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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58705

Chapter 58705 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

McLeod, D.S.A.; Jonklaas, J.; Brierley, J.D.; Ain, K.B.; Cooper, D.S.; Fein, H.G.; Haugen, B.R.; Ladenson, P.W.; Magner, J.; Ross, D.S.; Skarulis, M.C.; Steward, D.L.; Xing, M.; Litofsky, D.R.; Maxon, H.R.; Sherman, S.I., 2016:
Reassessing the NTCTCS Staging Systems for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, Including Age at Diagnosis

Khatib, A.; Arhab, Y.; Bentebibel, A.; Abousalham, A.; Noiriel, A., 2016:
Reassessing the Potential Activities of Plant CGI-58 Protein

Meijers, Börn.K.I.; Reiser, J., 2015:
Reassessing the Reassessment of suPAR in Glomerular Disease

Yadav, D., 2017:
Reassessing the Risk of Pancreatitis With Alcohol

Ellis, J.A.; Banu, M.; Hossain, S.S.; Singh-Moon, R.; Lavine, S.D.; Bruce, J.N.; Joshi, S., 2016:
Reassessing the Role of Intra-Arterial Drug Delivery for Glioblastoma Multiforme Treatment

Salazar, I.D.R.; Merino López, M.; Chang, J.; Halloran, P.F., 2016:
Reassessing the Significance of Intimal Arteritis in Kidney Transplant Biopsy Specimens

Karp, D.N.; Wolff, C.S.; Wiebe, D.J.; Branas, C.C.; Carr, B.G.; Mullen, M.T., 2017:
Reassessing the Stroke Belt: Using Small Area Spatial Statistics to Identify Clusters of High Stroke Mortality in the United States

Lee, J.Hyun.; Ó Hartaigh, Bíain.; Han, D.; Park, H.Eun.; Choi, S-Yeon.; Sung, J.; Chang, H-Jae., 2016:
Reassessing the Usefulness of Coronary Artery Calcium Score among Varying Racial and Ethnic Groups by Geographic Locations: Relevance of the Korea Initiatives on Coronary Artery Calcification Registry

Yao, F.Y.; Fidelman, N., 2016:
Reassessing the boundaries of liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma: Where do we stand with tumor down-staging?

Maraolo, A.Enrico., 2018:
Reassessing the death risk related to probiotics in critically ill patients

Palmgren, P.J.; Sundberg, T.; Laksov, K.Bolander., 2015:
Reassessing the educational environment among undergraduate students in a chiropractic training institution: A study over time

Rosenbom, Sónia.; Costa, Vânia.; Chen, S.; Khalatbari, L.; Yusefi, G.Hosein.; Abdukadir, A.; Yangzom, C.; Kebede, F.; Teclai, R.; Yohannes, H.; Hagos, F.; Moehlman, P.D.; Beja-Pereira, A., 2015:
Reassessing the evolutionary history of ass-like equids: insights from patterns of genetic variation in contemporary extant populations

Klimstra, D.S., 2017:
Reassessing the grade of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms

Karpilow, Q.C.; Thomas, A.T., 2016:
Reassessing the importance of long-acting contraception

Tardieux, I.; Baum, J., 2017:
Reassessing the mechanics of parasite motility and host-cell invasion

Quong, W.Laurel.; Fung, A.Ting-Hei.; Yu, R.Yinglin.; Hsiang, Y.Nien-Hsiung., 2016:
Reassessing the normal toe-brachial index in young healthy adults

Naegle, M.A.; Mugleston, J.D.; Bybee, S.M.; Whiting, M.F., 2016:
Reassessing the phylogenetic position of the epizoic earwigs (Insecta: Dermaptera)

Berger, J.R.; Fox, R.J., 2018:
Reassessing the risk of natalizumab-associated PML

Preyat, N.; Leo, O., 2016:
Reassessing the role of NAD as a prosurvival factor

Cantoro, U.; Polito, M.; Muzzonigro, G., 2015:
Reassessing the role of subclinical varicocele in infertile men with impaired semen quality: a prospective study

Xing, K.; He, X., 2016:
Reassessing the "duon" hypothesis of protein evolution

Rosen, G.M.; Baldwin, S.A.; Smith, R.E., 2015:
Reassessing the "traditional background hypothesis" for elevated MMPI and MMPI-2 Lie-scale scores

Carter, D., 2015:
Reassessing tight glucose control in older, sicker adults

Nicola, S.M., 2016:
Reassessing wanting and liking in the study of mesolimbic influence on food intake

