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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58819

Chapter 58819 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Khan, I.; Chatterjee, A.B.; Bellinger, C.R.; Haponik, E., 2017:
Sedation for Bronchoscopy and Complications in Obese Patients

Lightdale, C.J., 2017:
Sedation for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: An Uneasy State of the Art

Yoon, S.Bae.; Cho, Y-Seok., 2016:
Sedation for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: Practical Issues in Patient Safety and Quality Management

Oksar, M., 2017:
Sedation for Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

González-Huix Lladó, F., 2016:
Sedation for endoscopy in 2016 - Is endoscopist-guided sedation safe in complex situations?

Kar Kurt, Özlem.; Talay, F.; Karğı, A.; Yaşar, Z.; Tuğ, T., 2015:
Sedation for fiberoptic bronchoscopy: review of the literature

Chang, Y.Ting.; Tsai, T.Chieh.; Hsu, H.; Chen, Y.Ming.; Chi, K.Piao.; Peng, S.Yen., 2016:
Sedation for gastrointestinal endoscopy with the application of target-controlled infusion

Quinn, L.; Kelly, M.E.; Khan, A.; Irwin, R.; Khan, W.; Barry, K.; Waldron, R.; Khan, I.Z., 2015:
Sedation for gastroscopy: Is it an adequately understood and informed choice?

Mudakangoudar, M.Shivangouda.; Hegde, H.Vishwanath.; Koppad, B.A., 2016:
Sedation for magnetic resonance imaging in a child with lingual venolymphatic malformation

Toman, H.; Erkılınc, A.; Kocak, T.; Guzelmeric, F.; Savluk, O.Faruk.; Dogukan, M.; Acar, G., 2017:
Sedation for transesophageal echocardiography: comparison of propofol, midazolam and midazolam-alfentanil combination

Lambert, J.; Anwar, S., 2018:
Sedation for transfemoral aortic valve transplantation (TAVI)

Sonnenberg, A., 2016:
Sedation in Colonoscopy

Vet, N.J.; Kleiber, N.; Ista, E.; de Hoog, M.; de Wildt, S.N., 2016:
Sedation in Critically Ill Children with Respiratory Failure

Bailey, C.R., 2016:
Sedation in children - is it time to change our practice?

Akkermans, R., 2015:
Sedation in children with acute respiratory failure

Oldham, M.; Pisani, M.A., 2016:
Sedation in critically ill patients

McCue, C.A.; Wrathall, D.W., 2016:
Sedation in critically-ill obstetric patients

Ferreira, A.Oliveira.; Cravo, Mília., 2015:
Sedation in gastrointestinal endoscopy: Where are we at in 2014?

Ersoy, Aşın.; Kara, D.; Ervatan, Z.; Çakırgöz, M.; Kıran, Özlem., 2016:
Sedation in hypoalbuminemic geriatric patients under spinal anesthesia in hip surgery. Midazolam or Propofol?

Moreira, F.Tanzillo.; Serpa Neto, A., 2016:
Sedation in mechanically ventilated patients-time to stay awake?

Longrois, D.; Conti, G.; Mantz, J.; Faltlhauser, A.; Aantaa, R.; Tonner, P., 2015:
Sedation in non-invasive ventilation: do we know what to do (and why)?

Vicari, J.J., 2017:
Sedation in the Ambulatory Endoscopy Center: Optimizing Safety, Expectations and Throughput

Gerstein, N.S.; Young, A.; Schulman, P.M.; Stecker, E.C.; Jessel, P.M., 2018:
Sedation in the Electrophysiology Laboratory: A Multidisciplinary Review

Hagan, K.B.; Thirumurthi, S.; Gottumukkala, R.; Vargo, J., 2016:
Sedation in the Endoscopy Suite

Newell, J.; Yesavage, J.A.; Taylor, J.L.; Kraemer, H.C.; Munro, C.A.; Friedman, L.; Rosenberg, P.B.; Madore, M.; Chao, S.Z.; Devanand, D.P.; Drye, L.T.; Mintzer, J.E.; Pollock, B.G.; Porsteinsson, A.P.; Schneider, L.S.; Shade, D.M.; Weintraub, D.; Lyketsos, C.G.; Noda, A., 2016:
Sedation mediates part of Citalopram's effect on agitation in Alzheimer's disease

Oren-Ziv, A.; Hoppenstein, D.; Shles, A.; Uziel, Y., 2016:
Sedation methods for intra-articular corticosteroid injections in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: a review

Kirsch, Mëlle.; Guldenmund, P.; Ali Bahri, M.; Demertzi, A.; Baquero, K.; Heine, L.; Charland-Verville, V.; Vanhaudenhuyse, A.; Bruno, M-Aurélie.; Gosseries, O.; Di Perri, C.; Ziegler, E.; Brichant, J-François.; Soddu, A.; Bonhomme, V.; Laureys, S., 2016:
Sedation of Patients With Disorders of Consciousness During Neuroimaging: Effects on Resting State Functional Brain Connectivity

Tobias, J.D., 2016:
Sedation of infants and children outside of the operating room

Von der Brelie, C.; Seifert, M.; Rot, S.; Tittel, A.; Sanft, C.; Meier, U.; Lemcke, J., 2016:
Sedation of Patients with Acute Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Ketamine Is Safe and Might Influence the Occurrence of Cerebral Infarctions Associated with Delayed Cerebral Ischemia

Lacoske, J., 2017:
Sedation options for intubated intensive care unit patients

Aantaa, R.; Tonner, P.; Conti, G.; Longrois, D.; Mantz, J.; Mulier, J.P., 2015:
Sedation options for the morbidly obese intensive care unit patient: a concise survey and an agenda for development

Goren, O.; Finkelstein, A.; Gluch, A.; Sheinberg, N.; Dery, E.; Matot, I., 2016:
Sedation or general anesthesia for patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation--does it affect outcome? An observational single-center study

