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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58808

Chapter 58808 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kwok, C-Ming., 2016:
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the jejunum with gastric metastases: A case report and review of the literature

Szkorupa, M.; Bohanes, T.; Neoral, C.; Vomackova, K.; Chudacek, J., 2015:
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the lung -  a case report

Zhang, Y.; Li, B.; Shi, H.; Cai, L.; Gu, Y., 2016:
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the lung mimics aspergilloma on ¹⁸F-FDG PET/CT

Acosta, A.Martin.; Senseng, C.; Kim, G.; Sekosan, M.; Ree, N., 2017:
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the prostate with adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and heterologous components

Zhu, C-Chao.; Li, M-Ran.; Lin, T-Long.; Zhao, G., 2015:
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the stomach: A case report and literature review

Wang, J.; Luo, H.; Sun, F.; Zhou, T.; Fan, S.; Gan, M., 2016:
Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the ureter: report of a case with neuroendocrine carcinoma and osteosarcoma

Kim, H.Min.; Kim, H.; Park, Y.Nyun., 2016:
Sarcomatoid cholangiocarcinoma with osteoclast-like giant cells associated with hepatolithiasis: A case report

Sharma, R.; Kaushal, V., 2016:
Sarcomatoid chromophobe renal cell carcinoma: A rare entity with prognostic significance

Chin, S.; Kim, Z., 2015:
Sarcomatoid combined hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma: a case report and review of literature

Vieira, T.; Antoine, M.; Hamard, Cécile.; Fallet, V.; Duruisseaux, M.; Rabbe, N.; Rodenas, A.; Cadranel, J.; Wislez, M., 2017:
Sarcomatoid lung carcinomas show high levels of programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1) and strong immune-cell infiltration by TCD3 cells and macrophages

Galetta, D.; Catino, A.; Misino, A.; Logroscino, A.; Fico, M., 2016:
Sarcomatoid mesothelioma: future advances in diagnosis, biomolecular assessment, and therapeutic options in a poor-outcome disease

Tsukamoto, Y.; Hao, H.; Kajimoto, N.; Katayama, A.; Suzuki, C.; Terada, T.; Nakano, T.; Hanaoka, K.; Hirota, S., 2015:
Sarcomatoid pleural mesothelioma with osteosarcomatous, chondrosarcomatous and rhabdomyoblastic elements: an extremely rare autopsy case

Tomihara, K.; Hamashima, T.; Nagao, T.; Nakamori, K.; Sasahara, M.; Noguchi, M., 2015:
Sarcomatoid salivary duct carcinoma of the palate: a rare case report

Fatima, N.; Canter, D.J.; Carthon, B.C.; Kucuk, O.; Master, V.A.; Nieh, P.T.; Ogan, K.; Osunkoya, A.O., 2016:
Sarcomatoid urothelial carcinoma of the bladder: a contemporary clinicopathologic analysis of 37 cases

Mathew, N.; Mathew, M.; Farrah, J., 2015:
Sarcomatous Carcinoma of the Orbit: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Toda-Ishii, M.; Akaike, K.; Kurisaki-Arakawa, A.; Arakawa, A.; Mukaihara, K.; Suehara, Y.; Takagi, T.; Kaneko, K.; Yao, T.; Saito, T., 2016:
Sarcomatous transformation of EGFR and TP53 mutation-positive metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lungs, masquerading as a primary pleomorphic sarcoma of the proximal femur

Carmona, G.; Roca, E.; Guerrero, M.; Cussó, R.; Irurtia, A.; Nescolarde, L.; Brotons, D.; Bedini, J.L.; Cadefau, J.A. , 2016:
Sarcomere Disruptions of Slow Fiber Resulting From Mountain Ultramarathon

Li, K-Lun.; Ghashghaee, N.Bohlooli.; Solaro, R.John.; Dong, W., 2017:
Sarcomere length dependent effects on the interaction between cTnC and cTnI in skinned papillary muscle strips

Thompson, B.R.; Martindale, J.; Metzger, J.M., 2017:
Sarcomere neutralization in inherited cardiomyopathy: small-molecule proof-of-concept to correct hyper-Ca2+-sensitive myofilaments

Liang, X.; Dong, X.; Moerman, D.G.; Shen, K.; Wang, X., 2015:
Sarcomeres Pattern Proprioceptive Sensory Dendritic Endings through UNC-52/Perlecan in C. elegans

Haldar, S.M.; Srivastava, D., 2017:
Sarcomeres and Cardiac Growth: Tension in the Relationship

