Phylogenetic analysis of Gansu sheeppox virus isolates based on P32, GPCR, and RPO30 genes

Su, H.L.; Jia, H.J.; Yin, C.; Jing, Z.Z.; Luo, X.N.; Chen, Y.X.

Genetics and Molecular Research Gmr 14(1): 1887-1898


ISSN/ISBN: 1676-5680
PMID: 25867334
Accession: 058550928

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Two outbreaks of sheeppox in sheep have occurred in Gansu Province, China. The P32, GPCR, and RPO30 genes were used as markers for differential diagnosis. We confirmed that the outbreaks were caused by sheeppox virus. Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the P32, GPCR, and RPO30 genes revealed a close relationship between the 2 isolates and Chinese sheeppox viruses. Because ill sheep were imported from Jingyuan, another county of Gansu Province, our results strongly suggest the importance of veterinary surveillance prior to transportation.