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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58599

Chapter 58599 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Tran, C.; Bennell, M.C.; Qiu, F.; Ko, D.T.; Singh, S.M.; Dorian, P.; Atzema, C.L.; Bhatia, R.Sacha.; Wijeysundera, H.C., 2016:
Predictors and clinical outcomes of inpatient versus ambulatory management after an emergency department visit for atrial fibrillation: A population-based study

Nazif, T.M.; Dizon, Jé.M.; Hahn, R.T.; Xu, K.; Babaliaros, V.; Douglas, P.S.; El-Chami, M.F.; Herrmann, H.C.; Mack, M.; Makkar, R.R.; Miller, D.Craig.; Pichard, A.; Tuzcu, E.Murat.; Szeto, W.Y.; Webb, J.G.; Moses, J.W.; Smith, C.R.; Williams, M.R.; Leon, M.B.; Kodali, S.K., 2015:
Predictors and clinical outcomes of permanent pacemaker implantation after transcatheter aortic valve replacement: the PARTNER (Placement of AoRtic TraNscathetER Valves) trial and registry

Yoruk, A.; Sherazi, S.; Massey, H.Todd.; Kutyifa, V.; McNitt, S.; Hallinan, W.; Huang, D.T.; Chen, L.; Aktas, M.K., 2017:
Predictors and clinical relevance of ventricular tachyarrhythmias in ambulatory patients with a continuous flow left ventricular assist device

Wu, T.Y.; Ham, S.W.; Katz, S.G., 2016:
Predictors and consequences of hemodynamic instability after carotid artery stenting

O'Neill, A.C.; Haykal, S.; Bagher, S.; Zhong, T.; Hofer, S., 2016:
Predictors and consequences of intraoperative microvascular problems in autologous breast reconstruction

Elden, H.; Gutke, A.; Kjellby-Wendt, G.; Fagevik-Olsen, M.; Ostgaard, H-Christian., 2017:
Predictors and consequences of long-term pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain: a longitudinal follow-up study

Tucker, J.S.; Ewing, B.A.; Miles, J.N.V.; Shih, R.A.; Pedersen, E.R.; D'Amico, E.J., 2016:
Predictors and consequences of prescription drug misuse during middle school

Dziegielewski, P.T.; Boyce, B.; Manning, A.; Agrawal, A.; Old, M.; Ozer, E.; Teknos, T.N., 2018:
Predictors and costs of readmissions at an academic head and neck surgery service

Punglia, R.S.; Weeks, J.C.; Neville, B.A.; Earle, C.C., 2016:
Predictors and effect of delay in initiation of radiation therapy (RT) after breast-conserving surgery (BCS) in elderly women

Culvenor, A.G.; Collins, N.J.; Vicenzino, B.; Cook, J.L.; Whitehead, T.S.; Morris, H.G.; Crossley, K.M., 2015:
Predictors and effects of patellofemoral pain following hamstring-tendon ACL reconstruction

Burns, R.D.; Brusseau, T.A.; Fang, Y.; Myrer, R.S.; Fu, Y.; Hannon, J.C., 2016:
Predictors and grade level trends of school day physical activity achievement in low-income children from the U.S

Andrew, R.; Tiggemann, M.; Clark, L., 2016:
Predictors and health-related outcomes of positive body image in adolescent girls: A prospective study

Cheng, B.; Cai, X-Jun.; Chen, L-Ya.; Wang, Z.; Weng, L.; Li, Q-Lin., 2016:
Predictors and impact of cytotoxic second-line chemotherapy for stage IIIa-IV nonsmall lung cancer patients in China: A retrospective institution analysis of 132 patients

Jabbarli, R.; Reinhard, M.; Niesen, W-D.; Roelz, R.; Shah, M.; Kaier, K.; Hippchen, B.; Taschner, C.; Van Velthoven, V., 2015:
Predictors and impact of early cerebral infarction after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Ribeiro, H.B.; Nombela-Franco, L.; Muñoz-García, A.J.; Lemos, P.Alves.; Amat-Santos, I.; Serra, Vç.; de Brito, F.S.; Abizaid, A.; Sarmento-Leite, Rério.; Puri, R.; Cheema, A.N.; Ruel, M.; Nietlispach, F.; Maisano, F.; Moris, C.; Del Valle, R.; Urena, M.; Abdul Jawad Altisent, O.; Del Trigo, M.; Campelo-Parada, F.; Jimenez Quevedo, P.; Alonso-Briales, J.H.; Gutiérrez, Hólito.; García Del Blanco, B.; Perin, M.Antonio.; Siqueira, D.; Bernardi, G.; Dumont, Éric.; Côté, M.; Pibarot, P.; Rod, 2016:
Predictors and impact of myocardial injury after transcatheter aortic valve replacement: a multicenter registry