Hasenfuss, G., 2015:
Sarcomeric cardiomyopathies: from bedside to bench and back

Kebir, S.; Orfanos, Z.; Schuld, J.; Linhart, M.; Lamberz, C.; van der Ven, P.F.M.; Schrickel, J.; Kirfel, G.; Fürst, D.O.; Meyer, R., 2016:
Sarcomeric lesions and remodeling proximal to intercalated disks in overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy

Yin, Z.; Ren, J.; Guo, W., 2015:
Sarcomeric protein isoform transitions in cardiac muscle: a journey to heart failure

Gresham, K.S.; Mamidi, R.; Li, J.; Kwak, H.; Stelzer, J.E., 2016:
Sarcomeric protein modification during adrenergic stress enhances cross-bridge kinetics and cardiac output

Lee, Y-Ho.; Jung, K.Sik.; Kim, S.Up.; Yoon, H-Jin.; Yun, Y.Jung.; Lee, B-Wan.; Kang, E.Seok.; Han, K-Hyub.; Lee, H.Chul.; Cha, B-Soo., 2016:
Sarcopaenia is associated with NAFLD independently of obesity and insulin resistance: Nationwide surveys (KNHANES 2008-2011)

Wang, S-Lin.; Zhuang, C-Le.; Huang, D-Dong.; Pang, W-Yang.; Lou, N.; Chen, F-Feng.; Zhou, C-Jun.; Shen, X.; Yu, Z., 2016:
Sarcopenia Adversely Impacts Postoperative Clinical Outcomes Following Gastrectomy in Patients with Gastric Cancer: A Prospective Study

Meng, N-Hsin.; Li, C-Ing.; Liu, C-Shong.; Lin, W-Yuan.; Lin, C-Hsueh.; Chang, C-Kai.; Li, T-Chung.; Lin, C-Chieh., 2016:
Sarcopenia Defined by Combining Height- and Weight-Adjusted Skeletal Muscle Indices is Closely Associated With Poor Physical Performance

Wilson, R.J.; Alamanda, V.K.; Hartley, K.G.; Mesko, N.W.; Halpern, J.L.; Schwartz, H.S.; Holt, G.E., 2015:
Sarcopenia Does Not Affect Survival or Outcomes in Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

Taguchi, S.; Akamatsu, N.; Nakagawa, T.; Gonoi, W.; Kanatani, A.; Miyazaki, H.; Fujimura, T.; Fukuhara, H.; Kume, H.; Homma, Y., 2017:
Sarcopenia Evaluated Using the Skeletal Muscle Index Is a Significant Prognostic Factor for Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma

Hirani, V.; Blyth, F.; Naganathan, V.; Le Couteur, D.G.; Seibel, M.J.; Waite, L.M.; Handelsman, D.J.; Cumming, R.G., 2016:
Sarcopenia Is Associated With Incident Disability, Institutionalization, and Mortality in Community-Dwelling Older Men: The Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project

Prior, S.J.; Ryan, A.S.; Blumenthal, J.B.; Watson, J.M.; Katzel, L.I.; Goldberg, A.P., 2017:
Sarcopenia Is Associated With Lower Skeletal Muscle Capillarization and Exercise Capacity in Older Adults

Coelho Júnior, Hélio.José.; Aguiar, S.da.Silva.; Gonçalves, I.de.Oliveira.; Sampaio, R.Aurélio.Carvalho.; Uchida, M.Carlos.; Moraes, M.Rocha.; Asano, R.Yukio., 2015:
Sarcopenia Is Associated with High Pulse Pressure in Older Women

Maeda, K.; Shamoto, H.; Wakabayashi, H.; Akagi, J., 2016:
Sarcopenia Is Highly Prevalent in Older Medical Patients With Mobility Limitation

Byeon, C-Hwa.; Kang, K-Young.; Kang, S-Hun.; Kim, H-Kyul.; Bae, E-Jin., 2016:
Sarcopenia Is Not Associated with Depression in Korean Adults: Results from the 2010-2011 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Cao, L.; Morley, J.E., 2018:
Sarcopenia Is Recognized as an Independent Condition by an International Classification of Disease, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) Code

Nardelli, S.; Lattanzi, B.; Torrisi, S.; Greco, F.; Farcomeni, A.; Gioia, S.; Merli, M.; Riggio, O., 2016:
Sarcopenia Is Risk Factor for Development of Hepatic Encephalopathy After Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Placement

Cintosun, U.; Altun, B.; Tasci, I., 2016:
Sarcopenia Is a Condition With Increasing Importance in Medical Oncology

Mori, R.; Shamoto, H.; Maeda, K.; Wakabayashi, H., 2018:
Sarcopenia Is a Possible Independent Risk Factor of Cognitive Decline in Community-Dwelling Older People

