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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58618

Chapter 58618 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Bi, X.; Tey, S.Ling.; Leong, C.; Quek, R.; Henry, C.Jeyakumar., 2016:
Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Singapore: Its Implications to Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Bandyopadhyay, S.; Buchman, S.L., 2016:
Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Spring and Summer Months in Central Pennsylvania Neuromuscular Clinic: A Study Complementary to the Pilot Study Published in Journal of Clinical Neuromuscular Disease in June 2015 for Fall and Winter Months

Soontrapa, S.; Soontrapa, S.; Chaikitpinyo, S., 2015:
Prevalence of Vitamin D Insufficiency among Elderly Males Living in Rural Khon Kaen Province, Northeast Thailand

Ramírez-Vick, M.; Hernández-Dávila, L.; Rodríguez-Rivera, N.; López-Valentín, M.; Haddock, L.; Rodríguez-Martínez, R.; González-Bossolo, A., 2015:
Prevalence of Vitamin D Insufficiency and Deficiency among Young Physicians at University District Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Riaz, H.; Finlayson, A.E.; Bashir, S.; Hussain, S.; Mahmood, S.; Malik, F.; Godman, B., 2016:
Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in Pakistan and implications for the future

Karonova, T.; Andreeva, A.; Nikitina, I.; Belyaeva, O.; Mokhova, E.; Galkina, O.; Vasilyeva, E.; Grineva, E., 2016:
Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in the North-West region of Russia: A cross-sectional study

Jacob, J.; Stalmans, P., 2016:
Prevalence of Vitreoretinal Interface Abnormalities as Detected by Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography

Luyten, A.; Bruneel, L.; Meerschman, I.; D'haeseleer, E.; Behlau, M.; Coffé, C.; Van Lierde, K., 2015:
Prevalence of Vocal Tract Discomfort in the Flemish Population Without Self-Perceived Voice Disorders

Seifpanahi, S.; Izadi, F.; Jamshidi, A-Ashraf.; Torabinezhad, F.; Sarrafzadeh, J.; Sobhani-Rad, D.; Ganjuie, M., 2015:
Prevalence of Voice Disorders and Associated Risk Factors in Teachers and Nonteachers in Iran

Mohammadzadeh, A.; Sandoughdar, N., 2016:
Prevalence of Voice Disorders in Iranian Primary School Students

Fritz, M.A.; Rickert, S.M., 2017:
Prevalence of Voice Disturbances in the Pediatric Craniofacial Patient Population

Leone, C.; Severijns, D.; Doležalová, V.; Baert, I.; Dalgas, U.; Romberg, A.; Bethoux, F.; Gebara, B.; Santoyo Medina, C.; Maamâgi, H.; Rasova, K.; Maertens de Noordhout, Bît.; Knuts, K.; Skjerbaek, A.; Jensen, E.; Wagner, J.M.; Feys, P., 2015:
Prevalence of Walking-Related Motor Fatigue in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis: Decline in Walking Distance Induced by the 6-Minute Walk Test

Awad, M.; Czer, L.S.C.; Soliman, C.; Mirocha, J.; Ruzza, A.; Pinzas, J.; Rihbany, K.; Chang, D.; Moriguchi, J.; Ramzy, D.; Esmailian, F.; Kobashigawa, J.; Arabia, F., 2016:
Prevalence of Warfarin Genotype Polymorphisms in Patients with Mechanical Circulatory Support

Akintan, P.E.; Akinsulie, A.; Temiye, E.; Esezobor, C., 2016:
Prevalence of Wasting, Stunting, and Underweight Among HIV Infected Underfives', in Lagos Using W.H.O z Score

Wu, H-Lan., 2016:
Prevalence of Wenyonella philiplevinei infection in Linwu ducks in Linwu county, subtropical China

Meshkat, Z.; Chinikar, S.; Shakeri, M.; Manavifar, L.; Moradi, M.; Mirshahabi, H.; Jalali, T.; Khakifirouz, S.; Shahhosseini, N., 2015 :
Prevalence of West Nile virus in Mashhad, Iran: A population-based study

Smith, E.M.; Giesbrecht, E.M.; Mortenson, W.Ben.; Miller, W.C., 2017:
Prevalence of Wheelchair and Scooter Use Among Community-Dwelling Canadians