Brener, S.J.; Ertelt, K.; Mehran, R.; Genereux, P.; Xu, K.; Witzenbichler, B.; Brodie, B.R.; Guagliumi, G.; Stone, G.W., 2015:
Predictors and impact of target vessel revascularization after stent implantation for acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: lessons from HORIZONS-AMI

Yataco, M.; Cowell, A.; David, W.; Keaveny, A.P.; Taner, C.Burcin.; Patel, T., 2016:
Predictors and impacts of hospital readmissions following liver transplantation

Wang, X.; Ren, H-Mei.; Hu, C-Yan.; Que, B.; Ai, H.; Wang, C-Mei.; Sun, L-Zhong.; Nie, S-Ping., 2016:
Predictors and in-hospital outcomes of preoperative acute kidney injury in patients with type A acute aortic dissection

Cao, C-Fu.; Li, S-Fang.; Chen, H.; Song, J-Xian., 2016:
Predictors and in-hospital prognosis of recurrent acute myocardial infarction

Sari, C.; Ayhan, H.; Aslan, A.N.; Durmaz, T.; Keleş, T.; Baştuğ, S.; Bayram, N.Akar.; Bilen, E.; Kasapkara, H.A.; Bozkurt, E., 2016:
Predictors and incidence of access site complications in transcatheter aortic valve implantation with the use of new delivery systems

Zaldonis, J.; Alrawashdeh, M.; Atman, K.S.; Fatigati, A.; Dabbs, A.DeVito.; Bermudez, C.A., 2015:
Predictors and influence of goal orientation on self-management and health-related quality of life after lung transplant

Kim, B.Sung.; Chun, K.Jin.; Hwang, J.Kyung.; Park, S-Jung.; Park, K-Min.; Kim, J.Soo.; On, Y.Keun., 2016:
Predictors and long-term clinical outcomes of newly developed atrial fibrillation in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices

Starling, A.P.; Engel, L.S.; Calafat, A.M.; Koutros, S.; Satagopan, J.M.; Yang, G.; Matthews, C.E.; Cai, Q.; Buckley, J.P.; Ji, B-Tian.; Cai, H.; Chow, W-Ho.; Zheng, W.; Gao, Y-Tang.; Rothman, N.; Xiang, Y-Bing.; Shu, X-Ou., 2016:
Predictors and long-term reproducibility of urinary phthalate metabolites in middle-aged men and women living in urban Shanghai

Lee, H-Ji.; Jang, E-Young.; Park, Y-Chon.; Kim, D., 2013:
Predictors and longitudinal changes of depression and anxiety among medical college students

Bergh, S.; Hjorthøj, C.; Sørensen, H.J.; Fagerlund, B.; Austin, S.; Secher, R.Gry.; Jepsen, J.Richardt.; Nordentoft, M., 2018:
Predictors and longitudinal course of cognitive functioning in schizophrenia spectrum disorders, 10years after baseline: The OPUS study

Fida, N.; Loebe, M.; Estep, J.D.; Guha, A., 2015:
Predictors and management of right heart failure after left ventricular assist device implantation

Overstreet, C.; Berenz, E.C.; Kendler, K.S.; Dick, D.M.; Amstadter, A.B., 2016:
Predictors and mental health outcomes of potentially traumatic event exposure

Zuroff, D.C.; Shahar, G.; Blatt, S.J.; Kelly, A.C.; Leybman, M.J., 2016:
Predictors and moderators of between-therapists and within-therapist differences in depressed outpatients' experiences of the Rogerian conditions

Arch, J.J.; Landy, L.N.; Brown, K.Warren., 2016:
Predictors and moderators of biopsychological social stress responses following brief self-compassion meditation training