Wu, T-Yin.; Liaw, C-Kun.; Chen, F-Chun.; Kuo, K-Liang.; Chie, W-Chu.; Yang, R-Sen., 2016:
Sarcopenia Screened With SARC-F Questionnaire Is Associated With Quality of Life and 4-Year Mortality

Evans, W.J., 2016:
Sarcopenia Should Reflect the Contribution of Age-Associated Changes in Skeletal Muscle to Risk of Morbidity and Mortality in Elderly People

Doyle, L.E.; Williams, R.B.H.; Rice, S.A.; Marsili, E.; Lauro, F.M., 2018:
Draft Genome Sequence of Enterobacter sp. Strain EA-1, an Electrochemically Active Microorganism Isolated from Tropical Sediment

Sousa, A.S.; Guerra, R.S.; Fonseca, I.; Pichel, F.; Amaral, T.F., 2016:
Sarcopenia among hospitalized patients - A cross-sectional study

Kittiskulnam, P.; Carrero, J.J.; Chertow, G.M.; Kaysen, G.A.; Delgado, C.; Johansen, K.L., 2016:
Sarcopenia among patients receiving hemodialysis: weighing the evidence

Takagi, K.; Yagi, T.; Yoshida, R.; Shinoura, S.; Umeda, Y.; Nobuoka, D.; Kuise, T.; Watanabe, N.; Fujiwara, T., 2016:
Sarcopenia and American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status in the Assessment of Outcomes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Undergoing Hepatectomy

Basualto-Alarcón, C.; Varela, D.; Duran, J.; Maass, R.; Estrada, M., 2015:
Sarcopenia and Androgens: A Link between Pathology and Treatment

Barichella, M.; Pinelli, G.; Iorio, L.; Cassani, E.; Valentino, A.; Pusani, C.; Ferri, V.; Bolliri, C.; Pasqua, M.; Pezzoli, G.; Frazzitta, G.; Cereda, E., 2017:
Sarcopenia and Dynapenia in Patients With Parkinsonism

Dos Santos, M.R.; Saitoh, M.; Ebner, N.; Valentova, M.; Konishi, M.; Ishida, J.; Emami, A.; Springer, J.; Sandek, A.; Doehner, W.; Anker, S.D.; von Haehling, S., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Endothelial Function in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure: Results From the Studies Investigating Comorbidities Aggravating Heart Failure (SICA-HF)

Cawthon, P.M.; Lui, L-Yung.; McCulloch, C.E.; Cauley, J.A.; Paudel, M.L.; Taylor, B.; Schousboe, J.T.; Ensrud, K.E., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Health Care Utilization in Older Women

Lee, J.; Han, K.; Song, J.Jun.; Im, G.Jung.; Chae, S.Won., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Hearing Loss in Older Koreans: Findings from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2010

Nasr, R.; Watelain, E.; Pinti, A.; Maalouf, G.; Berro, A-Jalil.; El Hage, R., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Hip Structure Analysis Variables in a Group of Elderly Men

Ji, H-Min.; Han, J.; Won, Y-Yeon., 2015:
Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis

Ryan, A.S.; Ivey, F.M.; Serra, M.C.; Hartstein, J.; Hafer-Macko, C.E., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Physical Function in Middle-Aged and Older Stroke Survivors

Hirai, K.; Ookawara, S.; Morishita, Y., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Physical Inactivity in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

Hara, N.; Iwasa, M.; Sugimoto, R.; Mifuji-Moroka, R.; Yoshikawa, K.; Terasaka, E.; Hattori, A.; Ishidome, M.; Kobayashi, Y.; Hasegawa, H.; Iwata, K.; Takei, Y., 2016:
Sarcopenia and Sarcopenic Obesity Are Prognostic Factors for Overall Survival in Patients with Cirrhosis

Ayala, D.I.; Cook, P.W.; Campos, D.L.; Franco, J.G.; Brashears, M.M.; den Bakker, H.; Nightingale, K.K., 2018:
Draft Genome Sequence of Enterococcus faecium Strain J19, Isolated from Cabbage

Jansen, R.Bo.; Christensen, T.Møller.; Bülow, J.; Rørdam, L.; Holstein, P.E.; Svendsen, O.Lander., 2016:
Sarcopenia and body composition in diabetic Charcot osteoarthropathy

Ogawa, S., 2017:
Sarcopenia and bone mineral property with age

Prado, C.M.; Cushen, S.J.; Orsso, C.E.; Ryan, A.M., 2017:
Sarcopenia and cachexia in the era of obesity: clinical and nutritional impact