Katungi, A.; Redeker, S.; Kiiza, P.; Ocaka, J.; Van Goor, A.; Polderman, A.M.; Lyazi, I.; Odongo-Aginya, E.I., 2016:
Reassessment Of Helminth Infections In Gulu Municipality Nothern Uganda After The Twenty Years Of Insurgency: Using Three Diagonostic Methods To Compare Their Sensitivity

Chae, E.Young.; Cha, J.Hee.; Shin, H.Jung.; Choi, W.Jung.; Kim, H.Hee., 2016:
Reassessment and Follow-Up Results of BI-RADS Category 3 Lesions Detected on Screening Breast Ultrasound

Chamorro-Rengifo, J.; Braun, H.; Lopes-Andrade, C., 2016 :
Reassessment and division of the genus Agraecia Audinet-Serville (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae: Agraeciini)

Rivero-Sanchez, L.; Lopez-Ceron, M.; Carballal, S.; Moreira, L.; Bessa, X.; Serradesanferm, A.; Pozo, A.; Augé, J.Maria.; Ocaña, T.; Sánchez, A.; Leoz, Mía.Liz.; Cuatrecasas, Míriam.; Grau, J.; Llach, J.; Castells, A.; Balaguer, F.; Pellisé, M., 2016:
Reassessment colonoscopy to diagnose serrated polyposis syndrome in a colorectal cancer screening population

Castrillejo, M.; Casacuberta, Núria.; Breier, C.F.; Pike, S.M.; Masqué, P.; Buesseler, K.O., 2016:
Reassessment of (90)Sr, (137)Cs, and (134)Cs in the Coast off Japan Derived from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident

Wilkinson, S.A.; Hills, A.P.; Street, S.J.; Hinchliffe, F., 2018:
Reassessment of Allied Health Professionals' Level of Self-Efficacy in, Outcome Expectancy in, and Use of Evidence-Based Practice

Minutolo, R.; Gabbai, F.B.; Chiodini, P.; Garofalo, C.; Stanzione, G.; Liberti, M.Elena.; Pacilio, M.; Borrelli, S.; Provenzano, M.; Conte, G.; De Nicola, L., 2015:
Reassessment of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Improves Renal Risk Stratification in Nondialysis Chronic Kidney Disease: Long-Term Cohort Study

Pokorney, S.D.; Miller, A.L.; Chen, A.Y.; Thomas, L.; Fonarow, G.C.; de Lemos, J.A.; Al-Khatib, S.M.; Velazquez, E.J.; Peterson, E.D.; Wang, T.Y., 2016:
Reassessment of Cardiac Function and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Use Among Medicare Patients With Low Ejection Fraction After Myocardial Infarction

Garber, K.B.; Vincent, L.M.; Alexander, J.J.; Bean, L.J.H.; Bale, S.; Hegde, M., 2017:
Reassessment of Genomic Sequence Variation to Harmonize Interpretation for Personalized Medicine

Tsuruyama, T.; Aini, W.; Hiratsuka, T., 2016:
Reassessment of H&E stained clot specimens and immunohistochemistry of phosphorylated Stat5 for histological diagnosis of MDS/MPN

Bellan, S.E.; Dushoff, J.; Galvani, A.P.; Meyers, L.Ancel., 2016 :
Reassessment of HIV-1 acute phase infectivity: accounting for heterogeneity and study design with simulated cohorts

Rostoker, G.; Griuncelli, M.; Loridon, C.; Magna, Téophile.; Machado, G.; Drahi, G.; Dahan, Hé.; Janklewicz, P.; Cohen, Y., 2016:
Reassessment of Iron Biomarkers for Prediction of Dialysis Iron Overload: An MRI Study

Beckmann, Y.; Özakbaş, S.; Bülbül, Nı.Gamze.; Kösehasanoğulları, Görkem.; Seçil, Y.; Bulut, O.; İncesu, Tülay.Kurt.; Tokuçoğlu, F.; Ertekin, C., 2016:
Reassessment of Lhermitte's sign in multiple sclerosis

Bogen, K.T.; Heilman, J.M., 2016:
Reassessment of MTBE cancer potency considering modes of action for MTBE and its metabolites

Venditti, A.; Frezza, C.; Guarcini, L.; Maggi, F.; Bianco, A.; Serafini, M., 2016:
Reassessment of Melittis melissophyllum L. subsp. melissophyllum iridoidic fraction

Verasdonck, J.; Shen, D-Kang.; Treadgold, A.; Arthur, C.; Böckmann, A.; Meier, B.H.; Blocker, A.J., 2016:
Reassessment of MxiH subunit orientation and fold within native Shigella T3SS needles using surface labelling and solid-state NMR

Gilbert, C.C.; Frost, S.R.; Delson, E., 2016:
Reassessment of Olduvai Bed I cercopithecoids: A new biochronological and biogeographical link to the South African fossil record