Biagi, F.; Balduzzi, D.; Delvino, P.; Schiepatti, A.; Klersy, C.; Corazza, G.R., 2016:
Prevalence of Whipple's disease in north-western Italy

Vila-Rigat, R.; Panadès Valls, R.; Hernandez Huet, E.; Sivecas Maristany, J.; Blanché Prat, X.; Muñoz-Ortiz, L.; Torán Monserrat, P.; Rabell Santacana, V., 2016:
Prevalence of Work-Related Asthma and its Impact in Primary Health Care

Rabell-Santacana, V.; Panadès-Valls, R.; Vila-Rigat, R.; Hernandez-Huet, E.; Sivecas-Maristany, J.; Blanché-Prat, X.; Prieto, G.; Muñoz, L.; Torán, P., 2016:
Prevalence of Work-Related Asthma in Primary Health Care: Study Rationale and Design

Baqar, M.; Arslan, M.; Jamil, N.; Zahid, H., 2016:
Prevalence of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Symptoms (WMSS) among the Motorcycle Mechanics of Lahore, Pakistan

Geckinli, B.B.; Toksoy, G.; Sayar, C.; Soylemez, M.A.; Yesil, G.; Aydın, H.; Karaman, A.; Devranoglu, B., 2015:
Prevalence of X-aneuploidies, X-structural abnormalities and 46,XY sex reversal in Turkish women with primary amenorrhea or premature ovarian insufficiency

Ambulkar, P.; Chuadhary, A.; Waghmare, J.; Tarnekar, A.; Pal, A., 2015:
Prevalence of Y Chromosome Microdeletions in Idiopathic Azoospermia Cases in Central Indian Men

de Marqui, A.Bernadete.Trovó.; da Silva-Grecco, R.Lopes.; Balarin, M.Aparecida.Spadotto., 2018:
Prevalence of Y-chromosome sequences and gonadoblastoma in Turner syndrome

Arrausi-Subiza, M.; Gerrikagoitia, X.; Alvarez, V.; Ibabe, J.Carlos.; Barral, M., 2016:
Prevalence of Yersinia enterocolitica and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in wild boars in the Basque Country, northern Spain

Bai, Y.; Saint-Maurice, P.F.; Welk, G.J.; Allums-Featherston, K.; Candelaria, N.; Anderson, K., 2015:
Prevalence of Youth Fitness in the United States: Baseline Results from the NFL PLAY 60 FITNESSGRAM Partnership Project

Qi, M.; Xi, J.; Li, J.; Wang, H.; Ning, C.; Zhang, L., 2016:
Prevalence of Zoonotic Giardia duodenalis Assemblage B and First Identification of Assemblage E in Rabbit Fecal Samples Isolates from Central China

Todd, C.S.; Mansoor, G.Farooq.; Buhler, C.; Rahimi, H.; Zekria, R.; Fernandez, S.; Mikhail, A.F.W.; Scott, P.T.; Yingst, S.L., 2017:
Prevalence of Zoonotic and Vector-Borne Infections Among Afghan National Army Recruits in Afghanistan

Kishore, M.; Panat, S.R.; Kishore, A.; Aggarwal, A.; Upadhyay, N.; Agarwal, N., 2015:
Prevalence of Zygomatic Air Cell Defect using Orthopantomogram

Poornima, P.; Kirthiga, M.; Sasalwad, S.; Nagaveni, N.B., 2016:
Prevalence of a few variant dental features in children aged 11-16 years in Davangere, a city in Karnataka

Deng, Y-Bin.; Yu, D.; Su, Q.; Wang, H-Min.; Yin, H.; Zhou, Z-Meng.; He, N.; Liu, D., 2016:
Prevalence of a high non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level in children aged 9-11 years in Mianyang Science City in Sichuan Province, China

Pasquini, L.; Seravalli, V.; Sisti, G.; Battaglini, C.; Nepi, F.; Pelagalli, R.; D.T.mmaso, M., 2016:
Prevalence of a positive TORCH and parvovirus B19 screening in pregnancies complicated by polyhydramnios

Hwang, K.T.; Kim, Y.H.; Kim, Y.S.; Ryu, J.A., 2015:
Prevalence of a soft-tissue lesion after small head metal-on-metal total hip replacement: 13- to 19-year follow-up study

Khashram, M.; Jones, G.T.; Roake, J.A., 2015:
Prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in a population undergoing computed tomography colonography in Canterbury, New Zealand