Hanna, J.S., 2015:
Sarcopenia and critical illness: a deadly combination in the elderly

Umegaki, H., 2015:
Sarcopenia and diabetes: Hyperglycemia is a risk factor for age-associated muscle mass and functional reduction

Underwood, P.W.; Cron, D.C.; Terjimanian, M.N.; Wang, S.C.; Englesbe, M.J.; Waits, S.A., 2016:
Sarcopenia and failure to rescue following liver transplantation

Tarantino, U.; Piccirilli, E.; Fantini, M.; Baldi, J.; Gasbarra, E.; Bei, R., 2015:
Sarcopenia and fragility fractures: molecular and clinical evidence of the bone-muscle interaction

Bauer, J.M., 2016:
Sarcopenia and frailty 2016 : Going separate ways

Bone, A.E.; Hepgul, N.; Kon, S.; Maddocks, M., 2016:
Sarcopenia and frailty in chronic respiratory disease

Maetzler, W.; Drey, M.; Jacobs, A.H., 2016:
Sarcopenia and frailty in neurology

Umegaki, H., 2017:
Sarcopenia and frailty in older patients with diabetes mellitus

Dodds, R.; Sayer, A.Aihie., 2017:
Sarcopenia and frailty: new challenges for clinical practice

Carrazco-Peña, K.Berenice.; Tene, C.Enrique.; Del Río-Valdivia, Jé., 2017:
Sarcopenia and functional disability in aged

Chávez-Moreno, D.Victoria.; Infante-Sierra, Héctor.; Serralde-Zúñiga, A.E., 2016:
Sarcopenia and functionality in elderly inpatient

Tolea, M.I.; Galvin, J.E., 2015:
Sarcopenia and impairment in cognitive and physical performance

Go, S-Il.; Park, M.Jung.; Song, H-Na.; Kang, M.Hee.; Park, H.Jung.; Jeon, K.Nyeo.; Kim, S-Hyun.; Kim, M.Jin.; Kang, J-Hun.; Lee, G-Won., 2016:
Sarcopenia and inflammation are independent predictors of survival in male patients newly diagnosed with small cell lung cancer

Hashemi, R.; Shafiee, G.; Motlagh, A.Dorosty.; Pasalar, P.; Esmailzadeh, A.; Siassi, F.; Larijani, B.; Heshmat, R., 2017:
Sarcopenia and its associated factors in Iranian older individuals: Results of SARIR study

Kallwitz, E.R., 2016:
Sarcopenia and liver transplant: The relevance of too little muscle mass

Brown, J.C.; Harhay, M.O.; Harhay, M.N., 2016:
Sarcopenia and mortality among a population-based sample of community-dwelling older adults

Yalcin, A.; Aras, S.; Atmis, V.; Cengiz, O.Karaarslan.; Cinar, E.; Atli, T.; Varli, M., 2016:
Sarcopenia and mortality in older people living in a nursing home in Turkey

Pang, Q.; Qu, K.; Liu, C.; Zhang, J-Yao.; Liu, S-Shun., 2016:
Sarcopenia and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: New evidence for low vitamin D status contributing to the link

Ogawa, S., 2017:
Sarcopenia and osteoporosis in pulmonary disease

Izawa, K.P.; Watanabe, S.; Oka, K.; Kasahara, Y.; Morio, Y.; Hiraki, K.; Hirano, Y.; Omori, Y.; Suzuki, N.; Kida, K.; Suzuki, K.; Akashi, Y.J., 2017:
Sarcopenia and physical activity in older male cardiac patients

Dos Santos, L.; Cyrino, E.S.; Antunes, M.; Santos, D.A.; Sardinha, Lís.B., 2016:
Sarcopenia and physical independence in older adults: the independent and synergic role of muscle mass and muscle function

Pérez-Zepeda, M.Ulises.; Sgaravatti, A.; Dent, E., 2016:
Sarcopenia and post-hospital outcomes in older adults: A longitudinal study

Hida, T.; Shimokata, H.; Sakai, Y.; Ito, S.; Matsui, Y.; Takemura, M.; Kasai, T.; Ishiguro, N.; Harada, A., 2015:
Sarcopenia and sarcopenic leg as potential risk factors for acute osteoporotic vertebral fracture among older women

Choi, K.Mook., 2016:
Sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity

Rinaldi, J.M.; Geletzke, A.K.; Phillips, B.E.; Miller, J.; Dykes, T.M.; Soybel, D.I., 2016:
Sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in patients with complex abdominal wall hernias

Mei, K.L.; Batsis, J.A.; Mills, J.B.; Holubar, S.D., 2016:
Sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity: do they predict inferior oncologic outcomes after gastrointestinal cancer surgery?

