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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 58676

Chapter 58676 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Chang, R-Feng.; Hou, Y-Ling.; Lo, C-Ming.; Huang, C-Sheng.; Chen, J-Hor.; Kim, W.Hwa.; Chang, J.Min.; Bae, M.Sun.; Moon, W.Kyung., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of breast echotexture patterns in automated breast ultrasound images

Liu, X.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Jiang, B., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of burden of bacillary dysentery associated with floods in Hunan, China

Yoshioka, R.; Kita, Y.; Nagahira, A.; Manno, A.; Makita, N.; Tomita, U.; Murakawa, M., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cadherin-11 and β-catenin signalling during proliferation of rheumatoid arthritis-derived synovial fibroblast cells

Yamamoto, Y.; Kataoka, K.; Akimoto, J.; Tatsumi, K.; Kousaka, T.; Ohnishi, J.; Takahashi, T.; Muto, S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cation mixing and local valence states in LiNixMn2-xO4 using concurrent HARECXS and HARECES measurements

Shao, X.; He, Y.; Ji, M.; Chen, X.; Qi, J.; Shi, W.; Hao, T.; Ju, S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cell-free DNA in ovarian cancer

Li, S-Shan.; Hu, X.; Zhao, H.; Li, Y-Xiao.; Zhang, L.; Gong, L-Jun.; Guo, J.; Zhao, H-Bing., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cellular proteome alterations of Pseudomonas putida to naphthalene-induced stress

Boiten, W.; Absalah, S.; Vreeken, R.; Bouwstra, J.; van Smeden, J., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of ceramides using a novel lipidomics approach with three dimensional response modelling

Zuberovic Muratovic, A.; Tröger, R.; Granelli, K.; Hellenäs, K-Erik., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of cereulide toxin from Bacillus cereus in rice and pasta using synthetic cereulide standard and 13C6-cereulide standard - a short validation study

Zepeda-Mendoza, C.J.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Wong, E.S.; Harder, N.; Splinter, E.; de Wit, E.; Eckersley-Maslin, M.A.; Ried, T.; Eils, R.; Rohr, K.; Mills, A.; de Laat, W.; Flicek, P.; Sengupta, A.M.; Spector, D.L., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of chromatin interaction changes upon a 4.3 Mb deletion at mouse 4E2

Chen, T.; Huang, L.; Yao, M.; Hu, H.; Wang, C.; Liu, M., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of chromium in potatoes by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy coupled with linear multivariate calibration

Takahashi, S.; Nishida, H., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of chromosomal and plasmid DNA during the growth of spheroplasts of Escherichia coli

Ye, T.; Wang, B.; Liu, J.; Chen, J.; Yang, Y., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of citric acid/sodium hypophosphite modified cotton by HPLC and conductometric titration

Smati, M.; Clermont, O.; Bleibtreu, A.; Fourreau, Fédéric.; David, A.; Daubié, A-Sophie.; Hignard, Cécile.; Loison, O.; Picard, B.; Denamur, E., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of commensal Escherichia coli populations reveals host-specific enterotypes at the intra-species level

Smoliuk, L.T.; Smoliuk, A.T.; Potsenko, I.L., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of connective tissue matrix structure during myocardial remodeling

Feng, J.; Chen, S-Bo.; Wu, S-Jun.; Sun, P.; Xin, T-You.; Chen, Y-Zhen., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography in acute radiation-induced liver injury: An animal model

Ke, X.; Zhang, J.; Lai, S.; Chen, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Mo, W.; Ren, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cow whole milk and whey powder adulteration percentage in goat and sheep milk products by isotopic dilution-ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Beller, T.; Peylan, T.; Ben Sira, L.; Shiran, S.Irene.; Levi, L.; Bassan, H., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cranial ultrasonographic periventricular echogenicity in relation to early neuromotor development in preterm infants

Calandrelli, R.; D'Apolito, G.; Massimi, L.; Gaudino, S.; Visconti, E.; Pelo, S.; D.R.cco, C.; Colosimo, C., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of craniofacial dysmorphology in infants with anterior synostotic plagiocephaly

Park, K.Joo.; Kim, M.; Seok, S.; Kim, Y-Wun.; Kim, D.Hyun., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of cyclic dimer fatty acid content in the dimerization product by proton NMR spectroscopy

Shiozawa, Y.; Koitaya, T.; Mukai, K.; Yoshimoto, S.; Yoshinobu, J., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of desorption and decomposition kinetics of formic acid on Cu(111): The importance of hydrogen bonding between adsorbed species

