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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58662

Chapter 58662 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hamlat, E.J.; Shapero, B.G.; Hamilton, J.L.; Stange, J.P.; Abramson, L.Y.; Alloy, L.B., 2015:
Pubertal Timing, Peer Victimization, and Body Esteem Differentially Predict Depressive Symptoms in African American and Caucasian Girls

Sano, K.; Nakata, M.; Musatov, S.; Morishita, M.; Sakamoto, T.; Tsukahara, S.; Ogawa, S., 2017:
Pubertal activation of estrogen receptor α in the medial amygdala is essential for the full expression of male social behavior in mice

Ohara, M.; Tomoda, F.; Koike, T.; Liu, H.; Uno, K.; Nitta, A.; Inoue, H., 2016:
Pubertal administration of antiserum against nerve growth factor regresses renal vascular remodeling in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Taberner, E.; Navratil, N.; Jasmin, B.; Salerno, M.; Grambo, B.; Althouse, G.C., 2016:
Pubertal age based on testicular and epididymal histology in Göttingen minipigs

Zhu, Y.; Aupperlee, M.D.; Zhao, Y.; Tan, Y.Siow.; Kirk, E.L.; Sun, X.; Troester, M.A.; Schwartz, R.C.; Haslam, S.Z., 2016:
Pubertal and adult windows of susceptibility to a high animal fat diet in Trp53-null mammary tumorigenesis

Bonilla, C.; Lewis, S.J.; Martin, R.M.; Donovan, J.L.; Hamdy, F.C.; Neal, D.E.; Eeles, R.; Easton, D.; Kote-Jarai, Z.; Al Olama, A.Amin.; Benlloch, S.; Muir, K.; Giles, G.G.; Wiklund, F.; Gronberg, H.; Haiman, C.A.; Schleutker, J.; Nordestgaard, Børge.G.; Travis, R.C.; Pashayan, N.; Khaw, K-Tee.; Stanford, J.L.; Blot, W.J.; Thibodeau, S.; Maier, C.; Kibel, A.S.; Cybulski, C.; Cannon-Albright, L.; Brenner, H.; Park, J.; Kaneva, R.; Batra, J.; Teixeira, M.R.; Pandha, H.; Lathrop, M.; Davey Smith,, 2016:
Pubertal development and prostate cancer risk: Mendelian randomization study in a population-based cohort

Abreu, A.Paula.; Kaiser, U.B., 2017 :
Pubertal development and regulation

Szubert, A.J.; Musiime, V.; Bwakura-Dangarembizi, M.; Nahirya-Ntege, P.; Kekitiinwa, A.; Gibb, D.M.; Nathoo, K.; Prendergast, A.J.; Walker, A.Sarah., 2015:
Pubertal development in HIV-infected African children on first-line antiretroviral therapy

Pereira, K.C.X.; Pugliese, B.S.; Guimarães, M.M.; Gama, M.P., 2016:
Pubertal development in children diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 1 before puberty

Haffner, D.; Zivicnjak, M., 2016:
Pubertal development in children with chronic kidney disease

Motta-Mena, N.V.; Scherf, K.Suzanne., 2016:
Pubertal development shapes perception of complex facial expressions

Wang, R.; Xu, X.; Zhu, Q., 2016:
Pubertal exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate influences social behavior and dopamine receptor D2 of adult female mice

Liu, C.; Qian, P.; Yang, L.; Zhang, L.; Chen, C.; He, M.; Lu, Y.; Feng, W.; Li, M.; Zhang, Y.; Zhong, M.; Yu, Z.; Zhou, Z., 2016:
Pubertal exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate inhibits G9a-mediated histone methylation during spermatogenesis in mice

Perez, A.P.S.; Biancardi, M.F.; Caires, Cássia.R.S.; Falleiros, L.R.; Góes, R.M.; Santos, F.C.A.; Taboga, São.R., 2016:
Pubertal exposure to ethinylestradiol promotes different effects on the morphology of the prostate of the male and female gerbil during aging

