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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58528

Chapter 58528 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Camacho, J.E.; Shah, V.O.; Schrader, R.; Wong, C.S.; Burge, M.R., 2016:
Performance Of A1c Versus Ogtt For The Diagnosis Of Prediabetes In A Community-Based Screening

Toro, Río., 2016:
Performance Of Entero-Insular Axis In An Athletic Population: Diet And Exercise Influence

Bancos, I.; Erickson, D.; Bryant, S.; Hines, J.; Nippoldt, T.B.; Natt, N.; Singh, R., 2016:
Performance Of Free Versus Total Cortisol Following Cosyntropin Stimulation Testing In An Outpatient Setting

Smith, L.; Ruediger, T.; Alsalaheen, B.; Bean, R., 2016:
Performance Of High School Football Players On Clinical Measures Of Deep Cervical Flexor Endurance And Cervical Active Range Of Motion: Is History Of Concussion A Factor?

Khan, F.Farrukh.; Numan, A.; Khawaja, K.Irfan.; Atif, A.; Fatima, A.; Masud, F., 2015:
Performance Of Two Different Clinical Scoring Systems In Diagnosing Distal Sensory Polyneuropathy In Patients With Type-2 Diabetes

Thelen, M.; Koppenhaver, S., 2015:
Performance Optimization And Injury Prevention Strategies For The Army Physical Fitness Test: Technique Matters

Shakir, M.; Rehman, O.Ur.; Rahim, M.; Alrajeh, N.; Khan, Z.Ali.; Khan, M.Ashraf.; Niaz, I.Azim.; Javaid, N., 2016:
Performance Optimization of Priority Assisted CSMA/CA Mechanism of 802.15.6 under Saturation Regime

Chogale, M.M.; Ghodake, V.N.; Patravale, V.B., 2016 :
Performance Parameters and Characterizations of Nanocrystals: A Brief Review

Mukundan, G.; Seidenwurm, D.; Nagy, P., 2016:
Performance Quality Improvement in Community Practice

Shapira, Z.; Zevulun, E., 1989:
Performance Ratings in Organizations: A Facet Analysis Interpretation of the Multitrait-Multirater Approach

Bastani, P.; Vatankhah, S.; Salehi, M., 2013:
Performance Ratio Analysis: A National Study on Iranian Hospitals Affiliated to Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Wang, F-fan.; Qian, F-yue.; Shen, Y-liang.; Wang, J-fang.; Zhang, Y-ru.; Liu, G-xun., 2016:
Performance Recoverability of Denitrifying Granular Sludge Under the Stressing Effect of Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron

Phillips, K.E.; Hopkins, W.G., 2016:
Performance Relationships in Timed and Mass-Start Events for Elite Omnium Cyclists

Penno, E.C.; Crump, J.A.; Baird, S.J., 2016:
Performance Requirements to Achieve Cost-Effectiveness of Point-of-Care Tests for Sepsis Among Patients with Febrile Illness in Low-Resource Settings

Tactacan, G.B.; Cho, S-Yeol.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H., 2016:
Performance Responses, Nutrient Digestibility, Blood Characteristics, and Measures of Gastrointestinal Health in Weanling Pigs Fed Protease Enzyme

Verbeek, N.A.; Tsiachristas, A.; Franken, M.; Koopmanschap, M.A.; Rutten-van Mölken, M.P., 2015:
Performance Score Extraction from Panel Data for Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (Mcda) Using a Regression-Based Approach

Gerber, D.E., 2016:
Performance Status-Based Oncology Practice Guidelines: Easier Said Than Done

Ding, C-sheng.; Ma, H-long.; Fu, Y-ping.; Zhao, S-du.; Li, D-bing., 2015:
Performance Study of Bromochloracetonitrile Degradation in Drinking Water by Fe/Cu Catalytic Reduction

Ajzenberg, D.; Lamaury, I.; Demar, M.; Vautrin, C.; Cabié, Aé.; Simon, Séphane.; Nicolas, M.; Desbois-Nogard, N.; Boukhari, R.; Riahi, H.; Dardé, M-Laure.; Massip, P.; Dupon, M.; Preux, P-Marie.; Labrunie, Aïs.; Boncoeur, M-Paule., 2016:
Performance Testing of PCR Assay in Blood Samples for the Diagnosis of Toxoplasmic Encephalitis in AIDS Patients from the French Departments of America and Genetic Diversity of Toxoplasma gondii: A Prospective and Multicentric Study

Weissinger, S.E.; Frick, M.; Möller, P.; Horst, B.A.; Lennerz, J.K., 2016:
Performance Testing of RREB1, MYB, and CCND1 Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization in Spindle-Cell and Desmoplastic Melanoma Argues for a Two-Step Test Algorithm