Darwish, T.A.; Yepuri, N.Rao.; Holden, P.J.; James, M., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of deuterium using the isotopic effect on quaternary (13)C NMR chemical shifts

Shiino, M.; Hoshi, H.; Kawashima, T.; Ishikawa, Y.; Takayanagi, M.; Murakami, K.; Kishi, K.; Sato, F., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of development and aging of genital corpuscles in glans penis of the rat

Guo, H.; Riter, L.S.; Wujcik, C.E.; Armstrong, D.W., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of dicamba residues in raw agricultural commodities with the use of ion-pairing reagents in LC-ESI-MS/MS

Matsuo-Tezuka, Y.; Noguchi-Sasaki, M.; Kurasawa, M.; Yorozu, K.; Shimonaka, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of dietary iron utilization for erythropoiesis in response to body iron status

Reinecke, F.; Satya, R.Vijaya.; DiCarlo, J., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of differences in copy numbers using read depth obtained from PCR-enriched samples and controls

Zhang, L.; Jin, J.; Zhang, L.; Hu, R.; Gao, L.; Huo, X.; Liu, D.; Ma, X.; Wang, C.; Han, J.; Li, L.; Sun, X.; Cao, L., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of differential protein expression in cervical carcinoma cells after zeylenone treatment by stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture

Kharuzhyk, S.A., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images during chemoradiation therapy for cancer of the cervix uteri: Prognostic role of pretreatment diffusion coefficient values

Cvjetičanin, M.; Jajić, Z., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of digitopalmar dermatoglyphics in fifty male psoriatic spondylitis patients

Snoep, J.L.; Green, K.; Eicher, J.; Palm, D.C.; Penkler, G.; du Toit, F.; Walters, N.; Burger, R.; Westerhoff, H.V.; van Niekerk, D.D., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of drug effects at the whole-body level: a case study for glucose metabolism in malaria patients

Ruzsíková, A.; Součková, L.; Suk, P.; Opatřilová, R.; Kejdušová, M.; Šrámek, Vír., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of drug losses administered via nasogastric tube--In vitro study

Lipka, E.; Vaccher, C., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of drugs in biological matrices by HPLC hyphenated to fluorescence detection

Zhong, S.; Huang, G.J.; Susarla, S.M.; Swanson, E.W.; Huang, J.; Gordon, C.R., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of dual-purpose, patient-specific craniofacial implants for correction of temporal deformity

Wolfe, H.; Morgan, R.W.; Donoghue, A.; Niles, D.E.; Kudenchuk, P.; Berg, R.A.; Nadkarni, V.M.; Sutton, R.M., 2017:
Quantitative analysis of duty cycle in pediatric and adolescent in-hospital cardiac arrest

Liu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Wang, X.; Huang, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of dynamic adhesion properties in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells with fullerenol

Fujita, Y.; Tsuda, E.; Yamamoto, Y.; Naraoka, T.; Kimura, Y.; Sasaki, S.; Ishibashi, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of dynamic patellar tracking in patients with lateral patellar instability using a simple video system

Wei, Z.; Ma, E.Yue.; Cui, Y-Tao.; Johnston, S.; Yang, Y.; Agarwal, K.; Kelly, M.A.; Shen, Z-Xun.; Chen, X., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of effective height of probes in microwave impedance microscopy

Tsikas, D., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of eicosanoids in biological samples by LC-MS/MS: Mission accomplished?

Thakare, R.; Chhonker, Y.S.; Gautam, N.; Alamoudi, J.Abdullah.; Alnouti, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of endogenous compounds

Derivery, E.; Gautreau, A., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of endosome tubulation and microdomain organization mediated by the WASH complex

Khoshroo, H.; Khadem, H.; Bahreini, M.; Tavassoli, S.H.; Hadian, J., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of essential oils of Thymus daenensis using laser-induced fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy

Gao, W.; Stalder, T.; Kirschbaum, C., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of estradiol and six other steroid hormones in human saliva using a high throughput liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay

Prieto, S.P.; Lai, K.K.; Laryea, J.A.; Mizell, J.S.; Muldoon, T.J., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of ex vivo colorectal epithelium using an automated feature extraction algorithm for microendoscopy image data

Totonchi, H.; Miladpour, B.; Mostafavi-Pour, Z.; Khademi, F.; Kasraeian, M.; Zal, F., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of expression level of estrogen and progesterone receptors and VEGF genes in human endometrial stromal cells after treatment with nicotine

Katsumi, S.; Esaki, S.; Hattori, K.; Yamano, K.; Umezaki, T.; Murakami, S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of facial palsy using a three-dimensional facial motion measurement system