Gianfagna, F.; Veronesi, G.; Bertù, L.; Tozzi, M.; Tarallo, A.; Ferrario, M.M.; Castelli, P.; Castelli, P.; Tozzi, M.; Ferrario, M.M.; Gianfagna, F.; Veronesi, G.; Bertù, L.; Mara, L.; Montonati, A.; Tarallo, A.; Franchin, M.; Angrisano, A.; Tadiello, M.; Quarti, L.M.; Tagliabue, I.; Buscarini, E.; Farioli, V.; Sala, G.; Agrusti, S.; Colombo, A.; Ferraro, S.; Rivolta, N.; Piffaretti, G.; Borchini, R.; Conti, M.; Maio, R.C.; Andreotta, U.; Ruspa, M.; Turetta, L.; Abate, T.; Rossi, S.; Ghiringhe, 2017:
Prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysms and its relation with cardiovascular risk stratification: protocol of the Risk of Cardiovascular diseases and abdominal aortic Aneurysm in Varese (RoCAV) population based study

Wu, E-Haw.; Wojciechowski, D.; Chandran, S.; Yeh, B.M.; Park, M.; Westphalen, A.; Wang, Z.J., 2016:
Prevalence of abdominal aortic calcifications in older living renal donors and its effect on graft function and histology

Hikita, T., 2016:
Prevalence of abdominal migraine and recurrent abdominal pain in a Japanese clinic

Castro, Jão.Antônio.Chula.; Nunes, H.Elaine.Gimenes.; Silva, D.Augusto.Santos., 2017:
Prevalence of abdominal obesity in adolescents: association between sociodemographic factors and lifestyle

Kirthiga, M.; Manju, M.; Praveen, R.; Umesh, W., 2015:
Prevalence of aberrant dental morphological details in 6-10 year old school children in an Indian population

Abubakari, A.; Kynast-Wolf, G.; Jahn, A., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal birth weight and related factors in Northern region, Ghana

Alonge, T.O.; Okoje-Adesomoju, V.N.; Atalabi, O.M.; Obamuyide, H.A.; Olaleye, D.; Adewole, I.F., 2013:
Prevalence of abnormal bone mineral density in hiv-positive patients in ibadan, Nigeria

Kainu, A.; Lindqvist, A.; Sovijärvi, A.R.A., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal findings when adopting new national and international Global Lung Function Initiative reference values for spirometry in the Finnish general population

Rao, H.; Wei, L.; Li, H.; Yang, R.; Zhang, H.; Shang, J.; Chen, H.; Li, J.; Xie, Q.; Gao, Z.; Wang, L.; Wei, J.; Jiang, J.; Sun, Y., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal glycometabolism in treatment-naive patients with hepatitis C virus infection in a Chinese Han population

Goh, K.Hock.Robin.; Lee, E.Lian., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal liver function tests and comorbid psychiatric disorders among patients with anorexia nervosa and eating disorders not otherwise specified in the anorexia nervosa DSM-IV criteria

Wiwanitkit, V., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal mammogram among working Thai women

Temizkan, O.; Aydogan, B.; Sanverdi, I.; Sakiz, D.; Arici, B.; Karaca, K.; Başaran, T.; Yalcin, P.; Ayhan, I., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal oral cytology and impact of sexual behavior in women with abnormal cervical cytology

Chen, S.; Guo, X.; Chen, Y.; Dong, S.; Sun, Y., 2016:
Prevalence of abnormal serum liver enzymes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional study from China

Wecht, J.M.; Weir, J.P.; Galea, M.; Martinez, S.; Bauman, W.A., 2015:
Prevalence of abnormal systemic hemodynamics in veterans with and without spinal cord injury

Bhatia, M.Singh.; Srivastava, S.; Khyati, M.; Kaushik, R., 2015:
Prevalence of abuse in mentally ill patients visiting outpatient setting in a tertiary care hospital in India

Georgiadis, A.G.; Seeley, M.A.; Chauvin, N.A.; Sankar, W.N., 2016:
Prevalence of acetabular labral tears in asymptomatic children

Hummel, T.; Meves, S.H.; Rüdiger, K.; Mügge, A.; Mumme, A.; Burkert, B.; Mühlberger, D.; Neubauer, H., 2016:
Prevalence of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) - low response in vascular surgery