Ciao, A.C.; Accurso, E.C.; Fitzsimmons-Craft, E.E.; L.G.ange, D., 2015:
Predictors and moderators of psychological changes during the treatment of adolescent bulimia nervosa

Cooper, Z.; Allen, E.; Bailey-Straebler, S.; Basden, S.; Murphy, R.; O'Connor, M.E.; Fairburn, C.G., 2016:
Predictors and moderators of response to enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy for the treatment of eating disorders

Accurso, E.C.; Wonderlich, S.A.; Crosby, R.D.; Smith, T.L.; Klein, M.H.; Mitchell, J.E.; Crow, S.J.; Berg, K.C.; Peterson, C.B., 2016:
Predictors and moderators of treatment outcome in a randomized clinical trial for adults with symptoms of bulimia nervosa

Klinck, J.; McNeill, L.; Di Angelantonio, E.; Menon, D.K., 2015:
Predictors and outcome impact of perioperative serum sodium changes in a high-risk population

Liao, Y-Biao.; Deng, X-Xue.; Meng, Y.; Zhao, Z-Gang.; Xiong, T-Yuan.; Meng, X-Jun.; Zuo, Z-Liang.; Li, Y-Jian.; Cao, J-Yu.; Xu, Y-Ning.; Chen, M.; Feng, Y., 2016:
Predictors and outcome of acute kidney injury after transcatheter aortic valve implantation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Nozawa, H.; Tanaka, J.; Nishikawa, T.; Tanaka, T.; Kiyomatsu, T.; Kawai, K.; Hata, K.; Kazama, S.; Yamaguchi, H.; Ishihara, S.; Sunami, E.; Kitayama, J.; Nakajima, J.; Kokudo, N.; Watanabe, T., 2015:
Predictors and outcome of complete removal of colorectal cancer with synchronous lung metastases

Jain, S.; Guleria, K.; Vaid, N.B.; Suneja, A.; Ahuja, S., 2016:
Predictors and outcome of obstetric admissions to intensive care unit: A comparative study

Sohaila, A.; Shafiq, Y.; Azim, S.; Baloch, B.; Akhtar, A.Syed.Muhammad.; Tikmani, S.Sunder.; Brown, N., 2016:
Predictors and outcome of tetanus in newborns in slum areas of Karachi City: a case control study

Weingarten, T.N.; Chong, E.Y.; Schroeder, D.R.; Sprung, J., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes following naloxone administration during Phase I anesthesia recovery

Jefferson, G.D.; Wenig, B.L.; Spiotto, M.T., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes for chronic tracheostomy after chemoradiation for advanced laryngohypopharyngeal cancer

Crump, J.A.; Wu, X.; Kendall, M.A.; Ive, P.D.; Kumwenda, J.J.; Grinsztejn, B.; Jentsch, U.; Swindells, S., 2015:
Predictors and outcomes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteremia among patients with HIV and tuberculosis co-infection enrolled in the ACTG A5221 STRIDE study

Redfield, R.R.; Scalea, J.R.; Zens, T.J.; Muth, B.; Kaufman, D.B.; Djamali, A.; Astor, B.C.; Mohamed, M., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of delayed graft function after living-donor kidney transplantation

Jongenelis, M.I.; Pettigrew, S.; Pratt, I.S.; Chikritzhs, T.; Slevin, T.; Liang, W., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of drinkers' use of protective behavioral strategies

Lal, B.K.; Zhou, W.; Li, Z.; Kyriakides, T.; Matsumura, J.; Lederle, F.A.; Freischlag, J., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of endoleaks in the Veterans Affairs Open Versus Endovascular Repair (OVER) Trial of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Chibwesha, C.J.; Zanolini, A.; Smid, M.; Vwalika, B.; Phiri Kasaro, M.; Mwanahamuntu, M.; Stringer, J.S.A.; Stringer, E.M., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of low birth weight in Lusaka, Zambia

Kwong, W.Tak-Yu.; Ondrejková, A.; Vege, S.Swaroop., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of moderately severe acute pancreatitis - Evidence to reclassify

Nakiyingi, L.; Ssengooba, W.; Nakanjako, D.; Armstrong, D.; Holshouser, M.; Kirenga, B.J.; Shah, M.; Mayanja-Kizza, H.; Joloba, M.L.; Ellner, J.J.; Dorman, S.E.; Manabe, Y.C., 2015:
Predictors and outcomes of mycobacteremia among HIV-infected smear- negative presumptive tuberculosis patients in Uganda

