Section 59
Chapter 58,752

Theoretical and methodological approaches in discourse analysis

Stevenson, C.

Nurse Researcher 12(2): 17-29


ISSN/ISBN: 1351-5578
PMID: 27707413
DOI: 10.7748/nr.12.2.91.s11
Accession: 058751422

Discourse analysis (DA) embodies two main approaches: Foucauldian DA and radical social constructionist DA. Both are underpinned by social constructionism to a lesser or greater extent. Social constructionism has contested areas in relation to power, embodiment, and materialism, although Foucauldian DA does focus on the issue of power. Embodiment and materialism may be especially relevant for researchers of nursing where the physical body is prominent. However, the contested nature of social constructionism allows a fusion of theoretical and methodological approaches tailored to a specific research interest. In this paper, Chris Stevenson suggests a frame- work for working out and declaring the DA approach to be taken in relation to a research area, as well as to aid anticipating methodological critique. Method, validity, reliability and scholarship are discussed from within a discourse analytic frame of reference.

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