Gao, X.; Lin, H.; Krantz, C.; Garnier, A.; Flarakos, J.; Tse, F.L.S.; Li, W., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of factor P (Properdin) in monkey serum using immunoaffinity capturing in combination with LC-MS/MS

Sim, S.Young.; Choi, C.Hoon., 2014:
Quantitative analysis of factors affecting cobalt alloy clip artifacts in computed tomography

Song, Z.; Wu, C.; Sun, S.; Li, H.; Wang, D.; Gong, J.; Yan, Z., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of factors influencing tissue-engineered bone formation by detecting the expression levels of alkaline phosphatase and bone γ-carboxyglutamate protein 2

Long, Z.; Jin, Y.; Liu, X.; Guo, Z.; Shen, A.; Hu, X.; Wu, N., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of five antiviral drugs by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-charged aerosol detection

Mendes Maia, T.; Paul-Gilloteaux, P.; Basto, R., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of flagellar proteins in Drosophila sperm tails

Freischmidt, A.; Untergehrer, M.; Ziegler, J.; Knuth, S.; Okpanyi, S.; Müller, J.; Kelber, O.; Weiser, D.; Jürgenliemk, G., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of flavanones and chalcones from willow bark

Cao, W.; Ye, L-Hong.; Cao, J.; Xu, J-Jing.; Peng, L-Qing.; Zhu, Q-Yao.; Zhang, Q-Yun.; Hu, S-Shuai., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of flavanones from citrus fruits by using mesoporous molecular sieve-based miniaturized solid phase extraction coupled to ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography and quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Sharma, K.; Assefa, A.D.; Ko, E.Young.; Lee, E.Tai.; Park, S.Won., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of flavonoids, sugars, phenylalanine and tryptophan in onion scales during storage under ambient conditions

Huang, J.; Lei, Y.; Du, Y.; Liu, X.; Guo, J.; Li, J.; Niu, H., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of fringe visibility in grating-based x-ray phase-contrast imaging

Yang, C.J.; Lee, J.Y.; Kang, B.C.; Lee, H.S.; Yoo, M.H.; Park, H.J., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of gains and catch-up saccades of video-head-impulse testing by age in normal subjects

Morris, C.A.; El-Hiti, G.A.; Weeks, I.; Woodhead, S.; Smith, K.; Kille, P., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of gene expression changes in response to genotoxic compounds

Ostasiewicz, B.; Ostasiewicz, Pł.; Duś-Szachniewicz, K.; Ostasiewicz, K.; Ziółkowski, P., 2017:
Quantitative analysis of gene expression in fixed colorectal carcinoma samples as a method for biomarker validation

Permenter, J.; Ishwar, A.; Rounsavall, A.; Smith, M.; Faske, J.; Sailey, C.J.; Alfaro, M.P., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of genomic DNA degradation in whole blood under various storage conditions for molecular diagnostic testing

Li, X.; Li, D.; Pang, X.; Yang, G.; Deeg, H.Joachim.; Guan, F., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of glycans, related genes, and proteins in two human bone marrow stromal cell lines using an integrated strategy

Yang, W.; Pollard, M.; Li-Beisson, Y.; Ohlrogge, J., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of glycerol in dicarboxylic acid-rich cutins provides insights into Arabidopsis cutin structure

Lanshoeft, C.; Heudi, O.; Cianférani, S.; Warren, A.P.; Picard, F.; Kretz, O., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of hIgG1 in monkey serum by LC-MS/MS using mass spectrometric immunoassay

Aldersley, A.; Champneys, A.; Homer, M.; Robert, D., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of harmonic convergence in mosquito auditory interactions

Sadhu, A.; Upadhyay, P.; Singh, P.K.; Agrawal, A.; Ilango, K.; Karmakar, D.; Singh, G.Prit.Inder.; Dubey, G.Prasad., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of heavy metals in medicinal plants collected from environmentally diverse locations in India for use in a novel phytopharmaceutical product

Ko, S-Bae.; Choi, H.Alex.; Helbok, R.; Schmidt, J.Michael.; Badjatia, N.; Claassen, J.; Connolly, E.Sander.; Mayer, S.A.; Lee, K., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of hemorrhage clearance and delayed cerebral ischemia after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Montebello, J.F.; Mayr, N.A.; Yuh, W.T.C.; Wu, D.; Wang, J.Z.; Magnotta, V.A.; Edwards, S.M.; Knopp, M.V.; Gupta, N.; Nag, S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of heterogeneous tumor enhancement pattern and correlation with outcome in cervical cancer

