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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58777

Chapter 58777 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aboujaoude, E., 2016:
Rising suicide rates: an under-recognized role for the Internet?

Spenceley, S., 2016:
Rising to the Challenge of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Gursky, E.A., 2016:
Rising to the Challenge: The Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone and How Insights Into One Nongovernmental Organization's Response Can Inform Future Core Competencies

Flaherty, E., 2016:
Rising to the Challenge: The Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) and The John A. Hartford Foundation's GWEP Coordinating Center

Licciardi, K.; Bodic, M.; Taub, A.; Homel, P.; Jacob, T., 2017:
Rising to the Challenge: The Response to Hurricane Sandy in a Psychiatric Emergency Room

Mathur, S.; DeWitte, S.; Robledo, I.; Isaacs, T.; Stamford, J., 2016:
Rising to the Challenges of Clinical Trial Improvement in Parkinson's Disease

Higson, A., 2016:
Rising to the better births challenge

Anonymous, 2008:
Rising to the challenge

Anonymous, 2015:
Rising to the challenge

Mueser, K.T.; Cook, J.A., 2015:
Rising to the challenge of first episode psychosis: the NIMH Recovery After Initial Schizophrenia Episode (RAISE) initiative

Idnurm, A.; Lin, X., 2016:
Rising to the challenge of multiple Cryptococcus species and the diseases they cause

Mandell, I.M.; Bynum, F.; Marshall, L.; Bart, R.; Gold, J.I.; Rubin, S., 2016:
Rising to the challenge of preventing pediatric intensive care unit admissions

Huang, J.L.; Chiaburu, D.S.; Zhang, X-an.; Li, N.; Grandey, A.A., 2016:
Rising to the challenge: Deep acting is more beneficial when tasks are appraised as challenging

Roberts, M.J.; Gale, T.C.E.; McGrath, J.S.; Wilson, M.R., 2017:
Rising to the challenge: acute stress appraisals and selection centre performance in applicants to postgraduate specialty training in anaesthesia

Lillicrap, M.; Otter, S.; Haq, I., 2016:
Rising to the challenge: rheumatology can lead in multi-professional education and training globally in the 21st century

Molinari, N.; Chanez, P.; Roche, N.; Ahmed, E.; Vachier, I.; Bourdin, A., 2017:
Rising total costs and mortality rates associated with admissions due to COPD exacerbations

McKenna, M.J.; Murray, B.F.; O'Keane, M.; Kilbane, M.T., 2015:
Rising trend in vitamin D status from 1993 to 2013: dual concerns for the future

Bharara, T.; Bhalla, P.; Rawat, D.; Garg, V.K.; Sardana, K.; Chakravarti, A., 2016:
Rising trend of antimicrobial resistance among Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates and the emergence of N. gonorrhoeae isolate with decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone

Oommen, A.Mary.; Abraham, V.Joseph.; George, K.; Jose, V.Jacob., 2017:
Rising trend of cardiovascular risk factors between 1991-1994 and 2010-2012: A repeat cross sectional survey in urban and rural Vellore

Thorpe, A.; Hurworth, M.; O'Sullivan, P.; Mitchell, T.; Smith, A., 2016:
Rising trends in surgery for rotator cuff disease in Western Australia

Odouard, C.; Ong, D.; Shah, P.R.; Gin, T.; Allen, P.J.; Downie, J.; Lim, L.L.; McCluskey, P., 2016:
Rising trends of endogenous Klebsiella pneumoniae endophthalmitis in Australia

Thamilselvan, P.; Muthuraman, K.Raj.; Mandal, J.; Parija, S.Chandra., 2016:
Rising trends of neurocysticercosis: A serological report from tertiary-care hospital in South India

Barzin, M.; Keihani, S.; Hosseinpanah, F.; Serahati, S.; Ghareh, S.; Azizi, F., 2016:
Rising trends of obesity and abdominal obesity in 10 years of follow-up among Tehranian adults: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study (TLGS)

Sethi, S.; Mewara, A.; Hallur, V.; Prasad, A.; Sharma, K.; Raj, A., 2015:
Rising trends of syphilis in a tertiary care center in North India

Brinjikji, W.; Kallmes, D.F.; Cloft, H.J., 2015:
Rising utilization of CT in adult fall patients

Santelli, J.S.; Baldwin, W.; Heitel, J., 2015:
Rising wealth, improving health? Adolescents and inequality