Seetharama, S.; Belliveau, T.; Cromer, J.; Cromer, J.; Lovejoy, D., 2016:
Performance Validity And Post-concussive Symptoms In A Pediatric And Young Adult Sample: 1850 Board #2 June 2, 2: 00 PM - 3: 30 PM

Duncan, E.Susan.; Schmah, T.; Small, S.L., 2016:
Performance Variability as a Predictor of Response to Aphasia Treatment

Pal, P.; Thakura, R.; Chakrabortty, S., 2016:
Performance analysis and optimization of an advanced pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant through a visual basic software tool (PWWT.VB)

Ofoghi, B.; Zeleznikow, J.; Macmahon, C.; Rehula, J.; Dwyer, D.B., 2016:
Performance analysis and prediction in triathlon

Punithavathani, D.Shalini.; Radley, S., 2015:
Performance analysis for wireless networks: an analytical approach by multifarious Sym Teredo

Ruscello, B.; Mitrotta, F.; Dring, M.B.; Partipilo, F.; D'Ottavio, S., 2016:
Performance analysis in field hockey goalkeeping during penalty corners: a case study

Liu, J.; Li, Y., 2014:
Performance analysis of 3-D shape measurement algorithm with a short baseline projector-camera system

Yoon, Y., 2016:
Performance analysis of CRF-based learning for processing WoT application requests expressed in natural language

Materazzi, M.; Lettieri, P.; Taylor, R.; Chapman, C., 2016:
Performance analysis of RDF gasification in a two stage fluidized bed-plasma process

Elsawy, A.S.; Eldawlatly, S.; Taher, M.; Aly, G.M., 2016:
Performance analysis of a Principal Component Analysis ensemble classifier for Emotiv headset P300 spellers

Deckers, R.; Merckel, L.G.; Denis de Senneville, B.; Schubert, G.; Köhler, M.; Knuttel, F.M.; Mali, W.P.Th.M.; Moonen, C.T.W.; van den Bosch, M.A.A.J.; Bartels, L.W., 2016:
Performance analysis of a dedicated breast MR-HIFU system for tumor ablation in breast cancer patients

Xu, L.; Sun, S.; Cao, Z.; Yang, W., 2015:
Performance analysis of a digital capacitance measuring circuit

Park, K.; Cho, M.; Lee, D-Hee.; Moon, B., 2015:
Performance analysis of a mirror by numerical iterative method

Xue, W.; Huang, Y., 2015:
Performance analysis of active disturbance rejection tracking control for a class of uncertain LTI systems

Hmood, J.K.; Harun, S.W.; Emami, S.D.; Khodaei, A.; Noordin, K.A.; Ahmad, H.; Shalaby, H.M.H., 2015:
Performance analysis of an all-optical OFDM system in presence of non-linear phase noise

Zhai, Y.; Tang, X.; Zhang, X.; Xi, L.; Zhang, W., 2016:
Performance analysis of an all-optical logic gate based on a single I/Q modulator with direct detection

Fan, Y.; Aighobahi, A.E.; Gomes, N.J.; Xu, K.; Li, J., 2015:
Performance analysis of commercial multiple-input-multiple-output access point in distributed antenna system

Boletti, A.; Boffi, P.; Martelli, P.; Ferrario, M.; Martinelli, M., 2015:
Performance analysis of communication links based on VCSEL and silicon photonics technology for high-capacity data-intensive scenario

Kang, Y.; Yao, Y-Ping.; Kang, Z-Hua.; Ma, L.; Zhang, T-Yi., 2015:
Performance analysis of compressive ghost imaging based on different signal reconstruction techniques

Mariotti, L.; Devaney, N., 2015:
Performance analysis of cone detection algorithms

Muñoz, M.A.; Smith-Miles, K.A., 2016:
Performance Analysis of Continuous Black-Box Optimization Algorithms via Footprints in Instance Space

Paul, K.S.; Stojanowski, C.M., 2016:
Performance analysis of deciduous morphology for detecting biological siblings

Maiti, A.; Chakravarty, D., 2016:
Performance analysis of different surface reconstruction algorithms for 3D reconstruction of outdoor objects from their digital images

Acikgoz, H.; Kececioglu, O.Fatih.; Yildiz, C.; Gani, A.; Sekkeli, M., 2016:
Performance analysis of electronic power transformer based on neuro-fuzzy controller

LeMoine, D.M.; Bergdall, V.K.; Freed, C., 2015:
Performance analysis of exam gloves used for aseptic rodent surgery

