchini, F.; Casazza, G.; Hogg, R.; Das, R.R.; Wang, X.; Michelessi, M., 2017:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) for detection of macular oedema in patients with diabetic retinopathy

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Optical in vivo imaging of the alarmin S100A9 in tumor lesions allows for estimation of the individual malignant potential by evaluation of tumor-host cell interaction

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Optical microcavities enhance the exciton coherence length and eliminate vibronic coupling in J-aggregates

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Disruptive Physician Behavior: The Importance of Recognition and Intervention and Its Impact on Patient Safety

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Optical remote sensing of water temperature using Raman spectroscopy

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Optical rogue waves in integrable turbulence

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Optical rotation of a uniformly, linearly polarized Bessel-like beam in free space

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Optical scatter patterns facilitate rapid differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae on CHROMagar™ Orientation medium

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Optical scattering modeling of etched ZnO:Al superstrates and device simulation studies of a-Si:H solar cells with different texture morphologies

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Optical scheme for simulating post-quantum nonlocality distillation

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Optical sectioning using a digital Fresnel incoherent-holography-based confocal imaging system

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Optical sensing and analyte manipulation in solid-state nanopores

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Optical sensing and biosensing based on non-spherical noble metal nanoparticles

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Optical sensing of the fatigue damage state of CFRP under realistic aeronautical load sequences

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Optical sensors to gain mechanistic insights into signaling assemblies

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Optical sharper focusing in an anisotropic crystal

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Optical signal to noise ratio monitoring using variable phase difference phase portrait with software synchronization

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Optical single sideband modulation based on a high-order birefringent filter using cascaded Solc-Sagnac and Lyot-Sagnac loops

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Optical spectroscopy coupled with mass spectrometry methods

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Optical spectroscopy of Cr³⁺-doped transparent nano-glass ceramics for lifetime-based temperature sensing

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Optical surface plasmon resonance biosensors in molecular fishing

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Optical technologies for intraoperative neurosurgical guidance

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Optical tolerancing and principal component analysis

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Optical torque reversal and spin-orbit rotational Doppler shift experiments

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Optical transitions of Ho(3+) in oxyfluoride glasses and upconversion luminescence of Ho(3+)/Yb(3+)-codoped oxyfluoride glasses

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Optical tweezer calibration by using a part of the intensity distribution of a trapped particle

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Optical tweezing by photomigration

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Optical twisting to monitor the rheology of single cells

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Optical voice recorder by off-axis digital holography

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Optical vs. chemical driving for molecular machines

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Optical-optical double resonance, laser induced fluorescence, and revision of the signs of the spin-spin constants of the boron carbide (BC) free radical

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Optical-phase demodulation using zero-index metamaterials

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