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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 58855

Chapter 58855 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Blasco, R.B.; Karaca, E.; Ambrogio, C.; Cheong, T-Chin.; Karayol, E.; Minero, V.G.; Voena, C.; Chiarle, R., 2015:
Simple and rapid in vivo generation of chromosomal rearrangements using CRISPR/Cas9 technology

Okuwa, Y.; Miyamato-Hayashi, M.; Tanaka, T.; Hayakawa, Y.; Inoshima, Y., 2016:
Simple and rapid method for routine screening of bovine leukemia virus by loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay

Hu, W.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, H.; Yu, J.; Wei, H., 2016:
Simple and rapid preparation of red fluorescence and red color S. aureus derived nanobioparticles for pathogen detection

Chitranshi, P.; Gamboa da Costa, Gçalo., 2017:
Simple and rapid quantification of brominated vegetable oil in commercial soft drinks by LC-MS

Hein, R.; Uzundal, C.B.; Hennig, A., 2016:
Simple and rapid quantification of phospholipids for supramolecular membrane transport assays

Huarng, M.C.; Shavit, J.A., 2016:
Simple and rapid quantification of thrombocytes in zebrafish larvae

Valiadi, M.; Kalsi, S.; Jones, I.G.F.; Turner, C.; Sutton, J.Mark.; Morgan, H., 2016:
Simple and rapid sample preparation system for the molecular detection of antibiotic resistant pathogens in human urine

Adamowicz, P.; Tokarczyk, B., 2017:
Simple and rapid screening procedure for 143 new psychoactive substances by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Katano, H.; Okamoto, N.; Takakuwa, M.; Taira, S.; Kambe, T.; Takahashi, M., 2015:
Simple and rapid separation of soyasaponin Bb from a soy extract

Xu, Y.; Li, X.; Yu, J.; Chang, G-Kung., 2016:
Simple and reconfigured single-sideband OFDM RoF system

Quadros, R.M.; Poluektova, L.Y.; Gurumurthy, C.B., 2016:
Simple and reliable genotyping protocol for mouse Prkdc(SCID) mutation

Matsuda, T.; Iwasaki, T.; Hirata, K.; Tsugawa, D.; Sugita, Y.; Ishida, S.; Kanaji, S.; Kakeji, Y., 2016:
Simple and reliable method for tumor localization during totally laparoscopic gastrectomy: intraoperative laparoscopic ultrasonography combined with tattooing

Barrea, A.; Bulens, D.Cordova.; Lefevre, P.; Thonnard, J-Louis., 2016:
Simple and Reliable Method to Estimate the Fingertip Static Coefficient of Friction in Precision Grip

Liu, L-Shang.; Kim, J-Min.; Kim, W-Sik., 2015:
Simple and reliable quartz crystal microbalance technique for determination of solubility by cooling and heating solution

Mori, H.; Kobara, H.; Nishiyama, N.; Fujihara, S.; Matsunaga, T.; Ayaki, M.; Chiyo, T.; Masaki, T., 2016:
Simple and reliable treatment for post-EMR artificial ulcer floor with snare cauterization for 10- to 20-mm colorectal polyps: a randomized prospective study (with video)

Reinard, K.; Basheer, A.; Phillips, S.; Snyder, A.; Agarwal, A.; Jafari-Khouzani, K.; Soltanian-Zadeh, H.; Schultz, L.; Aho, T.; Schwalb, J.M., 2015:
Simple and reproducible linear measurements to determine ventricular enlargement in adults

Li, T.; Zhao, L.; Liu, W.; Xu, J.; Wang, J., 2016:
Simple and reusable off-the-shelf microfluidic devices for the versatile generation of droplets

Li, M.; Li, D.; Hu, L.; Mu, Q.; Cao, Z.; Xu, H.; Lu, X.; Xuan, L., 2015:
Simple and robust algorithm to extend the dynamic range of tip-tilt for a Shack-Hartmann sensor

Jammer, A.; Gasperl, A.; Luschin-Ebengreuth, N.; Heyneke, E.; Chu, H.; Cantero-Navarro, E.; Großkinsky, D.K.; Albacete, A.A.; Stabentheiner, E.; Franzaring, Jürgen.; Fangmeier, A.; van der Graaff, E.; Roitsch, T., 2016:
Simple and robust determination of the activity signature of key carbohydrate metabolism enzymes for physiological phenotyping in model and crop plants

Wang, T.; Zhang, K-He.; Hu, P-Ping.; Huang, Z-Yong.; Zhang, P.; Wan, Q-Si.; Huang, D-Qiang.; Lv, N-Hua., 2016:
Simple and robust diagnosis of early, small and AFP-negative primary hepatic carcinomas: an integrative approach of serum fluorescence and conventional blood tests

Inoue, Y.; Guérif, M.; Baret, Fédéric.; Skidmore, A.; Gitelson, A.; Schlerf, M.; Darvishzadeh, R.; Olioso, A., 2016:
Simple and robust methods for remote sensing of canopy chlorophyll content: a comparative analysis of hyperspectral data for different types of vegetation

Goldovsky, D.; Jouravsky, V.; Pe'er, A., 2016:
Simple and robust phase-locking of optical cavities with > 200 KHz servo-bandwidth using a piezo-actuated mirror mounted in soft materials

Thangavelu, K.; Kumar, N.Senthil.; Kannan, R.; Kumar, J.Arun., 2012:
Simple and safe posterior superior alveolar nerve block

Schettgen, T.; Alt, A.; Dewes, P.; Kraus, T., 2016:
Simple and sensitive GC/MS-method for the quantification of urinary phenol, o- and m-cresol and ethylphenols as biomarkers of exposure to industrial solvents

Lin, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Lin, Y.; Tang, D.; Chen, G.; Tang, D., 2016:
Simple and sensitive detection of aflatoxin B1 within five minute using a non-conventional competitive immunosensing mode

Oh, J-Aa.; Shin, H-Sang., 2015:
Simple and sensitive determination of hydrazine in drinking water by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry after derivatization with naphthalene-2,3-dialdehyde

Gupta, A.Kumar.; Mitra, C.K., 2015:
Simple and sensitive electrochemical impedimetric approach towards analysis of biophysical interaction

Dang, Q.; Gao, H.; Li, Z.; Qi, H.; Gao, Q.; Zhang, C., 2018:
Simple and sensitive electrogenerated chemiluminescence peptide-based biosensor for detection of matrix metalloproteinase 2 released from living cells

Zhang, L.; Han, Y.; Zhu, J.; Zhai, Y.; Dong, S., 2015:
Simple and sensitive fluorescent and electrochemical trinitrotoluene sensors based on aqueous carbon dots

Milosheska, D.; Vovk, Tž.; Grabnar, I.; Roškar, R., 2015:
Simple and sensitive high performance liquid chromatography method with fluorescence detection for therapeutic drug monitoring of topiramate

Zhao, B.; Gong, Z.; Ma, Z.; Wang, D.; Jin, Y., 2015:
Simple and sensitive microRNA labeling by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase

Sun, Y.; Zhao, C.; Yan, Z.; Ren, J.; Qu, X., 2018:
Simple and sensitive microbial pathogen detection using a label-free DNA amplification assay

Xiong, L.; Gao, Y-Qin.; Li, W-Hong.; Yang, X-Lin.; Shimo, S.Peter., 2016:
Simple and sensitive monitoring of β2-agonist residues in meat by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry using a QuEChERS with preconcentration as the sample treatment

Oh, S-Duk.; Duong, H.Dinh.; Rhee, J.Il., 2016:
Simple and sensitive progesterone detection in human serum using a CdSe/ZnS quantum dot-based direct binding assay

Saranya, R.; Aarthi, R.; Sankaran, K., 2016:
Simple and specific colorimetric detection of Staphylococcus using its volatile 2-[3-acetoxy-4,4,14-trimethylandrost-8-en-17-yl] propanoic acid in the liquid phase and head space of cultures

Yonemitsu, K.; Terada, Y.; Kuwata, R.; Nguyen, D.; Shiranaga, N.; Tono, S.; Matsukane, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Suzuki, K.; Shimoda, H.; Takano, A.; Muto, M.; Maeda, K., 2016:
Simple and specific method for detection of antibodies against hepatitis E virus in mammalian species

Mohamed, S.; Riva, R.; Contin, M., 2017:
Simple and validated UHPLC-MS/MS analysis of nimodipine in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage

Nuzhdina, A.V.; Morozov, A.S.; Kopitsyna, M.N.; Strukova, E.N.; Shlykova, D.S.; Bessonov, I.V.; Lobakova, E.S., 2016:
Simple and versatile method for creation of non-leaching antimicrobial surfaces based on cross-linked alkylated polyethyleneimine derivatives

Diac, A.; Demeter, D.; Allain, M.; Grosu, I.; Roncali, J., 2014:
Simple and versatile molecular donors for organic photovoltaics prepared by metal-free synthesis

Khabbaz, M.; Entezari, M.H., 2016:
Simple and versatile one-step synthesis of FeS2 nanoparticles by ultrasonic irradiation

Zhou, P.; Wu, F.; Zhou, T.; Cai, X.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, X.; Li, Q.; Li, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Wang, M.; Lan, F.; Pan, G.; Pei, D.; Wei, S., 2016:
Simple and versatile synthetic polydopamine-based surface supports reprogramming of human somatic cells and long-term self-renewal of human pluripotent stem cells under defined conditions

Patten, S.A.; Parker, J.Alex.; Wen, X-Yan.; Drapeau, P., 2017:
Simple animal models for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis drug discovery

Sun, X.; Wang, W.; Wang, B., 2015:
Simple antihypertensive treatment of intermittent arterial epistaxis: a clinical analysis of 25 cases

Abdel-Latif, M.; El-Shafei, E.A.; El-Asmar, K.M.; Abdel-Hay, S., 2015:
Simple antireflux technique for the cologastric anastomosis: complementary step in retrosternal colon interposition procedure

Luna-Martínez, O.D.; Vidal-Limón, A.; Villalba-Velázquez, M.I.; Sánchez-Alcalá, R.; Garduño-Juárez, Rón.; Uversky, V.N.; Becerril, B., 2016:
Simple approach for ranking structure determining residues

Zhu, M.; Eyraud, M.; Rouzo, J.Le.; Ait Ahmed, N.; Boulc'h, F.; Alfonso, C.; Knauth, P.; Flory, Fçois., 2015:
Simple approach for the fabrication of PEDOT-coated Si nanowires

Klawonn, I.; Lavik, G.; Böning, P.; Marchant, H.K.; Dekaezemacker, J.; Mohr, W.; Ploug, H., 2015:
Simple approach for the preparation of (15-15)N2-enriched water for nitrogen fixation assessments: evaluation, application and recommendations

Robinson, M.S.; Olson, R.J., 2016:
Simple approach to prevent capsule tear-out during capsulorhexis creation in hypermature cataracts

Kim, A.; Lee, C.; Kim, H.; Kim, J., 2015:
Simple approach to superhydrophobic nanostructured Al for practical antifrosting application based on enhanced self-propelled jumping droplets

Hafez, H.N.; El-Gazzar, A-Rhman.B.A.; Zaki, M.E.A., 2017:
Simple approach to thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidines as new scaffolds of antimicrobial activities

Li, K-Che.; Huang, L.L.H.; Liang, J-Hao.; Chan, M-Che., 2016:
Simple approach to three-color two-photon microscopy by a fiber-optic wavelength convertor

Megías, P.; Macizo, P., 2016 :
Simple arithmetic development in school age: The coactivation and selection of arithmetic facts

Megías, P.; Macizo, P., 2016:
Simple arithmetic: electrophysiological evidence of coactivation and selection of arithmetic facts

Dong, J.; Abukhdeir, N.Mohieddin.; Goldthorpe, I.A., 2015:
Simple assembly of long nanowires through substrate stretching