Kosterin, O.E., 2016:
Risiophlebia guentheri sp. nov. (Odonata, Libellulidae) from southeastern Indochina

Cole, S.R.; Hudgens, M.G.; Brookhart, M.Alan.; Westreich, D., 2015:

Hull, A.; Friedman, T.; Christianson, H.; Moore, G.; Walsh, R.; Wills, B., 2016:
Risk Acceptance and Desire for Shared Decision Making in Pediatric Computed Tomography Scans: A Survey of 350

Sherwood, M.W.; Peterson, E.D., 2015:
Risk Adjusted Mortality Ratings and Public Reporting for High-Risk PCI

Pfister, D.G.; Rubin, D.M.; Elkin, E.B.; Neill, U.S.; Duck, E.; Radzyner, M.; Bach, P.B., 2016:
Risk Adjusting Survival Outcomes in Hospitals That Treat Patients With Cancer Without Information on Cancer Stage

Wagner, T.H.; Upadhyay, A.; Cowgill, E.; Stefos, T.; Moran, E.; Asch, S.M.; Almenoff, P., 2017:
Risk Adjustment Tools for Learning Health Systems: A Comparison of DxCG and CMS-HCC V21

Kalbfleisch, J.; Wolfe, R.; Bell, S.; Sun, R.; Messana, J.; Shearon, T.; Ashby, V.; Padilla, R.; Zhang, M.; Turenne, M.; Pearson, J.; Dahlerus, C.; Li, Y., 2016:
Risk Adjustment and the Assessment of Disparities in Dialysis Mortality Outcomes

Motta, F.Araujo.; Dalla-Costa, L.Maria.; Muro, M.Dominguez.; Lenzi, A.; Picharski, G.Luiz.; Burger, M., 2016:
Risk Adjustment for Congenital Heart Surgery Score as a Risk Factor for Candidemia in Children Undergoing Congenital Heart Defect Surgery

Muratore, S.; Statz, C.; Glover, J.J.; Kwaan, M.; Beilman, G., 2016:
Risk Adjustment for Determining Surgical Site Infection in Colon Surgery: Are All Models Created Equal?

Yen, S-Che.; Corkery, M.B.; Chui, K.K.; Manjourides, J.; Wang, Y-Chih.; Resnik, L.J., 2016:
Risk Adjustment for Lumbar Dysfunction: Comparison of Linear Mixed Models With and Without Inclusion of Between-Clinic Variation as a Random Effect

Clement, R.Carter.; Derman, P.B.; Kheir, M.M.; Soo, A.E.; Flynn, D.N.; Levin, L.Scott.; Fleisher, L., 2016:
Risk Adjustment for Medicare Total Knee Arthroplasty Bundled Payments

Menon, U.; Ryan, A.; Kalsi, J.; Gentry-Maharaj, A.; Dawnay, A.; Habib, M.; Apostolidou, S.; Singh, N.; Benjamin, E.; Burnell, M.; Davies, S.; Sharma, A.; Gunu, R.; Godfrey, K.; Lopes, A.; Oram, D.; Herod, J.; Williamson, K.; Seif, M.W.; Jenkins, H.; Mould, T.; Woolas, R.; Murdoch, J.B.; Dobbs, S.; Amso, N.N.; Leeson, S.; Cruickshank, D.; Scott, I.; Fallowfield, L.; Widschwendter, M.; Reynolds, K.; McGuire, A.; Campbell, S.; Parmar, M.; Skates, S.J.; Jacobs, I., 2015:
Risk Algorithm Using Serial Biomarker Measurements Doubles the Number of Screen-Detected Cancers Compared With a Single-Threshold Rule in the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening

Dansingani, K.K.; Perlee, L.T.; Hamon, S.; Lee, M.; Shah, V.P.; Spaide, R.F.; Sorenson, J.; Klancnik, J.M.; Yannuzzi, L.A.; Barbazetto, I.A.; Cooney, M.J.; Engelbert, M.; Chen, C.; Hewitt, A.W.; Freund, K.Bailey., 2016:
Risk Alleles Associated with Neovascularization in a Pachychoroid Phenotype

Sohani, Z.N.; Anand, S.S.; Robiou-du-Pont, S.; Morrison, K.M.; McDonald, S.D.; Atkinson, S.A.; Teo, K.K.; Meyre, D., 2016:
Risk Alleles in/near ADCY5, ADRA2A, CDKAL1, CDKN2A/B, GRB10, and TCF7L2 Elevate Plasma Glucose Levels at Birth and in Early Childhood: Results from the FAMILY Study

