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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58546

Chapter 58546 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gao, M.; Cong, B.; Wang, B.; Wang, L.; Shao, Z., 2015:
Phenotypic changes and apoptosis of Jurkat cells induced by over-expression of C-Src kinase-binding protein

Suzuki, S.; Horinouchi, T.; Furusawa, C., 2016:
Phenotypic changes associated with the fitness cost in antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli strains

Périamé, M.; Philippe, N.; Condell, O.; Fanning, S.; Pagès, J-M.; Davin-Regli, A., 2016:
Phenotypic changes contributing to Enterobacter gergoviae biocide resistance

Su, J.; Gao, T.; Shi, T.; Xiang, Q.; Xu, X.; Wiesenfeld-Hallin, Z.; Hökfelt, T.; Svensson, C.I., 2016:
Phenotypic changes in dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord in the collagen antibody-induced arthritis mouse model

Bortell, N.; Morsey, B.; Basova, L.; Fox, H.S.; Marcondes, M.Cecilia.Garibaldi., 2015:
Phenotypic changes in the brain of SIV-infected macaques exposed to methamphetamine parallel macrophage activation patterns induced by the common gamma-chain cytokine system

Sakai, K.; Nomura, R.; Hasegawa, Y.; Sinzato, M.; Nishii, K.; Katoh, Y.; Yamada, K., 2016:
Phenotypic changes of AADC-only-immunoreactive cells in the alimentary canal of the laboratory shrew, Suncus murinus, induced by systemic administration of monoamine precursors

Damaghi, M.; Gillies, R., 2016:
Phenotypic changes of acid-adapted cancer cells push them toward aggressiveness in their evolution in the tumor microenvironment

Niehaus, K.E.; Uhlig, H.H.; Clifton, D.A., 2016:
Phenotypic characterisation of Crohn's disease severity

Bardin, S.; Miserey-Lenkei, Séphanie.; Hurbain, I.; Garcia-Castillo, D.; Raposo, Gça.; Goud, B., 2016:
Phenotypic characterisation of RAB6A knockout mouse embryonic fibroblasts

Sirichoat, A.; Lulitanond, A.; Kanlaya, R.; Tavichakorntrakool, R.; Chanawong, A.; Wongthong, S.; Thongboonkerd, V., 2016:
Phenotypic characteristics and comparative proteomics of Staphylococcus aureus strains with different vancomycin-resistance levels

Cai, Y.; Tao, J.; Jiao, Y.; Fei, X.; Zhou, L.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, H.; Pan, Z.; Jiao, X., 2016:
Phenotypic characteristics and genotypic correlation between Salmonella isolates from a slaughterhouse and retail markets in Yangzhou, China

Terefe, E.; Haile, A.; Mulatu, W.; Dessie, T.; Mwai, O., 2015:
Phenotypic characteristics and trypanosome prevalence of Mursi cattle breed in the Bodi and Mursi districts of South Omo Zone, southwest Ethiopia

Almeida-Paes, R.; de Oliveira, Lã.Cardoso.; Oliveira, M.Marques.Evangelista.; Gutierrez-Galhardo, M.Clara.; Nosanchuk, J.Daniel.; Zancopé-Oliveira, R.Maria., 2016:
Phenotypic characteristics associated with virulence of clinical isolates from the Sporothrix complex

Rezende, B.A.; Ribeiro, C.B.; Teixeira, D.H.L.; Gonçalves, F.M.A.; Souza Sobrinho, F., 2016:
Phenotypic characteristics for discrimination between advanced genotypes of Brachiaria ruziziensis

Van den Bossche, T.; Sleegers, K.; Cuyvers, E.; Engelborghs, S.; Sieben, A.; De Roeck, A.; Van Cauwenberghe, C.; Vermeulen, S.; Van den Broeck, M.; Laureys, A.; Peeters, K.; Mattheijssens, M.; Vandenbulcke, M.; Vandenberghe, R.; Martin, J-Jacques.; De Deyn, P.P.; Cras, P.; Van Broeckhoven, C.; Nuytten, D.; Santens, P.; de Bleeker, J.; Dermaut, B.; Deryck, O.; Bergmans, B.; Michotte, A.; Versijpt, J.; Willems, C.; Delbeck, J.; Ivanoiu, A.; Salmon, E., 2017:
Phenotypic characteristics of Alzheimer patients carrying an ABCA7 mutation