Liu, Y-Xin.; Doctor, F.; Fan, S-Zen.; Shieh, J-Shing., 2015:
Performance analysis of extracted rule-base multivariable type-2 self-organizing fuzzy logic controller applied to anesthesia

Li, K.; Ma, J.; Tan, L.; Yu, S.; Zhai, C., 2016:
Performance analysis of fiber-based free-space optical communications with coherent detection spatial diversity

Malek, H.; Dadras, S.; Chen, Y., 2016:
Performance analysis of fractional order extremum seeking control

Cui, B.; Chen, X.; Xu, Y.; Huang, H.; Liu, X., 2016:
Performance analysis of improved iterated cubature Kalman filter and its application to GNSS/INS

Vidyasagar, A.; Zufferey, J-Christohphe.; Floreano, D.; Kovač, M., 2015:
Performance analysis of jump-gliding locomotion for miniature robotics

Tanaka, Y.; Hasegawa, H.; Sato, K-ichi., 2015:
Performance analysis of large-scale OXC that enables dynamic modular growth

Van Haute, T.; D.P.orter, E.; Crombez, P.; Lemic, F.; Handziski, V.; Wirström, N.; Wolisz, A.; Voigt, T.; Moerman, I., 2016:
Performance analysis of multiple Indoor Positioning Systems in a healthcare environment

Paranhos, W.Yeda.; Chaves, A.Aparecido.Bezerra.; Frias, M.Antonio.da.Eira.; Leite, M.Madalena.Januário., 2016:
Performance analysis of nursing students in teaching by skills and for understanding

Huang, J.; Yao, J.; Cirucci, N.; Ivanov, T.; Rolland, J.P., 2016:
Performance analysis of optical coherence tomography in the context of a thickness estimation task

Ma, J.; Li, K.; Tan, L.; Yu, S.; Cao, Y., 2015:
Performance analysis of satellite-to-ground downlink coherent optical communications with spatial diversity over Gamma-Gamma atmospheric turbulence

Jain, P.Kumar.; Tiwari, A.Kumar.; Chourasia, V.S., 2016:
Performance analysis of seismocardiography for heart sound signal recording in noisy scenarios

Penteado, S.Pires.; Bento, R.Ferreira., 2013:
Performance analysis of ten brands of batteries for hearing aids

Kamarudin, K.; Mamduh, S.Muhammad.; Shakaff, A.Yeon.Md.; Zakaria, A., 2014:
Performance analysis of the Microsoft Kinect sensor for 2D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) techniques

Wang, J.; Xia, M.; Lu, J.; Li, C.; Tian, X.; Tian, L., 2016:
Performance analysis of the beam shaping method on optical auditory neural stimulation in vivo

Nian, P.; Wen-Li, M., 2015:
Performance analysis of the retractable dome for the Chinese Large Telescope

Sharma, R.; Gaur, P.; Mittal, A.P., 2015:
Performance analysis of two-degree of freedom fractional order PID controllers for robotic manipulator with payload

Han, H.; Wang, J.; Wang, J.; Tan, X., 2015:
Performance analysis on carrier phase-based tightly-coupled GPS/BDS/INS integration in GNSS degraded and denied environments

Coffey, P.S.; Saxon, E.A.; Narayanan, I.; DiBlasi, R.M., 2016:
Performance and Acceptability of Two Self-Inflating Bag-Mask Neonatal Resuscitator Designs

Forin-Wiart, M-Amélie.; Hubert, P.; Sirguey, P.; Poulle, M-Lazarine., 2016:
Performance and Accuracy of Lightweight and Low-Cost GPS Data Loggers According to Antenna Positions, Fix Intervals, Habitats and Animal Movements

Zou, D.Y.; Coudron, T.A.; Wu, H.H.; Gu, X.S.; Xu, W.H.; Zhang, L.S.; Chen, H.Y., 2015:
Performance and Cost Comparisons for Continuous Rearing of Arma chinensis (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Asopinae) on a Zoophytogenous Artificial Diet and a Secondary Prey

Guk, E.; Ranaweera, M.; Venkatesan, V.; Kim, J-Sik., 2016:
Performance and Durability of Thin Film Thermocouple Array on a Porous Electrode

Barry, R.J.; D.B.asio, F.M., 2015:
Performance and ERP components in the equiprobable go/no-go task: Inhibition in children

Jones, T.W.; Howatson, G.; Russell, M.; French, D.N., 2016:
Performance and Endocrine Responses to Differing Ratios of Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training

Liu, J-bao.; Li, Y-ming.; Lü, J.; Wei, Y-song.; Yang, M.; Yu, D-wei., 2016:
Performance and Factors Analysis of Sludge Dewatering in Different Wastewater Treatment Processes