Murakami, M., 2017:
Risk Analysis as Regulatory Science: Toward The Establishment of Standards

Jiang, H.Yang.; Ma, H.; Qian, W.; Wei, G.Hui., 2017:
Risk Analysis for Pathological Changes in Pulmonary Parenchyma Based on Lung Computed Tomography Images

Ayra, E.S.; Insua, D.Ríos.; Castellanos, Mía.Eugenia.; Larbi, L., 2016:
Risk Analysis for Unintentional Slide Deployment During Airline Operations

Niu, S.; Gao, L.; Zhao, J., 2016:
Risk Analysis of Metals in Soil from a Restored Coal Mining Area

Kishida, Y.; Tsushima, T.; Endo, M.; Hamauchi, S.; Todaka, A.; Yokota, T.; Machida, N.; Yamazaki, K.; Fukutomi, A.; Onozawa, Y.; Yasui, H., 2015:
Risk Analysis of Pneumonitis in Taxane Therapy After Chemoradiotherapy for Patients With Metastatic or Recurrent Esophageal Cancer

Amin Al Olama, A.; Eeles, R.A.; Kote-Jarai, Z.; Easton, D.F., 2016:
Risk Analysis of Prostate Cancer in PRACTICAL Consortium--Response

Martens, F.K.; Kers, J.G.; Janssens, A.Cecile.J.W., 2016:
Risk Analysis of Prostate Cancer in PRACTICAL Consortium-Letter

Amin Al Olama, A.; Benlloch, S.; Antoniou, A.C.; Giles, G.G.; Severi, G.; Neal, D.E.; Hamdy, F.C.; Donovan, J.L.; Muir, K.; Schleutker, J.; Henderson, B.E.; Haiman, C.A.; Schumacher, F.R.; Pashayan, N.; Pharoah, P.D.P.; Ostrander, E.A.; Stanford, J.L.; Batra, J.; Clements, J.A.; Chambers, S.K.; Weischer, M.; Nordestgaard, Børge.G.; Ingles, S.A.; Sorensen, K.D.; Orntoft, T.F.; Park, J.Y.; Cybulski, C.; Maier, C.; Doerk, T.; Dickinson, J.L.; Cannon-Albright, L.; Brenner, H.; Rebbeck, T.R.; Zeigle, 2016:
Risk Analysis of Prostate Cancer in PRACTICAL, a Multinational Consortium, Using 25 Known Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Loci

Murayama, Y.; Takao, H.; Ishibashi, T.; Saguchi, T.; Ebara, M.; Yuki, I.; Arakawa, H.; Irie, K.; Urashima, M.; Molyneux, A.J., 2016:
Risk Analysis of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms: Prospective 10-Year Cohort Study

Dyer, O., 2018:
Dozens of US doctors charged in "historic" fraud crackdown

Salvador, Ián.; Mercado, Aés.; Bravo, G.Liliana.; Baldeón, M.; Fornasini, M., 2017:
Risk and Protective Factors for Gastric Metaplasia and Cancer: a Hospital-Based Case-Control Study in Ecuador

Rujirakul, R.; Ueng-arporn, N.; Kaewpitoon, S.J.; Loyd, R.A.; Kaewthani, S.; Kaewpitoon, N., 2015:
Risk Areas of Liver Flukes in Surin Province of Thailand using Geographic Information System

Atkins, B., 2015:
Risk Assessment Protocol in an Nhs Practice--A Team Approach

Usuda, K.; Ueno, T.; Ito, Y.; Dote, T.; Yokoyama, H.; Kono, K.; Tamaki, J., 2017:
Risk Assessment Study of Fluoride Salts: Probability-Impact Matrix of Renal and Hepatic Toxicity Markers

Liuzzo, G.; Bentley, S.; Giacometti, F.; Piva, S.; Serraino, A., 2016:
Risk Assessment Terminology: Risk Communication Part 1

Liuzzo, G.; Bentley, S.; Giacometti, F.; Piva, S.; Serraino, A., 2016:
Risk Assessment Terminology: Risk Communication Part 2

Efimova, N.V.; Tarmaeva, I.Iu.; Bogdanova, O.G., 2015:
Risk Assessment to Health of the Population of Buriatiia in Connection with the Consumption of Foodstuff