Shim, K.Shik., 2015:
Pubertal growth and epiphyseal fusion

Zacharin, M., 2016:
Pubertal induction in hypogonadism: Current approaches including use of gonadotrophins

Gaysina, D.; Richards, M.; Kuh, D.; Hardy, R., 2016:
Pubertal maturation and affective symptoms in adolescence and adulthood: Evidence from a prospective birth cohort

Potard, C.; Courtois, R.; Clarisse, R.; Le Floc'h, N.; Thomine, M.; Réveillère, C., 2017:
Pubertal maturation, physical self-esteem and sexuality in a sample of French adolescents

Juraska, J.M.; Willing, J., 2016:
Pubertal onset as a critical transition for neural development and cognition

Breidbart, E.; Cameo, T.; Garvin, J.H.; Hibshoosh, H.; Oberfield, S.E., 2017:
Pubertal outcome in a female with virilizing adrenocortical carcinoma

Xing, R.G.; Zhou, W.W.; Zhang, X.L.; Zhang, X.; Miao, Y.; Tian, L., 2016:
Pubertal ovarian non-gestational choriocarcinoma: report of a case

Molenda-Figueira, H.A.; Bell, M.R.; De Lorme, K.C.; Sisk, C.L., 2016:
Pubertal pair-housing facilitates adult sexual behavior in male rats

Patel, B.P.; Hamilton, J.K.; Vien, S.; Thomas, S.G.; Anderson, G.Harvey., 2017:
Pubertal status, pre-meal drink composition, and later meal timing interact in determining children's appetite and food intake

Zheng, W.; Suzuki, K.; Sato, M.; Yokomichi, H.; Shinohara, R.; Yamagata, Z., 2017:
Pubertal timing and a family history of hypertension: Prospective cohort study

Kuh, D.; Muthuri, S.G.; Moore, A.; Cole, T.J.; Adams, J.E.; Cooper, C.; Hardy, R.; Ward, K.A., 2016:
Pubertal timing and bone phenotype in early old age: findings from a British birth cohort study

Kogan, S.M.; Cho, J.; Simons, L.Gordon.; Allen, K.A.; Beach, S.R.H.; Simons, R.L.; Gibbons, F.X., 2015:
Pubertal timing and sexual risk behaviors among rural African American male youth: testing a model based on life history theory

Kiess, W.; Hoppmann, J.; Gesing, J.; Penke, M.; Körner, A.; Kratzsch, Jürgen.; Pfaeffle, R., 2017:
Puberty - genes, environment and clinical issues

van der Steen, M.; Lem, A.J.; van der Kaay, D.C.M.; Hokken-Koèelega, A.C.S., 2016:
Puberty and Pubertal Growth in GH-treated SGA Children: Effects of 2 Years of GnRHa Versus No GnRHa

Bidet, M., 2016:
Puberty and cancer

Bacchetta, J., 2016:
Puberty and chronic kidney disease

Bournez, M.; Huet, F., 2016:
Puberty and cystic fibrosis

Simon, D., 2016:
Puberty and inflammatory diseases

Hoyt, L.Till.; Falconi, A.M., 2016:
Puberty and perimenopause: reproductive transitions and their implications for women's health

Pangelinan, M.M.; Leonard, G.; Perron, M.; Pike, G.Bruce.; Richer, L.; Veillette, S.; Pausova, Z.; Paus, Táš., 2016:
Puberty and testosterone shape the corticospinal tract during male adolescence

Chowdhury, S., 2015:
Puberty and type 1 diabetes

Kane, L.; Ismail, N., 2016:
Puberty as a vulnerable period to the effects of immune challenges: Focus on sex differences