Mayr, N.Patrick.; Michel, J.; Bleiziffer, S.; Tassani, P.; Martin, K., 2015:
Sedation or general anesthesia for transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

Ball, A.J.; Rees, C.J.; Corfe, B.M.; Riley, S.A., 2016:
Sedation practice and comfort during colonoscopy: lessons learnt from a national screening programme

Andersson, L.; Andersen, T.Borup.; Petersen, L.J., 2016:
Sedation practice for paediatric nuclear medicine procedures in Denmark related to EANM guidelines

Remy, K.E., 2015:
Sedation protocol for critically ill pediatric patients

Aitken, L.M.; Bucknall, T.; Kent, B.; Mitchell, M.; Burmeister, E.; Keogh, S., 2016:
Sedation protocols to reduce duration of mechanical ventilation in the ICU: a Cochrane Systematic Review

Riker, R.R.; Fraser, G.L., 2016:
Sedation quality in intensive care: which interventions work?

Ramoo, V.; Abdullah, K.Lim.; Tan, P.Sk.; Wong, L.Ping.; Chua, Y.Piaw.; Tang, L.Yoong., 2015:
Sedation scoring and managing abilities of intensive care nurses post educational intervention

Chittle, M.D.; Oklu, R.; Pino, R.M.; He, P.; Sheridan, R.M.; Martino, J.; Hirsch, J.A., 2017:
Sedation shared decision-making in ambulatory venous access device placement: Effects on patient choice, satisfaction and recovery time

Seo, K.Hui.; Jung, H.Soo.; Kang, E.Gene.; Kim, C.Jae.; Rhee, H.Young.; Jeon, Y.Soo., 2015:
Sedation using 5% lidocaine patches, midazolam and propofol in a combative, obese adolescent with severe autistic disorder undergoing brain magnetic resonance imaging: a case report

Ashley, P.F.; Williams, C.E.C.S.; Moles, D.R.; Parry, J., 2016:
Sedation versus general anaesthesia for provision of dental treatment to patients younger than 18 years

Laerkner, E.; Stroem, T.; Toft, P., 2016:
Sedation versus no sedation: Are there differences in relatives' satisfaction with the Intensive Care Unit? A survey study based on data from a randomised controlled trial

Schönenberger, S.; Möhlenbruch, M.; Pfaff, J.; Mundiyanapurath, S.; Kieser, M.; Bendszus, M.; Hacke, W.; Bösel, J., 2016:
Sedation vs. Intubation for Endovascular Stroke TreAtment (SIESTA) - a randomized monocentric trial

Lodenius, Åse.; Ebberyd, A.; Hårdemark Cedborg, A.; Hagel, E.; Mkrtchian, S.; Christensson, E.; Ullman, J.; Scheinin, M.; Eriksson, L.I.; Jonsson Fagerlund, M., 2017:
Sedation with Dexmedetomidine or Propofol Impairs Hypoxic Control of Breathing in Healthy Male Volunteers: A Nonblinded, Randomized Crossover Study

Naples, J.; Hall, M.W.; Tobias, J.D., 2016:
Sedation with a remifentanil infusion to facilitate rapid awakening and tracheal extubation in an infant with a potentially compromised airway

Fernandes, M.Lourenço.; do Carmo Santos, M.; Gomez, R.Santiago., 2017:
Sedation with dexmedetomidine for conducting electroencephalogram in a patient with Angelman syndrome: a case report

Gerlach, A.T.; Murphy, C.V., 2011:
Sedation with dexmedetomidine in the intensive care setting

Banihashem, N.; Alijanpour, E.; Basirat, M.; Shokri Shirvany, J.; Kashifard, M.; Taheri, H.; Savadkohi, S.; Hosseini, V.; Solimanian, S.Sedigheh., 2015:
Sedation with etomidate-fentanyl versus propofol-fentanyl in colonoscopies: A prospective randomized study

Shavlokhova, E.A.; Ostreĭkov, I.F.; Korolenkova, M.V., 2015:
Sedation with midazolam for ambulatory pediatric dentistry

Scheier, E.; Gadot, C.; Leiba, R.; Shavit, I., 2015:
Sedation with the Combination of Ketamine and Propofol in a Pediatric ED: A Retrospective Case Series Analysis

Morace, R.; D.A.gelis, M.; Aglialoro, E.; Maucione, G.; Cavallo, L.; Solari, D.; Modugno, N.; Santilli, M.; Esposito, V.; Aloj, F., 2016:
Sedation with α2 Agonist Dexmedetomidine During Unilateral Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation: A Preliminary Report

Frache, S.; Batit, E., 2016:
Sedation without symptoms: what points of reference for pediatrics?

Zimmerman, K.O.; Smith, P.Brian.; Benjamin, D.K.; Laughon, M.; Clark, R.; Traube, C.; Stürmer, T.; Hornik, C.P., 2016:
Sedation, Analgesia, and Paralysis during Mechanical Ventilation of Premature Infants

Borrat, X.; Valencia, Jé.Fernando.; Magrans, R.; Gimenez-Mila, M.; Mellado, R.; Sendino, O.; Perez, M.; Nunez, M.; Jospin, M.; Jensen, E.Weber.; Troconiz, I.; Gambus, P.L., 2015:
Sedation-analgesia with propofol and remifentanil: concentrations required to avoid gag reflex in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

Vargo, J.J., 2015:
Sedation-related complications in gastrointestinal endoscopy

Page, V.J.; McAuley, D.F., 2015:
Sedation/drugs used in intensive care sedation

Schulte, D.J., 2015:
Sedation: Patient Safety and Informed Consent

Martel, J.P.; Barnett, S.Ryan., 2015:
Sedation: definitions and regulations

Hansen, R.N.; Boudreau, D.M.; Ebel, B.E.; Grossman, D.C.; Sullivan, S.D., 2016:
Sedative Hypnotic Medication Use and the Risk of Motor Vehicle Crash