Wymore, L.; Chin, P.; Geary, C.; Carolan, G.; Keefe, D.; Hoenecke, H.; Fronek, J., 2016:
Performance and Injury Characteristics of Pitchers Entering the Major League Baseball Draft After Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

Kanno, S.; Cuyas, L.; Javot, Hélène.; Bligny, R.; Gout, E.; Dartevelle, T.; Hanchi, M.; Nakanishi, T.M.; Thibaud, M-Christine.; Nussaume, L., 2016:
Performance and Limitations of Phosphate Quantification: Guidelines for Plant Biologists

Zhang, R-na.; Li, L.; Liu, J-xin., 2016:
Performance and Mechanism of Ferric Tannate in the Removal of Inorganic Nitrogen from Wastewater

Oltramari, C.E.; Nápoles, G.G.O.; D.P.ula, M.R.; Silva, J.T.; Gallo, M.P.C.; Pasetti, M.H.O.; Bittar, C.M.M., 2016:
Performance and Metabolism of Calves Fed Starter Feed Containing Sugarcane Molasses or Glucose Syrup as a Replacement for Corn

Casey, D.T.; Woods, D.T.; Smalyuk, V.A.; Hurricane, O.A.; Glebov, V.Y.; Stoeckl, C.; Theobald, W.; Wallace, R.; Nikroo, A.; Schoff, M.; Shuldberg, C.; Wu, K.J.; Frenje, J.A.; Landen, O.L.; Remington, B.A.; Glendinning, G., 2015:
Performance and Mix Measurements of Indirect Drive Cu-Doped Be Implosions

Périard, J.D.; Racinais, Sébastien., 2015:
Performance and Pacing during Cycle Exercise in Hyperthermic and Hypoxic Conditions

Tversky, J.R.; Chelladurai, Y.; McGready, J.; Hamilton, R.G., 2016:
Performance and Pain Tolerability of Current Diagnostic Allergy Skin Prick Test Devices

Holmes, D.; Colfry, A.; Czerniecki, B.; Dickson-Witmer, D.; Francisco Espinel, C.; Feldman, E.; Gallagher, K.; Greenup, R.; Herrmann, V.; Kuerer, H.; Malik, M.; Manahan, E.; O'Neill, J.; Patel, M.; Sebastian, M.; Wheeler, A.; Kass, R., 2016:
Performance and Practice Guideline for the Use of Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy in the Management of Breast Cancer

Dehkharghani, S.; Bammer, R.; Straka, M.; Albin, L.S.; Kass-Hout, O.; Allen, J.W.; Rangaraju, S.; Qiu, D.; Winningham, M.J.; Nahab, F., 2016:
Performance and Predictive Value of a User-Independent Platform for CT Perfusion Analysis: Threshold-Derived Automated Systems Outperform Examiner-Driven Approaches in Outcome Prediction of Acute Ischemic Stroke

Erickson, B.J.; Harris, J.D.; Cvetanovich, G.L.; Bach, B.R.; Bush-Joseph, C.A.; Abrams, G.D.; Gupta, A.K.; McCormick, F.M.; Cole, B.J., 2013:
Performance and Return to Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Male Major League Soccer Players

Erickson, B.J.; Harris, J.D.; Cole, B.J.; Frank, R.M.; Fillingham, Y.A.; Ellman, M.B.; Verma, N.N.; Bach, B.R., 2014:
Performance and Return to Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in National Hockey League Players

Erickson, B.J.; Harris, J.D.; Fillingham, Y.A.; Cvetanovich, G.L.; Bhatia, S.; Bach, B.R.; Bush-Joseph, C.A.; Cole, B.J., 2013:
Performance and Return to Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in X-Games Skiers and Snowboarders

Alwardt, C.M.; Wilson, D.S.; Alore, M.L.; Lanza, L.A.; Devaleria, P.A.; Pajaro, O.E., 2015:
Performance and Safety of an Integrated Portable Extracorporeal Life Support System for Adults

Kuhn, A.W.; Zuckerman, S.L.; Totten, D.; Solomon, G.S., 2017:
Performance and Style of Play After Returning From Concussion in the National Hockey League

Angelides, K.; Matsunami, Rë.K.; Engler, D.A., 2016:
Performance and System Validation of a New Cellular-Enabled Blood Glucose Monitoring System Using a New Standard Reference Measurement Procedure of Isotope Dilution UPLC-MRM Mass Spectrometry

Wyrsch, N.; Choong, G.; Miazza, Cément.; Ballif, C., 2008:
Performance and Transient Behavior of Vertically Integrated Thin-film Silicon Sensors