Mital, A.; Prejzner, W.; Bieniaszewska, M.; Hellmann, A., 2015:
Prevalence of acquired von Willebrand syndrome during essential thrombocythemia: a retrospective analysis of 170 consecutive patients

Ferrándiz, C.; Plazas, M.J.; Sabaté, M.; Palomino, R., 2016:
Prevalence of actinic keratosis among dermatology outpatients in Spain

Shen, C.; Meric-Bernstam, F.; Su, X.; Mendelsohn, J.; Giordano, S., 2016:
Prevalence of actionable mutations and copy number alterations and the price of a genomic testing panel

Ezeala-Adikaibe, B.Adikaibe.; Orjioke, C.; Ekenze, O.; Ijoma, U.; Onodugo, O.; Molokwu, O.; Chime, P.; Mbadiwe, N.; Aneke, E.; Onyekonwu, C.; Okudo, G.; Okwara, C.; Onyebueke, G.; Ulasi, I., 2016:
Prevalence of active convulsive epilepsy in an urban slum in Enugu South East Nigeria

Majori, S.; Ricci, G.; Marchiori, F.; Bocchi, M.; Zannoni, M., 2016:
Prevalence of acute alcohol intoxication in Borgo Trento Hospital Emergency Department (Verona)

Colombo, D.; Chimenti, S.; Grossi, P.Antonio.; Marchesoni, A.; Bardazzi, F.; Ayala, F.; Simoni, L.; Vassellatti, D.; Bellia, G., 2016:
Prevalence of acute and chronic viral seropositivity and characteristics of disease in patients with psoriatic arthritis treated with cyclosporine: a post hoc analysis from a sex point of view on the observational study of infectious events in psoriasis complicated by active psoriatic arthritis

Koning, C.; Young, L.E.; Butcher, D., 2018:
Prevalence of acute and prodromal myocardial infarctions symptoms in adult women with confirmed diagnoses: a systematic review protocol

Lebensburger, J.D.; Palabindela, P.; Howard, T.H.; Feig, D.I.; Aban, I.; Askenazi, D.J., 2016:
Prevalence of acute kidney injury during pediatric admissions for acute chest syndrome

Horiuchi, M.; Endo, J.; Akatsuka, S.; Uno, T.; Jones, T.E., 2016:
Prevalence of acute mountain sickness on Mount Fuji: A pilot study

Singh, P.Kumar.; Saikia, P.; Lahakar, M., 2016:
Prevalence of acute post-operative pain in patients in adult age-group undergoing inpatient abdominal surgery and correlation of intensity of pain and satisfaction with analgesic management: A cross-sectional single institute-based study

Kumar, S.Ganesh.; Majumdar, A.; Kumar, V.; Naik, B.Nanda.; Selvaraj, K.; Balajee, K., 2015:
Prevalence of acute respiratory infection among under-five children in urban and rural areas of puducherry, India

Ribeiro, J.; Ferreira, D.; Arrabalde, Célia.; Almeida, S.; Baldaque, Iês.; Sousa, H., 2015:
Prevalence of adenovirus and rotavirus infection in immunocompromised patients with acute gastroenteritis in Portugal

Kolawole, O.M.; Oladosu, T.O.; Abdulkarim, A.A.; Okoh, A.I., 2015:
Prevalence of adenovirus respiratory tract and hiv co-infections in patients attending the University of Ilorin, teaching hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria

Ikwap, K.; Larsson, J.; Jacobson, M.; Owiny, D.Okello.; Nasinyama, G.William.; Nabukenya, I.; Mattsson, S.; Aspan, A.; Erume, J., 2017:
Prevalence of adhesin and toxin genes in E. coli strains isolated from diarrheic and non-diarrheic pigs from smallholder herds in northern and eastern Uganda

Kong, L.; Cao, J.; Wang, L.; Shen, Y., 2016:
Prevalence of adjacent segment disease following cervical spine surgery: A PRISMA-compliant systematic review and meta-analysis

Baum, J.I.; Boston, S.E.; Case, J.Brad., 2016:
Prevalence of adrenal gland masses as incidental findings during abdominal computed tomography in dogs: 270 cases (2013-2014)

Farooq, R.; Emerson, L-Marie.; Keoghan, S.; Adamou, M., 2015:
Prevalence of adult ADHD in an all-female prison unit