Chagarovskiy, A.O.; Budynina, E.M.; Ivanova, O.A.; Rybakov, V.B.; Trushkov, I.V.; Melnikov, M.Ya., 2016:
Simple assembly of polysubstituted pyrazoles and isoxazoles via ring closure-ring opening domino reaction of 3-acyl-4,5-dihydrofurans with hydrazines and hydroxylamine

Kim, B.Guk.; Oh, J-Hoon.; Choi, H.Na.; Park, S.Young., 2015:
Simple assessment of olfaction in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

Fu, H-Yan.; Li, H-Dong.; Yu, Y-Jie.; Wang, B.; Lu, P.; Cui, H-Peng.; Liu, P-Ping.; She, Y-Bin., 2016:
Simple automatic strategy for background drift correction in chromatographic data analysis

Jeremić, M.; Pešić, M.; Dinić, J.; Banković, J.; Novaković, I.; Šegan, D.; Sladić, Dšan., 2017:
Simple avarone mimetics as selective agents against multidrug resistant cancer cells

Wittmer, J.P.; Xu, H.; Baschnagel, J., 2016:
Simple average expression for shear-stress relaxation modulus

Peacock, L.R.; Chapman, R.S.L.; Sedgwick, A.C.; Mahon, M.F.; Amans, D.; Bull, S.D., 2015:
Simple aza-conjugate addition methodology for the synthesis of isoindole nitrones and 3,4-dihydroisoquinoline nitrones

Arikawa, R.; Yamaguchi, H.; Takaoka, J.; Miyamura, A.; Atsuchi, N.; Ninomiya, T.; Atsuchi, Y.; Ohishi, M.; Terashima, M.; Kaneda, H., 2016 :
Simple balloon dilation for drug-eluting in-stent restenosis: an optical coherent tomography analysis

Leibman, V.; Martin, E.T.; Tal-Jasper, R.; Grin, L.; Hayakawa, K.; Shefler, C.; Azouri, T.; Kaplansky, T.; Maskit, M.; Lazarovitch, T.; Zaidenstein, R.; Kaye, K.S.; Marchaim, D., 2016:
Simple bedside score to optimize the time and the decision to initiate appropriate therapy for carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Martínez-Miranda, Mía.Dolores.; Nielsen, B.; Nielsen, J.Perch., 2017:
Simple benchmark for mesothelioma projection for Great Britain

Shukla, A.; Kapileswar, S.; Gogtay, N.; Joshi, A.; Dhore, P.; Shah, C.; Abraham, P.; Bhatia, S., 2016:
Simple biochemical parameters and a novel score correlate with absence of fibrosis in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Liu, Z.; Chen, X., 2016:
Simple bioconjugate chemistry serves great clinical advances: albumin as a versatile platform for diagnosis and precision therapy

Vovk, A.; Gu, C.; Opferman, M.G.; Kapinos, L.E.; Lim, R.Yh.; Coalson, R.D.; Jasnow, D.; Zilman, A., 2017:
Simple biophysics underpins collective conformations of the intrinsically disordered proteins of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Maciel, A.Toledo.; Delphino Salles, L.; Vitorio, D., 2016:
Simple blood and urinary parameters measured at ICU admission may sign for AKI development in the early postoperative period: a retrospective, exploratory study

Wise, J., 2017:
Simple blood test for heart failure should be more widely available, say MPs

Karahan, O.; Yavuz, C.; Kankilic, N.; Demirtas, S.; Tezcan, O.; Caliskan, A.; Mavitas, B., 2017:
Simple blood tests as predictive markers of disease severity and clinical condition in patients with venous insufficiency

Hosoda, K.; Morimoto, M.; Motoishi, M.; Nishimura, O.; Agata, K.; Umesono, Y., 2017:
Simple blood-feeding method for live imaging of gut tube remodeling in regenerating planarians

Haggerty, C.J.; Vogel, C.T.; Fisher, G.Rawleigh., 2016:
Simple bone augmentation for alveolar ridge defects

Xindi, J.; Gang, L.; Xinhong, W.; Linlin, C.; Xing, K.; Zhen, T.; Yu, L., 2016:
Simple bone cyst of the jaw: a retrospective study of 11 cases

Donaldson, S.; Wright, J.G., 2015:
Simple bone cysts: better with age?

Voyvoda, N., 2016:
Simple breast cysts: should we treat or not?

Koizumi, K.; Nobusada, K.; Boero, M., 2016:
Simple but Efficient Method for Inhibiting Sintering and Aggregation of Catalytic Pt Nanoclusters on Metal-Oxide Supports

Mu, Y.; Wan, X., 2016:
Simple but Strong: A Mussel-Inspired Hot Curing Adhesive Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol Backbone

Snow, A.; Vandenberg, J., 2017:
Simple but effective model calibration for nitrite in northern lakes

Fard, M.Azizpoor.; Weigend, F.; Corrigan, J.F., 2015:
Simple but effective: thermally stable Cu-ESiMe3via NHC ligation

Chang, C.; Wu, J.; Qi, Y.; Yuan, C.; Nie, S.; Xia, J., 2016:
Simple calculation of a computer-generated hologram for lensless holographic 3D projection using a nonuniform sampled wavefront recording plane

Robert, Gégory.; Legrand, P.; Arnault, P.; Desbiens, N.; Clérouin, J., 2015:
Simple calculation of ab initio melting curves: Application to aluminum

Alouki, K.; Delisle, Hélène.; Besançon, Séphane.; Baldé, N.; Sidibé-Traoré, A.; Drabo, J.; Djrolo, Fçois.; Mbanya, J-Claude.; Halimi, S., 2015:
Simple calculator to estimate the medical cost of diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa

Duboc, C.; Graves, E.T.; Strick, T.R., 2018:
Simple calibration of TIR field depth using the supercoiling response of DNA

Švigelj, V.; Šinkovec, Mž.; Avbelj, V.; Trobec, R., 2016:
Simple cardiovagal and adrenergic function tests in carotid artery stenosis patients as a potential tool for determining a transient autonomic dysfunction

Hong, U.H.; Choi, H.G.; Kim, H.; Chung, Y.C., 2015:
Simple carrier-phase estimator for high-speed RSOA-based coherent WDM PON

Tan, G.; Gil, M.; Löytynoja, A.P.; Goldman, N.; Dessimoz, C., 2015:
Simple chained guide trees give poorer multiple sequence alignments than inferred trees in simulation and phylogenetic benchmarks

Liargkova, T.; Hadjipavlou-Litina, D.J.; Koukoulitsa, C.; Voulgari, E.; Avgoustakis, C., 2017:
Simple chalcones and bis-chalcones ethers as possible pleiotropic agents

Huh, S., 2010:
Simple check list for making test item

Mokhtari, A.; Ghazaeian, M.; Maghsoudi, M.; Keyvanfard, M.; Emami, I., 2016:
Simple chemiluminescence determination of ketotifen using tris(1,10 phenanthroline)ruthenium(II)- Ce(IV) system

Itoh, Y.; Nagaoka, Y.; Katakura, Y.; Kawahara, H.; Takemori, H., 2017:
Simple chronic colitis model using hypopigmented mice with a Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome 5 gene mutation

Kamide, T.; Nomura, M.; Tamase, A.; Mori, K.; Seki, S.; Kitamura, Y.; Nakada, M., 2016:
Simple classification of carotid bifurcation: is it possible to predict twisted carotid artery during carotid endarterectomy?

Anonymous, 2004:
Simple clavicular fractures need no hospital follow up

Caso, F.; Costa, L.; Atteno, M.; Del Puente, A.; Cantarini, L.; Lubrano, E.; Scarpa, R., 2015:
Simple clinical indicators for early psoriatic arthritis detection

Dogan, N.Bilgin.; Ozpelit, E.; Akdeniz, S.; Bilgin, M.; Baris, N., 2015:
Simple clinical risk score for no-reflow prediction in patients undergoing primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with acute STEMI

Krajewski, S.; Nathan, T.; Neumann, B.; Hoffmann, S.; Abel, M.; Koggel, A.; Schlensak, C.; Wendel, H.P., 2015:
Simple clotting test to detect procoagulant abdominal swabs

Agarwal, R.; González-García, C.; Torstrick, B.; Guldberg, R.E.; Salmerón-Sánchez, M.; García, Aés.J., 2016:
Simple coating with fibronectin fragment enhances stainless steel screw osseointegration in healthy and osteoporotic rats

Kim, J.Hyun.; Choi, Y.Jung.; Kwon, H.Jung.; Park, S.Ja.; Park, M.In.; Moon, W.; Kim, S.Eun., 2016:
Simple colonoscopy reporting system checking the detection rate of colon polyps

Ni, C.; Zhu, B.; Wang, N.; Wang, M.; Chen, S.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, Y., 2016:
Simple column-switching ion chromatography method for determining eight monosaccharides and oligosaccharides in honeydew and nectar

Guo, X.; Yang, Z.; Dong, H.; Guan, X.; Ren, Q.; Lv, X.; Jin, X., 2016:
Simple combination of oxidants with zero-valent-iron (ZVI) achieved very rapid and highly efficient removal of heavy metals from water

Nikonenko, A.G.; Bozhok, Y.M., 2016:
Simple computational technique to quantify nuclear shape asymmetry

Goggin, J.; Jupiter, D.C.; Czerwinski, M., 2015:
Simple computed tomography-based calculations of orbital floor fracture defect size are not sufficiently accurate for clinical use

Dantlgraber, M.; Wetzel, E.; Schützenberger, P.; Stieger, S.; Reips, U-Dietrich., 2017:
Simple construct evaluation with latent class analysis: An investigation of Facebook addiction and the development of a short form of the Facebook Addiction Test (F-AT)

Kirian, R.A.; Awel, S.; Eckerskorn, N.; Fleckenstein, H.; Wiedorn, M.; Adriano, L.; Bajt, S.; Barthelmess, M.; Bean, R.; Beyerlein, K.R.; Chavas, L.M.G.; Domaracky, M.; Heymann, M.; Horke, D.A.; Knoska, J.; Metz, M.; Morgan, A.; Oberthuer, D.; Roth, N.; Sato, T.; Xavier, P.L.; Yefanov, O.; Rode, A.V.; Küpper, J.; Chapman, H.N., 2016:
Simple convergent-nozzle aerosol injector for single-particle diffractive imaging with X-ray free-electron lasers

Lee, K.Joo.; Sa, Y.Jin.; Jeong, H.Young.; Bielawski, C.W.; Joo, S.Hoon.; Moon, H.Ri., 2015:
Simple coordination complex-derived three-dimensional mesoporous graphene as an efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst

Tóth, E.; Hevér, H.; Ozohanics, Oér.; Telekes, Aás.; Vékey, Károly.; Drahos, László., 2015:
Simple correction improving long-term reproducibility of HPLC-MS

Dumont, F.; Tilly, C.; Dartigues, P.; Goéré, D.; Honoré, C.; Elias, D., 2015:
Simple criteria to predict margin involvement after chemoradiotherapy and sphincter-sparing for low rectal cancer

Malarz, K., 2015:
Simple cubic random-site percolation thresholds for neighborhoods containing fourth-nearest neighbors

Grindem, H.; Snyder-Mackler, L.; Moksnes, Håvard.; Engebretsen, L.; Risberg, M.Arna., 2017:
Simple decision rules can reduce reinjury risk by 84% after ACL reconstruction: the Delaware-Oslo ACL cohort study

Proietti, M.; Lip, G.Y.H., 2016:
Simple decision-making between a vitamin K antagonist and a non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant: using the SAMe-TT2R2 score

Peces Rama, A.; Llanos Llanos, Mía.Carmen.; Sánchez Ferrer, Mía.Luisa.; Alcázar Zambrano, J.Luis.; Martínez Mendoza, A.; Nieto Díaz, Aíbal., 2016:
Simple descriptors and simple rules of the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) Group: a prospective study of combined use for the description of adnexal masses