Xu, L.; Yu, W-Kui.; Lin, Z-Liang.; Jiang, J.; Feng, X-Bo.; Li, N., 2015:
Predictors and outcomes of superior mesenteric artery syndrome in patients with constipation: a prospective, nested case-control study

Cook, M.J.; Diffin, J.; Scirè, C.A.; Lunt, M.; MacGregor, A.J.; Symmons, D.P.M.; Verstappen, S.M.M., 2017:
Predictors and outcomes of sustained, intermittent or never achieving remission in patients with recent onset inflammatory polyarthritis: results from the Norfolk Arthritis Register

Courtwright, A.M.; Salomon, S.; Fuhlbrigge, A.; Divo, M.; Rosas, I.O.; Camp, P.C.; Mallidi, H.H.; Burkett, P.; El-Chemaly, S.; Wolfe, D.J.; Goldberg, H.J., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of unplanned early rehospitalization in the first year following lung transplantation

Kim, H.; Hung, W.W.; Paik, M.Cho.; Ross, J.S.; Zhao, Z.; Kim, G-Soo.; Boockvar, K., 2016:
Predictors and outcomes of unplanned readmission to a different hospital

Steuer, C.E.; Behera, M.; Kim, S.; Patel, N.; Chen, Z.; Pillai, R.; Saba, N.F.; Shin, D.M.; Owonikoko, T.K.; Khuri, F.R.; Ramalingam, S.S., 2015:
Predictors and outcomes of venous thromboembolism in hospitalized lung cancer patients: A Nationwide Inpatient Sample database analysis

McGinty, H.L.; Small, B.J.; Laronga, C.; Jacobsen, P.B., 2016:
Predictors and patterns of fear of cancer recurrence in breast cancer survivors

O'Connell, E.P.; O'Leary, D.P.; Fogarty, K.; Khan, Z.J.; Redmond, H.P., 2015:
Predictors and patterns of melanoma recurrence following a negative sentinel lymph node biopsy

Rho, M.Jung.; Jeong, J-Eun.; Chun, J-Won.; Cho, H.; Jung, D.Jin.; Choi, I.Young.; Kim, D-Jin., 2016:
Predictors and patterns of problematic Internet game use using a decision tree model

Gil, E.; Joh, J-Won.; Park, H.Chul.; Yu, J.Il.; Jung, S.Hoon.; Kim, J.Man., 2016:
Predictors and patterns of recurrence after curative liver resection in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, for application of postoperative radiotherapy: a retrospective study

Phan, M.N.; Guy, E.S.; Nickson, R.N.; Kao, C.C., 2016:
Predictors and patterns of weight gain during treatment for tuberculosis in the United States of America

Riaz, S.S.; Ahsan, S.; Bloom, R.E., 2016 :
Predictors and prevalence of germ-line BRCA mutations in high-risk patients among different ethnicities

Vargas, G.; Rabinowitz, A.; Meyer, J.; Arnett, P.A., 2015:
Predictors and prevalence of postconcussion depression symptoms in collegiate athletes

Nakajima, H.; Iguchi, A.; Tabata, M.; Koike, H.; Morita, K.; Takahashi, K.; Asakura, T.; Nishimura, S.; Niinami, H., 2015:
Predictors and prevention of flow insufficiency due to limited flow demand

Kikkert, W.J.; Hassell, Mëlla.E.C.J.; Delewi, R.; van der Laan, M.H.; Baan, J.; Vis, M.M.; Koch, K.T.; de Winter, R.J.; Piek, J.J.; Tijssen, J.G.P.; Henriques, Jé.P.S., 2016:
Predictors and prognostic consequence of gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Onose, T.; Nochioka, K.; Sakata, Y.; Miura, M.; Tadaki, S.; Ushigome, R.; Yamauchi, T.; Sato, K.; Tsuji, K.; Abe, R.; Miyata, S.; Takahashi, J.; Shimokawa, H., 2015:
Predictors and prognostic impact of post-traumatic stress disorder after the great East Japan earthquake in patients with cardiovascular disease