Lin, H.; Chen, M.; Kundaje, A.; Valouev, A.; Yin, H.; Liu, N.; Neuenkirchen, N.; Zhong, M.; Snyder, M., 2015:
Reassessment of Piwi binding to the genome and Piwi impact on RNA polymerase II distribution

Shukla, S.Y.; Batra, N.N.; Ittiara, S.T.; Hariprasad, S.M., 2016:
Reassessment of Scleral Depression in the Clinical Setting

Han, T.; Lee, W.; Lee, S.; Park, I.Gyun.; Park, H., 2016:
Reassessment of Species Diversity of the Subfamily Denticollinae (Coleoptera: Elateridae) through DNA Barcoding

Visentin, J.; Bachelet, T.; Borg, Cécile.; Franchini, N.; Nong, T.; Lee, J-How.; Couzi, L.; Merville, P.; Guidicelli, G.; Taupin, J-Luc., 2016:
Reassessment of T Lymphocytes Crossmatches Results Prediction With Luminex Class I Single Antigen Flow Beads Assay

Su, T.; Wolf, S.; Han, M.; Zhao, H.; Wei, H.; Greiner, S.; Rausch, T., 2016:
Reassessment of an Arabidopsis cell wall invertase inhibitor AtCIF1 reveals its role in seed germination and early seedling growth

Noto, N.; Kato, M.; Abe, Y.; Kamiyama, H.; Karasawa, K.; Ayusawa, M.; Takahashi, S., 2015:
Reassessment of carotid intima-media thickness by standard deviation score in children and adolescents after Kawasaki disease

Santin, J.M.; Hartzler, L.K., 2016:
Reassessment of chemical control of breathing in undisturbed bullfrogs, Lithobates catesbeianus, using measurements of pulmonary ventilation

Lupp, A.; Mann, A.; Heeb, A.; Kaemmerer, D.; Sänger, Jörg.; Evert, M.; Evert, K.; Mawrin, C.; Schulz, S., 2016:
Reassessment of endothelin receptor A expression in normal and neoplastic human tissues using the novel rabbit monoclonal antibody UMB-8

Hunley, K., 2015:
Reassessment of global gene-language coevolution

Yamaguchi, K.; Itohara, S.; Ito, M., 2018:
Reassessment of long-term depression in cerebellar Purkinje cells in mice carrying mutated GluA2 C terminus

Cunha, A.F.; Genzano, G.N.; Marques, A.C., 2015:
Reassessment of morphological diagnostic characters and species boundaries requires taxonomical changes for the genus orthopyxis L. Agassiz, 1862 (campanulariidae, hydrozoa) and some related campanulariids

Mecklenburg, C.W.; Anderson, M.Eric., 2017:
Reassessment of multiple species of Gymnelus (Teleostei: Zoarcidae) in Pacific Arctic and boreal regions

Sadat-Ali, M.; Al-Dakheel, D.A.; Azam, M.Q.; Al-Bluwi, M.T.; Al-Farhan, M.F.; AlAmer, H.A.; Al-Meer, Z.; Al-Mohimeed, A.; Tabash, I.K.; Karry, M.O.; Rassasy, Y.M.; Baragaba, M.A.; Amer, A.S.; AlJawder, A.; Al-Bouri, K.M.; ElTinay, M.; Badawi, H.A.; Al-Othman, A.A.; Tayara, B.K.; Al-Faraidy, M.H.; Amin, A.H., 2016:
Reassessment of osteoporosis-related femoral fractures and economic burden in Saudi Arabia

Gualandi, M.; Simoni, M.; Manzato, E.; Scanelli, G., 2016:
Reassessment of patients with Eating Disorders after moving from DSM-IV towards DSM-5: a retrospective study in a clinical sample

Cohen, E.; Zerach, A.; Mimouni, M.; Barak, A., 2015:
Reassessment of pneumatic retinopexy for primary treatment of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Prince, L.; Chappelle, W.L.; McDonald, K.D.; Goodman, T.; Cowper, S.; Thompson, W., 2016:
Reassessment of psychological distress and post-traumatic stress disorder in United States Air Force Distributed Common Ground System operators

Nelson, P.T.; Wang, W-Xia.; Partch, A.B.; Monsell, S.E.; Valladares, O.; Ellingson, S.R.; Wilfred, B.R.; Naj, A.C.; Wang, L-San.; Kukull, W.A.; Fardo, D.W., 2015:
Reassessment of risk genotypes (GRN, TMEM106B, and ABCC9 variants) associated with hippocampal sclerosis of aging pathology

Teunis, P.; Figueras, M.J., 2016:
Reassessment of the Enteropathogenicity of Mesophilic Aeromonas Species