Li, L., 2015:
Simple design of slanted grating with simplified modal method: comment

Feng, W.; Ishiguro, Y.; Hotta, K.; Watanabe, H.; Suga, H.; Kageyama, K., 2016:
Simple detection of Pythium irregulare using loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay

Ha, M-Sun.; Chung, M-Sub.; Bae, D-Ho., 2017:
Simple detection of residual enrofloxacin in meat products using microparticles and biochips

Yongkiettrakul, S.; Kampeera, J.; Chareanchim, W.; Rattanajak, R.; Pornthanakasem, W.; Kiatpathomchai, W.; Kongkasuriyachai, D., 2016:
Simple detection of single nucleotide polymorphism in Plasmodium falciparum by SNP-LAMP assay combined with lateral flow dipstick

Kwon, S-Myung.; Shin, H-Sang., 2015:
Simple determination of fluoride in biological samples by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Oh, J-Aa.; Shin, H-Sang., 2016:
Simple determination of hydrazine in waste water by headspace solid-phase micro extraction and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry after derivatization with trifluoro pentanedione

Higashi, Y.; Konno, K., 2015:
Simple determination of o-phenylphenol in skin lotion by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with fluorescence detection after pre-column derivatization with 4-(N-chloroformylmethyl-N-methylamino)-7-nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazole

Gao, Q.; Liang, W-Wei.; Foltz, S.M.; Mutharasu, G.; Jayasinghe, R.G.; Cao, S.; Liao, W-Wei.; Reynolds, S.M.; Wyczalkowski, M.A.; Yao, L.; Yu, L.; Sun, S.Q.; Chen, K.; Lazar, A.J.; Fields, R.C.; Wendl, M.C.; Van Tine, B.A.; Vij, R.; Chen, F.; Nykter, M.; Shmulevich, I.; Ding, L.; Caesar-Johnson, S.J.; Demchok, J.A.; Felau, I.; Kasapi, M.; Ferguson, M.L.; Hutter, C.M.; Sofia, H.J.; Tarnuzzer, R.; Wang, Z.; Yang, L.; Zenklusen, J.C.; Zhang, J.Julia.; Chudamani, S.; Liu, J.; Lolla, L.; Naresh, R.; P, 2018:
Driver Fusions and Their Implications in the Development and Treatment of Human Cancers

Choi, B-Seok.; Jeong, J.Sool.; Lee, H-Kyu.; Chung, Y.C., 2015:
Simple detuning method for low-chirp operation in polymer-based tunable external-cavity lasers

Sasidharan, A.; David, A.; Gohil, A.; Gupta, A.Kumar., 2016:
Simple device to determine the pressure applied by pressure clips for the treatment of earlobe keloids

Terlizzi, V.; Improta, F.; Raia, V., 2015:
Simple diagnosis of benign acute childhood myositis: Lessons from a case report

Kataria, T.; Gupta, D.; Basu, T.; Gupta, S.; Goyal, S.; Banerjee, S.; Abhishek, A.; Bisht, S.S.; Narang, K., 2016:
Simple diagrammatic approach to delineate duodenum on a radiotherapy planning CT scan

Kataria, T.; Gupta, D.; Goyal, S.; Bisht, S.S.; Chaudhary, R.; Narang, K.; Banerjee, S.; Basu, T.; Abhishek, A.; Sambasivam, S.; Vishnu, N.T., 2016:
Simple diagrammatic method to delineate male urethra in prostate cancer radiotherapy: an MRI based approach

Hautero, U.; Poussa, T.; Laitinen, K., 2016:
Simple dietary criteria to improve serum n-3 fatty acid levels of mothers and their infants

Kuribayashi, T.; Sato, K.; Joh, T.; Kaneoke, M.; Watanabe, K-Ichi., 2016:
Simple differentiation of sake (Japanese alcoholic beverage) based on trace inorganic components using colorimetric methods

Ruan, Y.J.; Zhang, X.M.; Xie, L.L., 2016:
Simple discussion on the revised "Technical Specifications for Occupational Health Surveillance"(GBZ 188-2014)

Asano, H.; Ohura, H.; Ito, Y.; Takigami, I.; Ogawa, H.; Katayama, N.; Matsumoto, K.; Akiyama, H., 2016:
Simple drilling technique for the removal of fractured femoral stem: A case report of Exeter stem fracture

Chen, N.; Majda, A.J., 2016:
Simple dynamical models capturing the key features of the Central Pacific El Niño

Mayor, S., 2016:
Simple education reduces inappropriate blood glucose self monitoring in type 2 diabetes, study shows

Sornambikai, S.; Kumar, A.Senthil., 2015:
Simple electro-assisted immobilization of ciprofloxacin on carbon nanotube modified electrodes: its selective hydrogen peroxide electrocatalysis

Lin, L-Chii.; Yeh, Y-Chi.; Ho, K-Jung., 2016:
Simple electrocardiogram (ECG) signal analyzer for homecare system among the elderly

Yi, N-Joon.; Lee, J-Moo.; Kim, H.; Choi, Y.; Lee, H-Won.; Kim, H-Young.; Jin, U.Sik.; Ko, J.Sung.; Moon, J.Soo.; Jung, C-Woo.; Lee, K-Woong.; Suh, K-Suk., 2018:
Simple ellipsoid reconstruction technique for a hypoplastic portal vein during pediatric liver transplantation

Rufanov, K.A.; Pruß, N.K.; Sundermeyer, Jörg., 2015:
Simple entry into N-tert-butyl-iminophosphonamide rare-earth metal alkyl and chlorido complexes

Serni, S.; Vittori, G.; Frizzi, J.; Mari, A.; Siena, G.; Lapini, A.; Carini, M.; Minervini, A., 2015:
Simple enucleation for the treatment of highly complex renal tumors: Perioperative, functional and oncological results

Singer, P., 2016:
Simple equations for complex physiology: can we use VCO2 for calculating energy expenditure?

Kostanyan, A.E., 2016:
Simple equations to simulate closed-loop recycling liquid-liquid chromatography: Ideal and non-ideal recycling models

Tarao, H.; Miyamoto, H.; Korpinen, L.; Hayashi, N.; Isaka, K., 2017:
Simple estimation of induced electric fields in nervous system tissues for human exposure to non-uniform electric fields at power frequency

Kong, L.; Jiang, Z.; Wang, C.; Wan, F.; Li, Y.; Wu, L.; Zhi, J-Fang.; Zhang, X.; Chen, S.; Liu, Y., 2015:
Simple ethanol impregnation treatment can enhance photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles under visible-light irradiation

Brennan, D., 2016:
Simple export of journal citation data to Excel using any reference manager

Greitemeyer, T.; Nierula, C., 2017:
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Simple ideas

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Simple method of designing centralized PI controllers for multivariable systems based on SSGM

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Simple method of securing an airway while accessing a bleeding tracheostomy site when nasal or oral endotracheal intubation is not feasible

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Simple method to enhance terahertz radiation from femtosecond laser filament array with a step phase plate

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Simple method to estimate mean heart dose from Hodgkin lymphoma radiation therapy according to simulation X-rays

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Simple method to generate and fabricate stochastic porous scaffolds

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Simple method to improve spatial resolution for in vivo two-photon fluorescence imaging

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Simple method to measure and analyze the fluctuations of a small particle in biopolymer solutions

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Simple method to prevent retention of skin staples

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Simple methodology to directly genotype Trypanosoma cruzi discrete typing units in single and mixed infections from human blood samples

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Simple methods to enhance bond strength of self-adhesive resin cements

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Simple microfluidic stagnation point flow geometries

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Simple model for identifying critical regions in atrial fibrillation

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Simple model for multiple-choice collective decision making

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Simple model of a coherent molecular photocell

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Simple model of pH-induced protein denaturation

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Simple multimodality imaging: An easy, rapid, and inexpensive approach to improve non-invasive test accuracy

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Simple new risk score model for adult cardiac extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: simple cardiac ECMO score

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Simple noise reduction for diffusion weighted images

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Simple non-invasive analysis of embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes beating in vitro

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Simple non-laboratory- and laboratory-based risk assessment algorithms and nomogram for detecting undiagnosed diabetes mellitus

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Simple observation of Streptococcus mutans biofilm by scanning electron microscopy using ionic liquids

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Simple obstructive sleep apnea patients without hypertension or diabetes accelerate kidney dysfunction: a population follow-up cohort study from Taiwan

Müller, G.; Zalibera, M.; Gescheidt, G.; Rosenthal, A.; Santiso-Quinones, G.; Dietliker, K.; Grützmacher, Hörg., 2016:
Simple one-pot syntheses of water-soluble bis(acyl)phosphane oxide photoinitiators and their application in surfactant-free emulsion polymerization

Tantbirojn, D.; Pfeifer, C.S.; Amini, A.N.; Versluis, A., 2018:
Simple optical method for measuring free shrinkage

Borgstein, J.; Achbab, S., 2016:
Simple ossicular chain reconstruction during ear surgery using tragal cartilage: a retrospective clinical study in thirty-one patients: A clinical audit

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Simple oxygraphic analysis for the presence of adenylate kinase 1 and 2 in normal and tumor cells

Xu, X.; Li, L., 2014:
Simple parameterized coordinate transformation method for deep- and smooth-profile gratings

Brasunas, J.; Mamoutkine, A.; Gorius, N., 2016:
Simple parametric model for intensity calibration of Cassini composite infrared spectrometer data

Kim, H.Ihn.; Baik, M.; Cho, K.Ho.; Cho, Y-Je.; Heo, K., 2017:
Simple partial seizures aggravated or induced by benzodiazepine injection

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Simple pencil-drawn paper-based devices for one-spot electrochemical detection of electroactive species in oil samples

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Simple perfusion apparatus for manipulation, tracking, and study of oocytes and embryos

Webster, G.D.; Peterson, A.C., 2015:
Simple perineal and elaborated perineal posterior urethroplasty

Echchaoui, A.; Benyachou, M.; Hafidi, J.; Fathi, N.; Mohammadine, E.; ELmazouz, S.; Gharib, N-Eddine.; Abbassi, A., 2015:
Simple perineal anoplasty for the treatment of lower anorectal malformations in adults, about two cases

de Mestral, C., 2016:
Simple pharmacological prophylaxis for post-ERCP pancreatitis

Maharjan, R.P.; Liu, B.; Feng, L.; Ferenci, T.; Wang, L., 2015:
Simple phenotypic sweeps hide complex genetic changes in populations

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Simple physical performance measures and vascular health in late midlife women: the Study of Women's Health across the nation

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Simple physicochemical properties related with lipophilicity, polarity, molecular size and ionization status exert significant impact on the transfer of drugs and chemicals into human breast milk

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Simple pneumopericardium due to blunt trauma progressing to tension pneumopericardium during transportation

Syed, S.; Karadaghy, A.; Zustiak, S., 2016:
Simple polyacrylamide-based multiwell stiffness assay for the study of stiffness-dependent cell responses

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Simple posterior frequency correction for vibrational spectra from molecular dynamics

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Simple prediction of long-term clinical outcomes in patients with mild hepatitis C recurrence after liver transplantation

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Simple prediction scores predict good and devastating outcomes after stroke more accurately than physicians

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Simple predictive model for Early Childhood Caries of Chilean children

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Simple predictors for new onset atrial fibrillation

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Simple preparation of Pd-NP/polythiophene nanospheres for heterogeneous catalysis

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Simple preparation of carbon nanofibers with graphene layers perpendicular to the length direction and the excellent li-ion storage performance

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Simple preparation of lotus-root shaped meso-/macroporous TiO₂ and their DSSC performances

Yook, C-Min.; Lee, S.Ju.; Oh, S.Jun.; Ha, H-Joon.; Lee, J.Jin., 2016:
Simple preparation of new [(18) F]F-labeled synthetic amino acid derivatives with two click reactions in one-pot and SPE purification