Younossi, Z.M.; Stepanova, M.; Henry, L., 2016:
Performance and Validation of Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire-Hepatitis C Version (CLDQ-HCV) in Clinical Trials of Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

Oldgren, J.; Hijazi, Z.; Lindbäck, J.; Alexander, J.H.; Connolly, S.J.; Eikelboom, J.W.; Ezekowitz, M.D.; Granger, C.B.; Hylek, E.M.; Lopes, R.D.; Siegbahn, A.; Yusuf, S.; Wallentin, L., 2016:
Performance and Validation of a Novel Biomarker-Based Stroke Risk Score for Atrial Fibrillation

Inohara, T.; Kohsaka, S.; Miyata, H.; Ueda, I.; Maekawa, Y.; Fukuda, K.; Cohen, D.J.; Kennedy, K.F.; Rumsfeld, J.S.; Spertus, J.A., 2016:
Performance and Validation of the U.S. NCDR Acute Kidney Injury Prediction Model in Japan

Wiegand, S.B.; Heidrich, B.; Susser, S.; Rogalska-Taranta, M.; Petersen, Jörg.; Böker, K.H.W.; Grigorian, N.; Link, R.; Naumann, U.; John, C.; Lueth, S.; Malfertheiner, P.; Manns, M.P.; Wedemeyer, H.; Sarrazin, C.; Cornberg, M., 2016:
Performance and Value of IFN-Lambda3 and IFN-Lambda4 Genotyping in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC) Genotype 2/3 in a Real World Setting

Hemarajata, P.; Yang, S.; Soge, O.O.; Humphries, R.M.; Klausner, J.D., 2016:
Performance and Verification of a Real-Time PCR Assay Targeting the gyrA Gene for Prediction of Ciprofloxacin Resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Nørgaard, K.; Shin, J.; Welsh, J.B.; Gjessing, H., 2015:
Performance and acceptability of a combined device for insulin infusion and glucose sensing in the home setting

Dawson, W.; Gygi, Fçois., 2015:
Performance and accuracy of recursive subspace bisection for hybrid DFT calculations in inhomogeneous systems

Knechtle, B.; Aschmann, Aé.; Onywera, V.; Nikolaidis, P.T.; Rosemann, T.; Rüst, C.Alexander., 2016:
Performance and age of African and non-African runners in World Marathon Majors races 2000-2014

Jansen, C.J.; Absalom, A.R.; de Bock, G.H.; van Leeuwen, B.L.; Izaks, G.J., 2015:
Performance and agreement of risk stratification instruments for postoperative delirium in persons aged 50 years or older

Campos, D.M.B.; Macari, M.; Fernadez-Alarcon, M.F.; Nogueira, W.C.L.; de Souza, F.A.; Hada, F.H.; Lunedo, R.; Denadai, J.C., 2015:
Performance and carbon turnover in fast- and slow-growing broilers submitted to cyclic heat stress and fed on high-protein diets

Flakemore, A.Ross.; Otto, J.Roger.; Suybeng, Bénédicte.; Balogun, R.Oladimeji.; Malau-Aduli, B.Sherifat.; Nichols, P.David.; Malau-Aduli, A.Enoch.Othniel., 2015 :
Performance and carcass characteristics of Australian purebred and crossbred lambs supplemented with Rice Bran

Cull, C.A.; Renter, D.G.; Bello, N.M.; Ives, S.E.; Babcock, A.H., 2016:
Performance and carcass characteristics of commercial feedlot cattle from a study of vaccine and direct-fed microbial effects on Escherichia col O157:H7 fecal shedding

Singh, M.K.; Singh, S.K.; Sharma, R.K.; Singh, B.; Kumar, S.; Joshi, S.K.; Kumar, S.; Sathapathy, S., 2015:
Performance and carcass characteristics of guinea fowl fed on dietary Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf powder as a growth promoter

Mezzomo, R.; Paulino, P.Veiga.Rodrigues.; Barbosa, Mília.Medrado.; da Silva Martins, T.; Paulino, M.Fonseca.; Alves, K.Souza.; Gomes, D.Iris.; Dos Santos Monnerat, Jão.Paulo.Ismério., 2015:
Performance and carcass characteristics of young cattle fed with soybean meal treated with tannins

da Silva, G.Santana.; Chaves Véras, Aônia.Sherlanea.; de Andrade Ferreira, M.; Moreira Dutra, W.; Menezes Wanderley Neves, M.Luciana.; Oliveira Souza, E.Jorge.; Ramos de Carvalho, F.Fernando.; de Lima, D.Morais., 2016:
Performance and carcass yield of crossbred dairy steers fed diets with different levels of concentrate