Kwon, J.Hye.; Koh, S-Joon.; Kim, J.Yeon.; Kim, J.Won.; Lee, K.Lae.; Kim, B.Gwan.; Im, J.Pil.; Kim, J.Sung., 2015:
Prevalence of advanced colorectal neoplasm after kidney transplantation: surveillance based on the results of screening colonoscopy

Suna, N.; Köksal, A.Ş.; Yıldız, H.; Parlak, E.; Kuzu, U.B.; Yüksel, M.; Aydınlı, O.; Turhan, N.; Sakaoğulları, Ş.Z.; Yalınkılıç, Z.M.; Özin, Y.; Şaşmaz, N., 2015:
Prevalence of advanced histologic features in diminutive colon polyps

Naravadi, V.; Gupta, N.; Early, D.; Jonnalagadda, S.; Wani, S.B.; Gaddam, S.; Sharma, P.; Edmundowicz, S.A.; Bansal, A.; Rastogi, A., 2015:
Prevalence of advanced histological features and synchronous neoplasia in patients with flat adenomas

Miceli Sopo, S.; Monaco, S.; Greco, M.; Onesimo, R., 2016:
Prevalence of adverse reactions following a passed oral food challenge and factors affecting successful re-introduction of foods. A retrospective study of a cohort of 199 children

Homans, N.C.; Metselaar, R.Mick.; Dingemanse, J.Gertjan.; van der Schroeff, M.P.; Brocaar, M.P.; Wieringa, M.H.; Baatenburg de Jong, R.J.; Hofman, A.; Goedegebure, Aé., 2016:
Prevalence of age-related hearing loss, including sex differences, in older adults in a large cohort study

Rasoulinejad, S.Ahmad.; Zarghami, A.; Hosseini, S.Reza.; Rajaee, N.; Rasoulinejad, S.Elahe.; Mikaniki, E., 2015:
Prevalence of age-related macular degeneration among the elderly

Akuffo, K.Owusu.; Nolan, J.; Stack, J.; Moran, R.; Feeney, J.; Kenny, R.Anne.; Peto, T.; Dooley, C.; O'Halloran, A.M.; Cronin, H.; Beatty, S., 2015:
Prevalence of age-related macular degeneration in the Republic of Ireland

Zhou, J-Song.; Zhong, B-Liang.; Xiang, Y-Tao.; Chen, Q.; Cao, X-Lan.; Correll, C.U.; Ungvari, G.S.; Chiu, H.F.K.; Lai, K.Y.C.; Wang, X-Ping., 2015:
Prevalence of aggression in hospitalized patients with schizophrenia in China: A meta-analysis

Al-Sagarat, A.Y.; Hamdan-Mansour, A.M.; Al-Sarayreh, F.; Nawafleh, H.; Moxham, L., 2015:
Prevalence of aggressive behaviours among inpatients with psychiatric disorders: A case study analysis from Jordan

Omori, H.; Kaise, T.; Suzuki, T.; Hagan, G., 2016:
Prevalence of airflow limitation in subjects undergoing comprehensive health examination in Japan: Survey of Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease Patients Epidemiology in Japan

Kurth, L.; Doney, B.; Halldin, C., 2017:
Prevalence of airflow obstruction among ever-employed US adults aged 18-79 years by longest held occupation group: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2010

Cooksley, N.A.J.B.; Atkinson, D.; Marks, G.B.; Toelle, B.G.; Reeve, D.; Johns, D.P.; Abramson, M.J.; Burton, D.L.; James, A.L.; Wood-Baker, R.; Walters, E.Haydn.; Buist, A.Sonia.; Maguire, G.P., 2016:
Prevalence of airflow obstruction and reduced forced vital capacity in an Aboriginal Australian population: The cross-sectional BOLD study

Ding, C.Hun.; Wahab, A.Abdul.; Muttaqillah, N.Abdul.Samat.; Tzar, M.Nizam., 2015:
Prevalence of albicans and non-albicans candiduria in a Malaysian medical centre

Brubacher, J.R.; Chan, H.; Martz, W.; Schreiber, W.; Asbridge, M.; Eppler, J.; Lund, A.; Macdonald, S.; Drummer, O.; Purssell, R.; Andolfatto, G.; Mann, R.; Brant, R., 2016:
Prevalence of alcohol and drug use in injured British Columbia drivers