Dovjak, P., 2016:
Sarcopenia and strength

Onesti, J.K.; Wright, G.Paul.; Kenning, S.E.; Tierney, M.T.; Davis, A.T.; Doherty, M.G.; Chung, M.H., 2016:
Sarcopenia and survival in patients undergoing pancreatic resection

Pasco, J.A.; Williams, L.J.; Jacka, F.N.; Stupka, N.; Brennan-Olsen, S.L.; Holloway, K.L.; Berk, M., 2016:
Sarcopenia and the Common Mental Disorders: a Potential Regulatory Role of Skeletal Muscle on Brain Function?

Ishihara, H.; Kondo, T.; Omae, K.; Takagi, T.; Iizuka, J.; Kobayashi, H.; Tanabe, K., 2016:
Sarcopenia and the Modified Glasgow Prognostic Score are Significant Predictors of Survival Among Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Who are Receiving First-Line Sunitinib Treatment

Hiraoka, A.; Michitaka, K.; Ueki, H.; Kaneto, M.; Aibiki, T.; Okudaira, T.; Kawakami, T.; Yamago, H.; Suga, Y.; Tomida, H.; Miyamoto, Y.; Azemoto, N.; Mori, K.; Miyata, H.; Tsubouchi, E.; Ninomiya, T.; Hirooka, M.; Abe, M.; Matsuura, B.; Hiasa, Y., 2017:
Sarcopenia and two types of presarcopenia in Japanese patients with chronic liver disease

Hirasawa, Y.; Nakashima, J.; Yunaiyama, D.; Sugihara, T.; Gondo, T.; Nakagami, Y.; Horiguchi, Y.; Ohno, Y.; Namiki, K.; Ohori, M.; Tokuuye, K.; Tachibana, M., 2016:
Sarcopenia as a Novel Preoperative Prognostic Predictor for Survival in Patients with Bladder Cancer Undergoing Radical Cystectomy

Moon, J.H.; Moon, J.H.; Kim, K.M.; Choi, S.H.; Lim, S.; Park, K.S.; Kim, K.W.; Jang, H.C., 2017:
Sarcopenia as a Predictor of Future Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults

Wallace, J.D.; Calvo, R.Y.; Lewis, P.R.; Brill, J.B.; Shackford, S.R.; Sise, M.J.; Sise, C.Beth.; Bansal, V., 2016:
Sarcopenia as a predictor of mortality in elderly blunt trauma patients: Comparing the masseter to the psoas using computed tomography

Nishiguchi, S.; Yamada, M.; Shirooka, H.; Nozaki, Y.; Fukutani, N.; Tashiro, Y.; Hirata, H.; Yamaguchi, M.; Tasaka, S.; Matsushita, T.; Matsubara, K.; Tsuboyama, T.; Aoyama, T., 2017:
Sarcopenia as a Risk Factor for Cognitive Deterioration in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A 1-Year Prospective Study

Sharma, P.; Zargar-Shoshtari, K.; Caracciolo, J.T.; Richard, G.J.; Poch, M.A.; Pow-Sang, J.; Sexton, W.J.; Spiess, P.E., 2016:
Sarcopenia as a predictor of complications in penile cancer patients undergoing inguinal lymph node dissection

Cintosun, U.; Altun, B., 2015:
Sarcopenia as a predictor of major hepatectomy complications: a little addition

Sharma, P.; Zargar-Shoshtari, K.; Caracciolo, J.T.; Fishman, M.; Poch, M.A.; Pow-Sang, J.; Sexton, W.J.; Spiess, P.E., 2016:
Sarcopenia as a predictor of overall survival after cytoreductive nephrectomy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Nishigori, T.; Okabe, H.; Tanaka, E.; Tsunoda, S.; Hisamori, S.; Sakai, Y., 2017:
Sarcopenia as a predictor of pulmonary complications after esophagectomy for thoracic esophageal cancer

Fukushima, H.; Yokoyama, M.; Nakanishi, Y.; Tobisu, K-ichi.; Koga, F., 2015:
Sarcopenia as a prognostic biomarker of advanced urothelial carcinoma

Zhou, G.; Bao, H.; Zeng, Q.; Hu, W.; Zhang, Q., 2016:
Sarcopenia as a prognostic factor in hepatolithiasis-associated intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma patients following hepatectomy: a retrospective study

Lee, D-Won.; Choi, E-Young., 2016:
Sarcopenia as an Independent Risk Factor for Decreased BMD in COPD Patients: Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys IV and V (2008-2011)