Falter, C.; Ellinger, D.; von Hülsen, B.; Heim, Ré.; Voigt, C.A., 2015:
Simple preparation of plant epidermal tissue for laser microdissection and downstream quantitative proteome and carbohydrate analysis

Stewart, A.; Murray, S.; Bell, S.E.J., 2015:
Simple preparation of positively charged silver nanoparticles for detection of anions by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Suzuki, N.; Sakka, Y.; Yamauchi, Y., 2009:
Simple preparation of silica and alumina with a hierarchical pore system via the dual-templating method

Bashir, H.; Ahmed, N.; Khan, M.Ahmad.; Zafar, A.Usman.; Tahir, S.; Khan, M.Islam.; Khan, F.; Husnain, T., 2015:
Simple procedure applying lactose induction and one-step purification for high-yield production of rhCIFN

Courjal, Nège.; Caspar, A.; Calero, V.; Ulliac, G.; Suarez, M.; Guyot, Cément.; Bernal, M-Pilar., 2016:
Simple production of membrane-based LiNbO<sub>3</sub> micro-modulators with integrated tapers

Dholam, K.; Kharade, P.; Bhirangi, P., 2017:
Simple prosthesis for a cancer patient with a segmental mandibulectomy and free fibula flap reconstruction: a clinical report

Mohammed, S.A.; Eissa, M.S.; Ahmed, H.M., 2016:
Simple protein precipitation extraction technique followed by validated chromatographic method for linezolid analysis in real human plasma samples to study its pharmacokinetics

Kakizaki, E.; Yukawa, N., 2016:
Simple protocol for extracting diatoms from lung tissues of suspected drowning cases within 3h: First practical application

Hashimoto, N.; Maeda, T.; Okubo, R.; Narita, H.; Kusumi, I., 2015:
Simple pulmonary eosinophilia associated with clozapine treatment

Stressler, T.; Tanzer, C.; Ewert, J.; Claaßen, W.; Fischer, L., 2016:
Simple purification method for a recombinantly expressed native His-tag-free aminopeptidase A from Lactobacillus delbrueckii

Miura, H.; Ozawa, S.; Hayata, M.; Tsuda, S.; Yamada, K.; Nagata, Y., 2017:
Simple quality assurance method of dynamic tumor tracking with the gimbaled linac system using a light field

Hamamura, K.; Nonaka, D.; Ishikawa, H.; Banzai, M.; Yanagida, M.; Nojima, M.; Yoshida, K.; Lee, L-Ja.; Tanaka, K.; Takamori, K.; Takeda, S.; Araki, Y., 2016:
Simple quantitation for potential serum disease biomarker peptides, primarily identified by a peptidomics approach in the serum with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Capone, D.L.; Ristic, R.; Pardon, K.H.; Jeffery, D.W., 2015 :
Simple quantitative determination of potent thiols at ultratrace levels in wine by derivatization and high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) analysis

Liu, S.; Xu, X.; Cheng, Q.; Zu, Q.; Lu, S.; Yu, J.; Liu, X.; Wang, B.; Teng, G.; Shi, H., 2016:
Simple quantitative measurement based on DWI to objectively judge DWI-FLAIR mismatch in a canine stroke model

Sprinks, J., 2015:
Simple questions can help nurses identify girls at risk of female genital mutilation

Newton, A.W.; Selvaratnam, V.; Pydah, S.K.; Nixon, M.F., 2017:
Simple radiographic assessment of bone quality is associated with loss of surgical fixation in patients with proximal humeral fractures

Peterson, E.C.; Hambuchen, M.D.; Tawney, R.L.; Gunnell, M.G.; Cowell, J.L.; Lay, J.O.; Blough, B.E.; Carroll, F.Ivy.; Owens, S.Michael., 2016:
Simple radiometric method for accurately quantitating epitope densities of hapten-protein conjugates with sulfhydryl linkages

Billik, P., 2016:
Simple radiosensitizing of hypoxic tumor tissues by N2O/Br(-) mixture

Sekiguchi, Y.; Kaneko, H., 2016:
Simple ray-tracing model for a rough surface of an ink layer including internal scattering particles printed on a light guide plate

Plewan, T.; Rinkenauer, G., 2016:
Simple reaction time and size-distance integration in virtual 3D space

Schlittenlacher, J.; Ellermeier, W.; Avci, Gül., 2016:
Simple reaction time for broadband sounds compared to pure tones

Šovčíková, E.; Wimmerová, Sňa.; Strémy, Mán.; Kotianová, J.; Loffredo, C.A.; Murínová, Ľubica.Palkovičová.; Chovancová, J.; Čonka, K.; Lancz, K.; Trnovec, Táš., 2016:
Simple reaction time in 8-9-year old children environmentally exposed to PCBs

Schlittenlacher, J.; Ellermeier, W., 2016:
Simple reaction time to the onset of time-varying sounds

Lee, J.Suk.; Sahu, B.Bhusan.; Han, J.Geon., 2016:
Simple realization of efficient barrier performance of a single layer silicon nitride film via plasma chemistry

Cui, X.; Yu, S.; Tamhane, A.; Causey, Z.L.; Steg, A.; Danila, M.I.; Reynolds, R.J.; Wang, J.; Wanzeck, K.C.; Tang, Q.; Ledbetter, S.S.; Redden, D.T.; Johnson, M.R.; Bridges, S.Louis., 2015:
Simple regression for correcting ΔCt bias in RT-qPCR low-density array data normalization

Takagi, H.; Umemoto, T., 2016:
Simple renal cyst and abdominal aortic aneurysm

Kwon, T.; Lim, B.; You, D.; Hong, B.; Hong, J.Hyuk.; Kim, C-Soo.; Jeong, I.Gab., 2017:
Simple renal cyst and renal dysfunction: A pilot study using dimercaptosuccinic acid renal Scan

Tatar, E.; Ozay, E.; Atakaya, M.; Yeniay, P.Kezban.; Aykas, A.; Okut, G.; Yonguc, T.; Imamoglu, C.; Uslu, A., 2016:
Simple renal cysts in the solitary kidney: Are they innocent in adult patients?

Ben Zekry, S.; Spiegelstein, D.; Sternik, L.; Lev, I.; Kogan, A.; Kuperstein, R.; Raanani, E., 2016:
Simple repair approach for mitral regurgitation in Barlow disease

Koenis, M.J.J.; Louwerens, J.W.K., 2015:
Simple resection arthroplasty for treatment of 4th and 5th tarsometatarsal joint problems. A technical tip and a small case series

Nishida, Y.; Tsukushi, S.; Urakawa, H.; Hamada, S.; Kozawa, E.; Ikuta, K.; Ishiguro, N., 2016:
Simple resection of truncal desmoid tumors: A case series

de Oliveira, Júlio.César.Silva.; Luvizuto, Eá.Rodrigues.; Queiroz, T.P.; Betoni-Júnior, W.; Costa e Silva, A., 2015:
Simple resolution with maxillary o-ring attachment overdenture

Wang, J.; Hu, D.; Tang, W.; Hu, C.; Lu, Q.; Li, J.; Zhu, J.; Xu, L.; Sui, Z.; Qian, M.; Wang, S.; Yin, G., 2017:
Simple risk factors to predict urgent endoscopy in nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding pre-endoscopically

Mayor, S., 2015:
Simple risk score for colon cancer identifies people likely to benefit from colonoscopy

Bhowmik, B.; Akhter, A.; Ali, L.; Ahmed, T.; Pathan, F.; Mahtab, H.; Khan, A.Kalam.Azad.; Hussain, A., 2015:
Simple risk score to detect rural Asian Indian (Bangladeshi) adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes

Gomes, D.Garcia.; Kus, T.; Sant'anna, R.Tofani.; de Lima, G.Glotz.; Essebag, V.; Leiria, T.L.Luz., 2016:
Simple risk stratification score for prognosis of syncope

Rojas, L.; Olmedo, H.; García-Piñeres, A.J.; Silveira, C.; Tasic, L.; Fraga, F.; Montero, M.L., 2016:
Simple route for nano-hydroxyapatite properties expansion

Forster, M.; Raval, R., 2016:
Simple rules and the emergence of complexity in surface chirality

Takashina, N., 2016:
Simple rules for establishment of effective marine protected areas in an age-structured metapopulation

Timney, B.L.; Raveh, B.; Mironska, R.; Trivedi, J.M.; Kim, S.Joong.; Russel, D.; Wente, S.R.; Sali, A.; Rout, M.P., 2016 :
Simple rules for passive diffusion through the nuclear pore complex

Pellizzari, G.; Williams, D.J., 2015:
Simple rules on adjectival endings in zoological nomenclature and their use in scale insect names (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea), with some corrections to combinations in common use

Okamura, Y., 2017:
Simple scheme of lipid enzyme can explain complex lives of phosphoinositides

Erdoğan, A.; Aydoğan, I.; Şenol, K.; Üçkan, E.M.; Ersöz, Ş.; Tez, M., 2017:
Simple scoring system for prediction of mortality in Fournier's gangrene

Zhang, F.; Wang, L.; Wang, R.; Ying, Y.; Wu, J., 2015:
Simple screening strategy with only water bath needed for the identification of insect-resistant genetically modified rice

Nuruzzaman, F.; Sherman, Y.; Ostfeld, B.M.; Adams, A.B.; Pan, N.; Barinstein, L.V.; Lehman, T.J.A.; Moorthy, L.N., 2016:
Simple screening tool for assessing attention deficit in pediatric lupus

Chao, C-Ter.; Hsu, Y-Hsin.; Chang, P-Yu.; He, Y-Ting.; Ueng, R-Shiuan.; Lai, C-Fu.; Chiang, C-Kang.; Huang, J-Wen.; Huang, S-Jen., 2016:
Simple self-report FRAIL scale might be more closely associated with dialysis complications than other frailty screening instruments in rural chronic dialysis patients

Heianza, Y.; Arase, Y.; Kodama, S.; Tsuji, H.; Fujihara, K.; Saito, K.; Hara, S.; Sone, H., 2015:
Simple self-reported behavioral or psychological characteristics as risk factors for future type 2 diabetes in Japanese individuals: Toranomon Hospital Health Management Center Study 14

Song, C.; Li, J.; Liu, J.; Liu, Q., 2018:
Simple sensitive rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food samples by label-free immunofluorescence strip sensor

Houliston, G.J.; Ramón-Laca, A.; Jain, R.; Mitchell, C.M.; Goeke, D.F., 2015:
Simple sequence repeat markers for the endangered species Clianthus puniceus and C. maximus (Fabaceae)

Lin, T-Yin., 2017:
Simple sequence repeat variations expedite phage divergence: Mechanisms of indels and gene mutations

Sun, C.F.; Ye, X.; Tian, Y.Y.; Dong, J.J., 2016:
Simple sequence repeat-based analysis of the genetic diversity and population genetic structure of populations of Siniperca chuatsi

Anonymous, 2018:
Simple sets to get happier & healthier. Being grateful, doing things for others, and improving your health will pay off

Gilroy, J.J.; Lockwood, J.L., 2017:
Simple settlement decisions explain common dispersal patterns in territorial species

Goyal, U.; Locke, A.; Smith-Raymond, L.; Georgiev, G.N., 2017:
Simple shielding reduces dose to the contralateral breast during prone breast cancer radiotherapy

Naghdi, S.; Nakhostin Ansari, N.; Rustaie, N.; Akbari, M.; Ebadi, S.; Senobari, M.; Hasson, S., 2016:
Simple shoulder test and Oxford Shoulder Score: Persian translation and cross-cultural validation

Lim, J.; Um, J.Hyun.; Lee, K.Jae.; Yu, S-Ho.; Kim, Y-Jae.; Sung, Y-Eun.; Lee, J-Kyu., 2016:
Simple size control of TiO2 nanoparticles and their electrochemical performance: emphasizing the contribution of the surface area to lithium storage at high-rates