Savonen, K.; Laukkanen, J.; Peltonen, J., 2016:
Performance and cardiorespiratory fitness: from exercise physiology to clinical decision-making

Wood, S.A.; Sutton, G.J.; Davis, A.C., 2016:
Performance and characteristics of the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme in England: The first seven years

Hrad, M.; Huber-Humer, M., 2016:
Performance and completion assessment of an in-situ aerated municipal solid waste landfill - Final scientific documentation of an Austrian case study

Duits, F.H.; Martinez-Lage, P.; Paquet, C.; Engelborghs, S.; Lleó, A.; Hausner, L.; Molinuevo, Jé.L.; Stomrud, E.; Farotti, L.; Ramakers, I.H.G.B.; Tsolaki, M.; Skarsgård, C.; Åstrand, R.; Wallin, A.; Vyhnalek, M.; Holmber-Clausen, M.; Forlenza, O.V.; Ghezzi, L.; Ingelsson, M.; Hoff, E.I.; Roks, G.; de Mendonça, A.; Papma, J.M.; Izagirre, A.; Taga, M.; Struyfs, H.; Alcolea, D.A.; Frölich, L.; Balasa, M.; Minthon, L.; Twisk, J.W.R.; Persson, S.; Zetterberg, H.; van der Flier, W.M.; Teunisse, 2016:
Performance and complications of lumbar puncture in memory clinics: Results of the multicenter lumbar puncture feasibility study

Deeptha, V.T.; Sudarsan, J.S.; Baskar, G., 2015:
Performance and cost evaluation of constructed wetland for domestic waste water treatment

Zeng, L.; Peebles, W.A.; Doyle, E.J.; Rhodes, T.L.; Crocker, N.; Nguyen, X.; Wannberg, C.W.; Wang, G., 2014:
Performance and data analysis aspects of the new DIII-D monostatic profile reflectometer system

van der Leede, B-Jan.; Doherty, A.; Guérard, M.; Howe, J.; O'Donovan, M.; Plappert-Helbig, U.; Thybaud, Véronique., 2015:
Performance and data interpretation of the in vivo comet assay in pharmaceutical industry: EFPIA survey results

Huang, J.; Yang, S.; Zhang, S., 2016:
Performance and diversity of polyvinyl alcohol-degrading bacteria under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Pi, S-Hoon.; Lee, J-Won.; Lee, S-Bok.; Lim, T-Hyoung.; Park, S-Joo.; Park, C-Ook.; Song, R-Hyun., 2015:
Performance and durability of anode-supported flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cells with Ag-infiltrated cathodes

Mattioli, S.; Ruggeri, S.; Sebastiani, B.; Brecchia, G.; Dal Bosco, A.; Cartoni Mancinelli, A.; Castellini, C., 2016:
Performance and egg quality of laying hens fed flaxseed: highlights on n-3 fatty acids, cholesterol, lignans and isoflavones

Karthikeya Sharma, T., 2015:
Performance and emission characteristics of the thermal barrier coated SI engine by adding argon inert gas to intake mixture

Yang, G-feng.; Feng, L-juan.; Wang, S-fei.; Yang, Q.; Xu, X-yang.; Zhu, L., 2016:
Performance and enhanced mechanism of a novel bio-diatomite biofilm pretreatment process treating polluted raw water

Touchaleaume, Fçois.; Martin-Closas, Lís.; Angellier-Coussy, Hélène.; Chevillard, A.; Cesar, G.; Gontard, N.; Gastaldi, E., 2016:
Performance and environmental impact of biodegradable polymers as agricultural mulching films

Vasudeva, M.; Sharma, S.; Mohapatra, S.K.; Kundu, K., 2016:
Performance and exhaust emission characteristics of variable compression ratio diesel engine fuelled with esters of crude rice bran oil

Wang, J.; Li, K.; Wei, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Wei, D.; Li, M., 2015:
Performance and fate of organics in a pilot MBR-NF for treating antibiotic production wastewater with recycling NF concentrate

Beyene, Y.; Semagn, K.; Mugo, S.; Prasanna, B.M.; Tarekegne, A.; Gakunga, J.; Sehabiague, P.; Meisel, B.; Oikeh, S.O.; Olsen, M.; Crossa, J., 2016:
Performance and grain yield stability of maize populations developed using marker-assisted recurrent selection and pedigree selection procedures

Marcondes, M.I.; Pereira, T.R.; Chagas, J.C.C.; Filgueiras, E.A.; Castro, M.M.D.; Costa, G.P.; Sguizzato, A.L.L.; Sainz, R.D., 2016:
Performance and health of Holstein calves fed different levels of milk fortified with symbiotic complex containing pre- and probiotics

van Beek, I.; Chronister, K.J., 2016:
Performance and image enhancing drug injectors' access to needle syringe programs: Responding to a public policy dilemma