Landi, F.; Calvani, R.; Cesari, M.; Tosato, M.; Martone, A.Maria.; Bernabei, R.; Onder, G.; Marzetti, E., 2016:
Sarcopenia as the Biological Substrate of Physical Frailty

Yang, R.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, X.; Yan, S., 2016:
Sarcopenia associated with renal function in the patients with type 2 diabetes

Maddocks, M.; Jones, S.E.; Kon, S.S.C.; Canavan, J.L.; Nolan, C.M.; Clark, A.L.; Polkey, M.I.; Man, W.D-C., 2015:
Sarcopenia definitions: where to draw the line? Response to Scarlata et al

Sengul Aycicek, G.; Sumer, F.; Canbaz, B.; Kara, O.; Ulger, Z., 2016:
Sarcopenia evaluated by fat-free mass index in patients with chronic heart failure

Narumi, T.; Watanabe, T.; Kadowaki, S.; Takahashi, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Kinoshita, D.; Honda, Y.; Funayama, A.; Nishiyama, S.; Takahashi, H.; Arimoto, T.; Shishido, T.; Miyamoto, T.; Kubota, I., 2015:
Sarcopenia evaluated by fat-free mass index is an important prognostic factor in patients with chronic heart failure

Dasarathy, S.; Merli, M., 2016:
Sarcopenia from mechanism to diagnosis and treatment in liver disease

Hanai, T.; Shiraki, M.; Nishimura, K.; Ohnishi, S.; Imai, K.; Suetsugu, A.; Takai, K.; Shimizu, M.; Moriwaki, H., 2016:
Sarcopenia impairs prognosis of patients with liver cirrhosis

Levolger, S.; van Vledder, M.G.; Muslem, R.; Koek, M.; Niessen, W.J.; de Man, R.A.; de Bruin, R.W.F.; Ijzermans, J.N.M., 2016:
Sarcopenia impairs survival in patients with potentially curable hepatocellular carcinoma

Cebron Lipovec, N.; Schols, A.M.W.J.; van den Borst, B.; Beijers, R.J.H.C.G.; Kosten, T.; Omersa, D.; Lainscak, M., 2017:
Sarcopenia in Advanced COPD Affects Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction by Short-Term High-intensity Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Bronger, H.; Hederich, P.; Hapfelmeier, A.; Metz, S.; Noël, P.B.; Kiechle, M.; Schmalfeldt, B., 2016:
Sarcopenia in Advanced Serous Ovarian Cancer

Scarlata, S.; Cesari, M.; Antonelli Incalzi, R., 2015:
Sarcopenia in COPD

Jones, S.E.; Maddocks, M.; Kon, S.S.C.; Canavan, J.L.; Nolan, C.M.; Clark, A.L.; Polkey, M.I.; Man, W.D-C., 2015:
Sarcopenia in COPD: prevalence, clinical correlates and response to pulmonary rehabilitation

Costa, T.Munhoz.da.Rocha.Lemos.; Costa, F.Marcelo.; Moreira, C.Aguiar.; Rabelo, L.Maria.; Boguszewski, César.Luiz.; Borba, Vória.Zeghbi.Cochenski., 2016:
Sarcopenia in COPD: relationship with COPD severity and prognosis

Chindapasirt, J., 2016:
Sarcopenia in Cancer Patients

Rizzo, M.Rosaria.; Barbieri, M.; Fava, I.; Desiderio, M.; Coppola, C.; Marfella, R.; Paolisso, G., 2017:
Sarcopenia in Elderly Diabetic Patients: Role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 4 Inhibitors

Soltys, K.; Vavrova, S.; Budis, J.; Palkova, L.; Minarik, G.; Grones, J., 2018:
Draft Genome Sequence of Escherichia coli KL53

Kappus, M.R.; Mendoza, M.Saire.; Nguyen, D.; Medici, V.; McClave, S.A., 2017:
Sarcopenia in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease: Can It Be Altered by Diet and Exercise?

Dovjak, P., 2016:
Sarcopenia in cases of chronic and acute illness. A mini-review

Souza, V.Angelina.de.; Oliveira, Dílmerson.de.; Mansur, H.Novais.; Fernandes, Nália.Maria.da.Silva.; Bastos, M.Gomes., 2017:
Sarcopenia in chronic kidney disease

Pereira, Ríssa.A.; Cordeiro, A.C.; Avesani, C.M.; Carrero, J.J.; Lindholm, B.; Amparo, F.C.; Amodeo, C.; Cuppari, L.; Kamimura, M.A., 2016:
Sarcopenia in chronic kidney disease on conservative therapy: prevalence and association with mortality