Sonoo, T.; Iwai, S.; Inokuchi, R.; Gunshin, M.; Nakajima, S.; Yahagi, N., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of high plasma lactate concentration in ED patients after alcohol intake

Shin, D.; Lee, M.H.; Polydorides, A.D.; Pierce, M.C.; Vila, P.M.; Parikh, N.D.; Rosen, D.G.; Anandasabapathy, S.; Richards-Kortum, R.R., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of high-resolution microendoscopic images for diagnosis of neoplasia in patients with Barrett's esophagus

Chen, X.; Guo, Y.; Hu, Y.; Yu, B.; Qi, J., 2017:
Quantitative analysis of highly similar salvianolic acids with 1H qNMR for quality control of traditional Chinese medicinal preparation Salvianolate Lyophilized Injection

Osuna-Carrasco, L.P.; López-Ruiz, J.R.; Mendizabal-Ruiz, E.G.; De la Torre-Valdovinos, B.; Bañuelos-Pineda, J.; Jiménez-Estrada, I.; Dueñas-Jiménez, S.H., 2017:
Quantitative analysis of hindlimbs locomotion kinematics in spinalized rats treated with Tamoxifen plus treadmill exercise

Liu, T.; Guo, Q.; Guo, H.; Hou, S.; Li, J.; Wang, H., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of histone H3 and H4 post-translational modifications in doxorubicin-resistant leukemia cells

Shao, R.; Feng, Y.; Zou, S.; Li, X.; Cui, P.; Billig, Håkan., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of hormones and inflammatory cytokines in Chlamydia trachomatis-infected women with tubal ectopic pregnancy and early intrauterine pregnancy

Bauer, M.; Cubizolles, F.; Schmidt, A.; Nigg, E.A., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of human centrosome architecture by targeted proteomics and fluorescence imaging

Ishikawa, A.; Yoto, Y.; Asakura, H.; Tsutsumi, H., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of human parvovirus B19 DNA in maternal and fetal serum, and amniotic fluid during an early stage of pregnancy

Pessanha, S.; Carvalho, M.; Carvalho, M.Luisa.; Dias, Aónio., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of human remains from 18(th)-19(th) centuries using X-ray fluorescence techniques: The mysterious high content of mercury in hair

Tran, N.; Giannakidis, A.; Gullberg, G.T.; Seo, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of hypertrophic myocardium using diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging

Jansonius, M.; Stam, L.; de Jong, T.; Pijpker, B.A., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of illusory movement: spatial filtering and line localization in the human visual system

Yuan, W.; Sanda, M.; Wu, J.; Koomen, J.; Goldman, R., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of immunoglobulin subclasses and subclass specific glycosylation by LC-MS-MRM in liver disease

Schwiedrzik, J.J.; Zysset, P.K., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of imprint shape and its relation to mechanical properties measured by microindentation in bone

Geisshüsler, H.; Marti, E.; Stoffel, M.H.; Kühni, K.; Stojiljkovic, A.; von Tscharner, C.; Vidondo, B.; Gerber, V.; Koch, C., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of infiltrating immune cells and bovine papillomavirus type 1 E2-positive cells in equine sarcoids

Vince, D.G.; Demirkaya, O.; Cothren, R.M.; Cornhill, J.F., 1996:
Quantitative analysis of inflammatory cells in aortic atherosclerosis of young adults

Sato, M.; Honzumi, K.; Sato, T.; Hashimoto, K.; Watanabe, M.; Miyazaki, K.; Kawasaki, Y.; Hosoya, M., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of influenza A (H3N2) E119V and R292K variants in clinical specimens by real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

Kitajima, N.; Sugita-Kitajima, A.; Kitajima, S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of inner-ear barotrauma using a Eustachian tube function analyzer

Tian, D.; Mitchell, I.; Kreeger, P.K., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of insulin-like growth factor 2 receptor and insulin-like growth factor binding proteins to identify control mechanisms for insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor phosphorylation

Hathwar, V.R.; Sist, M.; Jørgensen, M.R.V.; Mamakhel, A.H.; Wang, X.; Hoffmann, C.M.; Sugimoto, K.; Overgaard, J.; Iversen, B.Brummerstedt., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of intermolecular interactions in orthorhombic rubrene

Wu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Wiegand, R.; Wang, J.; Bepler, G.; Li, J., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of intracellular nucleoside triphosphates and other polar metabolites using ion pair reversed-phase liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry

Nakamura, H.; Yamashita, N.; Kanamaru, Y.; Tachibana, T.; Sekino, Y.; Chen, S.; Gotoh, T.; Tanaka, F.; Goshima, Y., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of intraneuronal transport in human iPS neurons

Yan, L.; Liu, H.; Shang, H., 2012:
Quantitative analysis of intraspinal cerebrospinal fluid flow in normal adults

Kirkpatrick, D.C.; Walton, L.R.; Edwards, M.A.; Wightman, R.M., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of iontophoretic drug delivery from micropipettes

Zhang, Y.; Li, S.Zhen.; Li, L.; He, M.Guang.; Thomas, R.; Wang, N.Li., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of iris changes following mydriasis in subjects with different mechanisms of angle closure

Bonfadini, G.; Arora, K.; Vianna, L.M.; Campos, M.; Friedman, D.; Muñoz, B.; Jun, A.S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of iris parameters in keratoconus patients using optical coherence tomography

Fujii, N.; Takata, T.; Fujii, N., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of isomeric (l-α-, l-β-, D-α-, D-β-) aspartyl residues in proteins from elderly donors

Siddharth, R.; Gautam, R.; Chand, P.; Agrawal, K.Kishor.; Singh, R.Dayal.; Singh, B.Pratap., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of leaching of different metals in human saliva from dental casting alloys: An in vivo study

Cong, J.; Yang, X.; Zhang, N.; Shen, J.; Fan, T.; Zhang, Z., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of left atrial volume and function during normotensive and preeclamptic pregnancy: a real-time three-dimensional echocardiography study

Kuo, W-Ting.; Lin, W-Chun.; Chang, K-Chun.; Huang, J-Yuan.; Yen, K-Chung.; Young, I-Chi.; Sun, Y-Jun.; Lin, F-Huei., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of ligand-EGFR interactions: a platform for screening targeting molecules

de Aguiar, H.B.; Gasecka, P.; Brasselet, S., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of light scattering in polarization-resolved nonlinear microscopy

Phillips, F.C.; Erdahl, W.L.; Privett, O.S., 1982:
Quantitative analysis of lipid classes by liquid chromatography via a flame ionization detector

Ogiso, H.; Okazaki, T., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of lipids constructing plasma membrane microdomains by LC-MS

Bai, J.Y.H.; Cowie, S.; Podlesnik, C.A., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of local-level resurgence

Benharash, P.; Buch, E.; Frank, P.; Share, M.; Tung, R.; Shivkumar, K.; Mandapati, R., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of localized sources identified by focal impulse and rotor modulation mapping in atrial fibrillation

Kim, K.Hoe.; Ahn, Y.Hee.; Ji, E.Sun.; Lee, J.Yeon.; Kim, J.Young.; An, H.Joo.; Yoo, J.Shin., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of low-abundance serological proteins with peptide affinity-based enrichment and pseudo-multiple reaction monitoring by hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Corradi, F.; Brusasco, C.; Garlaschi, A.; Paparo, F.; Ball, L.; Santori, G.; Pelosi, P.; Altomonte, F.; Vezzani, A.; Brusasco, V., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of lung ultrasonography for the detection of community-acquired pneumonia: a pilot study

Capelli, Fábio.de.Aquino.; Paes, V.Ribeiro.; Machado, M.Marinheiro.; Menezes, C.Lohmann.; Silva, P.Rodrigo.Andrade.da.; Siqueira, S.Aparecida.Coelho.; Alves, Vâncio.Avancini.Ferreira.; Matos, L.Luongo.; Cernea, C.Roberto., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of lymph nodes in neck dissection specimens. Morphologic study

Pastuszak-Lewandoska, D.; Kordiak, J.; Migdalska-Sęk, M.; Czarnecka, K.H.; Antczak, A.; Górski, Pł.; Nawrot, E.; Kiszałkiewicz, J.M.; Domańska, D.; Brzeziańska-Lasota, E. , 2016:
Quantitative analysis of mRNA expression levels and DNA methylation profiles of three neighboring genes: FUS1, NPRL2/G21 and RASSF1A in non-small cell lung cancer patients

Rafi, A.; Khan, M.Yunus.; Minhas, L.Ali., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of macrophages in wound healing of rat skin subjected to loud noise stress

Kim, J.Woo.; Kim, S.Hyun.; Yim, S-Young., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of magnetic resonance imaging of the neck and its usefulness in management of congenital muscular torticollis

Xiong, M.; Ferder, I.C.; Ohguchi, Y.; Wang, N., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of male germline stem cell differentiation reveals a role for the p53-mTORC1 pathway in spermatogonial maintenance