Christophersen, Aørg.S.; Gjerde, H., 2016:
Prevalence of alcohol and drugs among motorcycle riders killed in road crashes in Norway during 2001-2010

Popova, S.; Lange, S.; Probst, C.; Parunashvili, N.; Rehm, Jürgen., 2016:
Prevalence of alcohol consumption during pregnancy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders among the general and Aboriginal populations in Canada and the United States

Parkinson, K.; Newbury-Birch, D.; Phillipson, A.; Hindmarch, P.; Kaner, E.; Stamp, E.; Vale, L.; Wright, J.; Connolly, J., 2016:
Prevalence of alcohol related attendance at an inner city emergency department and its impact: a dual prospective and retrospective cohort study

Waja, T.; Ebrahim, J.; Yohannis, Z.; Bedaso, A., 2016:
Prevalence of alcohol use disorders and associated factors among people with epilepsy attending Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Cheng, H.G.; Deng, F.; Xiong, W.; Phillips, M.R., 2015:
Prevalence of alcohol use disorders in mainland China: a systematic review

Damsere-Derry, J.; Palk, G.; King, M., 2016:
Prevalence of alcohol-impaired driving and riding in northern Ghana

Breslow, R.A.; Dong, C.; White, A., 2015:
Prevalence of alcohol-interactive prescription medication use among current drinkers: United States, 1999 to 2010

Nakhli, J.; Gorsane, M.Ali.; Bouhlel, S.; Lahmar, I.; E.K.ssi, Y.; Ben Nasr, S.; Ben Hadj Ali, Béchir., 2016:
Prevalence of alcoholism in primary care in the governorate of Sousse

Zetterström, K.; Voss, M.; Alexanderson, K.; Ivert, Törn.; Pehrsson, K.; Hammar, N.; Vaez, M., 2015:
Prevalence of all-cause and diagnosis-specific disability pension at the time of first coronary revascularisation: a population-based Swedish cross-sectional study

Goncharova, I.A.; Babushkina, N.P.; Minaĭcheva, L.I.; Markova, V.V.; Kulish, E.V.; Salakhov, R.R.; Makeeva, O.A.; Puzyrev, V.P., 2015:
Prevalence of alleles of polymorphic variants Leu33Pro and Leu66Arg gene ITGB3 among inhabitants of Siberia

Kumah, D.Ben.; Lartey, S.Yaw.; Yemanyi, F.; Boateng, E.Gyimah.; Awuah, E., 2016:
Prevalence of allergic conjunctivitis among basic school children in the Kumasi Metropolis (Ghana): a community-based cross-sectional study

Martina, C.; Looney, R.John.; Marcus, C.; Allen, M.; Stahlhut, R., 2016:
Prevalence of allergic disease in Old Order Mennonites in New York

Morales-Romero, C.Jaime.; Bedolla-Barajas, Mín.; López-Vargas, L.; Romero-Velarde, C.Enrique., 2015:
Prevalence of allergic diseases and their association with breastfeeding and initiation of complementary feeding in school-age children of Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico

Demir, D.; Süoğlu, Y.; Güven, M.; Yılmaz, M.Sinan., 2015:
Prevalence of allergic fungal rhinosinusitis among patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with or without nasal polyposis who underwent endonasal sinus surgery in northwestern Turkey

Zheng, M.; Wang, X.; Bo, M.; Wang, K.; Zhao, Y.; He, F.; Cao, F.; Zhang, L.; Bachert, C., 2015:
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis among adults in urban and rural areas of china: a population-based cross-sectional survey

Song, Y.; Wang, M.; Xie, J.; Li, W.; Zhang, X.; Wang, T.; Tan, G., 2016:
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis among elementary and middle school students in Changsha city and its impact on quality of life

Mahdavinia, M.; Bishehsari, F.; Hayat, W.; Codispoti, C.D.; Sarrafi, S.; Husain, I.; Mehta, A.; Benhammuda, M.; Tobin, M.C.; Bandi, S.; LoSavio, P.S.; Jeffe, J.S.; Palmisano, E.L.; Schleimer, R.P.; Batra, P.S., 2017:
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis and asthma in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and gastroesophageal reflux disease

Watanabe, M.; Kurai, J.; Sano, H.; Torai, S.; Yanase, H.; Funakoshi, T.; Fukada, A.; Hayakawa, S.; Kitano, H.; Shimizu, E., 2016:
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis based on the SACRA questionnaire among Japanese nursing professionals with asthma

