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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58522

Chapter 58522 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Lauckner, H.M.; Hutchinson, S.L., 2016:
Peer support for people with chronic conditions in rural areas: a scoping review

Anonymous, 2016:
Peer support good for the heart

Liamputtong, P.; Koh, L.; Wollersheim, D.; Walker, R., 2015:
Peer support groups, mobile phones and refugee women in Melbourne

Stubbs, B.; Williams, J.; Shannon, J.; Gaughran, F.; Craig, T., 2016:
Peer support interventions seeking to improve physical health and lifestyle behaviours among people with serious mental illness: A systematic review

Sweet, S.N.; Noreau, L.; Leblond, J.; Martin Ginis, K.A., 2016:
Peer support need fulfillment among adults with spinal cord injury: relationships with participation, life satisfaction and individual characteristics

Brandon, C.; Jamadar, D.; Girish, G.; Dong, Q.; Morag, Y.; Mullan, P., 2015:
Peer support of a faculty "writers' circle" increases confidence and productivity in generating scholarship

Myrick, K.; Del Vecchio, P., 2018:
Peer support services in the behavioral healthcare workforce: State of the field

Tellez, J.J.; Perez, J.; Kidd, J., 2016:
Peer support workers: an untapped resource in primary mental health care

Whitmore, M., 2015:
Peer support: helping to influence cultural change

Lee, H.Ju.; Moneyham, L.; Kang, H.Sun.; Kim, K.Sun., 2015:
Peer supporter experiences of home visits for people with HIV infection

Cansever, Z.; Avsar, Z.; Cayir, Y.; Acemoglu, H., 2016:
Peer teaching experience of the first year medical students from Turkey

Homan, N.; Chichester, M., 2016:
Peer to Peer Education: OB Visits the ED

Lillie, E.; O'Donohoe, L.; Shamambo, N.; Bould, D.; Ismailova, F.; Kinnear, J., 2016:
Peer training and co-learning in global health care

Danet, A.; Prieto Rodríguez, Mía.Ángeles.; Gamboa Moreno, E.; Ochoa de Retana Garcia, L.; March Cerdà, J.Carles., 2016:
Peer training for patients with diabetes mellitus 2. A quantitative and qualitative evaluation in the Basque Country and Andalusia

Garbutt, J.M.; Sylvia, S.; Rook, S.; Schmandt, M.; Ruby-Ziegler, C.; Luby, J.; Strunk, R.C., 2015:
Peer training to improve parenting and childhood asthma management skills: a pilot study

Burgess, A.; Dornan, T.; Clarke, A.J.; Menezes, A.; Mellis, C., 2016:
Peer tutoring in a medical school: perceptions of tutors and tutees

Doult, B., 1998:
Peer urges funding of postgraduate courses

Bowes, L.; Joinson, C.; Wolke, D.; Lewis, G., 2016:
Peer victimisation during adolescence and its impact on depression in early adulthood: prospective cohort study in the United Kingdom

McGee, M.G., 2015:
Peer victimization as a mediator of the relationship between disability status and psychosocial distress

Pouwels, J.Loes.; Lansu, T.A.M.; Cillessen, A.H.N., 2016:
Peer victimization in adolescence: Concordance between measures and associations with global and daily internalizing problems

Sansen, L.Margareta.; Iffland, B.; Neuner, F., 2015:
Peer victimization predicts psychological symptoms beyond the effects of child maltreatment

Zhu, J.; Yu, C.; Zhang, W.; Bao, Z.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zhen, S., 2018:
Peer victimization, deviant peer affiliation and impulsivity: Predicting adolescent problem behaviors

Vaughn, C.J.; Kim, E.; O'Sullivan, P.; Huang, E.; Lin, M.Y.C.; Wyles, S.; Palmer, B.J.A.; Pierce, J.L.; Chern, H., 2016:
Peer video review and feedback improve performance in basic surgical skills

McHugh, J.E.; Lee, O.; Aspell, N.; Connolly, L.; Lawlor, B.A.; Brennan, S., 2018:
Peer volunteer perspectives following a complex social cognitive intervention: a qualitative investigation

Holley, J.; Gillard, S.; Gibson, S., 2016:
Peer worker roles and risk in mental health services: a qualitative comparative case study