Laine, L., 2016:
Risk Assessment Tools for Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Crandall, C.J., 2016:
Risk Assessment Tools for Osteoporosis Screening in Postmenopausal Women: A Systematic Review

Whittaker, M.H., 2015:
Risk Assessment and Alternatives Assessment: Comparing Two Methodologies

Wang, T.Y.; Martin, J.R.; Loriaux, D.B.; Desai, R.; Shammas, R.L.; Adogwa, O.; Moreno, J.; Kuchibhatla, M.; Bagley, C.A.; Karikari, I.O.; Gottfried, O.N., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Characterization of 30-Day Perioperative Myocardial Infarction Following Spine Surgery: A Retrospective Analysis of 1346 Consecutive Adult Patients

Estep, J.D.; Starling, R.C.; Horstmanshof, D.A.; Milano, C.A.; Selzman, C.H.; Shah, K.B.; Loebe, M.; Moazami, N.; Long, J.W.; Stehlik, J.; Kasirajan, V.; Haas, D.C.; O'Connell, J.B.; Boyle, A.J.; Farrar, D.J.; Rogers, J.G., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Comparative Effectiveness of Left Ventricular Assist Device and Medical Management in Ambulatory Heart Failure Patients: Results From the ROADMAP Study

Hebson, C.; Saraf, A.; Book, W.M., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Management of the Mother with Cardiovascular Disease

Cibrelus, L.; Lingani, Cément.; Fernandez, K.; Djingarey, M.H.; Perea, W.A.; Hugonnet, Séphane., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Meningococcal A Conjugate Vaccine Introduction in Africa: The District Prioritization Tool

Zhong, S.; Geng, H.; Zhang, F.; Liu, Z.; Wang, T.; Song, B., 2015:
Risk Assessment and Prediction of Heavy Metal Pollution in Groundwater and River Sediment: A Case Study of a Typical Agricultural Irrigation Area in Northeast China

Sharon, J.D.; Kraus, C.L.; Ehrenburg, M.; Weinreich, H.M.; Francis, H.W., 2017:
Risk Assessment and Prevention of Corneal Complications After Lateral Skull Base Surgery

Kowalski, T.J.; Tilson, M.L.; Brickner, S.A., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

Forciea, M.Ann.; Humphrey, L.L.; Qaseem, A., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

Wang, T-yu.; Zhou, Y-qiao.; Li, Q-feng.; Lü, Y-long., 2016:
Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Chemicals in China

Black, J.C.; Welday, J.N.; Buckley, B.; Ferguson, A.; Gurian, P.L.; Mena, K.D.; Yang, I.; McCandlish, E.; Solo-Gabriele, H.M., 2017:
Risk Assessment for Children Exposed to Beach Sands Impacted by Oil Spill Chemicals

Sakellariou, V.I.; Poultsides, L.A.; Ma, Y.; Bae, J.; Liu, S.; Sculco, T.P., 2016:
Risk Assessment for Chronic Pain and Patient Satisfaction After Total Knee Arthroplasty

Li, S.; Tryfonas, T.; Russell, G.; Andriotis, P., 2016:
Risk Assessment for Mobile Systems Through a Multilayered Hierarchical Bayesian Network

Novak, J.L.; Miller, P.R.; Markovic, D.; Meymandi, S.K.; DeGiorgio, C.M., 2015:
Risk Assessment for Sudden Death in Epilepsy: The SUDEP-7 Inventory

Kontaxopoulou, I.; Alam, S., 2015:
Risk Assessment for Tooth Wear

Ferroni, P.; Zanzotto, F.Massimo.; Scarpato, N.; Riondino, S.; Nanni, U.; Roselli, M.; Guadagni, F., 2016:
Risk Assessment for Venous Thromboembolism in Chemotherapy-Treated Ambulatory Cancer Patients

Lal, S.; Singhrao, S.K.; Achilles-Day, U.E.M.; Morton, L.H.Glyn.; Pearce, M.; Crean, S., 2016:
Risk Assessment for the Spread of Serratia marcescens Within Dental-Unit Waterline Systems Using Vermamoeba vermiformis

Turner, D.; Rettenberger, M.; Yoon, D.; Klein, V.; Eher, R.; Briken, P., 2017:
Risk Assessment in Child Sexual Abusers Working With Children