L.D.rze, M.; Gault, N.; Foucrier, A.; Ruppé, E.; Mourvillier, B.; Woerther, P.L.; Birgand, G.; Montravers, P.; Dilly, M.P.; Tubach, F.; Andremont, A.; Timsit, J.F.; Wolff, M.; Armand-Lefèvre, L., 2016:
Performance and impact of a rapid method combining mass spectrometry and direct antimicrobial susceptibility testing on treatment adequacy of patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia

Benachi, A.; Letourneau, A.; Kleinfinger, P.; Senat, M-V.; Gautier, E.; Favre, R.; Bidat, L.; Houfflin-Debarge, V.; Querol, V.; Bouyer, J.; Costa, J-M., 2015:
Performance and indications of noninvasive prenatal testing using cell free circulating fetal DNA (cffDNA) for the detection of fetal trisomy 21, 18 and 13 in France

Belfrage, Börn.; Hansson, A.; Bake, Börn., 2014:
Performance and interpretation of spirometry among Swedish hospitals

Chan, Y.Jing.; Chong, M.Fong.; Law, C.Lim., 2016:
Performance and kinetic evaluation of an integrated anaerobic-aerobic bioreactor in the treatment of palm oil mill effluent

Sajeena Beevi, B.; Madhu, G.; Sahoo, D.Kumar., 2015:
Performance and kinetic study of semi-dry thermophilic anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Tingle, S.J.; Marriott, A.; Partington, P.F.; Carluke, I.; Reed, M.R., 2016:
Performance and learning curve of a surgical care practitioner in completing hip aspirations

Choe, J.Kwon.; Bergquist, A.M.; Jeong, S.; Guest, J.S.; Werth, C.J.; Strathmann, T.J., 2016:
Performance and life cycle environmental benefits of recycling spent ion exchange brines by catalytic treatment of nitrate

Liu, C.; Sun, Y.; Wang, D.; Sun, Z.; Chen, M.; Zhou, Z.; Chen, W., 2016:
Performance and mechanism of low-frequency ultrasound to regenerate the biological activated carbon

Liu, C.; Cao, Z.; Wang, J.; Sun, Z.; He, S.; Chen, W., 2016:
Performance and mechanism of phycocyanin removal from water by low-frequency ultrasound treatment

Liu, J.; Wang, J.; Zhao, C.; Liu, J.; Xie, H.; Wang, S.; Zhang, J.; Hu, Z., 2016:
Performance and mechanism of triclosan removal in simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) process under low-oxygen condition

Yang, G.C.C.; Chen, Y-Chun.; Yang, H-Xuan.; Yen, C-Heng., 2016:
Performance and mechanisms for the removal of phthalates and pharmaceuticals from aqueous solution by graphene-containing ceramic composite tubular membrane coupled with the simultaneous electrocoagulation and electrofiltration process

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Performance comparison of estimated glomerular filtration rate equations

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Performance criteria of the post-analytical phase

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Performance enhancing agents and the heart

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Performance evaluation of a hybrid-passive landfill leachate treatment system using multivariate statistical techniques

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Performance evaluation of a novel automated HIV Ag/Ab chemiluminescence immunoassay

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Performance evaluation of a retrofit digital detector-based mammography system

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Performance evaluation of a sensorless adaptive optics multiphoton microscope

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Performance evaluation of a slow-release packing material-embedded functional microorganisms for biofiltration

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Performance evaluation of analog signal transmission in an orbital angular momentum multiplexing system

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Performance evaluation of biofil toilet waste digester technologies in Ghana: the efficacy of effluent treatment options

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Performance evaluation of coherent free space optical communications with a double-stage fast-steering-mirror adaptive optics system depending on the Greenwood frequency

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Performance evaluation of comprehensive treatment of patients with infectious complications of bullet-extremity fractures

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Performance evaluation of conventional and water saving taps

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Performance evaluation of cost-optimized thermal cycler

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Performance evaluation of data center service localization based on virtual resource migration in software defined elastic optical network

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Performance evaluation of developed polysulfone membrane hemodiafilters, ABH-F and ABH-P, in post- and pre-dilution hemodiafiltration

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Performance evaluation of direct saline stool microscopy, Formol ether concentration and Kato Katz diagnostic methods for intestinal parasitosis in the absence of gold standard methods

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Performance evaluation of four 25-hydroxyvitamin D assays to measure 25-hydroxyvitamin D2