Vandewalle, J.; Debyser, B.; Beeckman, D.; Vandecasteele, T.; Van Hecke, A.; Verhaeghe, S., 2016:
Peer workers' perceptions and experiences of barriers to implementation of peer worker roles in mental health services: A literature review

Saylor, J.L.; Wainwright, S.F.; Herge, E.A.; Pohlig, R.T., 2018:
Peer-Assessment Debriefing Instrument (PADI): Assessing Faculty Effectiveness in Simulation Education

Sahoo, S.; Venkatesan, P.; Myint, K.Thi.; Moe, S., 2016:
Peer-Assisted Learning Activities During Undergraduate Ophthalmology Training: How the Medical Students of Asia Pacific Region Perceive

Han, E-Ryoung.; Chung, E-Kyung.; Nam, K-Il., 2016:
Peer-Assisted Learning in a Gross Anatomy Dissection Course

Sarwar, S.; Tarique, S., 2016:
Peer-Assisted Learning: Who Should Be the Tutor, Fellow Student or Senior Resident?

Bassuk, E.L.; Hanson, J.; Greene, R.Neil.; Richard, M.; Laudet, A., 2016:
Peer-Delivered Recovery Support Services for Addictions in the United States: A Systematic Review

Rupert, D.J.; Gard Read, J.; Amoozegar, J.B.; Moultrie, R.R.; Taylor, O.M.; O'Donoghue, A.C.; Sullivan, H.W., 2016:
Peer-Generated Health Information: The Role of Online Communities in Patient and Caregiver Health Decisions

Snyder, J.J.; Sloane, J.D.; Dunk, R.D.P.; Wiles, J.R., 2016:
Peer-Led Team Learning Helps Minority Students Succeed

Tang, T.S.; Funnell, M.M.; Sinco, B.; Spencer, M.S.; Heisler, M., 2016:
Peer-Led, Empowerment-Based Approach to Self-Management Efforts in Diabetes (PLEASED): A Randomized Controlled Trial in an African American Community

Haug, C.J., 2016:
Peer-Review Fraud--Hacking the Scientific Publication Process

Cowell, J.Muennich., 2015:
Peer-Review Responsibility

Jia, W.; Shi, L.; Chu, X., 2018:
Dissociation mechanisms-based UHPLC Q-Orbitrap strategy for screening of cephalosporins and metabolites in shrimp

Nomura, S.; Tsuchida, H.; Kajiwara, A.; Yoshida, S.; Majima, T.; Saito, M., 2017:
Dissociation of biomolecules in liquid environments during fast heavy-ion irradiation

Bagnato, S.; Andriolo, M.; Boccagni, C.; Sant'Angelo, A.; D'Ippolito, M.Enza.; Galardi, G., 2018:
Dissociation of cerebrospinal fluid amyloid-β and tau levels in patients with prolonged posttraumatic disorders of consciousness

Anonymous, 2016:
Peer-Reviewed Oral Presentations

Mazancová, P.; Némethová, V.; Treľová, Dšana.; Kleščíková, L.; Lacík, I.; Rázga, F., 2018:
Dissociation of chitosan/tripolyphosphate complexes into separate components upon pH elevation

de Soto, N.Aguilar., 2016:
Peer-Reviewed Studies on the Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Invertebrates: From Scallop Larvae to Giant Squid

Anonymous, 2016:
Peer-Reviewed Symposia

Oh, H., 2016:
Peer-administered motivational interviewing: conceptualizing a new practice

Charlier, N.; Van Der Stock, L.; Iserbyt, P., 2016:
Peer-assisted Learning in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: The Jigsaw Model

Doumouras, A.; Rush, R.; Campbell, A.; Taylor, D., 2016:
Peer-assisted bedside teaching rounds

Umapathi, T.; Tsang, T.Y.Y., 2015:
Peer-assisted learning and examination results: a glass half-full?