Li, M.; Li, X.; Zhou, Z.; Wu, P.; Fang, M.; Pan, X.; Lin, Q.; Luo, W.; Wu, G.; Li, H., 2016:
Reassessment of the Four Yield-related Genes Gn1a, DEP1, GS3, and IPA1 in Rice Using a CRISPR/Cas9 System

My, L.; Ghandour Achkar, N.; Viala, J.P.; Bouveret, E., 2015:
Reassessment of the Genetic Regulation of Fatty Acid Synthesis in Escherichia coli: Global Positive Control by the Dual Functional Regulator FadR

Camillo, J.; Leão, Aé.P.; Alves, A.A.; Formighieri, E.F.; Azevedo, A.Ls.; Nunes, J.D.; de Capdeville, G.; de A Mattos, J.K.; Souza, M.T., 2014:
Reassessment of the Genome Size in Elaeis guineensis and Elaeis oleifera, and Its Interspecific Hybrid

Mohn, J.; Gutjahr, W.; Toyoda, S.; Harris, E.; Ibraim, E.; Geilmann, H.; Schleppi, P.; Kuhn, T.; Lehmann, M.F.; Decock, C.; Werner, R.A.; Yoshida, N.; Brand, W.A., 2016:
Reassessment of the NH 4 NO 3 thermal decomposition technique for calibration of the N 2 O isotopic composition

Yan, S.; Lu, H-Ming.; Flanz, J.; Adams, J.; Trofimov, A.; Bortfeld, T., 2016:
Reassessment of the Necessity of the Proton Gantry: Analysis of Beam Orientations From 4332 Treatments at the Massachusetts General Hospital Proton Center Over the Past 10 Years

Gazzano, V.; Berger, A.; Benito, Y.; Freydiere, A-Marie.; Tristan, A.; Boisset, S.; Carricajo, A.; Poyart, C.; Vandenesch, Fçois.; Descours, G., 2016:
Reassessment of the Role of Rapid Antigen Detection Tests in Diagnosis of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections

Vazart, F.; Calderini, D.; Skouteris, D.; Latouche, C.; Barone, V., 2016:
Reassessment of the Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Spectroscopic Features of Cyanomethanimine Derivatives: A Full Anharmonic Perturbative Treatment

Van Schoors, J.; Lens, C.; Maes, K.; Michotte, Y.; Smolders, I.; Van Eeckhaut, A., 2016:
Reassessment of the antioxidative mixture for the challenging electrochemical determination of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin in microdialysis samples

Umakoshi, H.; Xiaomei, Y.; Ichijo, T.; Kamemura, K.; Matsuda, Y.; Fujii, Y.; Kai, T.; Fukuoka, T.; Sakamoto, R.; Ogo, A.; Suzuki, T.; Ogasawara, T.; Tsuiki, M.; Naruse, M., 2016:
Reassessment of the cosyntropin stimulation test in the confirmatory diagnosis and subtype classification of primary aldosteronism

Hauer, Táš.; Bohunická, Méta.; Johansen, J.R.; Mareš, J.; Berrendero-Gomez, E., 2014:
Reassessment of the cyanobacterial family Microchaetaceae and establishment of new families Tolypothrichaceae and Godleyaceae

Jauch, W.; Reehuis, M., 2014:
Reassessment of the electron density in Cu2O using γ-ray diffraction

Castro, M.C.; Ciancio, Mín.R.; Pacheco, Víctor.; Salas-Gismondi, R.M.; Bostelmann, J.Enrique.; Carlini, A.A., 2016:
Reassessment of the hairy long-nosed armadillo "Dasypus" pilosus (Xenarthra, Dasypodidae) and revalidation of the genus Cryptophractus Fitzinger, 1856

d'Emden, M.C., 2015:
Reassessment of the new diagnostic thresholds for gestational diabetes mellitus: an opportunity for improvement. In reply

Ho, J.; Nguyen, P.Thi.Bich.; Nguyen, T.Anh.; Tran, K.Hien.; Van Nguyen, S.; Nguyen, N.Viet.; Nguyen, H.Binh.; Luu, K.Boi.; Fox, G.J.; Marks, G.B., 2017:
Reassessment of the positive predictive value and specificity of Xpert MTB/RIF: a diagnostic accuracy study in the context of community-wide screening for tuberculosis

Narita, S.; Mitsuzuka, K.; Tsuchiya, N.; Koie, T.; Kawamura, S.; Ohyama, C.; Tochigi, T.; Yamaguchi, T.; Arai, Y.; Habuchi, T., 2016:
Reassessment of the risk factors for biochemical recurrence in D'Amico intermediate-risk prostate cancer treated using radical prostatectomy