Jeong, S.Yang.; Kim, H.Mi.; Lee, K.Ha.; Kim, K.Yeob.; Huang, D.Sun.; Kim, J.Hwan.; Seong, R.Seon., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of marker compounds in Angelica gigas, Angelica sinensis, and Angelica acutiloba by HPLC/DAD

Kakimoto, T.; Okada, K.; Fujitaka, K.; Nishio, M.; Kato, T.; Fukunari, A.; Utsumi, H., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of markers of podocyte injury in the rat puromycin aminonucleoside nephropathy model

Wang, Y.; Hua, J.; Kong, M.; Zeng, Y.; Liu, J.; Liu, Z., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of martensite and bainite microstructures using electron backscatter diffraction

Heudi, O.; Barteau, S.; Picard, F.; Kretz, O., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of maytansinoid (DM1) in human serum by on-line solid phase extraction coupled with liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry - Method validation and its application to clinical samples

da Silva, V.H.; Gonçalves, J.L.; Vasconcelos, F.V.C.; Pimentel, M.Fernanda.; Pereira, C.F., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of mebendazole polymorphs in pharmaceutical raw materials using near-infrared spectroscopy

Iqbal, Q.; Bernstein, P.; Zhu, Y.; Rahamim, J.; Cebe, P.; Staii, C., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of mechanical and electrostatic properties of poly(lactic) acid fibers and poly(lactic) acid-carbon nanotube composites using atomic force microscopy

Yakkundi, S.; Mulla, H.; Pandya, H.; Turner, M.A.; McElnay, J., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of methyl and propyl parabens in neonatal DBS using LC-MS/MS

Chen, S.Jing.; Aikawa, C.; Matsui, T., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of methylglyoxal, glyoxal and free advanced glycation end-products in the plasma of Wistar rats during the oral glucose tolerance test

Tian, H.; Wang, Q., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of microcirculation blood perfusion in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma before and after transcatheter arterial chemoembolisation using contrast-enhanced ultrasound

Akita, K.; Higaki, T.; Kutsuna, N.; Hasezawa, S., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of microtubule orientation in interdigitated leaf pavement cells

Mertens, A.; Foyatier, J.L.; Mojallal, A., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of midface fat compartments mass with ageing and body mass index, anatomical study

Leonard, A.P.; Cameron, R.B.; Speiser, J.L.; Wolf, B.J.; Peterson, Y.K.; Schnellmann, R.G.; Beeson, C.C.; Rohrer, Bärbel., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of mitochondrial morphology and membrane potential in living cells using high-content imaging, machine learning, and morphological binning

Minami, T.; Emami, F.; Nishiyabu, R.; Kubo, Y.; Anzenbacher, P., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of modeled ATP hydrolysis in water by a colorimetric sensor array

West, K.L.; Kelm, N.D.; Carson, R.P.; Does, M.D., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of mouse corpus callosum from electron microscopy images

Pfeifer, C.R.; Shomorony, A.; Aronova, M.A.; Zhang, G.; Cai, T.; Xu, H.; Notkins, A.L.; Leapman, R.D., 2015:
Quantitative analysis of mouse pancreatic islet architecture by serial block-face SEM

Zhdanov, A.V.; Okkelman, I.A.; Golubeva, A.V.; Doerr, B.; Hyland, N.P.; Melgar, S.; Shanahan, F.; Cryan, J.F.; Papkovsky, D.B., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of mucosal oxygenation using ex vivo imaging of healthy and inflamed mammalian colon tissue

Chiang, F-Tsai.; Li, P-Jung.; Chung, S-Ping.; Pan, L-Fa.; Pan, L-Kwang., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of multiple biokinetic models using a dynamic water phantom: A feasibility study

Xu, M.Li.; Li, B.Qiong.; Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Zhai, H.Lin., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of multiple components based on liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry in full scan mode

Lynd, L.D.; Traboulsee, A.; Marra, C.A.; Mittmann, N.; Evans, C.; Li, K.H.; Carter, M.; Hategekimana, C., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of multiple sclerosis patients' preferences for drug treatment: a best-worst scaling study

Yokoyama, R.; Miyagawa, M.; Okayama, H.; Inoue, T.; Miki, H.; Ogimoto, A.; Higaki, J.; Mochizuki, T., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of myocardial 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by PET/CT for detection of cardiac sarcoidosis

Jensen, T.; Holten-Rossing, H.; Svendsen, I.M.H.; Jacobsen, C.; Vainer, B., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of myocardial tissue with digital autofluorescence microscopy