Thampy, H.; Kersey, N., 2016:
Peer-assisted learning for foundation doctors

Seifert, L.B.; Schaack, D.; Jennewein, L.; Steffen, Börn.; Schulze, J.; Gerlach, F.; Sader, R., 2016:
Peer-assisted learning in a student-run free clinic project increases clinical competence

Menezes, A.; Burgess, A.; Clarke, A.J.; Mellis, C., 2016:
Peer-assisted learning in medical school: tutees' perspective

Choi, H.Soo.; Lee, D.Hoon.; Kim, C.Woong.; Kim, S.Eun.; Oh, J.Hyeok., 2015:
Peer-assisted learning to train high-school students to perform basic life-support

Jamshaid, S.; Farwana, M.; Jamshaid, F.; Jamshaid, W.; Farwana, R.; Sheik-Ali, S., 2016:
Peer-assisted learning: a platform for long-term development for both tutors and tutees

Sammaraiee, Y.; Mistry, R.D.; Lim, J.; Wittner, L.; Deepak, S.; Lim, G., 2016:
Peer-assisted learning: filling the gaps in basic science education for preclinical medical students

Olaussen, A.; Reddy, P.; Irvine, S.; Williams, B., 2016:
Peer-assisted learning: time for nomenclature clarification

Preece, R.; Dickinson, E.Clare.; Sherif, M.; Ibrahim, Y.; Ninan, A.Susan.; Aildasani, L.; Ahmed, S.; Smith, P., 2016:
Peer-assisted teaching of basic surgical skills

McFadyen, J.D.; Kiefer, J.; Braig, D.; Loseff-Silver, J.; Potempa, L.A.; Eisenhardt, S.Ulrich.; Peter, K., 2018:
Dissociation of C-Reactive Protein Localizes and Amplifies Inflammation: Evidence for a Direct Biological Role of C-Reactive Protein and Its Conformational Changes

Williams, B.; Olaussen, A.; Peterson, E.L., 2016:
Peer-assisted teaching: An interventional study

Cabassa, L.J.; Camacho, D.; Vélez-Grau, C.M.; Stefancic, A., 2016:
Peer-based health interventions for people with serious mental illness: A systematic literature review

Bi, Y-Ling.; Du, X-Lei.; Li, S., 2013:
Peer-comparison overconfidence: Does it measure bias in self-evaluation?

Giese-Davis, J.; Bliss-Isberg, C.; Wittenberg, L.; White, J.; Star, P.; Zhong, L.; Cordova, M.J.; Houston, D.; Spiegel, D., 2016:
Peer-counseling for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer: A randomized community/research collaboration trial

Rogers, E.Sally.; Swarbrick, M., 2018:
Peer-delivered services: Current trends and innovations

Higgins-Steele, A.; Waller, K.; Fotso, J.Christophe.; Vesel, L., 2016:
Peer-driven quality improvement among health workers and traditional birth attendants in Sierra Leone: linkages between providers' organizational skills and relationships

Jozaghi, E.; Lampkin, H.; Andresen, M.A., 2017:
Peer-engagement and its role in reducing the risky behavior among crack and methamphetamine smokers of the Downtown Eastside community of Vancouver, Canada

Young, K.Richard.; Radley, K.C.; Jenson, W.R.; West, R.P.; Clare, S.K., 2018:
Peer-facilitated discrete trial training for children with autism spectrum disorder

Bouwmeester, R.A.M.; de Kleijn, R.A.M.; van Rijen, H.V.M., 2016:
Peer-instructed seminar attendance is associated with improved preparation, deeper learning and higher exam scores: a survey study

Bugaj, T.Johannes.; Mücksch, C.; Schmid, C.; Junne, F.; Erschens, R.; Herzog, W.; Nikendei, C., 2016:
Peer-led Stress Prevention Seminars in the First Year of Medical School--A Project Report

Cabassa, L.J.; Stefancic, A.; O'Hara, K.; El-Bassel, N.; Lewis-Fernández, R.; Luchsinger, Jé.A.; Gates, L.; Younge, R.; Wall, M.; Weinstein, L.; Palinkas, L.A., 2016:
Peer-led healthy lifestyle program in supportive housing: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Georgie, J.M.; Sean, H.; Deborah, M.C.; Matthew, H.; Rona, C., 2015:
Peer-led interventions to prevent tobacco, alcohol and/or drug use among young people aged 11-21 years: a systematic review and meta-analysis

O'Connor, S.; Clarke, A.Kenneth., 2016:
Peer-led live research demonstrations: challenging medical student misconceptions about research

Yip, C.; Gates, M.; Gates, A.; Hanning, R.M., 2015:
Peer-led nutrition education programs for school-aged youth: a systematic review of the literature