Wang, Z.T.; Harmon, S.; O'Malley, K.L.; Sibley, L.David., 2015:
Reassessment of the role of aromatic amino acid hydroxylases and the effect of infection by Toxoplasma gondii on host dopamine

Taillefer, M.; Rydzak, T.; Levin, D.B.; Oresnik, I.J.; Sparling, R., 2015:
Reassessment of the transhydrogenase/malate shunt pathway in Clostridium thermocellum ATCC 27405 through kinetic characterization of malic enzyme and malate dehydrogenase

Wang, Y.; Tsao, M-Lin., 2016:
Reassigning Sense Codon AGA to Encode Noncanonical Amino Acids in Escherichia coli

Garcia, C.; Delprat, A.; Ruiz, A.; Valente, V.L.S., 2016:
Reassignment of Drosophila willistoni Genome Scaffolds to Chromosome II Arms

Mukai, T.; Yamaguchi, A.; Ohtake, K.; Takahashi, M.; Hayashi, A.; Iraha, F.; Kira, S.; Yanagisawa, T.; Yokoyama, S.; Hoshi, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Sakamoto, K., 2015:
Reassignment of a rare sense codon to a non-canonical amino acid in Escherichia coli

Habig, D.; Leicht, D.; Schwaab, G.; Havenith, M., 2015:
Reassignment of ν2,3 IR band of the allyl radical in liquid helium nanodroplets

Pérez-Delgado, C.M.; García-Calderón, M.; Márquez, A.J.; Betti, M., 2016:
Reassimilation of Photorespiratory Ammonium in Lotus japonicus Plants Deficient in Plastidic Glutamine Synthetase

Anema, S.G.; Li, Y., 2015:
Reassociation of dissociated caseins upon acidification of heated pH-adjusted skim milk

Chaudhry, M.; Angot, Aélique.; Rashid, H.B.; Cattoli, G.; Hussain, M.; Trovò, G.; Drago, A.; Valastro, V.; Thrusfield, M.; Welburn, S.; Eisler, M.C.; Capua, I., 2015:
Reassortant Avian Influenza A(H9N2) viruses in chickens in retail poultry shops, Pakistan, 2009-2010

Zhu, W.; Zhang, H.; Xiang, X.; Zhong, L.; Yang, L.; Guo, J.; Xie, Y.; Li, F.; Deng, Z.; Feng, H.; Huang, Y.; Hu, S.; Xu, X.; Zou, X.; Li, X.; Bai, T.; Chen, Y.; Li, Z.; Li, J.; Shu, Y., 2016:
Reassortant Eurasian Avian-Like Influenza A(H1N1) Virus from a Severely Ill Child, Hunan Province, China, 2015

Hao, X.; Hu, J.; Wang, J.; Xu, J.; Cheng, H.; Xu, Y.; Li, Q.; He, D.; Liu, X.; Wang, X.; Gu, M.; Hu, S.; Xu, X.; Liu, H.; Chen, S.; Peng, D.; Liu, X., 2017:
Reassortant H5N1 avian influenza viruses containing PA or NP gene from an H9N2 virus significantly increase the pathogenicity in mice

Souto, S.; Olveira, J.G.; Dopazo, C.P.; Bandín, I., 2016:
Reassortant betanodavirus infection in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Wong, F.Y.K.; Phommachanh, P.; Kalpravidh, W.; Chanthavisouk, C.; Gilbert, J.; Bingham, J.; Davies, K.R.; Cooke, J.; Eagles, D.; Phiphakhavong, S.; Shan, S.; Stevens, V.; Williams, D.T.; Bounma, P.; Khambounheuang, B.; Morrissy, C.; Douangngeun, B.; Morzaria, S., 2015:
Reassortant highly pathogenic influenza A(H5N6) virus in Laos

Marton, S.; Deák, J.; Dóró, Ráta.; Csata, Tünde.; Farkas, S.L.; Martella, V.; Bányai, Kán., 2016:
Reassortant human group C rotaviruses in Hungary

Isakova-Sivak, I.; Korenkov, D.; Rudenko, L., 2016:
Reassortant viruses for influenza vaccines: is it time to reconsider their genome structures?