Monahan, J.; Skeem, J.L., 2017:
Risk Assessment in Criminal Sentencing

Schlegel, A.; Linecker, M.; Kron, P.; Györi, G.; De Oliveira, M.L.; Müllhaupt, B.; Clavien, P-A.; Dutkowski, P., 2016:
Risk Assessment in High- and Low-MELD Liver Transplantation

Tongyoo, A.; Chatthamrak, P.; Sriussadaporn, E.; Limpavitayaporn, P.; Mingmalairak, C., 2015:
Risk Assessment of Abdominal Wall Thickness Measured on Pre-Operative Computerized Tomography for Incisional Surgical Site Infection after Abdominal Surgery

Weng, Y-Hao.; Yang, C-Yuh.; Chiu, Y-Wen., 2014:
Risk Assessment of Adverse Birth Outcomes in Relation to Maternal Age

Beheshti, I.; Olya, H.G.T.; Demirel, H., 2017:
Risk Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease using the Information Diffusion Model from Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Shibata, T.; Meng, C.; Umoren, J.; West, H., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Arsenic in Rice Cereal and Other Dietary Sources for Infants and Toddlers in the U.S

Saint-Cyr, M.Jimmy.; Perrin-Guyomard, Aès.; Manceau, J.; Houée, Péla.; Delmas, J-Michel.; Rolland, J-Guy.; Laurentie, M., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Deoxynivalenol by Revisiting Its Bioavailability in Pig and Rat Models to Establish Which Is More Suitable

Peinhaupt, M.; Roula, D.; Theiler, A.; Sedej, M.; Schicho, R.; Marsche, G.; Sturm, E.M.; Sabroe, I.; Rothenberg, M.E.; Heinemann, A., 2018:
DP1 receptor signaling prevents the onset of intrinsic apoptosis in eosinophils and functions as a transcriptional modulator

Emoto, C.; Vinks, A.A.; Fukuda, T., 2017:
Risk Assessment of Drug-Drug Interactions of Calcineurin Inhibitors Affecting Sirolimus Pharmacokinetics in Renal Transplant Patients

Normohammadi, M.; Kakooei, H.; Omidi, L.; Yari, S.; Alimi, R., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Exposure to Silica Dust in Building Demolition Sites

Waugh, D.T.; Potter, W.; Limeback, H.; Godfrey, M., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Fluoride Intake from Tea in the Republic of Ireland and its Implications for Public Health and Water Fluoridation

Svobodová, Zňka.; Skoková Habuštová, O.; Hutchison, W.D.; Hussein, H.M.; Sehnal, Fšek., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered Maize Resistant to Diabrotica spp.: Influence on Above-Ground Arthropods in the Czech Republic

Wu, Y.; Yang, J.; Zhou, X-yong.; Lei, M.; Gao, D.; Qiao, P-wei.; Du, G-dong., 2015:
Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Farmland Soil in Du'an Autonomous County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Seo, Y.Seok.; Kim, M.Na.; Kim, S.Up.; Kim, S.Gyune.; Um, S.Ho.; Han, K-Hyub.; Kim, Y.Seok., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Transient Elastography Vs. Liver Biopsy in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients Receiving Antiviral Therapy

Gierak, A.; Bocian, Łukasz.; Śmietanka, K., 2016:
Risk Assessment of High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Virus Introduction into Poland via Legal Importation of Live Poultry

Condoleo, R.; Mezher, Z.; Marozzi, S.; Guzzon, A.; Fischetti, R.; Senese, M.; Sette, S.; Bucchini, L., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Human Listeriosis from Semisoft Cheeses Made from Raw Sheep's Milk in Lazio and Tuscany (Italy)

Guo, Z.; Haimes, Y.Y., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Infrastructure System of Systems with Precursor Analysis

Takata, Y.; Sakai, T.; Tezuka, F.; Yamashita, K.; Abe, M.; Higashino, K.; Ngamachi, A.; Sairyo, K., 2017:
Risk Assessment of Lumbar Segmental Artery Injury During Lateral Transpsoas Approach in the Patients With Lumbar Scoliosis

Feng, J.; Xia, Z.; Zhang, L.; Cheng, S.; Wang, R., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Malaria Prevalence in Ludian, Yongshan, and Jinggu Counties, Yunnan Province, After 2014 Earthquake Disaster

