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Quercetin changes purinergic enzyme activities and oxidative profile in platelets of rats with hypothyroidism

Baldissarelli, J.; Santi, A.; Schmatz, R.; Zanini, D.; Cardoso, A.éi.M.; Abadalla, F.át.H.; Thomé, G.R.; Murussi, C.; Polachini, C.R.N.; Delenogare, D.és.P.; Loro, V.L.; Morsch, V.M.; Schetinger, M.R.C.

Biomedicine and PharmacoTherapy 84: 1849-1857


ISSN/ISBN: 1950-6007
PMID: 27832996
DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2016.10.109
Accession: 058678139

Diseases related to thyroid hormones have been extensively studied because affect a large number of individuals, and these hormones participate in the regulation of the whole organism homeostasis. However, little is known about the involvement of purinergic signaling related to oxidative stress in hypothyroidism and possible therapeutic adjuncts for treatment of this disorder. Thus, the present study investigates the effects of quercetin on NTPDase, 5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase activities, platelet aggregation and oxidative profile in platelets of rats with methimazole (MMI)-induced hypothyroidism. Methimazole at a concentration of 20mg/100mL was administered for 90days. From the second month the animals received quercetin 10 or 25mg/kg for 60days. Results showed that: Ecto-5'-nucleotidase activity decreased in methimazole/water group and the treatment with quercetin 25mg/kg decreased NTPDase, 5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase activities. Moreover, platelet aggregation increased in methimazole/water group. Lipid peroxidation increased while superoxide dismutase and catalase activities decreased, but, interestingly, the treatment with quercetin reversed these changes. These results demonstrated that quercetin modulates adenine nucleotide hydrolysis decreasing the ADP formation and adenosine deamination. At the same time quercetin improves the oxidative profile, as well as reduces platelet aggregation, which together with the modulation in the nucleotides levels can contribute to the prevention of platelet disorders.

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