Demir, O.M.; Abdullah, R.; Srivastava, V., 2016:
Peer-led postgraduate education across medicine and psychiatry

Lehrer, M.D.; Murray, S.; Benzar, R.; Stormont, R.; Lightfoot, M.; Hafertepe, M.; Welch, G.; Peters, N.; Maio, A., 2016:
Peer-led problem-based learning in interprofessional education of health professions students

Katz, E.; Girolametto, L., 2015:
Peer-mediated intervention for pre-schoolers with ASD: Effects on responses and initiations

Matterne, U.; Apfelbacher, C., 2016:
Peer-relationship-problems account for quality of life impairments in pediatric psoriasis

Lawrence, D.J., 2016:
Peer-review acknowledgements

Trasande, L.; Vandenberg, L.N.; Bourguignon, J-Pierre.; Myers, J.Peterson.; Slama, R.; Vom Saal, F.; Zoeller, R.Thomas., 2016:
Peer-reviewed and unbiased research, rather than 'sound science', should be used to evaluate endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Aboul-Enein, B.H.; Bernstein, J.; Bowser, J.E., 2016:
Peer-reviewed public health journals from Arabic-speaking countries: An updated snapshot

Wainer, J.; Eckmann, M.; Rocha, A., 2015:
Peer-selected "best papers"-are they really that "good"?

Jiménez-Solomon, O.G.; Méndez-Bustos, P.; Swarbrick, M.; Díaz, S.; Silva, S.; Kelley, M.; Duke, S.; Lewis-Fernández, R., 2018:
Peer-supported economic empowerment: A financial wellness intervention framework for people with psychiatric disabilities

Thampy, H.; Bourke, M.; Naran, P., 2016:
Peer-supported review of teaching: an evaluation

Jones, M.; Gassaway, J., 2016:
Peer-supported self-management to facilitate community re-entry after discharge from spinal cord injury rehabilitation: Engaging peers as change agents and research partners

Blanchard, D.S., 2015:
Peer-teaching: an important skill for all medical students and doctors?

Kuhnke, J.L.; Rosenthal, S., 2015 :
Peer-to-Peer Education: The PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You Program in Canada

LeClair-Smith, C.; Branum, B.; Bryant, L.; Cornell, B.; Martinez, H.; Nash, E.; Phillips, L., 2016:
Peer-to-Peer Feedback: A Novel Approach to Nursing Quality, Collaboration, and Peer Review

Deed, G.; Kilov, G.; Phillips, P.; Sharma, A.; Leow, S.; Arthur, I.; Barlow, J.; Kennedy, M., 2016:
Peer-to-Peer, Interactive GP Education can Reduce Barriers to Best Practice in Diabetes Management

Yeh, D.Dante.; Naraghi, L.; Larentzakis, A.; Nielsen, N.; Dzik, W.; Bittner, E.A.; Chang, Y.; Kaafarani, H.M.A.; Fagenholz, P.; Lee, J.; DeMoya, M.; King, D.R.; Velmahos, G., 2015:
Peer-to-peer physician feedback improves adherence to blood transfusion guidelines in the surgical intensive care unit

O'Meara, C.C.; Lee, R.T., 2015:
Peering Into the Cardiomyocyte Nuclear Epigenetic State

Whitcomb, D.C., 2016:
Peering Into the "Black Box" of the Complex Chronic Pancreatitis Syndrome

Lunelli, L.; Bernabò, P.; Bolner, A.; Vaghi, V.; Marchioretto, M.; Viero, G., 2016:
Peering at Brain Polysomes with Atomic Force Microscopy

Lance, S.T.; Sukovich, D.J.; Stedman, K.M.; Abate, A.R., 2017:
Peering below the diffraction limit: robust and specific sorting of viruses with flow cytometry

Alraiyes, A.Hamid.; Kumar, A.; Gildea, T.R., 2015:
Peering beyond an occluded airway

Young, M.J., 2016:
Peering into Vulnerable Genes: Genetic Risk and Population Screening

Lama, V.N., 2016:
Peering into a Rejecting Lung: Can Bronchoalveolar Lavage Exosomes Provide Novel Insights?