Zhong, W.; Jiang, Z.Y.; Zhong, S.B.; Zhang, L.C.; Huang, J.H.; Zhang, S.; Chen, L.S.; Cao, Y.F., 2017:
Phenotypic characteristics of LAP(+) CD4(+) T lymphocytes in colorectal cancer tissues

Hujoel, P.P.; Bollen, A-M.; Yuen, K.C.J.; Hujoel, I.A., 2016:
Phenotypic characteristics of adolescents with concave and convex facial profiles - The National Health Examination Survey

Li, P.; Cui, Y.; Song, G.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, Q., 2015:
Phenotypic characteristics of nasal mast cells in a mouse model of allergic rhinitis

Bassi, S.; Formato, G.; Milito, M.; Trevisiol, K.; Salogni, C.; Carra, E., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization and ERIC-PCR based genotyping of Paenibacillus larvae isolates recovered from American foulbrood outbreaks in honey bees from Italy

Noumi, E.; Snoussi, M.; Noumi, Iès.; Saghrouni, F.; Aouni, M.; Valentin, E., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization and adhesive properties of vaginal Candida spp. strains provided by the CHU Farhat Hached (Sousse, Tunisia)

Zhang, Z.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, T.; Wang, L.; Yang, L.; Huang, L.; Li, F.; Liu, J.; Yue, D.; Wang, F.; Li, J.; Guan, F.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, Y., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization and anti-tumor effects of cytokine-induced killer cells derived from cord blood

Asano, E.; Okano, K.; Oshima, M.; Kagawa, S.; Kushida, Y.; Munekage, M.; Hanazaki, K.; Watanabe, J.; Takada, Y.; Ikemoto, T.; Shimada, M.; Suzuki, Y., 2017:
Phenotypic characterization and clinical outcome in ampullary adenocarcinoma

Thompson, O.A.; Hawkins, G.M.; Gorsich, S.W.; Doran-Peterson, J., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization and comparative transcriptomics of evolved Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains with improved tolerance to lignocellulosic derived inhibitors

Hoch, P.G.; Burenina, O.Y.; Weber, M.H.W.; Elkina, D.A.; Nesterchuk, M.V.; Sergiev, P.V.; Hartmann, R.K.; Kubareva, E.A., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization and complementation analysis of Bacillus subtilis 6S RNA single and double deletion mutants

Wistuba-Hamprecht, K.; Di Benedetto, S.; Schilling, B.; Sucker, A.; Schadendorf, D.; Garbe, C.; Weide, B.; Pawelec, G., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization and prognostic impact of circulating γδ and αβ T-cells in metastatic malignant melanoma

Chari, A.; Oakeson, K.F.; Enomoto, S.; Jackson, D.Grant.; Fisher, M.A.; Dale, C., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of Sodalis praecaptivus sp. nov., a close non-insect-associated member of the Sodalis-allied lineage of insect endosymbionts

Neriyanuri, S.; Dhandayuthapani, S.; Arunachalam, J.Pandian.; Raman, R., 2017:
Phenotypic characterization of X-linked retinoschisis: Clinical, electroretinography, and optical coherence tomography variables

Chitu, V.; Gokhan, S.; Gulinello, M.; Branch, C.A.; Patil, M.; Basu, R.; Stoddart, C.; Mehler, M.F.; Stanley, E.Richard., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of a Csf1r haploinsufficient mouse model of adult-onset leukodystrophy with axonal spheroids and pigmented glia (ALSP)

Alexander, D.; Biller, R.; Rieger, M.; Ardjomandi, N.; Reinert, S., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of a human immortalized cranial periosteal cell line

Atsaves, V.; Detsika, M.G.; Poulaki, E.; Gakiopoulou, H.; Lianos, E.A., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of a novel HO-1 depletion model in the rat

Kandasamy, S.; Narayanan, S., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of a novel double knockout PknI/DacB2 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Suneetha, L.M.; Marsakatla, P.; Ravi, G.V.; Sykam, A.; Raju, R.; Reddy, P.P.; Hara Gopal, V.V.; Jadhav, R.; Suneetha, S., 2017:
Phenotypic characterization of a pair of molecules in tissues confer to classical Mendelian or non Mendelian ratios

