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Social and physical aggression trajectories from childhood through late adolescence: Predictors of psychosocial maladjustment at age 18

Ehrenreich, S.E.; Beron, K.J.; Underwood, M.K.

Developmental Psychology 52(3): 457-462


ISSN/ISBN: 1939-0599
PMID: 26891018
DOI: 10.1037/dev0000094
Accession: 058871675

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This research examined whether following social and physical aggression trajectories across Grades 3-12 predicted psychological maladjustment. Teachers rated participants' (n = 287, 138 boys) aggressive behavior at the end of each school year. Following the 12th grade, psychosocial outcomes were measured: rule-breaking behaviors, internalizing symptoms, and narcissistic and borderline personality features. Following the highest social aggression trajectory predicted rule-breaking behavior; the medium social aggression trajectory was not a significant predictor of any outcome. Following the highest physical aggression trajectory predicted rule-breaking, internalizing symptoms, and narcissism, whereas the medium physical aggression trajectory predicted rule-breaking and internalizing symptoms.

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