Brembilla-Perrot, Béatrice.; Ferreira, Jão.Pedro.; Manenti, V.; Sellal, J.Marc.; Olivier, A.; Villemin, T.; Beurrier, D.; De Chillou, C.; Louis, P.; Brembilla, A.; Juillière, Y.; Girerd, N., 2017:
Predictors and prognostic significance of tachycardiomyopathy: insights from a cohort of 1269 patients undergoing atrial flutter ablation

Kyhl, K.; Vejlstrup, N.; Lønborg, J.; Treiman, M.; Ahtarovski, K.Aleksov.; Helqvist, S.; Kelbæk, H.; Holmvang, L.; Jørgensen, E.; Saunamäki, K.; Søholm, H.; Andersen, M.J.; Møller, J.E.; Clemmensen, P.; Engstrøm, T., 2015:
Predictors and prognostic value of left atrial remodelling after acute myocardial infarction

Ersboll, M.; Schulte, P.J.; A.E.ezi, F.; Shaw, L.; Køber, L.; Kisslo, J.; Siddiqui, I.; Piccini, J.; Glower, D.; Harrison, J.Kevin.; Bashore, T.; Risum, N.; Jollis, J.G.; Velazquez, E.J.; Samad, Z., 2015:
Predictors and progression of aortic stenosis in patients with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction

Daniels, C.P.; Millar, J.L.; Spelman, T.; Sengupta, S.; Evans, S.M., 2015:
Predictors and rate of adjuvant radiation therapy following radical prostatectomy: A report from the Prostate Cancer Registry

Jedial, J.T.; Shittu, A.; Tambuwal, F.M.; Abubakar, M.B.; Garba, M.K.; Kwaga, J.P.; Fasina, F.O., 2015:
Predictors and risk factors for the intestinal shedding of Escherichia coli O157 among working donkeys (Equus asinus) in Nigeria

Cho, J.Nam.; Park, W.Seo.; Min, S.Young., 2016:
Predictors and risk factors of hypoparathyroidism after total thyroidectomy

Kruger, R.; Shultz, S.P.; McNaughton, S.A.; Russell, A.P.; Firestone, R.T.; George, L.; Beck, K.L.; Conlon, C.A.; von Hurst, P.R.; Breier, B.; Jayasinghe, S.N.; O'Brien, W.J.; Jones, B.; Stonehouse, W., 2015:
Predictors and risks of body fat profiles in young New Zealand European, Māori and Pacific women: study protocol for the women's EXPLORE study

Umarova, R.M.; Nitschke, K.; Kaller, C.P.; Klöppel, S.; Beume, L.; Mader, I.; Martin, M.; Hennig, Jürgen.; Weiller, C., 2016:
Predictors and signatures of recovery from neglect in acute stroke

Mellon, E.A.; Jin, W.H.; Frakes, J.M.; Centeno, B.A.; Strom, T.J.; Springett, G.M.; Malafa, M.P.; Shridhar, R.; Hodul, P.J.; Hoffe, S.E., 2016:
Predictors and survival for pathologic tumor response grade in borderline resectable and locally advanced pancreatic cancer treated with induction chemotherapy and neoadjuvant stereotactic body radiotherapy

Chang, W.Xiu.; Asakawa, S.; Toyoki, D.; Nemoto, Y.; Morimoto, C.; Tamura, Y.; Ota, T.; Shibata, S.; Fujigaki, Y.; Shen, Z.Yang.; Uchida, S., 2016:
Predictors and the Subsequent Risk of End-Stage Renal Disease - Usefulness of 30% Decline in Estimated GFR over 2 Years

Desse, T.Alemu.; Eshetie, T.Chanie.; Gudina, E.Kebede., 2016:
Predictors and treatment outcome of hyperglycemic emergencies at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, southwest Ethiopia

Wagner, K.Dineen., 2016:
Predictors and treatment outcomes

Hu, G.; Chen, B.; Fu, W.; Xu, X.; Guo, D.; Jiang, J.; Yang, J.; Wang, Y., 2016:
Predictors and treatments of Proglide-related complications in percutaneous endovascular aortic repair

Lüscher, T.F., 2016:
Predictors as well as surrogate and hard endpoints in cardiovascular disease