Cullen, L.; Weiser, R.; Olszak, T.; Maldonado, R.F.; Moreira, A.S.; Slachmuylders, L.; Brackman, G.; Paunova-Krasteva, T.S.; Zarnowiec, P.; Czerwonka, G.; Reilly, J.; Drevinek, P.; Kaca, W.; Melter, O.; De Soyza, A.; Perry, A.; Winstanley, C.; Stoitsova, S.R.; Lavigne, R.; Mahenthiralingam, E.; Sá-Correia, I.; Coenye, T.; Drulis-Kawa, Z.; Augustyniak, D.; Valvano, M.A.; McClean, Sán., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of an international Pseudomonas aeruginosa reference panel: strains of cystic fibrosis (CF) origin show less in vivo virulence than non-CF strains

Blunt, L.; Hogarth, P.J.; Kaveh, D.A.; Webb, P.; Villarreal-Ramos, B.; Vordermeier, H.Martin., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of bovine memory cells responding to mycobacteria in IFNγ enzyme linked immunospot assays

Walker, B.A.; Saltzman, B.S.; Herlihy, E.P.; Luquetti, D.V., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of epibulbar dermoids

Subramanian, N.; Wu, Z.; Mertens, T.M., 2017:
Phenotypic characterization of human cytomegalovirus strains in cell cultures based on their transmission kinetics

Ochoa, S.A.; Cruz-Córdova, A.; Rodea, G.E.; Cázares-Domínguez, V.; Escalona, G.; Arellano-Galindo, Jé.; Hernández-Castro, R.; Reyes-López, A.; Xicohtencatl-Cortes, J., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from pediatric patients associated to biofilm formation

Ismail, S.; Helmy, N.A.; Mahmoud, W.M.; El-Ruby, M.O., 2012:
Phenotypic characterization of rare interstitial deletion of chromosome 4

Bellardita, C.; Kiehn, O., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of speed-associated gait changes in mice reveals modular organization of locomotor networks

Ozanic, M.; Marecic, V.; Lindgren, M.; Sjöstedt, A.; Santic, M., 2016:
Phenotypic characterization of the Francisella tularensis ΔpdpC and ΔiglG mutants

Goldner, T.; Zimmermann, H.; Lischka, P., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of two naturally occurring human Cytomegalovirus sequence polymorphisms located in a distinct region of ORF UL56 known to be involved in in vitro resistance to letermovir

Song, H-Pan.; Li, X.; Yu, R.; Zeng, G.; Yuan, Z-Yi.; Wang, W.; Huang, H-Yong.; Cai, X., 2015:
Phenotypic characterization of type II collagen-induced arthritis in Wistar rats

Jimenez, L.; Wang, J.; Morrison, M.A.; Whatcott, C.; Soh, K.K.; Warner, S.; Bearss, D.; Jette, C.A.; Stewart, R.A., 2016:
Phenotypic chemical screening using a zebrafish neural crest EMT reporter identifies retinoic acid as an inhibitor of epithelial morphogenesis

Reinartz, S.; Hellige, M.; Feige, K.; Wenning, P.; Distl, O., 2016:
Phenotypic classification of variability of non-syndromic congenital cleft lip and jaw in Vorderwald × Montbéliarde cattle

Verdonk, F.; Roux, P.; Flamant, P.; Fiette, L.; Bozza, F.A.; Simard, Sébastien.; Lemaire, M.; Plaud, B.; Shorte, S.L.; Sharshar, T.; Chrétien, F.; Danckaert, A., 2017:
Phenotypic clustering: a novel method for microglial morphology analysis

Knox, D.B.; Lanspa, M.J.; Kuttler, K.G.; Brewer, S.C.; Brown, S.M., 2016:
Phenotypic clusters within sepsis-associated multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

Bonaterra, A.; Badosa, E.; Rezzonico, F.; Duffy, B.; Montesinos, E., 2016:
Phenotypic comparison of clinical and plant-beneficial strains of Pantoea agglomerans

Abou Al-Shaar, H.; Qadi, N.; Al-Hamed, M.H.; Meyer, B.F.; Bohlega, S., 2017:
Phenotypic comparison of individuals with homozygous or heterozygous mutation of NOTCH3 in a large CADASIL family