Choi, D-Hyun.; Kim, H-Sook., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of nailfold capillary morphology in patients with fibromyalgia

Berg, C., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of nanoparticle transport through in vitro blood-brain barrier models

Toraman, H.E.; Franz, K.; Ronsse, F.; Van Geem, K.M.; Marin, G.B., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of nitrogen containing compounds in microalgae based bio-oils using comprehensive two-dimensional gas-chromatography coupled to nitrogen chemiluminescence detector and time of flight mass spectrometer

Shyu, I-Luen.; Wang, P-Hui.; Chen, C-Yao.; Chen, Y-Jen.; Chang, C-Ming.; Horng, H-Cheng.; Yang, M-Jie.; Yen, M-Shyen., 2016:
Quantitative analysis of normal fetal medulla oblongata volume and flow by three-dimensional power Doppler ultrasound

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Quantitative assessment of the carbocation/carbene character of the gold-carbene bond

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Diverse effects of distance cutoff and residue interval on the performance of distance-dependent atom-pair potential in protein structure prediction

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Quantitative assessment of the entire right ventricle from one acoustic window: an attractive approach

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Quantitative assessment of the facial features of a Mexican population dataset

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Quantitative assessment of the influence of X-ray repair cross-complementing group 3 rs861539 polymorphism and cutaneous melanoma susceptibility

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Quantitative assessment of the relationships among ecological, morphological and aesthetic values in a river rehabilitation initiative

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Quantitative assessment of the serve speed in tennis

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Quantitative assessment of two methods of tiludronate administration for the treatment of lameness caused by navicular syndrome in horses

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Quantitative assessment of visual estimation of the infrared indocyanine green imaging of lymph nodes retrieved at sentinel node navigation surgery for gastric cancer

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Quantitative assessment on soil enzyme activities of heavy metal contaminated soils with various soil properties

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Quantitative assessment on the contribution of direct photolysis and radical oxidation in photochemical degradation of 4-chlorophenol and oxytetracycline

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Quantitative atomistic simulations of reactive and non-reactive processes

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Quantitative benefit-harm assessment for setting research priorities: the example of roflumilast for patients with COPD

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Quantitative benefit-risk assessment of methylprednisolone in multiple sclerosis relapses

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Quantitative biology on the rise

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Quantitative characteristics of Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) egg quality throughout the reproductive season

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Quantitative characterization and comparative study of feather melanosome internal morphology using surface analysis

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Quantitative characterization of carbon/carbon composites matrix texture based on image analysis using polarized light microscope

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Quantitative characterization of chitosan in the skin by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopic imaging and ninhydrin assay: application in transdermal sciences

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Quantitative characterization of gene regulation by Rho dependent transcription termination

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Quantitative Characterization of Tissue Microstructure in Concentrated Cell Pellet Biophantoms Based on the Structure Factor Model

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Quantitative chemical imaging with background-free multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering by dual-soliton Stokes pulses

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Quantitative chiral analysis of tryptophan using enantiomer-selective photolysis of cold non-covalent complexes in the gas phase

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Quantitative classification and environmental interpretation of secondary forests 18 years after the invasion of pine forests by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) in China

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Quantitative comparison of cerebral artery development in metatherians and monotremes with non-human eutherians

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Quantitative comparison of dose distribution in radiotherapy plans using 2D gamma maps and X-ray computed tomography

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Quantitative comparison of hemodynamics in simulated and 3D angiography models of cerebral aneurysms by use of computational fluid dynamics

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Quantitative comparison of immunohistochemical and PCR analysis of midkine expression in breast cancer types and serum midkine level

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Quantitative comparison of ligament formulation and pre-strain in finite element analysis of the human lumbar spine

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Quantitative comparison of marker attachment methods for hand motion analysis

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Quantitative comparison of measurements of urgent care service quality

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Quantitative comparison of operative skill using 2- and 3-dimensional monitors during laparoscopic phantom tasks

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Quantitative comparison of the microscopic anatomy of the human ACL femoral and tibial entheses

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Quantitative comparisons of urgent care service providers

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Quantitative computed tomography: what does airway obstruction look-like?