Torp, N.Christian.; Dahl, K.; Skarphedinsson, G.; Compton, S.; Thomsen, P.Hove.; Weidle, B.; Hybel, K.; Valderhaug, R.; Melin, K.; Nissen, J.Becker.; Ivarsson, T., 2016:
Predictors associated with improved cognitive-behavioral therapy outcome in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder

Mao, Z.; Zhong, X.; Yin, J.; Zhao, Z.; Hu, X.; Hackett, M.L., 2016:
Predictors associated with stroke after coronary artery bypass grafting: a systematic review

Ozgur Aytac, H.; Colacoglu, T.; Nihal Nursal, G.; Zafer Nursal, T.; Aka Bolat, F.; Yabanoglu, H.; Yildirim, S.; Moray, G., 2016:
Predictors determining the status of axilla in breast cancer: Where is PET/CT on that?

Fray, S.; Ben Ali, N.; Kchaou, M.; Chebbi, S.; Belal, S., 2016:
Predictors factors of refractory epilepsy in childhood

Heyes, G.J.; Tucker, A.; Marley, D.; Foster, A., 2015:
Predictors for 1-year mortality following hip fracture: a retrospective review of 465 consecutive patients

Lim, S.; Kesavabhotla, K.; Cybulski, G.R.; Dahdaleh, N.S.; Smith, Z.A., 2016:
Predictors for Airway Complications Following Single- and Multilevel Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Song, X-Li.; Zhu, Y-Qi.; Lu, H-Tao.; Liu, F.; Wei, L-Ming.; Kang, H.Keun.; Zhao, J-Gong., 2017:
Predictors for Better Blood-Flow Restoration of Long-Segmental Below-the-Knee Chronic Total Occlusions after Endovascular Therapy in Diabetic Patients

Lüdtke, J.; In-Albon, T.; Michel, C.; Schmid, M., 2016:
Predictors for DSM-5 nonsuicidal self-injury in female adolescent inpatients: The role of childhood maltreatment, alexithymia, and dissociation

Kutz, A.; Florin, J.; Hausfater, P.; Amin, D.; Amin, A.; Haubitz, S.; Conca, A.; Reutlinger, B.; Canavaggio, P.; Sauvin, G.; Bernard, M.; Huber, A.; Mueller, B.; Schuetz, P., 2017:
Predictors for Delayed Emergency Department Care in Medical Patients with Acute Infections - An International Prospective Observational Study

Theorell-Haglöw, J.; Åkerstedt, Törn.; Schwarz, J.; Lindberg, E., 2016:
Predictors for Development of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in Women: A Population-Based 10-Year Follow-Up

Carlsson, M.E.; Gunningberg, L., 2016:
Predictors for Development of Pressure Ulcer in End-of-Life Care: A National Quality Register Study

Tsai, M-Hua.; Lin, K-Hsiang.; Lin, K-Tsou.; Hung, C-Ming.; Cheng, H-Shiang.; Tyan, Y-Chang.; Huang, H-Wen.; Sanno-Duanda, B.; Yang, M-Hui.; Yuan, S-Shiou.; Chu, P-Yu., 2016:
Predictors for Early Identification of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Nakiyingi, L.; Nonyane, B.A.S.; Ssengooba, W.; Kirenga, B.J.; Nakanjako, D.; Lubega, G.; Byakika-Kibwika, P.; Joloba, M.L.; Ellner, J.J.; Dorman, S.E.; Mayanja-Kizza, H.; Manabe, Y.C., 2016:
Predictors for MTB Culture-Positivity among HIV-Infected Smear-Negative Presumptive Tuberculosis Patients in Uganda: Application of New Tuberculosis Diagnostic Technology

Sonoda, N.; Morimoto, A.; Ugi, S.; Morino, K.; Sekine, O.; Nemoto, K-Ichi.; Godai, K.; Maegawa, H.; Miyamatsu, N., 2016:
Predictors for Mild and Severe Hypoglycemia in Insulin-Treated Japanese Diabetic Patients

Borges, N.de.Carvalho.; Pereira, L.Varanda.; de Moura, L.Amália.; Silva, T.Cavalcante.; Pedroso, C.Fortunato., 2016:
Predictors for Moderate to Severe Acute Postoperative Pain after Cesarean Section

Wergeland, J.N.; Selbæk, G.; Bergh, S.; Soederhamn, U.; Kirkevold, Øyvind., 2015:
Predictors for Nursing Home Admission and Death among Community-Dwelling People 70 Years and Older Who Receive Domiciliary Care