MacDuff, D.A.; Reese, T.A.; Kimmey, J.M.; Weiss, L.A.; Song, C.; Zhang, X.; Kambal, A.; Duan, E.; Carrero, J.A.; Boisson, B.; Laplantine, E.; Israel, A.; Picard, C.; Colonna, M.; Edelson, B.T.; Sibley, L.David.; Stallings, C.L.; Casanova, J-Laurent.; Iwai, K.; Virgin, H.W., 2015:
Phenotypic complementation of genetic immunodeficiency by chronic herpesvirus infection

Weber, A.Maria.; Drobnitzky, N.; Devery, A.Maire.; Bokobza, S.Mili.; Adams, R.A.; Maughan, T.S.; Ryan, A.Joseph., 2016:
Phenotypic consequences of somatic mutations in the ataxia-telangiectasia mutated gene in non-small cell lung cancer

Bardoscia, M.; Marsili, M.; Samal, A., 2016:
Phenotypic constraints promote latent versatility and carbon efficiency in metabolic networks

Horinouchi, T.; Suzuki, S.; Hirasawa, T.; Ono, N.; Yomo, T.; Shimizu, H.; Furusawa, C., 2015:
Phenotypic convergence in bacterial adaptive evolution to ethanol stress

Bansagi, B.; Lewis-Smith, D.; Pal, E.; Duff, J.; Griffin, H.; Pyle, A.; Müller, J.S.; Rudas, G.; Aranyi, Z.; Lochmüller, H.; Chinnery, P.F.; Horvath, R., 2016:
Phenotypic convergence of Menkes and Wilson disease

Chakkaramakkil Verghese, S.; Goloviznina, N.A.; Kurre, P., 2017:
Phenotypic correction of Fanconi anemia cells in the murine bone marrow after carrier cell mediated delivery of lentiviral vector

Seddon, R.J.; Hews, D.K., 2017:
Phenotypic correlates of melanization in two Sceloporus occidentalis (Phrynosomatidae) populations: Behavior, androgens, stress reactivity, and ectoparasites

Finch, A.; Baikie, K.; Mitchell, P.; Parker, G.; Reddy, J.; Schofield, P.R.; Showyin, T.; Siegel, J.; Wedgwood, L.; Wilhelm, K., 2006:
Phenotypic correlates of the serotonin transporter gene

Vega, W.H.O.; Quirino, C.R.; Serapião, R.V.; Oliveira, C.S.; Pacheco, A., 2016:
Phenotypic correlations between ovum pick-up in vitro production traits and pregnancy rates in Zebu cows

Praharaj, A.Kumar.; Khajuria, A.; Kumar, M.; Grover, N., 2016:
Phenotypic detection and molecular characterization of beta-lactamase genes among Citrobacter species in a tertiary care hospital

Teethaisong, Y.; Eumkeb, G.; Chumnarnsilpa, S.; Autarkool, N.; Hobson, J.; Nakouti, I.; Hobbs, G.; Evans, K., 2016:
Phenotypic detection of AmpC β-lactamases, extended-spectrum β-lactamases and metallo-β-lactamases in Enterobacteriaceae using a resazurin microtitre assay with inhibitor-based methods

Sageerabanoo, S.; Malini, A.; Mangaiyarkarasi, T.; Hemalatha, G., 2015:
Phenotypic detection of extended spectrum β-lactamase and Amp-C β-lactamase producing clinical isolates in a Tertiary Care Hospital: A preliminary study

Schwensen, S.A.; Acar, Z.; Sydenham, T.V.; Johansson, Åsa.C.; Justesen, U.S., 2016:
Phenotypic detection of the cfiA metallo-β-lactamase in Bacteroides fragilis with the meropenem-EDTA double-ended Etest and the ROSCO KPC/MBL Confirm Kit

Oduyebo, O.O.; Falayi, O.M.; Oshun, P.; Ettu, A.O., 2016:
Phenotypic determination of carbapenemase producing enterobacteriaceae isolates from clinical specimens at a tertiary hospital in Lagos, Nigeria

Branum, S.R.; Tazawa, H.; Burggren, W.W., 2016:
Phenotypic developmental plasticity induced by preincubation egg storage in chicken embryos (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Peavy, G.M.; Edland, S.D.; Toole, B.M.; Hansen, L.A.; Galasko, D.R.; Mayo, A.M., 2016:
Phenotypic differences based on staging of Alzheimer's neuropathology in autopsy-confirmed dementia with Lewy bodies