Kim, S.Hyung.; Kil, H.Keum.; Kim, H.Jin.; Koo, B.Nyeo., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Mortality Following Intraoperative Cardiac Arrest Using POSSUM and P-POSSUM in Adults Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery

Omidianidost, A.; Ghasemkhani, M.; Kakooei, H.; Shahtaheri, S.Jamaleddin.; Ghanbari, M., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Crystalline Silica in Small Foundries in Pakdasht, Iran

El Nemr, A.; El-Said, G.F.; Khaled, A., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Organochlorines in Mollusk from the Mediterranean and Red Sea Coasts of Egypt

Al-Rashid, F.; Kahlert, P.; Selge, F.; Hildebrandt, H.; Patsalis, P-Christos.; Totzeck, M.; Mummel, P.; Rassaf, T.; Jánosi, R.Alexander., 2017:
Risk Assessment of Patients Undergoing Transfemoral Aortic Valve Implantation upon Admission for Post-Interventional Intensive Care and Surveillance: Implications on Short- and Midterm Outcomes

Proto, A.R.; Zimbalatti, G., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Repetitive Movements in Olive Growing: Analysis of Annual Exposure Level Assessment Models with the OCRA Checklist

Hitzler, W.; Hutschenreuter, G.; Wartensleben, H., 2015:
Risk Assessment of Single-Donor (Apheresis) Platelet Concentrates and Pooled Whole-Blood-Derived Platelet Concentrates

Yamazaki, H.; Uchiyama, S.; Komatsu, M.; Hashimoto, S.; Kato, H., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Tendon Attrition Following Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures With Volar Locking Plates Using Audible Crepitus and Placement of the Plate: A Prospective Clinical Cohort Study

Zhong, H-zhou.; Wei, C-hai., 2015:
Risk Assessment of Trihalomethane Production Using the Beijiang River and the Pearl River, Guangzhou as Drinking Water Sources

Zellweger, J-Pierre.; Sotgiu, G.; Block, M.; Dore, S.; Altet, N.; Blunschi, R.; Bogyi, M.; Bothamley, G.; Bothe, C.; Codecasa, L.; Costa, P.; Dominguez, J.; Duarte, R.; Fløe, A.; Fresard, I.; García-García, Jé-María.; Goletti, D.; Halm, P.; Hellwig, D.; Henninger, E.; Heykes-Uden, H.; Horn, L.; Kruczak, K.; Latorre, I.; Pache, Gève.; Rath, H.; Ringshausen, F.C.; Ruiz, Aón.Seminario.; Solovic, I.; Souza-Galvão, M-Luiza.de.; Widmer, U.; Witte, P.; Lange, C.; Aeby, M.; Cuzzi, G.; Girardi, E, 2015:
Risk Assessment of Tuberculosis in Contacts by IFN-γ Release Assays. A Tuberculosis Network European Trials Group Study

Najafi, T.Fathi.; Bahri, N.; Ebrahimipour, H.; Najar, A.Vafaee.; Taleghani, Y.Molavi., 2016:
Risk Assessment of Using Entonox for the Relief of Labor Pain: A Healthcare Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Approach

Nakanishi, J.; Morimoto, Y.; Ogura, I.; Kobayashi, N.; Naya, M.; Ema, M.; Endoh, S.; Shimada, M.; Ogami, A.; Myojyo, T.; Oyabu, T.; Gamo, M.; Kishimoto, A.; Igarashi, T.; Hanai, S., 2016:
Risk Assessment of the Carbon Nanotube Group

Ding, X.; Wu, L.; Li, P.; Zhang, Z.; Zhou, H.; Bai, Y.; Chen, X.; Jiang, J., 2016:
Risk Assessment on Dietary Exposure to Aflatoxin B₁ in Post-Harvest Peanuts in the Yangtze River Ecological Region

Rossner, A.; Dotson, G.Scott., 2012:
Risk Assessment's New Era, Part 3: Vision of the AIHA ® Risk Assessment Committee

Rossner, A.; Dotson, G.Scott.; Maier, A.; Boelter, F.W.; Williams, P.; Ripple, S.D.; Heckman, B.J., 2012:
Risk Assessment's New Era, Part 4: Roadmap for Integrating Risk and Decision Making into Industrial Hygiene

Williams, P.R.D.; Dotson, G.Scott.; Maier, A., 2012:
Risk Assessment's New Era: part 2: Evolving Methods and Future Directions