Ali, M.Sekendar.; Al Mamun, M.Abdullah.; Abu Sayeed, M.; Rahman, M.S.; Rashid, M.A., 2015:
Sedative activity of methanolic extract of Glochidion multiloculare (Rottler ex Willd) Voigt leaves

Masoumi, K.; Forouzan, A.; Saghari, S.; Feli, M.; Sattari, A.Reza.; Asgari Darian, A., 2015:
Sedative and Analgesic Effects of Entonox Gas Compared with Midazolam and Fentanyl in Synchronized Cardioversion

Bahrami Gorji, F.; Amri, P.; Shokri, J.; Alereza, H.; Bijani, A., 2016:
Sedative and Analgesic Effects of Propofol-Fentanyl Versus Propofol-Ketamine During Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography: A Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

Moniruzzaman, M.; Sharoti Bhattacharjee, P.; Rahman Pretty, M.; Sarwar Hossain, M., 2016:
Sedative and Anxiolytic-Like Actions of Ethanol Extract of Leaves of Glinus oppositifolius (Linn.) Aug. DC

de Carvalho, L.L.; Nishimura, L.T.; Borges, L.P.B.; Cerejo, S.A.; Villela, I.O.J.; Auckburally, A.; de Mattos-Junior, E., 2016:
Sedative and cardiopulmonary effects of xylazine alone or in combination with methadone, morphine or tramadol in sheep

Kellihan, H.B.; Stepien, R.L.; Hassen, K.M.; Smith, L.J., 2016:
Sedative and echocardiographic effects of dexmedetomidine combined with butorphanol in healthy dogs

Barnes, S.S.; Kudchadkar, S.R., 2016:
Sedative choice and ventilator-associated patient outcomes: don't sleep on delirium

Shteamer, J.W.; Dedhia, R.C., 2016:
Sedative choice in drug-induced sleep endoscopy: A neuropharmacology-based review

Toni, Cândida.; Martos-Sitcha, J.Antonio.; Baldisserotto, B.; Heinzmann, B.Maria.; de Lima Silva, L.; Martínez-Rodríguez, G.; Mancera, J.Miguel., 2016:
Sedative effect of 2-phenoxyethanol and essential oil of Lippia alba on stress response in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)

Joshi, R.S.; Quadros, R.; Drumm, M.; Ain, R.; Panicker, M.M., 2016:
Sedative effect of Clozapine is a function of 5-HT 2A and environmental novelty

Gastón, Mía.Soledad.; Cid, M.Paula.; Vázquez, A.María.; Decarlini, Mía.Florencia.; Demmel, G.I.; Rossi, L.I.; Aimar, M.Leandro.; Salvatierra, N.Alicia., 2017:
Sedative effect of central administration of Coriandrum sativum essential oil and its major component linalool in neonatal chicks

Huang, F.; Wang, J.; Yang, X.; Xu, H.; Kong, J.; Liu, S.; Jin, J., 2015:
Sedative effects of dexmedetomidine in post-operative elder patients on mechanical ventilation

Ito, K.; Akahoshi, Y.; Ito, M.; Kaneko, S., 2016:
Sedative effects of inhaled essential oil components of traditional fragrance Pogostemon cablin leaves and their structure-activity relationships

Tamura, J.; Ishizuka, T.; Fukui, S.; Oyama, N.; Kawase, K.; Itami, T.; Miyoshi, K.; Sano, T.; Pasloske, K.; Yamashita, K., 2016:
Sedative effects of intramuscular alfaxalone administered to cats

DiNapoli, E.A.; Bramoweth, A.D.; Cinna, C.; Kasckow, J., 2017:
Sedative hypnotic use among veterans with a newly reported mental health disorder

Peklar, J.; O'Halloran, A.M.; Maidment, I.D.; Henman, M.C.; Kenny, R.Anne.; Kos, M., 2015:
Sedative load and frailty among community-dwelling population aged ≥65 years

Tiisanoja, A.; Syrjälä, A-Maija.; Komulainen, K.; Hartikainen, S.; Taipale, H.; Knuuttila, M.; Ylöstalo, P., 2015:
Sedative load, carious teeth and infection in the periodontium among community-dwelling older people

Hansen, T.G., 2016:
Sedative medications outside the operating room and the pharmacology of sedatives

Beydon, L.; Rouxel, A.; Camut, N.; Schinkel, N.; Malinovsky, J-Marc.; Aveline, C.; Marret, E.; Bildea, A.; Dupoiron, D.; Liu, N.; Daniel, Vérie.; Darsonval, A.; Chrétien, J-Marie.; Rault, L.; Bruna, J.; Alberti, C., 2016:
Sedative premedication before surgery--A multicentre randomized study versus placebo

Joung, H-Young.; Kang, Y.Mi.; Lee, B-Jin.; Chung, S.Yong.; Kim, K-Soo.; Shim, I., 2015:
Sedative-Hypnotic and Receptor Binding Studies of Fermented Marine Organisms

Torun, A.C.; Yilmaz, M.Z.; Ozkan, N.; Ustun, B.; Koksal, E.; Kaya, C., 2016:
Sedative-analgesic activity of remifentanil and effects of preoperative anxiety on perceived pain in outpatient mandibular third molar surgery

Pejo, E.; Zhou, X.; Husain, S.Shaukat.; Raines, D.E., 2016:
Sedative-hypnotic Binding to 11β-hydroxylase

Tannenbaum, C.; Diaby, V.; Singh, D.; Perreault, S.; Luc, M.; Vasiliadis, H-Maria., 2016:
Sedative-hypnotic medicines and falls in community-dwelling older adults: a cost-effectiveness (decision-tree) analysis from a US Medicare perspective

Zimmerman, K.O.; Hornik, C.P.; Ku, L.; Watt, K.; Laughon, M.M.; Bidegain, M.; Clark, R.H.; Smith, P.Brian., 2015:
Sedatives and Analgesics Given to Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units at the End of Life

Walter, H.; Tobler, H.; Gribkov, D.; Corsi, C., 2015:
Sedaxane, Isopyrazam and Solatenol™: Novel Broad-spectrum Fungicides Inhibiting Succinate Dehydrogenase (SDH) - Synthesis Challenges and Biological Aspects

Rubbiani, R.; Blacque, O.; Gasser, G., 2016:
Sedaxicenes: potential new antifungal ferrocene-based agents?