Garcia, M.J.; Ferro, J.M.; Mattox, T.; Kopelic, S.; Marson, K.; Jones, R.; Svendsen, J.C.; Earley, R.L., 2016:
Phenotypic differences between the sexes in the sexually plastic mangrove rivulus fish (Kryptolebias marmoratus)

Takata, M.; Amiya, E.; Watanabe, M.; Shintani, Y.; Sakuma, K.; Saito, A.; Fukayama, M.; Ono, M.; Komuro, I., 2017:
Phenotypic differences in aortic stenosis according to calcification grade

Briciu, C.; Neag, M.; Muntean, D.; Bocsan, C.; Buzoianu, A.; Antonescu, O.; Gheldiu, A-Maria.; Achim, M.; Popa, A.; Vlase, L., 2015:
Phenotypic differences in nebivolol metabolism and bioavailability in healthy volunteers

Pruzan, N.L.; Myers, J.S., 2016:
Phenotypic differences in normal vs high tension glaucoma

Vingert, Bît.; Tamagne, M.; Habibi, A.; Pakdaman, S.; Ripa, J.; Elayeb, R.; Galacteros, Fédéric.; Bierling, P.; Ansart-Pirenne, Hélène.; Bartolucci, P.; Noizat-Pirenne, F., 2015:
Phenotypic differences of CD4(+) T cells in response to red blood cell immunization in transfused sickle cell disease patients

Dubash, T.D.; Hoffmann, C.M.; Oppel, F.; Giessler, K.M.; Weber, S.; Dieter, S.M.; Hüllein, J.; Zenz, T.; Herbst, F.; Scholl, C.; Weichert, W.; Werft, W.; Benner, A.; Schmidt, M.; Schneider, M.; Glimm, H.; Ball, C.R., 2016:
Phenotypic differentiation does not affect tumorigenicity of primary human colon cancer initiating cells

Vigoder, F.M.; Souza, N.A.; Brazil, R.P.; Bruno, R.V.; Costa, P.L.; Ritchie, M.G.; Klaczko, L.B.; Peixoto, A.A., 2016:
Phenotypic differentiation in love song traits among sibling species of the Lutzomyia longipalpis complex in Brazil

Wilkins, M.R.; Karaardıç, H.; Vortman, Y.; Parchman, T.L.; Albrecht, T.; Petrželková, A.; Özkan, L.; Pap, P.L.; Hubbard, J.K.; Hund, A.K.; Safran, R.J., 2016:
Phenotypic differentiation is associated with divergent sexual selection among closely related barn swallow populations

Mir, J.Iqbal.; Saxena, N.; Patiyal, R.Singh.; Sahoo, P.Kumari., 2015:
Phenotypic differentiation of Barilius bendelisis (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) in four rivers from Central Indian Himalaya

Bauer, E.; Laczny, C.Christian.; Magnusdottir, S.; Wilmes, P.; Thiele, I., 2016:
Phenotypic differentiation of gastrointestinal microbes is reflected in their encoded metabolic repertoires

Delmore, K.E.; Kenyon, H.L.; Germain, R.R.; Irwin, D.E., 2016:
Phenotypic divergence during speciation is inversely associated with differences in seasonal migration

Newberry, E.P.; Kennedy, S.; Xie, Y.; Luo, J.; Jiang, H.; Ory, D.S.; Davidson, N.O., 2016:
Phenotypic divergence in two lines of L-Fabp-/- mice reflects substrain differences and environmental modifiers

Hu, J.; Guan, G.; Dai, Y.; Tao, L.; Zhang, J.; Li, H.; Huang, G., 2017:
Phenotypic diversity and correlation between white-opaque switching and the CAI microsatellite locus in Candida albicans

Sagiv, J.Y.; Michaeli, J.; Assi, S.; Mishalian, I.; Kisos, H.; Levy, L.; Damti, P.; Lumbroso, D.; Polyansky, L.; Sionov, R.V.; Ariel, A.; Hovav, A-Hai.; Henke, E.; Fridlender, Z.G.; Granot, Z., 2016:
Phenotypic diversity and plasticity in circulating neutrophil subpopulations in cancer