Kosma, V.A.; Beltsios, K.G., 2015:
Simple solution routes for targeted carbonate phases and intricate carbonate and silicate morphologies

Anonymous, 1993:
Simple solution to stop arthritis damage

Evans, N., 2016:
Simple solution, radical change

Vasilevskis, E.E.; Simmons, S.F., 2016:
Simple solutions may not work for complex patients: A need for new paradigms in geriatric hospital medicine

Carnevale, R., 2015:
Simple solutions reflect misunderstanding of animal antibiotic use

Saxena, H.Mohan.; Chothe, S.; Kaur, P., 2016:
Simple solutions to false results with plate/slide agglutination tests in diagnosis of infectious diseases of man and animals

Ojima, J., 2016:
Simple specific gravity measurement of dust samples for silica analysis

Wacławek, S.; Grübel, K.; Černík, M., 2015:
Simple spectrophotometric determination of monopersulfate

Zheng, J.; Tan, F.; Hartman, R., 2015:
Simple spectrophotometry method for the determination of sulfur dioxide in an alcohol-thionyl chloride reaction

Dunn, P.J.H.; Hai, L.; Malinovsky, D.; Goenaga-Infante, H., 2015:
Simple spreadsheet templates for the determination of the measurement uncertainty of stable isotope ratio delta values

McCarthy, O.; French, R.S.; Roberts, I.; Free, C., 2016:
Simple steps to develop trial follow-up procedures

Chu, R.Z., 2017:
Simple steps to reduce medication errors

Thual, S.; Majda, A.J.; Chen, N.; Stechmann, S.N., 2016:
Simple stochastic model for El Niño with westerly wind bursts

Louro, Aé-Cardoso.; Fernández-Castro, J.; Blasco, Tás., 2016:
Simple strategy to promote well-being in cancer patients: Nurse-patient dialogue during the administration of chemotherapy

van Riel, A.C.M.J.; de Bruin-Bon, R.H.A.C.M.; Gertsen, E.C.; Blok, I.M.; Mulder, B.J.M.; Bouma, B.J., 2016:
Simple stress echocardiography unmasks early pulmonary vascular disease in adult congenital heart disease

Heller, L.; Obernauer, A.; Csuk, Ré., 2016:
Simple structural modifications confer cytotoxicity to allobetulin

Laguna, J.Carlos.; Alegret, M.; Roglans, Núria., 2015:
Simple sugar intake and hepatocellular carcinoma: epidemiological and mechanistic insight

Kudelka, M.R.; Ju, T.; Heimburg-Molinaro, J.; Cummings, R.D., 2015:
Simple sugars to complex disease--mucin-type O-glycans in cancer

Gigliobianco, G.; Chong, C.K.; MacNeil, S., 2016:
Simple surface coating of electrospun poly-L-lactic acid scaffolds to induce angiogenesis

Jeong, S-Woo.; Jeong, J.; Kim, J., 2016:
Simple surface foam application enhances bioremediation of oil-contaminated soil in cold conditions

Klermund, L.; Poschenrieder, S.T.; Castiglione, K., 2017:
Simple surface functionalization of polymersomes using non-antibacterial peptide anchors

Matsuno, H.; Ohta, T.; Shundo, A.; Fukunaga, Y.; Tanaka, K., 2014:
Simple surface treatment of cell-culture scaffolds with ultrafine bubble water

Hahn, P., 2015:
Simple surgeon-controlled method of safe, cost-effective, and efficient application of chromovitrectomy agents through reflux

Tsuchida, K.; Nagai, K.; Yokota, N.; Okada, D.; Muromiya, Y.; Suenaga, T.; Ueda, Y.; Kawahara, K.; Kanayama, H-omi.; Minakuchi, J., 2016:
Simple surgical method for a native arteriovenous fistula of chronic hemodialysis patients and the patency rate

Kuboki, A.; Yanagi, K.; Nakayama, T.; Haruna, S., 2016:
Simple suturing of the nasal septum using the Maniceps septum stitch device

Mori, M.; Kosuge, A.; Kiriyama, H.; Hajima, R.; Kondo, K., 2016:
Simple synchronization technique of a mode-locked laser for Laser-Compton scattering γ-ray source

Wang, Q.; Wang, N.; He, S.; Zhao, J.; Fang, J.; Shen, W., 2015:
Simple synthesis of Prussian blue analogues in room temperature ionic liquid solution and their catalytic application in epoxidation of styrene

Patra, P.; Mitra, S.; Das Gupta, A.; Pradhan, S.; Bhattacharya, S.; Ahir, M.; Mukherjee, S.; Sarkar, S.; Roy, S.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Adhikary, A.; Goswami, A.; Chattopadhyay, D., 2016:
Simple synthesis of biocompatible biotinylated porous hexagonal ZnO nanodisc for targeted doxorubicin delivery against breast cancer cell: In vitro and in vivo cytotoxic potential

Han, G-Mei.; Li, H.; Huang, X-Xi.; Kong, D-Ming., 2016:
Simple synthesis of carboxyl-functionalized upconversion nanoparticles for biosensing and bioimaging applications

Sivakumar, M.; Sakthivel, M.; Chen, S-Ming., 2016:
Simple synthesis of cobalt sulfide nanorods for efficient electrocatalytic oxidation of vanillin in food samples

Umbreen, S.; Linker, T., 2016:
Simple synthesis of conformationally fixed glycosamine analogues by beckmann rearrangement at the carbohydrate ring

Udumula, V.; Endres, J.L.; Harper, C.N.; Jaramillo, L.; Zhong, H.A.; Bayles, K.W.; Conda-Sheridan, M., 2016:
Simple synthesis of endophenazine G and other phenazines and their evaluation as anti-methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus agents

Wang, Y.; Yu, M.; Yang, K.; Lu, J.; Chen, L., 2016:
Simple synthesis of luminescent CdSe quantum dots from ascorbic acid and selenium dioxide

Liu, B.; Ma, X.; Wu, F.; Chen, W., 2014:
Simple synthesis of neutral and cationic Cu-NHC complexes

Wu, J.; Wang, Nü.; Zhao, Y.; Jiang, L., 2015:
Simple synthesis of smart magnetically driven fibrous films for remote controllable oil removal

Ryu, J.; Park, S-Hyun., 2016:
Simple synthetic protein scaffolds can create adjustable artificial MAPK circuits in yeast and mammalian cells

Kang, J.; McLaughlin, R.A., 2017:
Simple systems for treating pumped, turbid water with flocculants and a geotextile dewatering bag

Nkwabong, E.; Takang, W.Ako.; Kouam, L., 2017:
Simple technique for autologous transfusion in ruptured ectopic pregnancy: Report of six cases managed at the Yaoundé University Hospital in Cameroon

García-García, Jín.; Rickenstorff-Parrao, C.; Ramos-García, Rén.; Arrizón, Víctor.; Ostrovsky, A.S., 2015:
Simple technique for generating the perfect optical vortex

Henrichs, L.F.; Chen, L.I.; Bell, A.J., 2015:
Simple technique for high-throughput marking of distinguishable micro-areas for microscopy

Jürgens, I.; Rey, A., 2015:
Simple technique to treat pupillary capture after transscleral fixation of intraocular lens

Rezaei, M.; Nia, I.Hasani.; Bonakdar, A.; Mohseni, H., 2016:
Simple telecentric submillimeter lens with near-diffraction-limited performance across an 80  degree field of view

Mishra, A.K.; Aaron, S.; Abhilash, K.; Iyadurai, R.; Shaikh, A.; Lazarus, E.; Alexander, V.; George, A.A.; Vishali, P.; Sudarsanam, T.D., 2016:
Simple telephone call a feasible, useful and acceptable method of following up patients with cerebrovascular accidents: Prospective Cohort study in South India

Cao, Y.L.; Lv, F.C.; Yu, S.C.; Xu, J.; Yang, X.; Lu, Z.G., 2016:
Simple template fabrication of porous MnCo2O4 hollow nanocages as high-performance cathode catalysts for rechargeable Li-O2 batteries

Wise, J., 2015:
Simple test can determine which patients need endoscopy for Barrett's oesophagus

Karkhanis, V.S.; Joshi, J.M., 2015:
Simple testing for obstructive sleep apnoea

Simmonds, M.; Llewellyn, A.; Owen, C.G.; Woolacott, N., 2016:
Simple tests for the diagnosis of childhood obesity: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Emelyanenko, A.V.; Khokhlov, A.R., 2015:
Simple theory of transitions between smectic, nematic, and isotropic phases

Bailey, A., 2000:
Simple things in life can mean the most

Bordoni, A.V.; Lombardo, M.Verónica.; Regazzoni, A.E.; Soler-Illia, G.J.A.A.; Wolosiuk, A., 2015:
Simple thiol-ene click chemistry modification of SBA-15 silica pores with carboxylic acids

Pan, F.; Liu, J.; Xie, Y.; Lei, Z.; Liang, B.; Wu, G.; Zhou, Y.; Ling, Y.; Liang, X.; Liu, Q.; Wang, F.; Hu, G., 2015:
Simple three-variable screening tool for identification of patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome in middle-aged male snorers from Guangxi region: a multi-center study

Başoğlu, A.; Tosun, G.; Ocak, Mç.; Alp, H.; Yaylı, N.; Ocak, Ümmühan., 2015:
Simple time-saving method for iron determination based on fluorescence quenching of an azaflavanon-3-ol compound

Liu, F.; Xu, X.; Qiu, S.; Qing, C.; Tao, D., 2016:
Simple to Complex Transfer Learning for Action Recognition

Gensheimer, M.F.; Hummel-Kramer, S.M.; Cain, D.; Quang, T.S., 2016:
Simple tool for prediction of parotid gland sparing in intensity-modulated radiation therapy

Abeygunaratne, T.; Herrick, A.; Chinoy, H.; Sowden, E.; Choudhury, J.; Sinha, S., 2017:
Simple tool in a complex case: use of the nailfold capillaroscopy

de Souza, N., 2016:
Simple tools for difficult imaging

Moreno-Luna, E.; Alonso, P.; Santiago, J.De.; Zapardiel, I., 2016:
Simple trachelectomy during pregnancy for cervical cancer

Aeberhard, C.; Birrenbach, T.; Joray, M.; Mühlebach, S.; Perrig, M.; Stanga, Z., 2016:
Simple training tool is insufficient for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition: A pre-post intervention study in a tertiary center

Li, Z.; Li, K.; Li, D.; Yang, J.; Xu, H.; Goloub, P.; Victori, S., 2016:
Simple transfer calibration method for a Cimel Sun-Moon photometer: calculating lunar calibration coefficients from Sun calibration constants

Anonymous, 2003:
Simple tray system cuts risk of malnutrition

Andrews, J., 2017:
Simple truths about dementia

Dong, L.; Xie, F.; Ma, S.; Wang, Y.; Chen, L., 2016:
Simple tunable dual-wavelength fiber laser and multiple self-mixing interferometry to large step height measurement

De las Cuevas, G.; Cubitt, T.S., 2016:
Simple universal models capture all classical spin physics

Jeon, G-H.; Kim, S.H.; Chae, H.D.; Kim, C-H.; Kang, B-M., 2016:
Simple uterovaginal anastomosis for cervicovaginal atresia diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging: A report of two cases

Scrivener, C.Grace.; Gornall, R.; Rolland, P., 2017:
Simple vaginal trachelectomy as a fertility-sparing treatment to manage high-grade dyskaryosis following multiple large loop excision of the transformation zone

Agusti, A., 2017:
Simple versus complex COPD: implications for health-care management

Hunt, G.; Hopkins, M.J.; Lidgard, S., 2015:
Simple versus complex models of trait evolution and stasis as a response to environmental change

Ruscio, S.; Abdelgawad, M.; Badiali, D.; Iorio, O.; Rizzello, M.; Cavallaro, G.; Severi, C.; Silecchia, G., 2017:
Simple versus reinforced cruroplasty in patients submitted to concomitant laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: prospective evaluation in a bariatric center of excellence