Feibelmann, T.Carla.Maia.; Silva, A.Paula.da.; Resende, D.Cristina.Silva.; Resende, E.Aparecida.Mantovani.Rodrigues.de.; Scatena, Lúcia.Marina.; Borges, M.de.Fátima., 2016:
Puberty in a sample of Brazilian schoolgirls: timing and anthropometric characteristics

Malmsten, A.; Dalin, A-Marie., 2016:
Puberty in female wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Sweden

Ahn, J.Jennifer.; O'Mahony, J.; Moshkova, M.; Hanwell, H.E.; Singh, H.; Zhang, M.Angela.; Marrie, R.Ann.; Bar-Or, A.; Sadovnick, D.A.; Dunn, S.E.; Banwell, B.L., 2016:
Puberty in females enhances the risk of an outcome of multiple sclerosis in children and the development of central nervous system autoimmunity in mice

Trumbull, D.; Cretella, M.A.; Grossman, M., 2015:
Puberty is not a disorder

Inta, I.; Domonkos, E.; Pfeiffer, N.; Sprengel, R.; Bettendorf, M.; Lang, U.E.; Inta, D.; Gass, P., 2016:
Puberty marks major changes in the hippocampal and cortical c-Fos activation pattern induced by NMDA receptor antagonists

Romano, T.; Hryciw, D.H.; Westcott, K.T.; Wlodek, M.E., 2015:
Puberty onset is delayed following uteroplacental insufficiency and occurs earlier with improved lactation and growth for pups born small

Staphorsius, A.S.; Kreukels, B.P.C.; Cohen-Kettenis, P.T.; Veltman, D.J.; Burke, S.M.; Schagen, S.E.E.; Wouters, F.M.; Delemarre-van de Waal, Hëtte.A.; Bakker, J., 2016:
Puberty suppression and executive functioning: An fMRI-study in adolescents with gender dysphoria

Wise, J., 2016:
Puberty timing has profound effect on later health, study finds

Muren; Kusuda, S.; Doi, O.; Naito, H.; Hashikawa, H., 2016:
Puberty, ovarian cycle, pregnancy, and postpartum ovulation in captive Sichuan golden monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana) based on changes in urinary and fecal gonadal steroid metabolites

Aupperlee, M.D.; Zhao, Y.; Tan, Y.Siow.; Zhu, Y.; Langohr, I.M.; Kirk, E.L.; Pirone, J.R.; Troester, M.A.; Schwartz, R.C.; Haslam, S.Z., 2016:
Puberty-specific promotion of mammary tumorigenesis by a high animal fat diet

Snyder, C.K., 2016:
Puberty: An Overview for Pediatric Nurses

Brito, V.Nahime.; Latronico, A.Claudia., 2016:
Puberty: when is it normal?

Solomon, M.J.; Austin, K.K.S.; Masya, L.; Lee, P., 2016:
Pubic Bone Excision and Perineal Urethrectomy for Radical Anterior Compartment Excision During Pelvic Exenteration

Lavien, G.; Chery, G.; Zaid, U.B.; Peterson, A.C., 2016:
Pubic Bone Resection Provides Objective Pain Control in the Prostate Cancer Survivor With Pubic Bone Osteomyelitis With an Associated Urinary Tract to Pubic Symphysis Fistula

Rowen, T.S.; Gaither, T.W.; Awad, M.A.; Osterberg, E.Charles.; Shindel, A.W.; Breyer, B.N., 2016:
Pubic Hair Grooming Prevalence and Motivation Among Women in the United States

Rallis, E.; Katoulis, A.; Rigopoulos, D., 2016:
Pubic Majocchi's Granuloma Unresponsive to Itraconazole Successfully Treated with Oral Terbinafine

Shnaekel, K.L.; Magann, E.F.; Ahmadi, S., 2016:
Pubic Symphysis Rupture and Separation During Pregnancy

Sailly, M.; Whiteley, R.; Read, J.; Johnson, A.; Hölmich, P., 2016:
Pubic apophysitis: 6 questions that need answers before I'm convinced it's a new clinical condition