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Performance evaluation of four directional emissivity analytical models with thermal SAIL model and airborne images

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Performance evaluation of four rapid antigen tests for the detection of Respiratory syncytial virus

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Performance evaluation of haptic hand-controllers in a robot-assisted surgical system

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Performance evaluation of maximal separation techniques in immunohistochemical scoring of tissue images

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Performance evaluation of multi-stratum resources integrated resilience for software defined inter-data center interconnect

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Performance evaluation of multi-stratum resources integration based on network function virtualization in software defined elastic data center optical interconnect

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Performance evaluation of multi-stratum resources optimization with network functions virtualization for cloud-based radio over optical fiber networks

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Performance evaluation of multiplex PCR including Aspergillus-not so simple!

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Performance evaluation of nanoclay enriched anti-microbial hydrogels for biomedical applications

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Performance evaluation of newly developed portable aerosol sizers used for nanomaterial aerosol measurements

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Performance evaluation of peak-clipped optical BPSK-SSB modulated signal

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Performance evaluation of rapid diagnostic test for malaria in high malarious districts of Amhara region, Ethiopia

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Performance evaluation of recently launched Sysmex XN-550 Automatic Hematology Analyzer

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Performance evaluation of structure based and ligand based virtual screening methods on ten selected anti-cancer targets

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Performance evaluation of the Biograph mCT Flow PET/CT system according to the NEMA NU2-2012 standard

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Performance evaluation of the CHEMBIO DPP® (dual path platform) HIV-1/2 assay in early and established infections

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Performance evaluation of the IS1200 domestic chemiluminescence analyzer for detecting hepatitis B virus serum markers

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Performance evaluation of the PelvoCheck CT/NG test kit for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae

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Performance evaluation of the RITG148+ set of TomoTherapy quality assurance tools using RTQA2 radiochromic film

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Performance evaluation of the Sysmex XN-1000 hematology analyzer in assessment of the white blood cell count differential in pediatric specimens

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Performance evaluation of the Sysmex(®) XP-300 in an oncology setting: evaluation and comparison of hematological parameters with the Sysmex(®) XN-3000

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Performance evaluation of the Trans-PET® BioCaliburn® LH system: a large FOV small-animal PET system

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Performance evaluation of the anammox hybrid reactor seeded with mixed inoculum sludge

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Performance evaluation of the extra corporeal enteral prosthesis (ECEP) vs a By-Pass

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Performance evaluation of the point-of-care SAMBA I and II HIV-1 Qual whole blood tests

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Performance evaluation of the section of 3D reconstruction based on different PET/CT image fusion sequence

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Performance evaluation of the small-animal PET scanner ClairvivoPET using NEMA NU 4-2008 Standards

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Performance evaluation of the spectral centroid downshift method for attenuation estimation

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Performance evaluation of the sulfur-redox-reaction-activated up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket and down-flow hanging sponge anaerobic/anoxic sequencing batch reactor system for municipal sewage treatment

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Performance evaluation of the touchscreen-based Muse™ Auto CD4/CD4% single-platform system for CD4 T cell numeration in absolute number and in percentage using blood samples from children and adult patients living in the Central African Republic

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Performance evaluation of thin film silicon solar cell based on dual diffraction grating

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Performance evaluation of three automated identification systems in detecting carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

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Performance evaluation of three commercial molecular assays for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from clinical specimens in a high TB-HIV-burden setting

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Performance evaluation of tile-based Fisher Ratio analysis using a benchmark yeast metabolome dataset

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Performance evaluation of two N95 filtering-facepiece respirators on decomposition products of sulfur hexafluoride

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Performance evaluation of two SiPMs arrays coupled to pixelated scintillations for PET/MR applications

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Performance evaluation of two computed radiography systems and patient dose in pelvic examination

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Performance evaluation of two immunoassays for 25-hydroxyvitamin D

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Performance evaluation of two microbial transport media designed for preservation and transport of Chlamydiae, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma

Jones, S.L.; Madhusudhan, K.T.; Agans, K.; Dearen, K.; Knight, J.; Brasel, T.; Karamchi, M.; Sherwood, R.L., 2015:
Performance evaluation of two universal transport media designed for preservation and transport of Chlamydiae, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma

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Performance of a New HPV and Biomarker Assay in Management of hrHPV Positive Women: Subanalysis of the Ongoing Multicenter TRACE Clinical Trial (n>6,000) to Evaluate POU4F3 as a Potential Biomarker of Cervical Precancer and Cancer

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Performance of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) surveillance and incidence of poliomyelitis, 2015

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Performance of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) surveillance and incidence of poliomyelitis, 2016

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