Troyanovsky, B.; Bitko, V.; Fouty, B.; Solodushko, V., 2016:
Simple viral/minimal piggyBac hybrid vectors for stable production of self-inactivating gamma-retroviruses

Tauzin, T., 2015:
Simple visual cues of event boundaries

Nickles, S.Walker.; Ikwuezunma, G.; MacLachlan, L.; El-Zawahry, A.; Rames, R.; Rovner, E., 2015:
Simple vs complex urethral diverticulum: presentation and outcomes

Galwaduge, P.T.; Kim, S.H.; Grosberg, L.E.; Hillman, E.M.C., 2015:
Simple wavefront correction framework for two-photon microscopy of in-vivo brain

Gupta, S.; Ratre, R.Kishore.; Jain, S.; Chandki, R., 2015:
Simple way of recording dental arch forms

Pochylski, M.; Gapiński, J., 2015:
Simple way to analyze Brillouin spectra from turbid liquids

Xiang, D.; Lin, H.; Guo, W.; Ma, J.; Cui, L.; Jiang, J.; Qu, F., 2015:
Simple way to obtain pH-sensitive drug release from functional mesoporous silica materials

Ng, N.Yong.Boon.; Twoon, M., 2015:
Simple ways to improve undergraduate plastic surgery education

Bode, E.; Brachmann, A.O.; Kegler, C.; Simsek, R.; Dauth, C.; Zhou, Q.; Kaiser, M.; Klemmt, P.; Bode, H.B., 2016 :
Simple "on-demand" production of bioactive natural products

Ward, J.W.; Mermin, J.H., 2016:
Simple, Effective, but Out of Reach? Public Health Implications of HCV Drugs

Low, B.E.; Kutny, P.M.; Wiles, M.V., 2017:
Simple, Efficient CRISPR-Cas9-Mediated Gene Editing in Mice: Strategies and Methods

Christ, C.D.; van Gunsteren, W.F., 2009:
Simple, Efficient, and Reliable Computation of Multiple Free Energy Differences from a Single Simulation: A Reference Hamiltonian Parameter Update Scheme for Enveloping Distribution Sampling (EDS)

Gamboa Varela, J.; Gates, K.S., 2017:
Simple, High-Yield Syntheses of DNA Duplexes Containing Interstrand DNA-DNA Cross-Links Between an N(4) -Aminocytidine Residue and an Abasic Site

Xu, W.; Lee, Y.; Min, S-Yong.; Park, C.; Lee, T-Woo., 2015:
Simple, Inexpensive, and Rapid Approach to Fabricate Cross-Shaped Memristors Using an Inorganic-Nanowire-Digital-Alignment Technique and a One-Step Reduction Process

Slomski, A., 2016:
Simple, Less Expensive Psychotherapy Effective for Depression

Asadzadeh, M.; Ahmad, S.; Hagen, F.; Meis, J.F.; Al-Sweih, N.; Khan, Z., 2016:
Simple, Low-Cost Detection of Candida parapsilosis Complex Isolates and Molecular Fingerprinting of Candida orthopsilosis Strains in Kuwait by ITS Region Sequencing and Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis

Wadagni, A.; Frimpong, M.; Phanzu, D.Mavinga.; Ablordey, A.; Kacou, E.; Gbedevi, M.; Marion, E.; Xing, Y.; Babu, V.Sudheer.; Phillips, R.Odame.; Wansbrough-Jones, M.; Kishi, Y.; Asiedu, K., 2016:
Simple, Rapid Mycobacterium ulcerans Disease Diagnosis from Clinical Samples by Fluorescence of Mycolactone on Thin Layer Chromatography

Brezo, T.; Stojanovič, Z.; Suturovič, Z.; Kravić, Sžana.; Kos, J.; Đurović, A., 2016:
Simple, Rapid and Selective Chronopotentiometric Method for the Determination of Riboflavin in Pharmaceutical Preparations Using a Glassy Carbon Electrode

Hummel, M.; Wigger, T.; Höper, T.; Westkamp, I.; Brockmeyer, J., 2015:
Simple, Rapid, and Selective Isolation of 2S Albumins from Allergenic Seeds and Nuts

Osicka, J.; Ilčiková, M.; Popelka, A.; Filip, J.; Bertok, T.; Tkac, J.; Kasak, P., 2016:
Simple, Reversible, and Fast Modulation in Superwettability, Gradient, and Adsorption by Counterion Exchange on Self-Assembled Monolayer

Mendecki, L.; Chen, X.; Callan, N.; Thompson, D.F.; Schazmann, B.; Granados-Focil, S.; Radu, A., 2016:
Simple, Robust, and Plasticizer-Free Iodide-Selective Sensor Based on Copolymerized Triazole-Based Ionic Liquid

Derici, S.; Atila, K.; Bora, S.; Yener, S., 2016:
Simple, Safe, and Cost-Effective Technique for Resected Stomach Extraction in Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Murray, E.; Cho, J.Hun.; Goodwin, D.; Ku, T.; Swaney, J.; Kim, S-Yon.; Choi, H.; Park, Y-Gyun.; Park, J-Yoon.; Hubbert, A.; McCue, M.; Vassallo, S.; Bakh, N.; Frosch, M.P.; Wedeen, V.J.; Seung, H.Sebastian.; Chung, K., 2016:
Simple, Scalable Proteomic Imaging for High-Dimensional Profiling of Intact Systems

Chen, X.; Zhao, J.; Cong, W.; Li, X.; Fan, H.; Sun, J.; Lin, J.; Li, B.; Gao, Y.; Qin, C.; Li, Y-Feng., 2016:
Simple, Selective and Sensitive Determination of CH₃Hg⁺ Using Gold Nanocluster

Alizadeh, N.; Keyhanian, F., 2016:
Simple, Sensitive and Selective Spectrophotometric Assay of Naproxen in Pure, Pharmaceutical Preparation and Human Serum Samples

Wee, E.J.H.; Wang, Y.; Tsao, S.Chang-Hao.; Trau, M., 2017 :
Simple, Sensitive and Accurate Multiplex Detection of Clinically Important Melanoma DNA Mutations in Circulating Tumour DNA with SERS Nanotags

Karišik, M., 2016:
Simple, Timely, Safely? Laryngeal Mask and Pediatric Airway

VanDelinder, V.; Wheeler, D.R.; Small, L.J.; Brumbach, M.T.; Spoerke, E.D.; Henderson, I.; Bachand, G.D., 2015:
Simple, benign, aqueous-based amination of polycarbonate surfaces

Song, H.Francis.; Wang, X-Jing., 2015:
Simple, distance-dependent formulation of the Watts-Strogatz model for directed and undirected small-world networks

Wedekind, S., 2016:
Simple, effective and safe anticoagulation

Ling, X.; Guo, J.; Zheng, C.; Ye, C.; Lu, Y.; Pan, X.; Chen, Z.; Ng, I-Son., 2016:
Simple, effective protein extraction method and proteomics analysis from polyunsaturated fatty acids-producing micro-organisms

Wang, X.; Wei, Y.; Lin, Q.; Zhang, J.; Duan, Y., 2015:
Simple, fast matrix conversion and membrane separation method for ultrasensitive metal detection in aqueous samples by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

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Simple, fast, and accurate methodology for quantitative analysis using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, with bio-hybrid fuel cell examples

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Simpler compression suture for controlling atonic post-partum hemorrhage

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Simpler psychological treatment is as effective as CBT for depression and is cheaper, study shows

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. PR electrocardiographic intervals for smart forecasting of decline in renal function

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Simplicity-Tenacity in Stroke Rehabilitation

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Simplification improves understanding of informed consent information in clinical trials regardless of health literacy level

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Simplification of Insulin Regimens in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

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Simplification of antiretroviral therapy: proposal for a score for the evaluation of patients with suppressed viremia

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Simplification of antiviral hepatitis C virus therapy to support expanded access in resource-limited settings

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Simplification of classification and surgical expertise in the delayed treatment of traumatic posterior urethral injuries

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Simplification of irreversible Markov chains by removal of states with fast leaving rates

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Simplification of the standard three-bag intravenous acetylcysteine regimen for paracetamol poisoning results in a lower incidence of adverse drug reactions

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Simplification of the unified gas kinetic scheme

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Driver gene mutations based clustering of tumors: methods and applications

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Simplified Assay for Epigenetic Age Estimation in Whole Blood of Adults

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Simplified Assays for Evaluation of Resistance to Alternaria brassicicola and Turnip Mosaic Virus

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Simplified CLARITY for visualizing immunofluorescence labeling in the developing rat brain

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Simplified CRISPR-Cas genome editing for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Simplified Calvarial Reconstruction: Coverage of Bare Skull With GammaGraft Promotes Granulation and Facilitates Skin Grafting

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Simplified Complete Denture: A Systematic Review of the Literature

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Simplified Deployment of Health Informatics Applications by Providing Docker Images

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Simplified Designing and Insetting of the Free Flap in Reconstructing Oral and/or Oropharyngeal Defect

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Simplified Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy in Type 2 Diabetes Using Ewing's Battery

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Simplified Enzymatic Upgrading of High-Acid Rice Bran Oil Using Ethanol as a Novel Acyl Acceptor

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Simplified Fabrication of an Esthetic Implant-Supported Crown With a Novel CAD/CAM Glass Ceramic

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Simplified Frailty Index as a Predictor of Adverse Outcomes in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

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Simplified Human Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs) Isolation and Handling

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Simplified Interpretation of the Erectile Function Domain of the International Index of Erectile Function

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Simplified Knotless Mattress Repair of Type II SLAP Lesions

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Simplified Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass with Gastrojejunal Linear Mechanical Anastomosis: Technical Aspects

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Simplified Method for Insertion of Steerable Guide into the Left Atrium Using a Pigtail Guide Wire During the MitraClip(®) Procedure: A Technical Tip

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Simplified Murine 3D Neuronal Cultures for Investigating Neuronal Activity and Neurodegeneration

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Simplified Muscle-Suspension Lower Blepharoplasty by Orbicularis Hitch

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Simplified Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device for Application in Low-Resource Settings

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Simplified Novel Application (SNApp) framework: a guide to developing and implementing second-generation mobile applications for behavioral health research

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Simplified Paper Format for Detecting HIV Drug Resistance in Clinical Specimens by Oligonucleotide Ligation

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Simplified Penoscrotal Reconstruction for Extensive Fournier Gangrene Defects

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Simplified Phase Diversity algorithm based on a first-order Taylor expansion

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Simplified Practical Test Method for Portable Dose Meters Using Several Sealed Radioactive Sources

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Simplified Predictive Instrument to Rule Out Acute Coronary Syndromes in a High-Risk Population

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Simplified Preparation of Trialkylvinylsilanes via the Silyl-Heck Reaction Utilizing a Second Generation Catalyst

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Simplified Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient after Oral Cancer Removal

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Simplified Protocol for the Phenotypic Identification of Carbapenem Resistance Mechanism in Enterobacteriaceae

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Simplified Quantification Method for In Vivo SPECT Imaging of the Vesicular Acetylcholine Transporter with 123I-Iodobenzovesamicol

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Simplified Radiographic Damage Index for Affected Joints in Chronic Gouty Arthritis

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Simplified Representation of Partial and Total Rate Constants of Complex-Forming Bimolecular Reactions

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Simplified Selvester Score: a practical electrocardiographic instrument to predict response to CRT

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Simplified Setup to Achieve Distraction for Toe Arthroscopy

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Simplified Solutions for Activity Deposited on Moving Filter Media

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Simplified Sum-Over-States Approach for Predicting Resonance Raman Spectra. Application to Nucleic Acid Bases

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Simplified Tai Chi Program Training versus Traditional Tai Chi on the Functional Movement Screening in Older Adults