Greca, Jão.Paulo.de.Aguiar.; Silva, D.Augusto.Santos., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior During School Recess in Southern Brazil

Irving, B.A.; Johnson, M.L.; Lanza, I.R.; Robinson, M.R.; Konopka, A.R.; Klaus, K.A.; Nair, K.Sreekumaran., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior Inversely Relates to Insulin Sensitivity and Mitochondrial Oxidative Capacity in Inactive Obese Adults: 2683 Board #206 June 3, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Taylor, K.; Scruggs, P.W.; Vella, C.A., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior Is Independently Associated With Quality Of Life In People With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 2566 Board #89 June 3, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Xue, H.; Tian, G.; Duan, R.; Quan, L.; Zhao, L.; Yang, M.; Libuda, L.; Muckelbauer, R.; Cheng, G., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior Is Independently Related to Fat Mass among Children and Adolescents in South China

Zhou, Z.; Xi, Y.; Zhang, F.; Lu, Q.; Zhang, F.; Huang, D.; Ren, H.; Wang, K.; Yin, Z., 2017:
Sedentary Behavior Predicts Changes in Cardiometabolic Risk in Professional Workers: A One-Year Prospective Study

Freitas, A.C.; Hill, J.E., 2018:
Draft Genome Sequences of Bifidobacterium Strains N4G05 and N5G01, Isolated from the Human Vaginal Microbiome

Hajduk, A.M.; Chaudhry, S.I., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior and Cardiovascular Risk in Older Adults: a Scoping Review

Gerage, A.M.; Benedetti, T.R.B.; Farah, B.Q.; Santana, Fábio.da.S.; Ohara, D.; Andersen, L.B.; Ritti-Dias, R.M., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior and Light Physical Activity Are Associated with Brachial and Central Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients

Foley, B.; Engelen, L.; Gale, J.; Bauman, A.; Mackey, M., 2018:
Sedentary Behavior and Musculoskeletal Discomfort Are Reduced When Office Workers Trial an Activity-Based Work Environment

Evenson, K.R.; Di, C.; Wen, F.; Buchner, D.M.; Herring, A.H.; LaMonte, M.J.; Lee, I-Min.; Tinker, L.Fels.; LaCroix, A.Z., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity Patterns Using Accelerometry among Women 64-97 Years: The Women's Health Initiative OPACH Study: 2758 Board #281 June 3, 11: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM

Fleig, L.; McAllister, M.M.; Brasher, P.; Cook, W.L.; Guy, P.; Puyat, J.H.; Khan, K.M.; McKay, H.A.; Ashe, M.C., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity Patterns in Older Adults After Hip Fracture: A Call to Action

An, K.Ok.; Jang, J.Yong.; Kim, J., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior and Sleep Duration Are Associated with Both Stress Symptoms and Suicidal Thoughts in Korean Adults

Yang, Y.; Shin, J.Cheol.; Li, D.; An, R., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior and Sleep Problems: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Witzel, N.; Isensee, B.; Suchert, V.; Weisser, B.; Hanewinkel, R., 2017:
Sedentary Behavior and the health of adolescents

Song, J.; Lindquist, L.A.; Chang, R.W.; Semanik, P.A.; Ehrlich-Jones, L.S.; Lee, J.; Sohn, M-Woong.; Dunlop, D.D., 2015:
Sedentary Behavior as a Risk Factor for Physical Frailty Independent of Moderate Activity: Results From the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Anderton, N.; Giri, A.; Wei, G.; Marcus, R.L.; Chen, X.; Bjordahl, T.; Habib, A.; Herrera, J.; Beddhu, S., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior in Individuals With Diabetic Chronic Kidney Disease and Maintenance Hemodialysis

Verschuren, O.; Dekker, B.; van Koppenhagen, C.; Post, M., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior in People With Spinal Cord Injury

Byun, W.; Beets, M.W.; Pate, R.R., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior in Preschoolers: How Many Days of Accelerometer Monitoring Is Needed?

Lamar, D.L.; Chou, S-Huey.S.; Medverd, J.R.; Swanson, J.O., 2017:
Sedentary Behavior in the Workplace: A Potential Occupational Hazard for Radiologists

Duran, A.T.; Tucker, J.M.; Wilson, K.S.; Castner, D.M.; Rubin, D.A., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior is Negatively Associated with Hip Bone Mineralization in Youth with Prader-Willi Syndrome: 1134 Board #8 June 1, 3: 15 PM - 5: 15 PM

Gando, Y.; Sawada, S.S.; Kawakami, R.; Ando, R.; Tashiro, M.; Sone, H.; Lee, I-Min.; Blair, S.N.; Miyachi, M.; Kato, K., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity and Kidney Stones: The Niigata Wellness Study: 816 Board #132 June 1, 2: 00 PM - 3: 30 PM

Whitaker, K.M.; Pereira, M.A.; Jacobs, D.R.; Sidney, S.; Odegaard, A.O., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, and Abdominal Adipose Tissue Deposition

Braun, S.I.; Kim, Y.; Jetton, A.E.; Kang, M.; Morgan, D.W., 2016:
Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, and Bone Health in Postmenopausal Women