Patiño Villada, F.Alonso.; Arboleda Franco, S.Adolfo.; de Paz Fernández, Jé.Antonio., 2015:
Sarcopenia in community-dwelling persons over 60 years of age from a northern spanish city: relationship between diagnostic criteria and association with the functional performance

Kizilarslanoglu, M.C.; Kuyumcu, M.E.; Yesil, Y.; Halil, M., 2017:
Sarcopenia in critically ill patients

Beaudart, C.; McCloskey, Eène.; Bruyère, O.; Cesari, M.; Rolland, Y.; Rizzoli, Ré.; Araujo de Carvalho, Iène.; Amuthavalli Thiyagarajan, J.; Bautmans, I.; Bertière, M-Claude.; Brandi, M.Luisa.; Al-Daghri, N.M.; Burlet, N.; Cavalier, E.; Cerreta, F.; Cherubini, A.; Fielding, R.; Gielen, E.; Landi, F.; Petermans, J.; Reginster, J-Yves.; Visser, M.; Kanis, J.; Cooper, C., 2017 :
Sarcopenia in daily practice: assessment and management

Collamati, A.; Marzetti, E.; Calvani, R.; Tosato, M.; D'Angelo, E.; Sisto, A.N.; Landi, F., 2016:
Sarcopenia in heart failure: mechanisms and therapeutic strategies

Giusto, M.; Lattanzi, B.; Albanese, C.; Galtieri, A.; Farcomeni, A.; Giannelli, V.; Lucidi, C.; Di Martino, M.; Catalano, C.; Merli, M., 2015:
Sarcopenia in liver cirrhosis: the role of computed tomography scan for the assessment of muscle mass compared with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and anthropometry

Belarmino, G.; Torrinhas, R.S.M.; Heymsfield, S.B.; Waitzberg, D.L., 2015:
Sarcopenia in liver cirrhosis: the role of computed tomography scan in the assessment of muscle mass compared with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and anthropometry

Merli, M.; Dasarathy, S., 2016:
Sarcopenia in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Targeting the real culprit?

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Saskatchewan movement disorders program

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Saskatchewan won't declare HIV emergency

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Sass N Style

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Sass vs. substance. Twitter, mainstream media and academic blogs focus on surprisingly different scientific subjects

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Satellite Specialty Practice: Endodontics

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Satellite Symposiums

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Satellite teleconference will consider why anti-smoking measures do not help the poor

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Sathasivan ("Saths") Cooper: Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology

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Saturday night fever in ecstasy/MDMA dance clubbers: Heightened body temperature and associated psychobiological changes

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Saturday office hours. One can also restrict consultation to prevention

Anonymous, 2010:
Saturday, june 26, 2010: free communications

Anonymous, 2010:
Saturday, june 26, 2010: poster session 1

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Saturn Systems

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Satyrichthys kikingeri Pogoreutz, Vitecek & Ahnelt, 2013, a junior synonym of Satyrichthys laticeps (Schlegel, 1852) (Actinopterygii: Teleostei: Peristediidae)

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Saudi Anesthesia Society conference

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Saudi Arabia: A future regional hub for advanced education, research, science and technology

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Saudi Arabia: A very Attractive Biopharmaceutical Market, Once Manufacturers Can Navigate the Labyrinth

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Saudi Nursing and Medical Student's Knowledge and Attitude toward Organ Donation- A Comparative Cross-Sectional study

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Saudi Oncology Society clinical management guidelines development

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Saudi addiction therapeutic communities:Are they implementing the essential elements of addiction therapeutic communities

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Saudi dental students' opinions on the qualities and attributes of an effective dental teacher

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Saudi dental students' perceptions of pediatric behavior guidance techniques

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Saudi emergency medical services: are resources everything?

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Saudi lessons

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Saul B. Sells (1913-1988)

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Saul Genuth, MD: clinical researcher and leader in developing modern diabetes treatment

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Saul: Towards Declarative Learning Based Programming

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Sauna Use by Competitive Athletes

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Sauna bathing: a warm heart proves beneficial

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Sauna-goers live longer!