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Simplified Tai Chi Resistance Training versus Traditional Tai Chi in Slowing Bone Loss in Postmenopausal Women

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Simplified Technique for Incorporating a Metal Mesh into Record Bases for Mandibular Implant Overdentures

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Simplified TiO2 force fields for studies of its interaction with biomolecules

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Simplified Warfarin Dose-response Pharmacodynamic Models

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Simplified algorithm to facilitate communication of familial hypercholesterolaemia

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Simplified anal sphincter anatomy

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Simplified analysis of acetaminophen glucuronide for quantifying gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis using deuterated water

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Simplified analysis of sub-wavelength triangular gratings by simplified modal method

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Simplified analytical model for sound level prediction at shielded urban locations involving multiple diffraction and reflections

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Simplified and standardized intrapartum management can yield high rates of successful VBAC in spontaneous labor

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Simplified antibiotic regimens for neonatal sepsis--AFRINEST

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Simplified antibiotic regimens for neonatal sepsis--AFRINEST

Anonymous, 2015:
Simplified approach for delivering medicine to patients with severe pain shows promise

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Simplified assays of lipolysis enzymes for drug discovery and specificity assessment of known inhibitors

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Simplified automatic method for measuring the visual field using the perimeter ZERK 1

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Simplified capillary isoelectric focusing with chemical mobilization for intact protein analysis

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Simplified checklists compromises primary health care

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Simplified custom impression post for implant-supported restorations

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Simplified derivation of the gravitational wave stress tensor from the linearized Einstein field equations

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Simplified diagnostic monitoring for hepatitis C, in the new era of direct-acting antiviral treatment

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Simplified estimates of HIV incidence and transmission rates for the USA, 2008-2012

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Simplified estimation method for dose distributions around field junctions in proton craniospinal irradiation

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Simplified estimation of the eye's response to flashing light-emitting diodes

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Simplified extraction of bisphenols from bacterial culture suspensions and solid matrices

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Simplified filtered Smith predictor for MIMO processes with multiple time delays

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Simplified flexible-PON upstream transmission using pulse position modulation at ONU and DSP-enabled soft-combining at OLT for adaptive link budgets

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Simplified high-throughput screening of AOX1-expressed laccase enzyme in Pichia pastoris

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Simplified indicator of socioeconomic status in short surveys: a proposal based on assets and services

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Simplified isolation and enrichment of spermatogonial stem-like cells from pubertal domestic cats (Felis catus)

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Simplified matrix solid phase dispersion procedure for the determination of parabens and benzophenone-ultraviolet filters in human placental tissue samples

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Simplified measurement method for dissolved radio-Cs in litter and soil seepage water using copper-substituted Prussian blue

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Simplified mechanistic models of gene regulation for analysis and design

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Simplified method for determining fracture toughness of two dental ceramics

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Simplified method for esophagus protection during radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation--prospective study of 704 cases

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Simplified methods for estimating glomerular filtration rate in cats and for detection of cats with low or borderline glomerular filtration rate

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Simplified methods for the evaluation of the risk of forming renal stones and the follow-up of stone-forming propensity during the preventive treatment of stone-formation

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Simplified modelling the mode instability threshold of high power fiber amplifiers in the presence of photodarkening

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Simplified molecular input line entry system-based: QSAR modelling for MAP kinase-interacting protein kinase (MNK1)

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Simplified multi-element analysis of ground and instant coffees by ICP-OES and FAAS

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Simplified optical correlation-domain reflectometry without reference path

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Simplified prediction of postoperative cardiac surgery outcomes with a novel score: R2CHADS2

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Simplified procedure for the immediate loading of a complete fixed prosthesis supported by four implants in the maxillary jaw: a 2-year prospective study

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Simplified process for preparation of schizophyllan solutions for biomaterial applications

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Simplified prophylaxis of mucosal resection site defects

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Simplified protocol for Carba NP test for enhanced detection of carbapenemase producers directly from bacterial cultures

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Simplified protocol for flow cytometry analysis of fluorescently labeled exosomes and microvesicles using dedicated flow cytometer

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Simplified reintervention method of EUS-guided hepaticogastrostomy stent obstruction

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Simplified response monitoring criteria for multiple myeloma in patients undergoing therapy with novel agents using computed tomography

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Simplified risk assessment of noise induced hearing loss by means of 2 spreadsheet models

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Simplified risk stratification criteria for identification of patients with MRSA bacteremia at low risk of infective endocarditis: implications for avoiding routine transesophageal echocardiography in MRSA bacteremia

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Simplified rotor load models and fatigue damage estimates for offshore wind turbines

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Simplified sample preparation in the simultaneous measurement of whole blood antimony, bismuth, manganese, and zinc by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

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Simplified screening in an emergency department detected methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

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Simplified skeletal maturity scoring system: learning curve and methods to improve reliability

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Simplified sleep restriction for insomnia in general practice: a randomised controlled trial

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Simplified sleep restriction impacts objective but not subjective sleep for people with primary insomnia in primary care

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Simplified sonochemical preparation of titania embedded with selected metals for purification of benzene and toluene

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Simplified stochastic models with time delay for studying the degradation process of mRNA molecules

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Simplified strategies based on damage mechanics for concrete under dynamic loading

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Simplified strategy for rapid first-line screening of fragile X syndrome: closed-tube triplet-primed PCR and amplicon melt peak analysis

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Simplified strigolactams as potent analogues of strigolactones for the seed germination induction of Orobanche cumana Wallr

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Simplified strong ion difference approach to acid-base balance in healthy foals

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Simplified swift and safe vascular closure device deployment without a local arteriogram: Single center experience in 2074 consecutive patients

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Simplified tandem polymer solar cells with an ideal self-organized recombination layer

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Simplified technique for Malyugin ring extraction

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Simplified technique for auxiliary orthotopic liver transplantation using a whole graft

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Simplified technique for injection of Botulinum Toxin to Obturator Internus muscle using ultrasound-guided nerve stimulation for persistent pelvic pain

Chim, H.; Sanchez, P.; Lim, R., 2015:
Simplified technique for making a straight subciliary incision

Cundy, T.P.; Brownlee, E.M.; Goh, D.Way.; Khurana, S., 2016:
Simplified technique for retrieval of large trichobezoars in children

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Simplified technique for the prosthodontic rehabilitation of a patient with a segmental mandibulectomy with a hollow cast partial dental prosthesis: A clinical report

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Simplified technique of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a patient with situs inversus: a case report and review of techniques

Red, 2015:
Simplified therapy regimen receives recommendation for approval

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Simplified three-dimensional culture system for long-term expansion of embryonic stem cells

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Simplified three-dimensional model provides anatomical insights in lizards' caudal autotomy as printed illustration

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Simplified treatment mechanics with a miniscrew for a case of canine impaction

Schlichting, Lís.Henrique.; Resende, T.Holz.; Reis, Kátia.Rodrigues.; Magne, P., 2016:
Simplified treatment of severe dental erosion with ultrathin CAD-CAM composite occlusal veneers and anterior bilaminar veneers

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Simplified type 3 implant placement, after alveolar ridge preservation: a case study

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Simplified ultrasound protocol for the exclusion of clinically significant carotid artery stenosis

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Simplified unified model for estimating the motion of magnetic nanoparticles within electrohydrodynamic field

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Simplified versus geometrically accurate models of forefoot anatomy to predict plantar pressures: A finite element study

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Simplified vs comprehensive echocardiographic grading of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in primary care

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Simplified wave function models in thermochemical protocols based on bond separation reactions

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Simplified weighting function for high dynamic range video frame formation

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Simplifungin and Valsafungins, Antifungal Antibiotics of Fungal Origin

Warnet, S., 2016:
Simplify and trivialize the reporting of adverse events

Engeland, K., 2015:
Simplify p53: just an activator

Idone, F., 2016:
Simplifying Blepharoplasty

Paracuelles, V.C.; Hodge, M.L.; Craig, M.; Don, B.R.; Wilson, M.D.; Ingram, K.; Soohoo, L., 2015:
Simplifying Dialysis Dose Measurement in the Hospital Setting: Kt/V Ionic Dialysance (ID) versus Kt/V(urea)

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Simplifying Direct Composite Veneer Placement

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Simplifying Forehead Reconstruction: A Review of More Than 200 Cases

Scherer, M.D., 2016:
Simplifying Implant Overdentures: Contemporary Overdenture Abutment and Attachment Systems

Zimmerman, B., 2015:
Simplifying RAC audit issues

Szuber, N.; Tefferi, A., 2017:
Driver mutations in primary myelofibrosis and their implications

Bahlman, J.W.; Price-Waldman, R.M.; Lippe, H.W.; Breuer, K.S.; Swartz, S.M., 2017:
Simplifying a wing: diversity and functional consequences of digital joint reduction in bat wings

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Simplifying and enhancing the use of PyMOL with horizontal scripts

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Simplifying and expanding analytical capabilities for various classes of doping agents by means of direct urine injection high performance liquid chromatography high resolution/high accuracy mass spectrometry

Thomas, A.; Görgens, C.; Guddat, S.; Thieme, D.; Dellanna, F.; Schänzer, W.; Thevis, M., 2016:
Simplifying and expanding the screening for peptides <2 kDa by direct urine injection, liquid chromatography, and ion mobility mass spectrometry

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Simplifying cardiovascular magnetic resonance pulse sequence terminology

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Simplifying celiac disease predisposing HLA-DQ alleles determination by the real time PCR method

Freimuth, R.R.; Zhu, Q.; Pathak, J.; Chute, C.G., 2014:
Simplifying complex clinical element models to encourage adoption

Eick, K.; Pohnert, G., 2016:
Simplifying complexity in metabolomics

Eva, K.W., 2017:
Simplifying education scholarship: new format requirements for publication success

Wong, C-Kit., 2016:
Simplifying electrocardiographic assessment in STEMI reperfusion management: Pros and cons

Kleidorfer, M.; Sitzenfrei, R.; Rauch, W., 2015:
Simplifying impact of urban development on sewer systems

Greer, J.A.; Blair, V.L.; Thompson, C.D.; Andrews, P.C., 2016:
Simplifying metal-'ate' chemistry: formation and comprehensive characterisation of a homo-metallic amido lithiate complex

Giddings, C.G.S.; Nevin, K.P.; Woodward, T.; Lovley, D.R.; Butler, C.S., 2015:
Simplifying microbial electrosynthesis reactor design

Jesus, D.A.; Iskander, D.Robert., 2016:
Simplifying numerical ray tracing for two-dimensional non circularly symmetric models of the human eye

German, D.S.; Chu, S.J.; Furlong, M.L.; Patel, A., 2017:
Simplifying optimal tooth-size calculations and communications between practitioners

Žáčková, Méta.; Macháčková-Lopotová, T.; Ondráčková, Z.; Kuželová, Křina.; Klamová, H.; Moravcová, J., 2017:
Simplifying procedure for prediction of resistance risk in CML patients - Test of sensitivity to TKI ex vivo

Samanidou, V.; Kaltzi, I.; Kabir, A.; Furton, K.G., 2017:
Simplifying sample preparation using fabric phase sorptive extraction technique for the determination of benzodiazepines in blood serum by high-performance liquid chromatography

Khawaja, R.Deedar.Ali.; Singh, S.; Vettiyil, B.; Lim, R.; Gee, M.; Westra, S.; Kalra, M.K., 2015:
Simplifying size-specific radiation dose estimates in pediatric CT

Lu, I-Chung.; Pophristic, M.; Inutan, E.D.; McKay, R.G.; McEwen, C.N.; Trimpin, S., 2016:
Simplifying the ion source for mass spectrometry

Rosenzweig, M.; Smith, J.E.; Curtis, A.; Puffenberger, A., 2017:
Simplifying the Process for Finding Research Funding: A Cross-Campus Collaboration at a Large Academic Institution