Monhollen, C.; Summers, L.; Sabin, M.; Rutherford, J., 2016:
Sedentary Behaviors and Physical Activity in Relation to Class Standing in University Students: 3795 Board #234 June 4, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Abarca-Sos, A.; Bois, J.E.; Aibar, A.; Antonio Julián, Jé.; Generelo, E.; Zaragoza, J., 2017:
Sedentary Behaviors by Type of Day and Physical Activity in Spanish Adolescents: A Socio-Ecological Approach

Gallegos-Carrillo, K.; Baezconde-Garbanati, L.; Belcher, B.R.; Chou, C-Ping.; Dunton, G.F., 2016:
Sedentary Behaviors: The Role Of Acculturation Between Mexicans Living In Mexico And Mexican-americans Living In The U.s.: 812 Board #128 June 1, 2: 00 PM - 3: 30 PM

Zwolinsky, S.; McKenna, J.; Pringle, A.; Widdop, P.; Griffiths, C.; Mellis, M.; Rutherford, Z.; Collins, P., 2016:
Sedentary Behaviour And Physical Activity: A 2-step Hierarchical Cluster Analysis: 2771 Board #294 June 3, 9: 30 AM - 11: 00 AM

Boerema, S.T.; Essink, G.B.; Tönis, T.M.; van Velsen, L.; Hermens, H.J., 2016:
Sedentary Behaviour Profiling of Office Workers: A Sensitivity Analysis of Sedentary Cut-Points

Sigmundová, D.; Sigmund, E.; Hamřík, Zěk.; Kalman, M.; Pavelka, J.; Frömel, K., 2016 :
Sedentary Behaviour and Physical Activity of Randomised Sample of Czech Adults Aged 20-64 Years: IPAQ and GPAQ Studies between 2002 and 2011

Sheridan, S.E.; Dowd, K.P.; O'Connor, P.L.; Gray, C.; Hurley, N.R.; Harrison, M.; Donnelly, A.E.; Murphy, R.P.; Moyna, N.M., 2016:
Sedentary Behaviour and Vascular Endothelial Function in Male Adolescents with Low, Moderate and High Cardiorespiratory Fitness: 713 Board #29 June 1, 3: 30 PM - 5: 00 PM

Júdice, P.B.; Silva, A.M.; Sardinha, L.B., 2016:
Sedentary Bout Durations Are Associated with Abdominal Obesity in Older Adults

Weinstock, J.; Petry, N.M.; Pescatello, L.S.; Henderson, C.E., 2016:
Sedentary college student drinkers can start exercising and reduce drinking after intervention

Alves, B.Cherubini.; Silva, Tís.Rasia.da.; Spritzer, P.Mara., 2017:
Sedentary Lifestyle and High-Carbohydrate Intake are Associated with Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation in Post-Menopause: A Cross-sectional Study

Rowlands, A.V.; Yates, T.; Olds, T.S.; Davies, M.; Khunti, K.; Edwardson, C.L., 2016:
Sedentary Sphere: Wrist-Worn Accelerometer-Brand Independent Posture Classification

Dogra, S., 2016:
Sedentary Time among Adults with Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Conditions: 1797 Board #8 June 2, 1: 00 PM - 3: 00 PM

Hind, K., 2018:
Sedentary Time and Central Adiposity in Children

Loyen, A.; Clarke-Cornwell, A.M.; Anderssen, S.A.; Hagströmer, M.; Sardinha, Lís.B.; Sundquist, K.; Ekelund, U.; Steene-Johannessen, J.; Baptista, Fátima.; Hansen, Børge.H.; Wijndaele, K.; Brage, Søren.; Lakerveld, J.; Brug, J.; van der Ploeg, H.P., 2016:
Sedentary Time and Physical Activity Surveillance Through Accelerometer Pooling in Four European Countries

Urushidani, S.; Kuriyama, A., 2015:
Sedentary Time and Risk for Mortality

Sandbakk, S.B.; Nauman, J.; Zisko, N.; Sandbakk, Øyvind.; Aspvik, N.Petter.; Stensvold, D.; Wisløff, U., 2017:
Sedentary Time, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Clustering in Older Adults--the Generation 100 Study

Wickel, E.E., 2016:
Sedentary Time, Physical Activity, and Executive Function in a Longitudinal Study of Youth

Oftedal, S.; Bell, K.L.; Davies, P.S.W.; Ware, R.S.; Boyd, R.N., 2016:
Sedentary and Active Time in Toddlers with and without Cerebral Palsy

Kuszewska, K.; Miler, K.; Filipiak, Mł.; Woyciechowski, M., 2018:
Sedentary antlion larvae (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) use vibrational cues to modify their foraging strategies

Edwards, M.K.; Loprinzi, P.D., 2017:
Sedentary behavior & health-related quality of life among congestive heart failure patients

Anderson, S.; Currie, C.L.; Copeland, J.L., 2016:
Sedentary behavior among adults: The role of community belonging

Suchert, V.; Hanewinkel, R.; Isensee, B., 2016:
Sedentary behavior and indicators of mental health in school-aged children and adolescents: A systematic review

Loprinzi, P.D., 2016:
Sedentary behavior and medical multimorbidity

Loprinzi, P.D., 2016:
Sedentary behavior and predicted 10-yr risk for a first atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) event using the pooled cohort risk equations among US adults

Larsen, B.A.; Martin, L.; Strong, D.R., 2016:
Sedentary behavior and prevalent diabetes in Non-Latino Whites, Non-Latino Blacks and Latinos: findings from the National Health Interview Survey

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See you in court

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Seeing is believing: Biological information may reduce mental health stigma amongst physicians

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Seeing is believing: Ras dimers observed in live cells

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Seeing is believing: finding new solutions to radiation exposure in our work routine

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Seeing is believing: getting the best out of videolaryngoscopy