Ren, H.; Wang, X.; Li, J., 2015:
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis in Beijing--a community survey

Yenigun, A.; Dadaci, Z.; Sahin, G.Ozel.; Elbay, A., 2016:
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis symptoms and positive skin-prick test results in patients with dry eye

Flores-Ruiz, L.Francisco.; Valdez-López, F.; Bedolla-Barajas, Mín., 2015:
Prevalence of allergic sensitization to bee, mosquito and red ant in children with allergic disease

Sharma, M.; Pandey, S.; Ranjan, R.; Seth, T.; Saxena, R., 2015:
Prevalence of alpha thalassemia in microcytic anemia: a tertiary care experience from north India

Russo, R.; Zillmer, L.Russo.; Nascimento, O.Augusto.; Manzano, B.; Ivanaga, I.Teruaki.; Fritscher, L.; Lundgren, F.; Miravitlles, M.; Gondim, H.Del.Carlos.; Santos, G.; Alves, M.Amorim.; Oliveira, M.Vera.; Souza, A.Alves.Lino.de.; Sales, M.Penha.Uchoa.; Jardim, Jé.Roberto., 2016:
Prevalence of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and allele frequency in patients with COPD in Brazil

Pérez-Rubio, G.; Jiménez-Valverde, L.Octavio.; Ramírez-Venegas, A.; Camarena, Ángel.; Sansores, Rúl.H.; Flores-Trujillo, F.; Reséndiz-Hernández, J.M.; Falfán-Valencia, Rés., 2015:
Prevalence of alpha-1 antitrypsin high-risk variants in Mexican mestizo population and their association with lung function values

Paiva, Dógenes.; Curioni, Oávio.Alberto.; Souza, R.Pires.de.; Vianna, Débora.; França, L.José.; Sobreiro, Lís.Eduardo.; Dedivitis, Rério.Aparecido.; Rapoport, Aão., 2016:
Prevalence of alterations in chest computerized tomography in patients with head and neck cancer

Jiménez-Castellanos, E.; Orozco-Varo, A.; Arroyo-Cruz, G.; Iglesias-Linares, A., 2017:
Prevalence of alterations in the characteristics of smile symmetry in an adult population from southern Europe

Basterra, M.; Gomez, M.; Mercado, Mía.Del.Rosario.; Irisarri, R.; Amorena, E.; Arrospide, A.; Montes, M.; Aisa, G.; Cambra, K.Iñaki.; Urman, Jús., 2018:
Prevalence of altered mismatch repair protein nuclear expression detected by immunohistochemistry on adenomas with high-grade dysplasia and features associated with this risk in a population-based study

Pernet, J.; Abergel, S.; Parra, J.; Ayed, A.; Bokobza, J.; Renard-Penna, R.; Tostivint, I.; Bitker, M-Olivier.; Riou, B.; Freund, Y., 2015:
Prevalence of alternative diagnoses in patients with suspected uncomplicated renal colic undergoing computed tomography: a prospective study

Chen, X.; Fu, Z.; Yu, J.; Ding, H.; Bai, J.; Chen, J.; Gong, Y.; Zhu, H.; Yu, R.; Liu, H., 2016:
Prevalence of amblyopia and strabismus in Eastern China: results from screening of preschool children aged 36-72 months

Aldebasi, Y.Homood., 2015:
Prevalence of amblyopia in primary school children in Qassim province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Babić, E.; Bevanda, M.; Mimica, M.; Karin, M.; Volarić, M.; Bogut, A.; Barišić, T.; Pravdić, D.; Šutalo, N., 2016:
Prevalence of amebiasis in inflammatory bowel disease in University Clinical Hospital Mostar

Ho, P-Leung.; Leung, L-Ming.; Chow, K-Hung.; Lai, E.L.; Lo, W-U.; Ng, T-Keung., 2016:
Prevalence of aminoglycoside modifying enzyme and 16S ribosomal RNA methylase genes among aminoglycoside-resistant Escherichia coli isolates

Akhtar, T.; Khan, A.Ghafoor.; Ahmed, I.; Nazli, R.; Haider, J., 2016:
Prevalence of amoebiasis in a model research community and its confirmation using stool antigen elisa for Entamoeba histolytica

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