Sailly, M.; Whiteley, R.; Read, J.W.; Giuffre, B.; Johnson, A.; Hölmich, P., 2016:
Pubic apophysitis: a previously undescribed clinical entity of groin pain in athletes

Veraldi, S.; Nazzaro, G.; Ramoni, S., 2017:
Pubic hair removal and molluscum contagiosum

Saeed, F.; Trathen, K.; Want, A.; Kucheria, R.; Kalla, S., 2016:
Pubic symphysis diastasis after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery: A case report

Gupta, S.; Zura, R.D.; Hendershot, E.F.; Peterson, A.C., 2015:
Pubic symphysis osteomyelitis in the prostate cancer survivor: clinical presentation, evaluation, and management

Ziesel, C.; Frees, S.; Thomas, C.; Stein, R.; Gillitzer, R.; Thüroff, J.W., 2016:
Pubic symphysitis after transurethral resection of the prostate

Chang, H-Huan.; Chang, Y-Chia.; Chen, W-Fu.; Hwang, T-Long.; Fang, L-Shing.; Wen, Z-Hong.; Chen, Y-Hsin.; Wu, Y-Chang.; Sung, P-Jyun., 2016:
Pubinernoid A and Apo-9'-fucoxanthinone, Secondary Metabolites from a Gorgonian Coral Pinnigorgia sp

Bertolini, Fício.Melo.; Vieira, R.Barreiros.; Oliveira, L.Henrique.Araujo.de.; Lasmar, R.Pace.; Junior, O.de.Oliveira., 2011:
Pubis Stress Fracture in a 15-Year-Old Soccer Player

Anonymous, 2015:
Public 'right behind' midwives over pay and industrial action

Anonymous, 2016:
Public 'will' have say in maternity services review

Tetko, I.V.; Maran, U.; Tropsha, A., 2016:
Public (Q)SAR Services, Integrated Modeling Environments, and Model Repositories on the Web: State of the Art and Perspectives for Future Development

Petrescu, D.C.; Hollands, G.J.; Couturier, D-Laurent.; Ng, Y-Lam.; Marteau, T.M., 2017:
Public Acceptability in the UK and USA of Nudging to Reduce Obesity: The Example of Reducing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Consumption

Lucht, J.M., 2016:
Public Acceptance of Plant Biotechnology and GM Crops

Levy, M.J., 2017:
Public Access Bleeding Control: Enhancing Local Resilience

Valdes, S.O., 2016:
Public Access Defibrillation Programs: Improving Outcomes Worldwide

Agerskov, M.; Nielsen, A.Møller.; Hansen, C.Malta.; Hansen, M.Bo.; Lippert, F.Knudsen.; Wissenberg, M.; Folke, F.; Rasmussen, L.Simon., 2016:
Public Access Defibrillation: Great benefit and potential but infrequently used

Levy, M.J., 2016:
Public Access Hemorrhage Control and the Stop the Bleeding Coalition

Korolenko, V.V.; Dykun, O.P.; Isayenko, R.M.; Remennyk, O.I.; Avramenko, T.P.; Stepanenko, V.I.; Petrova, K.I.; Volosovets, O.P.; Lazoryshynets, V.V., 2015:
Public Administration of Personnel Policy in Reforming of Ukrainian Health Care System Using the Example of Dermatovenereological Service

Crow, M.M., 2016 :
Public Administration and the Imperative for Social Progress

Abelson, J.; Wagner, F.; DeJean, D.; Boesveld, S.; Gauvin, Fςois-Pierre.; Bean, S.; Axler, R.; Petersen, S.; Baidoobonso, S.; Pron, G.; Giacomini, M.; Lavis, J., 2016:
Public and Patient Involvement in Health Technology Assessment: a Framework for Action

Scott, A.W.; Bressler, N.M.; Ffolkes, S.; Wittenborn, J.S.; Jorkasky, J., 2016:
Public Attitudes About Eye and Vision Health

Yelland, E.; Hosier, A., 2015:
Public Attitudes Toward Sexual Expression in Long-Term Care: Does Context Matter?