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Seeing is believing: good graphic design principles for medical research

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Seeing is believing: new updates on coronary microvascular dysfunction

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Seeing is believing: no adult oogenesis in mammals

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Seeing is believing: sorting out signaling events at the immunological synapse

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Seeing is believing: the nocturnal malarial mosquito Anopheles coluzzii responds to visual host-cues when odour indicates a host is nearby

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Seeing is believing: why including tables and figures matters to the effectiveness of your publications

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Seeing is not feeling: posterior parietal but not somatosensory cortex engagement during touch observation

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Seeing is not necessarily believing

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Seeing is saving: the benefit of 3D imaging in gynecologic brachytherapy

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Seeing it all: Convolutional network layers map the function of the human visual system

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Seeing it through their eyes: a qualitative study of the pregnancy experiences of women with a body mass index of 30 or more

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Seeing light at the end of the tunnel: Positive prospective mental imagery and optimism in depression

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Seeing liquids from static snapshots

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Seeing momentum toward repealing the ACA device tax

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Seeing number using texture: How summary statistics account for reductions in perceived numerosity in the visual periphery

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Seeing one's own limitations is vital

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Seeing over the horizon - targeting the endocannabinoid system for the treatment of ocular disease

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Seeing pain and pleasure on self and others: behavioral and psychophysiological reactivity in immersive virtual reality

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Seeing red on the road

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Seeing red to being red: conserved genetic mechanism for red cone oil droplets and co-option for red coloration in birds and turtles

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Seeing red: How perceptions of social status and worth influence hostile attributions and endorsement of aggression

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Seeing red: Relearning to read in a case of Balint's Syndrome

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Seeing red: over-the-counter chloramphenicol

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Seeing risk and allocating responsibility: talk of culture and its consequences on the work of patient safety

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Seeing sense

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Seeing the Big Picture

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Seeing the Big Picture: Size Perception Is More Context Sensitive in the Presence of Others

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Seeing the Errors You Feel Enhances Locomotor Performance but Not Learning

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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Improving Adherence Alone Will Not Optimize Medication Use

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Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Default Local Processing in Individuals with High Autistic Traits Does Not Come at the Expense of Global Attention

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Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Western Forestry Systems and Soviet Engineers, 1955-1964

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Seeing the Forest in Lieu of the Trees: Continuum Simulations of Cell Membranes at Large Length Scales

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Seeing the Forest through the Trees: Considering Roost-Site Selection at Multiple Spatial Scales

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Seeing the Future Radiologist Within Me

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Seeing the Invisible: Revealing Atrial Ablation Lesions Using Hyperspectral Imaging Approach

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Seeing the Light: End-of-Life Experiences-Visions, Energy Surges, and Other Death Bed Phenomena

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Seeing the Talker's Face Improves Free Recall of Speech for Young Adults With Normal Hearing but Not Older Adults With Hearing Loss

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Seeing the Trees For the Forest: Rectal Cancer Intratumoral Heterogeneity

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Seeing the Whole Elephant: Imaging Flow Cytometry Reveals Extensive Morphological Diversity within Blastocystis Isolates

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Seeing the World Through "Pink-Colored Glasses": The Link Between Optimism and Pink

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Seeing the bigger picture

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Seeing the community's perspective through multiple emic and etic vistas

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Seeing the entire forest in endocarditis

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Seeing the eyes in acquired prosopagnosia

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Seeing the forest and not the trees: When impact uncertainty heightens causal complexity

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Seeing the forest and trees: whole-body and whole-brain imaging for circadian biology

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Seeing the forest before the trees-spatial orientation in freshwater stingrays (Potamotrygon motoro) in a hole-board task

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Seeing the forest for the genes: using metagenomics to infer the aggregated traits of microbial communities

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Seeing the good in the bad: which factors are associated with posttraumatic growth in long-term survivors of adolescent cancer?

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Seeing the grasslands through the trees

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Seeing the invisible in differential interference contrast microscopy images

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Seeing the invisible plasma with transient phonons in cuprous oxide

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Seeing the king's frenzy as catatonia

Anonymous, 1999:
Seeing the person with dementia

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Seeing the rural healthcare journeys of older adults with atrial fibrillation through a photographic lens

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Seeing the same words differently: the time course of automaticity and top-down intention in reading

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Seeing the signs

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Seeing the sound after visual loss: functional MRI in acquired auditory-visual synesthesia

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Seeing the sounds--chest and lung ultrasonography

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Seeing the tipping point: Balance perception and visual shape

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Seeing the trees within the forest: addressing the needs of children without parental care in the Russian Federation

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Seeing the unseen: Charles Bonnet syndrome revisited

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Seeing the unseen: Second-order correlation learning in 7- to 11-month-olds

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Seeing the unseen: cell strain and mechanosensing

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Seeing the whole person: feasibility of using the Omaha System to describe strengths of older adults with chronic illness

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Seeing the whole picture: A comprehensive imaging approach to functional mapping of circuits in behaving zebrafish

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Seeing the world differently: variability in the photosensory mechanisms of two model fungi

Anonymous, 2015:
Seeing the world more clearly

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Seeing the world through non rose-colored glasses: anxiety and the amygdala response to blended expressions

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Seeing the world through others' minds: Inferring social context from behaviour

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Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses: People who are happy and satisfied with life preferentially attend to positive stimuli

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Seeing the world topsy-turvy: The primary role of kinematics in biological motion inversion effects

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Seeing things from the patients' view: what will it take?