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Saunas may reduce risk of sudden death

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Saunders's framework for understanding limb development as a platform for investigating limb evolution

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Saurolactam Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Human Osteosarcoma Cells

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Savage culture

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Savary Dilation Is Safe and Effective Treatment for Esophageal Narrowing Related to Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis

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Save Antibiotics: a call for action of the World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR)

Anonymous, 2016:
Save Money on Your Meds: Prices can vary widely from store to store, even in the same town. The trick is to shop around

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Save a Child's Heart project in Israel

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Save as you learn

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Save epidemiology's footprints!: the case of Harvard epidemiology

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Save our library

Field, G.; Edward, K., 1991:
Save patients from euthanasia

Sheehan, G., 1985:
Save the Boston Marathon

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Save the Children, the humanitarian project, and the politics of solidarity: reviving Dorothy Buxton's vision

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Save the Unlucky Unrevascularized Acute Coronary Syndrome Patient

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Save the patient a trip. Outcome difference between conservatively treated patients with traumatic brain injury in a nonspecialized intensive care unit vs a specialized neurosurgical intensive care unit in the Sultanate of Oman

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Save the post-market cancer clinical trials in Japan--their benefit to society must not be forgotten

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Save the world's primates in peril

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Save your arts from the elbow

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Save your blushes and stop routine thrombus aspiration during primary PCI

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Save your breath

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Save-a-life at the ballpark: 10-min spectator training achieves proficiency in cardiac arrest response

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Saved Lives at Risk in the Middle East

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Saved by De-epithelialization: DIEP Flap Dermal Skin Regeneration Salvage after Mastectomy Skin Flap Loss

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Saved from infertility in maturity?

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Saved from the skip: doctor's action sees hospital art get national recognition

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Savile review urges NHS to tighten its patient safety procedures

Anonymous, 2015:
Savin' in Memphis

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Saving 1 Million Lives

Smedira, N.G., 2016:
Saving 2 lives with 1 operation!

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Saving California's calves

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Saving Deaf Children? Screening for Hearing loss as a Public-interest Case

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Saving Human Lives: What Complexity Science and Information Systems can Contribute

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Saving Iran's great salt lake

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Saving Life and Limb: Multidisciplinary Management of Complex Penetrating Trauma

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Saving Lives

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Saving Lives One Swab at a Time

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Saving Lives One at a Time

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Saving Lives through visual health communication: a multidisciplinary team approach

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Saving Money in Health Care: Cost Effectiveness of Individual Drugs (As By Nice) Or Budget Cuts (As Under Pprs)?

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Saving Nature, Saving Ourselves: The Importance of Wilderness

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Saving Newborn Babies - The Benefits of Interventions in Neonatal Care in Norway over More Than 40 Years

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Draft Genome Sequence of Ezakiella peruensis Strain M6.X2, a Human Gut Gram-Positive Anaerobic Coccus

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Saving Patients With Infectious Diseases

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Saving Patients' Lives Through Activating a Rapid Response System: Willing Is Not Enough, We Must Do

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Saving Satir: Contemporary Perspectives on the Change Process Model

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Saving Science by Doing Less of It?

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Saving Single-rooted Teeth with Combined Endodontic-periodontal Lesions

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Saving Supersick Patients Undergoing Liver Transplant

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Saving Time Under Pressure: Effectiveness of Standardizing Pediatric Resuscitation Carts

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Saving Tiny Tim--Pediatrics and Childhood Poverty in the United States

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Saving Young Lives: provision of acute dialysis in low-resource settings

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Saving a Child's Elbow Joint: A Novel Reconstruction for a Tumour of the Distal Humerus

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Saving an Integrating Implant Involved with Endodontic Implant Pathology Using Surgical Treatment

Lv, H.; Yang, Y.; Liu, X.; Ling, J.; Fang, Z.; Yang, L.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2018:
Draft Genome Sequence of FGL03-6, a Race 1 Strain of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. conglutinans, the Causal Agent of Cabbage Fusarium Wilt

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Saving antibiotics for when they are really needed: the Dutch example

van Bastelaer, T.; Woodman, B.; Chatterji, M.; Long, D., 2015:
Saving for delivery through technology: an inquiry into an electronic commitment savings product for maternal healthcare in Kenya

Anonymous, 2016:
Saving grace

Sadatsafavi, M.; Chen, W.; Tavakoli, H.; Rolf, J.D.; Rousseau, R.; FitzGerald, J.M., 2016:
Saving in medical costs by achieving guideline-based asthma symptom control: a population-based study

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Saving life and brain with extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A single-center analysis of in-hospital cardiac arrests

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Saving lives and protecting people from injuries and violence

Juillard, C.; Smith, R.; Anaya, N.; Garcia, A.; Kahn, J.G.; Dicker, R.A., 2015:
Saving lives and saving money: hospital-based violence intervention is cost-effective

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Saving lives and then land

Rosenthal, J.P.; Borrazzo, J., 2015:
Saving lives by building bridges between user needs and clean cooking technology

Jagoe, G.; Amuasi, J.H., 2015:
Saving lives through improved use of ACTs

Karen, A., 2015:
Saving lives together

Gilliam, M., 2016:
Saving lives with contraceptive coverage

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Say never to 'never events'

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