McDaniel, A.S.; Ferraldeschi, R.; Krupa, R.; Landers, M.; Graf, R.; Louw, J.; Jendrisak, A.; Bales, N.; Marrinucci, D.; Zafeiriou, Z.; Flohr, P.; Sideris, S.; Crespo, M.; Figueiredo, I.; Mateo, J.; de Bono, J.S.; Dittamore, R.; Tomlins, S.A.; Attard, G., 2016:
Phenotypic diversity of circulating tumour cells in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer

Sarkar, S.; Cohen, N.; Sabhachandani, P.; Konry, T., 2016:
Phenotypic drug profiling in droplet microfluidics for better targeting of drug-resistant tumors

Assogba, Bît.S.; Djogbénou, L.S.; Saizonou, J.; Milesi, P.; Djossou, L.; Djegbe, I.; Oumbouke, W.A.; Chandre, F.; Baba-Moussa, L.; Weill, M.; Makoutodé, M., 2015:
Phenotypic effects of concomitant insensitive acetylcholinesterase (ace-1(R)) and knockdown resistance (kdr(R)) in Anopheles gambiae: a hindrance for insecticide resistance management for malaria vector control

Pritchard, T.C.; Coffey, M.P.; Bond, K.S.; Hutchings, M.R.; Wall, E., 2016:
Phenotypic effects of subclinical paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) in dairy cattle

Huang, J.; Guo, N.; Li, Y.; Sun, J.; Hu, G.; Zhang, H.; Li, Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, J.; Xing, H.; Qiu, L., 2017:
Phenotypic evaluation and genetic dissection of resistance to Phytophthora sojae in the Chinese soybean mini core collection

Giambona, A.; Passarello, C.; Cassarà, F.; Cannata, M.; Leto, F.; Vinciguerra, M., 2016:
Phenotypic evaluations of -223 T>C (HBB:c.-223T>C) nucleotide substitution in the promoter region of β-globin gene

Engen, S.; Sæther, B-Erik., 2018:
Phenotypic evolution by distance in fluctuating environments: The contribution of dispersal, selection and random genetic drift

Valkanas, E.; Schaffer, K.; Dunham, C.; Maduro, V.; du Souich, Cèle.; Rupps, R.; Adams, D.R.; Baradaran-Heravi, A.; Flynn, E.; Malicdan, M.C.; Gahl, W.A.; Toro, C.; Boerkoel, C.F., 2016:
Phenotypic evolution of UNC80 loss of function

Li, P.; Tao, Z.; Dean, C., 2015:
Phenotypic evolution through variation in splicing of the noncoding RNA COOLAIR

Szafranski, P.; Coban-Akdemir, Z.H.; Rupps, R.; Grazioli, S.; Wensley, D.; Jhangiani, S.N.; Popek, E.; Lee, A.F.; Lupski, J.R.; Boerkoel, C.F.; Stankiewicz, Pł., 2017:
Phenotypic expansion of TBX4 mutations to include acinar dysplasia of the lungs

Kateregga, J.N.; Kantume, R.; Atuhaire, C.; Lubowa, M.Nathan.; Ndukui, J.G., 2016:
Phenotypic expression and prevalence of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae in samples collected from patients in various wards of Mulago Hospital, Uganda

Zorzi, A.; Rigato, I.; Pilichou, K.; Perazzolo Marra, M.; Migliore, F.; Mazzotti, E.; Gregori, D.; Thiene, G.; Daliento, L.; Iliceto, S.; Rampazzo, A.; Basso, C.; Bauce, B.; Corrado, D., 2017:
Phenotypic expression is a prerequisite for malignant arrhythmic events and sudden cardiac death in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

Manne, U.; Suarez-Cuervo, C.; Jhala, N.C.; Posey, J.; Herring, C.B.; Meleth, S.; Grizzle, W.E., 2016:
Phenotypic expression of Bax is a predictive marker of 5-fluorouracil treatment in colorectal cancer

Salzano, G.; Calafiore, M.; Mignosa, C.; Passanisi, S.; Trombatore, J.; Zirilli, G., 2018:
Phenotypic expression of Hashimoto's thyroiditis is absolutely atypical in girls with Turner syndrome

Bussmann, N.; Cunningham, K.; Green, A.; Ryan, C.Anthony., 2016:
Phenotypic extremes in liveborn monozygotic twins with mosaic Edwards syndrome

Souwer, I.H.; Smaal, D.; Bor, J.H.J.; Knoers, N.; Lagro-Janssen, A.L.M., 2018:
Phenotypic familial aggregation in chronic chilblains