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Seeing through Musculoskeletal Tissues: Improving In Situ Imaging of Bone and the Lacunar Canalicular System through Optical Clearing

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Seeing through VEGF: innate and adaptive immunity in pathological angiogenesis in the eye

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Seeing through Walls at the Nanoscale: Microwave Microscopy of Enclosed Objects and Processes in Liquids

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Seeing through the dark: New insights into the immune regulatory functions of vitamin A

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Seeing through the interface: poly(ε-Caprolactone) surface modification of poly(glycerol-co-sebacic acid) membranes in adult porcine retinal explants

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Seeing through the miRage of tissue complexity

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Seeing through the smoke: Human and animal studies of cannabis use and endocannabinoid signalling in corticolimbic networks

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Seeing through thick and through thin: Retinal manifestations of thrombophilic and hyperviscosity syndromes

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Seeing tobacco mosaic virus through direct electron detectors

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Seeing what we hear: an eye to help the ear

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Seeing what you want

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Seeing without knowing: Operational principles along the early visual pathway

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Seeing without knowing: task relevance dissociates between visual awareness and recognition

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Seeing you seeing me: Stereotypes and the stigma magnification effect

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Seeing "the Dress" in the Right Light: Perceived Colors and Inferred Light Sources

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Seeing, adapting to, and reproducing the appearance of nature

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Seek and Ye Shall Find Fibrillations

George, R.E., 2016:
Seek and Ye Shall Find: Subclonal Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Mutations

Chua, S.; Li, J., 2016:
Seek and You shall Find

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Seek and destroy process: Listeria monocytogenes process controls in the ready-to-eat meat and poultry industry

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Seek and destroy: relating cancer drivers to therapies

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Draft Genome Sequences of Escherichia coli Isolates from India

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Seek and you shall find: prevalence of Clostridium difficile in Wuhan, China

Gillilan, R.; Sherman, M.F.; Ahmed, S.; Puchalski, C., 2015:
Seek and you will find

Anonymous, 2016:
Seek first to understand

Anonymous, 2016:
Seek guidance before sharing your experiences online

Anonymous, 2003:
Seek local advice to control SARS

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Seek, Test and Disclose: knowledge of HIV testing and serostatus among high-risk couples in a South African township

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Draft Genome Sequences of Interpatient and Intrapatient Epidemiologically Linked Neisseria gonorrhoeae Isolates

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Seek, and ye shall find

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Seek, and ye shall find: Differences between spontaneous and voluntary analogical retrieval

Dafoe, W.A.; Hegele, R.A., 2016:
Seeking 'meta guidelines' for lipids

Anonymous, 2016:
Seeking Applicants for New Trans NIH K12 Program in Emergency Care Research

Dörr, R.; Maisch, B., 2016:
Seeking Ariadne's thread in the labyrinth of guidelines

Piwowarczyk, L.; Fernandez, P.; Sharma, A., 2016:
Seeking Asylum: Challenges Faced by the LGB Community

Renthal, W., 2018:
Seeking Balance Between Pain Relief and Safety: CDC Issues New Opioid-Prescribing Guidelines

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Seeking Balance in Motion: The Role of Spontaneous Free Play in Promoting Social and Emotional Health in Early Childhood Care and Education

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Seeking Connection Versus Avoiding Disappointment: An Experimental Manipulation of Approach and Avoidance Sexual Goals and the Implications for Desire and Satisfaction

Jaffe, S., 2018:
Seeking Dental Care For Older Americans

Firouzi, R.; Shahbazian, S., 2015:
Seeking Extremes in Molecular Design: To What Extent May Two "Non-Bonded" Hydrogen Atoms be Squeezed in a Hydrocarbon?

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Seeking Good Alternatives to Clonazepam: Suggestions for Future Treatment Trials in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

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Seeking Health Information Online: Association with Young Australian Women's Physical, Mental, and Reproductive Health

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Seeking Help From Everyone and No-One: Conceptualizing the Online Help-Seeking Process Among Adolescent Males

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Seeking Information on Behalf of Others: An Analysis of Calls to a Spanish-Language Radio Health Program

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Seeking Invalidation

Liu, Y.; Wang, J.; Qian, H-Zhu.; Liu, H.; Yin, L.; Lu, H.; Zhang, C.; Ruan, Y.; Shao, Y.; Vermund, S.H., 2017:
Seeking Male Sexual Partners via Internet and Traditional Venues among Chinese Men Who Have Sex with Men: Implications for HIV Risk Reduction Interventions

Stodart, K., 2016:
Seeking NP jobs for NPs

Pietanza, M.Catherine.; Zimmerman, S.; Peters, S.; Curran, W.J., 2017:
Seeking New Approaches to Patients With Small Cell Lung Cancer

Anderson, P., 2015:
Seeking Opportunities to Expand Focus

Tong, Y.; Chen, Q.; Nichols, T.E.; Rasetti, R.; Callicott, J.H.; Berman, K.F.; Weinberger, D.R.; Mattay, V.S., 2016:
Seeking Optimal Region-Of-Interest (ROI) Single-Value Summary Measures for fMRI Studies in Imaging Genetics

Anonymous, 2016:
Seeking Questions Over Answers

Jha, A.K., 2015:
Seeking Rational Approaches to Fixing Hospital Readmissions

Najavits, L.M.; Lande, R.Gregory.; Gragnani, C.; Isenstein, D.; Schmitz, M., 2018 :
Seeking Safety Pilot Outcome Study at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Bentley, J.; Henderson, S.; Thakore, S.; Donald, M.; Wang, W., 2016:
Seeking Sepsis in the Emergency Department- Identifying Barriers to Delivery of the Sepsis 6

Laws, J., 2015:
Seeking Solutions on Tower Workers' Safety

Winters, N., 2017:
Seeking Status: The Process of Becoming and Remaining an Emergency Nurse

Dale, R.; Kello, C.T.; Schoenemann, P.Thomas., 2017:
Seeking Synthesis: The Integrative Problem in Understanding Language and Its Evolution

Collins, F.S., 2016:
Seeking a Cure for One of the Rarest Diseases: Progeria

Bischoff, M., 2015:
Seeking a cause for monoarthritis. Why does the joint hurt?