McLeod, J.; Yu, I.; Ingledew, P-Ann., 2016:
Peering into the Deep: Characterizing the Internet Search Patterns of Patients with Gynecologic Cancers

Swartz, J.R.; Knodt, A.R.; Radtke, S.R.; Hariri, A.R., 2016:
Peering into the brain to predict behavior: Peer-reported, but not self-reported, conscientiousness links threat-related amygdala activity to future problem drinking

Marshall, Z.; Dechman, M.K.; Minichiello, A.; Alcock, L.; Harris, G.E., 2016:
Peering into the literature: A systematic review of the roles of people who inject drugs in harm reduction initiatives

Guan, M.; Schjoerring, J.K., 2016:
Peering into the separate roles of root and shoot cytosolic glutamine synthetase 1;2 by use of grafting experiments in Arabidopsis

Mansoori-Rostam, S.Michelle.; Tate, C.Chucky., 2016:
Peering into the "black box" of education interventions and attitude change: Audience characteristics moderate the effectiveness…and then only toward specific targets

Grand, A., 2015:
Peering over the shoulders of giants?

de Pater, I.; Sault, R.J.; Butler, B.; DeBoer, D.; Wong, M.H., 2016:
Peering through Jupiter's clouds with radio spectral imaging

Ashcraft, L.; Bashor, K.; Franczak, M., 2016:
Peers Benefit From Advanced Training

Braams, B.R.; Crone, E.A., 2016 :
Peers and parents: a comparison between neural activation when winning for friends and mothers in adolescence

Lee, I-Chen.; Ting, T-Tien.; Chen, D-Rung.; Tseng, F-Yi.; Chen, W.J.; Chen, C-Yu., 2016:
Peers and social network on alcohol drinking through early adolescence in Taiwan

Enriquez, M.; Conn, V.S., 2016:
Peers as Facilitators of Medication Adherence Interventions: A Review

Barber, A.B.; Saffo, R.W.; Gilpin, A.T.; Craft, L.D.; Goldstein, H., 2015:
Peers as clinicians: Examining the impact of Stay Play Talk on social communication in young preschoolers with autism

Anonymous, 2007:
Peers back mental health clinicians' judgement

Lipley, N.; Doult, B., 2001:
Peers defeated in battle for free long-term care

Boardman, G.; Kerr, D.; McCann, T., 2015:
Peers experience of delivering a problem-solving programme to enhance antipsychotic medication adherence for individuals with schizophrenia

Toomey, R.B.; Card, N.A.; Casper, D.M., 2014:
Peers' Perceptions of Gender Nonconformity: Associations with Overt and Relational Peer Victimization and Aggression in Early Adolescence

Dalton, E.; Miller, L., 2016:
Peers, stereotypes and health communication through the cultural lens of adolescent Appalachian mothers

Kivitz, A.J.; Gutierrez-Ureña, S.R.; Poiley, J.; Genovese, M.C.; Kristy, R.; Shay, K.; Wang, X.; Garg, J.P.; Zubrzycka-Sienkiewicz, A., 2016:
Peficitinib, a JAK Inhibitor, in the Treatment of Moderate-to-Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in Patients With an Inadequate Response to Methotrexate

Veeraraghavan, B.; Anandan, S.; Sethuvel, D.Prabaa.Muthuirulandi.; Ragupathi, N.Kumar.Devanga., 2016:
Pefloxacin as a Surrogate Marker for Fluoroquinolone Susceptibility for Salmonella typhi: Problems and Prospects

Anonymous, 2008:
Peg does not help the appetite of end-stage patients with dementia

Ackefors, M.; Castedal, M.; Dahlgard, O.; Verbaan, H.; Gjertsen, H.; Wernerson, A.; Weiland, O., 2015:
Peg-IFN and ribavirin treatment for recurrence of genotype 2 and 3 hepatitis C after liver transplantation

Kurosaki, M., 2016:
Peg-interferon monotherapy and sequential therapy for chronic hepatitis B

Kurosaki, M., 2016:
Peg-interferon therapy for chronic hepatitis B

Sadr Mohammadi, R.; Bidaki, R.; Mirdrikvand, F.; Mostafavi Yazdi, S.Nader.; Yazdian Anari, P., 2016:
Peganum Harmala (Aspand) Intoxication; a Case Report

Rezaei, M.; Nasri, S.; Roughani, M.; Niknami, Z.; Ziai, S.Ali., 2016:
Peganum Harmala L. Extract Reduces Oxidative Stress and Improves Symptoms in 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced Parkinson's Disease in Rats