Ryan, E.B.; Fraser, D.; Weary, D.M., 2016:
Public Attitudes to Housing Systems for Pregnant Pigs

Ormandy, E.H.; Schuppli, C.A., 2014:
Public Attitudes toward Animal Research: A Review

Ishikuro, M.; Nakaya, N.; Obara, T.; Sato, Y.; Metoki, H.; Kikuya, M.; Tsuchiya, N.; Nakamura, T.; Nagami, F.; Kuriyama, S.; Hozawa, A., 2017:
Public Attitudes toward an Epidemiological Study with Genomic Analysis in the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Area

Hancock, J.F.; Sooriyapathirana, S.S.; Bassil, N.V.; Stegmeir, T.; Cai, L.; Finn, C.E.; Van de Weg, E.; Weebadde, C.K., 2016:
Public Availability of a Genotyped Segregating Population May Foster Marker Assisted Breeding (MAB) and Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Discovery: An Example Using Strawberry

Sern, T.Jen.; Zanuddin, H., 2016:
Public Awareness of Hiv/Aids: how Media Play a Role?

Youn, J.; Oh, E.; Park, J.; Park, S.; Kim, J.Sun.; Jang, W., 2016:
Public Awareness and Knowledge about Parkinson's Disease: A National Population Based Survey in South Korea

Agurs-Collins, T.; Ferrer, R.; Ottenbacher, A.; Waters, E.A.; O'Connell, M.E.; Hamilton, J.G., 2016:
Public Awareness of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests: Findings from the 2013 U.S. Health Information National Trends Survey

Logan, H., 2015:
Public Awareness of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer: What Can a Dentist Do?

Mellhammar, L.; Christensson, B.; Linder, A., 2015:
Public Awareness of Sepsis Is Low in Sweden

Oh, G.Jae.; Moon, J.; Lee, Y.Mi.; Park, H.Keun.; Park, K.Soo.; Yun, Y.Woon.; Kang, G.; Kim, B.Gwon.; Seo, J.Hee.; Lee, H.; Lee, W.Kyung.; Lee, K.Sei.; Kim, H.Sook.; Lee, Y.Hoon., 2017:
Public Awareness of Stroke and Its Predicting Factors in Korea: a National Public Telephone Survey, 2012 and 2014

Norris, P.; Chamberlain, K.; Dew, K.; Gabe, J.; Hodgetts, D.; Madden, H., 2013:
Public Beliefs about Antibiotics, Infection and Resistance: A Qualitative Study

Refaï, T.; Millier, A.; Rémuzat, C.; Toumi, M., 2014:
Public Beliefs and Attitudes about Schizophrenia, Major Depression and Psychotropic Medication in Tunisia

Wong, F.Y.K.; Donato, C.; Deng, Y-Mo.; Teng, D.; Komadina, N.; Baas, C.; Modak, J.; O'Dea, M.; Smith, D.W.; Effler, P.V.; Cooke, J.; Davies, K.R.; Hurt, A.; Kung, N.; Levy, A.; Loh, R.; Shan, S.; Shinwari, M.W.; Stevens, V.; Taylor, J.; Williams, D.T.; Watson, J.; Eagles, D.; McCullough, S.; Barr, I.G.; Dhanasekaran, V., 2018:
Divergent Human-Origin Influenza Viruses Detected in Australian Swine Populations

Pollard, C.Mary.; McStay, C.Lisa.; Meng, X., 2016:
Public Concern about the Sale of High-Caffeine Drinks to Children 12 Years or Younger: An Australian Regulatory Perspective