Conceição-Neto, Nádia.; Mesquita, Jão.Rodrigo.; Zeller, M.; Yinda, C.Kwe.; Álvares, F.; Roque, S.; Petrucci-Fonseca, F.; Godinho, R.; Heylen, E.; Van Ranst, M.; Matthijnssens, J., 2017:
Reassortment among picobirnaviruses found in wolves

Rajão, D.S.; Walia, R.R.; Campbell, B.; Gauger, P.C.; Janas-Martindale, A.; Killian, M.Lea.; Vincent, A.L., 2016:
Reassortment between Swine H3N2 and 2009 Pandemic H1N1 in the United States Resulted in Influenza A Viruses with Diverse Genetic Constellations with Variable Virulence in Pigs

Yuan, R.; Zou, L.; Kang, Y.; Wu, J.; Zeng, X.; Lu, J.; Liang, L.; Song, Y.; Zhang, X.; Ni, H.; Lin, J.; Liao, M.; Ke, C., 2016:
Reassortment of Avian Influenza A/H6N6 Viruses from Live Poultry Markets in Guangdong, China

Komoto, S.; Tacharoenmuang, R.; Guntapong, R.; Ide, T.; Tsuji, T.; Yoshikawa, T.; Tharmaphornpilas, P.; Sangkitporn, S.; Taniguchi, K., 2016:
Reassortment of Human and Animal Rotavirus Gene Segments in Emerging DS-1-Like G1P[8] Rotavirus Strains

Zhou, J.; Yang, F.; Yang, J.; Ma, L.; Cun, Y.; Song, S.; Liao, G., 2016:
Reassortment of high-yield influenza viruses in vero cells and safety assessment as candidate vaccine strains

Holt, N.; Pincus, T.; Vogel, S., 2016:
Reassurance during low back pain consultations with GPs: a qualitative study

West, V.G., 1991:
Reassurance on investment

Zash, R.; Souda, S.; Chen, J.Y.; Binda, K.; Dryden-Peterson, S.; Lockman, S.; Mmalane, M.; Makhema, J.; Essex, M.; Shapiro, R., 2016:
Reassuring Birth Outcomes With Tenofovir/Emtricitabine/Efavirenz Used for Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Botswana

Barrett, K.; Fan, E., 2016:
Reassuring Long-Term Outcomes for Australian and New Zealand Survivors of Severe Influenza A (H1N1) Infection. A Case Study in Methodological Complexity?

Lampert, R., 2016:
Reassuring News for Genetically Tested, Appropriately Treated, Low-Risk LQTS Patients

Chou, R., 2015:
Reassuring patients about low back pain

Nørgård, B.M.; Magnussen, B.; Larsen, M.D.; Friedman, S., 2016:
Reassuring results on birth outcomes in children fathered by men treated with azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine within 3 months before conception: a nationwide cohort study

Salkovskis, P.M.; Kobori, O., 2016:
Reassuringly calm? Self-reported patterns of responses to reassurance seeking in obsessive compulsive disorder

Kaarme, J.; Hickman, R.A.; Nevéus, T.; Blomberg, J.; Öhrmalm, C., 2016:
Reassuringly low carriage of enteropathogens among healthy Swedish children in day care centres

Londhe, S.M.; Garge, H.G.; Sudeep, S., 2008:
Reattachment of Crown Fragment for Immediate Esthetics

Fornaini, C.; Rocca, J-Paul., 2016:
Reattachment of a Fractured Anterior Tooth Segment With Pulp Exposure via Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Lasers

Bozan, N.; Sakin, Y.Feyyat.; Bozkus, F.; Ciftci, M.Ali., 2018:
Reattachment of a partially amputated ear without microsurgery

Bozkurt, F.O.; Demir, B.; Erkan, E., 2015:
Reattachment of dehydrated tooth fragments: two case reports

Yousef, M.K., 2015:
Reattachment of fractured teeth fragments in mandibular incisors: a case report

Sapna, C.M.; Priya, R.; Sreedevi, N.B.; Rajan, R.R.; Kumar, R., 2014:
Reattachment of fractured tooth fragment with fiber post: a case series with 1-year followup

Akhtar, S.; Bhagabati, N.; Srinivasan, R.; Bhandari, S.K., 2016:
Reattachment of subgingival complicated fractures of anterior teeth

Anonymous, 2016:
Reawakened trauma of childhood sexual abuse

Bargenquast, R.; Schweitzer, R.D.; Drake, S., 2015:
Reawakening reflective capacity in the psychotherapy of schizophrenia: a case study

Swerdlow, C.D.; Blumenthal, T.; Swerdlow, N.R., 2018:
Reawakening research on reducing shock pain

Verchere, C.Bruce.; Lynn, F.C., 2016:
Reawakening the Duct Cell Progenitor?