Yoon, S-Han.; Ahn, J-Min.; Ohno, Y.; Barbanti, M.; Chan, J.; Lin, M-Shin.; Kim, Y-Hak.; Yang, D.Hyun.; Sugiyama, D.; Chan, K-Tim.; Immé, S.; Tamburino, C.I.; Sgroi, C.; Park, D-Woo.; Kang, S-Jin.; Lee, S-Whan.; Lee, C.Whan.; Park, S-Wook.; Lee, M.; Kao, H-Li.; Tamburino, C.; Park, S-Jung., 2016:
Predictors for Paravalvular Regurgitation After TAVR With the Self-Expanding Prosthesis: Quantitative Measurement of MDCT Analysis

Mor, N.; Wu, G.; Aylward, A.; Christos, P.J.; Sulica, L., 2017:
Predictors for Permanent Medialization Laryngoplasty in Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis

Kochhäuser, S.; Dechering, D.G.; Trought, K.; Hache, P.; Haig-Carter, T.; Khaykin, Y.; Wulffhart, Z.; Pantano, A.; Tsang, B.; Eckardt, L.; Verma, A., 2016:
Predictors for Progression of Atrial Fibrillation in Patients Awaiting Atrial Fibrillation Ablation

Lin, C-Yu.; Shih, T-Sheng.; Liou, S-Hsing.; Lin, M-Hsiu.; Chang, C-Ping.; Chou, T-Chieh., 2016:
Predictors for Progression of Sleep Disordered Breathing among Public Transport Drivers: A 3-Year Follow-Up Study

Heyes, G.John.; Tucker, A.; Marley, D.; Foster, A., 2015:
Predictors for Readmission up to 1 Year Following Hip Fracture

Pan, H-Hsing.; Chu, C-Hui.; Wu, L-Fen.; Hsieh, P-Ching.; Chang, K-Chia.; Li, C-Yi., 2016:
Predictors for Reconstruction and Mood Disorder Associated With Reconstruction in Patients With Breast Cancer and Mastectomy: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Hammer, A.; Tregubow, A.; Kerry, G.; Schrey, M.; Hammer, C.; Steiner, H-Herbert., 2016:
Predictors for Recurrence of Chronic Subdural Hematoma

Lin, K-Miao.; Liang, C-Di.; Chien, S-Ju.; Lin, Y-Jui.; Lin, I-Chun.; Lo, M-Hung.; Wu, T-Hsin.; Huang, C-Fu., 2013:
Predictors for Regression of Large Secundum Atrial Septal Defects Diagnosed in Infancy

Probst, Y.; Zammit, G., 2017:
Predictors for Reporting of Dietary Assessment Methods in Food-based Randomized Controlled Trials over a Ten-year Period

Vikane, E.; Hellstrøm, T.; Røe, C.; Bautz-Holter, E.; Aßmus, Jörg.; Skouen, J.Sture., 2016:
Predictors for Return to Work in Subjects with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Seo, J-Bin.; Shin, D-Ho.; Park, K.Woo.; Koo, B-Kwon.; Gwon, H-Cheol.; Jeong, M-Ho.; Seong, I-Whan.; Rha, S.Woon.; Yang, J-Young.; Park, S-Jung.; Yoon, J.Han.; Han, K-Rok.; Park, J-Sun.; Hur, S-Ho.; Tahk, S-Jea.; Kim, H-Soo., 2017:
Predictors for Side Branch Failure During Provisional Strategy of Coronary Intervention for Bifurcation Lesions (from the Korean Bifurcation Registry)

Liu, Z.; Yang, J-Sheng.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, O.; Chen, M.; Huang, L-Ling.; He, X-Qing.; Wu, G-Yi.; Wang, Y-Ying., 2015:
Predictors for Smoking Cessation with Acupuncture in a Hong Kong Population

Hamatani, Y.; Yamashita, Y.; Esato, M.; Chun, Y-Hwa.; Tsuji, H.; Wada, H.; Hasegawa, K.; Abe, M.; Lip, G.Y.H.; Akao, M., 2016:
Predictors for Stroke and Death in Non-Anticoagulated Asian Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: The Fushimi AF Registry

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