Abolhassanzadeh, Z.; Aflaki, E.; Yousefi, G.; Mohagheghzadeh, A., 2015:
Peganum Oil in Iranian Traditional Pharmacy

Staddon, J.H.; Smock, K.J.; Schiffman, J.D.; Fluchel, M.N.; Engel, M.E.; Weyrich, A.S.; Campbell, R.A., 2016:
Pegasparaginase treatment alters thrombin generation by modulating the protein C and S system in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia/lymphoma

Vyas, N.; Ching Companioni, R.; Tiba, M.; Alkhawam, H.; Walfish, A., 2015:
Pegaspargase Induced Hypertriglyceridemia Resulting in Severe Fatal Pancreatitis

Beaupin, L.Kwon.; Bostrom, B.; Barth, M.J.; Franklin, I.; Jaeger, R.; Kamath, P.; Schreiber, B.; Bleyer, A., 2016:
Pegaspargase hypersensitivity reactions: intravenous infusion versus intramuscular injection - a review

Kirshner, J.J., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim (N) induced bone pain (NIBP): Incidence, risk factors and management in a community practice

Cornet, Sébastien.; Mathé, D.; Chettab, K.; Evesque, A.; Matera, E-Laure.; Trédan, O.; Dumontet, C., 2017:
Pegfilgrastim Enhances the Antitumor Effect of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

Hankey, K.G.; Farese, A.M.; Blaauw, E.C.; Gibbs, A.M.; Smith, C.P.; Katz, B.P.; Tong, Y.; Prado, K.L.; MacVittie, T.J., 2015:
Pegfilgrastim Improves Survival of Lethally Irradiated Nonhuman Primates

Lambertini, M.; Bruzzi, P.; Poggio, F.; Pastorino, S.; Gardin, G.; Clavarezza, M.; Bighin, C.; Pronzato, P.; Del Mastro, L., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim administration after 24 or 72 or 96 h to allow dose-dense anthracycline- and taxane-based chemotherapy in breast cancer patients: a single-center experience within the GIM2 randomized phase III trial

Meza, L.A.; Charu, V.; Campos, L.; Davis, D.; Xie, F., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim and filgrastim patterns of use in community oncology practices: Results of the ACCEPT study

Lambertini, M.; Ferreira, A.R.; Del Mastro, L.; Danesi, R.; Pronzato, P., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia in patients with solid tumors

Pollard, J.A.; Winter, L.; Borinstein, S.; Hawkins, D.S., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim for treatment of chemotherapy associated myelosuppression in pediatric patients with solid tumor malignancies

Stickeler, E.; Földi, M.; Kummle, A.; Hinke, A.; Hartmann, P.C.; Woll, J.; Watermann, D.O.; Gitsch, G., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim in dose-dense, sequential adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with breast cancer (BC)

Cerchione, C.; De Renzo, A.; Di Perna, M.; Della Pepa, R.; Pugliese, N.; Catalano, L.; Pane, F.; Picardi, M., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim in primary prophylaxis of febrile neutropenia following frontline bendamustine plus rituximab treatment in patients with indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a single center, real-life experience

Saura, C.; Vilar, E.; Cortes, J.; Bellet, M.; Ocaña, A.; Gomez, P.; Baselga, J., 2016:
Pegfilgrastim induces elevation of serum CA 15-3 in breast carcinoma patients after receiving dose-dense adjuvant chemotherapy

Pawloski, P.A.; Larsen, M.; Thoresen, A.; Giordana, M.D., 2018:
Pegfilgrastim use and bone pain: a cohort study of community-based cancer patients

Pinals, R.S.; Mitchell, M., 2016:
Peggy's Pain and the Creation of Gone With the Wind

Hermanson, T.; Bennett, C.L.; Macdougall, I.C., 2016:
Peginesatide for the treatment of anemia due to chronic kidney disease - an unfulfilled promise

Boccia, A.; Virata, C.; Lindner, D.; English, N.; Pathan, N.; Brickelmaier, M.; Hu, X.; Gardner, J.L.; Peng, L.; Wang, X.; Zhang, X.; Yang, L.; Perron, K.; Yco, G.; Kelly, R.; Gamez, J.; Scripps, T.; Bennett, D.; Joseph, I.B.; Baker, D.P., 2016:
Peginterferon Beta-1a Shows Antitumor Activity as a Single Agent and Enhances Efficacy of Standard of Care Cancer Therapeutics in Human Melanoma, Breast, Renal, and Colon Xenograft Models