Li, W.; Jalloh, M.F.; Bunnell, R.; Aki-Sawyerr, Y.; Conteh, L.; Sengeh, P.; Redd, J.T.; Hersey, S.; Morgan, O.; Jalloh, M.B.; O'Leary, A.; Burdette, E.; Hageman, K., 2017:
Public Confidence in the Health Care System 1 Year After the Start of the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak - Sierra Leone, July 2015

Silva, A.S.; DA Silveira, L.C., 2015:
Public Consultations: A Tool for the Inclusion of Society in the Brazilian Hta Process

Roche, D.G.; Kruuk, L.E.B.; Lanfear, R.; Binning, S.A., 2016:
Public Data Archiving in Ecology and Evolution: How Well Are We Doing?

Alves, M.Aurelina.Oliveira.; Morais, T.Beninga., 2016:
Public Daycare Noncompliance with Prescribed Lunch Menus and Dietary Guidelines

Anonymous, 2016:
Public Decency and Public Health

Reynolds, J.C.; McKernan, S.C.; Kuthy, R.A.; Adrianse, N.B.; Mani, S.; Damiano, P.C., 2018:
Public Dental Safety Net in Iowa: Capacity and Readiness for Health Care Reform

Houston, J.Brian.; First, J.; Spialek, M.L.; Sorenson, M.E.; Koch, M., 2016:
Public Disaster Communication and Child and Family Disaster Mental Health: a Review of Theoretical Frameworks and Empirical Evidence

Thompson, H.R.; Vittinghoff, E.; Linchey, J.K.; Madsen, K.A., 2016:
Public Disclosure to Improve Physical Education in an Urban School District: Results From a 2-Year Quasi-Experimental Study

Shaw, J.; Long, S.S., 2015:
Public Discourse on Measles, A Shot in the Arm for Vaccination

Helal, K.Yasin.; Maciejewski, M.; Gregori-Puigjané, E.; Glick, M.; Wassermann, A.Mai., 2016:
Public Domain HTS Fingerprints: Design and Evaluation of Compound Bioactivity Profiles from PubChem's Bioassay Repository

Amadio, A.; Lee, K.; Yao, Z.; Camacho, X.; Knowles, S.; Lay, C.; Paterson, J.Michael.; Hunt, J.; Gomes, T., 2016:
Public Drug Coverage and Its Impact on Triptan Use Across Canada: A Population-Based Study

Perepelkin, J.; Abramovic, M., 2018:
Public Education Campaigns to Transform Perceptions of Pharmacists: Are They Worth the Investment?

Johnston, M.M., 2016:
Public Education, Strategic Plan, Think Tank Report Highlight Meeting

Tang, J.Janice.; Maroothynaden, J.; Bello, F.; Kneebone, R., 2013:
Public Engagement Through Shared Immersion: Participating in the Processes of Research

Dalton-Brown, S., 2018:
Public Engagement and Nanotechnology in Australia

Kim, W.B.; Marinas, J.E.C.; Vender, R.B., 2015:
Public Engagement with Dermatology Contents on Facebook

Charney, R.L.; Rebmann, T.; Dalawari, P.; Endrizal, A., 2016:
Public Expectations of Hospitals to Provide Resources and Services to the Uninjured During Disasters: A Qualitative Study

Vocelka, M.; Spurna, M.; Fuksa, L.; Hambalek, J., 2014:
Public Expenditure On Authorised Orphan Drugs In the Czech Republic Between 2008 and 2013

Koester, D.C.; Wildt, D.E.; Brown, J.L.; Meeks, K.; Crosier, A.E., 2016 :
Public exposure and number of conspecifics have no influence on ovarian and adrenal activity in the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

Lahham, A.; Sharabati, A.; ALMasri, H., 2015:
Public Exposure from Indoor Radiofrequency Radiation in the City of Hebron, West Bank-Palestine

Meloy, J.Reid.; Amman, M., 2016:
Public Figure Attacks in the United States, 1995-2015