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Quantitative computerized western blotting in detail

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Quantitative contrast-enhanced optical coherence tomography

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Quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for the differential diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial neoplasms

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Quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasound measurement of cerebrospinal fluid flow for the diagnosis of ventricular shunt malfunction

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Quantitative control of a rotary carbon nanotube motor under temperature stimulus

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Quantitative conversations: the importance of developing rapport in standardised interviewing

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Quantitative corneal anatomy: evaluation of the effect of diabetes duration on the endothelial cell density and corneal thickness

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Quantitative criteria for the diagnosis of the congenital absence of pericardium by cardiac magnetic resonance

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Quantitative culture of endotracheal aspirate and BAL fluid samples in the management of patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia: a randomized clinical trial

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Quantitative data analysis to determine best food cooling practices in U.S. restaurants

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Quantitative data on the magnitude of the systemic inflammatory response and its relationship with serum measures of iron status

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Quantitative definition and monitoring of the host cell protein proteome using iTRAQ - a study of an industrial mAb producing CHO-S cell line

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Quantitative delineation of how breathing motions open ligand migration channels in myoglobin and its mutants

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Quantitative demonstration of the efficacy of night-time apomorphine infusion to treat nocturnal hypokinesia in Parkinson's disease using wearable sensors

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Quantitative description of collagen fibre network on trabecular bone surfaces based on AFM imaging

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Quantitative description of eustachian tube movements during swallowing as visualized by transnasal videoendoscopy

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Quantitative description of fluid flows produced by left-right cilia in zebrafish

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Quantitative description of ion transport via plasma membrane of yeast and small cells

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Quantitative description of radiofrequency (RF) power-based ratiometric chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) pH imaging

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Quantitative description of short-range order and its influence on the electronic structure in Ag-Pd alloys

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Quantitative description of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of the platelet factor 4/heparin bonds

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Quantitative descriptive analysis and principal component analysis for sensory characterization of Indian milk product cham-cham

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Quantitative detection of iTUSC3 promoter methylation -a potential biomarker for prognosis in lung cancer

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Quantitative detection of Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae in patients with new influenza A (H1N1)/2009 and influenza A/2010 virus infection

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Quantitative detection of caffeine in human skin by confocal Raman spectroscopy--A systematic in vitro validation study

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Quantitative detection of cells expressing BlaC using droplet-based microfluidics for use in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

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Quantitative detection of circulating nucleophosmin mutations DNA in the plasma of patients with acute myeloid leukemia

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Quantitative detection of circulating tumor-derived mitochondrial NADH subunit variants as a potential prognostic biomarker for oral cancer

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Quantitative electroencephalography as a diagnostic aid for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children

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Quantitative enantioselective Raman spectroscopy

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Quantitative evaluation of CART-containing cells in urinary bladder of rats with renovascular hypertension

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Quantitative evaluation of dermatological antiseptics

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Quantitative evaluation of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli strains in the wastewater of a French teaching hospital and relation to patient strain

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Quantitative evaluation of fMRI retinotopic maps, from V1 to V4, for cognitive experiments

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Quantitative evaluation of fabricating complete denture by computer numerical control in manufacturing dentition and baseplate separately plus adhesive molding

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Quantitative evaluation of first, second, and third generation hairpin systems reveals the limit of mammalian vector-based RNAi

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Quantitative evaluation of hyaline articular cartilage T2 maps of knee and determine the relationship of cartilage T2 values with age, gender, articular changes

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Quantitative evaluation of models for solvent-based, on-column focusing in liquid chromatography

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Quantitative evaluation of reactive nitrogen emissions with urbanization: a case study in Beijing megacity, China

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Quantitative evaluation of robust skull stripping and tumor detection applied to axial MR images

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Quantitative evaluation of specific vulnerability to nitrate for groundwater resource protection based on process-based simulation model

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Quantitative evaluation of striated muscle injury by multiscale blob features method

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Quantitative evaluation of the antiretroviral efficacy of dolutegravir

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Quantitative evaluation of the clinical efficacy of attention bias modification treatment for anxiety disorders

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Quantitative evaluation of the dosimetric effects of balloon deformation and source position in high-dose rate mammosite breast brachytherapy

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Quantitative evaluation of the immunodeficiency of a mouse strain by tumor engraftments

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Quantitative evaluation of the impact of night shifts and alcohol consumption on construction tiling quality

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Quantitative evaluation of the lumbosacral sagittal alignment in degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis

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Quantitative evaluation of the occupant kinematic response of the THUMS 50th-percentile male model relative to PMHS laboratory rollover tests

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Quantitative evaluation of the pulmonary microdistribution of TiO2 nanoparticles using X-ray fluorescence microscopy after intratracheal administration with a microsprayer in rats

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Quantitative evaluation of the strategy to eliminate human African trypanosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Quantitative evaluation of the transplanted lin(-) hematopoietic cell migration kinetics

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Quantitative evaluation of the vasculature supplying the oviduct in pre-pubertal and sexually mature sows

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Quantitative evaluation of unrestrained human gait on change in walking velocity

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