Liang, K-Hao.; Hsu, C-Wei.; Chang, M-Ling.; Chen, Y-Cheng.; Lai, M-Wei.; Yeh, C-Ting., 2016:
Peginterferon Is Superior to Nucleos(t)ide Analogues for Prevention of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Hepatitis B

Fredlund, P.; Hillson, J.; Gray, T.; Shemanski, L.; Dimitrova, D.; Srinivasan, S., 2016:
Peginterferon Lambda-1a Is Associated with a Low Incidence of Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in Chronic Hepatitis C

Andersen, H.; Meyer, J.; Freeman, J.; Doyle, S.E.; Klucher, K.; Miller, D.M.; Hausman, D.; Hillson, J.L., 2013:
Peginterferon Lambda-1a, a New Therapeutic for Hepatitis C Infection, from Bench to Clinic

Flisiak, R.; Kawazoe, S.; Znoyko, O.; Assy, N.; Gadano, A.; Kao, J-Horng.; Lee, K-Sik.; Zwirtes, R.; Portsmouth, S.; Dong, Y.; Xu, D.; Kumada, H.; Srinivasan, S., 2016:
Peginterferon Lambda-1a/Ribavirin with Daclatasvir or Peginterferon Alfa-2a/Ribavirin with Telaprevir for Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1b

Suzuki, M.; Tajiri, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Takano, T.; Miyoshi, Y.; Murakami, J.; Shimizu, T.; Brooks, S., 2018:
Peginterferon Therapy in Children With Chronic Hepatitis C: A Nationwide, Multicenter Study in Japan, 2004-2013

Brouwer, W.P.; Sonneveld, M.J.; Xie, Q.; Guo, S.; Zhang, N.; Zeuzem, S.; Tabak, F.; Zhang, Q.; Simon, K.; Akarca, U.S.; Streinu-Cercel, A.; Hansen, B.E.; Janssen, H.L.A., 2015:
Peginterferon add-on results in more HBsAg decline compared to monotherapy in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients

An, Y.; Gao, S.; Cheng, D.; Wang, X.; Bai, L.; Liu, E.; Chu, Y.; Zhao, S., 2016:
Peginterferon and Chinese herbs exert a combinatorial effect in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B

Anonymous, 2016:
Peginterferon beta-1a (Plegridy) for multiple sclerosis

Kieseier, B.C.; Arnold, D.L.; Balcer, L.J.; Boyko, A.A.; Pelletier, J.; Liu, S.; Zhu, Y.; Seddighzadeh, A.; Hung, S.; Deykin, A.; Sheikh, S.I.; Calabresi, P.A., 2016:
Peginterferon beta-1a in multiple sclerosis: 2-year results from ADVANCE

Hernandez, L.; Guo, S.; Toro-Diaz, H.; Carroll, S.; Syed Farooq, S.Feisal., 2016:
Peginterferon beta-1a versus other self-injectable disease-modifying therapies in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in Scotland: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Hoy, S.M., 2015:
Peginterferon beta-1a: a review of its use in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis

Chan, H.L.Y.; Ahn, S.Hoon.; Chang, T-Tsung.; Peng, C-Yuan.; Wong, D.; Coffin, C.S.; Lim, S.Gee.; Chen, P-Jer.; Janssen, H.L.A.; Marcellin, P.; Serfaty, L.; Zeuzem, S.; Cohen, D.; Critelli, L.; Xu, D.; Wind-Rotolo, M.; Cooney, E., 2017:
Peginterferon lambda for the treatment of HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B: A randomized phase 2b study (LIRA-B)

Asmuth, D.M.; Utay, N.S.; Pollard, R.B., 2016:
Peginterferon α-2a for the treatment of HIV infection

Gonzàlez, A., 2006:
Peginterferons of Different Molecular Weights, Structure and Design: The Newest Clinical Results

Baechlein, C.; Grundhoff, A.; Fischer, N.; Alawi, M.; Hoeltig, D.; Waldmann, K-Heinz.; Becher, P., 2018:
Pegivirus Infection in Domestic Pigs, Germany

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