Lee, K.; Rossi, C., 2016:
Risk Assessment, Genetic Counseling, and Genetic Testing for BRCA-Related Cancer in Women

Anonymous, 2016:
Risk Assessment, Genetic Counseling, and Genetic Testing for BRCA-Related Cancer in Women: Recommendation Statement

Mahon, S.M., 2016:
Risk Assessment, Prevention, and Early Detection: Challenges for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Drake, C.G., 2016:
Risk Associated With High-Dose Bicalutamide

Gu, Y-Mei.; Aparicio, L.S.; Liu, Y-Ping.; Asayama, K.; Hansen, T.W.; Niiranen, T.J.; Boggia, Jé.; Thijs, L.; Staessen, J.A., 2014:
Risk Associated with Pulse Pressure on Out-of-Office Blood Pressure Measurement

Murray, J.V.; Jansen, C.C.; De Barro, P., 2016:
Risk Associated with the Release of Wolbachia-Infected Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes into the Environment in an Effort to Control Dengue

Karthikesalingam, A.; Holt, P.J.E.; Loftus, I.M.; Thompson, M.M., 2016:
Risk Aversion in Vascular Intervention: The Consequences of Publishing Surgeon-specific Mortality for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Ravaioli, M.; Grande, G.; Di Gioia, P.; Cucchetti, A.; Cescon, M.; Ercolani, G.; Del Gaudio, M.; Morelli, C.; Pinna, A.D., 2016:
Risk Avoidance and Liver Transplantation: A Single-center Experience in a National Network

King, S.B., 2016:
Risk Avoidance: For Whom?

Vetterli, D.C.M.; Lava, S.A.G.; Essig, S.; Milosevic, G.; Cajöri, G.; Uehlinger, D.E.; Moor, M.B., 2016:
Risk Behavior and Reciprocity of Organ Donation Attitudes in Young Men

Green, N.; Hoenigl, M.; Morris, S.; Little, S.J., 2016:
Risk Behavior and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Transgender Women and Men Undergoing Community-Based Screening for Acute and Early HIV Infection in San Diego

Lamonica, A.; Boeri, M., 2015:
Risk Behaviors Among Suburban Women who Use Methamphetamine: Social Harms and Social Solutions

Smith, S.W.; Hitt, R.; Russell, J.; Nazione, S.; Silk, K.; Atkin, C.K.; Keating, D., 2016:
Risk Belief and Attitude Formation From Translated Scientific Messages About PFOA, an Environmental Risk Associated With Breast Cancer

Jones, J.Stephen., 2018:
Risk Calculators Are Only Applicable to Populations They Are Derived From

Cunningham, N.R.; Jagpal, A.; Peugh, J.; Farrell, M.K.; Cohen, M.B.; Mezoff, A.G.; Lynch-Jordan, A.; Kashikar-Zuck, S., 2016:
Risk Categorization Predicts Disability in Pain-associated Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders After 6 Months

Wang, H.; Ye, J.; Wang, L.; Jin, W., 2017:
Risk Characteristics of Venous Thromboembolism in Chinese Patients

Khan, E.A.; Khan, R.; Iqbal, M.Tariq.; Hasan, Q.; Farrukh, S.; Rana, M.Safdar.; Khan, W.Mehmood., 2015:
Risk Characterization Of Maternal And Neonatal Tetanus In View Of Tetanus Vaccination Campaigns In Pakistan

Wisman, P.P.; van Hattum, E.S.; van der Graaf, Y.; de Borst, G.J.; Tangelder, M.J.D.; Moll, F.L., 2015:
Risk Chart for Future Mortality and Ischaemic Events Following Peripheral Bypass Surgery

Zakhour, R.; Aguilera, E.; Hasbun, R.; Wootton, S.H., 2016:
Risk Classification for Enteroviral Infection in Children With Meningitis and Negative Gram Stain

Miki, Y.; Kawamura, T.; Sugisawa, N.; Makuuchi, R.; Nakajima, T.; Tokunaga, M.; Tanizawa, Y.; Bando, E.; Terashima, M., 2016:
Risk Classification using the Ki-67 Labeling Index for Surgically-Treated Gastric Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors

Minnier, J.; Yuan, M.; Liu, J.S.; Cai, T., 2015:
Risk Classification with an Adaptive Naive Bayes Kernel Machine Model

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