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Progress in the Use of Autologous Regenerative Platelet-based Therapies in Implant Dentistry

Anitua, E.; Troya, Mía.; Zalduendo, M.; Tejero, R.; Orive, G.

Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 17(5): 402-413


ISSN/ISBN: 1389-2010
PMID: 26813305
Accession: 058639226

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The field of medicine is rapidly moving towards the development of personalized treatments and non-invasive tools to achieve a more predictable and optimal tissue regeneration. In this sense, the goal of periodontal healing is to arrest disease progression and functionally regenerate all the tissues that comprise the periodontium. The latter implies a well-orchestrated interaction among oral cells, growth factors and extracellular matrix. Although several procedures are performed in an attempt to regenerate lost periodontal tissue, outcomes are not always predictable. Growth factors represent a class of biologically active polypeptides that have a critical role in the healing process. Their use provides a new paradigm to understand the regenerative medicine. The use of platelet- rich plasma (PRP) products as a local source and delivery system of autologous growth factors has emerged recently. Among them, PRGF stands for its remarkable stimulatory effect on oral tissue regeneration, making it a very safe and successful tool with a great value in Dentistry.

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