Eades, S.J.; Chamberlain, C., 2015:
Seeking a comprehensive approach to tobacco control for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Roberts, H.L.; Brown, D.R., 2016:
Seeking a mechanism for the toxicity of oligomeric α-synuclein

Marta-Simões, J.; Ferreira, Cáudia., 2017:
Seeking a perfect body look: feeding the pathogenic impact of shame?

Shankweiler, D.; Fowler, C.A., 2015:
Seeking a reading machine for the blind and discovering the speech code

Shin, J.; Ming, G-li.; Song, H., 2015:
Seeking a roadmap toward neuroepigenetics

Mordechai, O.; Tamir, S.; Weyl-Ben-Arush, M., 2016:
Seeking a second opinion in pediatric oncology

Conn, J., 2016:
Seeking a solution for patient record matching

Munro, M.J., 1988:
Seeking aids counsellors

Grigg, J., 2016:
Seeking an Accurate, Point-of-Contact Diagnostic Test for Bacterial Pneumonia

Ader, N.R., 2016:
Seeking an In Vivo Neuronal Context for the PINK1/Parkin Pathway

Bilello, J.A., 2017:
Seeking an objective diagnosis of depression

Davis, M.A.; Anthony, D.L.; Pauls, S.D., 2015:
Seeking and receiving social support on Facebook for surgery

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Seeking and sharing: why the pulmonary fibrosis community engages the web 2.0 environment

Anonymous, 1991:
Seeking assistance

Ireland, S.J.; Monson, N.L.; Davis, L.S., 2016:
Seeking balance: Potentiation and inhibition of multiple sclerosis autoimmune responses by IL-6 and IL-10

Oluwajana, F., 2017:
Seeking beauty: understanding the psychology behind orthognathic surgery

Velázquez-Sánchez, C.; Santos, J.W.; Smith, K.L.; Ferragud, A.; Sabino, V.; Cottone, P., 2015:
Seeking behavior, place conditioning, and resistance to conditioned suppression of feeding in rats intermittently exposed to palatable food

Toyoda, K.; Grotta, J.C., 2015:
Seeking best medical treatment for hyperacute intracerebral hemorrhage

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Seeking consent for research with indigenous communities: a systematic review

Burns, J., 2015:
Seeking consent from those who cannot answer: new light on emergency research conducted under the exception from informed consent

Meagher, K.M., 2015:
Seeking context for the duty to rescue: contractualism and trust in research institutions

Sun, J.; Yuan, C., 2016:
Seeking culprit lesions in cryptogenic stroke: the utility of vessel wall imaging

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Seeking effective interventions to treat complex wounds: an overview of systematic reviews

Polton, G.; Dunning, M., 2016 :
Seeking enrolment for a new treatment for canine osteosarcoma

Spencer, P.S.; Palmer, V.S.; Kisby, G.E., 2016:
Seeking environmental causes of neurodegenerative disease and envisioning primary prevention

Bell, S.L.; Phoenix, C.; Lovell, R.; Wheeler, B.W., 2016:
Seeking everyday wellbeing: The coast as a therapeutic landscape

McGrath, L.; Reavey, P., 2016:
Seeking fluid possibility and solid ground: space and movement in mental health service users' experiences of 'crisis'

Ammazzalorso, A.; De Filippis, B.; Campestre, C.; Laghezza, A.; Marrone, A.; Amoroso, R.; Tortorella, P.; Agamennone, M., 2016:
Seeking for Non-Zinc-Binding MMP-2 Inhibitors: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modelling Studies

Alipour, M., 2018:
Seeking for Spin-Opposite-Scaled Double-Hybrid Models Free of Fitted Parameters

Krenke, Rł.; Maskey-Warzęchowska, M.; Górska, K., 2017:
Seeking for the links between biochemical markers of remodeling and structural changes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: where are we?

Mehrotra, D.V.; Hemmings, R.J.; Russek-Cohen, E., 2017:
Seeking harmony: estimands and sensitivity analyses for confirmatory clinical trials

Fassier, P.; Chhim, A-Sophie.; Andreeva, V.A.; Hercberg, S.; Latino-Martel, P.; Pouchieu, C.; Touvier, M., 2017:
Seeking health- and nutrition-related information on the Internet in a large population of French adults: results of the NutriNet-Santé study

Irvin, C.W.; Kim, R.B.; Mitchell, C.S., 2015:
Seeking homeostasis: temporal trends in respiration, oxidation, and calcium in SOD1 G93A Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis mice

Putnam, M., 2016:
Seeking ideas for special issues of the Journal of Gerontological Social Work

Razack, S.; Hodges, B.; Steinert, Y.; Maguire, M., 2015:
Seeking inclusion in an exclusive process: discourses of medical school student selection

Bottrill, K., 1999:
Seeking information on the three rs - more than just a legal burden

Voas, S., 2015:
Seeking local approaches to global disease threats

Zein, N.N., 2018:
Seeking medical care abroad: A challenge to empathy

Lal, S.; Nguyen, V.; Theriault, J., 2016:
Seeking mental health information and support online: experiences and perspectives of young people receiving treatment for first-episode psychosis

Manchester, A., 2016:
Seeking more recognition for Te Rūnanga Tauira

Wu, P-Ying.; Chang, C-Hung.; Shen, M-Ru.; Chou, C-Yang.; Yang, Y-Ching.; Huang, Y-Fang., 2017:
Seeking new surgical predictors of mesh exposure after transvaginal mesh repair

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Seeking order amidst chaos: a systematic review of classification systems for causes of stillbirth and neonatal death, 2009-2014

Cantley, L.C.; Cantley, L., 2017:
Seeking out the sweet spot in cancer therapeutics: an interview with Lewis Cantley

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Seeking study volunteers

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Seeking the right reforms

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Seen to be above suspicion

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Seena Fazel

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