Péron, S.; Berninger, B., 2016:
Reawakening the sleeping beauty in the adult brain: neurogenesis from parenchymal glia

Merinov, B.V.; Mueller, J.E.; van Duin, A.C.T.; An, Q.; Goddard, W.A., 2015:
ReaxFF Reactive Force-Field Modeling of the Triple-Phase Boundary in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Islam, M.Mahbubul.; Ostadhossein, A.; Borodin, O.; Yeates, A.Todd.; Tipton, W.W.; Hennig, R.G.; Kumar, N.; van Duin, A.C.T., 2014:
ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulations on lithiated sulfur cathode materials

Basu, A., 2016:
Reba and Her Insurgent Prose: Sex Work, HIV/AIDS, and Subaltern Narratives

Tyler, D.A.; Fennell, M.L., 2015:
Rebalance Without the Balance: A Research Note on the Availability of Community-Based Services in Areas Where Nursing Homes Have Closed

Yang, A.; Yu, X.; Zheng, A.; James, A.T., 2017:
Rebalance between 7S and 11S globulins in soybean seeds of differing protein content and 11SA4

Śmigasiewicz, K.; Hasan, G.Sami.; Verleger, R., 2016:
Rebalancing Spatial Attention: Endogenous Orienting May Partially Overcome the Left Visual Field Bias in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

Lay-Yee, R.; Pearson, J.; von Randow, M.; Kerse, N.; Brown, L.; Davis, P., 2017:
Rebalancing health service use for older people: simulating policy-relevant scenarios under demographic ageing

Card, A.J.; Ward, J.R.; Clarkson, P.John., 2016:
Rebalancing risk management--Part 2: The Active Risk Control (ARC) Toolkit

Kohata, Y.; Nakahara, K.; Tanigawa, T.; Yamagami, H.; Shiba, M.; Watanabe, T.; Tominaga, K.; Fujiwara, Y.; Arakawa, T., 2015:
Rebamipide Alters the Esophageal Microbiome and Reduces the Incidence of Barrett's Esophagus in a Rat Model

Izawa, T.; Mori, H.; Shinohara, T.; Mino-Oka, A.; Hutami, I.Rahma.; Iwasa, A.; Tanaka, E., 2017:
Rebamipide Attenuates Mandibular Condylar Degeneration in a Murine Model of TMJ-OA by Mediating a Chondroprotective Effect and by Downregulating RANKL-Mediated Osteoclastogenesis

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Rebates and coupons run rampant in diabetes

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Reboot your career

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Rebooting Our Boots on the Ground

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Rebooting Psychotherapy Research and Practice to Reduce the Burden of Mental Illness

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Rebounding: How to increase patient referrals

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Rebozo Technique for Fetal Malposition in Labor

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Rebranding nursing's image

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Rebranding public health as "soft healing" is not necessary

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Rebranding schizophrenia is unlikely to reduce stigma

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Rebranding the Perioperative Surgical Home: Lessons From the Duke Experience

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Rebranding "community mental health"

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Rebreather Unit to Prolong Underwater Survival Time

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Rebubbling Techniques for Graft Detachment After Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty

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Rebuild or Relocate? Resilience and Postdisaster Decision-Making After Hurricane Sandy

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Rebuilding Earthquake Struck Nepal through Community Engagement

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Rebuilding Ems in the Motor City

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Rebuilding Life: Investigating the Long-Term Homecare Needs of Clients With Spinal Cord Injuries

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Rebuilding Mercy Hospital Joplin

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Rebuilding Nepal

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Rebuilding a broken heart: lessons from developmental and regenerative biology

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Rebuilding a quality culture at HCA

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Rebuilding and advancing emergency medicine

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Rebuilding the injured lung

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Rebuilding the rheumatic heart disease program in Sudan

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Rebuilding trust--the real challenge for health system improvement

El-Said, H., 2016:

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Rebuttal - Factors affecting cognitive performance in children with special reference to sleep and sedentary behavior

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Rebuttal Comments from Dr. Dunn and Dr. Wechsler

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Rebuttal Comments from Dr. Iyer and Dr. Lim

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Rebuttal From Dr Barnes

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Rebuttal From Dr Berger et al

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Rebuttal From Dr Caironi

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Rebuttal From Dr Courtright

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Rebuttal From Dr Davidson

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Rebuttal From Dr Enright

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Rebuttal From Dr Farber

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Rebuttal From Dr Freedman

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Rebuttal From Dr Kollef

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Rebuttal From Dr Kory

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Rebuttal From Dr Li et al

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Rebuttal From Dr Mandel

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Rebuttal From Dr Middlekauff

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Rebuttal From Dr O'Byrne

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Rebuttal From Dr Pack

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Rebuttal From Dr Punjabi

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Rebuttal From Dr Rapoport

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Rebuttal From Dr Rubenfeld

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Rebuttal From Dr Schmidt

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Rebuttal From Dr Tillotson

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Rebuttal From Dr Weinberger

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Rebuttal From Dr Wunderink

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Rebuttal From Drs Christopher and Repine

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Rebuttal From Drs Funaki and Haskal

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Rebuttal From Drs King and Nathan