Turchetto, S.; Ustulin, M.; Citterio, C.Vittorio.; Zanardello, C.; Vascellari, M.; Vio, D.; Conedera, G.; Milone, N.Maria.Ferro.; Cocchi, M., 2016:
Phenotypic features and phylogenetic background of extraintestinal hemolytic Escherichia coli responsible of mortality in puppies

Kousal, B.; Dudakova, L.; Gaillyova, R.; Hejtmankova, M.; Diblik, P.; Michaelides, M.; Liskova, P., 2017:
Phenotypic features of CRB1-associated early-onset severe retinal dystrophy and the different molecular approaches to identifying the disease-causing variants

Szymańska, K.; Kuśmierska, K.; Nowacka, M.; Sykut-Cegielska, J.; Demkow, U., 2015:
Phenotypic features of children with neurodevelopmental diseases in relation to biogenic amines

Yalın, O.Özgür.; Uluduz, D.; Özge, A.; Sungur, M.Ali.; Selekler, M.; Siva, A., 2016:
Phenotypic features of chronic migraine

Malherbe, P.J.; Roos, J.L.; Ehlers, R.; Karayiorgou, M.; Roos, J.L., 2015:
Phenotypic features of patients with schizophrenia carrying de novo gene mutations: a pilot study

Stroeve, J.H.M.; van Wietmarschen, H.; Kremer, B.H.A.; van Ommen, B.; Wopereis, S., 2015:
Phenotypic flexibility as a measure of health: the optimal nutritional stress response test

Oliveira, Fávio.G.; Tapisso, J.T.; Monarca, R.I.; Cerveira, A.M.; Mathias, M.L., 2016:
Phenotypic flexibility in the energetic strategy of the greater white-toothed shrew, Crocidura russula

Boratyński, J.S.; Jefimow, Młgorzata.; Wojciechowski, Mł.S., 2017:
Phenotypic flexibility of energetics in acclimated Siberian hamsters has a narrower scope in winter than in summer

King, M.O.; Zhang, Y.; Carter, T.; Johnson, J.; Harmon, E.; Swanson, D.L., 2016:
Phenotypic flexibility of skeletal muscle and heart masses and expression of myostatin and tolloid-like proteinases in migrating passerine birds

Zhou, L-Meng.; Xia, S-Su.; Chen, Q.; Wang, R-Mei.; Zheng, W-Hong.; Liu, J-Song., 2016:
Phenotypic flexibility of thermogenesis in the hwamei (Garrulax canorus): responses to cold acclimation

George, S.E.; Nguyen, T.; Geiger, T.; Weidenmaier, C.; Lee, J.C.; Liese, J.; Wolz, C., 2016:
Phenotypic heterogeneity and temporal expression of the capsular polysaccharide in Staphylococcus aureus

Putrinš, M.; Kogermann, K.; Lukk, E.; Lippus, M.; Varik, V.; Tenson, T., 2015:
Phenotypic heterogeneity enables uropathogenic Escherichia coli to evade killing by antibiotics and serum complement

Frew, J.W.; Vekic, D.A.; Woods, J.; Cains, G.D., 2016:
Phenotypic heterogeneity implies heterogeneous pathogenic pathways in hidradenitis suppurativa

Vahidnezhad, H.; Youssefian, L.; Baghdadi, T.; Sotoudeh, S.; Tavassoli, A.; Zeinali, S.; Afsharaalam, S.; Uitto, J., 2017:
Phenotypic heterogeneity in PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum

Yosef, I.; Edgar, R.; Qimron, U., 2016:
Phenotypic heterogeneity in a bacteriophage population only appears as stress-induced mutagenesis

Allred, S.C.; Weck, K.E.; Gasim, A.; Mottl, A.K., 2018:
Phenotypic heterogeneity in females with X-linked Alport syndrome

Zimmermann, M.; Escrig, Séphane.; Hübschmann, T.; Kirf, M.K.; Brand, A.; Inglis, R.Fredrik.; Musat, N.; Müller, S.; Meibom, A.; Ackermann, M.; Schreiber, F., 2015:
Phenotypic heterogeneity in metabolic traits among single cells of a rare bacterial species in its natural environment quantified with a combination of flow cell sorting and NanoSIMS

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Phew, what a scorcher!

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