Pathé, M.T.; Lowry, T.J.; Haworth, D.J.; Winterbourne, P.; Day, L., 2016:
Public Figure Fixation: Cautionary Findings for Mental Health Practitioners

Fowler, D.R., 2017:
Public Figures, Professional Ethics, and the Media

Broadbent Jonathan, 2016:
Public Funding for Dental Care

Thompson, K.M.J.; Rocca, C.H.; Kohn, J.E.; Goodman, S.; Stern, L.; Blum, M.; Speidel, J.Joseph.; Darney, P.D.; Harper, C.C., 2016:
Public Funding for Contraception, Provider Training, and Use of Highly Effective Contraceptives: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Sorensen, A.; Nonzee, N.J.; Kominski, G.F., 2016:
Public Funds Account for Over 70 Percent of Health Care Spending in California

Ishii, K.; Kurzban, R., 2008:
Public Goods Games in Japan : Cultural and Individual Differences in Reciprocity

Cavalli-Sforza, L.Tommaso., 2015:
Public Health & Nutrition in the Asia-Pacific: reflections on a quarter century

Dastur, F.D., 2016:
Public Health - the 'black hole' in Indian Medical Services

DeSalvo, K.B., 2018:
Public Health 3.0: Applying the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

DeSalvo, K.B.; O'Carroll, P.W.; Koo, D.; Auerbach, J.M.; Monroe, J.A., 2016:
Public Health 3.0: Time for an Upgrade

Moore, A.R.; Buchanan, N.D.; Fairley, T.L.; Lee Smith, J., 2016:
Public Health Action Model for Cancer Survivorship

Harries, A.D.; Bianchi, L.; Jensen, P.M.; Pantages, M.; Bissell, K.; Kumar, A.M.V.; Hinderaker, S.Gudmund.; Tayler-Smith, K.; Van den Bergh, R.; van den Boogaard, W.; Manzi, M.; Isaakidis, P.; Reid, A.J.; Zachariah, R., 2015:
Public Health Action for public health action

Enarson, D.A., 2011:
Public Health Action: a new home for operational research

Allen, M.; Blumenstock, J.S., 2018:
Public Health Acts to Detect, Respond to, and Prevent the Latest Public Health Threat-Zika Virus Disease

Araos, M.; Austin, S.E.; Berrang-Ford, L.; Ford, J.D., 2016:
Public Health Adaptation to Climate Change in Large Cities: A Global Baseline

Austin, S.E.; Biesbroek, R.; Berrang-Ford, L.; Ford, J.D.; Parker, S.; Fleury, M.D., 2017:
Public Health Adaptation to Climate Change in OECD Countries

Chevillotte, Jérôme., 2015:
Public Health Administration's preliminary report on elderly's clinical paths

Fraser, A.C.; Williams, S.E.; Kong, S.X.; Wells, L.E.; Goodall, L.S.; Pit, S.; Hansen, V.; Trent, M., 2017:
Public Health Amendment (Vaccination of Children Attending Child Care Facilities) Act 2013: its impact in the Northern Rivers, NSW

Bricks, L.; Lopez, J.G.; Macabeo, B.; Piedade, A.D.; Clark, O.A.; Nishikawa, A.M.; Bottoni, A.; Gonçalves, T., 2015:
Public Health And Economic Impact of A Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine In Comparison to The Trivalent Influenza Vaccine In Brazil Over The Period Of 2010 - 2013

Jamal, Q.Mohammad.Sajid.; Siddiqui, M.Uddin.; Alzohairy, M.Abdulrahman.; Al Karaawi, M.Abdullah., 2015:
Public Health and Epidemiological Databases for the Enhancement of Medical Education

Trepanier, A.M.; Supplee, L.; Blakely, L.; McLosky, J.; Duquette, D., 2016:
Public Health Approaches and Barriers to Educating Providers about Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome

Kimani, T.; Schelling, E.; Bett, B.; Ngigi, M.; Randolph, T.; Fuhrimann, S., 2016:
Public Health Benefits from Livestock Rift Valley Fever Control: A Simulation of Two Epidemics in Kenya

Matthijsse, S.M.; Hontelez, J.A.C.; Naber, S.K.; Rozemeijer, K.; de Kok, I.M.C.M.; Bakker, R.; van Ballegooijen, M.; van Rosmalen, J.; de Vlas, S.J., 2017:
Public Health Benefits of Routine Human Papillomavirus Vaccination for Adults in the Netherlands: A Mathematical Modeling Study

Narain, J.Prakash., 2016:
Public Health Challenges in India: Seizing the Opportunities

Eidson, M.; Clancy, K.A.; Birkhead, G.S., 2017:
Public Health Climate Change Adaptation Planning Using Stakeholder Feedback

Imperato, P.James., 2018:
Public Health Concerns Associated with the New York City Blackout of 1977

Yin, X-Han.; Sterck, F.; Hao, G-You., 2018:
Divergent hydraulic strategies to cope with freezing in co-occurring temperate tree species with special reference to root and stem pressure generation

Heo, J.; Adams, P.J.; Gao, H.Oliver., 2017:
Public Health Costs of Primary PM2.5 and Inorganic PM2.5 Precursor Emissions in the United States

Kattan, J.A.; Tuazon, E.; Paone, D.; Dowell, D.; Vo, L.; Starrels, J.L.; Jones, C.M.; Kunins, H.V., 2017:
Public Health Detailing-A Successful Strategy to Promote Judicious Opioid Analgesic Prescribing

Morse, S.S., 2015:
Public Health Disease Surveillance Networks

Dobe, M., 2016:
Public Health Education in India - Reforms or Revolution?

Nyswander, D.B., 2016:
Public Health Education: Sources, Growth and Operational Philosophy

Davis, J.M.; Mendelson, B.; Berkes, J.J.; Suleta, K.; Corsi, K.F.; Booth, R.E., 2016:
Public Health Effects of Medical Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Levy, D.T.; Lindblom, E.N.; Fleischer, N.L.; Thrasher, J.; Mohlman, M.Kate.; Zhang, Y.; Monshouwer, K.; Nagelhout, G.E., 2015:
Public Health Effects of Restricting Retail Tobacco Product Displays and Ads

Simón Soria, F., 2017:
Public Health Emergencies of International Concern. An opportunity to improve global health security

Elachola, H.; Al-Tawfiq, J.A.; Turkestani, A.; Memish, Z.A., 2017:
Public Health Emergency Operations Center - A critical component of mass gatherings management infrastructure

Kole, B., 2017:
Public Health England advice on PSA testing

O'Dowd, A., 2015:
Public Health England denies conspiracy over obesity report's timing

Mayor, S., 2017:
Public Health England recommends vitamin D supplements in autumn and winter

Tedstone, A.; Targett, V., 2016:
Public Health England replies to Mike Rayner and colleagues

Hawkes, N., 2015:
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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

Anonymous, 2016:
Public health round-up

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Public health round-up

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Public interest

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Public may accept national insurance rise to boost NHS funding, say experts

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Public pay rises still falling short of private sector

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Public raises concerns about nurses on BNP list

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Public readiness for HIV self-testing in Kenya

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Public relations

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Public say nurses deserve more

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Public service and quiet innovation

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Public should foot the bill for their own protection

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Public should have been warned of risk of contracting Ebola at healthcare facilities

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Public should take infection control responsibility

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Public shows confidence in emergency care staff

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Public spirits

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Public support in the United States for elective oocyte cryopreservation

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Public supports commercial access to patient records when public benefit is clear

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Public titles of clinical trials should have ethics review

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Public to be updated on IT project

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Public tolerance of depends on severity

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Public wants more say on NHS

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Public will have to "put their hands in their pockets" for better NHS, says Stevens

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Publication and Paper Writing of Clinical Trials

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