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Rebuttal From Drs Tanner and Silvestri

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Rebuttal From Dr Berdine

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Rebuttal by Christopher T. Minson and James D. Cotter

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Rebuttal by Lars Nybo and Carsten Lundby

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Divisions, New and Old - Conscience and Religious Freedom at HHS

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Rebuttal from David C. Poole

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Rebuttal from Dr Doss

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Rebuttal from Dr Hanna

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Rebuttal from Dr Hutchison

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Rebuttal from Dr Lai et al

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Rebuttal from Dr McCunney

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Rebuttal from Dr Mehta et al

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Rebuttal from Dr Nestle and Dr Belderbos

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Rebuttal from Dr Nguyen et al

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Rebuttal from Dr Veatch

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Rebuttal from Dr van Meerbeeck

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Rebuttal from Dr. Decaluwé and Dr. Dooms

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Rebuttal from Dr. Hofman and Dr. Ilié

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Rebuttal from Dr. Mino-Kenudson

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Rebuttal from Ms Blumenthal

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Rebuttal from Ms Woodford and Dr Senthi

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Rebuttal from Peter D. Wagner

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Divorce Law

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Dixon Chibanda: grandmothers help to scale up mental health care

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Rebuttal to the Con Statement

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DIY HIV prevention: Formative qualitative research with men who have sex with men who source PrEP outside of clinical trials

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Recalcitrant Venous Leg Ulcers May Heal by Outpatient Treatment of Venous Disease Even in the Presence of Concomitant Arterial Occlusive Disease

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Recalibrating emergency care in the UK

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Recall.  Upon completion of five years of the death of Doctor José Maria Bengoa Lecanda

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Recalling our "why"

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Recalling the past, creating the future

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Recalling the trauma of war

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Recent Advances in Dental Bleaching with Laser and LEDs

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Recent Advances in High Altitude Medicine and Biology

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Recent Advances in Imaging of Small and Large Bowel

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Recent Advances in Immediate Toe-to-Hand Transfer

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Recent Advances in Interface Engineering for Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells

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Recent Advances in Intestinal and Multivisceral Transplantation

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Recent Advances in Kawasaki Disease

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Recent Advances in Lentiviral Vaccines for HIV-1 Infection

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Recent Advances in Leukoaraiosis: White Matter Structural Integrity and Functional Outcomes after Acute Ischemic Stroke

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Recent Advances in MR Hardware and Software

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Recent Advances in Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibitor Use in Heart and Lung Transplantation

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Recent Advances in Management of Acute Pancreatitis

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Recent Advances in Management of Chronic Pancreatitis

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Recent Advances in Management of Myocarditis

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Recent Advances in Management of Pediatric Food Allergy

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Recent Advances in Managing Acute Pancreatitis

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Recent Advances in Marine Enzymes for Biotechnological Processes

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Recent Advances in Measurement and Dietary Mitigation of Enteric Methane Emissions in Ruminants

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Recent Advances in Metabolic Profiling And Imaging of Prostate Cancer

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Recent Advances in Metal-Free Quinoline Synthesis

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Recent Advances in Methods of Puerarin Biotransformation

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Recent Advances in Molecular Image-Guided Cancer Radionuclide Therapy

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Recent Advances in Molecular Mechanisms of Taste Signaling and Modifying

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Recent Advances in Monoclonal Antibody Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis

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Recent advances in multiaxial electrospinning for drug delivery

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Recent Advances in Multinuclear Metal Nitrosyl Complexes

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Recent Advances in the Development of Small-Molecular Inhibitors Target HIV Integrase-LEDGF/p75 Interaction

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Recent Advances in the Study of Sleep in the Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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Recent Advances in the Study of the Inclusion Complex Darunavir-β-Cyclodextrin by LC-MS

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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Carotenoid-Derived Flavours and Fragrances

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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Cyclobutanes by Olefin [2 + 2] Photocycloaddition Reactions

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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Heterocycles and Related Substances Based on α-Imino Rhodium Carbene Complexes Derived from N-Sulfonyl-1,2,3-triazoles

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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Stemona Alkaloids

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Recent Advances in the Theory and Molecular Simulation of Biological Electron Transfer Reactions

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Recent Advances in the Theory and Simulation of Model Colloidal Microphase Formers

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Recent Advances in the Treatment of Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

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Recent Advances in the Treatment of Preterm Newborn Infants with Patent Ductus Arteriosus

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Recent Advances in the Trichomonas vaginalis Field

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Recent Advances of Biomechanical Studies on Cervical Fusion and Non-fusion Surgery

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Recent Advances of Natural and Synthetic β-Carbolines as Anticancer Agents

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Recent Advances on Building Information Modeling

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