Faot, F.; Thomé, G.; Bielemann, Aália.Machado.; Hermann, C.; Melo, A.Cláudia.Moreira.; Padovan, L.Eduardo.Marques.; de Mattias Sartori, I.Aparecida., 2016:
Simplifying the Treatment of Bone Atrophy in the Posterior Regions: Combination of Zygomatic and Wide-Short Implants-A Case Report with 2 Years of Follow-Up

de Jong, I.C.; Hindle, V.A.; Butterworth, A.; Engel, B.; Ferrari, P.; Gunnink, H.; Perez Moya, T.; Tuyttens, F.A.M.; van Reenen, C.G., 2016:
Simplifying the Welfare Quality® assessment protocol for broiler chicken welfare

Chin, L.; Latham, B.; Saunders, C.M.; Sampson, D.D.; Kennedy, B.F., 2016:
Simplifying the assessment of human breast cancer by mapping a micro-scale heterogeneity index in optical coherence elastography

Zhao, M.; Cooney, M.Therese.; Klipstein-Grobusch, K.; Vaartjes, I.; D.B.cquer, D.; D.S.tter, J.; Reiner, Željko.; Prescott, E.; Faggiano, P.; Vanuzzo, D.; AlFaleh, H.; Menown, I.Ba.; Gait, D.; Posogova, N.; Sheu, W.H-H.; Zhao, D.; Zuo, H.; Grobbee, D.E.; Graham, I.M., 2016:
Simplifying the audit of risk factor recording and control: A report from an international study in 11 countries

Cooper, J.A.; McNair, L., 2016:
Simplifying the complexity of confidentiality in research

Panoulas, V.F.; Sato, K.; Miyazaki, T.; Kawamoto, H.; Latib, A.; Colombo, A., 2016:
Simplifying the double kissing (DK) crush with the use of bioresorbable scaffolds

Marin, Jé.María.; Cote, C.; Casanova, C.; Pinto-Plata, V.; Montes de Oca, Mía.; Divo, M.J.; de Torres, J.P.; Zulueta, J.; Cabrera, C.; Carrizo, S.; Polverino, F.; Celli, Bé.R., 2017:
Simplifying the guidelines: The 10 COPD commandments

Ceran, C.; Aksam, E.; Demirseren, M.Erol., 2015:
Simplifying the management of caudal septal deviation in rhinoplasty

Dong, B.; Wang, Z.; Arnold, L.W.; Song, Y.; Wang, H-Jun.; Ma, J., 2016:
Simplifying the screening of abdominal adiposity in Chinese children with waist-to-height ratio

Kurmis, A.P.; Kurmis, T.P., 2016:
Simplifying the upper limb peripheral motor screen: Proposing the "K" sign

The Lancet, 2016:
Simplifying therapy for COPD

Srivastava, V.; Ow, D.W., 2015:
Simplifying transgene locus structure through Cre-lox recombination

Van Alstin, C.Michael., 2016:
Simplifying workflows to improve patient transfers. Software allows Hershey Medical Center to streamline referrals

Reach, Gérard., 2016:
Simplistic and complex thought in medicine: the rationale for a person-centered care model as a medical revolution

Anonymous, 2011:
Simply a pause for effect?

Sütterlin, B.; Siegrist, M., 2016:
Simply adding the word "fruit" makes sugar healthier: The misleading effect of symbolic information on the perceived healthiness of food

Füeßl, H.S., 2016:
Simply determining tuberculosis risk by blood count

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Simulated microgravity inhibits the migration of mesenchymal stem cells by remodeling actin cytoskeleton and increasing cell stiffness

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Simulated terrorist attack tests A&E strategy

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Simulated thrombin responses in venous valves

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Simulated transcatheter aortic valve deformation: A parametric study on the impact of leaflet geometry on valve peak stress

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Simulated two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of the eight-bacteriochlorophyll FMO complex

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Simulated ventriculostomy training with conventional neuronavigational equipment used clinically in the operating room: prospective validation study

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Simulated ward round: reducing costs, not outcomes

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Simulated-use validation of a sponge ATP method for determining the adequacy of manual cleaning of endoscope channels

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Simulating Asymmetric Top Impurities in Superfluid Clusters: A para-Water Dopant in para-Hydrogen

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Simulating Bosonic Baths with Error Bars

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Simulating Brownian suspensions with fluctuating hydrodynamics

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Simulating CO₂ leakages from CCS to determine Zn toxicity using the marine microalgae Pleurochrysis roscoffensis

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Simulating Cardiac Electrophysiology Using Unstructured All-Hexahedra Spectral Elements

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Simulating Colour Vision Deficiency from a Spectral Image

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Simulating Convection-Enhanced Delivery in the Putamen Using Probabilistic Tractography

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Simulating Cortical Feedback Modulation as Changes in Excitation and Inhibition in a Cortical Circuit Model

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Simulating Crop Evapotranspiration Response under Different Planting Scenarios by Modified SWAT Model in an Irrigation District, Northwest China

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Simulating Current-Voltage Relationships for a Narrow Ion Channel Using the Weighted Ensemble Method

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Simulating Deforestation in Minas Gerais, Brazil, under Changing Government Policies and Socioeconomic Conditions

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Simulating Different Dosing Scenarios for a Child-Appropriate Valproate ER Formulation in a New Pediatric Two-Stage Dissolution Model

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Simulating Dynamic Network Models and Adolescent Smoking: The Impact of Varying Peer Influence and Peer Selection

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Simulating Excited State Dynamics in Systems with Multiple Avoided Crossings Using Mapping Variable Ring Polymer Molecular Dynamics

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Simulating Flying Insects Using Dynamics and Data-Driven Noise Modeling to Generate Diverse Collective Behaviors

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Simulating Four Essential Conversations with Hematology/Oncology Trainees: a Qualitative Evaluation

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Simulating Ideal Assistive Devices to Reduce the Metabolic Cost of Running

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Simulating Immune Interference on the Effect of a Bivalent Glycoconjugate Vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae Serotypes "a" and "b"

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Simulating Individual Patient Level Data To Address Treatment Switching When Only Summary Data Are Available

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Simulating Individual Patient Level Data Using An Illness-Death Modelling Framework In Order to Adjust for Treatment Switching When Only Summary Data Are Available

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Simulating Intrusion Into Personal Space Among Violent Offenders: The Role of Disgust

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Simulating Large-Scale Conformational Changes of Proteins by Accelerating Collective Motions Obtained from Principal Component Analysis

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Simulating Nuclear and Electronic Quantum Effects in Enzymes

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Simulating Others' Realities: Insiders Reflect on Disability Simulations

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Simulating Personal Wealth in the Laboratory

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Simulating Space Radiation-Induced Breast Tumor Incidence Using Automata

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Simulating Spatial Microwave Manipulation of Polyatomic Asymmetric-Top Molecules Using a Multi-Level Approach

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Simulating Stable Isotope Ratios in Plumes of Groundwater Pollutants with BIOSCREEN-AT-ISO

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Simulating Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Systems on and within Moving Boundaries

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Simulating Surface-Enhanced Hyper-Raman Scattering Using Atomistic Electrodynamics-Quantum Mechanical Models

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Simulating The Impact Of A Cardiovascular Prevention Program

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Simulating Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties Using Damped Cubic Response Theory within Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory

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Simulating Timescale Dynamics of Network Traffic Using Homogeneous Modeling

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Simulating Univariate and Multivariate Nonnormal Distributions through the Method of Percentiles

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Simulating Vaginal Cuff Closure for Ob/Gyn Residents Learning Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

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Simulating Valence-to-Core X-ray Emission Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes with Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory

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Simulating Woodchip Bioreactor Performance Using a Dual-Porosity Model

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Simulating a patient's fall as a means to improve routine communication: Joint training for nursing and fifth-year medical students

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Simulating acoustic coherent backscattering enhancement from random aggregations of omnidirectional scatterers

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Simulating activities of daily living with finite element analysis improves fracture prediction for patients with metastatic femoral lesions

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Simulating an Actomyosin in Vitro Motility Assay: Toward the Rational Design of Actomyosin-Based Microtransporters

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Simulating and Summarizing Sources of Gene Tree Incongruence

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Simulating backspatter of blood from cranial gunshot wounds using pig models

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Simulating binocular vision for no-reference 3D visual quality measurement

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Simulating carbon stocks and fluxes of an African tropical montane forest with an individual-based forest model

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Simulating cardiac ultrasound image based on MR diffusion tensor imaging

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Simulating climate change effect on aboveground carbon sequestration rates of main broadleaved trees in the Xiaoxing'an Mountains area, Northeast China

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Simulating computer adaptive testing with the Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire

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Simulating confined particles with a flat density profile

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Simulating cryo electron tomograms of crowded cell cytoplasm for assessment of automated particle picking

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Simulating cyanobacterial phenotypes by integrating flux balance analysis, kinetics, and a light distribution function

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Simulating deforestation and carbon loss in Amazonia: impacts in Brazil's Roraima state from reconstructing Highway BR-319 (Manaus-Porto Velho)

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Simulating disease propagation across white matter connectome reveals anatomical substrate for neuropathology staging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Simulating distal gut mucosal and luminal communities using packed-column biofilm reactors and an in vitro chemostat model

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Simulating droplet motion on virtual leaf surfaces

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Simulating drops settling in a still liquid

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Simulating electrical modulation detection thresholds using a biophysical model of the auditory nerve

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Simulating environmental and psychological acoustic factors of the operating room

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Simulating evolution of protein complexes through gene duplication and co-option

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Simulating fiction: individual differences in literature comprehension revealed with FMRI

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Simulating forensic casework scenarios in experimental studies: The generation of footwear marks in blood

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Simulating free-roaming cat population management options in open demographic environments

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Simulating future supply of and requirements for human resources for health in high-income OECD countries

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Simulating high frequency water quality monitoring data using a catchment runoff attenuation flux tool (CRAFT)

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Simulating hypoxia-induced acidic environment in cancer cells facilitates mobilization and redox-cycling of genomic copper by daidzein leading to pro-oxidant cell death: implications for the sensitization of resistant hypoxic cancer cells to therapeutic challenges

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Simulating infinite vortex lattices in superfluids

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Simulating irrational human behavior to prevent resource depletion

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Simulating land management options to reduce nitrate pollution in an agricultural watershed dominated by an alluvial aquifer

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Simulating large atmospheric phase screens using a woofer-tweeter algorithm

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Simulating long-term occupational exposure to decabrominated diphenyl ether using C57BL/6 mice: biodistribution and pathology

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Simulating magnetic nanotubes using a chain of ellipsoid-rings model with a magnetization reversal process by fanning rotation

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Simulating multiple diffraction in imaging systems using a path integration method

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Simulating muscular thin films using thermal contraction capabilities in finite element analysis tools

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Simulating nectarine tree transpiration and dynamic water storage from responses of leaf conductance to light and sap flow to stem water potential and vapor pressure deficit

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Simulating obstructive sleep apnea patients' oxygenation characteristics into a mouse model of cyclical intermittent hypoxia

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Simulating ocean acidification and CO2 leakages from carbon capture and storage to assess the effects of pH reduction on cladoceran Moina mongolica Daday and its progeny

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Simulating pathways of subsurface oil in the Faroe-Shetland Channel using an ocean general circulation model

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Simulating patterns of patient engagement, treatment adherence, and viral suppression: a system dynamics approach to evaluating HIV care management

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Simulating realistic enough patient records

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Simulating receptive fields of human visual cortex for 3D image quality prediction

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Simulating recurrent event data with hazard functions defined on a total time scale

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Simulating settlement during waste placement at a landfill with waste lifts placed under frozen conditions

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Simulating sharp geometric features in six degrees-of-freedom haptic rendering

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Simulating social-ecological systems: the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars (IDEA) consortium

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Simulating spin dynamics in organic solids under heteronuclear decoupling

Höhener, P., 2016:
Simulating stable carbon and chlorine isotope ratios in dissolved chlorinated groundwater pollutants with BIOCHLOR-ISO